Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Cuba Opening: Obama’s Secret Diplomacy Success!
Most of you are aware that this blogger has not shied away from criticizing Obama or the CIA and other covert agencies for their past failures. However, if I am willing to criticize Caesar than I must also praise him for the fine handling of a very delicate issue like the loosening of relations with Cuba. I don’t have to go over the history of a fifty year embargo that has done nothing but made a few US mid-western farmers extremely wealthy shipping grain and other crucial goods to Cuba. 
Please remember that in every so called embargo of a country, someone tends to benefit.  More often than not, its our wealthy corporations or agribusinesses that profit the most from goods and services which find their way ‘somehow’ into the embargoed country. That was true of the embargo on South Africa when the Maritius Airlines were laden with all types of goods that were prohibited from being sold to South Africa. Or when Israel tested their non-existent atomic bomb off the coast of the African Horn.

However, this time around Obama initiated a one and a half year secret negotiations unbeknownst to me or others who were in the know. He made covert overtures to Raul Castro through an intermediary who was a ‘guarantor‘ for both the US and Cuba—The Pope. Congrats to the Pope Francis for his skillful backdoor negotiations with the Cuban leadership. Also Congrats to our Intelligence/Diplomatic Community for their persistent, quiet diplomacy which had effectively dismantled the antiquated, useless embargo. More and more, I am beginning to see that Obama is really growing in the Presidential office by initiating and completing several successful but completely unheralded accomplishments:
A few worth mentioning…..
1. One month ago a Singaporean tanker left Texas with American oil, signifying that for the first time, Americans have become a major exporter of oil to the world. At the same time, Obama has allowed the oil companies to produce over 9 million barrels of oil per day placing us in the position of being able to drive down the price of oil precipitously. Also Obama has, despite complaints from this left wing, increased the fracking that has been occurring all over the USA, even in places one would not have thought.
2. Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline correctly claiming that the gas transported from the sands of Canada would do nothing for the American economy, but only benefit major Canadian Companies.
3. And the piece de resistance is that soon Obama will effectively conclude a trade and diplomatic treaty with the most crucial country in the Middle East: Iran. By doing so, he realigns the power base away from the useless makeshift post English colonial countries like Saudi Arabia [major thorn in our side]; UAE; Qatar; Jordan; Syria; and Israel [a strategic liability].
Please don’t forget that our economy has been growing while the rest of the world has been in an economic recession, no mean feat. It was the Obama administration and its covert operatives in the military, civilian parts of the USG who effectively taught Putin the lesson in economic theory. Don’t mess with America when it comes to money, honey! We will always win! Crony Capitalism trumps Kremlin kleptocracy.

So I must congratulate this administration for deeds well done and commend all the White House members for carrying out a very delicate act of diplomacy, a long time coming. Hail Caesar! Hail Obama!
Republicans: you are in deep, deep trouble, carrying on like children in a sand lot throwing mud at one another and the President.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Russian Ruble is Crashing Thanks to US/EU Economic Sanctions/Warfare!
In the course of my thirty year career in national security, I have discovered that contrary to the consensus, bullets and artillery shells are not the most powerful tools of regime change. In fact, we are witnessing the strategy first implemented by Nixon, then carried out by Reagan and primarily Bush Sr/Baker of psychological warfare inducing fear through an economic system wherein the opposing regime cannot minimize the effect of an American Economic War.
I am not gloating over the fact that the Ruble; as well as, the Russian economy is literally on the brink of complete financial collapse. I am merely pursuing a narrative which I had started years ago about how powerful the American economy can be when judiciously targeted against a weaker more fragile, artificial economy, be it the Soviet Union, or the present Putin government. In the world of experts spouting geopolitical imperatives for the destiny of nations, I refute their basic constructs by pointing out that in the long term, most nations, like individuals or groups of individuals respond to FEAR. No nation is immune to the fear of an Ebola Epidemic or economic instability.

