Wednesday, July 31, 2013

while we are on the subject of distraction, here is something interesting from FB friend.

The G.O. P.“Grand Old Party”—Without a “Grand Old Plan”? or perhaps,  I Am Just Ignorant!!!

Dear readers before I begin this blog concerning my own ignorance regarding a political party I had once belonged to,   I just want to invoke the wise words of Cicero---which I can assure you all,  I had never read in the original
Here they are:
“I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know.”
This quote should CYA me on my complete consternation over the GOP really stands for;  as well as,  who are being considered the leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential Elections. 
(see previous post NYTimes)
First and foremost,  it appears that Abortion has emerged once again as the leading litmus test for a candidate.
  How that can be relevant in the 21st century when unemployment is at all time high;  the economy is in the toilet;  there are no jobs for recent college graduates; and our infrastructure is one angstrom unit away from total collapse—is a complete mystery to me.  Oh,  I forgot to add our healthcare and educational systems are failing miserably.

Then we have an immigration bill that still does not address the problems of America as a nation in distress.
  How will immigration and abortion address the past bankruptcies of Detroit,  Stockton, Oakland?
  And how will impending bankruptcies of one hundred more cities and counties be averted in the next few years?
  But for those of us who have pensions and are about to receive pensions,  of one type or another  [i.e. 75 million retirees],  who in the Republican Party has even dared to address the basic conundrum of  all the pension plans—unions,  labor,  teachers,  firemen,  police,  federal,  state,  county,  precious social security et  al. –are  completely “UNDERFUNDED”!!!!
If you think that Detroit with an 18 Billion dollar deficit was a problem,  trust me when I say,  "You ain’t seen nothing , yet!!"
  Imagine hundreds of pension plans declaring bankruptcy at one and the same time?
  There isn’t a printing press in the world that could address the amount of money required to bail out those bankrupt pension plans—all of which are in resting dormant until the right time.
Then I ask myself,  in a quiet moment of desperation,  who are these “Wise Men” –forget the fact that there are no women in the spotlight (oh not counting Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman?!)  not even in the wings—who profess knowledge and competence to run this country in 2016?

I start with Governor Chris "surveillance-of-u.s. citizens-is-good" Christie of New Jersey,  a jovial enough,  experienced man of the north east.
I personally enjoy his ad hoc comments on everything and nothing.   But,  somehow, despite his Falstaffian Presence and cunning wit,  he seems to lack a certain gravitas and savoir faire.
I have nothing against New Jersey,  the home of the Italian and Jewish Mafia.
  Fort Lee,   off  of the GeoWashington Bridge,  has always been a landmark of distinction for me,  regarding the rise of Longie ZwillmanMeyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano.
However,   the state has given us such formidable intellectual luminaries as  FBI Director Louis Freeh [eat your heart out –Penn State.].
Next in succession of candidates is a Pro-Life Candidate from Texas,  Ted Cruz.   He was schooled at Princeton University and Harvard Law School.   Unfortunately for him,   he had never received an Ob-Gyn Medical Degree;  but,  he seems to appear as an expert on fetal heart development with respect to abortions.
Ignorance and arrogance never stopped a candidate of any party.   But Cruz may have topped the "Weiner Factor" by implicitly hinting at the fact that he may be a Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016 –despite vehement , effusive denials.
  I could only find one Major Problem with regards to Senator Cruz.   He was born in Calgary,  Canada to a very rich oil family.  SURPRISE!!!!
  As far as I know.   Neither ex-governor Schwarzenegger nor I could ever run for the Presidency because both he and I were not born in the USA.
  Now,   unless I don’t something about the US Constitution that prohibits anyone not born in the USA from running for office then,   I would say that Mr. Cruz is “Cruising On Empty”.

