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The Melrose Café:  The Legacy of a Quiet American Hero-Dale Bassett [1939-2014]!
On Florida State Road 21,  spanning the wooded, water-logged acres between the Metropolis of Gainesville, Florida [home to the Univ. Of Florida] and Keystone Heights, there is an unobtrusive building with an obtrusive sign announcing the day’s menu of “Pork Chops”,  the Melrose Café resides as the center meeting place for the denizens of an unincorporated town of Melrose.
Nothing really distinguishes the town from any other place in Central Florida,  other than the fact that it has no official body of governance; no police station; and no fire department.  In many ways,  one could consider Melrose a Libertarian paradigm of excellence; or equally valid, the Liberals’ dream of complete freedom and social acquiescence. In either case,  the Melrose Café was the de rigeur meeting place for those who held all types of political views,  as long as they expressed them civilly; and those  hard-core Red Necks who valued their suped-up Ford Pick-up-trucks with their fanciful gun-racks.  In other words,  Melrose Café was a representation of America.
The only requirement to order the meal of the day was the ability to understand that grits would accompany any meal and that the waitresses could be very polite until you might have thought for a slight moment that you could cop an ‘attitude’.  Then all-hell would break out.
The man who created this oasis of Americana was Dale Bassett,  along with his charming wife of fifty years, Carol.  Both had ventured into the American entrepreneurial world many decades before when Dale, a Jacksonville, Florida native,  decided to sell his successful insurance brokerage house and present his wife Carol with the realization of her long- time dream: a café that both could run in their senior years.  The dream came true.
Yet like all American dreams,  first uttered in a moment of passion,  it took years of hard work, sweat, and tears to make this forty person café an established institution to which the cynical,  Libertarian/Liberal denizens of Melrose would frequent on a daily basis.  Let it be known up front that Dale understood that with limited resources,  he could  at best,  serve only breakfast and lunch.  On special occasions,  he might venture to offer another meal, but that was infrequent.
From my narrow perspective of acquaintance,  I met Dale and his wife, Carol, about one year ago when I first moved into Melrose.  I discovered the town thanks to the misadventures of a pig, named Francis, whom my wife transported to Rooterville,  a pig sanctuary.
I came to know Dale,  as best as one could know the “Quiet American”,  as he and Carol were perusing their daily accounts over a table near the front of the café.  I suggested in a half-sarcastic way that ‘numbers lie and liars use numbers’.  Dale agreed.  He assured me that he understood the nature of numbers and what they truly represented as he assured me that in his former life he had been an insurance underwriter for all types of businesses,  especially medical practices.  Whether his comment was fortuitous or calculated,  to this day I have no idea why,  but I immediately engaged in a discussion where I explained my previous travail with medical insurance when I had practiced psychiatry.  And before you could annunciate the DSM IV criteria for  sanity and sobriety,  Dale expounded on his experience with one of his clients, a practicing psychiatrist who had garnered over three million dollars a year in revenues.  I was astounded.  I had explained to Dale that at 45 minutes a therapeutic session,  it was hard for me to conceive of how anyone could make that kind of money on what he and I agreed was essentially ‘bullshit’.
From that day onward,  we would engage in sporadic conversations ranging from world events to the problems of running a small business, replete with personnel, taxes, and cash flow issues.  For the most part,  the conversations to an outsider listening in to what we had to say to each other,  may have appeared ‘mundane’.  But to me, a serial entrepreneur,  Dale had exemplified the best and brightest of America---the small business owner.
Dale had taken a risk to make a dream come true.  He earned his way in the business of food and service, not through going to the Cornell School Of Hotel Management, but through ‘trial and error’.  I would see him and Carol bent over the end-of-the-days’ receipts discussing where he could or could not save a penny here or there.  He was the epitome of what I considered the best of America –the small business owner – who on a regular basis persevered through the trials and tribulations of daily problems of running any type of business: inadequate, inappropriate staffing; change in menus; maintaining consistent quality control so that the customers would come back, again and again.  He did not run a ‘fast-food franchise’.  He didn’t use gimmicks,  his food was consistent.  He created what on the surface appeared to be the most of all mundane creations—a cafe,  really a ersatz diner , serving only breakfast and lunch.
