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Jonathan Pollard: America’s Benedict Arnold becomes Israel’s Hero—The Ultimate Perversion of a Dependent Nation-State Relationship!
For those of you too young to remember the name Jonathan Pollard, please read the excellent section in Wikipedia on this ignoble individual and one of America’s greatest traitors. To summarize his life is basically to use pejorative, but extremely accurate terms like nuts, manipulative, sociopathic, greedy and a vicious traitor to his birthright, America. Pollard sold highly sensitive Top Secret Intelligence as a former U.S.Naval Intelligence officer for hundreds of thousands of dollars to his beloved fantasyland –Israel. 

He is finishing a 30 year sentence in prison and will be extradited to Israel as a one of their newly minted citizen-heroes. My cursory depiction of Pollard’s most salient characteristics as a ignoble human being is countered by a combined American-Jewish and Israeli chorus “he has regret for his actions” and “Pollard was never charged with treason”. The counter argument presented in an ad hominem form for decades by this congregation of ignorant American Jews who have no idea of how much damage Pollard had inflicted on the American Intelligence Community [IC]. These Jewish Fakirs did not realize that ‘treason’ technically involves cases where someone spies for an ‘enemy state’. Stupid Americans never have considered Israel as an ‘enemy state’ despite their malfeasance in 9/11 when countless Mossad Operatives were arrested in NYC and NJ for ‘aberrant activities’.
Yet let me concentrate on this Pollard.
While I and others in the CIA, MI and the Reagan Administration were busily implementing a strategy for the ‘regime change’ in the Soviet Union from Communism to Capitalism, Pollard was busy collecting money from enemy operatives in South Africa, Pakistan, Argentina, Taiwan and of course, the Soviet Union to the tune of a monthly salary of $2.5K plus hotels, travel, sapphire and diamond ring for his second wife. For those of you who might be impressed by the ersatz legends created by the highly imaginative Mossad/Lekem Unit [a highly selected science-intelligence unit] Pollard’s controller was a very famous Israeli spy by the name of Rafi Eitan.
When Pollard was asked what he would do with all the money Israel had given him; he stated the following:
“I not only intended to repay all the money [to Israel of course, not America] I had received but also, was going to establish a chair at the Israeli General Staff’s Intelligence Training Center outside of Tel Aviv.” Voila! Pollard becomes the new benefactor of Israel.
What does this all mean to you and me?
Pollard is a reminder that in the world of international relations, Americans have no friends or partners whom we should and can trust. What we have are national interests. 
How Pollard received countless security clearances in the light of obvious mental health problems as well as manifest sociopathic behaviors is still a mystery to me. Perhaps there are others in the Intelligence Community? However, credit must go to DCI George Tenet and the CIA for pursuing the indictment and conviction of this Israeli spy until he was finally incarcerated after some very complicate manipulations on Pollard’s part.
As for Israel, it is the only friendly country that I know of that has: 

[1] Attacked mercilessly our spy boat, the Liberty and willfully killed many of our brave sailors.
[2] Was intimately involved in the 9/11 False Flag and multiple explosions in the World Trade Towers which were not caused by any flying planes. 
[3] Is the only country to allow dual citizenships of: Bibi, Michael Oren, Dore Gold, and Ron Dermer, all of whom represent Israel with a venom against the country of their birth that qualifies them as an ‘enemy of the state’ rather than a natural born son of America.

None of the aforementioned turncoats has ever served in our American military or intelligence service. Yet, they have the audacity to berate our country for imagined travesties of diplomacy that they have concocted regarding: 
[1] Hamas one of their own progenies
[2] PLO their ally 
[3] Saudi Arabia their longtime ally
[4] Syria an erstwhile ally under the Assad family
[5] ISIS who they helped to create and foster
[6] Iran they had oil trade with them for decades
Like a Frankenstein, America has unwittingly created a bon fide Israeli dybbuk with inherent malfeasance structured into its DNA from the self-propelled and constantly refueled paranoia which they have created to justify any inhumane actions anywhere around the world. As a the scion of “holocaust Jews” who were fortunate enough to come to America and embrace it’s opportunities and requirements for citizenship [as well as serving in the military], I have always warned the Israeli operatives that they are not the friends of those of us who survived the Death Camps. We do not pledge any allegiance to their makeshift history of how they, Palestine/Israel, had saved us. Israel and the ignorant America Jews who know nothing about the real history of the “Holocaust” should pay dearly for any transgressions against our Republic. Every American/Israeli who decides to hold two passports should be the object of suspicion and doubt.

