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Bandar is at it again,  have we had enough of this guy yet???  Thanks Anaconda

Saudis supplied the chem weapons to rebels

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Man For All Wars :  Obama the Nobel Peace Prize Winner  with Six Years in Afghanistan; Yemen; Libya;  Pakistan;  Mali; Chad; Sudan; Iraq;  ”Drone Kills of Innocent Civilians.”
On the Fifty Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March [MLK] on Washington,  Obama,  the first black president of the US,  is engaging in ‘limited military strike’ against Syria.
How ironic that on the day of MLK speech which preached the inequality of blacks and the poor in America,  the first black president of the US,  will engage in another  “act of violence”.  The impeding missile strike against Syria for alleged chemical warfare is immoral,  unjustified and against all international laws…..not to mention many are saying the chem attack is possibly a false flag.
The most degrading part of Obama’s unrelenting compulsion for indiscriminate  violence – possibly an ‘addiction’-- is the fact that the US military has to once again cover the incompetence of a novitiate president.   Obama knows nothing about foreign policy and thinks that ‘missiles’ are a BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION TOOL that will PUNISH the Assad regime.
As a professional psychiatrist and ‘regime changer’ for thirty years—Soviet Communism [Russia and East Europe];  Aldo Moro [Italy];  Khmer Rouge [Cambodia]; et al. –there is NO CONCEPTUAL THEORY OR PRACTICE that I know of or have engaged in that involves a military missile strike to change any regime.   Nor will it  modify or change foreign leadership behavior.
  I stand by the former and present USArmy Generals,  including  Shinseki who warned the ‘nefarious incompetent’  Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz that a deployment of 75,000 American troops was not enough to invade Iraq.
  Similarly,   USArmy General Martin Dempsey has had the courage to go in front of the American public and state very clearly that the USG cannot enter into a war in Syria without major troop commitments,  US financial encumbrance,  and serious ‘collateral damage.’
We are experiencing a déjà vu all over again.    Again our US Commanders warn the POTUS and the American public that we cannot enter into a war without basically a ‘full court press’.
But what do our civilian leaders,  most of whom have never served in the US military [Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama],  they proceed with war as if war were a pristine encapsulated theoretical concept which can include ‘proportionality’ , ‘deterrence’ and ‘punishment’ as psychological and moral concepts inherent to violence.
  War is violence on STEROIDS.
  I have never met serious senior US military leader who felt that war is a solution to nation state behavior.   But I have met  countless civilians,  usually on the Liberal/ Neocon spectra of ideology who believed  that war was an instrument of behavior modification.
War is a simple binary phenomena.   You win or you lose.
  You kill or be killed.
  Not more complicated than that.
  The rest is absolute nonsense.  
By now,  everyone around the worlds knows that Obama had placed himself into a corner of circumlocution,  where he stupidly pronounced the inane foreign policy mantras,  like ‘red line’ for behaviors of nation states.   Next Obama added in haste,  without any understanding of regime change—“President Bashar Assad must go!”
In effect what we American civilians are doing is ENABLING INCOMPETENT CIVILIAN PRESIDENTS to make inane remarks because of their inexperience,  ineptitude and then allow through congress and the press to deploy brave US military troops to invade a county on a false pretext.

  Witness the infamous Colin Powell scene in the UN with DCI George Tenet sitting behind him,  insisting that he had proof of anthrax in a vial of glass as a justification for an invasion of Iraq. 
Powell lied.   Bush Jr. lied.   Cheney Lied.  The DCI lied.  Obama
But America became so inured to Politicians lying that the only recourse was to send brave military personnel to die in the foreign country and then find out in a net assessment of the inane action that we had accomplished nothing more than killing over 350,000 innocent civilians in the region.
So once again the Nobel Peace Prize Potus Obama is on the war path.
  He knows all too well that he does not know anything and can’t affect any change other than create chaos and death in countries like  Libya,  Egypt,  Syria,  Tunisia,  Mali.
  Obama is truly a Man FOR ALL Wars.
  Obama’s never met a war he didn't like.
In counterpoint to Obama,  witness the actions of General/President Eisenhower who had witnessed the horrors of war and had lead the massive invasion of Europe in WWII. 
  As president of the US,  his first task was to stop the war in Korea that Truman had incompetently initiated.   Then he prevented another war in Vietnam that  JFK,  LBJ and Nixon  had sadly entered thanks to two incompetent generals and a lying  Sec Def---Maxwell TaylorWestmoreland and Bob McNamara.