I have my particular favorite Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.   He professes to espouse Libertarian proposals,  much like his father.   But he, as a Board Certified Physician trained at the impressive Duke Medical School,  wants government to LEGISLATE AWAY abortions.   I find this a bit disconcerting on two points: 
First, as a physician,  Dr Rand Paul, M.D.  knows all too well,  that GOD DOES NOT RIDE ON THE HEAD OF A SPERM.  That’s basic ObGyn 101.
Secondly,   if he were a true intellectual “Libertarian”,   something his father was,  he would stick to the simple pronouncement of getting ‘government out of  both our bedrooms and businesses'.    As far as I know,  there is not such school of thought as SELECTIVE LIBERTARIANISM.   Pick and choose those parts you like for column "A" and place in near column "B".     Your selective Libertarian menu is nothing more than  “a one-a-day political prescription”  that we, citizens,  cannot afford to indulge in on only a Sunday.   Or is it Libertarian only if you have big money or well connected enough to get around the rules??
Therefore,  both Dr Rand’s inexperience and a lack of intellectual consistency place him in the sidelines –until he can better reason his apparent illogical  and non-medical reasoning.
Then we have "Frito Bandito",  Marco Rubio,  The Political Insult to all of us,  Cuban born Republicans.  What a loser!
All  I can say for now is that I have spent enough time trying to do him justice in another blog.   But if,  “Rotund Beatific Rubio”,   is the choice of the Republican Party;  then, he will perceived as the poster child for political cronyism and pandering to the Hispanics.   This guy has NEVER had a real job,  he is a born, bred, and brainwashed  political hack.

Sidebar: We , Cubans, are a small percentage of the millions of Hispanics living in the USA.   Most of the Hispanics,  living especially in Texas,  California,  New Mexico,  Colorado come from Mexico,  not Cuba.   Again, as far as I know,  these two places are different countries with two different cultures.   But,  please don’t tell the “Republican King Makers”  who are trying to come up with a token brown man.   You know,  according to the GOP,  we Hispanics are all ONE RACE,  ETHNIC,  CULTURE Group.   
  Now we come to the final candidate sailing precariously on the horizon,  Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.   He has executive experience.   He served in several Republican administrations with distinction.  He is a smart, honorable individual.
So where is the problem?
  My instincts told me years ago that he would have made an excellent Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney,  helping to carry the state of Ohio and also presenting an elegant picture of serious men.
  But Mitt failed and I think that Portman failed with him.  Will Mitt try again?  Third time a charm?  Remember: Romney's Right!
  I base my prejudice on simple axiom.   All boats rise together and all boats sink together.   In a waning tide,   Portman has very little ‘wind to tack his sails’ and reach the harbor safely.
Where does that leave me,  the ignoramus?
  I think that I have to give up my illusion that there was in fact a real party called the Republican Party.   I think it died three decades ago after Bush Sr relinquished the reins of control to  his son Bush Jr and “SS Storm Trooper Karl Rove’.
  Therefore,  I end this blog with Arthur Koestler’s ominous words.
  Thanks for reading my blog, folks.
I think we have to create a new political party or , more importantly --- MORE THAN TWO POLITICAL PARTIES.
Or perhaps I can end on this Arabic Proverb:
  “It is good to know the truth.   But, it is better to speak of palm trees.” 

old techniques of distraction and deception....could spell the end of GOP
some homework, post soon.

Monday, July 29, 2013

National Lampoon’s  Animal House Reprises in FISA Court’s “Double Secret Probation”   All FISA Judges Appointed by  “Harvard’s Favorite Son”:  John Roberts Jr,  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ----The New JOHN BELUSHI!!

