Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Unbearable Lightness of Sandy Hook’s Mourning: Normative, Prescriptive, lots of Public Statements about Gun ControlNO REAL MOURNING
Bless the Holy Trinity of Obama’s Lies!  His CIA Background; The Killing Of Dead Osama Bin Laden; Benghazi Affair and now Sandy Hook?
What’s the story, Ritchie? 
I don’t know about you,  Mr Obama, but I have treated and solaced many civilians and military personnel in and around death, massacres and assassinations. 
  I have witnessed the pain and sorrow of different genocides and have tried to prevent another genocide in Cambodia. 
  Clearly, you personally, have never really understood or experienced the grief of mourning. 
  You were witnessed to real grief in the Aurora massacre.  Did you hear any of the honorable denizens of Colorado implore the US public for gun control? 
 I don’t think so!
  When you went to see what a real massacre was like, random, senseless, committed not by an insane person but someone brilliantly calculating and purposeful, did you hear any psychiatrist come out with the most hollow, pretentious, self-righteous nonsense as Dr John Woodall, a local psychiatrist from Connecticut, who has dealt with trauma [he just caused trauma in me for his senseless, deceitful, manipulative, public statement]:
“You can’t pull a butterfly out of its cocoon; it has to be its time,” Dr Woodall said, “The nation has an important debate, but these people have much more intimate work to do….” 
  But Obama, did you hear any statement like Dr Woodall’s comment in Aurora? 
 I don’t think so!
  Because real people were killed in a real massacre!
More importantly, no psychiatrist would be stupid and negligent enough to say anything after the Aurora massacre. 
  Oh, by the way, Obama, You and I Know that there was a GAG ORDER on EVERYONE CONCERNED IN THE AURORA MASSACRE.
  Why was there no gag order on any of the parents, survivors, professionals—policeman, medical examiner, parents, etc. 
You get the idea!
Your script as usual was wanting!
Your advisors as usual –MESSED UP!
  They wrote the same false, amateurish narrative that you delivered in the story of your nonexistent irrelevant father and your most relevant CIA mother, CIA maternal grandmother and CIA maternal grandfather. 
  Why did you not write about the real heroes in your family? 
And the fact that you worked for Peter Geitner—CIA cut-out!
Lies! Lies ! Lies!
  Then you go into the most nonsensical narrative of hunting and killing an already dead ex-CIA asset—OSAMA BIN LADEN.  Then you had your Choir Boys go to Hollywood and concoct that movie Dark Zero Thirty and now you are allowing Kathryn Bigelow to hang after she was specifically briefed by the CIA. 
Then Benghazi and Hillary—Bill’s and your’s HARLOT OF LIES!
Next General Petraeus is compromised!
Chicago Politics has taught you a lot, Obama. 
  But you are not fortunately as smart as you think.
 In my world of intellect, we would call you FAKT IDIOTEN—a German term for an idiot who can recite the necessary facts but has absolutely no personal JUDGEMENT or STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE or in fact in your case, other than your daughters, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.
  As for Sandy Hook, I wrote about its internal paradoxes in a previous blog.  The Sandy Hoax videos are all over the net, people aren't that stupid.
  But what is amazing about Sandy Hook is the fact that the MOST IMPORTANT FEMALE AMERICAN WRITER , SUSAN COLLINS of the HUNGER GAMER SERIES who has so much to say about death, dying, and survival said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Even though her residence is listed as the very same Sandy Hook, Conn. Ooops!
  You see, Obama, you were never really too good on psychology or understanding strategy or tactics.  They did not teach you that at Occidental—with my ex-CIA operatives—Shearer, etc. 
  You just learned by rote and you are a very lazy individual. 
  A thorough mourning process would have a grieving time with silent and anger and rage.  Just like Aurora. 
  Sandy Hook had a REHEARSED, EXCEEDINGLY HISTRIONIC,  SELF-CONSCIOUS element to the whole performance
 Lanza –never existed. You know it, I know it. 
INTEL tried to tell me BEFOREHAND that he had ASPERGER’S SYNDROME
  BUT YOUR MORONS in the Administration forgot to tell you that it is not a psychiatric diagnosis any more.
  Too bad, Obama!
  I voted for you, for one reason only. 
I knew that you would mess up your second term—it was inevitable. 
Now the country would see what I had seen in your sick sociopathic personality---constant, interminable lies and an imperious nature that tolerates no dissension. 
But fortunately for the nation, you are not quite as clever and resourceful as you may think!
  So Sandy Hook, is probably the beginning, not of gun control…….
Anyone who grew up in America—Montana—would know that guns are to Americans what tea is to the British.
You take it away—see what happens!
  But the sickness that allowed you to contrive this Sandy Hook story with all of its drama, histrionics, is insulting to those of us who have lost our comrades in war, in counter-terrorism, in intelligence penetrations, and to innocent civilians whom you and Panetta have killed in dozens and dozens of Drone Attacks. 
  So Sandy Hook, whatever your narrative and collusive allies with whom you may have CONSPIRED WITH IN THE MEDIA--- Please no more Anderson Cooper your CIA Media toolish pimp! —and the others. 
But, the warning lights out there!
Sandy Hook was the Paul Revere for our nation of true Americans who understand that Freedom must be fought for in every generation against tyrants as sociopathic as  you or your—“HOUSE NIGGA”–Joseph Biden, VP of nothing but BS.   A moron who said, “FDR delivered a speech on TV about the Depression in 1929”. There was no TV and No FDR. 
Congratulations on the circle of sociopathy you created around you. 
  I know you were not bright or patient enough to read Plutarch’s “End Of The Republic”. 
You are on the road to ending this republic. 
  I pray you try to take the guns away.
Because that will become the beginning of the Second Civil War in America.  State by state will de facto [you understand that term] and then de jure SECEDE as they should with a pathological liar like you at the HELM!
You and your coterie of sociopathic sycophants have begun the destruction of the Republic.
Congratulations because our military will not be there to aid you as you were not there to aid them. 
And as you insulted and demeaned General Petraeus,  Decommissioned fourteen Naval officers, and one naval Rear Admiral. 
This time the CIA cannot save you or your administration. 
So just after the inauguration of your second term—welcome to the inevitable end of  your LEGACY!

