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The Rise of  Liberal Fascism:  Eric Holder’s “Project Longevity” Targeted “Gun Violence” BUT FUNDED Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy’s NON-EXISTENT Newtown Massacre!

Scripted by Yale University Child Psychiatrist,   Dr. Robert A. King and St. Anselm's College Graduate Kathleen Koenig, RN  and investigated by 1983 Best Dressed Conn. State Police Keystone Cops.
  Welcome to the New Reichstag!!
  When Hitler burned the Reichstag in the late 1930’s and created False Flag attack in Poland,   Hitler never would never have imagined that a Black Liberal American President  Barack Hussein Obama and his sycophant Attorney General Eric Holder [Mark Rich’s Whore] would create a completely nonsensical narrative about a non-existent Adam Lanza and a confabulated Newtown School massacre.   
Of course, Hitler’s rise could not have been possible without the German Jews’ “Transfer Agreement”;  the Zionist assistance of Palestine;  the funding of bankers [Jews and non-Jews]; and the help of American companies like IBM [Watson];  Rockefeller Brothers [funded Mengele’s eye projects in Aushwitz]; and the greedy Ford Company.
  Money drives ideologies and wars.
  But real people die in real wars.
  And fake people die in fake wars or school massacres.
  Which is more terrible?
  Do the means justify the ends? 
Is a black president above reproach for having lied continuously to the American people about Osama Bin Laden;  Benghazi;  Newtown Massacre; and, of course, folks,  Obamacare?
Should the first black Attorney General Eric Holder be impeached for having created Newtown Massacre through his Project Longevity intended to decrease gun violence?   Or should Eric Holder should be impeached for lying about “fast and furious”,   IRS Tax investigations of conservative groups et al.?

When should Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy be recalled and  indicted for misappropriating federal funds from FEMA to create a Nonsensical Narrative and Stand Down called “Newtown Massacre.”????
  Dear readers,   I have waited a long time for the this so-called 7000 Page CONFABULATED “LANZA’S PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT REPORT.” 
It finally came,  as expected with a sordid,  highly textured,  conflicting,  deception by  Retired- Reuben  F. Bradford--the first black Connecticut State Police Commissioner.   Conveniently,  Bradford,  Holder's tool,   recently resigned.
  This coward,  Bradford,  working at the behest of the  Governor Malloy and his Multi-Masters:  FEMA,  FBI and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice,  did not have the guts to stay around and answer real questions about this completely nonsensical,  pseudo-psychiatric absurdity-called,  the Lanza’s Psychiatric Evaluation.     This report,  written by Adult Board Certified,  Child Board Certified,  Professor of Child Psychiatry:  Dr. ROBERT A. KING M.D.    Dr King is a  Psychiatrist,  Child Psychoanalyst who worked at Anna Freud’s Clinic in London and Worked EXTENSIVELY IN ISRAEL!!!
  Folks, remember this name!
  This is the Ultimate Judenrat!!  
The Jew who betrays his own people—Americans,  Jews,  Christians,  Muslims,  Hindus,  Atheists.
  Why do I indict him?
  Because he,  by his own incredible admission  "conducted a three-hour psychiatric evaluation of Lanza on OCTOBER 2006"…  Furthermore,  this unethical psychiatrist who should have never revealed any details of a patient’s record,  if he did see him.     He diagnosed the NON-EXISTING ADAM LANZA as  having  "PROFOUND AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER WITH RIGIDITY AND ISOLATION AND LACK OF COMPREHENSION OF ORDINARY SOCIAL INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATIONS. "
Wow!  Imagine that,  a diagnosis tailor made for the year long,  contrived narrative of the Sandy Hook False Flag!
  What is Dr Robert King’s purported expertise?
  Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Psychoanalysis of Children!!
Very interesting that I,  a Jewish psychiatrist trained at Mass Mental Health and Harvard Medical college,  am criticizing the diagnosis by a Jewish psychiatrist trained at the same schools within a few years from the time I was there!!??  Such a coincidence!   
  Of course,  this is nonsense.
  It took a psychiatrist like me to disprove this ridiculous narrative and to give the legitimacy to the NRA and others who do not want gun control. 

But let's examine why the state of Connecticut is in such a sorry state.     Why would Governor Malloy and the chief of State Police go along with such a doosey of a false flag like Sandy Hook??     What do you do if you have millions of federal dollars at stake in FEMA,  Dept Of Justice,  FBI funds and you have terrible crime rates (especially black on black crime)  in your big cities like HartfordNew Haven (home of Yale: skull& bones, training center for many past presidents), and Bridgeport???    Wouldn't you go along to get a lot of money????

