Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bye,  Bye  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan!   Your  Relentless Arrogance and Pervasive Corruption Have Contributed to Your Own Downfall! 
On occasion,   am I gratified to see that one of my former blogs correctly predicted a nefarious situation which could and would culminate in a somewhat optimistic outcome.    Now Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  one of my favorite ‘bete-noires,’  has arisen to the level where,  as the leader of an incredible nation like Turkey,  he must resign or be taken-out-of-office.
How did a poor secular boy from the ghettos of Istanbul manage to accrue power? 
  How could Erdogan become an effective mayor of that beautiful city?    And then destroy his own country twenty years late? 
The answer to these questions lie in the body of a thorough investigative NY Times article,  Friday,  December 20, 2013,  written by three brave journalists—Tim Arango,  Sebnem Arsu, and Ceylan Yeginsu.   Don't even think of arresting these intrepid reporters,  Mr Erdogan!  (like all the other journalists and generals who dared to defy you)….it won't work.

I have discovered over my own digressions through the world of power politics that when religion and jingoism are mixed in a cauldron of corruption,   then the ArchAngel of Hubris will descend and destroy the purveyor of that unholy brew as well as the country that he/she tries to dominate.    Never has religion and corruption met a more willing victim than the compulsively Machiavellian Erdogan.    He thought that he was using the inherent complexity of Sufi mysticism to build a political elite based not on knowledge of Islam’s mysticism,  but on the crass venue of political patronage.    Like many a false prophet;   be they Jews,  Muslims,  Christians,  Hindus or Atheists;  all rely on their ability to deliver the word of God through construction contracts,  political appointments, and financial subsistence.    And when the false prophets are denied attention,  they then  resort not to teachings of patience and understanding espoused in any of the Holy Books; but rather they become their own Gods!    These Gods resort to their basic primitive natures invoking the barbarity of incarceration,  suppression and intimidation.

Perhaps,  no one understood that better than Erdogan’s own mentor,  Pennsylvanian  Imama Fethullah Gulen who correctly opposed Erdogan’s intervention in Syria supporting the Salafist Rebels funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE countries.     Gulen knew what any learned Turkish Imam knows,  especially a Sufi Mystic,  that Turkey is a secular state which does not belong in the throes of religious wars between Shi’ites and Sunnis.     Erdogan forgot the basic tenets of Sufi Mysticism which directly contradicts the beliefs of the more ignorant Wahhabi’s and their doppelganger –the tortured souls of Salafists,  fighting,  not for the Greatness of Allah but for the silver shekels thrown at their feet by the already defeated false prophets of Islam— the Kings and Princes of the British adorned thrones of inequity: Saudi Arabia.
Erdogan also committed the gravest of sins against his own people.   Without regard for the future of Turkey,   he initiated and pursued endless persecutions against his intelligentsia:  students, professors,  journalists,  jurists,  military officers.     He scorned the simple poor worker who wanted nothing more than to eke out a basic living for their families.

The Sufi Imam,  Fethullah Gulen,  warned the obstinate deaf/mute Erdogan as follows:
“Turkey should not be adventurous in it’s foreign policies.    It should not involve itself against Israel in the Mavi Marmara crisis.    Turkey should stay oriented to the west.   And Turkey should resolve it’s foreign policy issues through dialogue.” 
Unwilling to learn or listen,   Erdogan has roiled from self-inflicted crises against the students in the Gezi protests to nation-wide scandals involving construction payoffs and pandemic corruption.    Erdogan has arrived at the Day Of Judgment.    He has to be tried and punished for the greatest of all sins—Pride!
  He must learn that it is the will of the people of Turkey for him to leave unharmed for now.   But,  as I had predicted years ago,  Erdogan will become a ‘moveable feast’ where those whom he had imprisoned have sons and daughters who have learned the art of retribution.
  And those whom he has imprisoned unjustly will find solace in espousing the Code Of Hammurabi:
“An eye for any eye!  And a tooth for a tooth!”
  Civility and tolerance will perish in the bloodstreams of Istanbul’s sewers.

  And so Erdogan,  you have arrived inevitably to the place where I once said you will meet your inevitable end:   Hubris Ate Nemesis!
The Sword of Damocles will eviscerate your accomplishments…..and your future!
God Willing!!


