Thursday, January 29, 2015

Colicky Crying Baby Bibi, “The Republican Senator From Israel” is Leading Israel into Another Quagmire of Self-Destruction and Pariah Status!
Bibi’s recent gratuitous assassinations of an Iranian General and a Hezbollah official near the Golan Heights in Lebanon demonstrate once again how Israel, founded on the blood and guts of Diaspora Jews, as well as IDF soldier, is being led into a quagmire of self-destruction. Even the prestigious Jewish/Yiddish paper/blog Forward has printed in bold letters the following words:
The Forward did not print that bold statement just to make a sensation. They articulated in a very elegant, calm, non-religious fashion the reasons why Bibi’s  impetuous, completely narcissistic desire to deliver an unwanted speech in front of the US Congress defending his untenable position in trying to destroy the Iran Treaty--- insults both the United States President Obama; as well as the American people, especially the American Jews, who purportedly are the back bone of support for Israel.

The Forward quotes the following statistics and important personnel in the USA:
Bibi’s appearance coalesces both the left wing Jews in America, represented by J Street [Soros] alongside right wing Chris Wallace [Fox News; Murdoch’s mother was Jewish]. 
Both extremes of the American political spectra agree that Bibi’s actions can hurt Israel, qua Israel; as well encourage the ratification of the Iran Treaty, more quickly.
Even Bibi’s ex Former American born Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, says the [Bibi] speech was a ‘cynical political move’ that could ‘hurt our attempts to act against Iran’

A childish narcissist like Bibi who was bred and raised in the cradle of luxury outside of Philadelphia, PA. [nowhere near Israel] mistook his entitled breeding for understanding the very people, Americans, who gave him the unique opportunity to become the Prime Minister of Israel.  First, and most importantly, Bibi never really appreciated how much Israel’s independence and survival really depends on America’s goodwill. It’s not a mandate from heaven that orders us Americans to assist and abet Israel in her most dangerous times.
Bibi was not there in the 1970’s when another American born Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, begged (yes, begged, pleaded) Nixon and Kissinger [German Jew] to immediately aid her and Israel to avoid defeat in the Yom Kippur War. Nixon, not known as a Hebraic scholar, went out of his way to order ASAP American Fighter Jets to fly into Israel; and quickly allow Israeli fighter pilots to take over control of the American Jets that were on the ground with their after jets still burning,  marked with Israeli markings and allow them to save the day for Israel. At that moment, Nixon literally saved the Israeli nation. And according to the John Dean, the snitch of all snitches, Nixon was supposed to be an “Anti-Semite”!

By coming to America and delivering a nonsensical speech about the dangers of Iran, when in fact Pakistan already had 250 plus atomic bombs, insults our President, our Congress [that may be too stupid to know when it is being insulted] and most importantly, alienates the preponderance of American Jews.
The Forward:
“Apathy on Israel is far more dangerous in the LONG TERM than a few angry college kids protesting the occupation [West Bank, Gaza]. …. Whoever is advising Bibi is showing their ineptness at reading and reaching the majority of American Jews…” On a more objective level, as if this would matter to the emotional immature Bibi, “the Pew Research Center 2013 Survey of American Jews showed that 53% APPROVED of Obama’s HANDLING OF IRAN compared with 41% of the public as a whole”. [Forward]. 
The problem of Bibi is quite simple.
He is immature, self-absorbed and bereft of strategic concerns or ability to map out a course for his country for more than a week or two of fighting and repression. It is time for the Israelis to change course ASAP.

In the middle of March, 2015, Israel has the choice to vote for two Sabrahs whose family marked the true history and legacy of the Zionist State—Isaac Herzog and Livni Tsipi. Whatever their collective views for both these alternative candidates of the new Zion Party, they represent a history and future potential truly rooted in both Judaic history/ Diaspora and Zionist Terrorism, upon which the state of Israel was founded.
Chaim Herzog, the father of Isaac Herzog was an Irish-born Israeli politician; General of the IDF; and lawyer who served as the Sixth President of Israel. Chaim had fought for Irish Independence; and his famous Talmudic father, Rabbi Yitshak Ha Levi Herzog,  spoke fluent Irish Language and was knows as the “SEIN FEIN RABBI” [Irish Republican Army].  Go Irish! Chaim volunteered for the British Intelligence Corps in WWII and participated in the Liberation of several concentration camps. Chaim also was involved in the capture of the notorious Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Finally Chaim joined the new born Israeli Army as Chief of IDF Military Intelligence , 1948-1962. He then left the IDF as a Major –General.
Try to match that one, Bibi! with your draft-dodger father.
Herzog was appointed Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, serving until 1978. In 1981, Herzog entered politics for the first time and became a member of the predecessor party to the Labor Party.