  Why Robert King?  from Yale?
  I don’t know him and I don’t care to know him.   But I do know a lot about him.
  First,  he was trained at the same psychoanalytically pathetic institution that I had trained in and left –Mass Mental Health.    King has the perfect credentials for RECRUITMENT into the CIA, FBI , BOTH and other INTELLIGENCE ORGANIZATIONS like the Mossad.    King is at best one of the countless number of psychoanalysts that were and are recruited by the CIA,  the American intelligence community /Military , and/or Mossad—he spent years in 'Neuropsychiatric Disorders'  IN ISRAEL.
  Why him?
  Why the big deal?
  I have no problem if a psychiatrist works for the CIA,  FBI, or any intelligence organization.    As a former DAS and an America citizen I was more than proud to work with the finest of the CIA,  the FBI,   and Military Intelligence.
These guys should work against enemies of the U.S.A.  not against American Taxpayers/Citizens!
Yale gets big money grants from FEMA,  Darpa,  FBI,  CIA….so they use the presidents of the Yale and its doctors/nurses to do their bidding,   even if it means lying/ falsifying narratives to manipulate and dupe the American public.    For those of you that want more,  look up the present and recent past presidents of Yale,  see for yourself their area of expertise.    Look at the massive increase in funding Yale received under its past president who just conveniently stepped down in October.     I am sure the similar things happened in Nazi Germany…..citizens wonder "How did this happen?" but its after the fact….citizens still take hush money or are intimidated to "accept the government story".     How many times do we need to show that the government lies!   9/11,  Kennedy assassination,  Benghazi,  Death of Osama bin Laden….

Back to Sandy Hoax…… 
What about the other idiotic characters in Eric Holder's nonsensical story called the Newtown Massacre?
The mother,   Nancy Lanza,  took her desperately autistic son to the shooting range?   Despite the fact that the good Dr King says he was on anti-anxiety/anti depressant medications.   Yet she was from a idyllic, privileged  background in Kingston N.H.?  
The father,   a big shot a GE capital,  escapes prosecution in Libor scandal but his colleagues get indicted. 
The killer himself,  will we forever be haunted by the amateur photoshop image of his sweet,  robotic face?
The Sandy Hoax Yale doctor,  Robert King,   who supplies the retro diagnosis/evaluation for the killer.  Where will his next big grants come from???  Big Pharma?  
The crisis actors that look so fake on the videos fed to us by the controlled media???

Let's look at the past/present political liars that have come from Skull/Bones Yale.   This is how this stuff happens folks…..dive in and see for yourself.    The funny thing is that the Sandy Hook story is so bad,  most people that are talking,  don't believe it.    
This is a federal government that is out of control and they are using your tax money to scare the crap out of you,  spy on you and send you off to wars or experiment on you with dangerous drugs.    Get rid of these people.   Start with Holder,  then Obama and down the line…..before its too late.  
Let's make this false-flag-filled "Project Longevity"  short lived!

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Here is some background for tonight's post….computer troubles (hmm) so it might be late.
Project Longevity,  Newtown Fake Shootings,  "Must create Public Outrage"…Eric Holder can't stop himself….here's a clip from his pre-Sandy Hook Connecticut visit.

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Bye,  Bye  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan!   Your  Relentless Arrogance and Pervasive Corruption Have Contributed to Your Own Downfall! 
On occasion,   am I gratified to see that one of my former blogs correctly predicted a nefarious situation which could and would culminate in a somewhat optimistic outcome.    Now Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  one of my favorite ‘bete-noires,’  has arisen to the level where,  as the leader of an incredible nation like Turkey,  he must resign or be taken-out-of-office.
How did a poor secular boy from the ghettos of Istanbul manage to accrue power? 
  How could Erdogan become an effective mayor of that beautiful city?    And then destroy his own country twenty years late? 
The answer to these questions lie in the body of a thorough investigative NY Times article,  Friday,  December 20, 2013,  written by three brave journalists—Tim Arango,  Sebnem Arsu, and Ceylan Yeginsu.   Don't even think of arresting these intrepid reporters,  Mr Erdogan!  (like all the other journalists and generals who dared to defy you)….it won't work.

I have discovered over my own digressions through the world of power politics that when religion and jingoism are mixed in a cauldron of corruption,   then the ArchAngel of Hubris will descend and destroy the purveyor of that unholy brew as well as the country that he/she tries to dominate.    Never has religion and corruption met a more willing victim than the compulsively Machiavellian Erdogan.    He thought that he was using the inherent complexity of Sufi mysticism to build a political elite based not on knowledge of Islam’s mysticism,  but on the crass venue of political patronage.    Like many a false prophet;   be they Jews,  Muslims,  Christians,  Hindus or Atheists;  all rely on their ability to deliver the word of God through construction contracts,  political appointments, and financial subsistence.    And when the false prophets are denied attention,  they then  resort not to teachings of patience and understanding espoused in any of the Holy Books; but rather they become their own Gods!    These Gods resort to their basic primitive natures invoking the barbarity of incarceration,  suppression and intimidation.

