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State Of EmergencyThis Blogger’s Novel Predicted Twenty Years Ago Potential for Second Civil War Over Colorado River Water Shortages!

Ten years ago,  I was asked by a senior US Army General what I thought would be the most serious National Security problem in the next twenty years.   I responded that I had written about the problem of the different states sharing the limited,  shrinking water supply of the Colorado River as a serious National Security problem of major proportion.
I summarized the problem as an “invaluable resource”—WATER—becomes a LIMITED NATURAL RESOURCE— then,  States bordering the COLORADO RIVER WILL FIGHT OVER THEIR RESPECTIVE ALLOTMENTS WHICH WERE DETERMINED IN THE 1920’s.   Today those rules are no longer relevant! 
  The general was respectful enough to agree with me.   If he really did,  that was another matter. 
But the point I was trying to make to our military and our civilian population through the novel,  entitled State of Emergency  where Arizona,  Colorado,  Utah,  New Mexico and California enter into a Second Civil War against the Federal Government concerning WATER RIGHTS and WHO OWNED THEM.
The issue of  severe water shortage on the Colorado River came up recently in a quiet,  rightfully discreet water sharing agreement negotiated between Mexico and the United States called “MINUTE 319” signed in November 2012.  
This amendment allocates a small amount of water to restore the Mexican Delta Region.
  But this agreement really highlighted a far more serious problem and that is the MISMANAGEMENT  of the COLORADO RIVER ON THE US SIDE BY THE U.S.  BUREAU OF RECLAMATION.
  This blog is not intended to critique the USG or the bureau because the Colorado Water issue involves far more complex historical and weather variables that were not foreseen in the 1920’s. 
So let’s begin by understanding how important the Colorado River [CR] really is.
[1]  The Colorado River provides water for irrigation for FIFTEEN PERCENT OR MORE OF THE TOTAL CROPS PRODUCED IN THE US.  That includes vegetables, fruits, cotton, alfalfa, and hay. 
[3]  In 1922,  the SEVEN U.S. STATES in the Colorado River Basin established a COMPACT TO DISTRIBUTE THE WATER.
  The dividing line was  defined as LEES FERRY,  ARIZONA. 
Mexico was allotted in 1944,  1.85 billion cubic meters per year.

So what is the problem?
[1]  Over allocation of the river’s water 90 years ago falls SHORT. 
21 Billion cubic meters per year IS LOST TO EVAPORATION. 
[2]  There is no UPPER and LOWER BASIN AGREEMENTS as to how to allocate the Colorado River waters. 
  There are major disputes among the lower basin states and also many issues between  upper basin states and the lower basin states which use significantly more water than the Upper Basin states.
[3] Therefore,  increased population along the Lower Basin, and “useful purposing” of the water creates MAJOR CONFLICTS between different competing groups like: 
Farmers [Agriculture Use]  VS.  Large Cities[ Urban Water].
  For example, “useful purposing’ created some 90 years ago,  allows the irrigated agriculture in California to have PRIORITY over municipal DRINKING WATER IN PHOENIX , ARZONA. 
[4]  Large scale manipulation of the water allocation by creating dams to divert water to necessary areas have become outmoded.   In the early 20th Century,  more than TWENTY DAMS were built over the Colorado River along with LAKE POWELL RESERVOIR and LAKE MEAD.   In addition,  tributaries  of water brought through canals that bring water to desert areas like Imperial and Coachella Valley in Southern California for irrigation and drinking.

So what can be done to avoid this inevitable catastrophe? 
  While I lived in Montana,  I was impressed by the serious possible solutions that were proposed by the US Bureau of Reclamation and water experts:
[1] Desalinization.
[2] Vegetation Management—Elimination of ‘water-intensive’ or ‘invasive’ plants.
[3] Water Reuse. 
[4] Reduced use by power plants.
[5] Water Banking [my favorite]: water is stored in either RESERVOIRS or UNDERGROUND AQUIFERS.
[6] Water Imports including ‘icebergs’. 
  In theory,  the implementation of the aforementioned options would add an extra 5 billion cubic meter per year. 
But the truth is far more ugly.
Most of the methods would take decades and agreements that are not being addressed.   The mismanagement of the Colorado River plus Mother Nature have both conspired to create a serious situation of conflict in the 21st century.
Witness the present day conflicts over water that presently arise from competing interests for the ultimate limited resource –water.
  See the conflicts throughout CENTRAL ASIA AND NORTH AFRICA as the rivers traverse different NATION STATE BOUNDARY LINES. 
  For those of you who are still skeptical,  I will refer you to one of my other novels,  written in the OP Center Series which DELINEATES THE PRESENT DAY CONFLICT BETWEEN ISRAEL, JORDAN, SYRIA all around the ISSUE OF WATER CONTROLLED BY –NONE OTHER THAN-  TURKEY!!!!
Muslim vs Jews has less to do with the present day conflicts than who drinks water from which well and who really owns that well.
  Water again trumps religion!  Or ideology!!! 
Water even trumps gas, oil, or any other natural resource!!!  Because without WATER, we Homo Sapiens, will inevitably DIE!!
  Cogito Ergo Sum!!! 

