Sunday, February 7, 2016

Please do some checking on these guys that are running for prez.  For the life of me, I cannot understand this fascination over Rubio (media created).  Living in Florida some 20+ years, we know lots about him, nothing good.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

When the Whiney Bush Boys Get into Trouble, They Call Mama to Hold Their Hands!
Jeb, the self-contained, fierce, independent leader cries for Mama’s Help in the NH Primaries!
No candidate has been more pathetic in this 2016 Presidential Race than Jeb Bush. Just as I predicted from the very start, Jeb, a boy-man lacking any integrity or backbone, has finally cried out in desperation for his mother. Mother Bush, unlike all the Bush men [including Bush 41] is a tough, no-nonsense New England born/bred mother of four Peter Pans who imposed their fantasies onto an impatient American public. This public was slow to recognize that they were, collectively, the most spoiled, inept group of true ‘sissies’ that any one family could have created [Neil, Marvin, Jeb, W.].

I cringed when I saw this elegant, white-haired lady try to find the right words to explain why her emasculated son should be POTUS. With a strained speech and a quizzical smile, Mama Bush tried to annunciate her son’s personal attributes that might make him presidential material. It went something like this:
“Jeb is sweet, kind, and the most honest person one could find…” then she laughed as Jeb cringed.
This touching scene between mother and son pretty much summarized what the race was all about for the Bush family.
“Please America, if you have any modicum of pity, at least try to make Jeb seem MANLY!!!! And try not to make him look like the loser that he is..”
Clearly, Mother knows best. Yet, the most sinister part of this scenario is that fact that after having spent 75million dollars on his race for the Presidency, Jeb was nothing more than a standard deviation on Trump’s popularity. The contrast between Jeb and Trump, highlights how far we Americans have come from electing a family who thinks that they are owed some form of tribute for reasons that have never been enunciated---other than self-centered entitlement!

Trump, the self-made Billionaire, counterpoints this narrative of entitlement by reminding us that he is an entrepreneur willing to risk all for the sake of gaining all. Jeb and Trump are complete opposites. One has brought his mother to NH; whereas, Trump has brought his accomplished daughter, sons, and stunningly beautiful Eastern European wife.
Maybe one day, we, Americans, might elect a woman as elegant and tough as Mama Bush who was also a friend of failed Democratic candidate, Howard Dean. Are you getting the idea that both Dems and Republicans may have some sort of incestuous relationship?
BTW, John Kerry ran against George W. Bush. That too was a farce. John and George were ‘brothers’ in the Secret Skull and Bones Society at Yale. Fred Smith of Fed Ex fame had to parcel out their electoral differences during their presumed transparent 2004 presidential contest. In other words, these voluble elections are fixed so that the corrupt and impaired usually end up in position of POTUS.
Benjamin Franklin once said the following astute comment:
“There are three faithful friends [in an election]: an old wife [mother]; and old dog; and READY MONEY [$100million for Jeb].  

Friday, February 5, 2016

worthy 10 min video watch, voter fraud.

Iowa: The Day the Music… and The Presidential Caucuses… Died!
I have been monitoring the results of the Iowa caucuses-- both the Democratic and Republican races. I have never been to Iowa, nor do I have the vaguest idea as to how these convoluted caucuses work. All I know is that Clearlake, Iowa is where in 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper died in an unfortunate airplane crash.

Subsequently, the talented musician/songwriter, Don McLean, wrote one of the most enigmatic rock ’n roll songs in 1971, entitled “American Pie”. In that song, McLean bemoans the sad state of America at that time, making subtle references to the Charles Manson murders of an innocent family in the following words: “….as helter-skelter in summer swelter.”

I found that these recent Iowa Caucuses also ended a period of clear, transparent election processes which might have been appreciated or understood by ignorant people like myself. In fact, I was not surprised when Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, each accused their closest competitors of “cheating/stealing the election in Iowa”.
Whom were they taking about?
Bernie Sanders categorically accused Hillary Clinton of “stealing the election”. Are we surprised that Hillary, whose whole life has been marked by lies, deceits and conceits, should be accused openly by her opponent [who did not want to accuse her of irregularities concerning her private email server] of co-opting the normal process of determining the winner?
Of course, not! 
It’s not in collective Clinton DNA to be honest, forthright; or, concerned about anyone else, other than themselves.
Trump pointed the finger at Ted Cruz and said outright that he stole the election. How can I doubt an American self-made billionaire who has endured the hysterical rantings of a Cuban-Canadian, Cruz?  
The answers are self-evident.

For me, Iowa has always been a footnote in the history of the American election process. As far as I am concerned, it is not a state possessed of either heft, or gravitas. Iowa is simply a state where their shifty Senator Chuck Grassley’s [R-Iowa] showered them with useless, expensive pork-barrel gifts like the corn-grown ethanol industry.
The process of electing a President has become so convoluted, especially with the presence of an electoral college [whatever it is other than a mechanism to dilute votes?] that a plurality of votes in favor of a specific candidate no longer determines the winner.
Once again, we, Americans, are confronted with the dregs of politics. 
Cruz is to oil as Bernie is to Democratic Socialism [whatever that is]. And Trump is to entrepreneurship and independence as Jeb is to a financial fiasco and political cronyism.
Let us support Bernie or Trump who are shouting out from the rooftops that the American Pie has been dying a slow death terminating in a pile of insignificance/irrelevancy. 

Let me quote from the following lyrics of “American Pie”:
“The players tried for a forward pass…..”
In the 1960’s, protestors were the ‘players’ who were trying to change the corrupt political system. Unfortunately, they had failed and inadvertently they had given rise to the Clinton family/foundation.
I end with “Bye Bye Miss American Pie   …….can music save your [our] mortal souls?”
That’s up to you to determine!


Iowa Caucus is notorious for fraud, dirty trix etc.  Here, watch this video, you really think these people should be "first in the nation"  This is right up Cruz/Clintons alley, pay off, agitprop etc.