There are three basic principles that American Presidents have proven to me over the past fifty years.
  First,  the first victim of war is truth.
  It does not matter what they say it’s all based on lies,  false assumptions and disregard for any human lives, including Americans or foreigners.

Second,   most of the Presidents know almost nothing about human behavior or nation state behavior.   More importantly,  they create false analogies like ’proportionality’ or ‘moral imperatives’ in order to cover up their ignorance/ incompetence/ corrupt nature.

Third,  there is no civilian accountability for the destruction of human  lives or financial drainage in any act of war.   Instead, we Americans don’t want to deal with ‘good’ or ‘bad war’s –wars of choice or necessity—and instead we create memorials and fancy sounding false patriotic adages to justify the unnecessary war.

Americans cannot continue to threaten or enact wars all over the world because of some ‘false sense of importance’ or ‘superiority’ or greed.
  War is mess and dirty.   It’s not something that can be ‘titrated’ or ‘measured’.
  If missiles strike Damascus or Aleppo,  then America must contend with Russia,  Iran,  Hezbollah and the subsequent implosion of a fragile Lebanon.
  Every general knows that Mission Creep is the vouchsafe of a so-called ‘surgical strike’.
  And with ‘mission creep’ we create an iatrogenic disease called ‘WWIII’ where the following countries will react in one or another way:
  Israel,  Turkey,  Saudi Arabia,  UAE,  Jordan,  Iran,  Russia,  China,  Bahrain,  India,  Pakistan……

We are entering a period of FUBAR…
Thanks to the ‘thin red line’ created by Obama,  the Man For All Wars.

I have a dream that one day we will have peace!
  What about that Obama?
I,  who fought in too many wars,  also has a dream on the fiftieth anniversary  of Martin Luther King.
  He was also my hero.
  And so was Malcolm X who was killed violently by Elijah Muhammad and the Black Muslims.
  Let’s not forget him.
  Malcolm X can teach you,  Obama,  a lot about the non-utility of violence.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Foster Gamble comes out and calls a FALSE FLAG! on the Syrian Chem weapons so-called attack!

worth the 14 min listen.
Take a quick look at this link from Buzz Feed titled "When the West Romanced Assad"

I think it was Noriega who said it wasn't good to be an ally of the West.....fickle, we are.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

INDIA:  In Serious Economic,  Geopolitical Trouble with China,  Bangladesh,  Pakistan and Weakening Economy!

In the past few blogs,  I have concentrated my attention on the India-Pakistan issues rather than the more popular media-focused Egyptian military coup and it’s predictable aftermath or the Syrian situation.
  The reason for this focus on South Asia is that the consequences of a disintegrating situation with regard to India and it’s neighbors has far more serious consequences than is often discussed by the media ‘pundits’.
  As the Indian-born,  famous  Victorian Age writer,  Rudyard Kipling  once  warned about the dangers of British Imperialism  in this famous poem,  “The White Man’s Burden” [1899]:
“Take up the White Man’s burden--…. Go,  bind your captive’s need;  To wait,  in heavy harness..”

India finds itself as the new Imperial Nation competing not only with Pakistan over the “Line of Control” as we described in the previous blog but it finds itself a far more serious economic and expansionist  war  with China to control vital resources  all the way from Brazil to Sri Lanka.
  The imperatives of this competition are not ideological but based on  increasing demographics for both countries and the need for maintaining a reasonable economic engine that can fuel their respective growths.

Q: What is the state of India’s present day economy? 
 A:  India, has defied  Wall Street’s predictions that the BRIC nations [Russia, Brazil, India, China] would be the fastest and most sustainable  emerging markets. 
India is presently struggling to reverse the downward spiral of the rupee,  it’s currency,  against the dollar.
India has the second largest population,  growing at the rate of 400 million people [more than the entire USA population]  per year.   India will  be far more populated than China by the year 2050.
Together  China and India constitute one third of the world’s population at present.   They are both the most significant players in the import of crude oil,  coal and natural gas.  They are natural competitors because of their close geographical proximity to one another.
Both countries compete against eagerly against each other for commodities from Brazil,  Kazakhstan,  Colombia, Afghanistan as well as in Kenya, Tanzania, and Bangladesh.