In a time when the cauldron of history is boiling over with wars and conflagrations all over the world, the Melrose Café, on Route 21,  is a  sanctuary of sanity and reality.
I go there every day with my two dogs, Bonnie and Basel, my wife, not to eat my three hard boiled eggs with ketchup, but to talk to the “Quiet American”, my hero.  He died last week. But his wife, Carol, and his younger son, Michael will continue the traditions of maintaining a small business in Melrose, Florida. 
I salute you,  Dale,  on behalf of all we Americans who have to fight the inglorious battles of quotidian life, day in and day out.
My Quiet American Hero,  Dale Bassett!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 The Russian Play of PurgesPutin,  Please Exit Stage Right!
For some time now,  the Russian economy has been in serious trouble.  The GDP  growth is close to zero.   Obama’s Economic Sanctions have been working,  causing the Ruble and the major Russian stock market indices to lose their respective values by close to fifty per cent.   Over $80 BILLION  in flight capital has left the country to ostensibly safer overseas financial havens.  However,  the most significant fact in all of these numerical indicators is that the price of oil,  Russia’s primary export,  still remains at the all time high of  $100 per barrel.
The recent conundrum regarding the Malaysian Flight17 may well indicate that Putin had ordered his military proxies in Ukraine to strike down a flight at a convenient time.   What this action shows is that Putin has become desperate to maintain his tenuous position among competing civilian,  intelligence and military coteries in the Kremlin.  Brutality is a fact of life for Soviet/Russian leaders.   Lenin was ruthless despite the palaver of ‘united fellowships’ and such inane concepts.   Of course, Stalin, his Georgian successor,  thought nothing of slaughtering 10 million Ukrainian Kulaks in 1933 for not agreeing to collectivize their private agricultural holdings.  Later the world realized that another 20-30 million Russian civilians/soldiers died in WWII.  Next Khrushchev,  who was the main ‘butcher of the Kulaks’ was portrayed in the west as sagacious, if not shrewd Soviet apparatchik.  He was completely nefarious,  despite efforts later on to resurrect his political image.  In this theater of Russian leaders and their subsequent purges from the Kremlin always begins the same.  We see the player’s connivance and political ruthlessness which allows them to ‘climb the greasey poll of politics/power’. 
However,  if the Soviet/Russian economy did not improve,  the leaders were unofficially placed on notice that their tenure would end in short time.   I think that Putin’s desperate actions in Crimea and Ukraine telegraph the fact that he is in dire straits.  Internally,  his three different domestic and foreign intelligence services –FSB[ex-KGB], GRU[Military Intelligence] and the SVR [foreign intelligence service] have all been competing for prominence in the Kremlin.
Clearly a certain amount of internal competition is to be expected in any diversified intelligence bureaucracy.  Yet it appears that Putin, ex-KGB, may have lost control of the different services which are in fact suffering from the economic slowdown and international isolation.  When that happens, the game of musical chairs in the Kremlin becomes more ‘fast and furious’.
Who would be next in line after Putin?
Usually the men who dominate the Ministry of Defense or one of the competing branches of the Intelligence would displace Putin.
For those of you (me included) who thought that Obama’s administration had been dormant in foreign policy,  I ask you to consider this fact:  Internal regime change of any country overseas does not happen by accident.  Please turn your attention to our Intelligence/Military community that has undertaken a strategy of ECONOMIC WARFARE and AGITATION PROPAGANDA to initiate the eventual exit of Putin from the Russian theater of action.  Consider the exit of our own Presidents from their respective positions of power—JFK, LBJ, Nixon—Get it?
There are no accidents in the world of American intelligence.   I invite you to enjoy the last acts of Putin’s theater of DESPERATION.   Let’s see who replaces him. 
Remember: no one enters or exits any political stage, without our American IC orchestrating the particular scenario –one way or another.

