Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sandy Hook, Oregon. “Don’t buy guns, Don’t buy guns, Don’t buy guns”…says dad.
The Uncanny General Similarities between the recent Oregon shooting and the “False Flag” Newtown Affair of Yesteryear! I say: get better script writers!
History has an uncanny way for repeating itself in a variety of different apparent disguises. For example, the Newtown False Flag occurred in a liberal state (fiscally broke state) like Connecticut where some unknown tony community was the scene of massive slaughter. Similarly, Oregon is also a liberal state and the occurrence of the presumed slaughter of students was located conveniently in an esoteric part of the state not easily accessible to the truth or a further assessment of the incident.
Yet the piece de resistance for this psychiatrist, cum intelligence operative, was the amazing similarity between the two alleged perpetrators—both were by serendipity [one would make us believe] possessed not by evil intentions or malevolence like the Aurora Killer but rather Asperger’s Syndrome.
Amazing! or lazy on the part of the script writers.
Not only did they have similar so-called ‘contrived psychiatric histories’ –both manifested the need to be ‘isolated’ and ‘alone’. Each alleged killer lived with a ‘divorced mother’ whose father lived in another part of the state or in another state. Both possessive mothers took their respective ‘mentally sick sons’ to the gun shops to buy and learn how to shoot a variety of major assault weapons (blame bad mothers, convenient). Apparently, both single mothers were so attentive and concerned about their respective son’s fragile mental conditions that each boy was taken to their own respective shooting ranges in two different states and allowed to perfect their shooting and potential killing skills. Both boys were encouraged by the mental case mothers to shoot often….right!?! We are asked to believe that each mother, knowing their respective sons were seriously mentally ill, discovered at different times and places that the solution to a schizoid paranoid individual was to allow them to train to become proficient gun killers. I say the scripts were written by misogynists gays who were abandoned by their mothers.

If anyone were to believe each or both of these stories, one would have to wonder why our Special Forces failed in their entrance exams by excluding mentally ill boys with a history of Asperger’s Syndrome [Autistic Type]. The Oregon mother was so proud of her son’s knowledge and enthusiasm for guns of all types that she bragged about him on the internet as proof that a mentally impaired son with history of in and out patient psychiatric history could become so proficient in different guns. She, as well as other family members, went out of the way to buy high-powered assault weapons for her ‘autistic-head banging son’.
Wow! Sign up these nut-case moms to train special forces!
I must admit, dear readers, that this psychiatric history does not even warrant a pass as fiction, be it ghoulish and even bizarre.
All killing aside, something is exceedingly wrong in the basic narratives of both stories. Each story is so similar that one must conclude that there was one creator or team of publicists who forgot to check their past gun episodes for repeats, at least a different cause and character definitions. Repetition is the sure mark of plagiarism and/or lack of imagination. 
Joe Biden and Dr. Rand Paul [both accused of serious plagiarism] would be ashamed to pronounce any authorship of either the Newtown or Oregon narratives. Most importantly is what is not been said. Leave it up to our intrepid Commander-In-Chief to catch himself in the same stupid trap that did in his former master-in-chief-prevaricator, ex-Attorney General Eric Holder. You might remember that Holder was the “mastermind” and “federal bagman” for the Newtown payoff for of all the corrupt Connecticut politicians [Governor on down to the medical coroner]; as well as the supposed PTSD-Connecticut State Troopers who required extra federal monetary incentives in order to lie, feign illnesses, and allow the press to take pictures of them in all their grotesque sartorial splendors. One might also remember that the first impulses of that orchestrated scenario was gun control! don’t buy guns! gun control!

Not mental health services or lack of…. BUT gun control.
Obama, who has delivered the Ten Commandments of health care, increasingly refuses to say or reveal the fact that more important than gun control is that the USA has only1.1 psychiatrist for every 1000 American citizens. Obama forgets to cite the simple statistic of Obamacare that 100 Million Americans do not have any access to mental health workers, skilled or unskilled. Obama allocated $1Billion for a faulty internet site to monitor healthcare payments/sign-ups but not one penny to improve mental health services.
The only conclusion that I can make from this bizarre set of circumstances [Newtown/Oregon] is that our federal Inspector Generals are far more interested in investigating whether a leak came from the Secret Service to Senator Jason Chaffetz [R-Utah] than more important issues like the continuous false flags [9/11, Newtown,]  These constant scenarios of real, false, or imagined shootings has placed our entire USG on notice. Americans will refuse to pay for those federal/state/ local organizations that are already corrupted by nepotism, political favors and pathetically contrived ‘falsehoods’  initiated and implemented by anti-gun individuals/organizations and the White House/Justice Dept.
Time is of the essence. 
The more gun sprees that will be reported in the future which do not delineate the massive black-on-black crimes so prevalent in Chicago, Miami, Ocala, Detroit, Ferguson, Baltimore—the less we, Americans, will accept the ultimate legitimacy of any President – be he/she; black, or white.
Horace, the great Roman lyric poet, proclaimed the following:
“Acquittal of the guilty [USG] damns the judges [USG].”

