Sunday, August 31, 2014

Putin’s Potential Actions Recall the Battle of Borodino, September 7, 1812  
Then: A Massive Slaughter where both Russia and France Lost the War.
Now: The Ukraine and Russia ditto!
The cry of war wafts through the media like forest fires raging out of control. Everywhere one turns, one hears in the media and from would-be pundits the cry of “Russia Invades Ukraine!” The truth may be better or worse,  depending on one’s perspective.
The fact that heavy artillery is being transported into the Ukraine by ‘lost Russian Paratroopers’ is fanciful,  yet compelling.  Putin is clearly disturbed by the events in the Ukraine in a way that he has not evidenced in any other potential conflagration including the civil war in Syria or the Islamic disruptions in Central Asia.  The Ukraine has touched, as the clairvoyant “idiot-savants”, both Bush jr and Condi Rice, pronounced on that fateful day decades ago, “we have seen Putin’s ‘inner  Russian soul’ and ‘it is basically good’.
Soul or no soul, Putin has recently erupted into a volcanic emotion of bravado, daring and war-mongering.  As America withdraws his financial viability and creates a cauldron of Kremlin discontent,  Putin retaliates by sending in ‘misplaced Russian Paratroopers who have lost their way’….. just like the pathetic little black sheep in the children’s nursery rhyme.

The problem for Putin from my point of view is quite simple.  Every Russian with a modicum of any education, in which I include the Ex-KGB/Stasi Agent, Putin, has read, if not memorized one of the great tomes of world literature—Count Leo Tolstoy’s War And Peace.  As for me, my mother insisted that I first listen to her read the different chapters in Russian when I was a school-boy,  then as I matured,  I began to study the various brilliant insights about war and peace that Tolstoy instilled in the fashion of an epic novel.
One of the most moving parts of the story is when Pierre, the central character of the book, decides to witness the infamous Battle of Borodino, in which Emperor Napoleon  invades Moscow and engages in the most costly battle of his ill-fated incursion into Russia. The Battle of Borodino was so bloody that Pierre was unable to say who was winning and who was losing.  All kinds of human desecrations were committed by both sides compelling Pierre to conclude that war was literally a ‘mad house’ of little, or no value.
In reality, that war involved over 250,000 combatants and incurred 70,000 casualties. As the Russian Army enters into the Ukraine by default or direct intention, the outcome will be the same. The Russian Federation will lose in more ways than it can imagine---financially, politically, morally, and culturally. Asserting one’s prerogative as a leader does not make for an effective function of a state or even comforts those bereft of benefits of the state.
Russia has too many elderly citizens who live on the border of poverty and too many young entrepreneurs whose primary interests are confined not to nationalism but to maintaining themselves as part of a growing consortium of millenials who seek closer and more enduring relationships with the outside world through the wonders and benign intricacies of the internet. The call of the New Russia is not nationalism nor the rise of a new Imperial Czar, be he a Putin or a Stalin.
Russia and the Ukraine beckons for greater integration in a world economy that knows no borders other than profit and loss, and friendships that cater not to national, ethnic or religious identities but to a community that I once called, some twenty years ago—CyberNations [Net Force Series].

It is to this greater transcendent goal that you, Putin, must strive.  The Ukraine in the old argot of the intelligence world is simply a ‘HONEY TRAP’ in which you will be seduced by your own images of perceived strength and fortitude; when in fact, you will see nothing more than a financial and political liability that can be easily resolved through diplomacy, not with America, but with your surrogate ‘father’ – the Germans.
Let not the Battle of Borodino inspire you to reverse history by your invasion of Ukraine as Napoleon had foolishly invaded your country.  Let the clarion calls of peace, negotiations and friendship bring you to a moment in history when you can one day be called a ‘True Russian Visionary and Revolutionary’. The Ukraine tragedy affords you, Putin, that opportunity. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. 

Use those skills of negotiating a fair gas treaty with Ukraine and a concerned approach to your Russian country men located in the Eastern Part of that country, but always remember that Russian History awaits your future actions as Leo Tolstoy had awaited the disaster that Napoleon created in the Battle of Borodino and then in the burning of Moscow.

History is your mistress, Putin. Don’t disappoint her!! She awaits your carefully planned seductive overtures!!