By now,  everyone should be attuned if not socialized to the following names:  Edward Snowden [Paradise Lost];  Julian Assange [ Don’t prosecute me! Vote me for me! [“Kangaroo Justice”!]; and Bradley Manning [MAD Magazines new Alfred E. Newman—“What Me Worry?”]
But there is one name that has never been whispered or even hinted at.   That name does not engender fear [“Incredible Hulk”] nor an ominous future [“Only The Shadow Knows”] ---John Roberts Jr. – a Harvard progeny who attended both Harvard undergraduate [in THREE YEARS—no slouch here!] and Harvard Law School in four years [sorry about that] is now the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Whatever that means!
  I must admit that I was shocked when I read a recent article in  NYTimes / Reuters (posted earlier)  that claimed that Roberts had appointed all 11 of the FISA judges over the past decade.
  And that all 11 judges were pretty much conservatives [whatever that means]—in fact to be more precise:  86% were conservatives and 50% had been prosecutors and federal officials before their SEVEN year appointment  [one of those magical numbers; remember the Old Testament—7 years of Locusts and 7 years of Famine] .
And they all think alike!!
  So what are we supposed to make of this fact?
  First,  I thought this was pretty serious business.
  I thought I should discuss the history of FISA.   But then I thought better.  You readers can look it up in Wikipedia.  The Foreign Service Surveillance Act was created by Senator Ted Kennedy [The only Senator who killed an American ‘non combatant’ on Martha’s Vineyard].   The bill was then passed into law by President Jimmy Carter.  The rest of the story becomes even more absurd.
  After our non-foreign attack by Bush Jr and Cheney on American soil,   FISA was amended by the unpatriotic, “Patriot Act” of 2001.
Get the idea?   We started to make more surveillance laws for terrorists who never existed and allowing the real culprits—American politicians and their coterie to literally get away with murder.

Now we get to the fact that Roberts whom I do not know and will not impugn his character is literally the CZAR OF SURVEILLANCE. 
   First we had a DRUG CZAR (how's that working out for us?) and now we have a SURVEILLANCE CZAR a new imperious character by the name of “Roberts” who literally assigns FELLOW TRAVELERS of ideology and thought to monitor our conversations,  email traffic,  tweets and in the case of Anthony Weiner –his obsession with “Moby Dick” [sorry Melville;  but, you are really too hard to read and understand].
Here is what Reuters concluded about Roberts and the Double Secret Probation Court—FISA:
--From 2001-2012,   FISA judges approved 20,909  surveillance and property search warrants.   They only REJECTED TEN REQUESTS OUT OF 20,909.
  --They had to Amend 1000 warrants .
Now that’s what I call American Justice !!!
I am not a lawyer but as an American citizen I do have a few questions of this new John Belushi who is destroying our American Justice System:
[1] Who makes the necessary questions about assumptions in this ‘group think’?
[2] Where are the ideological counter balances to this so-called ‘conservative ideology’?
[3] What are the consequences for wrong decision?  Where is the appeal process? 
[4] Who other than Roberts can evaluate these candidates for ‘competency’ –whatever that may constitute in a SECRET COURT RUN by SECRETLY SELECTED CONSERVATIVE JUDGES.

Roberts,  whom I affectionately call  ‘our new John Belushi’,  who had screamed for a ‘food fight’ –has in effect EVISCERATED OUR CONSTITUTION –if not the FOURTH AMENDMENT.
  But who was around to stop him?
I ? NO!
You? NO!
Our Legislators? NO!
White House? NO!
Other Superior Court Judges? NO!
The American Bar Association? NO!
A Military Tribunal? NO!

Like John Belushi in “Animal House”,   Roberts reeked havoc with our lives.   Wittingly or unwittingly,   he implemented a nonsensical RULE OF LAW that  I have called “THE DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION”:
  You don’t know if you are guilty until I tell you are guilty.   And then,  I am going to put you away for what I think are crimes against society.   But I can’t tell you what those crimes are because I made up the rules of the game as I went along.  And,  by the way,  no one is allowed to contradict me!
  And so on, and so forth…Alice In Wonderland on METH!!!