Q . What is the problem between India and Bangladesh? 
A:   Since 1974 when Bangladesh, three years after it’s hard fought war with Pakistan, has had border disputes with it’s northern neighbor, India.
In particular the presence of Indian and Bangladeshi enclaves on both sides of the border between West Bengal and Bangladesh has created security and political obstacles to relations between the two independent nations.
 India has been trying to stop the illegal influx of drugs, weapons, militants and immigrants.  Sounds , like Mexico and the USA?
 In 2001, there were major conflagrations between  two right-of-center nationalist parties,  the Bharatiya Janata Party in New Delhi and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party in Dhaka.

Q:  Why are the Chinese and Indians fighting over peaceful Tibet,  the land of the Holy Dali Lama?

AOnce again, ‘water wars’ in the Himalayas  trump Hollywood’s deceptive,  misinformed Dali Lama ‘nonsense’.
  Presently,  there is an undeclared ‘water war’ among the five  nations for the limited water resources in the Himalayas [Tibet, et. Al] .  These countries  include India,  Nepal,  Tibet, Bhutan and Pakistan.   
The most intense competition occurs between China and India.   India intends to create 293 dams over 20years in the Himalayas in order to garner over 80,000 MW of electricity,  three times what the UK uses.
  In addition China,  has plans for 100 dams to generate a similar amount of power  from the major rivers arising from poor tiny Tibet .   Another 60 dams will be built to generate more electrical power to the Mekong River and South East Asia.
  In effect, the presently pristine Indian Himalayan rivers flowing from Tibet,  will contain one dam every 32 Km of river channel.

It will be the densest dammed up river in the world.

The waters of the Himalaya provides the headwaters for the Mekong Delta,  the Brahmaputra,  the Yangtze, and the Yellow Rivers.   It is the headwaters of rivers on which half of the world’s water consumption depends upon.

I think that you get the idea.
No water, no life.
  Therefore,  political ideology subsumes importance to resource allocations and the subsequent strategic maneuvering in order to obtain precious water.
  In fact,  Pakistan,  Myanmar,  Laos,  Vietnam,  Bangladesh , Pakistan,  are all countries that will be severely impacted by the  outcome of the ‘water wars’.

  I will end this blog in the same way I began, by quoting Kipling  in his brilliant poem, “Recessional”,  which forebodes that all  could yet come to naught:
 “Far-called,  our navies melt away….
   Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
  Is one with Nineveh and Tyre
  Judge of the Nations , spare us yet,
 Lest we forget—lest we forget!”

We  Americans  do have a “White Man’s Burden” to prepare ourselves and our children to understand the strategic problems that we will face in next few decades.

  No longer can we be consumed by the trivial nonsense of political inanities that confront us on a daily basis.
  Tomorrow demands a wise, enlightened, strategic focus and not tactical quibbling.     For without water there is no life.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Famous American Crime Novelist Elmore Leonard Dies !   At the Same Time,   Ex-Military Coup Pakistani President  General Pervez Musharraf  is Sentenced to Death for the Benazir Bhutto Assassination!

How in God’s name can I,  a fiction writer,  connect the death of the most famous American crime writer Elmore Leonard,  who died in Detroit at the age of  87 with the Pakistani Court indictment of Musharraf? 
  Elmore Leonard was the master of writing about American crime,  murder and corruption in over 43 novels.   As many of you know,  some of his famous books became major movie hits,  including “Get Shorty”,  “52 Pick-Up” and countless others.

If Leonard still been alive he might have considered the following scenario:  Wealthy daughter becomes prominent political leader of her country.   She witnesses the hanging of her more famous father.   The daughter,  brothers and mother are placed in ten years of prison detention.   Daughter leaves her native Pakistan to become cum laude at Harvard College,  Harvard Law School and Oxford College.    She then becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan—first woman.    She then is thrown out by military coup.   Her husband goes to prison for corruption for 11 years.   He is released then becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

