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please stop this nonsense with unnecessary military spending,  don't you have a road or a school to fix???  posting soon.

Maybe Lockheed Martin should build school buses or something useful.
Here is a "feel good" for you.  There ARE some good people that do good things because they care.  When you have 14 minutes to feed your soul, watch this video about the fine people at the South Florida SPCA and how they rescue and rehab these beautiful souls.  Its worth a watch

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“Merci” French Ambassador Bernard Bajolet for his Honest Swan Song on Afghanistan: “Catastrophe”!!
Once again the American spin machine about improved military, political, and economic progress has been shown to be a DEFINITE LIE!   It is once again a discredit to our military personnel everywhere, every time.
  As usual our top brass who probably never heard of the US MILITARY CATASTROPHE called VietNam and our so-called successful body count reporting has once again gone into SELF-DELUSION. 
Here is what our new US Marine Corps Commander General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. [‘Fighting Joe’] said of US and international efforts to make Afghanistan free of corruption and independent:
“Very soon the Afghan National Security Force [A.N. S. F.]  will be RESPONSIBLE [my emphasis] for SECURITY NATIONWIDE”.
And adding insult to injury,  once again our Senior Military Officers  including his predecessor US Marine Corps General John R. Allen who was summarily dismissed for ‘inappropriate communications’ whatever that means- have insisted on maintaining lies to the US CITIZENS about the so-called ‘SUCCESS’ of their respective military campaigns. 
This statement comes on top of US Marine Corps General Joseph Matthis [“Mad Dog”] assurances of stability in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Next we have a slew of other SELF-DELUSIONAL Military Leaders:  Admiral Mike Mullen; US Army General David Petraeus; US Army General Martin Dempsey; et al.
You get the idea, my dear readers.   The greater the amount of FRUIT SALAD on their respective chests---the GREATER the HYPERBOLE and LIES.
So what prompted this blog?
The French Ambassador to Kabul,  Bernard Bajoletthe next Director of Frances Direction Generale de la Securite, it’s foreign intelligence service [extremely good from my experience—often called ‘la piscine’ ] made the following summation of the situation in Afghanistan:
--He called the Afghan Situation a PERFECT STORM of political, economic, and military failures.

--‘We do not have enough distance to make an OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT [my emphasis], but in any case, I think it crucial for the AFGHAN HIGHEST LEADERSHIP [read ex-Maryland Deli owner , CIA/Unocal operative—Hamid Karzai] take more VISIBLE and OBVIOUS OWNERSHIP OF THE THEIR ARMY’

--Afghan Govt has to cut CORRUPTION which discourages investments, and DEAL WITH DRUGS and BECOME FISCALLY SELF –RELIANT.

--He said what everyone else but our own US GENERALS/POTUS  would not admit that “Afghanistan has become the world’s LARGEST SUPPLIER OF HEROIN!!!!!” 
 And more IMPORTANTLY, he added, “Heroin trafficking in  AFGHANISTAN  causes more casualties than terrorism!”

--As for the Famous SELF RELIANCE that our GENERALS/POTUS  prevaricate about,  the French Ambassador said :
 “We should be LUCID:  a country that depends almost entirely on the international community for the salaries of its soldiers and policemen, for the most of its investments and partly on its current expenditure,  CANNOT BE REALLY INDEPENDENT!!”

  Merci Bien, Monsieur Ambassador Bernard Bajolet.
  A breath of fresh air and truth from a Frenchman! Bien Fait!
Now, what should we Americans do about the last three presidents who lie and kill innocent people?  What about the cowardly,  politically hog-tied generals and admirals who are weighed down with ridiculous chest candy.   These guys continue to get masters degrees,  PhD’s on the taxpayer’s dole!   They double dip their way into a cushy retirement after a career of lying to the American public about so called progress.
We know its that old Military/Industrial complex that has taken over our country like a toxic blob from outer space.
General Eisenhower,  once he became president,  personally checked the Pentagon rosters of generals every week to see where they were posted and what these guys were up to.   But we can’t expect that from our last three presidents,  these guys (Jr, Clinton, Obama) never served in the military (they were CIA tools )  and they even disdained any of the military’s true accomplishments.
Is there not one honorable general or admiral who will stand up,  challenge the lies and stop the dishonor that the current military leadership has brought to this nation?    Is there not one general who is smart enoughrich enough and independent enough to QUIT and say “Stop!”   I would like to believe that the Military Leadership would confront this greedy slime called the military/industrial complex and have the patriotic guts to say "ENOUGH!"    But the military has been stuck in the molasses of self aggrandizement and narcissism.   Or wait,  do these military leaders just feel too comfy in the uber-communistic system of the military….cradle to grave care (but only for the top bananas- the rest of you poor combat vets, fend for yourselves!).   I hear rumblings but its not enough,  where is an Eisenhower when you need one?

here's your homework for tonight!  what a mess afghanistan is, and boy do we lie about it!  Takes a frenchman to tell the truth, scary.