Perhaps,  no one understood that better than Erdogan’s own mentor,  Pennsylvanian  Imama Fethullah Gulen who correctly opposed Erdogan’s intervention in Syria supporting the Salafist Rebels funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE countries.     Gulen knew what any learned Turkish Imam knows,  especially a Sufi Mystic,  that Turkey is a secular state which does not belong in the throes of religious wars between Shi’ites and Sunnis.     Erdogan forgot the basic tenets of Sufi Mysticism which directly contradicts the beliefs of the more ignorant Wahhabi’s and their doppelganger –the tortured souls of Salafists,  fighting,  not for the Greatness of Allah but for the silver shekels thrown at their feet by the already defeated false prophets of Islam— the Kings and Princes of the British adorned thrones of inequity: Saudi Arabia.
Erdogan also committed the gravest of sins against his own people.   Without regard for the future of Turkey,   he initiated and pursued endless persecutions against his intelligentsia:  students, professors,  journalists,  jurists,  military officers.     He scorned the simple poor worker who wanted nothing more than to eke out a basic living for their families.

The Sufi Imam,  Fethullah Gulen,  warned the obstinate deaf/mute Erdogan as follows:
“Turkey should not be adventurous in it’s foreign policies.    It should not involve itself against Israel in the Mavi Marmara crisis.    Turkey should stay oriented to the west.   And Turkey should resolve it’s foreign policy issues through dialogue.” 
Unwilling to learn or listen,   Erdogan has roiled from self-inflicted crises against the students in the Gezi protests to nation-wide scandals involving construction payoffs and pandemic corruption.    Erdogan has arrived at the Day Of Judgment.    He has to be tried and punished for the greatest of all sins—Pride!
  He must learn that it is the will of the people of Turkey for him to leave unharmed for now.   But,  as I had predicted years ago,  Erdogan will become a ‘moveable feast’ where those whom he had imprisoned have sons and daughters who have learned the art of retribution.
  And those whom he has imprisoned unjustly will find solace in espousing the Code Of Hammurabi:
“An eye for any eye!  And a tooth for a tooth!”
  Civility and tolerance will perish in the bloodstreams of Istanbul’s sewers.

  And so Erdogan,  you have arrived inevitably to the place where I once said you will meet your inevitable end:   Hubris Ate Nemesis!
The Sword of Damocles will eviscerate your accomplishments…..and your future!
God Willing!!

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Congratulations to Senator Max Baucus [D-MT] as The Next Ambassador to China.

As a former Montanan,   I have always admired Max’s quiet ways of dealing with complicated problems.   Contrary to common thought,  having been born a Chinese-American (Gary Locke) does not per se make you any better qualified than an American Senator who has controlled our countries finances. 
  Max is too dignified to describe why he should be nominated the next ambassador to China.  However,  as a Former DAS for East Asia,  perhaps I can you give a few reasons.
[1]  Max is a native of Montana.   He represents agricultural interests of Montana and the USA better than anyone I know.    What China needs and wants is extensive farm trade with the USA,  Max is the one to facilitate that process.
[2]  Max knows our Senatorial and legislative system as the ‘wise old man’ of  72 years better than our younger ‘hot shots’. 
[3]  Max is respectful of foreign cultures and knows how to negotiate his way through a myriad different political/economic/cultural differences.
[4]  His mentor, Senator Mike Mansfield,  also Democrat from Montana was one of our best Ambassadors to Japan.   Max learned a lot from Mike.   So I am not worried.
[5]  Obama has made a wise appointment.   At a time when we need calm and seniority to  represent American interests in China during China Sea conflagrations,   I know of no man better suited to be our next Ambassador to the Middle Kingdom than our ‘favorite son’ from Montana,  Senator Max Baucus who served America faithfully for two decades and more.

Good luck Ambassador Max Baucus!
Enjoy the wonders and splendors of the Great Middle Kingdom.

  Great choice,  POTUS!