Btw,  after having been Prime Minister twice and overthrown by military coup,   she is finally assassinated.
Benazir Bhutto’s life and death is replete with corruption,  military coups,  internment,  exile,  re-emergence and then assassination.
  Leonard would have loved this story line.   But alas,  Pakistan was not his beat.
However,  I knew Benazir Bhutto quite well.
  I also knew the father of the Pakistani Intelligence/military –Yaqub Kahn much better.   Kahn was the man who selected and appointed all of his subsequent underlings—General Zia,  General Musharraf, etc  
Why then am I writing this blog?
On August 20, 2013,   ex-general,  ex-Prime Minister Musharraf was indicted for the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto by Musharraf’s  old rival,  Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry.
  Most people in Pakistan,  consider the charge of murder,  based on the testimony of a professional lobbyist,  Mark Siegel,  (an ex-Carter Jewish Community  Liasion Officer) to be nonsense and motivated by political revenge.
HistoryMusharraf  ruled Pakistan after overthrowing the present incompetent,   corrupt leader Nawaz Sharif.   He voluntarily gave up his position as leader of Pakistan and left to London and Dubai.   He returned to Pakistan,  on his own free will  in order to clear his name.  Musharraf  had been warned by his senior generals, former aides,  not to return to his homeland.   Nevertheless,  he wanted to return to Pakistan in order to save it from what he felt,  and I believe,  will be inevitable chaos.
QWhy should you be interested in this long distance injustice?
A:   The issue of military coups is paramount in today’s news.   We just witnessed a military coup a few weeks ago in Egypt.   In many minds,  there is a military coup which has been ongoing in Syria.   Libya was ‘freed’ by a ‘revolution’ [read USA military coup] through armed insurrection.  Therefore,  military coups  have become the topic of the year.
Saudi Arabia,  Israel, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar,  all support the Egyptian military coup against the ambiguous , ‘quasi-maybe-yes-maybe-no-definitive non-policy‘ of Obama.   Erdogan of Turkey just jailed the Chief of the entire Turkish Military along with thirty or more senior military officers to prevent a military coup.    Good luck there,  Erdie
  However,  the most interesting part of the Pakistani coup-counter-coup,  corruption-counter –corruption “Leonardian saga” is the portrayal of Benazir Bhutto. 
Throughout there is an extremely murky history of family corruption and then father hung,  daughter assassinated.   Then her pathetic husband was jailed for it [11 years]; after which her he, AsifAli Zardari,  was ‘elected Prime Minister of Pakistan—Benazir has been portrayed as the “Daughter of Destiny”[her autobiography].

No one,  including the nefarious Kennedy family [Joseph sr, Jack, Bobby, Jacqueline] nor the Clinton Clan [Hillary, Slick Willy,  Brothers Rodham,  Huma Abedin] can match the incredible efforts that Benazir undertook to portray herself as more virtuous than a copper penny and less corrupt than Boss Tweed.  
She was political corruption personified,  in all it’s manifestations.
  I knew her well.
  At Harvard,   I had attended a Social Psychology class with her [Dr H.Kelman].   I found her to be exceedingly narcissistic,  childish,  uninformed about  political  science and international relations.   She lied,  manipulated and generally was what we call in psychiatry a major pain in the ass who hogged most of the time and class energy iterating the injustices committed against her  ‘wonderful father’.
  Needless to say,  I quickly explained the facts of life, and set very tight limits on her… which of course, she resented.
  What she called me in return has to be translated from Urdu.
  However,  I had a similar occasion,  decades later,  to deal with her on a more professional level after she was deposed as Prime Minister,  again for a legacy of corruption that exceeded time and patience.   There in front of a former partner,  Dr Zalmay Khalizad,  she continued her life-intermezzo of lying,  vehemently denying Zal’s correct assertion that she had helped the Taliban by creating the thousands of Madrasses in Pakistan and Afghanistan in which the Taliban had trained the future ‘suicide bombers’.

She would always implore us to understand her ‘predicament’ and invoke her ‘national security naivite’ despite the fact that she had been in national security for thirty or more years.  But the final injustice in the Musharraff indictment is the false testimony of Michael Siegal—a paid henchman of the Pakistani government who worked as ‘Hustler and Pimp’ for them.   He would do their bidding for the ‘Pimp Price’ of $420,000  on behalf of his firm Locke Liddell Strategies.

Sidebar:  Other ‘johns’ using the pimping service of Mark Siegal are Financial Planning Coalition [$100,000];  Friedkin Group [$30,000]; Houston Firefighters Relief & Retirement [$20,000]; Healthways Inc. [80,000$]. 

Don’t forget America , we are paying for this ‘special interest whorehouse ‘ in Washington DC. Politicians and Lobbyists—nothing more than “pimps and prostitutes’. 

What do I make of this entire case?
  I will say the following:
  Ex-NSA Director,  Ex-CIA Director, General Michael Hayden,  agrees with me in that Bhutto was killed during a gun and bomb attack as she left a rally in Rawalpindi.  General Musharraf and General Hayden both corroborated the fact that it was Baitullah Mehsud,  the leader of the Pakistani Taliban who had her killed.
  In turn,  our CIA effectively retaliated against Mehsud in a  drone attack.