Perhaps, I should have been more reverent upon reading this absurd fact. 
Here is a Roberts,   a man we know nothing about (who is this guy??) other than that he clerked for another MORON—Chief Justice “RENSHQUEST” [Nixon’s own deprecatory words upon appointing this ‘idiot’]—is now determining what you and I have the right to say or not say.   And he walks around all day in a BLACK ROBE—SPOOKY!!!
Roberts allowed one of his justices,   Judge Clyde Rogers Vinson of the Northern Florida Circuit Court to order on April 25, 2013  Verizon to provide all Metadata on all calls and systems on an ‘ongoing daily basis’.
What makes this entire situation more absurd than even the images of “Animal House” with John Belushi going array is the fact that there is no official professional training for a judgeship.   It’s a political appointment with no prerequisites in a formal education other than being a lawyer who may have been elected a ‘judge’ or ‘politically appointed to be a judge’. 
Think about what that means…..
  A non-existent profession that offers courses serendipitously determines the outcome of our civilian lives.
  Accordingly,   I should have been appointed to be a MEDICAL DOCTOR BY BIG PHARMAthat’s what it would have taken comparatively to be  ‘a so-called professional’.
  But the culmination of our new John Belushi’s havoc is the following proclamation that he made when he, Roberts,  a conservative miraculously supported Obama care:
“This is not the country that the framers of the constitution envisioned.”
  Maybe the Honorable Judge Roberts should re-visit our history in the American Revolution :
When Robert Morris and Benjamin Franklin ran a Secret Committee during the Revolutionary War to ‘illegally fund’ our militias through Cuba,  and other Caribbean islands where the Dutch and French could funnel moneys for our troops,  the SECRET COMMITTEE  was disbanded  ASAP during the Constitutional Convention at the request of the Lee Brothers of Virginia and John Adams of Massachusetts.
We,  Americans,  from the very beginning of our creation abided by no secret official government agencies.
It should be remembered that in the age of 21st  century transparency and New Democracy secrecy is the shibboleth behind which Political cowards and miscreants hide.
  We are not children.   And the secrets of the nation belong not to a few but to the those who deserve to know them not by dint of ideology but by dint of merit,  foresight and integrity.
Americans value honesty,  transparency and freedom.
  Unwind this ‘double secret probation’ before this absurd concept destroys the very nation it supposed to protect.

Let me quote Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter:
“The Court’s authority –possessed of neither the purse nor the sword—ultimately rests on substantial PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN IT’S MORAL SANCTIONS [my emphasis].” 

Lest, we believe the following,  from the words of Clarence Darrow:
“There is no such thing as justice—in or out of the court.” 
Thank you,  Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.   You have proven Lord Acton's axiom:  "Power corrupts,  and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

for those of you that need a refresher in the continuity of supreme court leadership, see box to right

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Destroy American Capitalism:
  Allow Goldman Sachs,   JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley to hoard commodities  [Aluminum, Copper, Steel] and Electrical Power  and then FORCE AMERICAN WORKERS/CONSUMERS TO PAY MORE FOR THEM!!!

Just as I thought we were about to slay an ugly beast  (or two) of ILLEGAL CRONY CAPITALISM,   it rears it’s horrific head in even more RAPACIOUS and DANGEROUS FORM!
The Triumvirate of Wall Street Gangsters have continued to fleece Main Street once again.   Not satisfied with egregious profits from the ill-deserved bank bailouts,   the three investment banks have continued to pervert federal laws and rob the American public of it’s hard earned money by manipulating the price of aluminum,  steel,  copper, electricity,  not only on the stock exchange but by buying up the warehouses where the commodities are stored and delaying shipment to end users as a way of adding still another premium price to a commodity.
The Executive Editor of the NYTimes,  Jill Abramson,  has exposed in last sunday's edition,  (article posted earlier) called “A Shuffle of Aluminum, But to Banks, Pure Gold”.    How Coca Cola  and we, consumers of cars,  electronics and other things that use aluminum have had to pay extra money for nothing more than the Goldman Sachs and the two other investment banks literally delaying the delivery of the aluminum just so they can make ever more profit than they had already made.
Let me quote this INVESTMENT BANKING PONZI SHCEME  from the article:
“Mount Clemens,  Michigan—Hundreds of millions of time a day,  thirsty Americans open a can of soda,  beer, or juice.  And every time they do it,  they pay a fraction of a penny more because of A SHREWD MANEUVER BY GOLDMAN SACHS [my emphasis] and JPMORGAN CHASE,  MORGAN STANLEY, [my additions] that ultimately costs CONSUMERS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS [my emphasis].