The hi-tech miracle of Israel will remain as that as long as it is not a front for siphoning off secrets from the country that allowed them to exist—America. It is an unfortunate truism that Americans expect China, Russia, France and Germany to spy on our leaders but to have Israel gut out our secrets –that is no longer “a Gentleman’s Agreement”.
Perhaps Pope John XIII gives us wise counsel on such matters:
“See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little”.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I live in a small town and many people in small towns across America are freaking out.  Please watch.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Congratulations to Donald Trump for a Brilliant Tour de Force Speech in Iowa: Humorous, Biting, Highly Detailed, and Comprehensive!
I hope that as Donald keeps running and devastating the Republican and Democratic field, he is cautious of the envy he generates; especially in the Bush and Clinton families. For some time, you and I have been cheering on Donald Trump and his revolutionary style of eviscerating opponents while at the same time explaining the problems of our staid, dysfunctional American political system. I am concerned as some of my more dedicated readers have pointed out- that the longer Trump keeps up his engine-of-truth that the more desperate the Bushes and Clintons become. I use the plural because Hillary and Jeb are not really one person but a compilation of enablers whose relatives have been former presidents with checkered and miscreant pasts.

Both Bush and Clinton families have had an infamous record of avoiding prosecution for economic and political crimes committed by them against the American people. Without belaboring the point, all one has to do is to look at Jeb, who promised a new team, but said team has been repopulated the Neocon cockroaches like Wolfowitz and company. Likewise, Hillary has rebounded from one lie to another with alacrity and vibrant pathology. 
I am not writing this blog to laud Trump, he certainly can do that on his own. My deep concern is when a revolutionary force like Trump appears on a fixed political system, an ossified dyad of Republicans and Democrats, unfortunate accidents and assassinations appear from so-called “lone gun men”.
Recently Americans have witnessed a bizarre circus of so-called ‘lone gunmen’ killing innocent victims all the way from the lovely Cajun center of Lafayette, Louisiana to churches in South Carolina. Whether these killings are part of a copy-cat effect or  something else, I will leave up to the FBI. However, I do know that in the case of other Presidents: JFK, Nixon, Ford, Reagan – we have had a spade of attempted/successful assassinations by ‘so-called crazies’. There is now a requirement for extra protection –be it private and public—lest an ‘unfortunate accident’ should transpire on one of Trump’s stops. I do not and will not advocate violence of any kind against anyone, especially presidential candidates. But, having been in the business of mass killers and political assassinations, I must warn those who do protect Trump that as of now all the psycho-dynamics are in place for something ‘untoward to occur’ whatever that might mean.
The speech in Iowa capitalized on the fact that Trump was funny, knowledgeable, self-effacing and well versed on a host of subjects from currency fluctuations to trade imbalances. That type of insouciant delivery, almost effortless will engender all types of envious feelings among his so-called ‘colleagues in the Republican Party’ including the odious comment by the ignorant, incompetent Scott Walker, whose representative called Trump dumb. The more covert candidate on that trail of jealousy and envy has to be Jeb Bush who was rightfully dismissed as a ‘toady of lobbyists and special interests—a nobody’ [Trump words].
When envy penetrates the dysfunctional family of spoiled, idiot sons of the lovely Mrs Barbara Bush, many things happened like: Silverado S&L Crisis, 9/11 False Flag  or falsifying evidence to invade a foreign country. Clearly the Clintons were baptized by our dishonorable Bush CIA in Arkansas when they were assisting in the illegal drug smuggling initiated from Central and South America by Reagan, Bush Sr, Elliot Abrams.
The media and the sheeple will repeat the mantra of ‘conspiracy theorists’ which by now has become a badge of honor, certainly for me. However, as we say in intelligence, ‘expect the unexpected at all times.’ Thanks to the previous assassinations of our own presidents and successful candidates, we, Americans have learned to mistrust our system and our leaders to the extent that the initials JFK denote—LBJ, Bush Sr, Nixon, Cuban/Italian Mafia; and the Warren Commission. Not an exaggeration, its simply a matter of fact.
Look how the Bush family is now trying to portray the 9/11 self-initiated attack by showing pictures of POTUS Bush Jr looking in a series of stupefied expressions. My friends in the intelligence business as in psychiatry know that very little happens by coincidence—ask General David Petraeus when he went against future DCI John Brennan and POTUS Obama in the Benghazi affair. Suddenly, Americans found out about some ludicrous extra-marital affair just as Obama was about to be re-elected.

