Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take a quick look at this link from Buzz Feed titled "When the West Romanced Assad"

I think it was Noriega who said it wasn't good to be an ally of the West.....fickle, we are.


  1. Excellent post! This situation us very serious and I would request that Dr pieczenik if he would please offer us an overview of how he thinks this critical situation will pan out, I know you have given us many facts on this subject but a review or summary would be greatly appreciated by your readers especially as we can't believe a word the media is telling us on this potentially grave situation! Would it be possible for the us sane members of society to re-locate to barvikha? Or possibly enjoy Noriega's chicken soup whilst the elites jockey for position in the middle east?


  3. I believe the fore mentioned was famous for keeping the jungles populated with guerilla wildlife. Maybe some of this wildlife made its way into the cities at night, looking for political food stuff. Not certain who was managing the piracy operations, down the canal and side off. Many years ago

  4. Dr. P when are you going to learn that this isn't anything particular to the US but is the way of all human relationships....

    All relationships go through these cycles of alliance and then antagonism.

    It is a cycle that is ubiquitous because of the shortcomings in most humans.

    It's inaccurate to say that only the US has this issue.

  5. Look at my own relationship to yourself...

    At first I was really impressed with you, then I denounced you, then I recanted and apologized....

    Now I like you more than ever.

    Life is full of dilemmas.

    If you care about more than one thing that's what's gonna happen...