Post script:   Lake Powell and the six year drought that surrounds it [including Page, Arizona]  is the major focus of conflict in the Second Civil War portrayed in this author’s novel, State of  Emergency.   In the novel,   I predicted that the different governors’ of the respective states bordering along the Colorado River will  SECEDE FROM THE UNION in an attempt to DEFY  THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S  control  OVER the Colorado River.   Like the First Civil War which was really fought over the right of the INDUSTRIAL NORTH TO CONQUER THE “ANTIQUATED AGRICULTURAL SOUTH”   BORDERING THE  MISSISSIPPI  RIVER BECAUSE THE MISSISSIPPI WAS ESSENTIAL TO NORTHERN TRADE.   In effect, the first civil war had really less to do with slavery but far more with the INDUSTRIAL  IMPERATIVES of the NORTHERN STATES which required both the river and it’s natural outlets—The Ports and Harbors of Louisiana,  Mississippi, Georgia, et al. 
US Commerce beats US ideology almost all the  time.  Fake narratives are created to justify the death of 800,000 US Civilians killing each other for the necessity of CREATING A VIABLE CROSS-CONTINENTAL RAILROAD as well as a  navigational REPUBLIC FOR ENDURING NORTHERN COMMERCE .
The Civil War was less about SLAVERY but in fact the first AMERICAN AUTOGENOCIDE.    Always remember that Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer bought and sold by the INDUSTRIAL BARONS WHO OWNED  RAILROAD and TRADE INTERESTS!!  
Anyway, as you can see the scenario for potential inter –state conflict is readily approaching.

pre-work for tonight's post.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Billy Joel,  “Piano Man” Life-Long Depression: He Says He “Used Booze as Medication Following 9/11 Attacks.”
My retort: ”Honesty is such a lovely word…”  Let’s Get Real “Piano Man!”  This is the time for “Honesty”….9/11  REALLY MADE YOU AN INVETERATE DRUG ADDICT and ALCOHOLIC?
To me “That’s A New York State of Mind”----“Captain Jack”!
  I am a great fan of Rock’n Roll.   I grew up in the streets of NYC’s Harlem and I played all the radio hits that I could consume secretly  because  I was supposed to be practicing classical music.
Roll Over-Beethoven!!!
  It was Allan Freed,  Murray-the K, and “Jock-A-Mo” and many other famous DJs who helped to steer me away from the “Baby Grand” toward the sounds and rhythms of “Prelude/Angry Young Man”.
  Clearly,   Billy Joel was one of the great musicians to whom I listened,  danced and spent the few coins I had to attend several of his concerts.   He is a great American singer, songwriter and performer!
No one can take away his brilliant accomplishments—not even “The Entertainer”  himself,  recounting the tragedies and foibles of “The Entertainer” and “My Life.”
In songs,  he has all the right to denote,  sing,  scream,  and create all the fiction he may want to do because  after all he is “The Entertainer” and can create any “Invention in C minor”.
  But when it comes to the consequences of the tragedy of 9/11,  this becomes a matter where an “Innocent Man” like me “I Go To Extremes.”   “Don’t ask me Why” but I will tell you…
“Big Shot”,   can you really believe that “Pressure” from 9/11 made you,  Piano Man, an ‘alky”?:

“I started with Dewars White Label Scotch and then, when I really got heavy into it, it was vodka.  Vodka is a hard-core alky drink.   I could take it in shots or I could just mix it with something.” 
Billy Joel then goes on in the NY Times interview to reveal:
“….I drank during the divorce or something.”
  “Or something”… let me,  the “Innocent Man” try to examine why the “Piano Man” had a major problem with “Honesty”.    Unfortunately,  9/11 was not the cause of your Drug Addiction and Alcoholic problems because in that event  “Only The Good Die Young.”  
So your own troubled past is what made you “Just The Way You Are”.
  “And So It Goes”…let’s get some scenes of the “Piano Man” from his “Lullabye”  to the “Uptown Girl” and see if “[I]You may be right”… “Please Don’t Ask Me Why”.
Here is “My Life” of “The Entertainer”:
---Father Helmuth Joel,  a German Jew and Mother,  English Jewess,  Rosalind Nyman--both escape Nazi Holocaust.   That’s a milestone for Holocaust guilt,  a major precursor  for Jews who have survived the Holocaust.   It’s often seen in survivors who feel guilty.  
---Evidence for above,  ”You May Be Right,” observations:
In 1970,   Billy Joel left a suicide note which inspired the lyrics to “Tomorrow Is Today”,  and attempted to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish,  saying later,  ”I drank furniture polish.  It looked tastier than bleach.”    His drummer assistant, Jon Small,   rushed him to the hospital.   Joel checked into Meadowbrook Hospital.   “The Piano Man” was inspired to write “You’re Only Human”[Second Wind] as a message to help prevent teen suicide.
 --in 2002, Joel entered Silver Hill Hospital,  a substance abuse and psychiatric center in New Canaan, Conn.
--In March 2005,  he was admitted to the Betty Ford Center where he was treated for alcohol abuse.
 -January 7, 2006, “The Entertainer” had not released or wrote  new song in 13 years.    Creative Exhaustion— “The Longest Time” and “Lullabye” to music creativity.
 - The failure of success led “The Piano Man” to become furious and depressed.
The success of his piano-driven ballads like “The Way You Are”,  “She’s Always A Woman” and “Honesty”  led some critics label the “The Entertainer” as a balladeer and soft rocker.   Joel found these labels unfair and insulting.
But’s that’s “Just The Way You Are” !
--But of course,  It’s his series of famous marriages and subsequent divorces that reeked havoc on his life –more significantly than 9/11 for certain.
--On March 24, 1985, Joel married Christie Brinkley.   This was the second of three marriages but its the one that lead to the most lyrical and poignantly personal of all of his compositions—“UPTOWN GIRL”.
  I had not heard a better song in “The Longest Time” until he wrote , “Leave  A Tender Moment Alone” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.
I pay my tribute to a music genius by imploring him to take it easy on himself and learn to enjoy your past successes and perhaps pass on your magical talents through teaching future generations of musicians…
  Because….”It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”…so don’t let the “Pressure” get to you.
Don’t forget “Piano Man”  that there will always be an “Allentown“ somewhere so that you and the Boss, Springsteen, have to decry it in your lyrics.
  Ars Longa, vita Brevis…
  Art is long.  Life is short!!!   