At that time,  Musharraf was cleared of all charges, except by the corrupt judicial branch of his arch enemies –the lawyers and the Chief Justice.   All of whom, were effective in pretening that civil law would prevail and forced Musharraf to leave Pakistan.
  I think the lesson for us Americans is clear.

Let us get out of the way in  military coups where the basic story lines don’t fit the particular dynamic of that country.   For us to think that we can impose democracy or liberal ideology on South Asia or the Middle East is at best a false hope propagated by intellectual novitiates like Frank Fukuyama or malevolent neocons [Wolfowitz,  Abrahms, etc.], disposable Tsarinas—Benazir Bhutto or even Mrs. Gandhi [who was killed by her Sikh bodyguard].

America must concern herself with America.

For the most part,  failed states,  like Pakistan and even India,  want only one thing from us— money,  and the chance to go to our graduate schools.
  I think that the money we spend overseas should go back to our own failed states—Mississippi,  Alabama,  Michigan,  California---and failing counties --- so that our own citizens can get a fair chance at a college education or better yet--  a decent living.
Too many Americans are dying in the streets of Chicago,  NYC,  Miami, and elsewhere for us to justify a benevolent foreign policy that buys us nothing but hatred and military coups.
Or as Elmore Leonard would say:
"Keep your exclamation points under control!!!"
"Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip." 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

India and Pakistan Still Fighting over The Line Of Control—Marquis De Sade Where Are You When We Need You?”
One of the discomforting truisms of international relationship is that Israelis/Palestinians will maintain their sado-masochistic [S&M] relationship as long as it suits both parties. 
  Possibly the more disturbing S&M relationship is the one between Pakistan and India. 
Pakistan was created right after WWII in order to accommodate  the millions of muslims who did not feel that Hindu India would allow them to live in peace.
 Ironically,  India presently has one hundred million muslims while Pakistan has about 75 million.
The point of contention between India and Pakistan  has been and still is – some half-a-century later--- the thorny issue of which country controls the provinces of Jammu and Kashmir.
  Is it Pakistan or India?

The “Line Of Control” known as the “Asian Berlin Wall”  is a de facto demarcation which does not constitute a legally recognized international border.    It was signed on July 3, 1972.
Why is this S&M issue between Pakistan and India so important when chaos floods the political banks of  Egypt, Libya,  Syria,  Bahrain,  Yemen,  Afghanistan, et al ?

To begin with a half decent explanation one has to understand that  unlike the middle eastern countries,  what the world is confronting now are two behemoth nuclear-armed countries that  can do significant damage to South Asia and the surrounding countries—China,   Russia,  Central Asian Republics—if a major war were to erupt. 
We are not talking about a few nuclear weapons, here.   And we are not talking just about political/religious  differences. 
What we have in this unconscionable situation is a failed state Pakistan—which is losing control of both it’s military-- Inter Service Intelligence Services as well as it’s inability to fight both the Taliban and extremist Islamist groups within Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  With regards to India,  the line of communication has deteriorated since the 2008 Mumbai attacks which were conducted under the ‘auspices’ of the ISI.
Furthermore,   five Indian soldiers were killed  recently [August 6, 2013]  in the disputed region of Kashmir.
In January of 2013,  an Indian soldier was killed by decapitation.
These recent flair-ups over the Line Of Control compels me to write this blog.
Just to give an idea of how serious the situation is,  I will try  to delineate the force structures that confront each other at the present time.
  The numbers may not be completely accurate,  but they do approximate  the force structures that would come to bear in an all-out war.

Each country has well into the hundreds,  if not thousands of deliverable weapons. 
  These two countries have standing armies that have faced each other for over 40 years.   There are about 700,000 Pakistani  ‘over-eager’ troops facing 2.2 million  highly disciplined Indian soldiers.
  This is not Operation Dome where the IDF was testing out it’s new equipment on Hamas and ‘collateral damage’ was fewer than one hundred casualties  [despite the fact that was already too many]. 
  Pakistan and India have really borne festering animosities to each other for over the last fifty years.   Their respective grievances,  real or imaginary,  could set the world ablaze in overheated cross-fire over Kashmir.    It would not take much to set this part of the world ablaze.