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The Hollywood Hall of Shame! Obama and Sycophants Planning POTUS LibraryA  Treasure Trove of Lies,  Deceptions,  Killing Innocent Civilians, and Incompetency!
Congratulations Obama!  You Did It Again!   Your Sociopathic Behavior Trumps Decency,  Morality and Humility!
No one can say that Obama has not provided us with a textbook case of a President who appeared from nowhere,  created a false personae,  and forced a country to honor a non-existent gravitas.    Obama,  more than any other President,  has literally accomplished ‘nothing’.    Ironically,  he accomplished that ‘nothing’ with panache and arrogance.    No other POTUS has made the art of incompetency swathed in so many layers of lies,  deception, and conceit.     Please refer to my previous blogs  if you want details of past Obama failings.
  For the moment,  I would like to concentrate on Tuesday’s, December 17, 2013,  NY Times article, "Obama’s Library, Adviser’s Dream" by Jason Horowitz (posted earlier).    The article delves into the machinations of Obama’s sycophants who have already started to plan the financing and location of Obama’s Library of Shame.
What the article really points out to me,  is how narcissistic our political leaders really are and how much out of touch they are with reality.
Unlike any other attempted White House endeavor of this unqualified POTUS,   this program is replete with discussions,   detail planning and extensive money raising---unlike the Obamacare roll-out or his chaotic “Arab Springs”.
  Here is an example  of some far more poetic expressions of what I am trying to say:
--“Amid a worsening Syria,  the machine and a dreary sense of second-term setbacks,  the foundation shined with the ALLURE OF AN ETERNAL OBAMA AFTERLIFE.” [ my emphasis].
-- Here is the Key Point …It’s always about “money, honey”!
“But,  as aides to Bill Clinton have demonstrated,  proximity to an ex-president,  TRANSLATES INTO LIFE AT THE INTERSECTION OF WEALTHY DONORS,  POWERFUL NETWORKS AND CONFERENCE CIRCUIT PERKS.” [ my emphasis]. 
-- “The President’s closest financial supporters estimate the cost of Obama’s Library would at least cost $500 Million.

Query:   Why don’t they give that money back to the American people who had to suffer a $600 million loss on the roll-out? 

 ---“Marty Nesbitt, a Chicago businessman is leading his an outside effort…”  Marty is one of his closest basketball friends.  Nothing wrong here.  Marty is a successful businessman.

Query:  Why wasn’t he appointed to run HHS rather than the 
‘butterfingers Sibelius’ ?
--"…Ms Jarrett—the last-standing of the original Obama senior advisers……WILL DEFINE OBAMA'S POST-PRESIDENCY".[ my emphasis].
Many months ago,   I wrote in one of my blogs who Ms Jarrett was the real power –behind-the-throne.  Not AxelrodNot Michelle.  Not Daley.  Not Emanuel. 
Ms Jarrett,   the daughter of a famous Medical Doctor who worked in Iran [CIA funded] handpicked this CIA scion from Anne Dunham [Indonesian CIA Operative along with her CIA father and mother who worked at the CIA funded Hawaii East-West Center] and molded him into what should have been a competent President.
  Of course,  in my opinion,  Ms Jarrett had failed for many reasons—her own arrogance;   her poor judge of character;  and her need to control the entire already frightened White House into complete submission.     All subsequent Cabinet appointees  had to be filtered through Ms Jarrett and once again,   she cared little for competency or dedication to country.   Her only concern was Obama and how would he appear in history as the First Black President.     Unfortunately for this great country of ours,   Jarrett’s  Chicago Deep Dish Pizza consisting of the old Mayor Daly’s Irish Catholic machinery;   combined with the Jewish Mob's Pritzker family money [Hyatt Hotels, Continental Airlines, etc.]; and the black aspirants created a virtual mess of missed opportunities,  bombastic verbiage and gestures;   and layers of domestic/foreign imbroglios that have weakened our military.
  However,   there is a silver lining in my assessment of this pathetic President.
  Why build a new building for Obama’s legacy?

Why not just add a wing for much less money to the already outmoded CIA Headquarters at Langley,  Virginia!    The headquarters really offers very little useful information,  but it has been a very effective propaganda tool in Hollywood.    In fact,  if you want to know anything about the non-existent heroism of the present CIA,  please call the Public Affairs Office and they can offer you a tour there.

I propose the following money saving ideas to the Obama sycophants:

[1]  Build the CIA Library for Obama,  the son of and grandson of CIA operatives.    Place all of his Top Secret orders for the ‘Drone Attacks’ against civilians in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, et al. there.
[2]  At the same time,  the CIA can have an extended section in this new Library called “US Presidents Whom We Have Selected And Made—Fooling The American Public!”
[3]  CIA could add Bill Clinton,  Yale graduate and Fulbright Recipient who never finished his CIA attendance at Oxford and went instead to Moscow and elsewhere.    Then we can add a special section on Governor Clinton’s MENA years helping the CIA transport narcotics illegally from Central America to Arkansas.
As an extra bonus,   CIA might consider a two-fer.    Just add the incomparable ‘disaster’ SecState Hillary Clinton,   also Yale Graduate and ?CIA operatives.   By definition,   she was incompetent enough as Senator,  Sec State, etc.,  she definitely qualifies for a place in the pantheon of the CIA.
[4]  Obviously,  the Bush Sr and Bush Jr library should be added at Langley.    I would say that Bush Jr deserves a very special place there—the ‘Dunce Corner’.