Just sit back and enjoy the drama. 

Scheduled to be on Alex Jones in about 5 minutes (1pm eastern).

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Winners in the Israeli Invasion of Gaza Are: USA And Iran!
As stated in previous posts,  Iran and America will renew Trade/Oil/Nuclear Agreements.  Iran [Shi’ite] and Turkey [Sunni]  will “De Facto”  dominate the Middle East.  The Major Losers are Israel and Saudi Arabia!
As one might imagine,  I received countless protests about my last blog criticizing Israel as morally repugnant for their incursion into Gaza.   I wish it were just so,  morally repugnant but I actually think the decision to invade Gaza was even more horrible. For a state that allegedly has ‘massive brain power’ as the Great American Fakir of Business,  Warren Buffet declared about Israel,  how did they fall so easily into a geopolitical trap set up by Iran…. and the Obama Administration?
From my previous blogs,  many of you could assume that Israel would use brain power to figure out that Iran,  shipped missiles to Sudan, and into Egypt through the tunnels into Hamas.  Israel knew this yet could not or would not interdict.

In addition,  Saudi Arabia also loses in this BOLD OBAMA GAMBIT to ally U.S. interests with IRAN.
Saudi Arabia, often portrayed as a historical enemy of the Jews and Israel in particular,  is nothing of the sort.  Saudi Arabia has been a very close and important ally to Israel throughout their collective histories.  Let me just say that the 9/11 Stand Down was assisted by Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan and of course, our favorite American Neo Cons.
What will happen to this British created, ersatz potentate called, Saudi Arabia?
Its oil interests have been depleted by the British/U.S. corporations and like a used up old whore,  the potentate will be kicked to the curb..metaphorically speaking.
In this newly created power vacuum which countries will dominate the Middle East?

In my humble opinion,  which I have spouted for the past several years: IRAN will represent SHI’ITE interests in the Middle East and TURKEY will represent SUNNI interests from Mesopotamia onward.   The reality is that the Iranians/Persians and the Turks /Ottoman Empire have both existed for centuries and they will continue to dominate the region for a few more centuries.  Call it the historical or geopolitical imperative or call it fate.   Whatever you call it,  these British/French post WWI creations –Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE … will border on extinction and eventually succumb to their fate.
Therefore Jordan,  Qatar,  Sudan, Yemen, UAE, will play the role of minor powers to manipulate and spin events in the region until the USA and others [probably Russia/China] will determine what to do with them.  Such are the games of State,  I just call them as I see them.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Once Again, The Intelligence Theater Of The Absurd: Malaysian AF 17 “Shot Down With Missile” Over Ukraine  As 70,000 Israeli Soldiers INVADE GAZA IN A NEW WAR!!

News Coverage Co-Opted by:  American/Israeli/Russian/Dutch /Malaysian Intelligence Services to Divert Attention Away from Israeli Slaughter of Innocent Children, Women, Civilians In Gaza!   The first and most horrific casualty in the Israeli War and Malaysian Airline Tragedy is the TRUTH!   Remember that the truth is always the first victim of any war.

I must state categorically that I have never witnessed a more absurd attempt at diverting worldwide news attention away from an ACTUAL ILLEGAL INVASION by Israeli forces into another country (Gaza) than this directing of MEDIA ATTENTION to an  “ALLEGED” DOWNING of yet another “MYSTERIOUS EXISTING/NON-EXISTING MALAYSIAN AIRLINE.”  Yes,  once again,  like the ‘stand down’ in 9/11 and the sick makeshift drama of ‘Newtown’, we are now witnessed to the collective creative forces of the  intelligence communities of the USA,  Russia,  Israel,  Holland and of course, the pathetic country run by the Genting Gambling Empire: Malaysia to another narrative that RINGS FALSE.
In the world of intelligence there is one SACRED RULE nothing happens by accident!  Like psychiatry,  intelligence speaks most loudly in the interstices of SILENCE –what is not said and not what is in the verbal diarrhea of media,  Tv pundits and histrionic articles about kids killed on board a plane.   Remember:  You are supposed to forget that 1800 innocent Palestinians have been wounded and close to 300 killed in a gratuitous slaughter of  people in Gaza by Israeli forces.  You are supposed to be distracted!
Now what do I mean?
When countries are afraid or unwilling to intercede in an imminent war,  like that of Israel constantly fixated on destroying it’s own creation –HAMAS—then a new narrative must be created by the various countries to avoid their inherent responsibility to pre-empt this impending war.   The narrative creators, various Intelligence services including the CIA, FSB, Mossad, Dutch intel and Malaysian ‘pimps’,  have constructed a phantasmagorical plot that once again involves yet, another, “mysterious Malaysian Airline” like the former disappearing one that CNN obsessively described for over one month.

What is the evidence for my assertion?
[1]  Once again,  CNN in the person of the effete CIA operative Anderson Cooper brought on board for our viewing pleasure a new character whom I call “Major Mudd’, in real life a 25 year veteran of the CIA/FBI [which one are you? Or does the CIA admit they use the FBI as a ‘cover’?].  This Major Mudd explains the intricacies of HUMINT, ELITN, SIGINT, and even has the intercepted NSA recordings of “Russian Separatists BOASTING ABOUT THEIR ACHIEVEMENT WITH THEIR MISSILE STRIKE”. 
How convenient!
[2] Then we have the dependable histrionic professional POW,  SENATOR JOHN McCAIN blustering about ‘serious consequences‘ against the Russians.
 Of course, no mention was ever made about ISRAEL’S DECLARATION OF WAR IN GAZA!!  That’s irrelevant to the former ISRAELI BOUGHT presidential candidate.
How convenient!
[3] Then Six of the Major Articles in the formerly esteemed NYTimes and Washington Post are about the missile,  airplane routes of Ukraine, even a touching story about a girl and her doll on the Malaysian Airline !  Yet only one minor article on the 70K man invasion into Gaza!   That’s amazing editorial assessment.  A possible airline downing takes precedence over an  actual gritty dirty war in Gaza involving hundred of thousand innocent lives and 300 children already dead.  Only the Wall Street Journal,  usually pro-Israel, wrote in an extensive,  detailed piece on the IDF INVASION.
[3] Yet the most revealing piece of intelligence deception was a STRATFOR REPORT by the founder and chairman of Stratfor [CIA CUT-OUT] GEORGE FRIEDMAN describing in the most obtuse,  convoluted sophomoric logic ever created by a HUNGARIAN JEW how the Malaysian Airline downing and the Israel incursion reflected “geopolitical imperatives”.
 Absolute and complete nonsense for which I pay $350 a year [but that’ s my prerogative].
[4] Then to top of the Absurd narrative, we have WHO researchers on their collective way to an AIDS conference in Australia by way of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia who were killed in this sad ‘Malaysia tragedy’.  BTW, Bill Clinton is the GUEST SPEAKER at the AIDS CONFERENCE. 
How convenient!