China is considered Pakistan’s primary patron state while Russia is indebted to India.
The spark of Kashmir could set ignite another unnecessary Sino-Russian War reminiscent of the late 1950’s  except this time with nuclear weapons.

Q: What makes this situation particularly more dangerous now than before?
A:   The departure of the American troops from the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.
  The Taliban leader,  Mullah Omar,  continues his religions haj in Pakistan to create a prominent Islamic political area for the  Taliban  after departure of the American troops.   In the meantime,  Pakistan will be stretched with it’s efforts to exert control of the Islamic Extremists in both Islamabad and in Kabul.
Pakistan is faced with Islamic extremism both internally and externally while trying to manage its conflict with India.
India is trying to focus its attention on Afghanistan—offering military and covert support to Karzai—in order to pre-empt the Pakistani militants.   India feels rightfully that it cannot trust the Pakistani military to control the cross-border attacks over Kashmir or between India/Pakistan.

What does this all mean?
  Once again,  the USG has very little leverage to manage the situation.
In reality,  China and Russia may have to arbitrate these differences,  if they find that the situation is untenable.
  But who knows best how to deal with Sado-Masochistic relationships? 
  Not I!!

        I have to resort to history for that answer.
  Maybe if we read the writings of the so-called ‘mad genius’ Marquis De Sade,   the French writer,  philosopher,  politician who exalted  ‘libertine virtues’,  we might accrue a clue as to what motivates the pleasures and intoxications of ‘beat-me-hit-me’.
May I suggest that before the modern day Juan de Marcos- Dominque  De Strauss [DSK] –be incarcerated for ‘abusing prostitutes’ [a seemingly paradoxical notion],  France might consider sending  him to Kashmir to negotiate this S&M relationship.
Who else understands the pleasures of S&M more than DSK?   Perhaps he could team up with Silvio Berlusconi who may have an in with Sonia Gandhi (born in Italy)-  he certainly understands the pleasures of a good whipping now and then.
Just a suggestion for an international advisory committee of experts that may help to prevent a  WWIII  based on Sado Masochism.    Think  outside  the  box!  

sorry no video but here's the story

Here is some background for next post.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Congratulations to the Young Reporters at the Huffington Post!
Grand Slam Huff Post!
“James Clapper,  Director of National Intelligence Who Misled Congress To Establish Surveillance Review Group” by Luke Johnson (posted earlier)

So just when we think POTUS is getting his Sh#t together,  he goes and steps into again.
What do I mean?
  Some of you may remember that in former blogs,   I have discussed the need for ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ with FISA appointments.   Obama responded:  He appointed an ‘independent prosecutor’ over a ‘more transparent’ appointment process in FISA.    In short,  Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court will have to be ‘held accountable’ in the process of ‘selecting eleven new FISA judges’.   Now, that was a good thing!!!
But then POTUS goes and appoints James Clapper to oversee the new SURVEILLANCE REVIEW group!
  No one can be more unqualified to lead an ‘independent surveillance review group’ than the ‘pathological liar’ and ‘incompetent  sociopath’ –former USAF LT Gen James Clapper.
  His history as the Huff Post pointed out is ‘rife’ with ‘lies’ to congress,  incompetent performances as Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and many other ‘ill-gotten’ positions in which he served with ‘blatant public stupidity/incompetence’.    Don't forget his big fat position at Booz Allen….yep, that's where our money goes.
But don’t believe me.