You get the idea by now…..
  The issue is not that we have selected a narcissistic president,   be it Obama, Clinton, or Bush jr.     The real issue is that we,  Americans,  never ever had a real choice to pick anyone that was not co-opted by the CIA or the military /industrial complex.
Next time you think of voting,   let’s try to vet out our candidates better than the CIA does.    America:  democracy is hard work and we have to keep working at it  or we will lose it if we haven't already.
As for Obama’s library---place it near Disneyland.    He was no more real than Mickey Mouse.
 But at least Mickey entertained me.    Obama bored me.     And for that,   there is no greater sin..than boredom … and corruption ….. and ineptitude….Mickey never failed to perform.   Neither did Minnie Mouse.
Thanks Walt Disney!  You underscored,  by creating real-life-like cartoons,   the absurdity of Washington Fantasy Land And Their Ill-fated Self-Destruction!!!

Homework for tonight's post
Thanks to the FB follower who posted this video.  You will need an hour but its worth it.

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The Ukrainian Orange Revolution of 2004-2005 Turns Red with Blood and Guts on December 8,  2013!
Call this “The Blood Orange Revolution”!

On December 8, 2013:  100,000 Ukrainian Patriots,  consisting primarily of western-oriented youth,  businessmen,  workers and intellectuals stormed into the streets of the capitol city,  Kiev.   There they did what any revolutionary group might do for time in memorial,  they toppled the statue of the ersatz icon of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution—Lenin.
Of course,  like many revolutionary poseurs,  Lenin,  a man of few talents and a masterful ability to deceive and betray anyone in his own way, was in fact a German spy who was transported into the St Petersburg on the eve of a revolution created by the Russian navy.    Lenin became the dreaded symbol of the ‘bolshevik system’ which spawned the greatest mass killer of the 20th century –Stalin. 

Contrary to popular Israeli/Jewish propaganda the greatest genocide in the 20th century was not the iconic trademarked ‘Holocaust’  created by Hitler but the Stalinist purges from 1933 through WWII and then up until the end of the Soviet Communist system in the 1990’s.    Many of us who had participated in the regime change of communism estimated that Stalin and his Boshevik henchmen  butchered over 50 million Jews,  Christians,  Central Asians,  Muslims,  Orthodox Christians and above all,  Ukrainians.   In 1933 alone the ex- Soviet,   Shoe Banging Secretary General Nikolai Khrushchev ordered the deaths of 10 million Kulaks - Ukrainians who refused to give up their private farms to the Soviet collective in only a few months to a year.
  The point?
  This painful stigmata of Russian hegemony over Ukraine  casts a somber shadow over the political dynamics of East and Western Ukraine.   Boiled down to a very basic  tenet the ongoing revolution arises from between the more progressive members of society that want to see the Ukraine enter the EU.   Their reason is simple.    They want to eviscerate any remembrance of Russian/Soviet dominance over their country.    In the process they want to restructure their antiquated society,  rife with corruption,  ex-KGB oligarchs who stole from the Ukrainian  people and are still extracting the greatest amount of profits from the hard working ordinary people.
The eastern part of the Ukraine is populated by older people with more conservative pro-Russian,  pro-Soviet  attitudes.   Their livelihood depends on dilapidated industries  controlled by ex-KGB agents.  These eastern Ukrainians want to remain in the fantasy world of repression,  pensions,  and worthless work that just allow them to collect a check.
The Ukraine leader,  President Viktor Yanukovich,   is truly nothing more than a Russian Maruschka Doll,  manipulated by Vladimir Putin,  ex-KGB officer under Marcus Wolfe and Andropov.    From my perspective,   I feel that the Western Ukrainians have no other choice but to depose their puppet President and deny Putin's access to one of the largest wheat baskets in Western Europe.
  As clever as Putin thinks he is,  he really is at the mercy of his real Intelligence Handlers –THE CIA.    Unbeknownst to the world and most Russians and Ukrainians,  the CIA correctly placed a strong man as the head of the new Russia.
  The reason?

Because I and some others had failed at understanding how ineffective Yeltsin and Gorbachev had been as strong Russian leaders.    We in America wanted a democracy.    But a democracy which is run by an alcoholic [Yeltsin]  and eviscerated by tougher KGB operatives than Gorbachev,   led Russia into an unsustainable period of economic/political chaos.    By now you know all too well that political vacuums will always be filled by those who believe,  like Stalin,  that power comes from the ‘barrel of the gun’.
  Q:  why is Putin the real target in this Ukrainian political/economic imbroglio?
  A:  Almost all the Russian Gazprom pipelines transit through the Ukraine on the way to Europe.

So this seemingly  ideological revolution,  as in the case of the American Revolution,  is about who controls the real wealth,  assets, and power in one’s own country.   
England learned the American colonists would not tolerate external tariffs,   interference with American trade overseas nor their basic liberties.    Similarly,  the Western Ukrainians who have amassed in size up to 300,000 people on December 1, 2013,  will not,  under any conditions,  tolerate the Russian hegemony over their own ability to make a living or practice whatever religion,  sexual orientation that these brave people desire to choose.   As for the Eastern Part of the Ukraine,   they will have to bear the scars of the Stalin purges in their collective memories while they cower beneath the false promises of job security and political freedom.

Here is where I have to give Putin a gentle reminder.
[1]  Time is not on your side.
[2]  USA can ship at any given time,  any amount of gas and oil because the USA is a net exporter of these commodities. 
[3]  Gazprom and Russian oil/gas in general can be shorted on the world markets by any number of unidentified speculators or mean-spirited anti-Putin devotees besides Soros.
[4]  Putin knows all too well that his tenure depends on only one factor—the price of oil which we and the our allies can control on the world markets.    If we desire, we can quickly depress the price of oil due to our surplus and the addition of LNG  [Liquified Natural Gas] terminals in EU.
[5]  Please remember that the start of the Russian Revolution in 1905 started with Russian sailors who had travelled around the world and realized that Russia was too backward and repressive under Tzar Nicholas I.    Similarly,   millions of Russians and Ukrainian citizens have travelled all over the world and have tasted the beauty of entrepreneurship without KGB corruption. 

[6]  Putin:  Be flexible like your grandfather who served as the chief cook for Czar Nicholas and his family … as well as Stalin.
[7]  Please remember that in 1989 we,   Americans were able to facilitate major revolutions across Central and Eastern Europe from East Germany to Bulgaria,  Poland all within five to seven months.
[8]  Putin: You may have turned around the Orange Revolution back to the color Red.
But there is a new color that might frighten you even more than orange or red and that is something that I would term……”THE BLOOD ORANGE REVOLUTION”!!
Vsyovo Harishovo!!
 Go in good health!

Some background for my post later tonight.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Memorandum 0f Understanding to The American People: Beware of Career Opportunist Stanley Fischer!

To: Congress and Mr Stanley Fischer,  Former Governor Of The Bank of Israel,  Native Of Rhodesia and Citizen Of Israel.  Former Professor Of Economics at M.I.T.
From:  Dr Steve Pieczenik M.D.,  PhD,  Former DAS for four American Presidents and Someone Who Granted Top Secret Clearances.
Problem:  Janet Yellen,  Chairperson of The American Federal Reserve Bank,  is about to appoint Stanley Fischer,  a distinguished Economist as Vice Chairman of The US Federal Reserve Board.
Solution:  ASAP-- Dr Stanley Fischer should resign on his own for any position in the USG.
Reason:  Fischer decided to serve Israel with the full plenipotentiary powers accrued to the Governor Of Israel Bank that means a full Top Secret Mossad,  Shin Bet Clearances as well as access to Israeli industries –particularly those affiliated with industrial/ military organizations.

Stanley Fischer is a National Security Risk to the USG!
  Mr Fischer has had a history of extremely successful opportunism.   He was born in Rhodesia.   He grew up on an extremely Zionist Kibbutz.   He then served as Governor of Israel Bank.   There is no reason to consider this particular candidate,  Stanley Fischer more loyal to the financial and political interests of America in light of  his tenure in a major Israelis national security and financial position.     In other words,   Mr Fischer,   like most immigrants who have never served our military or any other intelligence organizations in a formal way,  is not qualified to receive any clearances from the USG or any other financial organizations associated with the USG.
  On a more professional psychiatric basis,  I wonder how it is that Ms Yellen and Mr Bernanke would consider one more clearly Jewish,  clearly Zionist individual to join the Federal Reserve in light of the fact that at present our tenuous financial system is replete with Jews who have,  at best,  posed a great disservice to this great country of America.   It is neither anti-semitic nor self-hating to point out that we have had the following jews involved in American financial problems for the past decades,  calling into question the judgment and intelligence of the people or persons involved in this potential appointment.
Let me more specific:
[1]  Bernie Madoff - his trail of criminality continues to be exposed in more detail.  The nicest thing people have said is that we Jews deserve him!
[2]  JP Morgan Chase whose board is filled with Jews of ill-repute,  like Sandy Weil,  and many others has been indicted so many times that it behooves you to understand that Wall Street is under criminal investigation.
[3] Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geitner and Jack Lew were under severe scrutiny for ‘questionable financial chicanery’.
 Two more Jews.  And one major Orthodox Jew who does not work on the Holiday Day –which ever day he determines that one to be.
[4] Goldman Sachs and Blankfein- Ms Yellen must I go through all the sins that this German Jewish Banking House has committed?
 I don’t think that is necessary.
[5] Ben S. Bernanke was at best,  not the greatest Chairman we have ever had,  although these were trying times.
[6] Robert Rubin,  Lawrence Summers etc

Just because Stanley Fischer was Bibi's and Benanke's professor at MIT doesn't mean he is qualified for Vice Chair of the FED!   This guy is Israeli and never really had success in the real world,  he's a wandering Jew who goes around looking for prestigious opportunities.    America doesn't need this!

Ms Yellen!   as a former managing director of Kidder Peabody who assisted in taking down a $600M  GE financial travesty and someone who had to professionally take over several Savings and Loan Organizations in Maryland,   I really think that you should walk down from your intellectual ivory tower and smell reality.