"Don't ask me why" but I had to write a quickie about Billy Joel's recent comments, posting soon.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

After The Newtown False Flag Fiasco to push Gun Control -Connecticut Gun Manufacturers are Waking UP and Leaving That Corrupt State That Financially Damaged Them!  FINALLY !

  It was just a question of time before smart business men make smart business decisions
The NY Times has kept on top of the ‘false flag’ non-existent Newton massacre in their extensive coverage of how the Connecticut gun manufacturers are going to take close to 3,000 jobs –out of 7,340 employees --away from Connecticut (“a state long thought of as a cradle of the American Gun Industry”) to more favorable states.
  In my blog on the ersatz FEMA contrived Newton Shooting,  I encouraged the prestigious gun manufacturers accounting for 1.7billion dollars in business to leave the historically corrupt,  self-righteous,  dysfunctional state of Connecticut and move to the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.
Now these smart gun manufacturers realized what has happened with their industry after the MORON, INARTICULATE  COMPLETELY CORRUPT GOVERNOR DANNEL P. MALLOY took the FEMA bribe.
My observation has always been leave it up to the Irish Catholic men to commit sodomy;  engender corruption;  engage in constant ‘bullshitski’  instead of constructing buildings,  companies or building a sustainable economy for their citizens.  Instead their fearful ineffective ways allow them to enforce a “police  state” and a “Top Secret”  government. 
Such politicians in the USG  never fail to fulfill the constraints of my  “observation”—thanks for their inveterate moral weakness,  Catholic guilt  and cowardly fear of standing up against their peer group and hierarchy.
It’s “God’s curse” to the Irish men---the bottle of alcohol;  the PERFIDIOUS CATHOLIC CHURCH;  the hierarchical imperatives of the false dicta of Catholicism and the subsequent fearful blind subservience to a higher order,  be it lay or religious.
But my experience with Catholic nurses is they are exponentially FAR STRONGER,  MORAL,  and EFFECTIVE THAN THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS.  
In short,  I find that the Irish woman is the MAN OF THE HOUSE.
Back to the Governor Dannel P. Malloy.
This is what the HYPOCRITICAL GOVERNOR’S minion said after the he and his state were bought off by the Feds (WH and FEMA) for the “FALSE FLAG” of NEWTOWN SHOOTING:
Malloy’s mouthpiece, Andrew Doba,  said a mouthful,
“The governor thinks about jobs and economic development 24 hours a day.”
  “On this [Newton] particular issue,  however, the focus is first and foremost on public safety.   The bill he signed into law will improve public safety and make Connecticut’s communities and families safer.”
  The response from the Mr Lawrence G.Keane,  senior VP and general counsel of the Shooting Sports Foundation was:
  “I think gun companies will continue to leave Connecticut both because it’s a terrible place to be a manufacturer and because of the political environment.”
  PTR Industries of Bristol, Conn.  has already announced it will move from the state as will Ruger & Co. and Magpul Industries.

Congratulations Gov!
  Clearly you can’t tell the difference between a Federal Bribe of 63 million dollars (and more paid to you for your Sandy Hook false flag complicity) vs about 2 billion dollars and 7,340 gun manufacturers employees leaving the state.
Maybe those crisis actors you used for your Newtown performance can stage a fake job fair for your future unemployed. 
Better get your fat, bloated PSTD faker state troopers ready for the unemployment riots!   New Haven, Bridgeport (which was bankrupt until the Moonies rescued it) and Hartford will all see their unemployment rate soar.  Your state is already higher in unemployment percent than national average.  With the current state leadership its not going to get any better.
Connecticut has a long history of corruption and inept political leadership.  This governor may get the prize for pushing the state into a downward spiral of federal dependency and instability.  Businesses should move out while they can and let the police have their police state.  Maybe you can be #1 in the “best dressed state trooper” beauty contest.  That will be all that’s left to the NUTmeg state.

