Monday, April 1, 2013

Supposed to be on Alex Jones at 2pm EST, at least that is the plan.  Keep you posted.


  1. Just watched a silhoette of you on YouTube explaining why Sandy Hook and all the kids got killed.

    Is someone impersonating you?

  2. if its on my web site, its me, the job has aged me. :)

    1. Caught your appearance on Alex Jones while driving today. Great entertainment.

      Jones provided a lot of important information on the show such as...

      Communist Chinese army now massing on the Mexican border!

      Globalists fifteen years ago placed glofish genes into monkeys so they glow in the dark! IT'S ON RECORD!

      International bankers controlling the government are engineering the American population into a civil war!

      That's why they're trying to take all our guns! Capacity limits are only the first step!

      Dr.P I heard you say there is a reason for WHY you appear on Jone's show, but is it a good enough reason?

    2. There is something quite aberrant about your mood swings, MIT Mike. Your intentions are highly suspect to the rest of the readers.

      I believe you are a plant.


      I suggest Dr. P. track your IP address,& ban you from this site, because someone like yourself, is a stalker and could be a danger to others.

      You have blown your cover by your UNSTABLE ERRATIC rants.

      It appears you have medicated yourself overnight, back to a normal pH level. (CO2 is required in order for all PLANTS TO SURVIVE AND FLOURISH.)

      Without your daily dose of photosynthesis, you are toxic and an enemy to Patriots of all creeds.

      Whoever is paying you to surf the net and be disruptive and sabototage, is going to be discovered.

      There is a GOOD REASON why you are unemployed and not working in Government or anywhere else for that matter, any longer.

      For whatever reason, you lost your security clearance, so you project Dr. Piecenzik's current private citizen status as a justification for him to appear (incognito)on Alex Jones.

      He has a calling: synthesizing his vast cosmopolitan, realpolitik, international, and psychological wisdom & experience into a pragmatic easy-to-understand thesis when POWER IS DELEGATED TO THE CHARLATANS WHO HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO- merely endeavoring to DECEIVE enough of the people all of the time. (BY SIGNING UNCONSTITUTIONAL BILLS INTO LAW or ignoring the LAW outright).


      I suggest you find another productive venue, writing yours and your dad's memoirs perhaps, as a Legacy to your dad in novel form, so the CIA doesn't have to redact any TRUTH (if there is any veritas to be corroborated).


      Your reputation precedes you; you have revealed your psyche for all to WITNESS.


    3. Well there you have it...paranoia.

      Paranoia is of course the basis of exaggerated conpiracy theory.

      In the same way the establishment perceives exaggerated threats of muslim terrorists, home-grown haters, etc., people like you perceive violent intentions from a troll like me as I sit in my underwear posting on the internet.

      Yeah I've had enough of Pieczenik.

      I'm no longer one of his supporters.

      I just woke up one day and realized that his duplicity, history of supporting bad acts, hypocracy, exaggerations and unsupported claims far outweighed my admiration for his criticism of the present government regime.

      I wish he had the same criticism for George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Nixon, ALL OF WHICH WERE NO BETTER THAN the ones Pieczenik skewers here.

      The only difference is that Pieczenik didn't work for the ones he criticises - Clinton forward [which he calls 'sociopaths.']

      Pieczenik knows my name and can find me anytime he wants. He even has my address so there's no need to "track my IP because I am a threat.."

      You would make a good Homeland Security toad....toad.

    4. oh and just one more thing...

      Another thing that really bothers me about Pieczenik is that he gave up a career practicing medicine to be a banker and state department official.

      Or said in another way....

      It bothers me a lot that another Russian Jew, a Jewish banker not even born in this country, comes here with all his millions and insinutes himself into MY GOVERNMENT and sets himself up AS A BANK OWNER in MY COUNTRY and exerts influence on MY GOVERNMENT and MY COUNTRY'S ECONOMY when he's a foreign Jew who heretofore was jumping around from one country to the next....

      I hate to say this but this profile fits perfectly with what anti-semites say about Jews....

      It's not true of 99.9% of Jews BUT IT IS TRUE ABOUT PIECZENIK.