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  7. Hey Dr.P lighten up on this guy.

    Okay so he's a little heavy handed at times but what Turkish head of state isn't. We're talking Turkey here [so to speak] and every government there needs to be on the authoritarian side least the whole place fly apart. Next you'll be saying Ataturk was a tyrant or some other misguided thing.

    Now as for your allusions to sufism, hey what the hell are to talking about? Are you back on the mushrooms again? I don't think sufism is anything more than bunk, and I don't think any government of Turkey would want to have any association with it. All Turkish governments since Ataturk have been about distancing policy from Islam, a wise position I must say.
    To pluck out of the landscape some sufi in Turkey and say he's wiser than the current secular President, well, I just don't know what that means except that you're prefer more religion in that country rather than less....

    Now as for the guy's support for "salafists" in Syria I think you're all wet because his support for the fighters against Assad isn't because he's promoting Wahabism - I think it has more to do with the civilized world's ill will for the butchery and barbarism of the Assad family and regime. I don't give a flying fuck who takes him down as long as somebody does it and that's the way the Turks and all right minded people feel.

    Now this guy has done a lot to support the Palestinians and criticize Israel and I think that's among his many accomplishments which you've failed to register.

    The guy's not perfect afterall but hey, who is. We've gotta work with who's available after all, and I don't see any Turkish James Madison anywhere on the horizon. Stop being such a pessimist and be more like myself, the "what, me worry?" original Alfred E. Newman of international politics. To me the glass is always half full, and every day is a new chance to scratch the ears of the cats and hear them purrrrr.....

    Chill out and look at the positive for a change.

    1. There is a different view: Turkey, although, traditionally thought of as a secular state, in deed, Turkey claims to be a secular state, is, in reality, an Islamic state, via its state support for Islam and suppression of other religions.

      The Egypt of Nasser and Mubarak was closer to a secular state.

      (But I'll give Turkey some breathing space because, by and large, economically, Turkey has a secular economy.)

      The most momentous change in Turkish policy was when Turkey changed its foreign policy of 'zero problems with its neighbors', a largely secular policy, to a confrontational & interventionist policy, often mixing politics & religion.

      Erdogan has visions of a political influence in the Middle East, if not on a par with the Ottoman Empire, then, as a dominant regional power. This needs to be contrasted with Turkey's economic influence, which is substantial, as Turkey, at this point, is the most economically advanced Islamic state in the world.

      But Erdogan is drinking a dangerous brew.

      Syria, not only didn't work out as planned, but has turned into a major political liability on the home front.

      Protests against the Syrian intervention were the first substantial domestic cracks in Erdogan's base of support.

      And now those cracks are turning into gaping holes with revelations of wholesale corruption.

      Erdogan has been good for Turkey in economic terms, but with his gambit of increasing Turkey's political influence beyond its borders, has been a failure.

      For the sake of a functioning democracy, the Turkish People should dump Erdogan at the next election.

      The price of failure is to have your dirty laundry exposed, and in this case, some nasty used baby diapers were hidden in and among other soiled clothing.

      Is it just a coincidence that these corruption issues have seen the light of day after Turkey has seen its gambit for regional political influence take a major step back?

      Success will hide the worst political wart, failure will reveal the ashen & sunken face of a political whore in the glaring light of day without makeup.

      Erdogan is fast becoming a used up and worn out political whore, who looks blotchy and stringy.

    2. "blotchy and stringy" politicians? Oh my God!

      "Next election" get rid of him? In favor of who? If the place is as Islamic as you claim can anyone elected be better?

      "sunken face of a political whore in glaring light without makeup?"

      Please whatever you do don't try to make a living as any kind of writer. Your metaphors are stink almost as bad as your analysis.

    3. Oh and by the way.....

      Your cliche description of a "whore" as ugly really ignorant. Unless someone in that business is a drug addict they usually look a lot better than any of the wives of anyone posting on this board.

      If you actually knew any working girls [which you obviously don't] then you'd know that.

      I always like to rise to the defense of sex workers when assailed by sanctimonious and ugly trolls.

    4. I have a few questions to ask you....

      1) Will you ever get married and/or have children?

      2) Do you think you are an alien abductee?