they are building a new school, tearing down the old one, who's money?
I am on a roll, here is some pre-work so readers can understand how corrupt the state of Connecticut really is, forget jobs, they rather have federal welfare (or is it just short term pay outs to politicians?)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Britain, Germany and France Push for Designating Lebanese Militant Army as “Terrorist Organization.   Major Strategic and Tactical Mistake—Potential for “Blowback” in EU.
In the mid 1980’s,  I had (like many other operatives in the US/Israel national security teams) an opportunity to engage the Iranian sponsored ‘terrorist group’
  At that time, the Israel and the USG was fighting a ‘real’ terrorist  group
I and other counter-terrorist operatives define ‘terrorism’ as a tactic used by the weak against the strong.   They use ‘terror’ [not as an ‘act of war’ like 9/11] but as an attempt to weaken their adversary,  highlighting it’s vulnerability. 
Example:  Hezbollah used sophisticated psychological warfare techniques to force Israeli mothers to request that their IDF sons return home.    This and other psychological operations under the command of  Hezbollah’s brilliant leader,  Hassan Nasrallah,  has transformed the ‘terrorist’ group into one of the major LEGITIMATE POLITICAL PARTIES PARTICIPATING RESPONSIBLY in running the LEBANESE government. 

I worked as an entrepreneur in Southern Lebanon with ‘alleged’ Hezbollah members.   Our areas of focus were real estate development and small business growth particularly in the agricultural and social services.
  I was impressed with Hezbollah’s achievements and their transformation  from ‘terrorism’ to Political/Economic Legitimacy.    This impression came to my mind again last year when I was in Bulgaria and five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian bus driver were allegedly ‘killed’ by Hezbollah.   I regarded the incident as an Israeli ‘false flag’ in order to incite world condemnation or justify some ‘hair brained’ IDF/Mossad Operations into Lebanon.
Now a more serious issue arises:  Britain, France and Germany are on a course to try to designate ‘the military wing’ of Hezbollah (fighting fiercely in Syria’s civil war on behalf of Bashar Assad family) as ‘a terrorist group’.   They are doing this in the hope of  ‘choking off funds from Hezbollah’s sympathizers through Europe’.
This is a bad strategy and the reasons it won’t work are manifold:
  “I don’t know if that makes sense or if you really can say there’s a political wing and a terrorist wing”.   This was said by Sylke Tmepel,  editor of a journal from the German Council On Foreign Relations.   He added more incisively,  “They belong together like my left leg and my right leg.” 
Presumably,   the EU feels that it can curtail the funding activities of about 1000 EU Hezbollah members if they were ‘blacklisted’.   Good luck!   It has never happened before with any group involved in presumably ‘illicit activities’.
In the past,  France and Sweden have opposed placing Hezbollah on the ‘terrorist list’ because IT WOULD DESTABILIZE LEBANON!!!   Sidebar:  Some of the more strategic minded EU members  believe that was a big mistake to list Hamas as a terrorist group because of the important political/economic and psychological leadership role it plays in Gaza and in Palestinian politics.   This listing of Hamas prevented constructive, peaceful settlement of the Palestine/Israel conflict.
Lastly, an anonymous ‘senior Israeli official’ reiterated the obvious conundrum-  “A half-baked move.   It’s like trying to get into the swimming pool and not getting wet.” 
  The real problem in Syria is that there is a real war between Shiites and Sunnis as reified by Iran vs Saudi Arabia
My long term bet –the next five years—is that Iran with the help of Russia, China and Syria will dominate the Middle East.
And that Saudi Arabia and UAE are in line, as unfortunate as it may or may not appear, for extinction.
  Iran—PERSIA—has been a dominant intellectual civil society in whatever guise it assumes for eons upon eons. 
  Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the artificial creations of the Post War WWI  English/French MORIBUND HEGEMONY. 

The Former Famous Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (born in America) said the following:
“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.” 

Some homework on tonight's post, we should learn from our past mistakes.

Bye, Bye Eric Shinseki,  Veterans Affair Secretary Incompetence Galore!!!
For a long time, I have been calling for the resignation of ex-Four Star General Eric Shinseki as the Veterans Affair [VA]  Secretary. 
  My professional colleagues and friends who are psychiatrists in the VA system have been complaining for years, how 9000 new Iraqi and Afghani Wounded Warriors have been completely neglected or mistreated in the Shinseki’s VA system.
  They complained correctly that the back logs were intolerable and that the staffing was SERIOUSLY INADEQUATE. 
  Instead of hiring more Psychiatrists,  my psychiatric colleagues said repeatedly that they were asked to do more bureaucratic,  inappropriate work that took them away from treating the onslaught of new, sick veterans.   Some of these returning warriors came to the VA after 4 rotations in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  They needed help and they weren’t getting it.  You heard it before: suicide rates through the roof, domestic violence, PTSD etc.
  Needless to say,  I had asked repeatedly for better scientific treatment other than BEHAVIORAL DESENSITIZATION [which I used extensively but futilely as St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington DC.]
  The inadequate treatment and increasing backlog of 9,000 new soldiers with possible PTSD and BRAIN DAMAGE was becoming increasing intolerable.  Yet at the same time generals and admirals are enjoying doubling dipping with lucrative pensions and juicy consulting contracts- hey what’s wrong with this picture?
  Recently the NY Times, once again in an article written by  James Dao [ Sunday, May19,  2013 posted earlier] stated very clearly how inept ex-General Eric Shinseki has been as the Secretary of the VA.
The article begins with the Web video which demands: “It’s Time For New Leadership”[ at the VA, of course; and implicitly in the WH, too.]
  Finally, some of these newly formed veterans groups are saying “Enough!”  We need a change in leadership now!   Bravo, take some responsibility for cleaning up the fat bloated inept service bureaucracy.
  Shinseki may have been a good general, hell,  he even stood up to Bush Jr and was against the war in Iraq.  But that does not make him a good administrator in an organization as complex and large as the VA.  Obama can’t hold any one accountable and Obama makes bad appointments.  This mistake is costing our military vets their lives.
  Even Jon Stewart is mocking the ineptitude of the VA system.   It would be a joke if people were not suffering and even dying because of neglect.
General Eric Shinseki  take some advice from General Douglas MacArthur:
  “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”
It’s also time to heed your own words: ”The Buck Stops Here!”
Unfortunately, this is one command that was not suited for your talents, Gen Shinseki.   So bow out,  let someone competent with some administrative skills clean up the mess.  Just cause you were wounded doesn’t mean you are up for the task,  get out before you do more damage.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