BTW, it’s time that the Secret Service started to protect their true employers—We, the American People! They better start worrying about their jobs; if they genuinely feel that their sole obligation to the Republic is to protect [at whatever cost] those ignoble individuals who have killed, lied, or de-legitimized our constitutional way of life….I mean Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama!
A simple lesson of world history is that those who protect the individual and not the state are the first to go in any legitimate change of regime…… or untoward upheaval.
Please take heed:
No more 9/11!
No more Newtown! 
No more Oregon shootings!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

American 4Star General John Campbell Attains Historic/Hysteric Proportions
Throughout 2015, He Insisted the “Taliban Are Losing!”
Just Days Ago, Taliban Defeated Afghan/American SOF in hours!
Next, Americans airstrike a hospital in Afghanistan?
Just when I thought I had heard it all regarding American military might degrading exponentially before our eyes, some knuckle-headed, General John Campbell, decorated with more medals than a peacock, shows how truly incompetent our active combat leaders really are. Only a few months ago, Campbell reassured the world with his grandiose pronouncements that, despite intelligence to the contrary, the Taliban forces were pretty much defeated. 

Campbell, like his self-delusional precursors Westmoreland, assured the world and America in particular that it was close to impossible for the enemy to obtain a strategic position because there was no evidence of heavy military deployments by the Taliban. Remember during the Vietnam War, generals insisted to the very last days before we whisked the American Embassy officials and military personnel out of Saigon that we, Americans, were ‘defeating both the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

The Saigon evacuation became a pictorial landmark in American military humiliation, yet our military/civilian leaders continued to perseverate on single point: “We were winning the war!” Today, we still hear the haunting refrain from those who fought on the ground that ‘if … not for this.. or for that… we would have won..” The truth is that we never had a chance in Vietnam nor in Afghanistan nor in any other overseas deployment because our senior officers were never invested in the culture, terrain, nor in a specific strategy that should have been designed to succeed in a certain deployment.
We were and still are ‘illiterate’ when it comes to the ‘human terrain of battle’. None our officers are trained in the culture, psychology or the real nature of combat which does not involve heavy weapons or large numbers of personnel. Except for a few glaring exceptions like our different Special Forces [exception: the self-promoting SEALS], we have no capacity to engage in any other terrain other than those concocted in the minds of the Pentagon War Gamers. We are just a giant ineffectual military body capable of nothing more than consuming large amounts of money and creating whimsical narratives that end in what I will delineate as the “General Campbell Fiasco”.  Per custom, Campbell will never have to account for his intellectual malfeasance nor his incompetent performance. Generals simply fade away—as they should.
In contrast, we see the Russians move into Syria without any pronouncements of impending victory or any accompanying denigration of the enemy.They simply use their allies on the ground—Iranian Soldiers tested in the cauldron of continuous battles; as well as a five-thousand-man Hezbollah Shi’ite Lebanese force—in concert with heavy artillery and fighter jets to engage ISIS in a way that we could only dream of doing.
I am not pro or against any one institution. Yet having had the privilege of teaching at Ft McNair and having engaged our senior military staff in dialogue and critical thinking, I can honestly predict, how and when, American troops will die needlessly because we did not have the right leadership or strategy.
If war-making were a real profession and not a make-believe with hoopla of faux nationalism, then every general would have been court martialed for incompetency and stupidity. If they had been medical doctors, they would have been dismissed from the medical profession. At best, they are toy soldiers, led by Sec. Defs. Ashton Carter or Panetta or even Bob Gates; political operatives with less combat experience or strategic understanding than the American children playing simulated war games on xBox.
War is not America’s métier. We should outsource it out to the Russians, Chechens, Bulgarians, Chileans, Chinese, Central Asians and any other mercenary who is willing to fight for money and makes no pretense that they are defending our nation; or, our national security.

Contrary to the absurd pronouncements that we are a super power in the 21st century, we better reflect on our continuous defeat due to arrogance and ignorance. We are not warriors. We are not fighters.We are a country whose leaders continue to spout absurd narratives that compel our military officers to sacrifice their minds and bodies to a spasm of jingoistic self-delusion. We are a nation adrift in a heating cauldron of discontent and animosity without the slightest ideas of how to nullify or even engage the world’s discontent as it turns to us for succor.

