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The Water Wars Waged by ISIS!
In a recent OSINT [November 25, 2015] an analyst detailed the center of gravity of the ISIS strategy—controlling the waterways/tributaries along the Tigris/Euphrates River in both Iraq/Syria. Over the past couple of years, I have explained how the Syrian Civil War was initiated by a drought which compelled the Sunni farmers to flee from Homs/Hama to overwhelm the Alawite-led  Damascus. The rest is history. Now, ISIS has developed a three-prong strategy for advancement across the Middle East.

The first part of their well-conceived plan is based on developing a sophisticated psyops/propaganda worldwide recruitment program to entice ‘true believers’ to join them in any part of the world where they might be fighting. The second part of the strategy is to create acts of terrorism [poor man’s war] which force the leaders of the attacked country to impose a ‘state of emergency’ resulting in cessation of all civilian activities [Brussels, Belgium]. The third part of the strategy is the one that interests me the most—ISIS’s control of the dams, rivers and water sources surrounding the Tigris /Euphrates River; running from Iraq into Syria.
In contrast, I have heard many present and past generals [including Petraeus, Allan,] whose explanation of our non-existent strategy includes many convoluted non-sequitur ideas which entail a potpourri of nation/state building, extensive consultations/co-ordinations with alleged allies. I found it mind-numbing. These generals and so-called terrorist experts speak of strategies that have no chance of gaining even a modicum of success against ISIS which as we know was created by the CIA/MI.
The airstrikes by all nations are unproductive. Too bad these experts didn’t study the well-documented history that shows the ineffectiveness of bombing during WWII, Korea,Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan. Thanks to the confusion of means and methods, we, Americans end up in a nonsensical squabble about a 17 second Russian flight over a Turkish land mass which places us in a continuous awkward, deleveraged position. Americans are now viewing the Redux of the tragic incompetency of the Vietnam War where no president or his advisors were the least bit qualified to run a war which cost us 50,000 dead soldiers—and 250,000 wounded.. 
On this Thanksgiving Day, I repeat my concern that our intel/military leaders under a novitiate POTUS have led this country into another self-created morass of wasted bullets and money to justify nothing at all. Our national security has not and will not be endangered by ISIS----except if we continue to manufacture our own boogie-man to fight as we have done for centuries.

We have entered a dizzying fantasy land where wishful thinking and denial have substituted for a focused, ruthless, incisive overall strategy that targets the greatest vulnerability that ISIS has ---maintaining the access to water ways along the Tigris Euphrates River, spanning Iraq/Syria. According to, the following towns along the Tigris Euphrates River are vulnerable to attack by our forces: Maskana; Raqqa; Mosul; al-Bukam;Rawah; part of Ramadi and Fallujah. It does not take Alexander the Great to understand that these points of vulnerability should be targeted and immediately co-opted from ISIS by whatever means necessary
Instead, our military [along with 65 other nations] has diddled around the major issues. They have responded with all types of verbiage that involves resurrecting Iraq and the necessity for the US to work with indigenous forces. Remember: Iraq is an artificial construct created by the “Queen of the Desert”[ the MI-6 operative -Gertrude Bell] and her mentor, Winston Churchill; to facilitate the delivery of oil from Tikrit and Basra to England in 1923. I am afraid that America has become paralyzed by the panoply of incompetency that exists at all levels of the USG—from POTUS  on down. 

After thirty years in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, I can assure you that we have had far more deadly insurgents, who were more ruthless than ISIS –including the Khmer Rouge; the nuclear-armed Soviet Union; and Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini. The strategies and tactics used to defeat these aforementioned nefarious entities did not require one bullet or even the death of one American. It was executed with lethal precision, at almost, no cost to the taxpayers.We did it once and we can do it again, if only the right experts are brought back into the present day scenario. Nothing changes that much in the world of terrorism. Factions struggle to control precious resources, this time around its the water, stupid.

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All the black friday email junk will be coming your way.... But I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  Its not a great holiday, but make it count with those you love.

Anyone Want to Buy a Deanship and Place Your Name on the Once Prestigious Cornell University Medical College? 
Please Inquire with the corrupt ex-Citibank Financier, Sandy I. Weill and his new ex-Big Pharma Protege: Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher. 
In 1898, the prestigious New York Hospital and Lying-In-Obstetrics Hospital [both started in the late 1790’s] merged with Cornell University Medical College [CUMC]. During the 100 plus years of the esteemed CUMC, a number of distinguished physicians/researchers graduated from the school. On that list was my mentor, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, as well as, Everett Koop, Robert Atkins, Father Peter Le Jacq, James Peake, Richard Hooker and many others.

I make this bold statement because when I was accepted to CUMC in 1964 and barely made it through to 1968, I was perhaps one of the least distinguished medical students in that graduating class of 88 students. Yet as an alumnus, I receive constant updates from my alma mater.
A month ago, I received an email from the new dean, Laurie H. Glimcher, peremptorily announcing that the Weill Cornell Medical College had changed its already bastardized name into the “Weill Medical College”. I found both this email and announcement bizarre and almost criminal.  Where did Cornell Medical College go???

Truth is that Jewish “ganoff”, Sandy Weill, who could have never gotten into the CUMC, just erased almost two centuries of landmark medical history with a large check and a willing accomplice—the new dean. Of course, this new dean, Dr. Laurie J. Glimcher, a self-aggrandizing scientists/researcher from one of Dr. Fauci’s labs at NIH was trained at Harvard Medical College. Her research, whether impressive, or not, garnered her a baker’s dozen collection of awards/medals/honors that would make a four star general blush with shame. 
Now Sandy Weill’s history of irregular financing and corruption on Wall Street made him a legend even in the rogue’s gallery of miscreants. Unlike many of the other Jewish gangsters who were dressed up in suits and ties and professed some semblance of decency, Sandy was the poster boy of corruption.  He made certain that he could repeal the Glass-Steagall Act (which kept banking and insurance business separate) by having recruited the ‘professional services’ of both ex-President Gerald Ford [Republican] and  Ron Rubin [ Clinton’s Sec. Treasury]. As a result, Sandy delighted in his new found wealth of about One Billion Dollars despite the fact that he had created a major precipitant for our subsequent financial crises in 2008 and beyond. In order to make amends for being a corrupt individual, he did what all wealthy crooks in America have done since Andrew Carnegie/John Rockefeller—he become a “philanthropist”. He and his ‘caring wife’ donated over $250M to CUMC and effectively bought their way into the soporific minds and malevolent hearts of the Cornell University Trustees.
The Welils continued to splurge more and more money on Cornell to assure themselves that the once prestigious university would be subsumed within the Weill family nameplate. As if that were not enough, Sandy wanted to make certain that his legacy of philanthropy would not be tainted in any way; so he personally selected Dr. Gilmcher on the recommendation of his former colleague at American Express/Bristol Myers, James Robinson. James recommended her because she was really good at hustling research grants. Guess from where? You guessed it.. NIH and… the private sector (Big Pharma).

No slouch in her own right, Glimcher played the best role that a woman scientist could play in an age where women were restricted from running med schools. She made certain that she became involved with Big Pharma despite the fact that Bristol Myers produced a very dangerous drug for osteoporosis---Fosamax. I happen to know a little bit about Biochemistry/ DNA/RNA and I really was not very impressed by her research.

It doesn’t matter because medicine is no longer about research or teaching clinical/diagnostic skills, its about BIG Business. Think of the dermatologists who spend more time on wrinkles and double chins and using Botox because it generates beaucoup bucks. Or the Psychiatrists who are now drug dealers and distributors for Big Pharma and know nothing about psychotherapy. You and I could go on….

However, this disturbing realization that medicine was no longer an honorable profession where it was hard to make a decent living had transformed itself into potpourri of lab tests, procedures and medications which have really nothing to do with maintaining one’s health. Weill and Glimcher are the natural extension of a corrupt money-driven profession invested within the folds of Big Pharma---whose profits far exceed anything the oil companies had garnered during their heyday.
CUMC is gone.
Effective, medical clinicians are gone.
Nonsensical, highly subsidized research to make new drugs is now the keystone of 21st  century medicine. The new trend is to allow a computer-driven scalpel to incise your prostate, if necessary. The fact that you have a great chance of becoming impotent is clearly secondary. No one is accountable. Big Pharma can buy its way out of lawsuits and tax evasion through inversions.  Cornell isn’t the only medical school to corrupt its heritage: David Geffen has always had his signature placed on the UCLA Medical School and Mt Sinai in NYC became the Icahn School of Medicine. The fact that Judaism prohibits one from designating a charitable gift in the name of the person who is giving—is completely irrelevant. 
Good luck as a patient, you’ll need it.

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too much, amazon censors books.

Actor Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” Fame Shines in the New Film: “Trumbo”
Very rarely does a controversial subject like the Hollywood black-listing of ten prominent screen writers/directors make for an interesting, compelling movie. However, “Trumbo”, a film revolving around the famous screenwriter who was blacklisted for having been a member of the Communist Party during the late 1940’s, is an interesting small tour de force. New generations of film students may not have learned about the period of time in America which was haunted by the ubiquitous, “Red Scare” [communists were everywhere]. This 1950’s witch hunt run by congress ruined thousands of lives in and out of Hollywood.
During this time, friendships and business alliances were compromised as actor and directors named friends and colleagues who were members of the Communist Party. The picture neither condones nor condemns anyone. It simply depicts, in very accurate detail, the hypocrisy and self-preservation instincts that were rampant during the Red Scare.

The character of Dalton Trumbo is brilliantly portrayed by Cranston as a witty, self-assured American whose compulsion is to break the black list. Helen Merrin plays Hedda Hopper, a self-aggrandizing gossip columnist/ shrew, whose life’s purpose was to intimidate everyone who did not agree with her point of view. The movie shows that some of the true heroes/heroines of that terrible period were the following: Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, and Gregory Peck, and the King Brothers[James Goodman].
At some other time, I can venture into more detail as to what really happened in the HUAC Committee and how pathetic they were during the 1950’s. For the present, I will note some salient points:
1934-1937: Congressman Samuel Dickstein [D-NY] received $1250 per month from the NKVD [precursor to the KGB].
Bertolt Brecht, the German writer was a “deep mole” for the Soviet GRU[military intelligence]; and he was lauded by the HUAC as a ‘good person’. Subsequently, Brecht left the USA to work in East Germany.
J. Parnell Thomas [R-NJ] was imprisoned with Trumbo for tax evasion after haranguing him at HUAC.
Lucy Ball admitted outright to HUAC that she had been a Communist. She then dared HUAC to do something about it. Instead, HUAC backed off. They realized that her 1950’s TV show “I Love Lucy’ had over twenty million American viewers. HUAC was too frightened to antagonize her audience. So they backed off.
In contrast, Elia Kazan, the Greek-born film director, named names when he was in front of HUAC.  He justified his ‘snitching’ in the now classic film, “On The Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.

As fear of terrorism spreads throughout the world, the film “Trumbo” may offer some small insights as to how fear is created/perpetuated by nation/states to serve their unique military/industrial interests. The film shows how Trumbo broke the black-list by cleverly creating writing ‘fronts’ and ‘proxies’ who would produce film scripts for the King Brothers [John Goodman] whose only desire was to make ‘shlock films’ so that they could ‘make money and get pussie’. Trumbo’s ultimate redemption comes when he wins two Oscars for the films, “Roman Holiday” and “The Brave One”, both of which he had to write under two different pseudonyms.

In addition to its historical insights, watching this film will give the viewer the opportunity to see the brilliance of Bryan Cranston paying an American who even in defeat, never loses his sense of probity and self-deprecating humor.  Cranston deserves the Oscar nod for this one.
Congratulations to the writers/director/producers, who collectively made this enlightening film possible through a new independent film company called, Bleecker Street Productions.


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Bush and Clinton will do Dirty Trix BUT Trump leads by a wide margin.