Friday, October 24, 2014

False Assumptions about the Ebola Epidemic Permeates CDC, USG, and the US Ability to Contain an Epidemic!
Thanks to Dr Craig Spencer of Doctors without Borders Recent Subway Trip to a NYC Bowling Alley.

I hate to say this again but the CDC has performed according to past experiences—TERRIBLY! Not to mention that this new Czarbola Lawyer/Lobbyist without any medical competency has been less useful than his boss’s pronouncements that “America is safe and well prepared for Ebola”.  Both men have been proven to be beyond dismal failures during a crisis.
We still have not answered the basic questions of how this disease defies every precept and mantra about limited infection capacity and an inherent high safety factor in being exposing to the Ebola virus. I personally and professionally have never accepted two basic precepts of the mantra that you have to be in direct contact with the fluids of the Ebola patient in order to become infected.  I have always believed that Ebola is an airborne RNA virus which has a very high capacity to infect anyone in near proximity at a very rapid level of growth.  In an infected person, there are approximately 10 billion Ebola viruses per unit of blood cell versus 10 million HIV viruses.  This exceedingly large number of Ebola viruses per blood cell allows the virus to expand exponentially into the body at an extremely fast rate that cannot be contained or stopped.
Its a mistake to think that a RNA virus which mutates at a very rapid rate every time any antibody attacks it, is a virus that remains static on a surface.  Simply put, the Ebola virus is airborne. It has to be because its RNA genetic code is immune to any kind of interception other than the fact that like the bubonic plague it will have no more hosts in which it can survive and continue to change in form and strength.

This newest case in NYC involving Dr Spencer would not have happened with proper mandatory quarantine and denial of entrance into the USA by competent, knowledgeable US officials.  
Here is what we should do now:
[1] Assume the virus is airborne. There is a reason why the Emory, CDC, workers on the Ebola Ward wear RESPIRATORS!!
[2] Mandatory quarantine of all fliers coming in from West Africa.
[3] Assume that everyone will or has lied on the Customs Forms about travel, fever and exposure to Ebola.
[4] Cancel all flights coming directly or indirectly from West Africa. Thirty other countries have done so.
[5] Provide military charter flights for health workers who are going overseas to treat Ebola patients.

[6] Forget the Czarbola whom Obama appointed—totally useless and misleading. Neither Obama or the Czar have any knowledge or real experience working in containing epidemics.
[7] Re-activate the Public Health Service and take it out of the Coast Guard Operations and make it have the authority to quarantine any persons, areas or countries that are infected with Ebola.
[8] Re-activate the Surgeon General’s Office, with a competent physician, trained in epidemiology and not just bureaucratic hack from Health and Human Services.
[9] Present daily briefings/updates/best practices from some competent medical doctor, other than CDC director or Czar –both of whom have lost credibility with the US public.
[10] The state, county and federal govt can pay for these procedures.  We pay taxes, the government is supposed to protect us from health disasters like this.

Forget the mantra that you are not infected until you show symptoms of fever of 100.4.  Everyone in contact with Ebola patients, directly or indirectly, must be quarantined immediately. Take pre-cautions and keep your immune system healthy.  Act accordingly without panic or fright. Be judicious and be careful. Always assume that what you are hearing from public officials is less than reliable so take care of yourselves.. …..until this epidemic subsides. Ebola will subside as did Polio, HIV, and other highly contagious diseases. It will just take some time and the common sense of the  American citizen in the complete absence of USG leadership, WHO stupidity, UN paralysis and a pervasive epidemic of incompetency.
This crisis will make you stronger and more acutely aware of the increasing systems dysfunctions that will continue to grow exponentially until we Americans decide to choose those people who have a Command and Control system in place, when it is necessary.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

C.I.A. Finally Tells the Truth about its Past Failures 
“CIA Study Says Arming Rebel Seldom Works” [NYTimes, Oct. 15, 2014 , Mark Mazzetti]. 
Finally, the CIA, the intelligence organization which can never resist a selfie; or dramatize its non-dramatic history [Argo; Homeland; Assets] in a panoply of different media, has finally come-out-of-the-closet and told one BIG TRUTH!!
Somebody decided to reveal the truth that the CIA has had minimal success with arming any rebel groups, except for the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I know why they finally decided to reveal the fact that they, the CIA, is not very good at most things, including arming and training rebel groups, despite the hysteria of neocons and their legislative puppets. 

I think that the CIA and Obama know all too well that arming a ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ is the equivalent of placing super glue on the hull of the Titanic while it was sinking.  The ‘moderate Syrian’ opposition is neither Syrian nor moderate nor an opposition. Obama was correct months ago, when he described this motley group of ‘dreamers, farmers, pharmacists and medical doctors  as a fantasy’ which could never defeat their own shadow let alone ISIS.  Remember,  I was there and from my experience the only ‘credible fighting group’ in Syria is attached to the hip of Bashar Assad and his more ruthless brother.  Any other pretense of opposition is wishful thinking. 
Even the formidable Hizbollah Shi’ite fighting force is waning in power against ISIS.  Hizbollah is finding itself using ever younger and inexperienced soldiers. If Hizbollah cannot match up to ISIS with all the help they receive from Russia and Iran, believe me, ‘vetting moderate Syrians to fight’ is the moral equivalent of necrophilia.
The truth is what I have said a long time ago. The CIA is great at creating 9/11 and the ‘false flags’ along with our own military but solving problems of blowback or other strategic challenges not so good.  Contrary to their collective interest in projecting an image of James Bond or even that poor CIA analyst Jack Ryan, the agency has never  been  effective in quasi-military activities or even professional assassinations. They have had to recruit Special Forces through an office formerly entitled Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict [SOLIC] located in the bowels of the Pentagon. In fact, the CIA has been quite miserable in the field of assassinations. They out-source them and usually mess up: Lebanon; Libya, Iraq; etc.
Have you ever wondered why we muster our military forces to ‘take out’ a former ally now newly presented enemy?  Think: Noriega in Panama or Sadam Hussein in Iraq.

So we can’t even execute targeted assassinations which compels us to create wars that we can never win and sometimes barely fight.  Yet pundits like Bush, Obama, Clinton or second tier Susan Rice, Samantha Powers think nothing about sending our young men and now women in as canon fodder. 
We have 16 intelligence organizations that can barely find out what each one is doing; but they brey like sheep for more and more money for newer toys while they become more and more stupid. Now it seems like a breath of fresh air was wafted through the NY Times.  Yet we all know that whatever the CIA tells you is usually done to protect themselves or as you guys know it---CYA. So the new CIA should be entitled the CYA!! Far more appropriate… and far more honest.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

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