I have been thinking about this Ukraine situ, here is some background, will post soon.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Warmongers who have destroyed Libya: Hillary Clinton; Susan Rice; Samantha  Power!
The recent article in the Huffington Post, by Eline Gordts, entitled ‘How Libya Became A Country On The Brink of Collapse’, August 26, 2014, describes in detail how a USA led invasion of Libya resulted in a complete imbroglio in Libya resulting in ‘2 parliaments and 2 prime ministers’.
Clearly, this is not a new revelation to the American people that an unnecessary invasion of a country like Libya, results in chaos and further destabilization of the North African region.  Ladies, you’ve come a long way baby to contradict the myth that women in charge of a country are less likely to initiate a war than a man. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Libya where the cry of ‘regime change’ against Qaddaffi was spoken loudest by our most pre-eminent Lady War Hawk, Sec State Hillary Clinton, who, like Senator McCain, never failed to fight a war she could never win. 

Replete with rationalizations, obfuscations and blatant lies, Hillary in her usual Machiavellian manner cries for ‘regime change, not only in Iraq, Afghanistan, but in Libya where a ‘tyrant’ who has helped America in its war on terrorism has to be ‘overthrown’ in the name of ‘democracy’.  However, thanks to the Sisterhood of Traveling War Mongers, including the well-known pacifists such as Ambassador Samantha ‘Mrs Genocide’ Power; as well as, Ambassador Susan ‘Sunday Morning Lies’ Rice, who both chimed in to the hysteria of demanding a war in Libya against the sagacious restraints of our military leaders, mainly Gen. Martin Dempsey and others.
As you know,  we went in there with all the armaments that we, the French and British could muster and blasted the ‘holy hell’ out of that country in the name of ‘preventing Genocide’ and installing “Democracy”.
What happened next?
Just like the Paul Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld-Cheney Phenomenon of ‘dumb and dumber’,  no one had the inclination or intelligence to even consider the post-invasion scenario.

We have embedded in our national security apparatus a civilian corps of ‘draft dodgers’ like Wolfowitz, Cheney, Bush Jr, Jeb,  Neocons and ‘liberal interventionists’—as well as women who have never been in combat and do not understand the dynamics of ‘mass killing’ and are completely ignorant by choice and inclination of any notion of nationstate building.
In my experience, I have never met a military officer who encouraged the use of force in any occasion without considering the consequences, the collateral damage and the post-war build out of that area or country that had been invaded.  We can see the effects on America of not having a President with any military experience in the past three decades.  Consequently,  Americans have witnessed more conflagrations in those thirty years than in the preceding thirty years. 
Such ignorance of war and war-making consequences constitute malpractice in EXECUTIVE ACTIONS.  Americans have not yet held any of our miscreant past leaders accountable for anything other than Bill Clinton’s Fellatio in the White House.  We have a White House, populated by ideologues who have never been to war or even understand the dynamics of warfare and it’s horrible consequences.
Like Bush jr and Obama,  they even have to lie about one or another reason for sending our warriors into Harm’s Way without ever understanding how a man/woman can be killed, maimed or mentally destroyed for no apparent reason other than a political whim that turned into a massive civilian lie.
So far,  Americans have been fortunate to have General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who can and will veto most if not all actions, initiated by a novitiate group of women warmongers, like Hillary, Power, and Rice who fancy their inclinations for massive destruction of innocent civilians overseas to be in the best interest of America.
General Dempsey has taken on the mantle of what General Eisenhower had to do in both North Korea and Vietnam: stop the former war initiated by Truman; and, try to prevent the latter from spreading at the behest of the French Colonial regime in Indochina. My experience teaching at Ft McNair in Washington DC demonstrated to me that most military students understood all too well that starting a war was simple.  Any fool can do that.  Managing a war is far more complicated.  Ending a war is close to impossible.

I am afraid that once General Dempsey and his ilk leave our country’s service,  I do  not see a civilian leader who can be reigned in by the wisdom of our ‘soldier scholars’ or an old man who fought one too many battles in his life…. Me!! 
I see that the Sisterhood of Traveling Warmongers will arise like a phoenix and demand to sacrifice our men and women to wars that will eventually destroy the very core of our fighting military capacity.  I leave this warning to our future generals and admirals: caution is the better part of valor.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thanks MIT!   John Hinkley was from a "very nice Texas family" who gave Geo HW Bush a lot of money.  Thank you wikipedia,_Jr.