If Trump does not make it to the Presidential Races as the major candidate against the constantly judicially besieged Hillary, then I will be quite disappointed and very suspicious. That is not a very good position for me or my fellow American citizens to be in; our future rests on eviscerating this cancerous dyadic nonsense called: Republicans and Democrats. Long live Trumps and the Republic! 
Homer the great Greek poet/writer said the following of a great man who was assassinated:

“Achilles absent, was Achilles still.”   

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

In Defense of the Death Sentence: Calculating, Mass Killer James Holmes Convicted by a Jury of his Colorado Peers of 1st degree Murder, Must Be Executed!
A life sentence would be a mockery of State Judicial System and the useless, ineffectual Insanity Plea. As most of you by now, James Holmes, a failed Neuroscience graduate student, dumped by his alleged girlfriend, went on a premeditated bloody rampage in a movie theater.  By chance, Colorado still has the death penalty after having rescinded it at one time in their recent history.

The reason I am particularly interested in this case is that very early on in the trial, I explained that this was a typical case of a ‘narcissist, childish’ pre-calculated murder by a young man who was not mentally insane. Some of my colleagues in psychiatry disagreed, declaring a false truism that “by the very nature of this man’s mass-killing, Holmes had to be insane.” That seemingly rational logic has no basis in truth or in my extensive experience dealing with mass murders in the civil arena as well as in the national security environment.
How many times have I heard a senior State Department Official say to me that a particular leader had to be ‘crazy’ or ‘paranoid’.  I would always calmly explain that leader X could not run a country of millions of people as well as command a military, if they were ‘crazy’. Our society has become very lazy in their understanding of what the concept of ‘mental illness’ involves. It is much easier to state that a barbaric act of mass killing like one that James Holmes had committed was part of a simplistic matrix of calculations and manipulation for James to be designated as ‘crazy’.
However, thanks to the excellent work of the Colorado State Prosecutors and the FBI [which has extensive behavioral experience in these type of cases] – Holmes was convicted on 160 charges including 12 first degree premeditated murders. I congratulate the citizens and jury of Colorado for understanding how egregiously calculated Holme’s murders were. Holmes was so clever that he even tried to play the part of a ‘catatonic schizophrenic’ in court by just sitting there and saying nothing. His defense attorneys did what they do best –they try to convince the jury that he committed the act of mass murder because he was ‘mentally insane’. The prosecutors and law enforcement officials made a brilliant case of how really pre-calculated Holmes had been. And the judge, judiciously allowed for all the evidence to speak for itself.

Clearly, any type of sentencing will never bring back the innocent victims [including lovely children] who were wantonly slaughtered by machine gun fire. As the judge and jury agreed, Holmes had been very circumspect and exceedingly calculated in every part of planning his debauchery of mass murder. The question that hangs over Colorado is what to do with James Holmes?
As someone who took care of the criminally insane, I professionally and personally advocate for the death sentence ASAP! Holmes could never be rehabilitated from any mental disease that he never had. Despite the psychiatrists that can be hired to say anything at any time for the proper amount of sheckels, they do not constitute the basis of any truth other than the fact that they can declare anyone insane for the right amount of money.
The converse also works.
When someone like Holmes is placed in a State Psychiatric Institution, he will receive a work-up and then meds according to the diagnosis he will evidence at any given time in order for him to justify the faux reason he had been hospitalized to a life sentence. I have never been able to reform or rehabilitate a mass murder or know of anyone who has. What the mass murderer does in his new surroundings is to revel in his past glories and remain ineffective for the rest of his life, at a huge multi-million dollar cost to the taxpayers.

Look at murderers like Chapo in Mexico and those two lifers in NY State who attempted to escape from prison, I strongly suspect that Holmes will spend most of his solitary life figuring out how to escape from captivity. Prison provides a retreat for a mass murderer to figure out how much further he can game the system. Professionally, I would strongly recommend immediate execution without any delay or commutation of sentence at the last minute. Killing a mass, cold-blooded murderer is as compassionate an act as society can invoke as punishment and retaliation for his wanton killing.
The American mass murderer deserves no less than a full termination of his life ASAP!.
The killer’s death may or may not deter someone else. Death does have a certain psycho-dynamic finality to it which will allow the grieving families to start to end their grief process and work on a new, inspiring perspective to their respective lives. Life sentence for James Holmes would allow for a constant reminder of an odious element to constantly mock society and the judiciary for having gamed it to perfection.