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The "lost" history channel episode on the JFK assassination, you'll need 45 minutes, its worth it
Thanks policy critic.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Robert Swan Mueller III: Sixth and Current Director of the FBI- Please Answer the Following Questions for the American Public:

[1] Did you know or participate in any way in the recent Boston Bombing?
[2] Could you explain your relationship with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick,  a former Legal Associate of yours at the once prestigious law firm Hill and Barlow
[3] Could you explain to the American public how you specifically were asked to work in the office of the U.S Attorney’s Office of the District of Massachusetts as Assistant United States Attorney investigating  and prosecuting financial fraud;  TERRORISM –which cases and how did you prosecute them--;  as well as Public Corruption;  Narcotics conspiracies;  and International Money Launderers?
[4] Is there any correlation between the fact that you served as a public servant of Massachusetts,  and in private practice in two PRESTIGIOUS  BOSTON –yes,  Boston appears again and again on your resume—Both Private Law firms: Hill and Barlow as well as Hale and Dorr –and the fact that there happened to be “A Terrorist Bombing In Boston”?  Sir, is that simply coincidence? Or is there some connection?   If so, please explain what that connection might be?
[5] During the time you had attended Princeton University did you join or were you solicited to join a Secret Society? And if so, which one did you join?  And if you did not join, why not? 
[6] At either Princeton University where you received your BA in 1966;  or New York University where in 1967 you received your M.A in International Relations;  or in 1973 at the University of Virginia where you received your JD;  did you ever join or were you ever solicited by any U.S. civilian or military intelligence organization,  specifically the CIA or Military Intelligence, to join, participate or interact with them in any form? 
If so,  please explain your relationship with both the USG Civilian and Military Intel organizations prior to your becoming FBI Director.
  When and if you were solicited,  by whom and what to join or represent a USG covert organization?  And for how long? 
Were you in any way working with the CIA in the Boston Bombing?  Or with any Chechens prior to the Boston Bombing?  If so, when and where?  And for how long?  And for what purpose?
[7] When you acted as lead prosecutor against Panamanian General Manuel Noriega, what LEGAL AUTHORITY DID YOU HAVE WITH REGARDS TO A GENERAL OF PANAMANIAN BIRTH AND RESIDENCE? 
  Please answer my question with regards to General Manuel Noriega,  because I was intimately involved in the attempts to ‘Get Him out of Panama’.   But as a US OPERATIVE DURING THE REAGAN administration,  no one was sure what LEGAL AUTHORITY we,  the USG,  had with respect to possible CRIMES COMMITTED by a PANAMANIAN GENERAL against a PANAMANIAN CITIZEN…..
[8] Who specifically asked you to prosecute General Antonio Noriega in Vice President Bush Sr ‘s office? 
  Was it his national security advisor Don Gregg
  Was it your FORMER LAW COLLEAGUE at HALE and DORR—C.BOYDEN GRAY—Legal Counsel to VP Bush Sr? 
  And if so, what grounds did Mr Gray or any other person in the office of the Vice President give you considering that General Antonio Noriega had told me PERSONALLY that he had worked for BUSH SR in INTELLIGENCE and DRUGS? 
Can you explain any possible legal conflict that you might have regarding this case and your subsequent appointment as Director of the FBI when two other very qualified candidates SPONTANEOUSLY DROPPED out of the RUNNING for FBI DIRECTOR?
  Was your appointment as FBI Director on July 5, 2001 for George Bush Jr in any way tied or related to your work for VP,  then President BUSH SR? 
  If so, please explain!
  Remember you are under the oath of office and the requirements of the office to not perjure YOURSELF IN ANY WAY.  And you cannot take the fifth!
[9] Were you or any of your representatives of the FBI involved in anyway in the 9/11 FALSE FLAG EPISODE or the ATTACK ON THE TWIN TOWERS?
  Remember ---if you lie, that means PERJURY—and that is a long sentence for a FEDERAL OFFICIAL!! As you KNOW ALL TOO WELL!!
[10] Were you in any way as FBI Director involved in the final ‘assassination’ of Osama bin Laden during President Obama’s tenure? 
If so,  how were you and/or your representatives in the FBI involved in the Osama Bin Laden raid and ‘Assassination’?
I think by now,  Mr Mueller, who received the Bronze Star,  two Navy Commendation Medals,  the Purple Heart and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry ---understand that you,  a VIETNAM WAR HERO,  MAY HAVE TURNED YOUR LOYALTIES AWAY from SERVING OUR COUNTRY  to serving our  PRESIDENTS WHO HAVE HARMED OUR COUNTRY!
  Is that what they taught you at St. Paul’s School?
  I think not, Mr Mueller!
  I will quote to you what one of your most famous legal colleagues,  Joseph Welch,  uttered to Senator Joseph McCarthy: 
  I close my case, Mr Mueller.   And now,  as an ex-hostage negotiator and psychological warfare operative--- I leave you with your conscience and ask you again—Will you RESIGN?   For the benefit of the country that both you and I fought for?
When you ponder this question,  I would like you to remember  those fine words of inspiration and truth that were taught to you at both St Paul’s School and Princeton—
 “Let us learn those things on earth,  the knowledge of which continues in heaven!”

Alex Jones' interview with Wayne Madsen (just in case you didn't hear it, thx Patriarch), helps fill in the blanks on the Boston situation.

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Net Assessment of USG Capacity to Handle Domestic TerrorismBOSTON MARATHON ATTACKMajor Disaster for POTUS;  WH National Sec Staff;  FBI;  Mueller;  Eric Holder; CIA;  Boston Police Force;  Governor Deval Patrick.

