Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thank You General Raymond Odierno for Reaffirming the Legitimate Concern: Our citizens DO NOT trust the government nor the Military.
Implementing the Pathetic Idea of “Invading” Texas in Order to Enhance SOCOM’s “Human Domain” just adds fuel to the fire.
A stupid idea deserves a proper answer: Stop the Wasteful $10B Exercise called Jade Helm 15.
It will do nothing but alarm the American citizens and reaffirm the fact that we, Americans, can not trust our civilian and military leadership to do anything effective except to appear as if they are implementing “martial law”.
Just when I was about to take sigh of relief while eating dinner at my local diner, three different veterans came up to me and asked me what did I think about “Jade Helm 15” ?  Initially, I had no idea of what they were talking about.  So I looked it up then I was completely shocked.

I read that General Odierno was going to spend over $10B to deploy a complement of troops throughout the Southwest of the USA—Texas, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado from July 15 to September 15.
Why is this exercise completely absurd and wasteful?
There is no way that any of our elite soldiers will learn about ‘human terrain’ of foreign enemies by playing these useless war games. Desert areas in America; as well as Americans have no correspondence to the topography, cultures and psychology of Arabs, Muslims or Bedouins. Remember: Odierno had the dubious distinction of being chief military advisor to Condoleeza Rice during the Iraq War.  I think he should be unloaded for poor performance and very poor decision making.

For many of us, this exercise reaffirms the incompetency and lies which have prevailed for over thirty years with the Clinton, Bush Jr and now Obama administrations.  Such leadership have proven countless times that they know nothing about the nature of wars or how to conduct an effective kinetic overseas action. Instead they have all proven to be indifferent and inured to the concerns of the American public which does not trust our USG.
Now General Odierno has literally transferred that mistrust and dislike for our present and past presidents to our failing military which cannot and has not won a war since WWII [and even then it was the Soviets who bore most of the burden].

Odierno, too bad you didn’t read my book entitled, State Of Emergency written twenty years ago in which I delineating the precipitant to the next civil war just like your actions of placing military troops into Southwest states—in my book it was Nevada, Utah, New Mexico. It would be less costly and less intrusive for you and your Special Forces to learn about psychology, national character and foreign languages at Fort Bragg without having to incur a wasteful 10 billion dollars and rightfully scaring our concerned citizens and Veterans.

Here is what you have to learn about our country and it’s basic needs and failures because like most political generals, you are wasting billions which can be used far more effectively for the following domestic issues:
20% of our children under 18 years old are in poverty.
17.5 million households [14%] were ‘food insecure’.
serious infrastructure problem and severe water shortage.
major deterioration in northern/midwestern urban areas
public schools standards and education of our youth on a downward spiral especially compared to other countries

General Odierno,  Eisenhower had warned us about toy soldiers like you and your comrades who are splayed all over the world, losing one battle after another for an indecent amount of years: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan.  Are we supposed to be impressed with your accoutrements of faux education—Honorary Doctorate from the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC, along with multiple degrees from military/civilian institutions?  How did your Iraq strategy work out???  What about all the great advice you gave super star Condi Rice?  

I find it refreshing that Governor Greg Abbott had engaged in the proper action of ordering the Texas National Guard to monitor your incompetencies. Contrary to the hysterical NYTimes which thinks that the American people have no right to mistrust our civilian and military rulers when on Sept 1, 2001, we were lied to; insulted; and worst of all murdered in the ersatz name of ‘national security’ and the even more nonsensical term “War On Terror.”  In addition, I want to know where are the responsible voices in congress that say stop this archaic military madness that is so wasteful and so counter productive?  Did you get promised some campaign contributions to keep quiet?  Or are you just so out of touch with the citizens that you are supposedly elected to represent?
Over the past thirty years, our military has functioned below par yet has received more money to fight foreign wars for which they had never had the courage to refuse or implement effectively, leaving the inept civilians like Clinton [Bill And Hillary]; Bush Jr; and Obama as well as his novitiate WH coterie –to mandate kinetic actions overseas which lead to more mayhem and chaos a la Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen.  Meanwhile, back at home, our own country is deteriorating in quality of life for many (education, jobs, health, clean environment).

