Friday, April 26, 2013

The "lost" history channel episode on the JFK assassination, you'll need 45 minutes, its worth it
Thanks policy critic.




    1. Graham Fuller denies: "ABSURD!"

      Daniel Hopsicker - the intrepid investigative reporter who revealed to the world that the “Mohamed Atta” in Florida relished pork chops and lived with a stripper - just published a very interesting pieces on the Boston bombings:

      Now send these links to the Federal Public Defenders' Office in Boston. The more emails, the more they will have an investigator connect the DOTS, LEADING BACK TO GRAHAM FULLER:

      attorneys: miriam conrad, william fick, tim watkins esquires

      Case: USA v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Criminal Action # 13-MJ-02016-MBB


    2. Part III: video
      Sibel (Seabelle) Edmonds on Nefarious CIA operative Graham Fuller:

    3. Part iv: Sibel Edmonds on Bin Ladin (Tim Osman" after 9-11 and Chechnya

  2. Dude I agree with you 100% that CIA should be dissolved. CIA was peopled with torturing, murdering criminals from the beginning and nothing that's happened as made it any better.

    Kissenger used to say that in statecraft that actors much chose between evils. However the kinds of people who function in CIA always chose the wrong evil, the worst evil, and always when it's totally unnecessary. They always can be counted on to bring about the maximum suffering to ordinary people because as individuals their destinies on this planet is malevolence.

    Good people, which are rare among humans, don't operate in CIA or other human institutions.

  3. As for "The Men Who Killed Kennedy....."

    It's accurate. All of it is accurate.

    The thing about the Kennedy assassination is that there is evidence and trails everywhere. There are witnesses galore, physical evidence in abundance, etc...

    But there's nothing that can be done, or ever be done, because the subsequent President was part of it.

    It was a coup, and there's no enforcement of law or justince when there's a coup.

  4. On the ninth episode of WEBSTER! (featuring Webster Tarpley)

    Alex Karas look-alike, Webster's second cousin Alganon Tarpley, welcomes Webster home where he's lived since being kicked off the air by the City of London bankers. Webster's time hiding from law enforcement due to his penetration of the Roger Ailes/Lindsey Graham/Richard Perle XTC orgy has left him with a new appreciation of the simple life of home and family with Alganon and his family.

    Webster reluctantly begins an outline of the glowing book he agreed to write favorable to the Necons. All tranquility is shattered though when Alganon's irrepressible teenage son, Sebastian, takes out numerous credit cards from British banks in Webster's name.


    Our insightful President Jimmy Carter talks about the only one topic of GW's
    Presidency that he knew something about (positive) . A three minute speech saying volumes of silence about everything else that was said in Bush's favor.
    GW Bush helped end the war between North and South Sudan. well Good
    Watch President Jimmy Carter Deliver Remarks at the Dedication of the George W. Bush Library

    Carter reminds me of another of our famous Presidents quotes :
    " Never waste a minute thinking about people you don't like "
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    I think I'll now pick up a book from authors Mr. Carter and Mr. Eisenhower to add to my collection of Webster Tarpley's books So I may act with a clear head.

    1. What about Angola Dude?

      Angola was fighting since 1974 and a few months after Bush took office - BAM!!!

      IT'S OVER!


      Okay now I'm going to blow the lid off this story! No American press has covered this!

      A DIA consultant anthropologist named Joseph Opala in 1998 gave a framework for ending the Sierra Leone war. It involved creating "party camps" in different areas where rebels could be gathered and de-mobilized in exchange for girls, drugs, etc confined to the camps.

      This secret proposal was never acted on in Sierra Leone, but it was kicked around and when Bush/Cheney came in 2001 they ordered CIA to end the Angola war ans the 1998 Opala plan was put into operation.

      In Angola in 2001 CIA created a dozen or so remote bush party camps where different fighters were de-mobilzed and treated to booze, girls, drugs, music including Snoop Dog, Notorious BIG, and the like!

      The was over in weeks!

      Hurry for Snoop Dog and the hoes!

    2. Yes Tupac and the hoes brought and end to twenty five years of carage in Angola.


    3. Opala made this suggestion to DIA not CIA, but it was CIA that ran with the plan in Angola.

      CIA had no coverage in Sierra Leone in the 1990s, but DIA did because they thought US forces might be deployed there perhaps, maybe, and monitored things there well...

      Better than CIA could have done!

  6. Johnson is one of Tarpley's heroes because Medicare and the Civil Rights Act. I agree with everything in this movie. Johnson was the worst traitor in the history of the country. Dante's Satan needs another mouth to chew on that bastard for all eternity. Frankly,I am sick of Tarpley. You will find much more honest and better analysis on Boiling Frogs Post, the Corbett Report and the LaRouche EIR. Forget Tarpley. He smears everybody, including people of impeccable integrity like Sibel Edmonds, solely because they are his rivals. He is an intellectually dishonest self-promoting polemicist.

  7. I grew up in the area between Austin and San Antonio and knew scores and scores of people involved with Johnson...

    Everything Billy Sol Estes and Bobby Baker and Barr McClellan say about Johnson is true.

    Johnson was a sociopathic criminal, murderer, asshole, crude and sick in the extreme...

    Honest politicians like Ralph Yarbough and Coke Stevens here in Texas could do nothing to stop him because the judges and juries here were all fixed.

    Witnesses against Johnson would dissappear or turn up dead.

    He was a highly manipulative killer who used his Great Society bullshit as a smokescreen for his crimes.

    I believe he was murdered in 1973 by his partners here in Texas because he was going nuts and become extremely unpredictable.

  8. As for that rascel Tarpley!

    Stay tuned for the remaining episodes of WEBSTER....(featuring Webster Tarpley)

    Episode ten coming soon...

  9. Watched the video.


    And it did add to what I already knew, particularly that LBJ was threatened by his own scandals and the possibility of being dropped from the ticket and prosecuted for those scandals.

    And the local Texas politics and how the oil barons, Murchinson, specifically, were tied into LBJ.

    For the Founding Fathers, republicanism meant moral rectitude because they knew representative government was as subject to corruption as any other form of government.

    LBJ's crimes grew as he rose in government.

    Finally, getting away with crimes meant pulling bigger crimes and bigger coverups.

    Did Papa Bush learn from watching LBJ?

    There are connections between Bush Sr. and the attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan.

    As for the individual, so for the culture of corruption in society, bigger crimes to cover past crimes, but also bigger criminal gambits, for if past conduct has not been punished, then bigger gambits feel more "doable".

    All this and more led up to 911.

    Building 7 (Need I say more?)

    A gravity collaspe doesn't melt steel with a temperature able to gassify the steel which then cools and condenses into spheres of steel the diameter of a human hair.

    Millions of tiny balls of steel smaller than a grain of sand.

    Pulverization would not cause the formation of millions of tiny balls of steel which were part of the dust from the twin towers.

    MITmichael, after JFK and 911, can you really say the corrupt, metastasizing cancer in our government would refrain from any act that would propel its agenda?

    Particularly if they think they can get away with it?

    By your own admissions of your opinion of humanity, and Americans in particular, there is no crime that is too big or heinous to commit.

    The beat go on and the cancer grows.

    Perhaps, it is evil.

    Where Evil Grows

    Where Evil Grows, The Poppy Family, 1971

    Our republic is in mortal danger.

    1. When discussing LBJ the USS Liberty incident must be raised.

      The best evidence currently available strongly suggests LBJ planned to have the USS Liberty in a position of vulnerbility in proximity to Egypt and within range of Israel's air force.

      LBJ saw Egypt's President Nasser tilting towards the Soviets and defying LBJ.

      The USS Liberty was carrying out vital signals intelligence, but alone upon the sea.

      A dark alley is as isolated as a lone ship upon the sea.

      We know LBJ called the rescue mission off.

      Aborted the rescue mission to allow the sea to bury her secrets.

      Dastardly, was LBJ.

    2. Barbarity, was LBJ

      Let that be LBJ's epithet.

      A barbarity, if found in a dog, its owner would take the dog out back of the barn and shoot it.

    3. A barbarity, if found in a dog, its owner would take the cur out back of the barn and shoot it.

      That was LBJ