Sunday, May 26, 2013

After The Newtown False Flag Fiasco to push Gun Control -Connecticut Gun Manufacturers are Waking UP and Leaving That Corrupt State That Financially Damaged Them!  FINALLY !

  It was just a question of time before smart business men make smart business decisions
The NY Times has kept on top of the ‘false flag’ non-existent Newton massacre in their extensive coverage of how the Connecticut gun manufacturers are going to take close to 3,000 jobs –out of 7,340 employees --away from Connecticut (“a state long thought of as a cradle of the American Gun Industry”) to more favorable states.
  In my blog on the ersatz FEMA contrived Newton Shooting,  I encouraged the prestigious gun manufacturers accounting for 1.7billion dollars in business to leave the historically corrupt,  self-righteous,  dysfunctional state of Connecticut and move to the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.
Now these smart gun manufacturers realized what has happened with their industry after the MORON, INARTICULATE  COMPLETELY CORRUPT GOVERNOR DANNEL P. MALLOY took the FEMA bribe.
My observation has always been leave it up to the Irish Catholic men to commit sodomy;  engender corruption;  engage in constant ‘bullshitski’  instead of constructing buildings,  companies or building a sustainable economy for their citizens.  Instead their fearful ineffective ways allow them to enforce a “police  state” and a “Top Secret”  government. 
Such politicians in the USG  never fail to fulfill the constraints of my  “observation”—thanks for their inveterate moral weakness,  Catholic guilt  and cowardly fear of standing up against their peer group and hierarchy.
It’s “God’s curse” to the Irish men---the bottle of alcohol;  the PERFIDIOUS CATHOLIC CHURCH;  the hierarchical imperatives of the false dicta of Catholicism and the subsequent fearful blind subservience to a higher order,  be it lay or religious.
But my experience with Catholic nurses is they are exponentially FAR STRONGER,  MORAL,  and EFFECTIVE THAN THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS.  
In short,  I find that the Irish woman is the MAN OF THE HOUSE.
Back to the Governor Dannel P. Malloy.
This is what the HYPOCRITICAL GOVERNOR’S minion said after the he and his state were bought off by the Feds (WH and FEMA) for the “FALSE FLAG” of NEWTOWN SHOOTING:
Malloy’s mouthpiece, Andrew Doba,  said a mouthful,
“The governor thinks about jobs and economic development 24 hours a day.”
  “On this [Newton] particular issue,  however, the focus is first and foremost on public safety.   The bill he signed into law will improve public safety and make Connecticut’s communities and families safer.”
  The response from the Mr Lawrence G.Keane,  senior VP and general counsel of the Shooting Sports Foundation was:
  “I think gun companies will continue to leave Connecticut both because it’s a terrible place to be a manufacturer and because of the political environment.”
  PTR Industries of Bristol, Conn.  has already announced it will move from the state as will Ruger & Co. and Magpul Industries.

Congratulations Gov!
  Clearly you can’t tell the difference between a Federal Bribe of 63 million dollars (and more paid to you for your Sandy Hook false flag complicity) vs about 2 billion dollars and 7,340 gun manufacturers employees leaving the state.
Maybe those crisis actors you used for your Newtown performance can stage a fake job fair for your future unemployed. 
Better get your fat, bloated PSTD faker state troopers ready for the unemployment riots!   New Haven, Bridgeport (which was bankrupt until the Moonies rescued it) and Hartford will all see their unemployment rate soar.  Your state is already higher in unemployment percent than national average.  With the current state leadership its not going to get any better.
Connecticut has a long history of corruption and inept political leadership.  This governor may get the prize for pushing the state into a downward spiral of federal dependency and instability.  Businesses should move out while they can and let the police have their police state.  Maybe you can be #1 in the “best dressed state trooper” beauty contest.  That will be all that’s left to the NUTmeg state.


  1. It's unfortunate that you are anti-Catholic. I was a fan of your site until reading this. It's obvious that you know very little of the Catholic faith (and yes, even if you are a lapsed Catholic, you still no little about it). You have lost all credibility, and since you're wrong about Catholicism, then you can, and probably are wrong about other important issues as well.

    1. I think he knows a lot about Roman Catholocism, having observed Irish Catholics on many occassions as a psychiatrist. I don't blame him for having a dim view, one which I share.

      If you want to embrace the positives of Roman Catholocism that's fine, but you have to admit there's a lot that's negative too and just because someone criticises those negatives doesn't mean he has no credibility.

    2. I don't put any stock in stereotypes about Catholics. It may be true in some cases, but when you generalize like that, it's just another form of bigotry. You might as well say that all Jews are money-grubbing userers or all blacks like to watch basketball, drink malt liquor and eat chicken.

    3. Funny how the word "stereotype" has come to mean "invalid" in the public mind.

      The word "stereotype" is, or was, a term of cultural anthropology which meant an accurate collection of cultural characteristics.

      However members of groups or cultures which didn't like being accurately described [because they wished to deny their characteristics] criticized the use of "stereotype" when used by anyone.

      In psychological warfare I had to use what we termed "national character," which Dr.P was also trained to use.

      The term "national character" can be found in military intelligence documents going back over a hundred years, and was a simple way to describe the characteristics of a society in contrast to others. It is an accurate tool.

      When someone uses a "stereotype" it's because they are using inductive reasoning to form accurate generalizations.

      Bigotry is not invalid.

      Bigotry is an accurate means of negotiating with other cultures and groups.

    4. With that said there are always exceptions.

      There are of course ranges of variation of individuals within any group, whether it's physical characteristics or cultural ones.

      The only intelligent thing H. Kissinger ever said which I agree with is his often stated,

      "Being intelligent means having the ability to make distinctions."