  but some ex military are gaming the system
a bit of background on my upcoming post, the vets need our help, system is broken, get it fixed.

Obama Beset by Crises Becomes the New Ex-President Calvin Coolidge---“The Silent Ass!” 
  As one crises after another crises embalmed Obama and his novitiate minions,  the one remarkable response that POTUS came out with on the conundrum,  I will call, ’IRS/ Bengahzi/AP or IBA’, is that “I don’t know anything about it! The only thing I know is what I read in the newspapers.” 
A friend of mine,  called me up last night and reminded me that the 30th POTUS,  Calvin Coolidge,  who was also completely ineffective just like Obama made a similar statement over a century ago.
“Silent Cal”  was pretty honest about his inept,  laissez-faire government [in part because he grew up with ‘Pilgrim Northeast Values’]:
“All I know is what I read is in the newspapers!”
“I think that the American Public wants a  SOLEMN ASS as A PRESIDENT [my emphasis]. And I think that I will go along with it.” 
That’s it folks.  There is not much more than I can say.
Biden will fit in quite nicely,  Obama needs to get a house in the Carribbean and take an early exit bow.   A dumb ashtray is better  (give credit to Roger Ailes for that) than a dumb ass.
  So Joe Biden,  it’s your turn up at bat… just sooner than you thought…request your friend to step down without IMPEACHMENT.  
  Let’s see what type of Presidential Material you are made of…

I know nothing!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

“Over and Over Again…”   Political Corruption Never Fails To Rear It’s Ugly Head!  Aren't we sick of funding these people?
There is an old French expression which goes like this
  “Plus ca change, moins ca change”. 
  The more things change, the less they change.

Many things look like they change but they really don’t.
  For example,  I would like to list a series of factoids that reaffirm my conviction that Corruption—personal, moral, ethical, monetary, and political –are all alive and well.
I don’t say this because I am a cynic,  but to reaffirm that human nature does not change unless change is forcibly placed on the transgressors.   In the case of politicians,  most of whom are by nature SOCIOPATHS,  bereft of accountability or moral conscience,  unless they are jailed or punished,   nothing really changes.
Witness the following transgressions repeated time and time again:
--Anthony Weiner ‘s [“Dick Head,” running for Mayor of NYC] wife made over $490,000  while being the ‘full time chief of staff’ for SecState Hillary Clinton.   At the same time,  Huma Abedin [‘second daughter of Clintons’] also worked for Teneo,   a strategic consulting and lobbying firm founded by Doug Band,  a former adviser to Slick Willy Clinton. 
Teneo,  clearly a ‘corrupt crony capitalism’ firm advised the former ‘indicted, corrupt former Senator, ex-Governor and failed CEO of MF Global,  Jon S. Corzine.’ 
--She made $135,000 directly from the State Dept. 
Sidebar: In contrast,  I ended up PAYING money to work to “take out Noriega”.  Under Secretary Pat Kennedy –how did you allow this travesty to happen? 
--Ms. Abedin interestingly,  earned that money while working in NYC rather than Washington DC where the State Dept is located…..hmmm.
--She was also paid PRIVATELY by Sec State Hillary Clinton for the ‘private work’ and also paid by ‘the Clinton Foundation’ and Teneo.
Thanks NY Times, Raymond Hernandez for the Article.