      And he's so oblivious to this malevolent aspect of his actions that he actually advocates for other Jewish bankers and investors TO GO TO BULGARIA AND BUY UP THE PLACE and call it "an investment," or "helping the Bulgarians."

      He's totally oblivious to the fact that such 'investment' would actually mean that he and others would be BUYING THE PLACE UP.

    5. If anyone here is offended than go to the blog by Pieczenik a few weeks ago WHERE HE CALLED FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CONSTITUTION.

      Do you think it's right for a FOREIGN BORN JEW to come to YOUR COUNTRY and tell you that the CONSTITUTION IS 'ARCHIAC' AND SHOULD BE DESTROYED!

      Please Dr.Pieczenik [who hasn't practiced medicine for decades because he's too busy being a banker]....

      If you like Putin so much take your money and yourself back to Russia where you came from.

    6. And just one more thing....

      Everybody knew that there will be no more Federal restrictions on guns...not even re-instating the limits which were in effect 20 years ago.

      The idea that anyone's staging mass shootings to disarm the population is nuts.

      Americans will never give up there guns no matter how many shootings there are, and every intelligent person knows this.

      There's less support for gun control today than ever, and the mass shootings have done nothing to change that and that was TOTALLY PREDICTABLE.

    7. and before I forget...

      I still think Jodi Arias is HOT!


      (coming from Texas I learned early not to fuck with Latinas - they'll cut you!)

    8. And Dr.Pieczenk..

      Plz don't say "fuck" on the radio like I heard you say today. Jones was not able to delete it and it places our station here in jeopardy. They can't afford to pay any fines.

    9. Here is your 4-1-13 alex jones appearance:

      please give MITmichael the BOOT; he is unworthy of the privilege of vagrancy.

    10. commentary after your appearance:

      Tyranny says:
      April 1, 2013 at 4:49 pm
      The interview of Steve Pieczenik saying Sandy Hook was a false flag and in the same breath says James Holmes deserves to be executed before he has even had a trial makes me suspect this guy is still involved in psychological warfare against the American people. Was this guy involved with programming James Holmes or is he trying to protect those involved with the Black-Op in Aurora? Truth-misdirection and lies. Does anyone trust this guy?

      txgirl says:
      April 1, 2013 at 7:09 pm
      Yes, Pieczenik is a tool, black op on mind control & no I don;t trust him at all, Tyranny.

      Tyranny says:
      April 1, 2013 at 7:40 pm
      Yes, It was very fitting to have The Black Ops Psychiatrist on,on April Fools.

    11. Patriarch,

      It's just like a hypocrit like yourself to advocate for censorship and shout down people who don't agree with you.

      Yes I'm being harsh with Pieczenik but I'm not doing anything to RIDICULE him the way that he ridicules many public figures in his posts.

      If he can dish it out he can take it too.

      I don't agree with what Pieczenik does, and don't even think he should be in this country, but at least he's a mature person, a man, and not the angry frightened little toad that you're un-masking yourself as being.

    12. I consider Pieczenik to be a worthy opponant, someone who had the balls to come to a strange country not his own and plant his flag and work hard to achieve his goals.

      As someone born here and who's family has lived here for five generations I have a right to oppose what he's doing, but at least the guy is a man.

      As for the frightened, angry, paranoid posters on this board they are the same kind of mice that constitute the listeners of Alex Jones, who in private is laughing at all of you. Take if from one who knows [me].

    13. What Pieczenik does discredits people like myself who claim that some real conspiracies do exist - such as 9/11 and the Kennedys' assassinations.

      But I won't draw the conclusion that he's doing this intentionally or is a disinformation operator.

      There is no evidence to prove that he's anything but a misguided and sincere person who like many human beings never seems to focus on his own faults while being obcessed with others.'

    14. Dr.Pieczenik where were you when Ronald Reagan and George Bush used drug money to fund bands of raping, torturing cut-throats in El Salvador and Nicaragua in the 1980s?

      Why is it we never hear any criticism from you about Reagan and Bush's monsterous crimes?