George Clemenceau, the French Statesman said the following apt words:
“War is much too important a matter to be left to the generals.”
And I will add one more Latin proverb:
“Sweet is war to those who have never experienced it.” 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kevin McCarthy [R-Calif.] Skillfully Puts His Foot Into His Mouth.
Another Example of Why Republicans are Self-Destructing!
He stupidly admits that a special Republican Committee was set up to destroy Hillary’s chances of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.
Who really cares?
And who is surprised that politicians are not really concerned about their constituents or dead Americans in Benghazi?
California is a state which has produced avocados, grapes and fruit cakes in all shapes and sizes. Now California has Kevin McCarthy, the air-head apparent to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Boehner resigned his post amidst a stream of pathetic tears, having failed to accomplish anything meaningful, other than having wasted the tax payer’s money. 

What qualifies McCarthy for this elevated position of Speaker? Kevin McCarthy has many traits that would make him a perfect Surfer from Santa Monica, California. He has a handsome façade with a resume that is bereft of any business or real life experiences; other than a series of political positions which have reaffirmed one basic truth –he has ridden the waves of the ineffectual performance just up until the crest of the Peter Principle –where he was appropriately placed as the replacement to another intellectual dud.
There are very few elements of politics that cannot be taught. But speaking your mind out of turn is not one of those precepts. Clearly the ‘gaffe’ that he made revealed the truth that most of us have already known. The Benghazi Committee is at best useless and meaningless. The fact that we have one more unnecessary investigation that benefit no one but a few miscreant inept Republican strategists is reprehensible.

I suggest that the Republican Party, reimburse the American Taxpayer well over $12 Million Dollars for wasting our money and their time on a special investigation that was never intended to investigate anything. Moreover, everyone on that committee [including Democrats] if they had any sense of decency, should resign. Of course, that will never happen.
Now is the time for us, Americans, to start to eliminate our federal legislatures from office.
I would even go further to reclaim our inherent right for direct and viable representation by proposing to eliminate the very offices called legislative representatives.
 For the most part, as I have repeatedly stated in the past, our Congressmen and Senators are an anachronism of a century when the representatives had to come to Washington DC on horseback. Those antiquated days are gone forever. Now the legislators have become the asses on which they once rode. Animals who have to be constantly fed hay and grains so that they can eliminate nothing but shit!
It’s time to throw out all of these surfers of ineptitude, once and for all. The internet provides a far more convenient and cheaper mode with which we, the citizens, can approve or deny any piece of legal palaver, called ‘legislation’. One never has to feed or caress the ‘delete button’.   

Let’s get rid of these bums, once and for all. A third Party is looking better everyday!

China is Aflame with Minority Uighur’s [Muslims] Explosions in Guangxi Province.
This is an area near the Human Trafficking route to VietNam, Thailand and onto Turkey.

As Russian SU-25 jets stream across the Syrian desert to strafe ISIS once and for all, China has entered the arena of terrorist attacks. September 30, 2015 will probably mark the beginning of the counter-terrorism actions against the Uighur Muslim radicals located in Guangxi province. On that unfortunate day, thirteen deadly explosions occurred over a two hour period. Detonations created by home-made bombs set off gas explosions, killing large numbers of innocent Chinese civilians. One can assume that this is the beginning of a major attempt by the Uighur minority to strike back at President Xi’s previous attempts to restrict this Muslim minority group.
Coincidentally, a spade of recent bombings in Bangkok, Thailand were connected to the Uighur smuggling network that went from Guangxi province through Vietnam onto Bangkok, Thailand. What China is about to witness is the resurgence of the widespread Islamic militancy violence that has been nurtured in Pakistan and Afghanistan, thanks to US ineptitude, and spread southward and eastward into all corners of SE Asian and  China.

I have limited experience with Chinese Intelligence but I found them to be professional and ruthless when provoked. The Uighurs will find themselves in a low intensity conflict [LIC] with individuals who, one might say, work ‘with extreme prejudice.’
It seems to me that Obama’s meeting with the respective leaders of China and Russia was tantamount to the WH giving them each permission to pursue their own agendas with respect to the problem of Islamic extremism. In the case of Syria, POTUS gave Putin permission to bomb the ISIS targets at will. I presume that he also ordered our military to assist the Russians in their fight against ISIS without any possibility for interference. Both American and Russian flight patterns had to be coordinated so that there would not be potential for an airborne accident.
As for China, POTUS had to reassure President Xi that CINCPAC would not constrain the actions of the Chinese military to enlarge their network of retaliation against the expansive Uighur militant cells extending all the way from China to Turkey. Now, Americans are going to see a far more concerted effort by our erstwhile allies –the Chinese and Russians – in helping us, America, restrict the cancerous growth of Islamic militancy.

I would not be surprised if Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai were in some ways affected adversely since they have been the major funders of ISIS and the extreme Salafist groups. From my tempered perspective, we have entered a new phase of the war on terror. Now, we will watch what happens when two authoritarian societies decide to destroy a ‘clear and present danger’ to their respective homelands. I can only add: “Welcome to the fight, China and Russia!”