Next in line:
 --My personal Bete Noire,  the nefarious “Professional Jew”,  Neo-Con Elliot Abrams who was in 1983  the former Assistant Secretary of State for HUMAN RIGHTS [Elliot is to Human Rights what Hitler was to anti-semitism].
Elliot’s support of General Efrain Rios Montt  who is charged by the International Court of Justice for GENOCIDE was instrumental in INCREDIBLE MASSACRE OF MAYAN VILLAGES in GUATEMALA.   But that was just the beginning of genocides that this so-called,   “religious Jew” who taunts anyone who disagrees with him as ‘anti-semites’,  forgetting that he was born of Trotskyite family members,  Midge Dichter and John Podhoretz.
Once again,   his crimes have come back to haunt him –Guatemala,  Nicaragua, El Salvador.   He and the  CIA,  the Mossad,  Argentina,  Chile and Taiwan all conspired to help create “a monster USG spawn:  General Efrain Rios Montt”. 
He was compared to a Nazi and Elliot was his co-conspirator and mentor.
  What does that make Elliot? Also a Nazi?
  Thanks NY Times,  Elizabeth Malkin.
  So once again, both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of using tax payers money to kill,  massacre innocent people in the name of ‘national security’ and use public funds for ‘personal political use.’ 
  How do we stop this vicious cycle?
Don’t get despondent.  Concentrate on one specific issue, get your facts.   Start getting out of sheep-mode, and if you are already out, work on friends & family!  Knowledge is a weapon!  Practice your talking points.  Write about it to friends,  family and your congressional representatives.   Stay on it.  And then join your fellow citizens to say “that you will refuse to pay your taxes until you know what will they be used for.”
  Without public money or public will,  there is no centralized government or corruption.  Join a succession movement! or start one.  Texas, Vermont and other states have them!
In the absence of public funds,  nothing but nothing can happen.   Even the IRS can no longer exist!!! 
Stop corruption by stop funding the Federal Government.   Let’s have Civil Disobedience. 
  Without Violence, of course!!!

This is where your money goes, to guys like this charmer Efrain Rios Montt, take a read, I will mention him in my later post on USG corruption....think of what we could do with the money we give to guys like this...
cushy government job,  multiple paychecks and stay at home!  What kind of gov't are we running?  read about how Weiner Wife makes lots of money which was not "disclosed" while working for the state dept....hey if NYer's want this Weiner for mayor and his clinton lackey wife, LET THEM!  This is why there are secessionist movements!  I will be posting later.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama’s Trifecta of Executive Power Abuse

[1] Benghazi Cover-up;
[2] IRS Targeting Tea Party/Conservatives;
[3] Feds  Illegally Seize Associated Press Phone Records--  All Impeachable Offenses Comparable To The Nixon Watergate Scandal -- but on Steroids!!

By now,  the world is aware of what this author has been saying since Obama’s reign of deception,  betrayal and corruption of power ---he is not fit to serve as POTUS!!
But the far more poignant point for this author is the fact that Obama has committed all the sins of Nixon [my former boss where I was DAS for Management in the State Dept.] before during and after the Watergate Scandal.
  For those who may not remember Watergate,  the Nixon Administration attempted a cover-up of it’s illegal break-in into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Complex In Washington D.C.   The scandal eventually forced Nixon to resign on August 9,1974.   Forty three people were indicted and convicted for this crime including members of the White House,  CIA,  Republican Party,  as well as the Department of Justice. 
I will leave the details of the abuse of executive power in both cases—Obama and Nixon-to those who are far more diligent than I .
But suffice it to say that history has repeated itself in the most uncanny way.
  It started with Obama’s lie about his own history.   Who he was?   Where he came from?  And who was his real mother? And how was the CIA related to his mother, maternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather?
Then,  Obama compounded his initial orchestration of his false historical [if not ‘hysterical’] narrative to state so boldly in the least Presidential fashion ever witnessed in the history of this writer, that  “I President Obama,  KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN!”. 
  In fact,  it’s been the extensive experience of this writer that most presidents and their covert operatives never announce with glee and joy that a ‘supposed enemy’ was ‘assassinated’ per order of POTUS.
  That just does not happen in normal Presidencies even when many of my former bosses had ordered ‘assassinations’  never once did Nixon,  Ford,  Carter,  Reagan,  Bush sr gloat about ’taking out’ an adversary.
Next the Obama lies compounded exponentially with Sandy Hook to the extent that there never was a culprit or even a crime and in fact the entire Sandy Hook massacre was a flimsy pretext for Obama’s  ‘gun control’ agenda.
  Fortunately,  the gun control legislation failed because beneath the veneer of Obama’s obsessive perseveration of the word “TRANSPARENCY” , he revealed his true intentions of belying his compulsive personal need for secrecy,  deceit, and intimidation of the American citizenry for which he was rightfully punished by legislative rejection of his ersatz agenda.
Then came the Benghazi Cover-up about which this author wrote extensively and predicted that it was ‘palace coup’ against DCI General David Petraeus.   Shame on the US Military—they obeyed an ‘illegal stand-down’ order by POTUS and ‘the choir boys’.
  Once Obama realized that no one could hold him or his bootlickers accountable for any miscreant deeds,  the rest of the administration was ‘encouraged’ to extend their federal powers and eventually abuse them by "targeting the Tea Party or any conservative groups" who opposed POTUS.
At the same time,  abuse of power expanded tenfold to the point that NSA,  the Intelligence Community –both civilian and military,  the FBI,  the CIA, and the Department of Justice severely compromised themselves by allowing evil intentions to flourish in the nonsensical, ‘phony war of terrorism’.
And then finally, the Associated Press woke up one morning to realize that Eric Holder,  US Attorney General [whom I have said should have been ‘fired’ and ‘arrested’ long before] and his minions --- called ironically ‘law enforcement agents’—secretly seized phone records from the A. P.
  So Nixon—history has shown that you were a ‘tragedy’. 
  But Obama has proven that ‘tragedy’ repeated forty years later is considered to become "FARCE". 