      3) I remember in another post, you stated that there are billions of Earths and when die, we are reincarnated to other Earths. What made you come to this conclusion? Did you a read a book on this or something?

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    8. To answer ReggieD's other two (2) questions (questions 2 and 3), I discuss things with aliens and angels all the time (immortals). I have never been abducted. Concerning reincarnation, I have never said such things. When an individual "transitions" back to immortality, GOD will decide where you will be in accordance with HIS LAW that is in effect at the time!

    9. [CORRECTION] Said individual did NOT get my "IDENTITY" from a "LIST"! Said individual "picked" by THE C.I.A. and support to receive my "watered down" "IDENTITY"! Please implement said correction in other locations where the same mistake was made.


      The authentic SOCIAL SECURITY CARD that I have in my possession contains my actual signature, and said SOCIAL SECURITY CARD is dated 9/20/2010! There should have been a SOCIAL SECURITY CARD dated August 10, 2010; however, this particular said S.S.A. CARD (dated 8/10/2010) was intercepted by MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION for the C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED) to give to the individual [correction] from a "LIST" getting my "watered down" "IDENTITY"! At the time, I was getting my mail at M.H.A.! I believe Laura (former M.H.A. DIRECTOR that died of cancer during 2012) decided to give my the said S.S.A. CARD dated September 2010; therefore, Laura (a witch) was "punished" and given cancer by THE C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)!


    10. You're wrong that "God" decides what will happen next to any soul or where and when it will end up next.

      When death occurs the soul itself sees perfectly what it's shortcomings are and have been and it urgently seeks out new opportunities for improvement. Only the individual "judges" itself - no God to do that. The soul will seek out a network in which to play out it's next destiny, which is a highly complex matter of intertwining oneself with millions of others doing the same thing in which every second of the next life is predetermined and every interaction with everyone is planned out. For primitive souls this matter is relatively simple and crude, however for less primitive souls this is unimaginably complex and sublime.

      A few years ago I was visited repeatedly by a friend of mine who died when he was only 40 years old and through him I could see how perfect his life was on earth and how it was actually a highly tuned moment in time and space in which millions or billions of elements all came together briefly along with billions of other people at the same time just to play out the drama that he had. Despite the facts that his life was very turmultuous and full of drama, fear, and violence the whole thing was really perfectly articulated and he longed and longed for it's perfection again. Life on this planet, or any other, is in fact a process of perfection and belonging which the person cannot see while here. The human mind is often so enthralled with neurological inputs such as mood, etc., that it is usually disconnected with any awareness of this.

      It's truely sad that people doubt the perfection of themselves or of the universe because of mental illness, neurosis, ideology or ignorance.

      Feel or "think" otherwise perhaps, but the universe is a place where no chaos or shortcomings really exist.

      Fear is an illusion.

    11. Reggie,

      Most of the people who have ever lived on the earth are here now so although many may have lived on this planet before it's more likely that they remember other planets that are just like this one.

      If you think about what other planets look like, and there are certainly billions of them, the ones which possess life must look just like this one. There's no reason to think that life would be present on planets which are not as tuned and perfected for life to exist as this one. I think there is every reason to believe that where life exists in this universe those planets which have it must be almost exactly like this one. I think other intelligent creatures probably look like we do also. I think there is no reason to speculate otherwise, and people like Carl Sagan who do, or have, have no real basis for their wild speculations.

    12. Speaking as a scientist I never believed that natural selection or variation could possibly explain the formation of complex tissues, organs, or speciation.

      For example it's not remotely possible for the human brain to have developed the capacity for language in only 60,000 years!

      No "evolutionary biologist" has an answer for that or any other complex trait or tissue or organ which all animals possess.

      The simple fact is that all life on this planet is engineered, every bit of it is the product of design which is so vastly complex and complicated that it's beyond human understanding.

      The forces and processes which engineer and plan out the structures of all the billions of different species on this planet are infinitely complex.

      And the purpose of man on this planet is only one purpose for which such life exists. Animal and plant life, as well as every microbe, etc. has a purpose and destiny of its own.

      Go out into the wilderness some time and experience the magnificance of all this and it will inspire as much awe as any human can handle.

      As far as genetics is concerned scientists are just now realizing what epigenetics is and that experiences can actually be passed down through genterations and when this is more fully realized then some beginning of the real processes will be appreciated though never fully understood.