Let’s look at James Clapper, the penultimate “military careerist”:
[1] Obama said...”We are forming a high level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communication technologies…. consider  HOW WE CAN MAINTAIN THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE….”
We are supposed to TRUST the very Clapper who denied that the USG was monitoring the USA—to CONGRESS!  (see video posted earlier @ 5.35 mins in)
Sen. Ron Wyden [R-Ore] asked him if the NSA collects any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans’? 
Clapper responded emphatically “NO!!!!”   Then the liar added,  “There are cases where they could be INADVERTENTLY PERHAPS COLLECTED,  BUT NOT WITTINGLY.”
  Give me a break!
  Are we really that stupid that we are going to accept a ‘born/bred/brainwashed  liar’s feeble apology--- erroneous statement’.
If you or I answered in the same way,   I can assure you that we would have been brought up on charges of ‘perjury’ and ‘obstruction of justice’---mucho years in the ‘slammer’.
Wait,  you haven’t heard anything yet.
  But be it as it may,  here is what Clapper’s past history is like….
[2]  In 2003,   then head of the NGA,  he attempted to explain the absence of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in IRAQ [ a war this general who never fought a ‘terrorist’ in real life’ vehemently supported],   replied that the WMDs ‘UNQUESTIONABLY’  SHIPPED OUT OF IRAQ TO SYRIA and other countries before the AMERICAN INVASION!!!
Clapper said this DESPITE THE FACT THAT HIS OWN AGENCY HEAD at the NGA,  David Burpee,  reiterated to Congress that ‘we could not provide  FURTHER EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT  CLAPPER’S CLAIM’
HELLo!   We have a serious ‘legitimacy and veracity problem’ with Clapper.   Are you there White House?
But it’s not over yet,  folks!
In an interview on December 20, 2010 with Diane Sawyer of ABC News,   Clapper indicated he was completely UNAWARE OF THE TWELVE ALLEGED WOULD –BE TERRORISTS WHO HAD BEEN ARRESTED IN BRITAIN THAT DAY. 
  In February 2011,  when mass demonstrations were bringing down Egyptian President Mubarak’s presidency,  Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee Hearing that:
"The term Muslim Brotherhood… is a UNIQUE TERM for a VARIETY of movements in the case of Egypt which has ESCHEWED VIOLENCE and HAS DECLARED AL QAEDA AS A PERVERSION  OF ISLAM.."
  Please tell that to the Egyptian Security/Military forces who are now PHYSICALLY BATTLING THE NON-VIOLENT MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD non-Al Qaeda connection.
In March 2011,  Clapper was heard at the US Senate Committee on Armed Services saying "that on the 2011 Libyan Civil  War .. over the LONG TERM  GADDAFI WILL PREVAIL."
  This position was questioned by Advisor Tom Donilon who had to disagree with the statement.   Thank God,   for Donilon’s intervention.   He is an ‘Old Carter’ foreign  policy hand.
I could go on and on….but you can watch the video I posted,  go to wikipedia and look up Clapper- see for yourself.  

MEMO to National Security Advisor Susan Rice:   please rethink your appointment if you want the American people to have ANY TRUST.   RETIRE CLAPPER NOW!!  SHUT down the DNI, its useless and COSTLY.  We need the money for other things….

Fox watching the HEN HOUSE!!!!  R U kidding, POTUS????  Clapper the liar in charge of over site on Surveillance, Thanks HUFF POST!
Here is a 7 minute video on the BOOZ ALLEN money sucking debacle that 17 U.S. INTEL agencies fund....really 17 agencies for INTEL?

Posting soon on Clapper.

Monday, August 12, 2013

“HUSTLE AND FLOW”Pimps, Whores, Johns – Summer Season for Political/Economic ProstitutionLarry Summers [Chairman of the Federal Reserve];  Freshmen Congressmen:  Andy Barr[R-Kentucky]; Tom Cotton [R-Missouri]; Ann Wagner[R-Kentucky]; Patrick Murphy [D-Florida].

Many of you may have seen the wonderful independent film called  “Hustle And Flow”  about a pimp [Terrence Howard] who dreams of becoming a ‘rap singer’.
In the meantime,  he ‘hustles’ his ‘whores’ to make a living.
For me,  the following lyrics encompass the problems that we,  honest,  small-time American business people/citizens,  face in making a living when ‘the big boys’  like former  Clinton/Obama’s top economic advisor --Lawrence H. Summers  Larry -- ‘hustles and  pimps’ his way to the top job of—Chairman of the Federal Reserve [an unnecessary economic appendage distorting ‘free trade’].
The words go something like this:
  “You know,  it’s hard out to here for a pimp, 
   When he tryin’ to get this money for the rent”
In Sunday's  NYTimes  article,  (posted earlier)  describes the sly machinations of Larry  who goes from a ‘Harvard Economic Prof’ to Fed Chairman in just a few decades,   all the while ‘sucking up’ to Citibank,  JPMorgan,  Silicon Valley entrepreneurs,  and Washington policy makers – to be ‘ready for Fed Chairman’. 
  The excellent article written by Louise Story and Annie Lowrey entitled,  “The Fed,  Lawrence Summers, and Money” : goes into the omnibus of an avarice,  egregious political/economic  sycophant whose ambition is to accumulate a MIDAS TOUCH FOR MONEY and a ZEUS AMBITION FOR POLITICS ---- all the while –shuckin and jiving all the way through Wall Street after---get this:  after Larry  literally SCREWED THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND MAIN STREET by eliminating the Glass –Steagall Bill.
As an incidental note,  the Glass Steagall Bill HAD LIMITED THE NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES OF JP MORGAN CHASE,  GOLDMAN SACHS,  LAZARD FRERE,  WELLS FARGO from creating a CHAOTIC DERIVATIVES MARKET.   We  subsequently learned what happened when the banks BECAME  HIS WHORES:
“For the Cadillacs and gas money spent
Will have a whole lot of BITCHES JUMPIN’ SHIP”  [my emphasis].
But Larry never ‘copt his FINANCIAL  F..KUP’!!   Like any good pimp, Larry:
“Gotta couple girl workin’ on the changes for ‘him’ [me]
But I gotta keep my game tight like Kobe 
On the game night
Like talkin’ from a girl don’t know no better,
  I know that aint’ right.”

