Friday, July 12, 2013

21st Century Carpetbaggers:  Rich,  Young,  Politically Connected Republican and Democrat “Invaded” Wyoming and NY State,  respectively: 

-   Liz Cheney, Daughter of Darth Vader VP Cheney, Worries G.O.P In Wyoming. 
-  “Pretty Boy” Sean Eldridge,  Husband of  Multi-Millionaire  Chris Hughes,  Co-Founder of Facebook,  Hunts for Political Office in Hudson Valley,  NY State.
Once again,  I am beginning to see a certain trend in the New Democracy of America –very rich,  extremely well-connected relatives of very powerful national power figures are literally ‘invading’ foreign territories of potential political opportunity in order to establish themselves as a ‘heavy weight’ contender in local politics.

Of course, ‘carpetbagging’ is not new.    And to you Civil War aficionados,   you know very well that the so-called ‘Reconstruction of the South’ after the Northern Aggression Against Our Southern Brothers was replete with crony capitalism,  corruption and outright chicanery.
  Presently,  ‘carpetbagging’  has acquired a far more refined veneer.    There is no rapacious grab for land or illegal expropriation of land and human chattel.
  What you need is a ‘rich benefactor’—a father or a ‘husband’ [be it male or female,  as in the case of Hillary Clinton as senator for NY State]—and a national political organization that will fund you ad nauseum,  irrespective of any political or entrepreneurial achievements.
In short,  who you know is reified as the axiom of American success - rather than what you know.
Let’s take the most egregious of  the two people running for local office—Liz Cheney,  a mother of five children and the daughter of our American Benedict Arnold,  has with her despicable father,  Dick Cheney [whom I had unfortunately known about since the Nixon days], and his full blessing and political chicanery decided to run against Michael B. Enzi,  a soft-spoken Republican,  and a ‘best friend’ of Cheney.   They had been ‘fly-fishing partners’ for the Senate race in Wyoming….with friends like that who needs..
  What makes this young cheney candidate particularly reprehensible is the fact that the three term Senator Enzi has earned a seat on the prestigious Senate Finance Committee.
  No small feat that Enzi has accomplished plus he is so modest that he, like most productive legislators,  refuses to go on political talk shows in order to beat up on his senate colleagues.
  What makes this a particular carpetbagging phenomena is the fact that like her scurrilous father,   she had never even grown up in Wyoming.   She is completely a product of McClean, Virginia—born and bred of the Washington Corridor Manor.
  Yet she opportunistically bought a house in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 
Her presence and her father’s callous behavior is best summed up as follows by former Republican Wyoming Senator,   Alan K. Simpson:
“It’s a disaster--- a divisive , ugly situation….”
  What else could Americans expect from the Man Who Killed Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq,  Afghanistan,  Yemen, etc   And …  let’s not forget the 3000 Plus Americans in the Twin Towers.
  Now on a lighter footprint—Tea For Two? –Anyone?
The Liberal NY Times printed an interesting article by my favorite writer Raymond Hernandez how Pretty Boy Sean Eldridge and his husband,  Chris Hughes,   Co-Founder of Facebook, bought a 5$ million estate in Garrison about fifty miles north of NYC in order for Sean Eldridge to be able to run for a political congressional seat.
Unable to find a ‘congressional seat’,   husband and husband moved to another "Palatial Estate" for a mere 2$ Million dollars in New York’s 19th Congressional District.
  Despite, his husband's, Chris Hughes,  immense fortune of 500million dollars, and Chris’s indelible reputation for an innovative strategic social media campaign  for the President Who Never Was [Obama ],  this ‘adorable, fashionable couple’ has attracted support from the following heavy hitters:
George Soros [ “I will even do business with the Nazis”], billionaire financier;  Sean Parker,  the tech entrepreneur behind Napster and Spotify.
The fact that husband “Pretty Boy’ has never accomplished anything whatsoever in his life other than marry a very wealthy wife [ sounds to me like another John Kerry],  here is what his working class neighbors---farmers, mill workers and unemployed said about him:
“It’s a little bit presumptuous,”  Ms. Shields said.  “In a community like this you like to know how  your neighbors are.   Having ties to your neighbors is important.  How can he expect to represent people he doesn’t know?”
“Presumptuous”? –That’s putting it mildly.   It’s sheer arrogance and ignorance
  So what should we conclude from the aforementioned cases?
  Its time to down-size congress!!!  We have too many representatives that are NOT REPRESENTING their communities/citizens but they are collecting big fat paychecks,  with benefits and staffs and etc…..but what are we getting out of it?  more taxes, less services, crappy schools, roads that need repair…you know the list of stuff that we are supposed to pay taxes for.
So my fellow Americans, I think, it’s about time that we convene a new constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution that our Founding Father’s had so brilliantly created for us.
But in all truth,  how could Jefferson,  Washington,  Franklin,  Adams, and others had anticipated Cheney,  the second auto-genocide leader after Abraham Lincoln who would be willing to kill thousands of innocent American civilians?
And equally important,  how could these Puritan’s have anticipated a male wife who could be worth five hundred million dollars creating an instrument that would spy on all innocent Americans regardless of faith, color , religion … Or SEXUAL ORIENTATION?
  In the words of  the great Frenchman,  La Rochefoucauld:
“Hypocrisy is the homage which vice pays to virtue”.
Or for those Anglophiles,  I shall quote John Milton:
  “For neither man nor angel can discern hypocrisy,  the only evil that walks invisible.” 