The horrendous handling of the Boston Marathon bombing proved once again that an ACT OF TERRORISM is 96% successful in creating its initial intention—FEAR.  But in this particular case---a so-called act of ‘terrorism’ created the ABSOLUTE DREAM of ANY WORLD WIDE TERRORIST---COMPLETE PARALYSIS and LOCKDOWN OF BOSTON AND it’s ENVIRONS!!

The Boston Bombing paralysed a metro area of 4 million through fear alone and the subsequent inept handling of the siege.
In crisis management,  there are three basic principles which the founding fathers of Counter Terrorism and Hostage Negotiation initiated and taught over thirty years of experience: 
[1] Control –Media, Violence, and Complexity of Situation.
[2] Minimize the Theater of Fear and Terrorism—this is the most inviolate principle which differentiates the amateur from the professional crisis manager.  The press is borne and embedded as part and parcel of the theater of terrorism. 
The more media coverage,  the greater the impact of the fear. 
The reporters become the RESONATORS and AMPLIFIERS of the fear factor.   The job of the professional is to eliminate that factor by not reporting events or ‘managing’  the media coverage.
In my experience,  I literally cut off the access of the networks to the perpetrators.   Even in the age of the internet it is even easier to control the ‘official’ media coverage through silence and ‘no responses’.   But once the media is asked to help in the apprehension of the perpetrator,  the crisis is now controlled by the terrorists.
The FBI’s decision to release the pictures of the perpetrators and requesting the public to help in the apprehension of the two brothers may have been good police work but it was terrible counter-terrorist crisis management.
I have run crises with 500 Hostages in three buildings in Washington DC with several already dead, my one and only job was to free the hostages, minimize the impact the fear of the terrorism in Washington DC and protect the office of the presidency.
[3] NEVER ESCALATE the CRISIS to the level where the POTUS is involved in either decision making or the appearance of decision making. 

The reason is simple.
  If the POTUS gets involved as OBAMA invariably did and Jimmy Carter had wanted to do [but I threw him out of the crisis room], it places the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY and THEREFORE the SYMBOL of the USG as a HOSTAGE to the ACT OF TERRORISM. 
This is a no-no!
It was the professional obligation of the FBI crisis manager and especially his boss,  MUELLER,  not to involve POTUS or the WH in any of the decision making process. 
But as usual, the FBI failed.  
The FBI should have insisted on a gag order on any and all participants to minimize the fear factor but once again,  they did the opposite….
So who won in this CRISIS of “TERRORISM”? 
The terrorists made Boston look like the catastrophes that our own military has created in Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Somalia. 
  This terrorist action brought home the atrocities that we americans don’t see when we illegally invaded and destroyed muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria. 
  So what are the lessons that we American citizens have to learn from this tragedy?
[1] We should demand from our legislators an independent investigation of the FBI handling of the crisis. What went wrong??
[2] Mueller, the Director of the FBI, should be investigated for incompetence,  starting with a history antedating the FALSE FLAG 9/11 Attack.  Seems our legislators are afraid of him,  as they were of J Edgar Hoover, so it will depend on the American public to insist on exposing Mueller’s actions during the 9/11 cover up and now his mishandling of Boston.
[3] The Boston Police Dept should also be investigated for the way they handled the entire situation.  It’s standard procedure.  Where did they make mistakes and where did they succeed. 
[4] The WH National Security Staff –filled with novitiates—should be seriously cross examined for their incompetency and lack of demonstrated experience in Crisis Management. 
In particular, Lisa Monaco, rumored to be the next head of the FBI.  Who is she? What are her qualifications for counter terrorism other than political cronyism? 
Denis McDonough –has proven to be one of the WORST CHIEFS of STAFF in the past thirty years.  As far as I know,  he was basically a speech writer who wandered into areas in which he was completely incompetent to run,  like foreign policy or domestic crises. 
It is the prerogative of Obama to choose any one he wants,  but clearly his inexperience in both domestic and foreign policy has become so blatant.  Crises after mis-handled crises….real or not, it ain’t leadership, folks!   Osama bin Laden “faked” killing,  the real death of our ambassador in Benghazi,  the false flag of Sandy Hook,  Arab winter,  sanctioned torture and now this mess in Boston-  this is what Obama hath wrought.   With leadership like thiswho needs it??
But where is our favorite group in all this mess in Boston?   Constantly Incompetent Agency worked with these two brothers and the Chechen terrorists.
The Russian FSB asked our FBI about one of the brothers and his activities in Chechnya with the so-called islamist terrorists.  The FSB knew what many of us in the Intelligence world knew, that the CIA has been creating strategic tensions around the countries called the CIS- all those in central Asia which separated from the Soviet Union in the 1990s.
Let’s ask our CIA for a briefing on how the Chechen family received political asylum in the early 2000s ??  then why the parents returned back to Russia leaving their wealthy sons to live in Cambridge Mass?   I don’t see a conspiracy,   I see a FUBAR by our USG both domestically and in Foreign Policy!  
One of my readers maintains that we just need 3% to start seriously questioning and demanding answers:
Why are we at war?  
Why do we commit and sanction torture?
Why are we spending money on police/military equipment when our schools and roads are deteriorating?
Why are we shipping 10 billion dollars worth of military equipment to Israel and the UAE?
What is this Homeland Security monster that is sucking all of our taxpayer money?
Keep at it, they are messing up like crazy.

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a post from a reader in Utah, see the headline after the "minutes"...

I am asking the readers to start questioning and posting the scheduling of these "drills" happening all over the country...document on your own blogs, FB, twitter etc....why are we having these expensive "emergency preparedness drills"?  How much are they costing us taxpayers?  Where are the municipal and state authorities?  Why are we spending money on military vehicles, ammunition, high tech surveillance, crowd control?  Why aren't we building roads, fixing bridges, repairing schools, building high tech factories?  Follow the money trail, who is getting paid for these drills for the FAKED WAR on terror?  Who is getting the fat jobs, the lucrative contracts?  Who has been compromised?  Follow the money and you will find the cars, computers not police state equipment!  Learn to fight back.

These pictures are from Boston not Beirut!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

American Civilian and Military Officials Awaken!
Thanks to the Following Legislators and Military Officials for doing the right thing!
[1] Defeat of Gun Control Bill:
-Sen. Charles Grassley [R-Iowa]: ”Which hardened criminal will subject himself to a ‘background check?” BRILLIANT AND WITTY AS USUAL !!!
-Dean Heller [R-Nevada] overrode his colleague—Sen Harry Reid, The Mormon, Boxer who grew  up in a whore house!! CONGRATS!!
- Sen. Kelly Ayotte[R-NH]—Live Free or Die!!
- Max Begich [D-Alaska]; Mark Pryor [D-Arkansas]; Heidi Heitkamp [ D-ND]; Max Baucus [D-Montana]--- BRAVE DEMOCRATS!!!
--Sen Dianne Feinstein—[D-Calif.] continuously proposes restrictions on federal assault weapons since 1994.  She was so moved by the recent ‘false flag’ Newtown, Conn. that she personally initiated another gun control legislation despite warnings from her own party leadership that she would lose.
She receives CONGRATS for ARROGANCE, CORRUPTION AND PREVARICATION ---a legislator who voted for the Iraq War,  knowing fully well that it was a lie.  In addition,  she wholeheartedly supported the Patriot Act—suppression of American basic freedoms in the non–existent  world of the ‘war on terror’.  She receives condemnation for having supported in full force the ‘torture ‘ and ‘interrogation’ illegal activities of the CIA, DOD, US mercenaries, and other legislation which curtailed our liberties to criticize any generals, including General Betrayus.
  She is being highly recommended for “legislative disposal” [GET RID OF HER ASAP!] as well as potential indictment for collusion on war crimes regarding the illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, et al. 
 [2] US Military Reversal of Support for “Unknown” Free Syrian Army: 
In a recent courageous reversal by JCS General Martin Dempsey,  he admitted that the US could no longer be sure that they could clearly identify the right group to equip within the ranks of the opposition to Assad. 
  This statement came as a welcome surprise to me and others because Gen Dempsey had been a strong proponent of DCI Gen David Petraeus claim that they, the CIA, had ‘vetted’ the Syrian opposition forces.  Once again, we discover that Gen Petraeus had lied to the American people.
But more importantly,  Demsey’s remarks are in stark contradiction to the politico SecState ‘justa-gigolo’ John Kerry who blatantly LIED in the same hearing that the State Department and the WH held.   SecState Kerry: “There is a very clear ability now in the Syrian opposition to make certain that what goes to the moderate, legitimate opposition is, in fact, getting to them.”
  Guess which one is lying? 
  I’ll give some hints.
  First, one of these Vietnam combat veterans brought a camera crew into the war to show his Massachusetts constituents how well he was fighting. 
  Second, this same person ran against his secret brother in the Yale Skull and Bones Society while Bush Jr was the Republican candidate for President.
  Thirdly, this man never worked an honest day in his life other than being on the Federal payroll as a legislator. 
You got it!! John Kerry, the ‘so-called’ Vietnam War Hero who ‘threw away’ his medal of honor in defiance of the Vietnam War was and is a CONSUMMATE LIAR—PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY. 
But,  he certainly deserves the accolade of being AMERICA’S PREMIER GIGOLO!! CONGRATS on marry wealth, not once, but twice!!! No mean feat for a French Speaking legislative laggard and CIA asset, just like his father,  whom he claimed was in the State Dept.  NOT!!!
There it is, a quick wrap up of a few Americans who were willing to stand up for their personal and professional convictions (and a couple who continue to lie) in order to insure that our Emperor Obamus does not destroy this country while he self –destructs himself.  
Shame on you OBAMA for having to create all those “false flags” and “lies” in order to promote your un-American agenda.   But it has been reported that Obama is “enraged”  and “reclusive”….you should be, even your ex supporters are on to you.
PERHAPS,  EMPEROR OBAMUS YOU SHOULD SHED A TEAR FOR YOURSELF AND NOT… WE Americans…. who could easily do without you or any Federal official who claims to protect us against ‘ourselves’ and ‘fictitious terrorists’. 
Tyranny has a way of self-destructing.  You are on your way, OBAMUS! And there is nothing that you nor your minions can do to stop the tide,  everytime you falseflag,  more people are on it!


"You do not have a Commander in Chief! He has been INDICTED FOR WAR CRIMES!"

-Former Naval Captain and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State,
Dr. Steve Pieczenik


On Tuesday, the Constitution Project, a Washington, DC think tank, released a 577-page report by its “Task Force on Detainee Treatment” documenting WAR CRIMES committed by Clinton, Bush and OBAMA including unthinkable atrocities punishable by life in prison or death.