Congratulations to the honest citizens of Colorado who had found James Holmes Guilty on First Degree Murders. Please take the next steps and allow him to end his life as he might have not intended to end his Machiavellian games of revenge for personal hurts and injustices.
He may have gamed the system in killing and wounding as many people as he had but don’t let him game out his final ending of ‘guilty by insanity’.
Nonsense! He is guilty without any marks of mental illness. 

He must pay as the other three murderers [also from Aurora] on Death Row in your Colorado Prison. James sought out celebrity status by enacting his mass murder scenario. Instead, let him discover an ignominious death with alacrity and publicity; so that a man who had committed a heinous act will now pay the proper judicial and mental price for his miscreant behavior.
The French writer, Jean Anouilh wrote the following:
“Until the day of his death, no man can be sure of his courage.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Senator Lindsay Graham [R-South Carolina] Calls Donald Trump—“A Jack-Ass!”  Trump Kicks Lindsay’s Proverbial Hypocrisy and Political Pandering by Waving Lindsay’s Phone Number on air..
Next Murdoch Insults Trump despite the fact that NYPost Makes a Fortune Off of Trump’s Antics!
Everyday now, I have been getting up with a certain elan vital and mischievous eagerness to find out what Trump the 21st Century’s Balladeer of Insults, Deprecations and Verbal Manipulations had to say for that particular day [oops, I mean moment]. Trump is doing the job of cleaning out the underlying hypocrisy and ‘bullshit’ that has characterized almost of all our 2016 presidential candidates.

Unfortunately, the Trump Phenomena took over thirty years to fully express its calculated force of upsetting a staid, ossified electoral system marked by lies, distortions, and cowardly behavior, characteristic of most of our civilian, military, intelligence leaders over the past several decades. Trump is the Newtonian verbal reaction to the lies of the Clinton and Bush families who have provided inept cannon fodder for the past several generations. I have a distinct feeling that Trump in his boisterous but exceedingly shrewd presentations understands far more about Americans than any of the soporific pundits on the media, who are paid ‘whores’ of a particular party, candidate or corporation.

What Trump is effectively doing is a ‘verbal’ and ‘emotional’ Blitzkrieg through the patent nonsense of the candidates and politicians who presume that they above all others are fit to lead this amazing country. Yet none of the so-called frontrunners dared to serve or created any formidable assets that arise from our savage, but effective, capitalist system.When an effete, if not effeminate Senator like Lindsay Graham, squeaks that ‘Trump’ is a ‘jackass’ because Trump correctly pointed out the Senator John McCain was not and will never be a ‘war hero’ despite being tortured, then we, Americans, are on the right road to understanding that there is a new kind of revolution occurring in America.
No one has to riot in streets as we had done in the 1960’s to stop a war that was created by several war criminals whom we know all too well by now. We do not have to arrest the Bush family in total –including Jeb the cherubic panderer whose personal family history comprises a lesson in addiction, incarcerations, and corrupt political cronyism.

As long as Trump runs, he is effectively tearing down the absurd pretenses of an Australian huckster, Rupert Murdoch, whose loyalty to any country is determined by his obsessional ability to make money even at the expense of committing major fraud in all his media outlets—English, American News Papers and Fox News. Murdoch belongs to no country other than that which bows to his intrepid use of fear to expose the peccadillos of any politician, friend or foe.
Trump is neither scared nor intimidated by Murdoch suis generis. Trump knows all too well that Roger Ailes, the genius businessman with whom I had worked on one of the Bush Sr’s successful campaign’s will not be told what he should or should not say. Fox Media is to Trump as Mother’s Milk is to a newborn baby.

The question arises as to how much longer this Trump Whirlwind will continue on its course of decimation and neutralizing potential candidates for the Presidency. I think that the upcoming Republican Debates on August 6, 2015 will in many ways define in part, Trump’s limitations. If he can maintain his riff of improvisations without allowing himself to self-destruct with ad hominem words attacking those around him, then he has a clear chance. In order for him to continue the grueling race till next year, he will need a assortment of different strategies and talking points which can still convince us, the American people that he does, in fact, have the gravitas to become POTUS.
He must also realize that POTUS is not a job where every second is filled with thrills and chills but involves laborious attention to details and process. One would assume that Trump has had to deal with the tedious and mundane in his normal – or at least ‘unusual life’. Whatever happens in the future, I have only hope and wishful thinking for now.
Trump or those around him understand that revolutions, be they verbal or kinetic, have a certain life span before they peter out.
Napoleon Bonaparte described Trump in an interesting way:
“A leader is dealer in hope.” 


This is from Learn fr History, everything you ever wanted to know about McCain's war record