As my favorite American philosopher,  Mark Twain, said about history repeating itself:
  "History does not repeat itself,  but it does rhyme." 
  More importantly, he added the following observation:
  “A favorite theory of mine---to wit,  that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before , and perhaps often.” 
  In a more epistemological sense,  the concept of Historic Recurrence assumes the form of the "Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence" which was written about in 19th century by Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Neitzche. 
On a more practical,  prescient level,  this disturbing repetition of Abuse of Executive Power is the very real notion that the Rise And Fall of Great Powers are proceeded by abuse of power, corruption, military failures and economic collapse.
  Witness British Historian Paul Kennedy in his brilliant book entitled:  The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict From 1500 to 2000 and what he surmises:
“The triumph of any one Great Power in this period,  or the collapse of another,  has usually been the consequence of LENGTHY FIGHTING [ie Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen,  Somalia , Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Syria , et al. ] by its ARMED FORCES;  but it has also been the consequence of the more or less efficient utilization of the state’s productive economic resources [i.e Military/Industrial Complex] in wartime, and further in the background..   the state’s ECONOMY HAS BEEN RISING AND FALLING [i.e Obama’s corrupt Wall Street Bankers—Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley; etc.]…   in the decades preceding the actual conflict.”
  WOW! That’s a mouthful! 

  So what do we, the ordinary citizen do? 
  Give up?  Give in?  
Hell, no!

  Let’s fight! Let’s use our Legislators to  INDICT, CONVICT AND IMPEACH!
  What if they fail? 
  Then,  let the Second American Revolution Begin!!
British Historian Niall Ferguson in Civilization: The West and the Rest warns what will happen to us, ordinary citizens if we do nothing but wait and watch:
  “In the realm of power, as in the domain of the bond vigilantes, you’re fine until you are not fine---and when YOU'RE NOT FINE— YOU'RE [ that is WE , AMERICAN CITIZENS] ARE SUDDENLY IN A TERRIFYING---DEATH  SPIRAL!!!”   

Wake up!  Time is now!  Clean house!


Okay, I like these folks at THRIVE,  Here are some good tips on effective communication....might help you at the dinner table or at the next neighborhood get together. :)
Worth the Ten minutes to watch this.  This EX Intel guy tells it like it is!  Bravo.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!”  The Obama/State Department Lies!

I had told you eight months ago that Benghazi was a conundrum of lies purposefully perpetrated by the Obama administration.
  I did not have to read ‘tea leaves’ or even ‘receive inside information’ to know that Obama;  the White House Staff [National Security Council];  SecState Hillary Clinton [Liar ‘Par Excellent’]; General Martin Dempsey [remember he was one of the first to claim that there was ‘a video’];  John Brennan [now DCI]; Susan Rice; etc. all lied!
  Thanks goes primarily to Fox News and Roger AilesRupert Murdoch, and his NY Post that did not give up on this investigationThe truth as to who lied to whom will come out.
Hopefully,  Presidential Impeachment and legal indictments of many senior Obama officials will come be forthcoming.  Credit should be accorded to the ‘Whistleblowers’ who came for and testified to the ‘Truth’.
The real heroes are:  Libyan Deputy Chief of Mission [DCM] Gregory Hicks;  Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State for Counter Terrorism,  Mark Thompson; and former Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom
Truth is not RELATIVE.  IT is ABSOLUTE. 
  You either did or did not do what you were supposed to do based on your professional obligations, honor,  and integrity. 
And the more explanations of who did what to whom becomes less and less relevant and it becomes a greater distraction away from the simple truth—THE BUCK STOPS AT THE PRESIDENT’S DESK!!!
  I knew then as I know now that the Investigative Board overseeing the Benghazi Affair was a COMPLETE WHITE WASH and a COMPLETE LIE!!
  No surprise there. 
  From the beginning,  I could dismiss the veracity and integrity of Admiral Mike Mullen.   I have written about his past incompetence as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff and his incredible NEED and PROCLIVITY FOR SELF –AGGRANDIZEMENT AND PREVARICATION.   I knew about his father who was the publicist for my Literary and Movie Agency,  the former William Morris Agency.   Bull S**ting is in the DNA of this tribe.
But for me,  the greatest disappointment was the fact  that I knew that Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering was LYING,  trying to PROTECT HILLARY CLINTON and the INTEGRITY OF THE STATE DEPARTMENT.
  I have known and worked with Pickering for over twenty years in everything from peace talks between USG –Israel, issues dealing with the UN and many other areas of concern. 
I found him to be forthright and exceedingly competent.   He was always professional,  never one to attract attention to himself or the sensitive issues at hand. 
Unfortunately,  on this one particular occasion, perhaps the most important one in his long distinguished career, Pickering TARNISHED HIS REPUTATION ---TRYING TO PROTECT a NEFARIOUS HILLARY CLINTON and OBAMA,  both of whom would have thought nothing of SACRIFICING PICKERING FOR THEIR OWN PARTICULAR POLITICAL GAINS …. .which is what happened.
  I asked myself,  how did a good, serious professional like Pickering go astray?
  Was it political ambition?
  I think not.   He was already out of the State Department.
  Was he promised to become Secretary of State by the Lucretia Borgia,  Hillary Clinton,  if she were to become President of the United States?
  Perhaps! It is said that every man has his or her own price…..or was he fearful?
  Would Pickering throw away a thirty year distinguished career on the promises of a WELL DOCUMENTED PATHOLOGICAL LIAR LIKE HILLARY CLINTON? 
  I don’t think so.   Pickering was a sophisticated reader of people. 
  Not necessarily a psychologist but he knew people,  their foibles and their hidden agendas.   He had been Ambassador to so many different cultures and positions that he knew how ‘to read the situation’.
In my humble opinion, I think that Pickering lied,  not to protect himself nor even the SecState,  but to protect the integrity of the State Department.
  What do I mean? 
  The problem in Benghazi was not really a State Department one. 
It was a situation where the State Department happened to be the COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