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Nice job on this one Alex, sums it up quite nicely....spoke to lots of friends in the area at the time, lots of fishy things going on....timing of the bombings, advance warnings  etc

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please read and follow your conscience

The Unintended Consequences of the Boston Massacre: THE SPECIFIC INDICTMENT of  Bush Jr/Obama/CIA/US Military “Torture of 9/11 Prisoners” at GITMO—FINALLY CONFIRMED as a “WAR CRIME”-- Equivalent to Prosecuted Nazi War Crimes and the Torture/ Internship Of Japanese Americans During WWII.
  Nothing beats a sensational front page news story like a Boston Marathon Massacre!  Most readers would miss the incidental but far more serious implication for the moral compass of America than the  NY Times story by Scott Shane, entitled, “U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11,  Non Partisan Review Concludes”. (posted earlier)
  In this article, both Asa Hutchinson [Republican/Bush Jr Administration] and James R. Jones [Democrat, Congress] indict the interrogation and tortures committed by Presidents Clinton [Rendition], Bush Jr [full menu of tortures], Obama [Bush Jr in Black Face]. 
In essence,  this bipartisan report,  along with 6,000 pages of still classified docs  IMPLICATES THREE ADMINISTRATIONS of INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES—RENDITION, TORTURE, ENHANCED INTERROGATION. 
  What does this mean in the midst of our frenzy to find ‘supposed terrorists’ of the Boston Marathon Massacre? 
It means that, as I have previously repeated time and time again, we have had and still have Presidents who have willingly committed acts of International War Crimes Punishable by Death and / or Life Imprisonment. 
Furthermore, to make matters even worse, the extensive investigations showed that the abominable, criminal activities of interrogation, torture, water boarding committed by the CIA, US military, US mercenaries and sanctioned by three presidents were like the wars themselves- totally useless.
Have I, an experienced counter –terrorist expert with thirty years experience who had never had to touch even one detainee,  let alone torture or ‘interrogate’ anyone, suddenly had a fit of righteous indignation or just decided to vent his RELENTLESS FURY for UNREPENTANT SINS of our THREE PRESIDENTS and their MINIONS?
The answer lies not in the headlines nor in the hysterical media distractions of a tragic occurrence which I might have been able to predict (I think Patriarch did predict this),  had I known beforehand that this report would come out on the same day as the BOSTON MARATHON.
  That’s right! You’ve got it! Once again, Obama in concert with FEMA, CIA, FBI, and other National Security minions—the usual ‘choir boy suspects’—decided to OFFER A DISTRACTION. 
  Bloody! Macabre! Inane!! Insensitive!
  But please place this Boston Marathon along side the sacrifices that Bush jr was willing to make in terms of dead American bodies in 9/11—close to 3,000 innocent Americans in the World Trade Center alone.   The Boston Marathon Massacre is small potatoes in the theater of distractions for war crimes.
  A decade ago,  Bush Jr had no qualms, of course along with his close pal Cheney, of sacrificing a few thousand US military men in the useless Iraq War.  Don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent Pakistanis, Yemenis, Afghanis, and Iraqis that Obama, Panetta, Tenet, Hayden, Brennan et al, are willing to sacrifice in the name of ‘terror’ or, excuse me, the ‘war on terror’. 
So what’s a few Americans who were killed and injured in the Marathon Race?  Nothing, really,  in comparison to the full scope of the extent of the horror that Clinton, Bush jr  and Obama collectively had engaged in maiming the innocent; torturing the prisoners;  injuring and killing the countless thousands of innocent civilians; destroying societies and countries; and creating world wide MAYHEM and CHAOS—all for the sake of NATIONAL SECURITY??  
Let me be more precise and list some of the issues that are relevant to the ‘torture’, ‘interrogation’ and ‘the legal consequences’ of those actions over a thirty year period since the Clinton Administration. 
  But first let’s go back, a bit further to WWII. 
--A Japanese General was summarily executed by the US allies for waterboarding pilots who had been caught in the Jimmy DoLittle Raid on Tokyo.
-- US Army soldiers during the Vietnam War summarily placed in prison for waterboarding Viet Cong prisoners of war. 
--In 1948,  Norwegians executed German SS officers practicing ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ called ‘Versharfte Vernehmung’ developed by Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller, using ‘sleep deprivation’, ‘extreme cold’, ‘suspension in stress positions’ and ‘deliberate exhaustion’. 
 --Navy Captain Albert Shimkus Jr, who ran a hospital for the prisoners at Gitmo protested the unethical behavior.
-- Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger approved rendition.
--Bush jr, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Condi, Steve Hadley, Elliot Abrams, Gen. David Petraeus, Jose Rodriguez [head of CIA Covert operations], John Brennan, David Addington [WH staff],  all approved the use of severe interrogation methods including hypothermia, waterboarding, stress positions, abdominal beatings, genital torture, and other bodily and psychological harm according to Department of Justice Concurrence of Attorney General John Ashcroft as written in the paper by John Yoo.  Also concurring to these aforementioned methods were NSA Director General Michael Hayden, SecState Collin Powell, and DCI George Tenet . 
--The only official to dissent officially and was subsequently reprimanded was Philip Zelikow, PhD who wrote a memo contesting the DOJ’s Torture Memo written by John Yoo  and others in “Justice”.
-- Karl Rove told BBC in 2010: ”I’m proud that we kept the world safer than it was, by the use of these techniques. They’re appropriate, they’re in conformity with our international requirements and with US law”. 
--Cheney: ” I was and remain a strong proponent of our enhanced interrogation program.”
--Congresswoman, later Speaker of the House,  Nancy Pelosi [D, Cal. San Francisco] in a meeting with the CIA/Bush Jr Administration—WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORTED ENHANCED INTERROGATION AND TORTURE!
There goes our in-house LIBERAL—ALL THE WAY WITH TORTURE, PRINCESS NANCY! What happened to the infamous University of Berkley WAR PROTESTORS-IT’S ONE OF YOUR OWN !!! And what about your Pacific Heights Liberal Constituents?  Do they know that you are true blue SADIST and WAR CRIMINAL? 
--But Congresswoman Jane Harmon also from California and a Democratic Liberal had the guts to dissent and object. But she was in the minority. 
 --James Steele, in charge of the US Death Squads [Paramilitary] in El Salvador where 75,000 civilians were killed was placed by Cheney and Rumsfeld as ‘OUR MAN IN IRAQ’ to train the counter insurgency.  Also involved with Elliot Abrams and Ollie North in the Iran Contra Affair. War criminal!!!
-- Jose A, Rodriguez Jr,  the former Director of the National Clandestine Service for the CIA [served 31 years] and author of “Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives” 
  This Puerto Rican “Torture Wonder” from the University of Florida could not stop lauding his incredible efforts at engaging in constant torture of 9/11 victims to such an extent that he rode the celebrity circuit promoting his book of absurd observations: ”About 30 out of the 100 or so detainees that the CIA held were subjected to some harsh treatment.”
It’s this same ‘pobrecito’ who literally gave dictation to Kathryn Bigelow for her fictional film rendition of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and then after being reprimanded by me in an email to my contacts, Jose quickly recanted his story.  What an dishonorable, cowardly pobrecito!!! 
General David Petraeus, who would become the DC I and tried to distance himself from Steele was deeply involved and knowledgeable about the torture and paramilitary death squads in Iraq. My bad!! 
Even yours truly could be fooled by the presumed integrity of a man who had been shot by his friend on a shooting range and claimed that he was the innovator of the thousand year old counter insurgency theory.  What a liar, well, someone saw fit to put Petraeus in his proper place of ignominy.  Too bad for the honorable men and women who served him and were fooled by him as I was.  Petraeus is an example of how rampant sociopathy and self aggrandizement rages through our so called warrior leaders.
BTW, in most cases of enhanced interrogation, one often needs the presence or advice of a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist.  I would recommend consulting my former psychiatric colleague who presents himself as an expert in the mind of a terrorist- Dr. Jerry Post.  He also trained at Harvard Medical College.  However, unlike myself, he was the founder and director of the Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior at the CIA for over 20 years.   In fact, he was so good at questioning terrorists or suspected terrorists that he was awarded the Intelligence Medal of Merit in 1979 and received the studies in Intelligence Award in 1980!  Atta boy!  He then received the Nevitt Sanford Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Political Psychology in 2002.  He was a consultant for the CIA for a long time and probably still is!  He presently resides as many academic CIA assets do at the George Washington University Department of Political Psychology on E Street in DC.  I am certain he knows a lot more about enhanced interrogation than any other psychiatrist or medical doctor….including me!