  If you appoint Stanley Fischer to Vice Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board,   may I then suggest another candidate who has had a long history of providing successful social, economic and political systems for millions of people.   His name: Hassan Nasarllah.
  He is by chance the leader of an ex-terrorist organization called Hezbollah which successfully defeated the IDF with eight hundred so-called ‘terrorists’.  But Nasrallah is no more a security risk to the USG than Bibi’s mentor and an operative of Israeli intelligence who quite frankly never really built up his own successful financial organization like Hezbollah.  
Ms Yellen,  you are new and have not yet demonstrated your bona fides in your leadership role.    As a Jew,  I am offended by your choice!  It shows very poor judgement and makes the American Public mistrust you…..and if the people mistrust you,  well,  then you are nothing.   Jews represent an inordinate number of positions in the America finances,  not to mention the fact that Larry Summers was turned down for his own ‘miscreant’ financial behavior.    There are many,  many talented non –jews who have served brilliantly in former administrations ---for example, Volcker,  Zoelleck  [sounds jewish but he is not],  etc.
  I have lived in a world or Jewish quotas working against me  in College;  Med School,  State Dept., military, intelligence     I am tired of anti-semitism and anti-anything.   So get real Ms Yellen,  discard Fischer as your choice.    Let him go back to Eretz Yisroel and write a memoir.    Appoint an AMERICAN to the Federal Reserve!

We need Americans on the FED!  Not Israeli Zionists born in Africa!, More info.

Poor Judgement on Yellen's part,  this is a bad choice!  Be posting later on this topic, here is the background.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Blistering Threat for the Academy Awards: Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConaughey,  Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner.

Very rarely,   does this blogger ever reviews movies but in this particular case,   I have just watched a ‘blockbuster’.
  Many of you know my standard credentials,  as a physician/writer.    However,   I have been fortunate to become a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences,  a fancy title for the ability to vote for the Oscars.   In my particular category of so-called ‘expertise’,   I  vote for the ‘Best Screenplay’,   and in effect,  the ‘Best Picture’.    As a result of my membership,   I receive several of the major films that are shown at the movie theaters or on Netflix/Amazon.

I rarely spend more than the first ten minutes watching a film as the quality of the script and therefore of the movie itself,  will organically reveal it’s strengths and deficits in the first ten minutes of the film.    In the movie business,   there is a very legitimate assumption that each page of a script represents one minute of shooting time.     Another basic principle of assessing the quality of a movie script is the simple dramatic ruse that within the allotted ten minutes,  the audience should recognize the protagonist;  identify the dramatic conflict that should be both compelling and intellectually interesting [this is a very difficult duo to create];  as well as surmise a potential resolution.    That’s only the first ten minutes!    Just imagine how good your script has to be.    Another movie axiom of script writing is that unlike the novel or a theater performance,   dialogue is kept at a minimum.    In fact,   the fewer the words,   the more film texture and action portrayed,   the better the movie.
In theoretical terms,  the clearest exemplar of the aforementioned principles of movie script writing would be a ‘car chase’ franchise,  "Fast and Furious" which portrays endless car chases,  car accidents and good guy-bad guy scenarios ad infinitum.    That’s why they are in general quite successful commercially speaking.

However,  once in a long while,   a film is made that completely floors me for its emotional power.    Dallas Buyer's Club immediately grabs me from the very opening shot,   where a rodeo cowboy,  Matthew McConaughey,   bereft of words and replete with images,  is mauling not one but two women in the bull stalls, while in the distance I can see the bull rider and clown performing.
You have to see what I saw.
  It’s not the sex itself which was quite graphic.    But the story then evolves again with few words and many dramatic confrontations about a rodeo cowboy who is homophobic and becomes infected with HIV because of his incessant unprotected sex and drug addiction.
No knee slapper here! 
  For a moment in the film,   I thought  I was going to listen to a message or narrative on the ‘evils of AIDS’.    Fortunately,   for the screenplay writers,  Craig Borten & Melisa Wallack,   they avoid this classical trap.    As Jack Warner once sent one of his writers a note which said something like this:  'If you want me to receive a message,  please send me a telegram.   We are writing a ‘movie picture'.
You get the idea.
Next I watched the camera work of Director Jean-Marc Vallee which was sparse, intense, and highly textured.    Each frame of the film suffused with emotion,  meaning and even symbolism ---yes,  without being heavy handed.    I find out that the director is French Canadian,  born and raised in Quebec.    Again,   I asked myself,  still in a respectful trance of professional awe,   how can a ‘French Canadian’ know so much about Texas and cowboys?
  Clearly,  I was being provincial and myopic.
  But as the issue of how Ron Woodruff survives the doctor’s prognosis of death in thirty days because of his AIDS is  one of the most forceful dramatic actions that I have ever seen in a movie.    Without revealing too much,  the film dares to courageously indict medicine,  the FDA,  and Big Pharma,  all the while refusing to descend into maudlin emotions or congratulatory self-pity.    In fact,  the entrepreneurial skills of the Ron Woodruff to obtain all kinds of ameliorative medicines for himself and his fellow ‘infected prisoners’ makes one of the most intriguing,  original narratives that I had seen.     Moreover,  the fact that my fellow physicians,  the FDA,  and Big Pharma are portrayed accurately as ‘arrogant’,  ‘ignorant’ and ‘dangerous’ made the film even more engrossing for me.
  Then we must talk about the ACTING!
  We all saw,  Robert De Niro gain weight as Jake LaMotta in the Martin Scorcese brilliant homage, "Raging Bull".    But to watch,  McConaughey embody the physical, emotive personification of an emaciated AIDS victim---is a ‘wonder to behold’!    Not only is McConaughey the ‘body/face of AIDS’  but his co-star,   Jared Leto,  is equally brilliant in his incredible portrayal of a Drag Queen with AIDS.