I predict because of your incompetency, unrelenting lies, and dysfunctional administration, you will invoke “A STATE OF EMERGENCY”. 
Just as I a predicted in my novel, “STATE OF EMERGENCY” twenty years ago. 
You see, Obama, you are nothing more than a fictional character brought to life by insouciance and desperation for a LEADER who could unravel the lies and deceits of past presidents Clinton/Bush.  
And that was clearly not you!
You see, Obama, contrary to what you think about yourself.  You are  unbelievably predictable. 
Did your advisors tell you what happens to all sociopaths?
Probably not, but I will tell you.
  Sociopaths eventually commit an act that will terminate their behavior! In other words—you, like all sociopaths,  are self-destructive!
 And  you will, somehow, terminate your second term along with J. Biden,  one way or another, just you see! 
Congratulations on your Inauguration!!
And congratulations on the narrative of Sandy Hook!
Quite a dramatic, collusive narrative. 
But what else is new? 
So was 9/11!


  1. The "letters from the rose garden" i.e. the scene that Donald Sutherland inspired, and hence was in the film but not in the book, is especially telling in light of subsequent events...

    See also...

  2. WXXX- thanks so much for the hunger games info, I posted the link on my forum, good stuff thanks.

  3. WOW!
    I can hear you shouting from the top of your lungs!!
    Nothing will ever change my mind that Poppy Bush is behind the elevation of the charlatan ID FRAUDSTER, "Obama".

    In a world of Truth and Justice, your predictions would hold water....but the world is now inverted, the Brits are in a currency war and the Pound is about to collapse...the ripple will happen here.

    As for Aurora, if you review the behavior and bio of Holmes, you will realize that was merely part 3 of 4 staged massacres to bring forth gun confiscation. The Gag Order was by DOJ directives because of the snooping factor (False Flag stench).

    In your piece above, you never mentioned how "Lanza" was shrewd enough to remember to destroy his own hard drive before he left the house---that's Evidence 101, Investigations for Dummies.

    You omitted an important factor in any Civil War: 1.6 BILLION HOLLOW POINT bullets DHS have hoarded. "OBAMA" signed the NDAA (12-31-11), enforcing a law that allows American Citizens, "subjectively" deemed "terrorists", to be targeted and killed.