“The story of how this works begins in 27 INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSES IN THE DETROIT AREA  [my emphasis. Remember “Detroit –the Bankrupt City?”]  where Goldman STORES ALUMINUM [my emphasis].   Each day a fleet of trucks shuffles 1,500-pound bars of the metal among the different warehouses.  Two or three times a day,  sometimes more, the drivers make the same circuits.   The load in one warehouse. They unload in another.   And then they do it again.”

  What this back-and-forth Goldman Sachs industrial dance does is to LENGTHEN THE STORAGE TIME OF ALUMINUM , COPPER , STEEL, etc. 
  A tenth of a cent of an aluminum can is traced back to this illegal warehouse dance.   But multiply that amount by 90 BILLION ALUMINUM CANS CONSUMED BY THE UNITED STATES EACH YEAR—‘and add tons of aluminum used in things like cars, electronics, and house siding---‘
If you think these ROBBER VULTURES ONLY manipulate steel, copper, aluminum….think again!
  These Investment Bankers have bought up the farms,  oil wells and the actual assets that allow them to MANIPULATE BILLIONS OF EXTRA PROFITS IN OIL, WHEAT, COTTON, COFFEE.
Imagine a financial entity that creates an artificial instrument that allows the farmers to cover their losses in the cotton field with options,  shorts,  puts,  calls, etc.   But then the farmer has to contend with another “HIDDEN MANIPULATION” by the Triumvirate of Vultures of actually owning other farms,  agricultural supply companies that force the farmer to pay ever more for this cotton products.
We Americans are being constantly BAMBOOZLED,  ROBBED and MANIPULATED BY THE BIGGEST GANGSTERS OF ALL—GOLDMAN SACHS,  JP MORGAN CHASE, and MORGAN STANLEY on a continual basis, day in and day out.
Thanks to our President Obama who knows less finances than a ‘dope peddler’ on the streets of Bankrupt Detroit.   Example,  he praised Lloyd Blankfein and Wall Street as smart businessmen!   Next we have AG Erich Holder,  who has had incestuous relations with the biggest crooks like Mark RICH [HOLDER PERSONALLY DEFENDED RICH,  MAJOR COMMODITY SWINDLER  ON WALL STREET]  Same one that Bill Clinton pardoned after Mrs Rich made big donations to Democrats.   Yes, his wife,  Denise Rich hid $144 million US on Cook Island in the Pacific.   These sound more like gangsters than businessmen,  Mr President.
As an American entrepreneurs, business owners and citizens,  we should find all of this beyond reprehensible.   We must find ways to take down these investment banking house that are a MAJOR CANCER TO OUR CAPITALIST ECONOMY!
  I would take my money out of their banks and subsidiaries.
  I would create legal protests, marches, and social media ‘exposure’ that would compel these FINANCIAL VULTURES to RETURN BILLIONS OF OUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS DIRECTLY BACK TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS.
I would force them to pay off the One Trillion Dollar Student Loan Debt.
  I would force them to BAIL OUT DETROIT for $18 BILLION DOLLARS.
  In other words, I would force this cancer to cease or desist or we , the people, will ELIMIMATE THEM PEACEFULLY.
  So please, act accordingly. 
Let me quote a Indian Leader I have not always agreed with,  Jawaharlal Nehru:
“ The Forces of capitalist society,  if left unchecked tend to make the RICH RICHER AND THE POOR POORER.”
Also, my dear readers,  keep the following words of exAmbassador John K. Galbraith in mind:
  “People of privilege will always risk their complete DESTRUCTION RATHER THAN SURRENDER ANY MATERIAL PART OF THEIR ADVANTAGE.”
  My dear American citizens,  especially those of us who have had to work two /three jobs or can’t even find a job despite our advanced education for which some of you still owe money. 
There are no other representatives for US!!!
“It is the greatest good to the greatest number which is the measure of RIGHT AND WRONG.”
 Jeremy Benthem,  British Philosopher. 


Some late night homework....Banksters at it again,  nickel and diming Americans.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

“Those were the days my friend,   we thought they’d never end!”   Anthony Weiner sexting with approval of wife,  Huma Abedin.   Folie A Deux! The Age Of Political Sociopathy.
Reprisal of Hillary and Bill Clinton!!!