The Dallas Buyers Club,  in my humble opinion as one of six thousand voters,  should win:
[1]  The Best Film.
[2]  The Best Screen Play.
[3]  The Best Director.
[4]  The Best Male Actor.
[5]  The Best Supporting Male Actor.

  Having given you my assessment of the film,  let me also tell you,  that in ten years of voting,  I have lost every time.     This time, for the sake of a great film,   I hope that I am right.    Congratulations to all who were involved in the making of this movie.     No matter what happens on Oscar night,  all of you involved in the making of the Dallas Buyers Club,  are definitely….. WINNING FILM MAKERS!!
  Bien Fait!!  Monsieur,  Le Directeur!  Sois fier!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Condolences on the Death Of Nelson Mandela!   However,  many Americans were involved in the take-down of South African Apartheid!

By now,  everyone in the world knows about the heroic stoicism of Nelson Mandela and his fight to eliminate the oppressive Apartheid Policy initiated by the Afrikaans.   Yet like most narratives glorifying the exploits of any individual or country,   there is inevitably major lacuna or distortions.   In this blog,   my intention is not to take anything away from the courageous Mandela.   I simply want to add my small part concerning the observations  that I had made during the Reagan/Shultz and Bush Sr/Baker administration regarding the tireless efforts that these Presidents and their respective senior officials made in working to take down Apartheid without any braggadocio  whatsoever.
As a matter of fact,   Reagan and Shultz were so modest about their efforts to influence the South African Afrikaners that I was shocked when I saw the film which portrayed Reagan as Anti-Apartheid and anti-black,  entitled “The Butler”.

Sidebar:  Most Liberals in Hollywood clearly forgot that Reagan had been President of the Screen Actors Guild.    To this day,   it is still the tightest union contract that protects actors of all religions,  colors and genders and ensures they receive equitable pay in a town that was notoriously abusive of labor and corrupt [rife with Jewish/Italian gangsters].   

First and foremost,   Ambassador Chester Crocker,   former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs,   spent eight years of his professional life [1981-1989] creating a very complex array of negotiations with Cuba,  Soviet Union,  and South Africa in a ‘constructive engagement.’    At the same time,  as a major part of eliminating Apartheid,  Crocker settled the terms of the independence of Namibia.    
Then I was sent to South Africa on a minor mission to determine whether the Afrikaans would fight en masse and kill millions of blacks if Apartheid was taken down.   The British Intelligence service went into South Africa and quietly engaged in constructive dialogue with the Afrikaans intelligence,  military  and police organizations to inform them that they would have to start to change their allegiances to an eventual black President.   That along with the “Truth Committees” initiated by America/Britain set the groundwork for a peaceful transition to a Mandela presidency.
The other real hero of this story which everyone forgets to mention is President de Klerk
Why do I consider him a hero?
  De Klerk  spent countless months in secret visiting Mandela on Robben Island [prison] to prepare for the peaceful transition from Apartheid to a democratic republic.  Unbeknownst to most people,   especially the self-loving ‘rabble rousers’  including the insufferable,  dangerous Winnie Mandela [who had killed thousands of her own countrymen in the name of Nelson] is the fact that de Klerk persisted to open up South Africa despite the constant DEATH THREATS from the BROOD BOTHERS [Afrikaans Blood Brothers commanded by de Klerk's own brother]. 
Next it was Bush Sr/Baker who made the final arrangements for the release of Mandela.
  Nowhere in the history of the Nelson Mandela story does the USA receive any mention other than derogatory remarks made by those who have a vested interest in an espousing political hatred and historical amnesia.
Rest assured my friends,  Nelson Mandela was a hero.   However,   he was not alone.    Let’s spend a little time to learn the true lessons of history and not the distorted portrayals of a movie like “The Butler”.
Learn and Earn!!
Knowledge,  History,  Psychology and Truth!!