    “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.” Those who will not are being removed.“The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes"--Dr. Jim Garrow

    DHS expects a reaction; and for 4 years Obama has been practicing with random "Killing Drones" (If Hitler had them, it would have been far more effcient for him.)

    Here is an article PROVING OBAMA HAS COMMITTED IDENTITY FRAUD. If Congress wanted to remove him, they would: They are fearful.
    "...Based on the evidence provided in this article and by the individuals listed in this article that have supplied the evidentiary findings for this article, The Obama Hustle has determined that Barack H Obama has committed several counts of social security fraud and should be brought to justice for his high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people."

    You are fortuitious. I cannot imagine anything but a Civil War, as soon as the dollar collapses; the Bond bubble is first, most likely in the 2nd quarter of 2013.

    Did you hear Obama tell his kids after the first swearing in on Sunday 1-20-13, "I did it!"? (He meant, "Whew! with all my murderous treasonous excapades, I made it; No one can touch me now, because I have ALL OF 'EM ON A LONG LEASH!")

    The only TRUTH I can deduce from the Man Who Calls Himself Obama is that he thrives on Chaos, a true symptom of sociopathy.

  4. Sandy Hook smells fishy.

    What I find significant at this point is the lack of official release of evidence.

    (Sure, there have been press conferences where statements about evidence have been made by authorities, but no real evidence provided -- a manufacture of sentiment in the court of public opinion by 'press release'. Please be suspicious when there is a failure to ever follow-up a 'press release' with cold, hard evidence.)

    According to the official narrative, the gunman is dead, there can be no prosecution, thus, there is no reason to keep evidence private (in the interest of justice, evidence can be kept from the general public before trial to prevent tainting of the jury pool and other reasons).

    A delay might be appropriate in respect for the families of the victims, but this is no justification for the permanant suppression of the evidence.

    With Sandy Hook, so far, it seems the reverse has happened, because there is no prosecution, no official, objective evidence is being released (real, objective, tangible evidence as opposed to unverifiable statements from authorities during press releases) to the public.

    I understand the desire of victim families for privacy, but a formal release of all evidence to the public is important.

    In fact, the release is crucial, the question is when?

    Think of it (hypothetically): Massive, far-reaching new gun control law, even banning the semi-auto mechanism, which is the "guts" in many, if not most, modern pistols and rifles, without the public ever having seen the evidence from Sandy Hook.

    Seems impossible for such a thing to happen, but so far that is exactly what is happening.

    Is there any doubt Sandy Hook is the precipitating or catalyst event for this current push to strip the American People of their 2nd Amendment rights?

    A stripping of constitutional rights, the one right which ensures protection of all the rest, based on a horrific incident (Sandy Hook) without any evidence of the crime, itself, being subject to public scrutiny.

    So far, this echoes the bin Laden "hit" in the lack of objective, verifiable, tangible evidence released to the public.

    There must be a broad public demand for the release of evidence from Sandy Hook before any passage of legislation banning the semi-auto mechanism in most modern firearms.

    If such a demand was effectively made (such that the corporate media could not ignore it) so that a ground-swell of public agitation required, de facto, release of the evidence before any gun control law was passed, I suspect the "push" for gun control would mysteriously melt, lose steam, and "die on the vine" by lack of media attention.

    If there is something fishy about Sandy Hook (and I think there is), the failure to ever release the evidence (there is no national security excuse like with the bin Laden "hit") will be the final proof, the "smoking gun", that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

    So DEMAND the release of the Sandy Hook evidence.

    Beyond gun control legislation, this DEMAND for release of evidence, might be the necessary signal to the Elite that domestic 'false flag' operations to manufacture public opinion will not work anymore.

    If you're going to attempt to strip all Americans of their right to a semi-auto mechanism in their guns with a large enough clip to make it matter, then you have to show the evidence from the event which gave rise to such an attempt.


    Demand the evidence from Sandy Hook be released!

    I got a sneaking suspicion it never will.

    I suspect the evident public interest in Sandy Hook as a 'false flag' operation is because that same public has been increasingly suspicious of past "events", but only after they were 'educated' on the facts & evidence.

    This time around the public seems to be seeking out such evidence.

    That is a significant occurrence in the American public consciousness.

    Elite Beware.

