Monday, April 1, 2013

Many of the Sandy Hook videos have been wiped off my web site, especially Gene Rosen FEMA stuff here is what's left of the most indicting one that I posted, someone was smart enough to save "screen shots" of Gene Rosen as FEMA employee.  Keep this for your references.


  1. There is no evidence that Sandy Hook or that other thing in Colorado were staged events.

    Everyone who's intelligent knows the American people will never give up their guns no matter how many mass shootings there are. Period.

    There's less support for gun control than at any time in the last fifty years. Period.

    The 'connections' you claim in these two events are CIRCUMSTANTIAL.

    Coincidence is a chief feature of life.

    Massive and strange, almost unbelievable coincidence is the normal way things happen on this planet.

    1. Coindicidence happens.

      In intelligence work only the stupid ones fail to perceive that a lot of what goes on is in fact coincidence.

      If you don't appreciate that you'll draw wrong conclusions continually.

    2. For crying out loud man do you think evolution could happen without coincidence?

      Do you think if you relied on random chance that natural selection, variation, and mutation would produce anything?

      Look around you.

      Everything that exists is based on un-random coincidence.

  2. And stop misusing the term 'false flag.'

    False flag means when someone recruits someone claiming to be working for someone he's not, so the recruit will work for a party he otherwise wouldn't.

    It doesn't mean staging an event to hide who really conducted it.

    I'm tire of international relations terminology and intel tradecraft terms being misused by people who are not in the field and don't know what they mean.

  3. HEADS UP! The more the word is spread, the greater the PLAN will be FOILED!
    Obama is a cannibal, eating his own.


    "There is an event which is being planned for the east coast of these United States...
    As information sorted out, what was gleaned that in the District of Columbia area, there is going to be initiated an event. The White House, Congress and the Supremes are not the target, but it appears there are government employees as the focal point.
    When this takes place, it will stated as a "terror" event, but that is not the genesis in the least of this.

    Three people will die as targets. They know something akin to the Andrew Breitbart information, but their scope of information deals instead with ANALGATE (Benghazi). They are targeted due to this by the cartel to protect Obama....

    The blame will go to "white supremacists" and not Muslims as has been the protocol fed as of late in preparing the public for this event. It will be said to be a domestic issue, but the handlers who are setting up these patsies to take the fall, are shadowlands generated. They want this information silenced which this group has.

    It will be chemical weapons. That is what did not make sense as I was looking for a 9 11 type scenario as was in the protocols, but this si something different in this is a sanctioning of people with information on Obama foreign machinations and it will be blamed on domestic issues to exploit that and cover up the crimes.

    This event has already been decided upon and of course unless it being exposed causes a glitch in operations, it most likely will reach focal point.

    The chemicals are domestic, not from military stores and a conglomerate is a front for the depot. There is a group who has their own chemical weapon supply station for use. This weapon will be aerosol or a spray dispensing.
    The event will take place in an office. It is a front for a government funded operation, but not a federal building. It will be a small device.
    These people do not know they are in danger. They do know how damning this evidence is. These people think they are safe from any sanction as they are part of the Obama team. They have carried out intelligence operations for Obama in the past. "

    ..."For the reality, the very same Prescott Bush operatives in Karl Rove, literally have been destroying key Conservatives who would defeat the Bush children. It is why all of them have been wiped out, from Sarah Palin to George Allen. It has been a methodical feudal lord match of George H. W. moving the right, Bill Clinton the left, George W. moving the right and now Obama the left, into this massive overthrow of America as each side of the coin raping America and enslaving her, take their seat at the table of power.
    The elections and the strawmen have been chosen in all of this since HW in who would rise and who would fall.

    A fact in this, is the Prescott men almost got the White House in the assassination of Ronald Reagan, which was interesting in H. W. engineered Iran Contra to destroy Reagan, so Bush would Gerald Ford his way to 1600 Penn Avenue for 14 years in office, but like Gabby Giffords, someone pulled the trigger on the Rockefeller side of Plamegate associates pinning this all to the Bush family who knew they had been slapped a round.
    Bush HW. in turn was deposed by the Rockefeller competitors, but they in turn took the election from Al Gore and then stole the election from John Kerry in Karl Rove vote flipping, which is what Obama's benefactors learned and Karl Rove assissted in in 2008 in stealing the election from John McCain by disappearing 10 million GOP votes... "