Saturday, May 28, 2016

State Department Inspector General [IG] Claims ex- Sec. State Hillary Clinton DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SET UP HER PRIVATE SERVER!!!
When the State Department Inspector General [IG] condemns Hillary’s use of a private email server, then you know HC is in real trouble. Moreover, the IG also ruled that she had never asked for permission to have a private server; and had she asked, she would have been denied the right to have one.In simple terms, Hillary committed a federal crime intentionally.
That’s right!

She knew from past experiences [WH, Senator, POTUS Wife, Secret Service, etc.] that she was not allowed to use or create a private server [let alone one in a Colorado bathtub]. Therefore, as she was wont to do, she ignored the proscriptions and tried to bypass the federal laws and decided to break them, anyway. 
As a full blown sociopath, HC thought that she above the intricate systems of checks and balances that pervade the State Dept.’s tightly kept security systems. Once again, she insisted on breaking federal rules.

There is very little to add to what is already known about these moral dwarfs called the Clintons. The missing element in most of their collective transgressions has been judicial probity. Other than an impeachment for lying about sexual transgressions in the WH by Bill, nothing serious had been implemented to stop the onslaught of Clintons’ ravenous greed and skewed political ambitions.
Now, the State Dept. has courageously stepped forward in the guise of the IG to stop Hillary’s inane, childish but exceedingly dangerous private phone activities. Hillary has slipped through the cracks of temperance and judicious behavior when she blatantly lied about the fact that she had received no “Classified-Marked Documents”.
The truth is far uglier than she might want to state publicly. She has, over the years at the State Dept., effectively compromised METHODS AND SOURCES of highly sensitive information which reflexively belonged in the categories of TOP SECRET[S] and above .
She  knew it!
For over two or more decades, I have refused to receive a TS clearance. The reason was and is simple.I realized that whatever assignment I had overseas, I knew that if I were to be questioned by the opposition forces [ie. Syrian Intelligence, Jordanian military, Mossad, etc.], I could honestly say that I knew nothing and wanted to learn less than nothing.
Special credit should go to former Assistant Secretary of Diplomatic Security, Eric Boswell, a distinguished Foreign Service Officer [FSO], who bravely stated on Fox News that “Hillary had a non-secured blackberry which she used in highly sensitive, non-secured areas of the seventh floor”.
She had committed a crime, not once or not twice but many times more.

I make my last and final plea to FBI Director James Comey and his boss, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Please execute the law as mandated in such a blatant travesty of national security. For me, this is the defining case for our internal judicial system in the 21st century. 
Will they do what the law requires them to do? 
And convict her?
Or, will they kowtow to POTUS who summarily and illegally dismissed the severity of Hillary’s transgressions? We live in a cauldron of political upheaval.The center of the storm is the indictment of Hillary. That will decide the course of our nation for the next half-a-century… or more.
There is an old Hindu proverb:
“Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount.”  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Debbie Does Bernie!
By now, most of us have heard about Miami’s Finest: Ms.Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s tongue lashing against Bernie and his so-called,“rambunctious protestors.”
I don’t really know Bernie nor Debbie; but, I certainly know when perfidious, unconscionable statements are made. Debbie has entered the world of verbal abuse against Bernie and his youthful campaigners. What she did by scolding Bernie was to highlight the underlying corruption surging through the ossified DNC.
As I predicted, Trump would come to terms with the RNC because he understands negotiations and the importance of mobilizing affect in the service of attaining success. However, Debbie,a loudmouth Miami shrew, spews forth words that belie the hypocrisy and the internal bias against any candidate except the Billary [buy one,get one free]. 

In effect, she has inadvertently fellated Bernie by publicly arousing his moral sense of decency and probity when she decided to demonstrate her inveterate bias for Hillary Clinton. Trump was and is right when he points out what misogynists both Bill and Hillary are ---sexually exploiting women at will-- without any consequences. Bill Cosby, the highly touted comedian, is now facing the Pennsylvania judiciary system for having done less than the Billary duo against scores of innocent women.

Fortunately, Bernie has the ‘balls’ to challenge the rigged Democratic electoral system. He maintains that he will fight all the way to the DNC convention. Then, he publicly supported Tim Canova, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University, in order to unseat Debbie as the chairwoman of the  DNC.
I agree with Tim Canova’s recent statement: “She [Deb] has been a very out-of-touch political insider and she has not been representing her constituents very well.” [Alan Rappeport, AP News, May24, 2016.]

Canova has fought to strengthen the Glass-Steagall Act. He has been active in trying to change the Federal Reserve system which had contributed to “the Big Short”  financial crisis of 2008. Canova opposes big money predatory lending. He, like Bernie, is fighting against the porous Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. As a side note, he argues for Medical Marijuana—unlike Billary.
I urge the grassroots of the Democratic Party to blow away Deb before she does Bernie harm.
Remember, my dear friends, pornography is in the mind of the beholder. However, when the mind transforms into an action mode, then the lewdness of the act is clearly apparent. Miami Deb has committed unspeakable acts of treachery and stupidity against Brooklyn Bern. 

So now is the time, to rid ourselves of this noisome creature.
Away with Deb.Unseat her ASAP!
In the words of the famous German writer, Heinrich Heine:

“When the hero goes off the stage [Bernie], the clowns come in [Deb, Billary].” 
What a great idea, viewer-ship would be thru the roof.  Trump/Bernie debate
keeping it alive, 9/11 truth in Gainesville

watch the video of students.....