By now,  everyone has read about  Anthony Weiner and his obsessive need to lie,  lie and lie again.
  What makes it even more interesting is that his wife,  Huma Abedin has condoned his salacious sexting by claiming to pardon, pardon and pardon again.
  Of course,  most of us in this political fairyland of sociopathy neither buy Weiner’s redemptions nor her forgiveness.   But the play out of his inevitable tragic need to self –destruct along with his willing accomplice,  his wife,  also a proven sociopath,  who had bilked the US State Department of close to 400,000 dollars for overtime work that she had done while living in NYC.
Thus two sociopaths cooperating with each other’s self-destructive tendencies make for what we call “Folie A Deux”.
In simple terms,  we have two liars who live and connive against all odds to advance their respective careers,  irrespective of the truth or the damage they both committed against innocent people or the brazen flaunting of the mores of civil society.
  If he or she were in the military right now,   they would have been up for Court Martial charges—both for lying and cheating the American public.
  But these two mortals,  albeit husband and wife,  have conspired to insult common decency by basically excusing their culpable collective behavior under some absurd narrative of ‘repentance’ or ‘forgiveness’.   Even more insulting is the notion that their collective sociopathic behavior was never officially condemned nor prosecuted according to any laws.
Ms. Abedin was a special assistant to Sec State Hillary Clinton when she was investigated by the Inspector General and the NY Times and found wanting in her performance, credibility and ethical conduct.
  But as Hillary’s  ‘surrogate’,   Ms. Abedin was ‘forgiven’ all ‘trespasses’.

Are we really surprised by this lewd behavior of both liars and sociopaths??
It would not take much for us to reprise the ‘fellatio suite’ of Slick Willy in the White House several decades ago and the grand Arpeggio of forgiveness granted by the then disingenuous wife Mrs.  Hillary Clinton.    It is amazing how later this forgiving wife used the jilted woman reputation and capitalized on her husband’s career to become  Senator of New York State and then then Sec State.   Really, what does this say about N.Y. politics???  Wyoming listen up!  Really, Cheney spawn?? c'mon!

There is a lesson to learn here from Hillary, Bill, Anthony and Huma.
  If both husband and wife can conspire to lie, deceive and act the ‘fool in public’  in a marriage of political convenience, then all good things will follow for both.
Why are we so surprised that In the Age Of Sociopathy,  we have had close to thirty years of Presidents who have continuously lied to the American public,  making us inure,  if not indifferent to outrageous political behavior.
  What difference does Anthony Weiner really make when Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is about to be indicted for corruption and political cronyism?
  What difference does Anthony Weiner really make when the President of the USA can’t avoid weeks where he literally will lie in order to concoct some imaginary scenario for a non-existent legislation like gun control?
  Do we really care when Eric Holder lies to us about DOJ and Fast and Furious?
I have come to the sad conclusion that lies,  deceits,  corruption and more distortions of the truth are simply part of the “New Age of Sociopathy in 21st Century America”.
Where are the days my friend, when a president was impeached? 
  Where are the days my friend when a congressman was banned from congress for unethical behavior?
  Where are the days when a politician was an ‘honorable profession’?
“Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days”
I have one simple question for the couples who have made LYING, DECEPTION, AND CORRUPTION-- A PROFESSION:
Anthony Weiner/ Huma Abedin & Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton---

Have you no collective sense of DECENCY?
  I await the answer…. in perpetuity.

  Robert Lindner,  Psychologist,  Author:  Rebel Without a Cause: Hypno-analysis Of A Criminal Psychopath.  