  1. No surprises there then!! Same thing happens over here, we had tony Blair relocate locally before his meteoric rise to power (id argue even more powerful now not in office) exactly the same with peter Mandel son (my opinion the most powerful man not in office, bilderburger and Rothschild cohort) and its even worse with conservative candidates whom are placed into so called safe seats to win( same with labour)and are then depending on influence or willingness to follow orders propelled to the top jobs in government or opposition government so to me a no very educated person it stands out as a rigged game! There are great exceptions though and one is George Galloway mp whom you may be aware of and Dennis skinner mp its really worth the time to YouTube these two in action because these do not conform to the old boy network at all! Its fair to say I don't understand a great deal of American politics but reading the above and other posts its a case of what goes there goes here and it really is time for change! As a sidenote our parliamentarians are to receive an11% rise plus £5000 extra in bloated pensions whilst the rest of us as a former Queen once eloquently said "let them eat cake"

  2. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. I desperately need your assistance, because the C.I.A., SKULL AND BONES, and the BUSH FAMILY have a personal vendetta against me! This has been going on since October 2006 (E-Mails to illegitimate President George W. Bush Jr., THE C.I.A., some of the U.S. CONGRESS, and some of the mass-media stating to STAY OUT OF IRAN (TRIGGER TO A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST))! Since October 2, 2002, "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS (very corrupt parts of the O.C. SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by prior SHERIFF (Colorado federal prison)) have been trying to annihilate me! Therefore, since 2006, it has become the PERFECT "F***"! They have taken-out my ENTIRE BACKGROUND (including S.S.A. HEALTH RECORDS for my prior S.S.I., VITAL RECORDS, CRIMINAL RAP SHEET (since December 30, 2010), and FINGER-PRINTS (since December 30, 2010)) by illegally "ERASING" and "MODIFYING" all my RECORDS! Various corrupt police and people claiming to work for the C.I.A. have admitted to me! In addition, I have sufficient "EVIDENCE" (various documents) to substantiate my CLAIMS! Therefore, I desperately need a LAWYER (CIVIL and CRIMINAL) that can practice law in California, because the ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDERS OFFICE has also screwed me over! Former O.C. PUBLIC DEFENDER and CHIEF PUBLIC DEFENDER were wined and dined in Europe by the "ELITE," concerning me during the FALL OF 2008 ("supposed" vacation with both of them at the same location)!

  3. Off topic : article of impeachment: BRIBING A FOREIGN NATION
    Probable cause for US TREASURY THEFT:
    $5b bribe to MORSI:
    French Transation:

  4. Bamford interview:

    Whistleblower's blowback:

    Obama's dystopia:
    "To function effectively in Obama’s dystopia, one needs to deaden one’s sense of the absurd. Either that, or constantly inflate it, so that what was by previous standards ghoulish, or ridiculous, or patently illogical, is now not merely accepted, but may well be official policy."

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    1. Raymond,
      Find yourself a constitutional attorney.
      Contact Glenn Greewald via the Guardian newspaper. He is one and may know one in CA.

      He is advising Edward Snowden.

      Dr. P. cannot assist you; he has his own worries with the CIA and Holder. He is an MD not a barrister.

      This website is being monitored.


      TO WIT:

    2. Why can not Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. tell me this??? Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. already stated to me, in a reply to a prior comment, he (Dr. Pieczenik) would look into my situation; and he (Dr. Pieczenik) would (implied) get back to me. Who are you??? Are you his (Dr. Pieczenik) assistant or agent??? If you are correct, I want to hear it from Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., not you!

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