Saturday, December 21, 2013

Congratulations to Senator Max Baucus [D-MT] as The Next Ambassador to China.

As a former Montanan,   I have always admired Max’s quiet ways of dealing with complicated problems.   Contrary to common thought,  having been born a Chinese-American (Gary Locke) does not per se make you any better qualified than an American Senator who has controlled our countries finances. 
  Max is too dignified to describe why he should be nominated the next ambassador to China.  However,  as a Former DAS for East Asia,  perhaps I can you give a few reasons.
[1]  Max is a native of Montana.   He represents agricultural interests of Montana and the USA better than anyone I know.    What China needs and wants is extensive farm trade with the USA,  Max is the one to facilitate that process.
[2]  Max knows our Senatorial and legislative system as the ‘wise old man’ of  72 years better than our younger ‘hot shots’. 
[3]  Max is respectful of foreign cultures and knows how to negotiate his way through a myriad different political/economic/cultural differences.
[4]  His mentor, Senator Mike Mansfield,  also Democrat from Montana was one of our best Ambassadors to Japan.   Max learned a lot from Mike.   So I am not worried.
[5]  Obama has made a wise appointment.   At a time when we need calm and seniority to  represent American interests in China during China Sea conflagrations,   I know of no man better suited to be our next Ambassador to the Middle Kingdom than our ‘favorite son’ from Montana,  Senator Max Baucus who served America faithfully for two decades and more.

Good luck Ambassador Max Baucus!
Enjoy the wonders and splendors of the Great Middle Kingdom.

  Great choice,  POTUS!


  1. I always found it interesting the Montana of all places produced someone as informed about Asia as Mansfield, when the knuckleheads from the Ivy League and other, cosmopolitan places, were either ignorant or indifferent.

    We can all see now that Mansfield was a voice crying in the wilderness about southeast Asia, and we are all the lessor for not having taken him more seriously.

    "Max Baucus" is such an imperial, Roman sounding name, and I always expect someone with a tunic or maybe a gladius sword to approach when I hear the name, particularly when "Senator" preceeds it.

    Yes let's send Maximus Auralius Bauccus to Asia, or anywhere in which the ring of Roman nobility may add some prestige to our otherwise pathetic image.

    1. Is he also Commander of the Felix Legion?

  2. I had the weirdest thought, I know this is off topic by a mile but was wondering (hey Raymond I think I am starting to sound like you now : ) ) about the 40 million shoppers who had their identity stolen at Target Stores recently due to a security breach. I can't help but wonder if the Obama Care Website will blame or shift the blame for their lack of web security issues and its undoubted prospective fallout on the giant retailer in the near future. Not that our government would ever do such a thing. But I hear the Obama healthcare site has more holes in it than swiss cheese when it comes to hackers with bad intentions. Weird thought, that I thought I would put out there. I mean if Osama Bin Laden became Saddam Hussein vicariously maybe I am not way off on this thought. Or maybe something to do with the banking system. Or maybe like Dennis Miller has stated on numerous occasions; "I could be wrong " I think its interesting timing anyway that these two events happen concurrently plus - all while Obama is on vacation. Rollout of the healthcare website and 40 million people affected by a supposedly unrelated breach by a retailer. Call me paranoid i guess. But when McAffee says the healthcare site is insecure (or maybe its just me), I think he has the proper credentials. We will see I guess. Just have a feeling that something is up, more than meets the eye. I rarely express these things, but felt compelled to anyway. ?

    1. Hey take it from one who knows, me, when it comes to computer security...

      There isn't any.

      Anything can be penetrated if it's connected to the web.

      Nothing on the web is secure. There are no firewalls. It's all wishful thinking.

      I was there at the dawn of the internet, and computers for that matter. They're an awesome tool but inherently insecure. People who treat them as secure are fools.

  3. You omitted a salient fact for incompetence: Baucus is an alcoholic, who will no doubt have hepatic issues interfere with his reign