  By now, my dear readers, I am certain you get the idea. 
  Falls flags galore.  Deaths abound.  Non-deaths are opine as in Sandy Hook.  At least, in the Boston Massacre, one can see how much of a ‘false flag’,  Sandy Hook was, without any pictures of blood, guts and death.   Remember that scene in Chicago where you have to razzle-dazzle them???  Distraction from the REAL story.
But the point is quite simple!
  Once again,  Executive tyranny reigns supreme over our Republic.
  It started with Slick Willy and Rendition and his corrupt political and economic cronyism.  Then it accelerated and deteriorated with Bush Jr and company. 
 And now the President of “NON-TRANSPARENCY” and “NIXONIAN SECRECY” and “DRONE WARS” has continued the slide of our republic into a criminal civilization worthy of an international tribunal placing our leaders in jail or worse. 
  As for me,  as I once said to a former governor who accused me of tyranny acting against his brother, Bush Jr,  I replied very calmly, “In times of tyranny, treason is PATRIOTISM”!!!

Vox Populis! Vox Deus!!

Some homework for tonight's post, don't be fooled by the HEADLINES, look below.  Please read
This is worth the 50 minutes to watch HOW America tortures!  Anyone that denies it, is a liar.  This is a documentary on how one James Steele led a para military group of police commandos in Iraq under the guidance of Rumsfeld and Petraeus.  My readers are great, thank you for supplying this.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Valley Meat is the culprit here, people!  You need to read this and understand what is happening slowly  but surely to our beloved creatures that built America on their backs, our horses.   Cheap meat, high profits sold to foreign buyers.  I am a dog lover and just cuz fido gets old, I don't sell him to a kill auction

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Recent Death of the Iron Lady is sad as all deaths are to any nation with pride in its Leadership.  I honor her memory even though I personally did not know her.