Next Larry  Hustled and Flowed all the way from only 7million dollars to $39million or more doing the following pimpin:
--Harvard Economic Professor.
His family is replete with Nobel Prizes for Economy. 
Sidebar:  The study of “Economics” is a ‘close intellectual relative’ to ASTROLOGY.   The latter has greater PREDICTIVE CAPACITY.

-- In 2011 ‘he jumped on a money spree’.   His clock was ticking because he knew that the Fed Chairman for which he long ASPIRED would open up in early 2014 when Ben S. Bernake [only  Princeton Prof.]  would leave.
-- Multimillion dollar consultations for Citigroup;  Hedge Fund D. E. Shaw [ $5million];  Goldman Sachs;  JP Morgan Chase  [‘inveterate crooks’-on their 20th Fed Indictment and still going..] and the ‘Exchange Company OMX’.
-- Two Start-ups charging ‘Shylock Interests’  [“Lending Club,” Square]—19-29% interest rate for borrowing money when money only costs less than 1 %.

You see Larry claims he is ‘concerned about the poor people who need the internet loans and legality of the rates’.
Clearly he is not concerned enough to lower the usurious interest rates.
Again Larry reminds of  Terence Howard [ playing the ‘pimp’],  singing these words:
“Done seen people killed, done see people deal
 Done seen people live in poverty with no meals
It’s messed up where I live but that’s  just how it is
 It might be new to you but it’s been like this for years.”
Larry is not alone.
  The article next to the one on Larry’s ‘pimping’ is about another group of Freshmen Monetary Whores entitled ,
“For House Freshmen, Panel Offers Seats of Plenty”,  written by Eric Lipton.
  Let me quote from the article:
The panel is called  the "THE CASH COMMITTEE".
Barr has raised as much money this year alone from political action committees run by major banks,  credit unions, insurance companies, etc.
  In six months Barr,   a “novitiate political pimp/whore” [he and the other legislators work “both sides of the street”] was ‘bought off ‘ with 150,000 dollars. 
Barr hosted credit union lobbyists and executives in his House office and promised them that he would PROTECT A FEDERAL TAX BREAK WORTH  $500 MILLION A YEAR.
  No work.  No risk.  No American entrepreneurial spirit.  No jobs.  No sweat. 
This club of ‘Honest Congressmen’ include :
  Tom Cotton [R-Arkansas]:  $111,500
Ann Wagner [R-Missouri]-about $100,000
Seven Democratic Freshmen have raised more money than the Maxine Waters, [D-Calif.] who has a testy relationship with the bankers.
Mr and Ms. America:  if you  want to become rich in America –PLEASE DON’T WORK !!! 

  We will all become ‘Pimps/whores’ if nothing is done:
“You know it’s hard out here for a pimp
 When he tryin’ to get his money for the rent…
 I’m tryin’ to have THANGS but its HARD FOR A PIMP
So I’m PRAYIN’ and I’m HOPIN' To GOD I…


I will end this blog with these words because I don’t think America is ready to do anything about our problems:
“Man,  It seems like I’m duckin’ dodgin’ BULLETS EVERYDAY
Niggaz hatin’ ON ME CAUSE I GOT girls on the tray
Couldn’t keep up with my girls,  that’ when THINGS GOT HARDER…”
Then I realize it will take time before we suckers can get our act together.. we have no one to express our rage….
“Wait I got a snow bunny, and a black girl too
[It’s true for   Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Men, Women, LGBT, etc---WE ARE “Fu…D” !]
"Man,  these girls think we prove thangs, 
  They come hopin’ every night,  they don’t end up bein’ 
You know it’s hard out here for a PIMP…..”