I am shocked,  Rick, ‘this is a Casino!’ here in Casablanca.  I will round up the usual suspects and please give me my 40,000 Francs. 
Now why would Russia, USA,  Israel,  Malaysia and Holland collaborate on this type of nonsensical narrative?
Because each country has something to gain from avoiding condemnation of Israel and helping to create another Malaysian fairy-tale.
USA does not want to interfere with Israeli attempts to curb Hamas.  American overtures for peace have failed and have embarrassed this administration. Also the USA owes Israel for their help in the 9/11 ‘stand down’ which killed 3000 plus innocent Americans at the World Trade Center.
Russia,  as I have mentioned in the previous blog,  has very close relations with Israel and Lieberman [Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs] and they seek help from Israel with Syria, ISIS [Israel funds them]; and allows Russia to enter the Middle East, ass-backward.
CIA, FSB, GRU and MOSSAD all like to work together  at one or another time. Very convenient.
Holland—Now here is the one country that has always hidden behind a Jewish Myth—The Anne Frank Story --nonsensical story used to cover up Holland’s persecution of the JEWS IN HOLLAND [93 % of all Dutch Jews were killed by the DUTCH not the Nazis].  The Anne Frank story was used to cover up WAR CRIME COLLABORATIONS BETWEEN HOLLAND AND THE NAZIS.  This WWII travesty will be elaborated in another blog.
Malaysia of all the East Asian countries that can ‘pimp and prostitute’ itself for money—no country can beat the MALAYSIANS.  When I was DAS for EAST ASIA,  I remember another medical doctor,  Dr Mahatir, who was a brilliant, manipulative extractor of favors ‘granted and received’.

With respect to prostituting itself for money—Malaysia’s Genting Group wants favorable treatment in Miami,  NY State, Pennsylvania in order to continue to develop  MAJOR GAMBLING CASINOS all over the USA.  BTW,  the Genting Group in addition to running horse tracks, casinos and cruise-lines are notorious for being the drug runners of the world.

So I have presented to you,  a background scenario which in my mind co-opts the nefarious narrative offered by the world wide media about some ‘real’ or ‘mythical’ Malaysian Airline which conveniently was shot down the same day that the Israelis invaded and slaughtered innocents in Gaza.   Just like a skilled pick pocket or other criminal creates a “distraction” so you will not notice the REAL CRIME that is being committed.  Israel knew from the beginning of the creation of Operation Dome that it would be in constant strategic tensions with the “terrorist” group it created –HAMAS—in order to test,  refine and develop new weapons systems for the world-wide consortium of military industrial juggernauts eager to acquire the latest KILLING MACHINE.
What is a few hundred if not thousands of Palestinians, or Israelis or Jews,  Muslims, Christians killed in the act of war?   When war can give you the Miracle Weapons: drones, SDI, disease warfare, chemical weapons that command high profit margins!  Greedy cowards and political elites worldwide will create all kinds of stories if it serves their purpose of economic, geopolitical and intelligence self-aggrandizement.

Hitler said it best when he decided to exterminate the Polish Jews, Slavs, Homosexuals, Gypsies,  “Who remembers the Armenian Genocide of 1.2 million Armenian women,  children all killed on the Death March from Turkey to Alleppo, Syria?“

Or maybe I should paraphrase StalinOne death on a mysterious airplane is a tragedy but thousands of deaths in Gaza and Israeli are merely statistics!
Tragedy is sensational,  worthy of headlines!  Statistics are boring and not newsworthy.  Historical amnesia and indifference are the greatest palliatives for national greed fed with nefarious deeds.