However, I was involved in the Reagan Administration on both the INTEL side and the policy planning staff regarding key events that happened during Thatcher's leadership.  I have to smile when I read how British Historians in retrospect take great pride in the fact that Mrs Thatcher ordered the attack on the Argentine Falkland Islands.  This territory was little more than a group of rocky islands and military installations that were no threat to anyone other than the incompetent Junta Generals who occupied them.  But the islands were in dispute and England cherished some forlorn desire to re-occupy them for the sake of national pride!   So Maggie (no strategist she, unlike Winston Churchill) decided in one of her temperamental, irrational moments to commit the entire British armada to re-acquiring the Falklands.  In the beginning this was a military joke but it turned into a tragedy when the British government decided to declare victory at all costs.   Exocet missiles provided by who else??? yes, by the Israelis to the Argentine navy created quite a disproportionate amount of damage to the British navy.
The end result:  Regardless of cost, manpower lost, and the complete absurdity of the undertaking of this war- the Iron Lady became a heroine in her own country!  Sound familiar, do we see a pattern here?
At the time, my perspective and that of others who worked in both military and civilian INTEL groups found this exercise of power to be irresponsible, irrational and embarrassing.   But as good British allies, the USG provided incredible intelligence to the British Armada that allowed the pathetic Junta regime to be defeated BUT at GREAT COST to BOTH SIDES.  
The only senior official foolish and non-plussed enough to take credit for this foolhardy British undertaking was Sec Def Caspar Weinberger.  He was so eager to help Maggie so he could get one of those medals from the Brits (The order of merit, most distinguished order of saint blah, blah…more scrambled eggs, chest candy, boy scout honor badges)…what humans will do for a decorative medallion is amazing!  CW had no strategic sense (unlike Robert Gates, whom I admire).  Weinberger was simply an anglophile and a sycophant.  Enough said about the Falkland Folly.
On to the other serious accolade Maggie received in her eulogies, that she helped Reagan take down the Soviet Union.  Allow me to set these historians straight, as you know, I helped prepare the architectural plans for Regime Change at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California.  Although Reagan voraciously ate up the accolades for the regime change in the Soviet Union- the real credit (in the history blogs) should go to James Baker and Bush Sr.  These two men are the real heroes of regime change.  Along side were many CIA analysts and operatives and of course, Brent Scrowcroft who was Bush Sr right hand man and brilliant military strategist.   These individuals were the key operatives who implemented the strategy for the Reagan/Gorbachev summit (For which I prepared a fact sheet broken down to: 1. opening moves, 2. middle game gamut 3. end game).  Believe me, neither Schultz, Reagan or Maggie could understand this outline of strategic and tactical maneuvering that I created in the psyops between Gorbachev (formidable intellect and warm person) and Reagan the Borax Soap spokesperson.
Rest assured that when history catches up to the real accomplishments of Regime Change in the Soviet Union, the names of Schultz, Reagan and Thatcher will fade away.  The truth of these deeds is that they are accomplished by individuals who work behind the scenes and refuse to write about their exploits.  William Casey was one of these men and he directed the CIA when it was a formidable operation.  But Maggie was no wall flower, and she made certain that her non-legacy was cemented in the BBC version of House of Cards, brilliant!  And then there was Miramax's tribute that defined her as a demented old woman.  A most fitting tribute to her judgement in foreign affairs.  Deaths of heads of state create unbearable, absurd myth making but sometimes, someone just has to come along and reality test the truth.  Cheerio!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I am back on Alex Jones now!  listen at

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Should be on Alex Jones tonight at 5pm Central, Austin time.  A couple things worth mentioning, I have been denied help or access to U.S. Embassy, U.S. Military Base, KCIA etc.  Considering that I was a former deputy assistant sec of state for E would think they would want some free help but nope!  Seems these inexperienced politicos are trying to separate off from the more experienced, knowledgeable state department, korea experts but why????

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Notes from Seoul Man April 6 2013

I am pleased to see that POTUS and WH team seem to be handling this so-called crisis better than expected.  They have made public statements re-affirming the alliance between USG and SK without going into the macabre and unnecessary details of war contingency plans or single strike missiles from silos etc.
I see that ROK soldiers are setting up roadblocks and more check points at the DMZ, so far so good business as usual.  On the SK side, people are mostly happy and some are slightly amused by the childish blabber of the swiss boarding school reject, Kim Jong Un.   The media really must stop this NUCLEAR THREAT FEAR nonsense, where are these reporters??  I don't see them and as you know I have been here almost a week.  I want to know what they are seeing that is so different, so scary.
I have talked to some pretty impressive SK tech experts, they claim they have penetrated NK in a big way.  This is cyber warfare now.  This is not about guns, bombs or other weapons that we like to sell for big profits….that's for the last century.  Our military should get there collective butts into the information age and fast.
On another note,  American business leaders should keep their mouths shut when tensions are high like they are in this region of the world.  For example, Dan Akerson of General Motors, was reported to have started making contingency plans for manufacturing in South Korea, this kind of talk gets a lot of people riled up over here.  Memo to CEO Akerson:  keep quiet, make all the contingency plans you want but shut up!  Statecraft should be happening here and we don't need your public statements adding fuel to the fire, intended or not, just shut up!  This talk from Akerson makes a lot of people agitated and angry including members of USG SOF.  I heard the whole download from our military personnel who are busting their butt here trying to keep the peace in Korea and this (ex Navy should know better) guy Akerson talking about leaving, stirring it up.  Same goes for American-Korean business consultant Tom Coyner- who is quoted making statements that support companies leaving Korea….public statements, media quotes like this make the situation worse.   Our expert, quiet diplomats are working effectively to avoid a crisis but our media keeps sensationalizing the threats, the fears, the terror….c'mon, knock it off.
more tomorrow.