Similarly, Bibi’s other opponent, Tzipi Livni has an equally impressive background. Her father was the Operational Director of the Irgun Zve Leumi [ETZL]—Menachim Begin’s ‘Jewish Terrorist’ group.  She grew up in Betar [which I had joined as a youngster] and then went on to many prominent senior legal and political positions in the new Israel.
Therefore, what we have here is the case of the colicky baby Bibi who wants what he wants when he wants it. On the other side of the nursery we have true Sabras born and bred of the best and the brightest of Israel’s scholar/warriors….. which one will continue to rule?
  Let me end with the words of a Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic:
“A sitting President [Obama] cannot be written off by a small dependent ally, WITHOUT TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES!” [my emphasis].

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

From the Jewish Dailey Forward

Russia Obtains Junk Bond Status! Half of the Banks in Russia will Collapse in 2015!
Russia is completely bankrupt and this is not acceptable.

Putin: Stop playing with your toy soldiers and fix the Economy or Leave. Just what I had predicted years ago when Putin was flexing his triceps, biceps and forceps, he forget that brains are really far more effective than brawn. How many times must I have to say that the Russian people deserve better than a miniature Rambo flaunting his six packs while Moscow and St Petersburg are descending rapidly into the cauldron of economic collapse? Contrary to many US intelligence assessments that we Americans are descending into a new Cold War…. we are not in any shape or form.
How do I know?
I was intimately involved in the one and only Cold War which was terminated “without prejudice”. The fact that we are pre-positioning US military equipment into the Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bulgaria—Hungary once again chose the wrong side—means little more than allowing our European allies in the surrounding area to have a sense of comfort that we Americans are present in someway.

The real problem lies not with America or even the western countries. It lies squarely in the mind or lack of mindful thoughts of Vladimir Putin. He knows little or nothing about fiscal or market forces that are whipping his country into a humiliating bankruptcy. Russia’s economic collapse is nothing to gloat about for those of us who had helped to ‘terminate’ the Soviet Union once and for all. Real Russians will suffer the brutal winters of scarcity, the likes of which will hint at the misery that Russia once had tolerated during the dysfunctional Soviet Era. When my Russian friends and I had to stand in bread lines in the late 1970s and early 198O’s on Arbat Street in Moscow, I felt a kinship with all those people who were grateful to just receive a loaf of bread for one Kopek.
I was not grateful but furious that all these brave, honest citizens of a once Great Russian Empire had to basically beg for what was rightfully theirs---food and clothing.

Yet like the selfish apparatchiks who ran the dysfunctional Soviet Union, these new Kremlin Kleptocrats, an extension of the old corrupt KGB, have elicited absolutely no concern for their fellow Russians who did not rob, steal and destroy the State. Putin is now the only leader in the history of Russia who purposefully took a great country that could not afford a $50B Sochi Olympics and destroyed it’s industries, infrastructures for nothing more than his own narcissistic insatiable needs. He is more pathetic than feared. He is weaker than he is stronger; and he is clearly more ignorant than he even realizes.
However the Ukraine debacle started, the real issue now is who will save Russia from the Russians? As I had repeatedly warned, Russia cannot effectively exist on the forced reality of $40 per barrel of oil.  Putin was alerted six months ago by me and his financial ministers. He did not believe that oil would drop intentionally or otherwise to $40 dollars a barrel and even lower.

My Russian friends, it’s time for you to go into the bitter winter cold and demand that Putin relinquish the reins of control to your brilliant technocrats who have not been corrupted by the Kremlin Kleptocracy and turn the Russian economy around ASAP! No one man since Ivan The Terrible or even Stalin has destroyed such a great nation as Russia. What you need more than ever is Peter the Great; who reached out to Holland, France, and German to help him and his citizens become a modern nation. What you do not need is a MUJIK [peasant] who knows nothing except how to fight on a Judo Mat; demonstrating nothing more, than brute force and ignorance.
Think of what the great writer Leo Tolstoy would have said of Putin---“ He is a BLOOD STAIN on the rich soil of Mother Russia!”
“Idite Damou”, Putin! 
Go home, Putin! Leave Our Great Mother Russia alone to recover from your assault!