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Water Wars are Heating up on the Colorado River! Damn the dams and let the rivers flow naturally.
In a May 20th NY Times Op Ed, writer Abraham Lustgarten, implores the Dept.of Interior to eliminate most of the dams built in the 20th century on the Colorado River:
“Many of the West’s big dams— Utah’s Glen Canyon Dam; Nevada’s Hoover Dam; Arizona’s Coolidge Dam—have been proven far less efficient and effective than their champions for water reclamation had hoped. They altered the ecosystems and disrupted fisheries. They have left taxpayers saddled with debt”.

When I wrote the novel, State of Emergency, I warned the American people of the impending water wars that would occur over the Colorado River which could no longer provide the necessary waters to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.The river was becoming depleted of its asset—water.
I posited that the federal government would have to intercede on the state and local level to arbitrate and even mandate the proper allocation of water required in these and other states.
“The losses of water [through the aforementioned dams] undercut the longstanding benefits of damming rivers like the Colorado, and may now be making the West’s water crisis WORSE.”
Despite the imminent, massive shortage of water resulting from the dams and climate change; four states will construct new dams as well as implement water diversion projects. All of this to partake in a greater percentage of water for their respective populations-- before flowing downstream.

This is a recipe for major water wars among the following states: Utah,Arizona,Colorado,New Mexico,Nevada,California and possibly even Mexico. For the most part, dam-building was a 20th century attempt to save water and redirect it to the major population centers in each of the respective states affected by draught.
Yet, dams have proven to be a major source of water loss. Facts: about 160 BILLION GALLONS of water evaporate from the surface of Lake Powell and another 120 BILLION GALLONS leak out of the bottom of the canyon into the earth fissures. Therefore, the amount of water lost by the Glen Canyon Dam [280 Billion Gallons] amounts to the equivalent of one year’s flow of the entire COLORADO RIVER.
Very little research has been dedicated to hydrology. Yet, the micro and macro study of water is critical to our future survival. There are the more obvious causes of water depletion which will have to be modified, curtailed or stopped completely. These include mining for minerals [phosphate]; animal husbandry; deforestation; fracking; oil-well digging; watering lawns, etc.
Clearly, I don’t propose to know all the answers. I do know that since I wrote my novel some twenty years ago, water wars have erupted in Syria; Egypt/Ethiopia [Nile River]; South East Asia [Vietnam and China over the Mekong Delta]; Middle East; Tibet/China; India/China.

Preserving water is our biggest national security problem in the next fifty years. Stop eating and you can live for over a week. Stop drinking water and your life is bracketed by days.

General George S. Patton said the following: “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DNC/Hillary: Feel the Bern! Nevada is Prelude to Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude.”
By now, everyone is aware that Bernie Sanders, like Trump, created a political revolution.
Nothing surprising there!
However, I have said from the very beginning of the Democratic race that Bernie’s supporters will justifiably resent and protest the highly rigged electoral process of the DNC. When I had first attended Bernie’s rally in Warner, NH almost a year ago, I felt as if I had travelled back in time to the 1960’s when the youth erupted into major spasms of protests all over this country due to the Vietnam War and other highly flammable social issues.

In the past half-a-century, the grand children of those 1960’s protestors burst into a volcanic eruption of protest and discontent directed at the corruption personified by the perfidious Clintons and the DNC.
Nothing was more pathetic than watching an unintelligible, intellectually slovenly Debbie Wasserman Shultz, reprimand a Brooklyn Jew, Bernie, for having led a broad spectrum of our present day youth—White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Hindus and whatever—into a melee of discontent in Nevada.
Too bad, Debbie!

It is imperative that Bernie’s followers should continue to protest an exceedingly venal Democratic Party, which had not an iota of decency or concern for transparency or due process. The DNC simply wanted to ram through the nomination of a potential felon [Hillary].Those who protested against Bern were themselves caricatures of fiduciary malfeasance and liberal decay.
Witness the whore house piano player, Senator Harry Reid [D-Nevada], who invokes the palaver of temperance and rectitude to the Bern followers.
Reid, a paid-in-full Democratic Senator representing the Nevada-gambling–casino-mob, gives advice on etiquette? Or, Senator Barbara Boxer [D-Calif.], a Brooklyn born Jewess, who was implicated in 1992 for “House banking scandal”, utters nonsensical words concerning ‘ethics/morals’ to Bernie and his followers.
The day of the professional politician is over.Those who rose through the Republican/Democratic ranks should find a real job where their futures will not be paid for by the American taxpayer.
These professional panderers have met a new generation of voters on both sides of the political spectrum who are sick and tired of these high paid welfare recipients receiving all kinds of funds and entitlements, not available to us, taxpayers.
We, taxpayers, have witnessed the detritus of three presidents: Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama—and we are angry.
Unjustifiable wars and financial collapse have earmarked the past thirty years. This must end!

Our POTUS flies around the world on our taxpayer dollars mumbling inanities to foreign leaders, while our brave men and women are fighting brush fires all the way from Africa to China and South East Asia.
We are rudderless; yet, we watch/listen as Obama proclaims all kinds of declarations concerning LGBT rights[bathrooms] and health care [Obamacare]—almost as a distractions from the primary concern of:
“Quo Vadis Domini?”
Where forth do we go, our Lord?
While we await some semblance of an answer, Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude will continue to play in both the Democratic and Republican concert halls.
Seneca, the Roman orator, spoke as follows:

“The foremost art of kings is the power to endure hatred.”