  2. Many of the gun manufacturers have moved to Texas. It's unfortunate that Texas cities are so willing to pay corporate welfare -- to gun manufacturers, to Apple (the company that avoids taxes well and has a huge pile of cash), to F1 racing in Austin, etc. I'm a penniless historian and I did much to solve the names of Texas cities and Texas traditions, but no one paid me a dime to move to Texas. There is no personal income tax in Texas; people and companies would move there anyway, even without the corporate welfare.

    As for Newtown, how come it's been about half a year and we've never seen the school's video cameras? I understand that the CT legislature has voted to keep certain information private and out of the press. See:

    Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records

    May 21, 2013|By JON LENDER, EDMUND H. MAHONY and DAVE ALTIMARI,, The Hartford Courant
    The staffs of the state's top prosecutor and the governor's office have been working in secret with General Assembly leaders on legislation to withhold records related to the police investigation into the Dec. 14 Newtown elementary school massacre — including victims' photos, tapes of 911 calls, and possibly more.

    The behind-the-scenes legislative effort came to light Tuesday when The Courant obtained a copy of an email by a top assistant to Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane,


  3. Our Governor [I'm a Texan] is now actively courting gun manufacturers to re-locate here, and I think that's a fine idea as long as we can actually do the job [which I'm not convinced we can].

    Having worked in manufacturing in Texas I can attest to the fact that Texas laborers are really horrible compared to places like Connecticut, New Jersey or the Midwest. The pay for manufacturing workers in Texas is so low....and unemployment is so low also that no one wants to work in a factory here.

    The only people you'll find in Texas working in any factory are the worst kind of people. They are pretty much un-trainable and they don't give a shit about the quality of what they're doing.

    If I were a firearms manufacuterer I'd look to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio or other rustbelt places where there are traditions of precision manufacturing done by career workers, not the temporary dregs of Texas manufacturing.

  4. If a firearms manufacturer from the Midwest or the northeast tried to set up a factory here in Texas they'd get a rude awakening about how horrible the labor quality is here.

    Compared to what they're used to they'd have to pack up and move on.

    How many people on this board have worked in construction? Any one here ever come to Texas and see how shitty construction is here compared to anywhere else? There isn't a single apartment building or house with plum walls, level slabs, or anything else...

    Ask the managers of DR Horton or any other national contractor what they have to accept from subs in this state and they'll tell you they vomit everyday. Or talk to the warranty reps for the material manufacturers and they'll tell you the same thing...nothing is ever done well in Texas.



    HENRY KISSINGER: THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, who had entered the U.S. from Germany in 1938, presenting as a Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi persecution. As a Private in the U.S. Army, he is discovered by an expatriate Prussian lurking in the U.S. Army, Fritz Kraemer, who will become the shadowy figure behind U.S. militarism for decades to come...A MAN THE SAME AGE AS MYSELF WHO NEVER LEARNED FROM THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS...



      "I investigated the Department of Defense's germ warfare appropriations request and learned that the option to develop synthetic biological agents--bioweapons as alternatives to nuclear weapons--came from Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was gradually placed in his position of authority as National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon, by Nelson Rockefeller and his affiliates at the Council on Foreign Relations...

      Following the war, Henry Kissinger, who had become General Alexander Bolling's German translator and principle assistant, the “godfather” of Project Paperclip, and then works for U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence at the European Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau, Germany. There, Kissinger trains agents to hunt down Nazi war criminals and mass murderers, NOG to be tried for their war crimes, but to recruit them in order to to employ their well-honed skills directly on behalf of the United States of America - the secret exfiltration of approximately 2,000 high level Nazi's, about 900 of whom were military scientists and medical researchers, including Erich Traub, Hitler's top biological weapons developer and virus expert. Bolling also served as a high ranking member of the Inter-American Defense Board, a Washington based group that delivered Walter Emil Schreiber, Hitler's chief medical scientist, the "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele, and his assistant, "the butcher of Lyon," Klaus Barbie, among others, to safe havens in South America where they worked on CIA projects.) In fact it was Henry Kissinger's job to seek and find such Nazi's that might be of service to America, and Kissinger became the chief of Army Counter-Intelligence in this regard. He trained other agents to hunt down Nazi's at the European Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau, not to be tried for war crimes necessarily, but rather to serve U.S. military rather than Russian interests...The reborn Nazis would then continue to pursue the goals of the owners of the multinational corporations, including IG Farben, Standard Oil, Krupp, General Motors, Ford, IT&T and Dupont which financed the rise and arming of the Nazis in first place.

      It was this operation which spirited the creation of the CIA as a cover agency for the powerful Gehlen Org, the German intelligence agency run by Reinhard Gehlen--an organization whose power superseded even the Nazi SS because of its prewar connections with German military intelligence.
      After Hitler, Gehlen served Allen Welsh Dulles, whose "Operation Sunshine" brought Nazis into the U.S. spy service...

      ...1945: UNITED STATES. The World Commerce Corporaton is formed just after the end of the war in Europe, to rebuild "trade" between Germany and South America, densely populated with escaped Nazi war criminals thanks to Allen Dulles, Henry Kissinger and the U.S. government...setting up this new money laundering apparatus is none other than Attorney Allen Dulles...

      ..few people realize the current international alignment of economic powers is a direct result of actualizing Henry Kissinger's contemporary manifesto--a tribute to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta--entitled "The Meaning of History." In this Kissinger 1955 Harvard doctoral thesis he argues that the concept of peace on earth is naive. Peace must be secured by the creation of small wars around the planet on a continuing basis so as to maintain an international order of economic powers, and of course, keep the military industrialists happy."