Sunday, April 28, 2013

“Merci” French Ambassador Bernard Bajolet for his Honest Swan Song on Afghanistan: “Catastrophe”!!
Once again the American spin machine about improved military, political, and economic progress has been shown to be a DEFINITE LIE!   It is once again a discredit to our military personnel everywhere, every time.
  As usual our top brass who probably never heard of the US MILITARY CATASTROPHE called VietNam and our so-called successful body count reporting has once again gone into SELF-DELUSION. 
Here is what our new US Marine Corps Commander General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. [‘Fighting Joe’] said of US and international efforts to make Afghanistan free of corruption and independent:
“Very soon the Afghan National Security Force [A.N. S. F.]  will be RESPONSIBLE [my emphasis] for SECURITY NATIONWIDE”.
And adding insult to injury,  once again our Senior Military Officers  including his predecessor US Marine Corps General John R. Allen who was summarily dismissed for ‘inappropriate communications’ whatever that means- have insisted on maintaining lies to the US CITIZENS about the so-called ‘SUCCESS’ of their respective military campaigns. 
This statement comes on top of US Marine Corps General Joseph Matthis [“Mad Dog”] assurances of stability in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Next we have a slew of other SELF-DELUSIONAL Military Leaders:  Admiral Mike Mullen; US Army General David Petraeus; US Army General Martin Dempsey; et al.
You get the idea, my dear readers.   The greater the amount of FRUIT SALAD on their respective chests---the GREATER the HYPERBOLE and LIES.
So what prompted this blog?
The French Ambassador to Kabul,  Bernard Bajoletthe next Director of Frances Direction Generale de la Securite, it’s foreign intelligence service [extremely good from my experience—often called ‘la piscine’ ] made the following summation of the situation in Afghanistan:
--He called the Afghan Situation a PERFECT STORM of political, economic, and military failures.

--‘We do not have enough distance to make an OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT [my emphasis], but in any case, I think it crucial for the AFGHAN HIGHEST LEADERSHIP [read ex-Maryland Deli owner , CIA/Unocal operative—Hamid Karzai] take more VISIBLE and OBVIOUS OWNERSHIP OF THE THEIR ARMY’

--Afghan Govt has to cut CORRUPTION which discourages investments, and DEAL WITH DRUGS and BECOME FISCALLY SELF –RELIANT.

--He said what everyone else but our own US GENERALS/POTUS  would not admit that “Afghanistan has become the world’s LARGEST SUPPLIER OF HEROIN!!!!!” 
 And more IMPORTANTLY, he added, “Heroin trafficking in  AFGHANISTAN  causes more casualties than terrorism!”

--As for the Famous SELF RELIANCE that our GENERALS/POTUS  prevaricate about,  the French Ambassador said :
 “We should be LUCID:  a country that depends almost entirely on the international community for the salaries of its soldiers and policemen, for the most of its investments and partly on its current expenditure,  CANNOT BE REALLY INDEPENDENT!!”

  Merci Bien, Monsieur Ambassador Bernard Bajolet.
  A breath of fresh air and truth from a Frenchman! Bien Fait!
Now, what should we Americans do about the last three presidents who lie and kill innocent people?  What about the cowardly,  politically hog-tied generals and admirals who are weighed down with ridiculous chest candy.   These guys continue to get masters degrees,  PhD’s on the taxpayer’s dole!   They double dip their way into a cushy retirement after a career of lying to the American public about so called progress.
We know its that old Military/Industrial complex that has taken over our country like a toxic blob from outer space.
General Eisenhower,  once he became president,  personally checked the Pentagon rosters of generals every week to see where they were posted and what these guys were up to.   But we can’t expect that from our last three presidents,  these guys (Jr, Clinton, Obama) never served in the military (they were CIA tools )  and they even disdained any of the military’s true accomplishments.
Is there not one honorable general or admiral who will stand up,  challenge the lies and stop the dishonor that the current military leadership has brought to this nation?    Is there not one general who is smart enoughrich enough and independent enough to QUIT and say “Stop!”   I would like to believe that the Military Leadership would confront this greedy slime called the military/industrial complex and have the patriotic guts to say "ENOUGH!"    But the military has been stuck in the molasses of self aggrandizement and narcissism.   Or wait,  do these military leaders just feel too comfy in the uber-communistic system of the military….cradle to grave care (but only for the top bananas- the rest of you poor combat vets, fend for yourselves!).   I hear rumblings but its not enough,  where is an Eisenhower when you need one?


  1. Just read an article in NY times via the internet a report about president Karzai receiving plastic bags of dollar bills nicknamed "ghost money" now I'm not stupid enough to think transactions such as this don't occur especially to grease the palms of various warlords which indeed the report states that's where part of the cash went with one 'administrator' demand a year up front 'to build my dream home' but the penny dropped as it were and it occurred to me its in everyone's interest to keep up this charade in Afghanistan! One side the military industrial complex then the narcotics and the greedy warlords whom without this situation wouldn't be getting handsomely rewarded! Might be just me but the further you look into things the more simpler it becomes! Always follow the money

    1. HERE:

  2. Our American Pravda:

  3. Well now here's a topic I might know something about.

    So here I am, twenty years old, and friends of mine in CIA tell me in addition to an undergraduate degree in international relations what I really need is a degree in communications - journalism or RTF or the like. So that's what I do, and then off to Boston for the Masters thing at MIT (Stephen Miller, Meyer, Ruina

    But I can't wait to get started so there I am working with the Afghanistan Task Force on communications, which is to say, lying about what's going on there...

    Pretty much everything the public was told about Afghanistan from 1981 forward was a lie. I can say that personally.

    And in the last twelve years the Defense Department has become MUCH MORE PUBLIC RELATIONS/COMMUNICATIONS ORIENTED and DECEPTIVE than EVER BEFORE.....

    I'd say that since November 2001 that the public has been continuously lied to about everything in Afghanistan, including much of the horror stories about the Taliban on CNN as the US invasion was underway.

    Now what was the name of that American kid who was with the Talibs and was captured and bullied by Mike Span just before his ass was blown away? Whatever. That kid never picked up a gun, ever, in Afghanistan or anywhere else. After Span was killed this kid had a bag put over his head and he was lashed to a board and US heros (servicemen) took turns pissing on him. Then he was take to the US and thrown in prison for twenty years.




    (Now try telling me that US servicemen are any more noble than the rampaging German army in Poland or Russia...they arn't)

  4. Every American should see the film "The Kill Team" about the commonplace murder of Afghanistan civilians by depraved US hip-hop generation raping, killing, asshole US hero servicemen.

    The services have covered up the widespread practice of torture, rape and murder by US heros in Iraq and Afghanistan...just as they did in Vietnam.

    "The Kill Team" is presently making the rounds.

    It's directed by Dan Crouse.

    1. Frontline:
      Top Secret America:

  5. Thanks for the information and the movie reference. Will repost.

  6. "Is there not one honorable general or admiral who will stand up" No -- most men with honor and ethics in the military are weeded out long before they obtain the rank of General. The promotion system is set up as a square filling exercise with the only discriminator -- who you know. Many MIC companies and organizations (FFRDCs) can influence the promotion process and can/will stop a promotion to 06, even at the service/Sec Def level -- done all the time to people that take their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers seriously. For example: William LaPlante of the Mitre Corporation (FFRDC)will start on May 6 as the principle deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition --- the incestuous circle of influence and control of our military by those companies and organizations that feed on the system continues. Iraq and Afghanistan will fail. Afghanistan will be a repeat of the Russian failure as the puppet government we installed will be seen as no different than the puppet government the Russians installed--which as the article says can stay in power only as long as we keep paying for it -- which won't be long.

    1. Amen!

      It's always been that way in the US military, and no one knew this better than Eisenhower.

      It took the Second World War to shake out the dead wood and politicians from among the officer corps, and once the officers who could perform and get results like Eisenhower were in a whole new set of problems set in.

      The officers who got results during war time tended to also be too hard charging in peacetime, and they fueled the cold war unnecessarily.

      The military must be watched carefully by civilians, but today many civilians are more warlike and idiotic than the brass hats.

      It's a fucking mess, just like the rest of this country's governance.

  7. Eisenhower was not saint, and he was responsible for what the CIA did in the 1950s, which was as bad as what the communists did, or Nazis did.....

    Eisenhower has a LOT OF BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.


    He was a competent person who was motivated by the good of the nation, and that makes him far, far different than almost anyone else who's been President.

    In particular Eisenhower was constantly at odds with the expansive demands of the services, and he was constantly reducing their budget requests.

    When he left and the Democrats came in they expanded defense spending until by 1962 defense spending was ten percent of GDP, or almost half of the Federal budget.