Hinckley now gets lots of vists home with his parents.....he shot a president, no biggie.

President Francois Hollande Announced the Dissolution of the French Government:  A Political “Croque-Monsieur”… or “Quick Fix”!
I presume that many of you have been to France, especially Paris, where if you were in a hurry to get a ‘quick bite’, you would have ordered what the French call a ‘Croque Monsieur’.  Unlike the “Big Mac” which is primarily constructed on the foundations of discarded flesh parcels, often identified as “hamburger”, the Croque Monsieur is made of grilled cheese and ham. Usually the  most common form of cheese is “Gruyere” or “Emmental”.
Why so much attention to such a minute subject like the French sandwich? I have chosen the ‘Croque Monsieur’ to represent several different financial, political and cultural factors in the French Socialist System.
One simple statement from the Arnaud Montebourg,  the French Minister of Economy forced Hollande to fire him and the rest of his government.  I am sure you would love to know what the sentence was that caused such a stir…and here it is  “France is the eurozone’s second-biggest economy, the world’s fifth-greatest power, and it does not intend to align itself with excessive obsessions of Germany’s conservatives” [ thank George Friedman of Stratfor, August 25, 2014 for that quote].
Like the Croque-Monsieur this sentence seemed pretty basic. France would not accept the diktats of Germany’s financial auditors. However, this sentence was the ‘shot heard around the EU’ [sorry for the mixed metaphor];  wherein France is really expressing its basic discontent, discomfort and mistrust of the Germans.  Clearly, this confrontational attitude is not new to France nor to Germany.  In this particular case, what the French Finance Minister basically stated was that France is in serious economic trouble and cannot comply with the more ‘conservative’ [read ‘rational’] demands of the Frankfurt Central Bank for France to reign in it’s spending and eventually dissolve it’s socialist structure of government.
For us greedy Capitalists on this side of the ocean, we are not really surprised that Germany has been carrying France and the rest of ‘dead beat nations’ of Europe, including Italy, Spain, Portugal for a very long time and really has no further desire to continue to be the ‘economic engine’ of Europe. One year ago, I mentioned in one of my blogs that Angela Merkel had warned the EU that it could not and would not maintain a minimum growth rate that could support the rest of the EU.  She clearly stated that Germany’s 2-5 % growth would slow down considerably.

Now the future has become the present. The French Government has a hard time coming to terms with the reality of its failed Socialist Economy where taxes are prohibitive and earnings are standardized for all workers.  Let us not forget that any entrepreneurial company has very limited ability to fire inept or lazy workers because of the restrictive French Labor Laws.
What is left for France?
Very little, in fact. 
France should emulate the now defunct Italian state and declare itself as a  “failed state converted to a national museum”—to be visited by tourists and food connoisseurs who like it’s cheeses and wines… and fois de gras! From an economic point of view, I humbly attest to three important French contributions which may be exported:
Nuclear plants;  bottled water [maybe even Yogurt]; and rail road trains and engines.
That’s about it.
As for the French youth who have graduated from the elite French training academies,  I suggest that the USA make a concerted effort to recruit these talented individuals to come to the USA and become valued citizens.  They are perhaps the most efficient and most valued high frequency traders on Wall Street. In terms of electronics, mathematics and engineering,  the French elite stand out and should have a place in the USA.
As for the Airbus,  I loved being a passenger on it [Lufthansa 380 Airbus, cheaper than Air France] but as a viable commercial airline, I don’t think it can ever compete effectively against the Boeing 777 or 787, which is more economical and less burdensome to maintain and clear at the airport gates.
What we have left in France is the Croque Monsieur which is extremely filling if you are not eager to eat a full course meal….. and, you are in a hurry.  I am afraid that France better wake up and realize that it is in the process of becoming a major failed European State!!!  Socialism was an interesting concept on paper, but it really had no basis in reality.  Man’s greed will always dominate his increasing appetites for more and more. Unfortunately, France offers less and less. 
C’est Dommage!! It’s a pity. 
Tant Pis! Too bad!!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The NEO CONS will reinvent themselves and try to "go to war" again,  hoping that we all forgot how they lied and schemed under Bush/Cheney to create a complete disaster in the middle east, saddle us with huge debt and maim thousands of VETs that we cannot care for properly.  Support General Martin Dempsey and his efforts to "hold off the hawks" here.