Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here is a bit o' homework for my upcoming post,  its an obit


  1. Wow,
    Amazing show today on Infowars 9 May 2013. Impressive delivery of key information that had Alex Jones freaking out, and I don't think Alex was acting. Also he didn't constantly interrupt or misdirect the subject matter as he can be quite good at doing. It is times like this that you give us hope for the future as the dam is surely going to break, and when it does there will be people who will be known as traitors and people known as truth seekers. The sheeple will change allegiance in an instant but at this moment in time it will be too late for those in power that have perpetually sought power over truth, exchanged their lies for silver, and by so doing caused multitudes to suffer needlessly.
    Thank you Doctor, for your courage and integrity at a time of need. All the best, RKD

  2. Obama hopefully will be unmasked as the lying, inept, indifferent jackass he is.

    I hope he's driven from office and it'll be a long time before the public believes another smiling black face promising hope and change.

    We might as well have Robert Mugabe as President of this country. Everyone believed his smiling mascarade that he was a freedom fighter and statesman until one day he took the mask off.

    All negro politicians are the same phonies.

  3. MITMichael:
    Anybody ever tell you that you sound a bit racist? If so, do you recognize your posts can be categorized as counter productive?

  4. I am a racist. So what?

    Anyone with a brain should be.

    As for the idiocy of political correctness in this miserable country....

    It's just one of many reasons why this country is a shithole.

    And if you think it isn't try going to Detroit today, or just look up what it's like on Youtube or someplace and tell me this country isn't a shithole in places where blacks have been allowed to vote and choose their governmnet.

    Blacks are largely, though not completely, incapable of governing themselves and should never have been given the right to vote.

    History and facts all bear this out.

  5. Unlike 99% of most whites I've had vast, vast experience dealing directly with blacks both in Africa and here, and this is what I've learned.

    Whites who hold negative views about racisim and think people of all races are the same have never had much if any experience with anyone but other white people.

  6. Furthermore all the myths and stories taken as fact about the civil rights situation in the US before the 1960s is all rubbish....

    I was looking at Youtube documentaries about the lynching of Emmit Till and so it seems the only reason why he was unrecognizable at his funeral was because he'd been decomposing in a river for three days before anyone found him.

    The lies that the pictures of him showed he was beaten until unrecognizable are just stupid.

    It seems none of these myths withstand any inspection.