The primary problem was the fact that John Brennan had orchestrated a ‘palace coup’ with the necessary compliance of Obama;  the White House Staff;  Hillary Clinton;  Robert Mueller, and Dempsey against General David Petraeus,  the then Director of the CIA. 
  The Palace Coup’s primary goal was to get rid of General Petraeus from the CIA and allow Brennan and his cohorts to resume civilian control over the renegade CIAour infamous Legacy of Ashes. 
However,  the Palace Coup and its subsequent cover-up  did not work on many levels. 
1)  no one expected Ambassador Christopher Stevens, an ‘excellent Arabist’ to be caught in a cross-fire of covert operatives working illegally, torturing and transporting illegal weapons to Syria.   Benghazi was the kaleidoscopic scene of gunfire where well-known ‘terrorists’ were fighting a proxy ‘covert war’ against another USG proxy,  unbeknownst to Petraeus.
2) The Regional Security Officers’s Chief,  Eric Boswell, also a ‘good company man’ whom I had known for twenty years, was not derelict in his duty in not providing more RSO’s.    He knew (as well as many others) that there was enough ‘protection’ on the ground.   He knew all too well that the protection on the ground was not necessarily RSOs but ‘mercenary’ covert ex-military operatives using the so-called embassy as a torture chamber and transmission center for heavy military equipment to Syria.  Bottom line:  lots of people knew what was really going on in Benghazi!
3) Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy  knew the most of what was going on both on the ground in Libya as well as the ‘cover up;’  because Pat,  whom I liked and knew for over twenty years,  is a very  EFFECTIVE MANAGER and ADMINISTRATOR.   He knows where every PENNY and COVERT OPERATION IS LOCATED.   He knows under which rock the CIA hides the payola for the mercenaries.  He pays the rent on the bogus embassy used as weapons depot/torture chamber.   He knows the rank, names and serial numbers of the individuals who would have been involved overtly or covertly in the Benghazi Affair. 
If the investigators are serious about getting to the truth of Benghazi,  all they have to do is to interview PAT KENNEDY and EXAMINE HIS ACCOUNTING LEDGERS and EMAILS.
Once you follow the money trial from Pat Kennedy’s office,  the truth of the matter will come out ASAP.
Get the emails!  Follow the money and it will probably lead to Brennan. 
The rest is simply commentary
  As of PickeringKennedy and Boswell—these were honorable men who committed DISHONORABLE DEEDS.
  Too bad!  History is littered with such humans.
  Their punishment is what Jean Paul Sartre wrote about in his novel Huis Clos –“NO EXIT”—
“Hell is the Life that you have constructed for yourself with all the lies and self-delusions.”
Grant me a little bit of philosophical rambling.
In the  world of existential phenomenology, the moment of TRUTH is that very moment that one has to make a DECISION THAT DETERMINES THE REST OF YOUR LIFE,  IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT HAD TRANSPIRED BEFORE.
  Pickering, Kennedy and Boswell had failed as Foreign Service Officers and as Americans. 
They chose to protect the lie over the truth.  They indicted themselves and the rest of the FSOs.
I take comfort and pride in the fact that the three Whistle Blowers have become the TRUE HEROS OF BENGHAZI!!!
  Believe me,  I know it takes a lot of guts and perseverance to go up against a LYING KILLING MACHINE!!
  Hail to these Conquering Heroes and to Those Who Died Valiantly Trying to Save their Colleagues and Friends!!!
Shame and disgrace piles up around the lying Obama and his sycophants.
Truth and the American Way will be the Final Retribution!!

Post script
Once again we witness the unrelenting power struggle between the military and the DCI directors.  The famous former Special Forces General “Jerry” Boykin (whom I knew and admired) said recently regarding Benghazi, “there is no question we could have sent in special forces in time to save our men’s lives.” 
Boykin’s remarks were countered by former SecDef,  ex DCI, Robert Gates (btw never served in military) public criticism of our present military capacity- saying that General Boykin’s assessment was a “cartoonish impression of military capabilities.”
Hmmm, big problem is this chest puffing is costing us citizens lots of our hard to earn pay!  C’mon! Let’s build some bridges, fix some schools, go back into space….enough of this crap.