Folie a Deux, guess who?  My next post coming shortly.à_deux

Sunday, July 21, 2013

$18 Billion Bankruptcy of a Predominantly Black City-Detroit!  Obama: What Are You Going To Do About It?
  Music Overture as POTUS Exits Stage Left
“The party’s over.  It’s time to wind up the masquerade.  Just make up your mind up the PIPER MUST BE PAID.”
You lied about killing Osama bin Laden. 
You lied about Fast and Furious.
You lied about  Benghazi.
You lied about the shooting in Newton, Conn.
You lied about the Wars in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
You lied about the IRS and THE TARGETING OF THE TEA PARTY.
You lied about the Massive Surveillance Program and PRISM.
Now,   like the songs says,  It’s time to call it a day.
What are you going to do about the bankruptcy of a MAJOR BLACK CITY –DETROIT—once the beating heart of the industrial car revolution and for me, more importantly,  the HOME OF MOTOWN.
  You or your lackey,  Eric Holder,  can’t resort to the canard about Trayvon Martin and “STAND YOUR GROUND”.
  That’s over.   Florida Governor Rick Scott reiterated the legal stand of 1.3 million of Floridian’s who LEGALLY CARRY CONCEALED FIRE ARMS.
  You can’t explain OBAMACARE—because there is NO CARE and OBAMA HAS NO IDEA HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT.
Stop sending your ‘secret agents’ from HHS to encourage mayors,  governors,  county commissioners to enact a plan about which YOU YOURSELF HAVE NO IDEA AS TO HOW IT WILL  WORK.
Obama—so far,  you have been found to be guilty of incompetence,  lying under oath,  illegal activities committed against the American people,  newspapers, and legal Conservative Groups.
There is no other recourse for you then to resign.
  But,  as a fair American citizen,   who is willing to give a ‘TOTAL DISASTER  LIKE YOURSELF’ one last chance,   I dare you to fix DETROIT.
For years,  you and your WH/political minions knew about the severe economic straits and absolute corruption/incompetence of Detroit.   But instead of acting like a responsible leader of your country (and when it is convenient, your so-called race),  you avoided the problem, and decided to engage in diversionary wars and other illegal national security issues.  
And now,  with the Zimmerman verdict,  you are flipping the race card!  This is a last resort when you want to create a diversion from your own malfeasance.   MEMO to OBAMA:  Our country does NOT need this divisiveness,  it needs unity but racial unity is inconvenient for you,  isn't it?
Poor judgment,  incompetence and sociopathy are clearly enough grounds to dismiss a physician or military officer from his profession.   But you have shown that these ignominious traits are considered virtues by you,  politicians and Wall Street bankers.

None who is accountable gets fired!
  So I will give you one more chance.
  Tell me what you,  your administration and your African/American leaders will do with regards to a city that is 83% black and is bankrupt?  Pensions for people that worked hard might not be paid,  violent crime is up,  police response is down.  etc…

Here are the facts (U.S. census, earlier post):
Detroit—701, 475 residence of whom,  82.7% are BLACK.
It is over 138.8 sq. miles
There are 40, 000 VETERANS living in Detroit
Black owned businesses: 64%
Women owned businesses: 49%
Persons below poverty level: 36% (Michigan 15%, US 16%)

Obama: You bailed out GM to the tune of 80 Billion Dollars.
  But where will you get the money to pay for the PENSIONS OF THE POLICE,  FIRE FIGHTERS,  TEACHERS and all the OTHER WORTHY AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO HAPPENED TO BE BLACK?  Who is Zimmerman in all this?  What is Sharpton doing with his talented tongue these days?  Fighting for his people?  Not really….Eric Holder?  Is he doing the hard work to protect the rights of Americans in cities like Detroit?  I don't think so…What are you doing with your off hand "hoodie-could-be-my-son" comments?  Not leading!  Instigating!  C'mon,  this is the oldest trick in the book,  get the working class at each other's throats so they don't notice the slippery hands of the politicians,  crooks and the bankers stealing people's own hard earned money.
For years this was a thorn in your side as a POTUS.
  Now let’s see how you handle the problem without bankrupting other black communities like Compton? Oakland?
The test of a leader’s mettle is in his DEEDS NOT HIS WORDS.

So I conclude this blog as I started:
  “Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
  Take off your makeup,  all dreams must end
  It’s all over, my friend….”
  If you want to win the 2016 Election,  get a candidate in who can fix DETROIT,  its NOT the only city in trouble-- in three years.
“The candles flicker and dim
  It seemed to be right just being with him.” 

Don't Kwame this country!