    1. Thank you for your (as always) thoughtful contribution.

  5. From Wikipedia's entry on Timothy Geithner:

    "During the early 1980s, Geithner's father Peter oversaw the Ford Foundation's microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham Soetoro, President Barack Obama's mother, and they met in person at least once.[15]"

    Whenever presented, catch Dr. Bill Black (white-collar criminologist who put the S&L boys behind bars) on what Timmy Geithner did to the economy.

  6. I agree that Obama is a scoiopath but his ascent is not his fault - it's the product of the popular culture.

    When in the 1990s I saw Hollywood casting blacks in every imaginable position of authority [what I called the "Morgan Freeman Factor"] I foresaw what Hollywood was tapping into - a widespread public desire to feel good by rooting for the black guy who succeeds against all to do good for everyone.

    When Obama was given the Editorship of the Harvard Law Review it wasn't because of his writing contributions [were there any?]. It was because the staff saw in him what they wanted to see - a black guy who could represent the Review and not embariss it or himself - they saw a politician.

    Then in 2008 when he made appearances for other candidates the CROWDS CAME IN DROVES INSTEAD TO SEE AND HEAR HIM!

    He was a mass, public phenomenon.

    Remember "Obama Girl?"

    Yes he's not what the public thinks he is, and like myself he has family members who worked for CIA and so forth...

    But he is where he is because Oprah, MTV, and so forth want this kind of person as a leader.

    Both Bushes did a lot of evil things and I considered them both just pitiful individuals. Obams is even more pitiful.

  7. Furthermore let me extend by saying that just because Obama's mom and grandma may have worked for CIA doesn't mean they brought him in or shared anything about that with him. In fact I think they didn't.

    My father was ONI and CIA agent/non-officer and later I was recruited and offered officer training and chose to be an agent instead. My father's experience had nothing whatsoever to do with my recruitment. My father almost never mentioned his work, and I never spoke to my father about mine.

    That might seem strange but we kept a lot from each other and I think Obama and his mother had the same kind of distant relationship -- in fact I'm certain it was like that.

    1. BJ Clinton was CIA which commenced at Mena Ark while GOVERNOR or does it go back to Oxford?
      Hillary obviously is.
      She got her campaign debt paid off by covering for Obama in CONGRESS Wednesday. She is also a sociopath. She is a slob & a pig. She cheated with a binder-all questions in advance no surprises. Do you really believe she did the prep in that tome? She never does her own work product. She steals everyone else's intellectual property. Remember the billing records at the ROSE law firm?
      Wearing green & black was no coincidence: All is well in the west was her message to her benefactors in the Islamic Jihad!!
      WITH all the AMERICANS she could select, she chooses a SAUDI NATIONAL TO BE HER ASST-Huma is married to exhibitionist masturbater Anthony Weiner, a ny Jew from queens.
      Her parents are Muslim brotherhood & sisterhood Legends.
      She was Board Member of the FIRST MUSLIM STUDENT ASSOCIATION IN THE USA at George Washington U. in 1997; now they are everywhere.

      So as congressional members feigned adoration, hillary, the BEAUTYwearing coke bottles, performed a Farce wrapped in derogatory mockery of a tale told by an idiot signifying NADA. Right out of the Brennan playbook, she earned her keep, a loyal agent falling on her sword.

      You can only fool some of the people some of the time. That performance would have closed before opening night & all her investors would have lost their shirts!

      Her actions & demeanor are treacherous & unamerican. She should hang for Treason in the Public Square.

      America is top down inside out thanks to these flower children and draft dodgers who somehow infiltrated government while we were sleeping.

      Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

    2. Oh please...

      She's right in that it's nobody's fault in government that these people were killed.

      The insane suggestion by some of the inquisitors that the "US should be taking steps to disarm the miliass" is laughable.

      If a couple of more SEALS were brought in as extra "security" they would have been killed also.

      I'm certain neither Clinton is CIA.

      I know personally what their views on CIA are - they have always hated the CIA, from their time as law students together. Bill had virtually no interaction with CIA as President, and rarely read the daily brief because he didn't believe it was true.

      Both Clintons have pretty healthy views of CIA, and the country would be better served if more government officials were as cynical and contemptuous about CIA as the Clintons!


      When I was in the American embassy in Monrovia in the 1990s the marines on the roof used to shoot a couple of Liberians daily who would try to enter the compound by scaling over the wall.