Message to Military and Government Leadership: Stop wasting money and being just stupid.  Americans are fed up with you.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miami Billionaire Norman Braman, Major Car Dealer Supports ‘Cuban Gnome’ Marc Rubio for the Presidency
Good luck ! I Bought a BMW 750 Sedan from Braman Motors which was a “Lemon”!
Sometimes I have an occasion to pierce the publicity shield created around our 2016 Presidential Candidates with a particular insight or past experience. No one has been more attractive to me as ersatz front runners, the well-spoken Hispanics, Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio—who are being supported by Jewish businessmen with questionable ethical backgrounds.  I have already discussed the repulsive Jewish thug from Nevada, the portly, ignorant casino owning Bugsy Segal wannabe—Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli born wife. His ignoble squandering of money to Republican candidates is based on one false assumption: the dire need for all Americans to support Israel. However, a far more sophisticated merchant of questionable goods is Norman Braman, a man I have never met yet I have gotten to know through the faulty merchandise and services he purports to provide in Miami.

Some time ago, I went shopping for a car. Suffice it to say, I had bought a ‘used’ or ‘pre-owned’ BMW Sedan with significantly low mileage. His car dealership was no better nor worse than any other car dealership in Florida. They hustle, sell, and bargain. Nothing unusual there. However, from the beginning of my ownership of my BMW sedan, I had nothing but troubles. The tires that went with the car when I bought it—blew out within weeks. Then I bought new tires from Braman Motors. Needless to say—wasted money. 
Next a series of mishaps occurred with the electronic system and eventually the transmission shaft started to deteriorated before I could avoid an inevitable catastrophe. All that time, I had the best that Braman Motor Management and Services could provide—much palaver and increasing amount of dysfunction and incompetency. Do I need to tell you that I traded that ‘lemon’ for a SUV of Japanese origin.
The point is quite simple.
Braman is a flashy name with a lot of faux elegance and integrity.  He and his wife purport to be art collectors and charity donors without having the necessary gravitas of any intellectual force or studied grace of savoir-faire. They are the pure, unadulterated product of a time when Jewish youngsters in America grew up from the streets of Pennsylvania, as Braman did, engaged in some type of financial chicanery which allowed him to buy a football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, and then expanded into a massive car dealership extending all over Miami and Colorado.  Ask the sports fans and citizens of Philadelphia what they think about Norman Braman.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that whatever Braman did to get to his position of wealth, be it greed tempered with fantasy story tales, that is his business. However, when the likes of Adelson and Braman become national figures of crass money indulgences like supporting Republican candidates for the Presidency of the USA, then it becomes an issue for me.  How a person climbs the greasy pole of politics to reach the Presidency, is their business and mine, if it turns out to be contrary to the interest of the USA. Marco Rubio is not a representative of anything more than some pathetic Spanish-speaking Cuban American who does nothing more than splatter a story line of arising from poverty to ascension in Florida political offices with no major accomplishment than his ability to retell his nauseous story of a Cuban family that ‘fled Castro’.

The truth is that Rubio and his wife who is also hired by Braman for their ‘ersatz’ foundation related to Genomics [I doubt that Braman knows anything about the history of Watson –Crick, Sanger, or the contributions of Cambridge University to DNA-RNA research] have been ‘a welfare family’ for the rich Miami Jews who find Rubio quaint and articulate (for a Cuban). If we had painted a black face on Rubio, in the olden days, we could have anointed him as “Sambo”, the caricature of African –American. In reality, the best we can call Marco Rubio’s accomplishments insignificant , if non-existent.
Rubio and his family are very much like my former BMW Sedan, sleek, fancy, denoting wealth and elegance…. BUT in truth a Braman lemon that he sold to a “sucker” like me. That’s my problem.  Yet, I do not want the low class Jews, like Adelson and Braman, to eventually determine the future of America and make us all ‘suckers’!

Get a new type of candidate. Someone, not beholden to any one particular person, Jew, Christian or whatever, and who has shown a history of accomplishment as a governor in the Midwest or became a professional, other than some type of dullard lawyer. It’s time for America to start shopping around for a candidate with no real miscreant baggage, endowed with care for this country because they had served it more than they had served themselves.

Caveat emptor! Buyer beware! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Its time for the rich, mafioso types to go away or at least OUT of the political process, AMERICA does not need thugs bankrolling our political candidates, that includes Norman Braman (Rubio).  There was a time long ago where any self respecting candidate would stay away from these mobsters...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Seal Team 6 / Bin Laden Lies Predicted 14 Years in Advance

Once  Dr. Steve's 14 year prediction after the false flag 9/11 stand own was right on what he predicted that a future president will claim that SEAL Team would kill Oasma. But Osama was already dead with Marfan Syndrome! There was no SEAL execution - all a lie by Obama admirals MacRaven --team leader- Adm Mullen -- also Panetta and John Brennan DCI.