The very core of nation-state is based on the foundations of economic and political security. If one falters, then both will tumble. In both WWI and WWII what made America so powerful and lethal in combat was the fact that our economic capacity to turn out bombers, tanks, and war materials overwhelmed all the combatant nations. The fact that our crippled FDR understood that WWII was about allowing competing economic systems—both communism and national fascism –to destroy each other showed an incredible insight into the dynamics and faith he had about our unique capitalist economy.
During the Cold War, it was not weapons or missiles that won the war, but our ability to harness our economic power to over-ride any false confidence that the Politburo had about their failing, self-destructive economy and the useless weapons and goods that they manufactured. The one factor that had always impressed me about the Russians is their ability to delude themselves into believing that they were a formidable nation-state.  During this time, I helped to construct the strategy for the psychological warfare of regime change in the Soviet Union, starting with the Nixon administration sending me to Moscow to negotiate for the release of Christian dissidents [Baptists]  incarcerated in  psychiatric hospitals [ Kaschenko Psy. Hosp—GRU/KGB]  as ‘sluggish schizophrenics’ [a concocted term].  I immediately developed an economic matrix where I commoditized the value of the incarcerated Christian against the value of Wang Computers.

How did that work?
If I wanted a very important Christian dissident out of the psychiatric hospital,  I had to determine with my adversary, Stalin’s personal doctor/psychiatrist, how many Wang computers was the individual worth to the Russians. I got the Christians and Stalin’s henchman got the computers. We never talked about Human Rights or anything other than the worth of a ‘dissident’ in terms of an American asset that they wanted.

Similarly, in developing the strategy for regime change in the Soviet Union, the notion that Star Wars was not real but rather complete fiction was a way of creating fear in the Soviet Military Industrial Complex to spend whatever little remaining resources they had on a highly contrived psychological operation which finally depleted the Soviet Economy.  The rest of the regime change involved cultural manipulations of imposing religion where atheism existed; as well as, creating a youthful foment [Agitprop] with Radio Free Europe/Jazz/ Rock’n Roll. This led to an underground swelling of the ‘intelligentsia’ demanding change along the lines of the west.  Finally, all the factors combined—Financial, Cultural, and Agit Prop—defeated the existing Soviet System. This is contrary to Gorbachev’s statements that ‘Russia just collapsed in on itself’.

Next Gorbachev was chosen by the USG but he failed to make the necessary changes in both the economy and political body to sustain a viable Russia. Now, Putin, as many of you know from my past blogs, has literally fallen into the same psychological trap that the Soviets had done despite warnings from myself and others. He is NOT stupid yet his arrogance and ignorance of the world economy and the ability of America to literally vanquish any opponent economically [forget about the military] was not taken seriously. So the present Russian catastrophe of the Ruble crashing is the result of lessons not learned from the past.

If the occupation of the Ukraine was the initial precipitant, it was, at best, a false start on both sides. The real give away for me that Russia and Putin had failed miserably was the Sochi Olympics which was a bust—literally and financially. It cost Russia over 50 Billion Dollars of wasted money given to the Kleptocracy in the Kremlin. Once again, we initiate a economic war in order to teach Putin that his narcissism was completely out of control and that his weapon of choice against the EU, gas distribution on a selective basis, would never work.

The key turning point in this economic war was not the Ukraine or anything that we, Americans did or not do. It was Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany who had understood Putin so well, because both grew up in East Germany under the rule of Stasi [Putin was trained by Stasi], and had decided that Germany could no longer work with Putin suis generis. Her assessment that Putin was out of control because of his ego and inane behavior, marked the end of the Ruble and the Russian economy. Putin should leave office for the benefit of both Russia and world peace. Nothing good will be accomplished by Putin’s remaining in power.

For those who genuinely believe that Russians can continue to suffer because of their legendary soul-searching angst, I would caution both the Americans and Russians to think again. Angst and hunger do not play too well with the 21st Century Russian youths who have never witnessed the ravages of WWII and poverty.
As we say in the French Casinos:
“Les Jeux Sont Faits!” 
The Game Is Over, Ladies and Gentlemen! No more Bets!
Adieu Putin! Good bye!

Monday, December 15, 2014

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