Friday, April 5, 2013

More notes from Seoul Man April 5 2013

Lots of psyops going on here, not a good idea to "suggest to Russians that they may want to evacuate their embassy in North Korea"….Russians don't take to suggestions too well.  I chatted with some soldiers from SK this morning, they complained that there is no real strategy since the cold war…..just same old can't figure out how to boost the economy so let's start a war strategy, oh, shocker!  War is good for Business!  EU is selling fighter jets to South Korea.  We need some leadership here from Ms Park Geun-hye and we need it soon…..don't let the stallions rattle your cage, sister!  I am here if you want some advice on the finer points of how to deal with these "boys"…..
Here's today's update….
As the U.S. media hyenas continue their recklessness as tools of the USG/military industrial interests (CNN is the absolute shameless mouth piece of MI special interest), the SK government and the citizens remain extremely cool and determined not to fall into the trap of the USG's warmongering machinery.  Likewise, the U.S. SOF guys that I talked to are courteous, well trained and impressive in their composure.  The problem is not with these guys…its with the LEADERSHIP both military and civilian…..let's get rid of these generals that are bloated, over paid, over pensioned and are not willing to stand up to corrupt civilian leaders.   We are TOP HEAVY in the military and I am not talking talent, too much fat at the top, time to clean it out.   These civilian leaders who can't figure out any better ways to feed the money machine and boost the lagging economic situation than start a war…..somewhere, anywhere, oh, let's make the bad guy North Korea.  Lots of bidding out of high stake contracts from EADS, Lockheed Martin and Boeing going on, they smell big sales and big profits if South Korea needs to replace its aging air force fleet.  C'mon America, wake up, here we pay for this crap out of our paychecks.
This is what I see:  ROK military preparations are completely in adequate to stop 2.2 million NK soldiers from executing a frontal assault across the border.  However, such an action would spell THE END for both North and South Korea military and politics… it is an unlikely conflagration.  NK nuclear strike on Seoul or other city would be self destructive and we know that NK is not irrational nor crazy.  Our state dept and CIA have extensive knowledge on NK and how the leadership operates.  I was there many years ago and frequently met with Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung as a DAS and psychiatrist.   This is the old game of "bang, bang" ..then we have NK making concessions and then NK gets paid some money (trust me, they need it).
The current leader of NK, Kim Jung Un, is a spoiled rich kid out of touch with the reality of his country and he is completely controlled by his aunt and uncle and Li Peng of China.  Li Peng needs to cool down Un's tantrums without creating a crisis if he wants to stay in power and solve the "island issue" with Japan, Viet Nam and the Philippines.  Meanwhile the people of SK remain calm but curious why the USG/media behaves in such a war-promoting manner.  The media, especially CNN needs to cool it and let the experts at the state department quietly use diplomacy and statecraft to solve the problem.  
talk soon.
some more news, its all over the place, on what's going on in Korea...I will give you my day's take on things in a few minutes...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Notes from Seoul Man April 4 2013

I flew to Seoul South Korea a few days ago.  I had a feeling that the psychological warfare between the USG, NK and SK is highly contrived and spinning out of control.  We have the usual cast of characters in this dangerous disingenuous drama: POTUS, Sec of State Kerry, ex U.S. generals and media hyenas like Wolf Blitzer who are hyping up the tension and pounding the war drums for a conflict that is NOT imminent.
I do see SK troop movements but when I talk to these "kids" they are sweet, fun loving and inexperienced.  I went to the DMZ which is very quiet and filled with souvenir shops- very cool stuff actually- lots of items that "make fun" of the USG and the military.
As I talk to the SK citizens, they all tell me they know that Kim Jong Un is a spoiled, rich kid raised in Swiss boarding schools.  He is the "face" for an ineffective, incapable NK army controlled by the PRC.  The NK soldiers that I interviewed on the border think that the USG is a joke the way it creates a climate of fear and warmongering.
I have been in these countries before and have lots of experience working psychological war games with both SK and NK.  I know the mind of Kim Jong Un and that of his father Kim Jong Il.  The father was serious, strong and ruthless,  he knew how to play our inept INTEL community.  I was in South Korea as it transitioned from a military leadership to civilian political system.  I spent a lot of time with Kim Dae Jung and Kim Young-sam both former presidents of SK.  This time, I came on my own, self funding and without partners.  No one wanted to learn from my past experiences so I will write what I see and try to counteract this foolish saber rattling.  Weren't we here before?  Under my favorite president, Dwight Eisenhower?  I will try to give you some history along with my current observations.  Will post again tomorrow.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Supposed to be on Alex Jones at 2pm EST, at least that is the plan.  Keep you posted.
Many of the Sandy Hook videos have been wiped off my web site, especially Gene Rosen FEMA stuff here is what's left of the most indicting one that I posted, someone was smart enough to save "screen shots" of Gene Rosen as FEMA employee.  Keep this for your references.