Tuesday, April 30, 2013

please stop this nonsense with unnecessary military spending,  don't you have a road or a school to fix???  posting soon.

Maybe Lockheed Martin should build school buses or something useful.


  1. COFER BLACK: Blackwater

    Operation Graystone

    Dr. P,

    Do you know anything about Cofer Black?
    'bet there is a connection with Boston and the Kraft staff at the Finish Line.

    more $$$$ laundered and spent like a drunken government employee (sailor, marine, soldier, pilot)

    This was on PBS tonight:

    Kindly write a review asto the veracity:
    Revisionist history?

    "Top Secret America"

    1. Cofer Black and Mitt Romney

    2. Cofer Black and the Boston Massacre?
      "The Russians soon sent a team to the CIA to provide extensive on-the-ground intelligence, especially about the topography and caves of Afghanistan."

      Now comes the Soviet Georgia Link:


  2. Kraft staff?

    Sorry but I'm not convinced that "Kraft" was in any way involved. That stupid little company is defunct, and I'm suspicious about the pics showing them in the area with backpacks. There's no reason they'd all be dressed like that murdering moron Chris Kyle either. Is there anything supporting this stuff from Jones? Anyone else with any credibility?

  3. Dr.P....

    Do you remember what Bill Kaufmann said should be done in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down?

    Kaufmann called for a prompt 50% cut in the Defense Department budget.

    Never happened.


    I always admired Kaufmann's work and recommendations but for some reason I never got along with him. He was cantancorous. He was kind of a small little Jew with a funny voice and he just didn't like me. He was a terrible teacher also, and he was absurdly focused on teaching the ridiculous "Lanchester Square Laws," which nobody uses. I coundn't understand how such an intelligent analyst could teach such horrible courses.

  4. I remember once I needed to drop a letter off at his residence at "100 Memorial," which was a dreary residence building near the campus.

    I got no further than a very belligerant consierge, who let me know that I was unwelcome in the building and he was under no obligation to accept any letters or notes.

    I thought that horrible experience by the arrogant desk employee was fitting for my whole experience with Kaufmann.

    He was a cold fish.

    In fact Walt Rostow and most of the people I dealt with were the exact same way.

    These guys are all really toads.

    Kissinger, and all the rest were the same.

    They are people who are trolls, un-manly, get no pussy, and are really really sick and that's why they like being war criminals.

    They are the scum of the earth.

    Not one of them is a human being.

    Curt LeMay was a flabby-faced toad who got no pussy.

    Rejected and shunned by women like all mass muderers.

    That's my psychological analysis of "statesmen" attracted to national security!

  5. Nixon got no pussy either because he was a troll.

    That's why he was sooo fucked up.

    And Vernon Walters got no pussy.

    He was a fat ugly troll of a thing.

    At least Howard Hunt had some girlfriends. Gordon Liddy had a few also.

    Don't ever trust anyone in national security who can't get a woman. They have inferiority issues.

  6. I will say one thing for William Kaufmann...

    Instead of typing he always wrote his letters to me, and even his assignments, with a beautiful hand written writing.

    It was unique and gorgeous.

    I just wish he didn't have such an inferiority complex. He was a very talented man. I wish he would have appreciated his own talent and internal beauty.

    Just because stupid young girls don't like you is no reason to allow yourself to be scarred for life and have such serious inferiority.

    Any real man knows that the stupid tastes of idiot young girls is meaningless. Girls are idiots.

    It's the poor, pitiful guys like Nixon, LeMay, and Rostow who never get over it.

    It's stupid.

    They never get over looking up to these dumb girls.

  7. I doubt if Larry Eagleberger got any pussy either.

    Why did he use that stupid cane when he was barely in his early 60s?

    He used to wobble around on that stupid cane as though being disabled, prematurely old and so forth were some kind of perverse source of respect!

    That fat ugly negro rapper Biggie Smalls used to also use a cane when he was only 22 year old!

    How distinguished!

  8. You definitely NEED a Dale Carnegie class along with a Good Psychiatrist asto THE ETIOLOGY OR YOUR misanthropy and especially, MISOGYNY.


  9. Hey I just tell it like it is.

    Kissinger, LeMay, and these assholes are fucking ugly. They have no normal connection to other human beings because they are aliented because they were rejected and spurned by girls when they were younger.

    A normal, healthy person begins with EMOTIONAL MATURITY, and this means finding acceptance and normal relations with the opposite sex.

    Most people TOTALLY IGNORE these stark facts of life when it comes to dealing with powerful people.

    However powerful people are only human beings, and they are not somehow "above" the normal human motivations and psychological dimensions which determine human behavior.

    These sick people crave power because they have inferiority complexes, particularly sexual in nature.

    For God's sake man haven't you ever seen "Dr. Strangelove?"

    Or do you think people like LeMay and Kissinger live on clouds in the sky like Gods?

    They are not only people...they are SICK people.

  10. Furthermore....

    I feel compelled to explain these obvious realities because Dr.Pieczenik knows these elements full well but somehow never mentions them.

    In Dr.P's work a major effort is made in doing profiles of foreign leaders, and much of that work has always centered on sexual/power factors.

    Somehow it's supposed to be TABOO to mention these obvious psychological tools relative to AMERICAN LEADERS....only foreign ones are allowed to be examined.

  11. And furthermore "Patriarch"

    I suspect from your remarks that you are sexually repressed/emotionally immature in that you're so OFFENDED by mention of these topics.

    Have a little maturity.

    You are a prude.

    So I say again for effect...

    Vernon Walters, Henry Kissinger, Bill Kaufmann, Richard Nixon, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz in particular, Curtiss LeMay, Paul Limnitzer, Paul Nitze, Edward Teller, Irving Kristol and William Kristol GOT NO PUSSY.

    People who did get pussy...

    Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Robert Oppenheimer [a lot of pussy]
    Howard Hunt, Robert Lansdale, William Harvey, and DANIEL ELLSBERG [ a huge amount of pussy ].

  12. I am particularly proud that Danny Elsberg is from MIT [used to run into him too in the early eightees there] and he's had more quality ass than anyone. The guy's a stud.