Sunday, April 7, 2013

Should be on Alex Jones tonight at 5pm Central, Austin time.  A couple things worth mentioning, I have been denied help or access to U.S. Embassy, U.S. Military Base, KCIA etc.  Considering that I was a former deputy assistant sec of state for E would think they would want some free help but nope!  Seems these inexperienced politicos are trying to separate off from the more experienced, knowledgeable state department, korea experts but why????


  1. Hi Steve, I really enjoyed listening to you on the Alex Jones show today. Thanks for reporting! You (and your listeners) may find the following to be of interest in regrards to China's emerging economic and political trends:

  2. Thank you, looks interesting, I will repost as a link for my readers education.

  3. Hello Steve
    I admire your bravado and love of country in your efforts to explain the common truths lost to a delusional American Public and even more delusional politicians
    Your efforts are were your heart is at , and cutting blatant lies off at the root.
    Just as your own funding this trip to South / North Korea. Explaining it in No Bull
    Question : Are you familiar with a Dr. Webster Tarpley ?
    I'm sure you know of him .
    Do you two hold enough common political ground as to not blow him off as Alex does from time to time.
    I feel you two have a wealth of common knowledge as to bring about a newer
    political renaissance in America .
    And would make for a hell of a debate or conference together for the fist time.
    Your comments Sr. ?

    1. When I get back to the states, I will check him out. Thanks, its good to have partners.

  4. Here is Dr. P's Sunday update on Alex Jones' show:

    "Personna non-grata"...Did you expect another response?

    The Truth is the Enemy of the Statists!

    The LAWLESS Black Hats are infiltrating Americana.
    INVALIDATION (and PERSONAL DESTRUCTION) of the White Hats is Top Priority.

    Obama and his handlers get a hard-on collapsing the economy & creating a hostile citizenry.


    Do you honestly believe his excesses are different than Kim Jong-un's lifestyle?


    The rumor is Bari Obama Soetoro is truly Asian, born of a Indonesian prostitute and adopted by the Dunhams.

    That would explain quite a bit.

    His features are definitely not African.

    If the hypnotized military doesn't snap out of it, this Pharaoh is inevitably going to lead them right into the Red Sea.

    The Keynesian Theory of instigating mini-wars all over the globe is to falsely create an economic surge, but as you correctly noted, the US military industries' SALES TEAMS are racing to the targeted countries for a pre-emptive purchase, which the leaders are not going to be played.

    We are living in Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. Who would have thought LIFE would imitate ART?

    "...While the Fed fiddles, Congress burns. Self-titled fiscal hawks like Paul D. Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, are terrified of telling the truth: that the 10-year deficit is actually $15 trillion to $20 trillion, far larger than the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of $7 trillion....

    THE state-wreck ahead is a far cry from the “Great Moderation” proclaimed in 2004 by Mr. Bernanke, who predicted that prosperity would be everlasting because the Fed had tamed the business cycle and, as late as March 2007, testified that the impact of the subprime meltdown “seems likely to be contained.” Instead of moderation, what’s at hand is a Great Deformation, arising from a rogue central bank that has abetted the Wall Street casino, crucified savers on a cross of zero interest rates and fueled a global commodity bubble that erodes Main Street living standards through rising food and energy prices — a form of inflation that the Fed fecklessly disregards...

    These policies have brought America to an end-stage metastasis. The way out would be so radical it can’t happen. It would necessitate a sweeping divorce of the state and the market economy. It would require a renunciation of crony capitalism and its first cousin: Keynesian economics in all its forms. The state would need to get out of the business of imperial hubris, economic uplift and social insurance and shift its focus to managing and financing an effective, affordable, means-tested safety net....

    Getting the Fed out of the financial markets is the only way to put free markets and genuine wealth creation back into capitalism....

    The United States is broke — fiscally, morally, intellectually — and the Fed has incited a global currency war (Japan just signed up, the Brazilians and Chinese are angry, and the German-dominated euro zone is crumbling) that will soon overwhelm it. When the latest bubble pops, there will be nothing to stop the collapse. If this sounds like advice to get out of the markets and HIDE OUT IN CASH, it is."

    David Stockman 3-30-13

  5. Once again given to us straight!! Very refreshing to hear truth, when you break this down its amazing how simple it is and its all about following the money isn't it? Very interesting you mention the reunification of Germany and how errors were made but the "fatherland" is back on its feet and now the European top dog, as you have correctly stated(and being part of) the resurgence of south Korean manufacturing has been breathtaking from shipbuilding, cars and electronics arguably world leaders, surely the north Koreans would want part of that and perhaps we could see the Germanic scenario being played out again?? I don't agree that you represent america doc! Its much more than that!! Thanks for the insights

  6. Hearing from Dr. Pieczenik this morning.

    I concur with his take on the Korea's.

    But United States Constitution is the bedrock for the peoples' unalienable rights.

    The problem is that the Washington D. C. leadership serve too many masters.

    Yes, politics, in part, is reconciling different political interests.

    But the differences are becoming irreconciable.

    Too many masters with irreconciable interests.

    It is the elite who are hostile to the Constitutional's protections for the rights of the American People.

    The elites' agenda and the American Peoples' vital national interest are in deep conflict.

  7. I believe Texe Marrs is right on the global plan.

    Triad of Evil—The Secret Plan of Rothschild, Zionist Jews, American Traitors, and Chinese Communists to Overthrow America

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    Such democide has been far more prevalent than people have believed, even several times greater than the number killed in all of this century's wars. Just consider that alone 61,911,000 people were murdered by the Soviet Union, 38,702,000 by the Chinese communists, 10,214,000 by the Chinese Nationalists, 17,000,000 by the German Nazis, and 5,890,000 by the Japanese militarists during World War II.