      It's just too complex for the human mind to comprehend.

    13. But as for "evolutionary biology" there never has been any empirical evidence for it, the mathmatical models say it cannot exist, and it's total bankruptcy as a scientific model has not kept all scientists from believing it because they are captives to doctrine and we live in a very dark age.

      This is not an enlightened age but a dark one, no less or more dark than those which preceeded it.

      For example, the parts of the human brain which permit language are infinitely complex and according to natural selection should have taken billions of years to develop through random chance, but in reality it all developed in only 60,000 years.

      This is true of all highly complex traits observed in the fossil record. Species stay a particular way for millions of years and then in a few thousand years they develop these astonishingly complex changes...

    14. Can anyone here remember a dream in which you felt, or experienced, a high degree of awareness or "feeling" of extreme well-being?

      Would you call that "feeling" or "emotion" a mood?

      I don't think so.

      I think the awarenesses which occur in dreams are not moods at all. They are something else.

      Moods are emotional states which are soley determined by chemicals such as dopamine, seratonin, etc., and can be manipulated chemically so easily it's ridiculous.

      But the emotional experiences in a dream state are very different than that. They are feelings which are awarenesses of facts which are positive or negative in nature for the well being of the one experiencing them.

      They are emotional apprehensions of facts, not moods. They are not part of the chemical system o f the brain.

    15. This friend of mine was actually a murder victim but I never detected anything in him except tremendous longing for all the wonderful things which were able to happen because of so many people and things coming together at the same moment in time and space to make his previous life happen. His life was full of miraculous things which at the time he largely took for granted. But for what is was worth he enjoyed his life greatly and appreciated what was going on.

      Many people who visit the alamo have the experience of re-living the attack there, and even Phil Collins the singer had this happen to him, and he continually returns to San Antonio for that reason.

      These people think they are reincarnations of the victims there BUT THEY ARE NOT.

      When you are visited by a spirit, as I have been, you actually feel and see what he sees and has experienced as though it was yourself.

      It's an amazing experience.

    16. One can speak of moral codes, or the moralities or values of this culture or that.....

      But the positive and negative behaviors exhibited by individuals are a product, an output, of their natures as individuals regardless of the cultures which produced them.

      Whether an individual is good or bad is a function of the refinement or primitiveness of that individual.

      A bad person is someone who is primitive, and as such possesses a mind which is unaware of the facts of his existence or his place in the universe.

      A refined person is one with an awareness of his position in the universe, and as such bears a factual awareness and true comprehension of his self. As such he's going to have particular traits which flow from that, largely being a creative drive which runs more toward problem solving rather than mere self-expression.

      Such individuals are not only creative but friendly though suspicious of other humans, can be somewhat alienated but the opposite of misanthropic, they have inherent good will to anyone until experience proves that a particular individual should be treated otherwise.

      Such persons will often have a high degree of conflict in their lives with lesser humans, and must negotiate the proper means to express their creative/problem solving essence with the requirements of countering the ill will of other, destructive humans.

    17. For that matter such individuals bear the same empathy toward non-humans, animals in particular, with which they have a common bond.

      All humans have an animal nature, and refined humans have a tremendous affinity for animals and animals have a profound affinity for them.

      Animals also possess a non-material nature as well as a material animal nature.

    18. If you want to identify a refined person note the tendency to seek communication and benevolence with particular animals.

    19. Now let us not forget however that most people on this planet are primitive, and that a small percentage are extremely primitive, and are in fact extremely evil. On this planet there are the same number of extremely primitive and evil persons as there are refined ones. The percentage of the population which is extremely evil is about 2% and that's the percentage of the population which is highly refined.

      In the middle are bell curves everywhere, and most people are mediocre, possessing little more than biologically determined inclinations toward timidity or boldness, etc.

    20. Whenever I hear a NewAger talking about how all people are basically good and that everyone is trying their best, etc., I have to say.....HAPPY HORSESHIT.

      Real evil exists on this planet, and it is explained as primitiveness of the mind, the essence, but it's extreme evil here nonetheless and it's going to be the nature and destiny of refined individuals to seek to solve the problems they represent.

  8. COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC: Merry Christmas!

    Patriarch, did you see American Thinker?

    December 24, 2013
    Did the White House just inadvertently confirm Obama ID fraud?
    Jason Kissner
    President Obama's personal data is "not in particular government data bases" so his identity cannot be verified. And this according to White House sources. Huh? What kind of data? And what kind of president cannot have his identity verified. And this little disclosure comes just as Americans are turning off the news to an extent that makes the classic "Friday afternoon data dump" look like publicity-seeking.

    From Infowars:

    Why couldn’t validate Obama’s identity?
    Jerome R. Corsi
    World Net Daily
    December 25, 2013
    The White House appears to have dropped a bombshell when it explained to the press why White House staff in Washington enrolled President Obama in Obamacare instead of Obama himself.

    1. Time magazine also wrote a nebulous reference:

      Read this comment:
      Comment posted.

      Share on Facebook or Close Message
      Posted on time website comment:
      Of course there are identity verification PROBLEMS, but NOT THE REASON DESCRIBED HERE:

      Because his name is BARI MALIK SHABAZZ - ILLEGITIMATE SON OF MALCOM X & teenage Jewish groupie, Joanne Newman , sister of communist Dr. Fred Newman of whom Sotomayor was a protege.

      Joanne is alive & well & joined him at a NCAA FINALS GAME IN MARCH. She grew up to be an FBI MOST WANTED DOMESTIC TERRORIST, WHOSE CHARGES WERE DROPPED EX PARTE BY A LOWLY MAGISTRATE IN TH DC courts, in June 2009 shortly after the CORONATION ( inauguration).

      Magistrates have no authority to hear motions or dismiss cases - THE FIX IS IN IN THE DC COURT, MORE NOW THAT THE FILIBUSTER HAS BEEN SUPRESSED.

      Wouldn't you fix your moms case if you could?

      BARI HAS BEEN USING STOLEN SS# of dead people since entering public life. He cut & pasted a phony selective service card inverting the digits 2008, cutting off two & inverting them : to wit "80"-

      4 digits, not 2 are required. His birthdate had to be altered to correspond with 80. He is older than 1962, but it had to match:

      From the SSDI:

      SHABAZZ, B M 28 Oct 1959 Aug 1994 (V) 34 (PE) (none specified) New York ss# 084-54-5926

      V = Verified: a report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.” The report is not coded “P”, which would signify: “(Proof): Death Certificate Observed”. In other words, the death was merely claimed: there was no proof offered.

      PE = an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.

      He is a dangerous charlatan in every way.



      YOU INDOLENT JOURNALISTS! Do your diligence or quit!

      You deceive us!

      You are overpaid for slothfulness.


      How about the LIE OF AMERICAN HISTORY?

      "Barack Obama" is a serial pathological liar, worse than any satire of Jon Lovitz on SNL!


  9. Will someone please put this to rest once and for all and have Obama spit some of that Nicotine Gum into your hand for a DNA test please….and we all know what DNA stands for don't we? Isn't it a birth certificate term that means….Did Not Alter? ; )) Where is Maury Povich when you need him?

  10. Snowden's video admonition:

    The masses are false flag away from the EVE OF DESTRUCTION:

  11. ANOTHER OT: Has anyone seen the Sandy Hill stuff that was released today? Who in the government releases stuff over one year later, dumping it on a Friday during the week of Christmas?

    This is on Business Insider today:

    People Who Knew Adam Lanza Told The FBI He Was A Vegan 'Recluse' Who Didn't Seem Violent

  12. Privacy is essential for humans to find their individual natures because by nature humans have different personalities, moods, opinions, etc., and their is great variation among humans and they cannot and should not all agree on many things....

    As such it's vital that individuals feel completely free to dissent, and dissent is only possible where there is privacy. Without privacy as a given no one can dissent from the norm, and where privacy is over-riden by government then it's the norms of government which become paramount and inescapable. It therefore becomes impossible to rebel - and that's why privacy itself is necessary as a good which permits evil but also permits progress of society away from status norms.

    The same privacy which permits evil to exist also permits genius to exist, and that's why privacy is an absolute necessity.

  13. Implicit in the ideology of those who think privacy is not important is the assumption that social norms have now reached an absolute of perfection and that present social standards represent a utopia if they were only followed by everyone.

    What idiocy!