      That was a sight to see.

  8. It Official: Senator Dianne Feinstein has dropped her gun control bill.

    Bottom Line: Ban the semi-automatic mechanism.

    150 types of guns AND the guns' variants.

    So, more than a 150 types of guns banned.

    The gun grabbers want the guns, it's now in writing, their intention is manifest.

    The semi-automatic mechanism is the basis of most modern pistols & rifles, readily available since World War Two, with increasing refinements, but also available since 1911 with the introduction of the Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol.

    In other words, basic firearms technology.

    I had written above: "Is there any doubt Sandy Hook is the precipitating or catalyst event for this current push to strip the American People of their 2nd Amendment rights?"

    I've also written Sandy Hook smells fishy.

    But in a chaotic situation, such as a mass shooting, there are often anomalies that are not readily explained, but the basic facts are overwhelming in pointing to a reasonable conclusion.

    Still, questions have been raised about Sandy Hook.

    But remember this fact: The authorities have the complete power to release the evidence and, assuming the official narrative is correct, answer all questions and dispel any doubts of what really happened at Sandy Hook.

    There would be no doubt Sandy Hook happened as stated by authorities, the proof demonstrated by the evidence.

    Yet, Sen. Feinstein's bill is introduced before any release of evidence of Sandy Hook.

    There is a formal process for releasing evidence of a crime and that is called a public inquest (various jurisdictions have various public processes stated in statute).

    Short of a public inquest the authorities have the power to release evidence and, thus, put to rest any lingering questions & doubts the public may have regarding the incident.

    The public has a right to see the evidence even if there are no doubts about what happened, in any event.

    Considering the constitutional and unalienable right at stake, the people have a right to see all the Sandy Hook evidence.

    Simple fulfillment of 'The Rule of Law' requires the Sandy Hook evidence be released in total for public inspection, one way or the other.

    The authorities have that power & obligation, it's telling if they don't release the evidence within a reasonable amount of time.

    The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is at stake.

    1. "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?" -- Hillary Clinton, testifying about the true cause of the deaths of Americans

    2. I agree with her.

      Short of building a wall around the Consulate and posting Marines on the walls like we did in Monrovia in the 1990s there is nothing that could have prevented what happened.

      It was unforseen and shit happens.

    3. it wasn't a consulate. it was a weapons shipping warehouse with a rented villa to sleep when necessary.

      it was a brennan cia operation...and more fiascos from the drunk issuing orders will come.

      "Obama" has a prima facie evidence fake selective service card, stole a dead man's ss# and a fake COLB from a dead baby girl, the serial #'s of which are out of sequence. IF Congress wanted to remove him, they would.

      When their lives are in danger, ie an international pre-emptive strike, they will consider stripping the power from the menace in the people's white house.

      Does anyone know ANYTHING about the bunker being built under the white house? info is ultra-classified.

    4. You know there are real conspiracies out there, but the ones you're mentioning aren't among them.

      What bothers me more than conspiracies without evidence are debunkers who claim conspiracies can't exist because no one can keep a secret.

      Secrets are kept all the time.

      Anyone who's worked in deeply classified areas knows secrets are always kept, and very rarely ever disclosed.

      It's particularly difficult for people to talk when by doing so they're implicating themselves, and that's the nature of conspiracies.

    5. 1.I'm not turning my guns over to anyone.

      2.The 2nd Amendment is ambiguous and permits the kinds of prohibitions we now have and have had before.

      What's needed is new Amendments with clearer language.

  9. So I am a little confused here. There is a video on YouTube claiming to be telling us Dr. Steve Pieczenik's view's on Sandy Hook. I read the comments and many of them stated that it is not the Dr. I would like to know if you have seen this video and if this is in fact you! As it totally contradicts what you are saying in this post. Here's the link and it's posted by Muhammad M. Butt, Mar 20, 2013.
    I would really appreciate your take on this. Credibility is of utmost importance these days and I was using your information for a radio program I am writing the show notes for. Hope to get a response from you soon. Thank you.

  10. AR15 wasn't used at Sandy Hook:

    Adam Lanza (school shooter) didn't exist:

    Newtown parents are ACTORS:

    500 (Sandy Hook) STUDENTS VANISHED:

    Sandy Hook EVACUATION was fake:

    Nancy Lanza home -- planted gun evidence: