Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Monday, March 2, 2015

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

now for something completely different, here is a ditty from heyhey56

Opposition Russian Leader Boris Nemstov Assassinated on February 27, 2015  before trying to Reveal Evidence of Russian Military Involvement in the Ukraine!
Now Putin has Mistakenly Created a Russian Martyr.

For some time now, Boris had been compiling a research pamphlet entitled, “Putin And War” [NYTimes, Feb28, 2015].  It was a direct indictment of Putin and his sycophants’ involvement in officially using the Russian military apparatus to propagate war in the Ukraine. Boris Nemstov, like most Putin opposition leaders, realized that his compulsive investigations into Putin’s ascendancy to the Kremlin accompanied by a string of corruptions, might lead to Boris’s eventual death. However, like many individuals who deem it necessary to uncover the deceits and machinations of pugnacious leaders such as Putin these people sometimes confuse their just cause with invincibility. Boris was no different.  He was a former deputy prime minister and understood all too well that his work to uncover Putin’s miscreant deeds in ripping off the Sochi Olympics to the tune of $25 Billion Dollars was dangerous.
Yet these “agitators” for justice and transparency imagine that they would live to see the day that their life’s efforts had been justified. Let me quote to you from the Andrew E. Kramer’s NY Times article:
“He [Boris] was afraid of being killed,” Ms. Albats [Editor of The NYTimes Magazine] said. “And he was trying to convince himself and me, they [Putin, FSB, etc.]wouldn’t touch him because he was a member of the Russian government, a vice premier, and they wouldn’t want to create a precedent. Because, he said, one time the power will change hands in Russia again, and those who served Putin wouldn’t want to create this precedent.”

Clearly, Boris Nemtsov was wrong! Putin and his cronies had no hesitation whatsoever. They did what most KGB operatives had been trained to do when they were perplexed and confused by surrounding events, shoot those ‘propaganda agitators’ dead. Therefore the surrounding political cacophony that the agitators created would be terminated [without prejudice]. As usual Putin, a Russian born in Leningrad and trained in East Germany by the Stasi, forgot that more than anything else, the Russian people adore their poets, writers, and freedom fighters and to make matters even worse, the Russians absolutely adore their martyrs.

One only has to recall the extensive list of Russian martyrs from the 19th through the 21st centuries to realize that in the long term, martyrs for political freedom always trump the extant corrupted leader. Remember that in the famous novel by Boris Pasternak, Dr Zhivago, the Soviet political commissar who happened to be Dr Zhivago’s step-brother was astounded to see how many Russians had paid their respects to the late physician/poet Zhivago who had died under the ruthless reign of Stalin. The step brother says in the book [and movie]: “Oh, how we Russians, do love our poets; even though we were never officially allowed to read them [Zhivago—read Pasternak].”

Once again, the political repression of the Soviet era ascends like a phoenix stoked by the burning embers of extensive political corruption in the Kremlin; accompanied by its twin, financial ruin of the Russian economy; resulting from completely incompetent governance. Whatever heuristic model we in the west may conjure up, the one that hovers over this familiar narrative is the psychological imperative of repetition compulsion. That is no matter how Putin may want to change his own personal behavior as a former low level KGB thug [which I first identified almost a decade ago in the American Intelligence Journal], he cannot and will not be capable of changing his behavior patterns.

He was an intelligence operative destined by profession and personality to remain a petty intelligence operative, resorting to the most primitive forms of persuasion  accorded to gangsters and fascists. Putin understands all too well the nature of assassinating an opponent. He will provide a nonsensical narrative along the lines that Boris had been killed by Chechens or a distraught lover who had needed an abortion; but all these ersatz narratives will fail in the cauldron of human compassion; political resistance and the most damaging phenomena of all—the ‘blowback’.
Now, Putin has unwittingly created the very persona that a competent assassin would have never created—a Russian Martyr.

Why do I say ‘competent assassin’?
In the profession of assassination [which is a profession as is kinetic warfare], the assassin will always allow for a scenario that can never; but never, be traced to him or her. In this case, the culprit was so blatant that it was almost comical to deny Putin’s involvement. Boris was shot in the head from a drive by car; as he was walking by the Kremlin with a lady friend in the middle of the night. Putin’s fingerprints could not have been more embedded into the tissue of the crime because of its propitious timing [just before the release of the pamphlet] and the obvious, if not blatant location where the assassination took place—right outside of the Kremlin walls.
Once a bullet passes through the flesh of a political opponent, it is wise for the extant leadership to say as little as possible. The more that they say, as Putin is wont to do, the more they accuse themselves of the crime. My prediction of a decade ago still stands:  Putin, “A KGB Agent Forever”, will end up as the product of his own psycho-political dynamics : self-destructing! Like all leaders who must use fear to control their constituents, then fear will be the very emotion that will turn one of his most loyal lieutenants against Putin.

Recall how quickly Stalin’s entourage turned against him, once they were no longer afraid of him.
I would like to end this paean to Putin’s incompetency with a German proverb:
“He who would rule [effectively] must hear and be deaf; see and be blind.” 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Qatar: In the Line of American Fire.
We have 10,000 US Troops Protecting this Oil-Rich Emirate! and we developed their Gas/Oil Fields. So why do we allow Qatar to fund/manage ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and many other Islamic Terrorist Groups? Are we playing games? Or are we wasting lives in a phony war on terror?

Hats off to an intrepid young journalist, Jay Solomon, the point man for Foreign Policy news at the conservative Wall Street Journal, who wrote a brilliant article along with Nour Malas, on Feb. 23, 2015 entitled: “Qatar’s Ties To Militants Strain Alliance” (posted earlier). The authors point to one simple conundrum: Americans created the little Emirate of Qatar when our behemoth oil companies—Exxon Mobil Corp. and Conoco Phillips—took the unusual risk of drilling for natural gas in that destitute entity called a ‘country’. We now base our military personnel and fly our jets to fight ISIS from Qatar.  Yet, Qatar (along with Saudi Arabia) is a main financier of ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda and any other Sunni extremist groups.  Americans are paying Qatar to kill our men and women in a so-called “existential battle to eliminate extremist terrorist groups.”

Now, either I have attended one too many Mad Hatter Lunches or something is wrong with our Foreign Policy. Please read the following sentence from the WSJ article: “They said Qatar has the right to have diplomatic ties with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamist movements that they said have broad support in the Arab public”.

Why not pull out of Qatar and let them do what they do best: Buy insurance from terrorist groups who promise not to kill the young Qatari Emir—just like Saudi Arabia did [and regretted it]. But here is where my B.S. meter goes crazy….
“We are not bloc-mentality –belonging country. We create platforms for dialogue, said Qatar’s foreign minister Khalid bin Mohammad al-Attiyah,”If this approach allows us to bring long-lasting peace and security in our region, we will not be affected by criticism.”

If you want our troops to protect you guys, then do as we say… or we will do what we want! But then is our military at the beck and call of the oil interests?
Whats the real story behind the mysterious beginning of the narrative called , “IsIs”, “Hamas”,  “Al Qaeda”, and all the Libyan Islamic Forces that former Sec State Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power [UN], and Susan Rice [NSC] created because of their incompetence in dismissing Col. Qaddafi. And now, Egypt is trying to eliminate those Islamic Terrorist in Libya while the Emir of Qatar is funding them and others.

So we create 9/11 with a little help from our friends; then we invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan…but we can’t take out the Emir of Qatar and his puny little government which we are protecting so that we can fly missions over Iraq/Syria in order to waste more useless bombs and extend a non-war for three more years. Yeah, that’s a great story.
But why don’t we just take out the Emir and his coterie?
Maybe the CIA or Military Intelligence can tell you the answer. But as far as I am concerned, we send our troops into a self-created harm’s way, then we blow them up with weapons that we left behind as in Iraq and we protect the bad guys who fund the most horrible killers whom we call ‘muslim extremists’. While we try to explain to the world the nuance of ISIS and how it represents a medieval caliphate. When in fact that caliphate was created by the USG, CIA, MI, and other willing participants.

You know that I am not a fan of the neocon warloving chicken hawks. But I have to quote the despicable Dennis Ross whom I found to be lacking in intellect and integrity:
“That Qataris need to know they can’t have it both ways”, said Dennis Ross, who was Mr. Obama’s top Mideast advisor in his first term. “But so far, they see that they can.”
When a bad man like Dennis Ross is criticizing a craven, desert rat like the Emir of Qatar, we know that something smells in the state of America. Let’s get rid of this problem ASAP! 

America: STOP funding terrorists and maybe we don’t have to spend billions on Homeland Security- use the money for roads, schools and space.  DEFUND QATAR, DEFUND HOMELAND SECURITY, a simple, elegant formula for success.