      Unlike the present situation in Afghanistan there is actual evidence of CIA drug running in Central America in the 1980s.

      Hell Dewey Clarridge was indicted for it.

    15. I don't know where to inject this, so I did here: Guys, look at yourselves in the mirror, both object to somebody else's opinion and information.

      Both of you react to that development by calling for the other's opinion and information to cease & desist.

      Partriarch calls for MITmichael to be banned from this blog.

      MITmichael attacks Dr. Pieczenik with the purpose of dragooning Dr. Pieczenik into retiring from this weblog.


      I hope this calms down, as I feel slightly responsible, since MITmichael seemed to go "for the throat" after his opinion was strongly rejected.

      Not even by Dr. Pieczenik, but by a fellow commenter.

      MITmichael, you made your objection to Dr. Pieczenik's weblog post.


      Dr. Pieczenik has it and as is often the case the author of a weblog post chooses not to respond.

      Argument over (or suspended until a future post).

      But instead, after having your opinion battered by facts & evidence, you go on your gushing mudslide of misgiving.

      Hey, anybody at 90 years old who can trade punches, I tip my hat.

      And, I sense, Patriarch is still searching for the truth. Amazing.

      MITmichael, are you still searching for the truth?

      Take a breather, go back to your corners, and wait for the bell :-)

      Flame-throwing contests are distractions from the search for the truth.

      Although, often the fire reveals more the biases & prejudices of the flame-thrower than the intended victim.

    16. Listened to the show and i almost fell over on the ground when i heard Jupiter Jones say the Chinese control Hollywood. Really??!!! And then you go on the show saying it's a break through that some nut is getting the death penalty instead of going in the psych ward. Seems like psy op layered with psy op, layered with psy op. Here's something for people to check out.

  3. Listening to you now Doc and you're sounding great.

    Alex, more on Sandy Hook!

    Cornell ILR '83

    1. "State of Emergency" book reviews.
      Read them for yourselves:

  4. Heard the interview.

    Agreed, China is not the problem. A firm negotiating hand can deal with China to steer a stable course for our diplomatic & military relationship.

    But please, China doesn't run Hollywood for goodness sake!

    (I know you didn't say that, but that's what AJ was saying.)

    And, yes, the international banking system is in danger.


    Is America in danger from the international banking system (e.g., see Cyprus)?

    Dr. Pieczenik, perhaps, you didn't get to discuss Cyprus in appropriate length, but Cyprus is a danger as a test case of quick legislative sanctioned confiscation on behalf of the transnational banks.

    Sweeping in on bank accounts is not taxation, which depends on the transaction of a 'taxable event', but is confiscation, which doesn't depend on a 'taxable event', rather, only on finding the location of the money or asset to be seized.

    The bank accounts are being singled out because the confiscation can be achieved by the single stroke of a computer key.

    This is an extremely dangerous precedent.

    Engage in confiscation, here, in America, then better prepare for tourches & pitchforks marching to both the legislature & bankers' big bronze doors.

    The temple will be shaken to its foundations.

    The money changers are playing with fire.

    1. Yes, economics is the driver. We are looking at the collapse of the trans-Atlantic banking system, the oligarchical, monetarist system that is the Anglo-American empire. The correlate of this collapse is world war. The only answer is first to restore the Glass-Steagall banking law of 1933, taking down the Fed and the megabanks while leaving commercial banks and real financial assets untouched. This can be accomplished by passing HR 129, the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013. Please call your representatives to tell them to support this legislation. Once what is left of the real economy is saved, we can restore economic growth and full employment with a real American credit system intended by our country's founders. To understand the nature of such a system, read this document:

  5. Alex let you finished your thought!

    However, I do agree with him on Denver/Holmes: was a DARPA Family Member via his daddy. This was the 2nd of a chain of gun massacres FALSE FLAGS as you said, "desperately" attempting to confiscate guns.

    The first, failed: Fast and Furious

    The 3rd, Sandy Hook was a mixed bag, using Susan Collins, FEMA actors, and at least 3 contract assassins, luring a drug induced Lanza to the school and killing him in close range, mixing it up with the Batman movie theme to locate Sandy Hook on the map.

    I do believe there was collateral damage of little babies. The jewish boy, Noah, had half of his face shot off; the casket was opened for the Governor, but I also believe the PSYOPS Assassins murdered Adam's mother and destroyed the computer hard drive for effect. There was probably nothing on it of importance.

    I also believe the same contractor assassin did the job on Philip Marshall and his kids and dog.


    TIME TO WRITE YOUR WSJ OP-ED ON "The DHS v. America's Governors"

    I repeat, ARE a cockeyed optimist!

    I hope I am around long enough to see your States First predictions in Real the cost of hundreds of thousands of war victims and soldiers across the planet.

    My recommendation:

    Let's just Petrify and decompose the Cancer of the Bush-Clinton Crime Families, and their offspring (Chelsea is buying a $10.5 million manhattan apt with laundered $$$) and throw all of them into the Gobi Desert including the "OBAMA-Malcolm X" extended branch of the "tree".

    May I live long enough to see them disintegrate.

    However, if the Feds confiscate US bank accounts, your predictions will have to wait a generation...after the country devolves into a Susan Collins novel.

    p.s. Did you say the DHS was "puffed up" or "F--ked up"?

    1. Pieczenik's comments on John Holmes were very questionable in my opinion. Aurora was clearly as manufactured as Sandy Hook, both psy-ops. Both Holmes and Lanza were under mind control. I think Pieczenik knows this very well and unless he is protecting somebody (including himself) I must again observe that Pieczenik sometimes tells the truth, but it is neither the whole truth nor nothing but the truth. His readers should beware and use their own judgment.

  6. "a criminologist questions the bin laden episode"

    Dr. P:

    You might want to add a comment at the site or contact the author who obviously has no knowledge of your acumen.

    Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno. You can reach him at

  7. Excellent !! I loved the line regarding china's concern for Tibet isn't the same as Richard genre's concern for the dalai lama!! Brilliantly simple observation when you think about it! Water is the key! Another excellent observation was the Yangtze river and most of China's industry being built around it! Pure educational theatre! Also thanks to Alex Jones for allowing for your brilliant observations to be aired with minimum interruption

    1. Yes, economics is the real issue, water is the real issue. The Empire is using Richard Gere and the Dalai Lama as another divide and conquer operation, and the Chinese are not fooled.

  8. I was disappointed by Pieczenik's latest appearance on Alex Jones. Dr. P. has long experience and understands covert operations very well, but neither he nor Jones understands either economics or history. Economics is the driving force. Jones has no formal education but believes all the myths of the Confederacy, which was essentially a British construction to divide and conquer the United States. and Pieczenik has a lot of formal education but believe in British economics and British history, because that is all that is taught at the institutions of higher education he attended. The result is a world view that is anti-American. Neither Jones nor Piecenik understands what is "the American Way", or the American system of economics that made us a great country. It isn't their fault; I myself have only recently realized what being an American is. It feels wonderful to reconnect with one's true political roots. This understanding has long been buried under centuries of propaganda. I recommend Jones, Pieczenik, MITMichael, Patriarch and all other participants in this blog take the time to carefully read the following document to get straightened out on American history and what the American system of economics is. Real American economics is not just "free enterprise", it is a national credit system with a national bank that unleashes that free enterprise or creative power within everyone. That system, which is a credit system of economic development devised by Alexander Hamilton (who was assassinated by British agent Aaron Burr) was destroyed by the British under administration of Andrew Jackson, which led to the Civil War, essentially a British divide and conquer operation. It was partly restored using the Greenbacks for economic development by Lincoln who after saving the country from dismemberment was assassinated by another British agent, John Wilkes Booth, and then again by Roosevelt and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. After our last American president, John Kennedy, was also assassinated by another British agent, Alan Dulles, the last remnants of America were hijacked so that now we should understand that the United States is not an independent country, but is once again a British colony. Our original revolution has failed and only a new revolution led by those few who remember or have been reconnected to what the real idea of America is can restore our country to greatness.

    1. HA HA! A little hard for me to comment living in and being British!! But take it from me the British system isn't that great for the British especially the lower working class! But I agree in so far that it is a British system probably run by the blue bloods that have made their way to America. Same old Same old I'm afraid!!

    2. The British Empire isn't the same thing as England, my friend. The English people are as much oppressed by it as the people of the United States and every other people it controls and exploits. It would be wonderful if the English people could revolt and hang their cursed Queen and all her ministers. It is not a military power but a financial one, an oligarchy. Since this country has been completely hijacked by this oligarchy you can call it the Anglo-American Empire if you want. It has two major centers, the City of London and Wall Street, but the oldest, richest, most senior and most powerful of these institutions have been the backbone of the British Empire for centuries.

      But please read the document about Andrew Jackson above and it will all make a lot more sense.

    3. Point taken and I'd have to agree! And I shall read the aforementioned document many thanks

  9. The British Empire Strategizes on Saving Its System by Killing YOU: ever heard of a GSIFI? That's a Globally Significant International Financial Institutions. Here's a list:

    Deutsche Bank
    JP Morgan Chase
    BNP Paribas
    Bank of America
    Bank of New York Mellon
    Credit Suisse
    Goldman Sachs
    Morgan Stanley
    Royal Bank of Scotland
    Bank of China
    Groupe BPCE
    Groupe Credit Agricole
    ING Bank
    Mizuho FG
    Societe Generale
    Standard Chartered
    State Street
    Sumitomo Mitsui
    Unicredit Group
    Wells Fargo

    Read about how the Bank of England and the Fed are planning to save these mega-banks by confiscating their depositors money. Now only in Cyprus, but coming soon to a bank near you.

    1. Many of the banks listed above gladly accepted massive deposits & flipped them as "feeders", investing in the Bernie Madoff Investment Securities Ponzi conspiracy.To wit, there have been clawbacks, but no criminal penalty for JP MORGAN CHASE WHICH HELD THE MAJORITY OF THE DEPOSITS (made $1B+ in interest & fees & in a civil suit has DENIED COMPLICITY), ot investors HSBC, ($1B+) Santander, ($2.87B) Credit Suisse, UBS. Bank Medici, ($2.1B) Royal bank of Scotland ($100M-1B).

      I posted this under the Dimon topic in case you missed it:


      As I suggested earlier, start withdrawing $$$ weekly & secure it. Move your checking accounts to smaller local banks, (not Bank of America for example).

      “A joint paper by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England dated December 10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; that they originated with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland,; and that the result will be to deliver clear title to the banks of depositor funds. ”

      ... when you deposit money in a bank, that it becomes the property of the bank and we become unsecured creditors of the bank! “Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor’s funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank’s, and we become secured creditors holding IOU's...
      .. But until now the bank has been obligated to pay the money back on demand in the form of cash. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into “bank equity.” The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank...

      If I deposit $1,000 dollars in my local bank, I trust that the funds are safe and protected by FDIC insurance and that even if the bank fails, I will get my money back. Under the plan listed above, we may not even be able to fall back on the FDIC insurance coverage. The FDIC-Bank of England plan would SUPERCEDE our FDIC coverage and we would be relegated to become a “shareholder” in the failing bank or its successor entity. Let me see if I understand this scheme. The bank who is failing due to mismanagement or due to risky investments could steal my funds and force me to accept stock in a company led by poor businessmen with an even poorer business record! .. "

      the full FDIC-Bank of England plan:

    2. Madoff writes to congress implicating JP MORGAN CHASE

    3. It's still not too late. Congress must take down the Fed and the big banks while leaving commercial financial assets intact, and the way to do this is to restore Glass-Steagall by passing HR 129. Call your representatives and tell them to pass HR 129. Call your senators. There is a majority support in the Senate for restoring Glass-Steagall in the Senate, but no one has the guts to sponsor it. Elizabeth Warren, who said in her campaign that she supports Glass-Steagall is now saying "give Dodd-Frank a little more time". Time for what? Time for the banks to steal the rest of your money, which is what Dodd-Frank actually does. Don't take it from me, take it from David Stockman: