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Things that I know are true, part II

Personal Witness To The Murder of Ambassador Francis E. Meloy Jr By The War Criminal,  Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
  My dear readers, this blog is one of the most painful ones that I have ever had to write. 
As many of you know, I have had an extensive amount of experience as a physician, psychiatrist, Intelligence Operative, a ‘counter terrorist’ expert and a ‘regime changer’. 
But never once in my polymath career had I witnessed an outstanding Ambassador like Francis E. Meloy literally beg for his life. 
  As I remember Ambassador Meloy, I found him to be an outstanding Career Diplomat, who had served honorably in the US Navy during WWII [like Spike Dubs]. He had also served as US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic from 1969 to 1973.  He was stationed as Ambassador to Guatemala from 1973 to 1976. 
Because of his impressive history as a career diplomat, he was assigned to the most dangerous embassy in 1976—Lebanon. 
At that time, I was intimately involved in trying to manage a ‘civil war’ raging in Lebanon between Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Christian Phalangist groups. To say the least, this was one of the worst civil wars that I had been involved in.
At the time, I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management responsible for overseeing the Office to Combat Terrorism and many other Intelligence operations. I reported to only one many –Under Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, an impressive Falstaffian character with the charm of a Russian Bear and the determination of a German Shephard. But he had the largest heart and greatest concern for his fellow Career Diplomats and Foreign Service Officers. 
  I make a special point about this incredible man—Larry Eagleburger—because of him and those like him and Dubs, Chas Freeman, Frank Wisner, Thomas Pinkerton, Patrick Kennedy and many others –the Foreign Service was one of the most incredible organizations I had the  unique  privilege of working for.
  Actually from time to time, Larry and I would argue over his insistence that a particular FSO should be dismissed and I would often counter by saying that if he, Larry, or any other part of the State Department, had not trained that FSO to do his job, then it was incumbent on us, the Bureau of Management to train and retain that FSO.
 I emphasize this point  because Ambassador Francis E. Meloy jr and his Economic Counselor Robert O. Waring, also quite gifted, were specifically chosen by Larry and I to represent our US Embassy in Lebanon during a most trying and dangerous period in that country. 
Dear readers, are you beginning to see how history repeats itself in moments of international crises, our professional diplomats [as well as our intelligence operatives and military personnel at the level below Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense] are more than willing to serve our country ----knowing fully well that they would be risking their lives, just like Ambassador Stevens and the four other Special Forces/CIA heroes who died needlessly in Benghazi.
  But back to my personal tragedy. I say personal because the deaths of both Ambassador Francis E. Meloy and FSO Robert O. Waring still haunt me to this day.
As a psychiatrist, I knew that I had repressed the memory of those hours before and after their deaths that arose reflexively when I had heard and read about the deaths of our heroes in Benghazi and how they had begged for help which was denied by the SecDef , Gen Dempsey, SecState Hillary Clinton, and Obama and his coterie of ‘choir boys’.
  Before I continue, my narrative, I think that it is important for you my readers to understand that when I was recruited to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State by Lawrence Eagleburger, there were several conditions under which I agreed to work with the State Department. 
I must admit that it sounds arrogant for a USN Captain, a political psychiatrist trained at Harvard/MIT, to make any demands of Larry. Especially when I was only 34 years old and had already served in creating the beginning of ‘regime change’ in the Soviet Union, using the Soviet Psychiatric Hospital to take out Soviet ‘political dissidents,” falsely labeled as “Chronic Schizophrenic”.  
Sidebar: Dear Reader if you want to learn about past Soviet and present day Putin’s repression of political dissidents please read my novel, The Mind Palace,  which describes the horrible conditions that the Soviets created in order  to ‘interrogate’ Soviet dissidents,  particularly Baptist, Fundamental Christians, and Jewish Scientists. Now it’s the Pussy Riot who have been sent to the Gulags. Nothing really changes with new leadership. Does it? 
Back to that horrible assassination.
  Larry was the kind of man who loved my ‘chutzpah’ and admired my past ‘accomplishments’ in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.
  The fact was that I was not eager to serve SecState Henry Kissinger. This was not a secret to Larry or others in the Nixon Administration.
  I personally and professionally, condemned Henry for the war crimes he committed in Vietnam, Laos, and then Cambodia. His relentless bombing of innocent civilians in SE Asia and the lie he and Nixon had perpetrated about the Gulf Of Tonkin Attack initially fabricated by President Lyndon B Johnson.
  But there was much more to detest about Henry which Larry understood and accepted. I found him not only to be a war criminal but a coward, a ‘Nixon backstabber’ reporting everything to Scotty Reston of the NY Times. He was ‘self–aggrandizer’ and ‘fabricator’ of myths that made him sound strategically brilliant and tactically exemplary. He courted the sycophant reporters like the Kalb brother to write hagiographies of him.
  But I knew his personal weaknesses: his shame of being a German Jew; and his need to always be addressed as “Doctor”. Henry had received a PHD and I knew he wanted to be a psychiatrist, but he was not really intellectually capable of becoming one. 
His great claim to ‘success’ was and is his ability ‘suck up to powerful people’, a sycophant of the worst kind. His sponsor was none other than Governor Nelson Rockefeller, a decent man with very little intellectual prowess as was true of most of the Rockefeller family.  
So let’s put this entire scenario in perspective. 
I demanded that Henry was never to meet me; and, I was never to meet him or even listen to anything that Henry might have demanded of me. 
 In other words, I told Larry that “as far as I was concerned, Kissinger could go fuck himself!!” Those were the exact words and Larry just laughed and personally confirmed me as his DAS for Management.
Larry was a connoisseur of talent. He personally picked a young FSO named Pat Kennedy who for thirty years of my career in and out of the State Department would become the premiere manager/administrator of the Department. Today, he is the Under Secretary of State for Management, in effect, he is the new Larry.
Larry picked seasoned ambassadors for many positions who also grew to prominence –Ambassador Thomas Pickering, an outstanding career FSO who has served in more posts than I can recall. He is now in charge of the investigation of the Steven’s murder. 
Back to our narrative….
Ambassador Meloy was ordered personally by Henry Kissinger to present his Ambassadorial Credentials to the new Lebanese President. But Meloy knew all too well as I and Larry knew as well that for Melroy to do this during a completely uncontrollable and unpredictable civil war would mean certain death the minute he left the American Embassy.
  Henry refused to hear his case.  Instead, his false baritone voice, he insisted that Meloy ‘present his credentials’ especially in a time like this in order to show the world that we, Americans, were not afraid of civil war. 
  When Larry and I heard this nonsensical palaver from none other than the coward Kissinger, Larry and I [through Larry] vehemently urged Henry to rescind the order. We knew and as did Henry that Meloy’s leaving the embassy for an insignificant diplomatic formality that could have been postponed indefinitely was a “sure sentence of death for Meloy”.  
Then on the long distance secure telephone, Meloy pleaded with Larry and me to do something about his ridiculous order and stop Henry carrying out this nonsensical charade of diplomacy. Melroy even correctly called this ‘nothing but Henry’s vanity’.  And for that, he did not want to die. 
The outcome was as predicted.
On June 16, 1976,  Meloy and Waring and their  driver Zuhair Mohammed Moghrabi were kidnapped by PFLP teenagers with RPG’s and as they crossed the Green Line dividing the two conflicting parties, the Ambassador, his economic officer and the driver were murdered.  A few hours later, their bodies were found on the beautiful, crystal sand beaches of Ramlet al-Baida.
  This is the true story of the death of a brave, courageous Ambassador Francis E. Meloy Jr and Robert O. Waring, US Economic Counselor.
Did they have to die for our country? Clearly no!
  Did they have to die for Kissinger’s malignant narcism and self-aggrandizing need to make himself appear strong when in fact he was a murdering coward? 
 Clearly the answer was ‘yes’. 
  Kissinger, like Billhill Clinton, or Bush Jr, or Cheney, or Bob McNamara, or Condi, or Rumsfeld, or Tenet, or Michael Haydn, or the neocons, or many others in the White House, State Department,  Defense Department, or CIA – all who have willingly and enthusiastically encouraged or were directly complicit in the murder of civilians abroad but also here in the United States will NEVER BE PROSECUTED.  
  Our system of collusion, crony capitalism, and political corruption will always shroud the guilt of the political perpetrators of crime and silence it with the absence of a true investigation [not like the ersatz 9/11 commission]  and allow the passage of time to create  false narratives and a posthumous legacy of innocence. 
Witness the books of nonsense and self-glorification that Kissinger keeps writing, a continuous clap trap of stupidity and perseverations of a coward and murderer insisting on American strength and aggressiveness. If only the world were to really know how pathetic Henry really is and was,  then Henry could go quickly to his grave with the ignominy and anonymity he truly deserves.
  I dedicate this blog to the brave diplomatic warriors of our State Department, pray that one day, a career diplomat like Thomas Pickering, Frank Wisner or Chas Freeman eventually arise to serve as the Secretary of State rather than some political toddy of the White House who may have done nothing more than create and preserve the career of a political Frankenstein whether he be a Republican or Democrat.
  It’s time for the American Public to conduct their own Nuremberg Trials examining the malfeasance and miscreant behavior of their appointed political civil servants. 
Let the truth emerge finally, so that someone like myself and others, will have no further need to write blogs filled with past memories of murder, assassination and falsehoods. 
 Only the truth will truly set us free!!!

not much in wikipedia on this honorable diplomat but I will tell you more in a bit.,_Jr.
Ambassador Francis E. Meloy

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Things that I know are true, part I
US Ambassadors Whom were Allowed To Be Killed By The US State Department “Spike” Dubs; Francis E. Melroy Jr; Arnold L. Raphel. 
  The blogs that I have been writing have a certain repetitive theme. US military and civilians die in the service of our country and then their deaths are retold in a light that negates the serious indictment of their superiors’ negligence and incompetence resulting in their deaths. The real perpetrators of the crime and cover up of Christopher Stevens death are the Sec State Hillary Clinton, Generals Dempsey and Allan, Ambassador Rice and of course the “Choir boys” in the White House –Brannon, Donilon, and Biden.  And of course, POTUS Obama.
  But this story of negligent murder by the US government is not a new story…. 
State Department negligence and incompetence is part of the US State Department’s history as long as I have been a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Nixon, Ford, Carter and Bush Sr and on the Policy Planning Staff.
To make the historical record extremely clear I was never a Foreign Service Officer [FSO]. But I was extremely proud to work with them and help them guide their respective careers to satisfying FSO appointments both overseas and domestically.
Most of my time as DAS for Management was helping to develop new organizations within the State Department that would assist the FSOs and their families to improve their stressful peripatetic life-style. So I helped to create the Regional Psychiatric Program; the Family Liaison Office; the Mandatory Hostage Survival Program, etc.
  You get the idea. I wasn’t there to ‘gun sling’ anyone out of their job but I was given a mandate by Under Secretary Lawrence Eagleburger [a sadly missed friend and an incredible FSO] who believed that a psychiatrist trained in International Relations with overseas experience could be helpful the State Department in general and in improving the quality of the FSOs lifestyle at home and abroad.
  But as one of the first Hostage Negotiators to exist in the government [before it was a business or an entertainment franchise], I was also given the obligation of overseeing the Directors of the Office of Combating Terrorism. Since the Nixon Administration I had overseen two FSOs who had been directors of the office. 
  Under the Carter administration, I was given the same authority to oversee and fire the Director of the OCT under Secretary of State Cyrus Vance [a highly underrated man and his incredibly elegant Under Secretary Ben Reed]. It was then that I happen to witness the “Assassination of Ambassador Anthony “Spike” Dubs”, our very accomplished Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Ambassador Dubs had a very successful FSO with a very distinguished prior history of having served in the US Navy and graduated Georgetown University where he was subsequently recruited into the Foreign Service.  As a career diplomat he had been posted to Germany, Liberia, Canada, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. 
On December 14, 1979, Dubs, then Ambassador to Afghanistan [it’s amazing how history repeats itself], was kidnapped by four armed militants of the Setami Milli Party disguised as police men. The kidnappers demanded the release of Badruddin Bahes, the imprisoned leader of their political party [sound familiar?]. The government of Hafizullah Amin denied holding Bahes and therefore refused to negotiate with the militants in spite of US embassy demands. At the time, Dubs was held at the Kabul Hotel [now called Kabul Serena Hotel] in room 117
 While I and the Director of the Office to Combat Terrorism were in the ‘Op Center’,  negotiating with the Soviet advisors who along with Afghan security forces had swarmed the hallway of the hotel and surrounded the rooftops waiting for instructions as to what to do next. 
  I had asked the Soviet chief negotiator, a KGB operative, to hold off any assaults till our Sec State could convince the Afghan Government to consider the possibility of an alternative solution and place pressure on the Afghan government to engage in negotiations with the kidnappers. It looked as if this was becoming increasingly possible, thanks to the efforts of the Sec State and others who asked me to play for more time with the Soviets.
  In the Op Center, I informed the Director to make certain that “under no condition was he to order” the Soviet advisors or the Afghans security to ‘barge into the room‘ and ‘try to free Dubs’. If this were to occur it was clear to both me and the Sec State that Dubs would die in a haze of bullits. 
Unfortunately, the Director panicked at a moment when I had to leave the Op Center and when I returned I heard our Director personally ‘order the assault’ on the Room 117 with the clear understanding that Dubs would eventually die in the crossfire.
 I reprimanded that Director. He fled. I ordered that the Sec State fire him for incompetence, insubordination and ‘negligent homicide’. I recorded the events as they transpire in the Official Op Center log at 12:40 PM, ten minutes after the death of Dubs.
The Director fled from the Op Center and then as I went to present him with his notice of dismissal, he pleaded with me as child, craving for his mother’s breast milk, to allow him and remain in his position as Director. That was totally unacceptable to me and the Sec State. The Director, even whispered to me that ‘we Catholics’ should stick together in a WASP environment’. 
Unfortunately for the Ambassador I was neither Catholic nor WASP.  I was simply a professional Crisis Manager, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, who could not accept the death of an Ambassador by the negligent, incompetence and fear of an inexperienced crisis manager or FSO.
 I then flew out for the next 24 hours to Kabul, Afghanistan to bring back the body of Spike Dubs for his funeral.  I went back to check the official Op Center Log and none of my notations concerning the events of that night were evident. Clearly the record had been erased to cover the negligence of the Director.
  A few months later, both I and Cyrus Vance,  both resigned on President Jimmy Carter for his incompetent handling of the Iran Hostage Siege. 
Then I wrote an article for the Washington Post, delineating the situation and what had happened, never naming the director in order to make sure that the lessons of one incompetent Ambassador who had killed another US Ambassador was not a personal indictment that the public couldn’t handle; but rather I had hoped that the State Department would investigate the ‘murder’ and rectify their policies and training programs. 
But how na├»ve, I was. 
  I was interviewed in my private psychiatric office by “Inspector General” officials ‘examining the nature of my public charges and their veracity’
  Needless to say, I knew this was a less than useless exercise.
  But the reason, I am writing this particular story in detail is to illustrate to you, my dear readers, how the State Department went to great lengths to cover up the misdeeds of the Director and then went so far as to promote him upward to levels of responsibility for which he was not clearly capable of. 
So as I came back at two different times in both the Reagan Administration and then the Bush Sr tenureship as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, I discovered the following way that the State Department had covered up the negligent murder of Ambassador Spike Dubs by Ambassador Anthony C. E, Quainton’.
“Tony” as I called the Director, who had committed the crime, and had erased any traces of his cowardly deed and had coerced or ‘convinced’ the State Department system to promote him to even more senior positions.
Tony, a slight, whiny, haltering figure of a boy/man, who reminded me of an effete Oxfordian wannabe Lawrence of Arabia,  rewrote the history of the Dubs assassination as ‘Dubs died in a crossfire’ in both the official history of the State Department and even in the KGB Archives. 

Sidebar:   Please read, if you have the time and patience,  the 1990 Soviet KGP Archives by Visily Mitrokhin  who discusses the  evidence presented by KGB Advisor Sergei Batrukhin . 

Believe me, Tony Quainton had previously been a Soviet Expert.
  The point of the Spike Dubs Assassination by Ambassador Anthony C.E, Quainton is the extensive degree that the US State Department will go to protect  ‘one of it’s own’ when he/she commits a crime.  The reason is very simple. The State Department sees itself as infallible and cannot and will not even admit it’s failure in  delineating a false foreign policy –witness Iraq and Afghanistan--- nor admit to the inexperience or incompetency of any of it’s FSO’s despite the fact that he/she were never capable of handling a specific crisis. 
Specifically see how far the State Department is willing to cover up the ‘murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’. It has confabulated lies, distorted realities and contorted itself into a self-investigation that will knowingly reveal nothing. 
  So I present the first case of Ambassador Tony Quaiton who had clearly been negligent, cowardly and incompetent in that particular ‘assassination of Spike Dubs’. But let me show you how far he had been promoted as a result of his incompetency [in this case the Peter Principle is on steroids]. 
 Ambassador Anthony C.E, Quainton:
Became Ambassador To Nicaragua under President Reagan. Then appointed Ambassador to Kuwait. Then he became the Deputy Inspector General of the State Department. 
He went on to become Ambassador to Peru then nominated as Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security [this position requires the detailing of Regional Security Officers to protect an Ambassador—the very absence of RSOs was an issue in the Steven’s death].
Then President Clinton, who had gone to Oxford,  where Tony had attended in 1958-59 as Marshall Scholar, appointed Tony as the Director General Of the Foreign Service. 
  Eventually academia confirmed him as a Distinguished Diplomat-in-Residence at the School Of International Service at American University in Washington DC. 
  So, my dear, readers, as Agatha Christa would write: ”Crime does pay!” 
Especially in the State Department! Only there can an incompetent, ineffectual, dastardly, professional go from a ‘cowardly murder of another Ambassador’ to the position where he can oversee the appointment and behavior of all the US Ambassadors.
Only in America!!!! 
Thank God for Mediocrity!| 
What would we do for our politicians, generals, legislators, intelligence officers and general ineffectual government servants without our collective mediocrity and it’s concomitant companions—lies, silence, stonewalling , betrayal, deceit, distortion, and false narratives.
No recent “American hero’ can exist without the collective collusion of fear, mediocrity and the need to create a false, clean, hopeful narrative. In short—an American Fairy Tale filled with good guys, bad guys and self –righteous morality.
American History, especially in the White House, the State Department, the Defense Department and the Intelligence agencies, must have these Elmer Gantrys and P.T. Barnums. These are the ‘heroes’ (or villians) that would eventually be ‘eliminated’ in order to create the ‘necessary historical palatable narrative’ that can be passed on from generation to generation—without question or hesitation. 

Keep reading, I have much more to say on what I know about a Secretary of State who was directly responsible for an Ambassador’s death.  Goodnight for now.


another piece of history you need to know, see link on Adolph "Spike" Dubs,  I will be posting soon.

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here's another detailed article about retired (really??) generals lucrative consulting positions within the military industrial complex, all this wasted taxpayer money on death machines, read it if you want to understand why I get so angry!  Write to your congressman, senators, stop this!

Military Generals must be Accountable for their crimes!
An American Military Tragedy: The Collapse of American Generals Since The 1960’s: Leading to the Death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and many more needless casualties.
  The recent confluence of three unrelated factors compelled me to the write this particular blog. The first, is the continuing silence and distortion from the military and the White House concerning the recent assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The second factor is the statement made by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army General Martin Dempsey, that they had ordered a ‘stand down of Special Forces’ prepositioned to assist two Seal Team Six heroes who died in the Benghazi massacre. As Panetta stated in his inevitable ignorant assertion of military history and military capability [presumably reflecting his chief advisor General Dempsey] , ’we don’t send soldiers in harm’s way when we don’t know what is going on’. His insightful order: ”stand-down of military forces”, presumably in order to avoid more confusion and further the unfortunate toll of American deaths. 
The third factor that just came into play is the Wall Street Journal's review of a book written by Thomas E. Ricks, the Washington Post Pentagon Correspondent, who insightfully delineated the decline of the quality of our American Generals and Admirals since the 1960’s in his book entitled,  The Generals.
  His premise is simple. Basically American Generals during WWII were given a few months in which they could prove their mettle, be killed in battle, or wounded, or replaced. This basic principle of America military leadership- either succeed in what you do or get the hell out was postulated by the greatest war and peace time general America has ever had and that was General George C. Marshall,  US Army Chief of Staff from 1939 to 1945.
In my professional opinion as a strategist and operative, Marshall,  is probably the most under-rated General that America was fortunate to have had. He planned the execution of two simultaneous wars in both the Pacific and in Europe and executed them successfully in less time than either the disastrous wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. He was so modest and loyal to the country that  he allowed President Franklin Roosevelt to promote his Aide-de-Camp, a Colonel who had never seen combat but was an expert on interpersonal relationships to become Commander of Allied Troops in Europe—General Dwight D. Eisenhower
The rest is history!
  The author concludes correctly that for the next sixty years the only general to rise to any note of worthiness was a General  whom I had admired for over the past ten years—General David Petraeus. 
The author contends, as I have over the decades, that both our military and intelligence service –now populated by ex-generals—that without the possibility of generals being relieved of command, ‘the Marshallian approach to leadership—emphasizing a relentless expectation of success and unwillingness to accept anything less’ -does not work.  
I then add the premise that it also leads to military cowardliness and ‘faulty group think and delay’ as evidenced in the ‘stand down’ order by Army General Dempsey, USMC General John R. Allen and Admiral McRaven,  Chief Commander of SOCOM , [Special Forces]. Accordingly, Marshall and I [former International Crises Manager and Hostage Negotiator, ex-USN Captain] would have dismissed these military officers ASAP
As the President should do right now!…Obama must dismiss these incompetent, deadly generals, hold them accountable!
But that will not happen because our civilian leaders—SecState Hillary Clinton [an exemplar of political corruption, collusion, incompetence and deceit]; Ex- Lieutenant General USAF James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence[ex-Bush Jr sychophant]; and clearly one of our usual suspects in the White House, John O. Brennan [a thirty year CIA Station Chief  stalwart who specialty is in allowing the American soldiers to die in the Khobar explosions in Saudi Arabia and as well as facilitating the “stand down’ of 9/11--- a true American patriot,etc.] are all accomplices in collusion [not conspiracy] of CYA for each other.
  More importantly their collective incompetence compounded by the lies of Ambassador Rice [a once talented individual], Vice President Biden [a legislative parasite who is related by marriage to another piece of incompetence John Donilon—National Security Advisor] will assure that whatever investigation is conducted is already as tainted a tin can of botulism. 
  But back to the major point of what happened to the best and brightest of our generals?
 I have worked with senior military officers over four decades and of course by probability alone they vary in quality and capability. But for the most part, I have found them to be less tutored in military strategy, severely under-educated in world affairs and general world politics and increasingly concerned about their promotions and pensions. 
  The promotions and pensions issue came forth several times when I would encourage officers to defy their civilian authorities when the orders made no sense nor accomplished any tactical/strategic goals. It was obvious in my senior tutorial classes at the National Defense University how fearful most military personnel were of personal initiative, bold moves, creative thinking and aggressive actions. In fact, in both practice and theory,  I found the more senior an officer became the less courageous he appeared in the field of action whether it be battle or defiance of incompetent civilian orders –from Bush jr, Clinton, Obama. 
I discovered as a single operator in the field, that the military officers at the level of captain and major were far more forthcoming and less threatened by the system. I had a friend who trained with me at MIT, a formidable Ranger who became a warrior and scholar in both Vietnam and as a Professor at West Point. However, he didn’t play the “suck up” game - he intimidated his superiors with his intellect and directness.  Result: dismissed once he reached the level of Colonel.  In the meantime, the most incompetent General I had ever met Gen Westmoreland was promoted by LBJ to the point that he was allowed to kill thousands of our troops and wound even more thousands. 
  So the generals since Marshall and Eisenhower were not only incompetent, they were DEADLY.  Like physicians who continuously commit malpractice- innocent people die.  I see these incompetent generals promoted in an endless procession of meaningless jobs with fancy, convoluted titles—all signifying nothing….p.s. they make a lot of money!
  Recently at the Council On Foreign Relations Meeting, a warehouse of miscreants, dysfunctional individuals, wannabe intellectuals, and mendicants with fancy-sounding titles, all underwritten by the military-industrial complex and it’s banking/financial offshoots, I confronted General Dempsey in front of a large audience asking him what I knew he would bullshit me about.
“When would you, general, ever challenge a civilian decision that you, as a military officer, did not approve of?”
  Like the good Irish choir boy that he was once, he sang the ‘Ave Maria’ in the high octaves of a military eunuch.
  At another meeting, I met another General who had also ‘screwed up Iraq’—ex-US Army General Abizaid, an arab-speaking military officer. The discussion centered around the problems of Syria and what would happen. Most of the people there, were CIA or other ‘experts’ in Syria and the Middle East,  but Abizaid sang with the choir of incorrect ‘group thinking’ that ‘insurgents would win and we needed to support them’. 
Of course, my view has been consistent since the beginning of the Civil War in Syria, having had the good fortune of having been interrogated by Dr Bashar Assad and his cronies, I had a much clearer and ‘personal’ experience which allowed me to say contrary to the collective wisdom ‘that we did not, do not belong in Syria’. Bashar would remain under the aegis of Putin and Erdogan and Saudi Arabia would have to be reined in.
  Now back to the blog and the need to seriously curtail our generals and admirals before they created more harm and deaths. Our military has become completely dysfunctional- intervening in non-existent wars, making more enemies than we originally had, and creating a major surplus of severely injured soldiers who have been quaintly called “wounded warriors” when in fact many of them never even saw an enemy before they were blown up by an IED. 
  But back to the surplus of ineffectual generals and senior military personnel…..
  The author, Thomas E. Ricks, clearly pinpoints General Thomas Franks, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan in 2001 and in Iraq 2003 as strategically and tactically incompetent, never really understanding what the two unnecessary wars would entail and what the consequences of the war would be. Of course, he was abetted by the “Ivan the Terrible” Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Stephen Hadley, Condilezza Rice and the incomparable epitome of vacuous intelligence replete with hubris and military ignorance –our favorite, ‘US murderer of the 21st century’ along with VP Cheney—“stand down” Sec Def Ronald Rumsfeld
Along with Tommy Franks as one of our most incompetent generals, the author of the book also points to Ricardo Sanchez—our ‘token Hispanic’—who ‘micromanaged’ the war and like Franks was ‘strategically illiterate’. Then he fortunately mentions USAF General Richard Meyers (a real criminal) who conveniently made himself disappear but was the one of the main strategist of the 9/11 Stand down and allowed the ‘enemy planes’ to attack the WTC.  Also, let’s not forget , he also provided the ‘false flags’ episodes all over the country making certain that our planes at Andrews Air Force Base on DefCon One Alert never intercepted his planes which delivered a missile into the pentagon, later described as a ‘ full –sized Boeing’ aircraft. 
  Dear readers, you get the idea how dangerous our so called ‘honored generals’ have really become. They are criminals!
I strongly suggest that every general and officer anywhere near the 9/11 stand down be interrogated according to the military code of justice.  Accordingly, I can provide even more names of civilians and generals and ex-generals in Paul Wolfowitz’s Shop of Horrors who massacred our American civilians and American soldiers.
 In short, America, if we don’t down size our military, eliminate the old fashioned promotion of military officers across the board, and eliminate our war colleges that are completely a waste of tax payer dollars and are not suited for 21st century Cyberwar, crises management, and the robotic age, we will not have any security whatsoever.
  It’s a very hard point for me to make but I and many others involved with the military including the Thomas Ricks, have come to the disturbing conclusion that we Americans have allowed generations of cowards, military illiterates and outright murderers to run our national security in the name of protecting our country.
The biggest security problem we have now is our debt.
  The biggest civilian problem we have now is our dysfunctional military, intelligence and our bloated military-industrial complex  which is neither military but very complex in it’s ability to extract our money from congress for worthless tanks, that no one uses, outdated B1 bombers, that rest quiescently in Arizona and APCs that have been death traps for our troops. 
Get rid of our generals! Hold them accountable! Arrest them. Arrest the civilians who ordered them to unnecessary wars. Denounce them as cowards. And eliminate their pensions which double when these vain heroes work for Northrup Gruman, Boeing, L3 Communications, SAIC, Mitre, etc.
  It’s now up to the American public to decide what it has to do. We have at one and the same time too many wounded veterans who owe their wounds not to ‘terrorists’ but to ‘strategically illiterate, cowardly military generals, corrupt Presidents, Sec Def, Sec State and worse yet--- a disinterested American public that would prefer to become imbued with false narratives, vainglorious declarations of military victory and a Republic that is rampantly corrupt from top-down.
  Rest assure, if nothing else is done, the Republic will die as the Empire will expand as more metals of false valor are handed out and more amputees filter through our decaying hospitals and cities.
I truly hope that this time I am wrong. 
Oh by the way, I have resigned from the CFR. As an entrepreneur it was just too much to underwrite the parasites of a once dignified organization that had transmuted into a nursing home for the ailing, crippled policy makers and faux intellectuals who had nowhere to go but to recycle themselves into a society of solipsism, ignorance, arrogance and welfare. They, like the generals, have become completely irrelevant to our national security or the destiny of our country.
Amen!  Cut the military budget!  Take care of our veterans and hold these incompetent military leaders accountable for their crimes! Fire the bastards! 

Here's a good story about how much $$$ our military leaders can make after they retire with FULL PENSION, this is why Eisenhower warned us "beware the military/industrial complex"
And we gave the big shots a raise in 2007! C'mon, America! wake up, we are spending money in all the wrong places.
and also while we are on the subject of substandard military leadership, I just ordered the book The Generals by Thomas E. Ricks, more on that subject in a minute...
Watching the "Judgement at Nuremberg" a 1961 film about the individual's complicity in crimes committed by the state....the choice of "following orders" or justice.  It had me thinking about the state of our country, my post will be following shortly.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Recycling Political/Military Garbage: Four Star General Colonic Powell  [Never Served In Combat].

One of the major phenomenon of life that continuously intrigues me,  a polymath individual with an extensive life experience, is how “shit” flows to the surface. 
There is no end to how many times General Colonic Powell of whom I have known, worked against and detested since the Nixon Administration has resurfaced himself  like a bolus of detritus every few years.
Now for whatever it is worth, and in my humble opinion, his endorsement of President Obama is certainly a ‘kiss of death’.  (…Obama to Powell: never mind, don't worry about a public endorsement, pleeeeze keep it to yourself...)
This man, Colin Powell is really bad news for the President, for the US military and most importantly for our country.
There has never been in my thirty years experience (a 32 year old Navy Captain [0-6], Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for four US Presidents…) a more despicable, cowardly military officer who dares to call himself a general of the US military.  BTW, he and Alex Haig, another piece of military garbage, are the only two Four Star Generals in the history of the US Army who have really never seen combat, let alone been wounded in combat and more importantly has never ever served as a Divisional Commander. That’s the equivalent of becoming the principal of a high school without having ever gone to a real high school but instead took a course on the internet on how to manipulate your way to the top.
Sidebar: One other general was not a Divisional Commander but he was a truly great military leader—General / President Eisenhower, one of my favorite generals along with Marshal [completely unrecognized for having masterminded two simultaneous wars –Japan and Europe and of course, the tank warfare genius—Patton].

But my dear readers, this blog is not about the failings of our formidable military, many of whom have been wounded and died for our country in countless incursions, written and undocumented. This story is about the supreme military liar, coward, boot licker and fraud,  I have ever known and despised. And believe me I have met him in a social setting and conveyed the same impression. 
let’s start from the beginning….
  In the late 1970’s when I was in the military and a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger [no sweetheart of mine—I worked on my own volition for Larry Eagleburger],  I knew about this young ‘Afro-Caribbean’ officer who was appointed to the White House as WH Fellow and had been sponsored by two prominent Republicans –Caspar Weinberger and Frank Carlucci. 
  Needless to say, that I very quickly found out about his background. He had lied on behalf of his commanding officers in Vietnam about the infamous My Lai massacre where countless of Vietnamese civilians were indiscriminately slaughtered by Lieutenant William Calley. 
Of course, as one expects, the lowest man (Calley) on the political totem pole gets prosecuted and the cowardly liar (Powell) was promoted to Major and sent to George Washington Business School for a MBA. 
Oh, yes , I forgot to tell you that our ‘brave hero’ was injured---ever so ‘slightly’ by having walked accidentally on a “punji” stick for which he was awarded the Purple Heart. 

Sidebar: Now this Colonic Powell aint no dummy.  If you look at Wikipedia and see countless pages of medals that I am certain he ‘refused’ to wear,  you will literally see metals from every country and organization short of Al Qaeda  In other words, this cowardly liar also became a medalholic---  a term I just created in order to describe the endless self-aggrandizement of our ‘first African-American' General.

Now back to our continuing discursive on General Colonic as I will call him.  Loyal to the core,  not the military corps but his own self-promotion,  he got himself involved with the IranContra lies, deceptions and betrayals along with our favorite ‘judenrat' [Jewish Nazi Collaborator] Elliot Abrams, Weinberger [ first words out of this idiot’s mouth was ‘that I am not a  jew’].
Folks, I have to assure you that as a novelist,  I could never make up these stories or create more sordid characters than that Colonic, Weinberger,  McFarland (Pathetic Marine Colonel who tried to commit suicide over his infatuation with the ‘meeskite’ [ugly] Andrea Mitchell).   So now we have sex, betrayal, deceit and Presidential intrigue.  All the while, a Marine Officer name Oliver North is blamed for the entire “Iran Contra" Affair where the good old Iran-hating Israelis were selling 538 US Tow missiles to Iran for our hostages.  Don’t ask me why. It’s another blog and a half. 
  Right now,  we are still not finished with the career of General Colonic who by this time has not even see an ‘terrorist’, ‘an enemy of the state’ and is too busy giving ‘sucking up to the brass’ a major exemplary demonstration. 

Awards or medals (I refused one or two) represent to me a kind of reminder of somebody you never were and never would become.  Whatever I had done for my country was between me, God, and my memories.  Not everything I did or committed in the name of national security was something one would want to brag about. But at the same time, I was never ashamed about what I had done or become.  I wasn’t humble or decent.  I was simply realistic. 

To a psychiatrist,  someone like Colonic Powell was a fascinating study in narcissism, self –aggrandizement, self-delusion, and grandiosity and cowardice. 
In short, Colonic’s political /military white-washed history was a study in how false heroes rise to great heights only to continue to promote their lack of integrity or courage in an endless vertigo of non-sensical pronouncements.  Colonic went up the ladder of ‘suck-ups’ faster than shit through a goose. [Sorry about the mixed metaphor here]. Without any combat or any military experience,  he was promoted to Colonel under President Carter, then to General and National Security Advisor under Reagan where he effectively supervised the unnecessary deaths of 253 Marines who had been blown up in Lebanon.  Now we have a general who commits murder and is not accountable.   Quite amazing. 
  The reason I know this particular fact is that I was against the deployment of Marines to Lebanon for Embassy security because anyone who knew the chaotic nature of the Lebanese Civil War would know that these marines would end up to be canon fodder.  But the Colonic did what he did best--- cover up and allow others to die in the name of National Security.
By now,  dear readers, you have a somewhat clear impression that I not only did not respect General Colonic but I truly detested him for all of the aforementioned episodes but even more. I was personally involved in ‘taking out Noriega'.   But Colonic’s history tells another story.  That’s fine.  I write fiction.  He writes non-fiction which is the equivalent of a ‘fairy tale’.
  The bottom line is that I went ‘illegally' and ‘covertly’ into Panama to create what is commonly known in the Intelligence business as ‘agitation propaganda’ and ‘psychological warfare’.  Needless to say, it was quite brutal.  Noriega accused me of ‘being an assassin’.  The good General Colonic threw me out from my safe haven,  Fort Amador, and ordered military personnel not to assist me in any way.  So I did what I did best.  I broke into FT Amador with the help of real combat soldiers—Defense Intelligence Agency, Military Intelligence and others, -- used Colonic’s printing machine and started to distribute ‘propaganda pamphlets' against Noriega.
  When I came back to the State Department,  I had a personal and professional confrontation with Powell's Judenrat—Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams,  now a senior member of the CFR and literally choked him by the throat, to remind Elliot and Colonic that there were brave military and foreign service officers who deserved better treatment from these two miscreants and warned Elliot that the days of ‘reckoning’ was not over.
Of course, I was right!  Elliot and the other “Judenrat Jews’—Wolfowitz,  Feith,  Perle, “Scooter Libby’,  David Wormser (Cheney’s henchman), etc  were once again appearing like cockroaches in a pile of garbage, endorsing and supporting Bush Jr’/Cheney 9/11 Stand down and the myth of Osama bin Laden.

But, dear readers,  Colonic still has not disappeared from our narrative. True to form as a liar and coward and the “Uncle Tom" for Bush Jr,  Secretary Of State Colonic Powell swore that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and therefore we should attack Iraq and eliminate Sadam Hussein  [who by the way was not killed but sent into ‘hiding’ with a couple of billion US dollars].  Moreover, this moron of a four star general,  who had been refused a fifth star,  showed a small vial of anthrax to the UN and declared it to be a WMD.
Well, I could go on and on. But the moral of the story is simple. 
If victors were to speak, they would say nothing.  If cowards were to brag, they would declare penitence, self-adulation and a narrative that defies fiction. 
A man without valor is a man not worthy of serving in our military or even delineating himself as a US Soldier.
  General Colonic Powell is a testimony to the ignominy of our civilian leaders from Nixon on to Bush Jr,  for having utilized our honorable military uniform in the service of national disgrace, betrayal, and treason.
From my point of view as a veteran, General Colonic Powell has committed more treason than any terrorist I had ‘neutralized’ or any enemy intelligence operative I had ‘doubled’.
He is without any hesitation a disgrace to our country, our military and to his proud African –American heritage.
Ecce Homo!! Behold the man!  

my new post is about a man I have known since the Nixon Admn., Four Star General Colonic Powell, here's some history homework before my blog comes out....
my post may take a while, my editor is going nuts and I am frothing at the mouth!
Just in case you need more evidence of the cesspool of corruption that is our bankers/financiers, here's a link to an article from Rolling Stone.  So for us average americans looking to live a nice life in a nice town, its caveat emptor!  No wonder they keep busting Eliot Spitzer, he knows too much and says it!  Is there an honest banker in the house?  Just gimme a sign!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memorandum: Judge Jed S. Rakoff, US District Court in Manhattan- Sentenced Rajat K. Gupta, Former Goldman Sachs Director to An Exceedingly Light Sentence of Two Years For Insider Trading
Subject: Shame on you Judge Rakoff! You know all too well that others who committed the same crime were given a mandatory eight years in Maximum Security Prison.
From: Corporate “gun slinger’; Former Managing Director of Kidder Peabody; and Restructurer of Maryland Savings and Loan Banks in the 1980’s crises.
  I am writing this blog because of the most bizarre sentencing rationale I have ever heard in my professional life as someone who owned numerous banks, brought down a NY Investment Bank for crimes less serious than that committed by Mr Gupta.
  Today, Mr Gupta was sentenced by Judge Rakoff, a well-known scholarly judge, to what amounted to ‘slap on the wrist’ to Mr Gupta who provided ‘insider trading’ information to a hedge fund manager named Raj Rajaratanam.  The specific case involved the following episode when Gupta called his confederate (Raj) after a Goldman Sachs Board meeting where Warren Buffet offered to make a 5billion dollar investment into GS.  The confederate(Raj)  made a five million dollar profit on this ‘insider trading’ information.
Now quite frankly, in the everyday world of toil and travail which most of us ‘ordinary people’ are accustomed to, this is a non-story.  It’s just another story about the rich and corrupt serving each other from the same troth of crony capitalism and the manure of self –serving greed.
  The most interesting part of this story is the judge, Jed Rakoff, is who pathetically disingenuous, ignorant, and arrogant but whom the media portrays as liberal activist heroic judge.
  He made the following statement about Gupta: ”He is a good man. But the history of this country and the history of the world is full of examples of good men who did bad things.” 
Are you kidding me?
  Gupta was, is and will continue to be a crook!!
You should know that. First Gupta ‘philanthropic activities’ that you, your honor, so highly lauded,  included working for your political patron (Bill Clinton) who appointed  you, Judge Rakoff, to the bench on October 11, 1995. 
  Now you and I know all too well, Judge, that you and Clinton may have attended Oxford University at the same time in 1966.  Now I know you are pretty smart Jewish “boyshick”, but perhaps you may be a little too clever for your own good.   As you and I know,  you did not get that appointment because you were a ‘tzatzkeleh” [Yiddish for a ‘innocent’].  You whored or let me say it more elegantly,  you ‘lobbied’ yourself into that position by way of two private firms that from my extensive experience in treating lawyers and taking down law firms and banks were not exactly on the “Up and Up” but that’s for you and your partners to waste your time on.
But here is the kicker!
  You knew all too well from your previous experiences in White Collar crimes that Goldman Sachs was being investigated for ‘fraud’ and ‘deceptive practices’ in creating ‘securitized mortgages’ selling them as fraudulently rated AAA bonds which your friend Warren Buffet, the owner of Moody at the time of 2008 financial crisis owned forty per cent of Moody’s and had ordered them to take junk-rated mortgages [BBC] re rated them falsely into Triple AAA. 
Of course you knew about that because you are considered in America’s expert on “White Collar Crime”. 
You know all about Goldman Sachs… such things like- not only was GS selling  fraudulent, junk bonds but they were literally ‘screwing’ their own customers by shorting these bonds with an index called the ABX.  I also knew about this and called a few impotent Liberal Congressmen and Senators to tell them to investigate this travesty before there would be a financial collapse.  It was too late. The Liberal Congressmen and other legislators were too busy learning about Baseball doping….(good way to take the public’s eye off the REAL CORRUPTION,  get the average joe upset about baseball, old media trick, works every time, sorry Lance Armstrong).
So, boychick, you don’t mind me calling you that affectionate Yiddish term from one smart Harvard- attending Jew to another Smart-ass Harvard attending jew. 
You see, boychick, unlike you I owned and took over banks that were literally corrupt,  just like Goldman Sachs and took down Kidder Peabody [six hundred million dollars worth of junk assets bought by that ‘idiot savant’ Neutron Jack Welch].  So I know how bankers really work.
The entire crony capitalism system that you so cleverly like to delight in delineating in your fictional textbook is really based on ‘connections’ and ‘guanxi’ [Chinese].
Judge, you really are stepping on pretty treacherous grounds of self-righteousness with all your palaver and the nonsensical statement : “So why did Mr Gupta do it?” You asked on Wednesday.  [I must admit you really have a flair for smug hysterical drama]. “Having finished his spectacular career at McKinsey in 2007…” 
Side Bar: Dear reader, McKinsey is one of those consulting firms like Bain Consulting where they hire young graduates from Harvard or Yale who enter a business and tell the CEO what he already knows. Basically McKinsey is a bullshit company with no inherent value other than to give the Board of Directors and a failing company a “seal of approval”.  So being ‘spectacular’ in a bullshit business translates into someone who knows how to suck up the slimy corporate ladder, lying, deceiving and heading up a company which lies , deceives, etc.
You get the idea!!! Bullshit begets bullshit. But when a ‘judicial American hero’ lauds this bullshit---it really sounds elegant and honorable. It’s not! It’s still bullshit!!
Back to our judges formidable,  psychoanalytic crap,”..for all his charitable….”
Side bar: When crooks want to clean themselves and become ‘legal’ they create charities. Witness Slick Willie--- What a foundation he created!  Also look at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)-- The Rockefellers; the Gates; the Buffets, etc. 
 American Charity—one of the biggest scams around-- is the American capitalist version of Catholic absolution for the sins committed against the poor and helpless and the sinner is then bestowed Grace. Once he receives that Grace from his ignominious charity which is used to bribe politicians and ingratiate oneself into the vaunted heights of the power elite then-..viola! all sins are forgiven!!! 

Hey boyschik judge, you know that from your own ‘charity work’.  Once again, boychick, remember you are no ‘tzatzkeleh’ [innocent]. 
The Judge continues like an ersatz effete Proust…”Gupta may have felt frustrated in not finding new business worlds to conquer” (What??!!).. .. Wait, there’s more from our hero judge… “Rajaarathnam , a clever cultivator of persons with information…..”
 Sidebar: Reader—I told you that this judge was bullshitting himself by saying that Mr Raj‘was a clever cultivator of persons….” Remember what I said about how the judge had to suck up to Slick Willy and others in the judicial and political system. …..

In French there is a saying: “Qui s’excuse, s’accuse!” He who excuses himself , accuses himself. Remember ‘tricky DicK” ? “ I am not a crook!” 
Back to our boyschick Proust :” … who held out prospects for exciting new international business opportunities that Gupta would fund and lead”.
I wondered what our Coke –headed Freud would have thought of this psychoanalytical BS?
  As for me, Judge Rakoff, I think you are a phony. Pretentious! Arrogant! Ignorant—did you know that Indians have the highest rate of corruption in the world? And that India is not only rife with corruption but it’s lagging growth rate is due to the Guptas and the Rajs of this world?? But that would not be politically correct for you.
  It’s simple boyschick: You are a judge because you sucked up to a crook and worked on behalf our crooks to get them out of prison.  If it quacks like duck and looks like a duck...  Then what are we supposed to think? What Vanity Fair tells us?
  But remember I am only a simple Jewish psychiatrist, who worked for five US Presidents and saw more bankers indicted for corruption and allowed them to stay in prison for at least ten or more years in Maximum Security.
  But thank God, I was never a ‘an American Judicial hero’ like you. I only treated lawyers who were grandiose and corrupt before they were sent to prison for lying, corruption and sucking up to the wrong people.
  Unfortunately, unlike your Honor Judge Rakoff, I don’t try to piss over someone’s shoulder and try to make them think that it was raining.
  Honestly, in my humble opinion: you should retire ASAP,   before you create any more injustices and spout more unbearable sophomoric nonsense
Let me quote from a famous American Jurist ”The price of being a nice guy is too high---much too high—in terms of the system of justice.”
These were your words.
Do me and the country, a favor, ‘stop trying to be a nice guy!’
You are not!!! 
So goniff, get off the bench and let another one take your place and try to be a ‘nice guy’. 
It’s only fair. And that’s what justice is all about!   

I am about to post my comments on a corrupt judge (who pretends otherwise), here is a link to one of the many news articles from today on the subject that stirred me up and "made me blog"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dr Nidal Hasan , M.D, A U.S Army Major Psychiatrist Should Be Indicted and Executed As A Terrorist For the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.
  The fact that I have to even write this blog surprises me.
On November 5, 2009,  Nidal a devout muslim of Palestinian birth, and a military psychiatrist, killed in cold-blood 13 people, 12 of whom were specifically targeted for being US Soldiers in uniform.  There were also 43 injured.  The fact that he is still alive is both absurd and a travesty to US civilian and military court of justice. The Department of Defense under Panetta still classifies this attack as ‘an act of workplace violence’.
  To show you how absurd this diagnosis is,  let me tell you a little bit more about how our ‘misunderstood muslim psychiatrist’ went about his cold-blooded assassinations.
  Hasan entered the Guns Galore store in Kileen, Texas on July 31, 2009.  He purchased the FN Five –seven semi-automatic pistol that he used in the assassinations. He spent hours researching it’s ‘lethal kill capacity’how many people can he kill in a sweep of the weapon without having to reload it.  Not an example of someone who exactly has a ‘problem at the workplace’ or has any other motivation than to kill as many US military personnel both in Uniform and out of uniform. 
  Then just to make his intentions less ambiguous to someone like myself who has  ‘neutralized’ countless ‘terrorists’,  Hasan came back into the same store and bought hundreds of rounds of 5.7 X28mm SS192 and SS197 SR ammunition.  Not exactly the kind of ammo one finds in WalMart in “order to go deer hunting”. 
  Then he went to Florence, Texas and he spent countless hours improving his shooting skills at silhouette targets at a distance of up to 100 yards.  One has to be in a pretty disturbed, very large workplace in order for such a someone to create 'such an act of workplace violence’. 
  So far,  I think you are getting to see the absurdity of the fact that this killer is still alive and categorized as someone who was involved an ‘attack as an act of workplace violence’.
Of course, this ‘workplace violence’  does not stop here.   Believe me, even I could not have written this scene. Hasan then walked nonchalantly,  oh by the way, after having first cleansed himself and wrapped himself in the ‘muslims’ requisite ‘white sheet attire’ before a suicide bombing, into the Soldier Readiness Processing Center where military personnel receive routine medical treatment before and after deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  He then started firing at non-armed US military soldiers in uniform yelling “Allahu Akbar!” [God is great!]  while he focused his FN Five seven pistol (which he had enhanced it’s accuracy with two Lasermax  sights: one red and one green. This was done so that he would not mistake the US soldiers he was intentionally killing ) Then he used a Smith & Wesson .357Magnum revolver [an old model –but it still carries a wallop in the “work place”].  For the most part,  the assassinations were like any other ‘terrorist assault’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia, Colombia, Panama, Germany.
  Hasan got wounded in the ‘workplace violence’ by an exchange of 9mm  M9 pistol---  a typical workplace instrument .
  The reason I am writing this blog is because, at the moment Hasan was killing our brave soldiers in FT Hood I was in contact with my military friends in Washington DC.  These friends are pretty sophisticated and had seen a lot of combat and were not easily fooled by any psychological problems like PTSD. But almost immediately they informed me that this was a case of PTSD and I wrote back ‘no way jose!’  “This was pure, calculating Islamic jihadist,  terrorist murder!”  I had no doubts. Having served for over thirty years,  way before it became fashionable for Bush Jr to identify in his infinite wisdom the fanciful concept of ‘War On Terror’ [It’s like saying we have a war on emotions. Terror is fear not an object. But what could you expect from an Andover, Yale Cheerleader who avoided the draft? ],  I had fought, captured, negotiated and ‘neutralized ‘ terrorists from Latin America to the extensive Middle East.
  But in all my experience,   I had never been equipped as well as Hasan, as a matter of fact,  I carried very little in terms of weapons for fear of being interrogated or arrested. And quite frankly, my terrorist opponents were nowhere near as well equipped as Hasan either but that fact,  I attribute to the notion that they may not have been as rich or fortunate as Dr Hasan- who, after all, was well-trained by the US Army in both psychiatry and in killing.
  So in the world of terrorism, I must admit that I as a professional counter-terrorist operative and psychiatrist I was not as well prepared as Dr Hasan,  a US military colleague, for ‘an act of workplace violence’.
 The point should have been made by now….

It’s time for the US Brass at DOD to get off it’s ass and do something about Dr Hasan. It’s been three years since he massacred all those innocent military personnel. Their families received pathetic medals and condolences. But they did not receive the necessary justice that is accorded a soldier of the US Army. 

The US Military Code of Justice is very clear on this matter. US soldiers were killed in action by a known enemy combatant [former FBI reports as well as DOD intel link Hasan to the well known terrorist Awlaki who was killed by a US Predator drone missile in 2011. ] 
  There was no doubt in this person’s mind then when he committed the action and now three years later when he has been ‘rehabilitated’ that Dr Hasan is , was , and will always be a ‘terrorist’ dedicated to the ‘killing of US soldiers’ past, present and future.
  May I remind my officious, pompous, lackadaisical military generals and officious officers, that if you fail to act now, as you have failed to carry out your promise to take care of our brave veterans returning from the wars, you will be known by name, rank, and serial number as accomplices of ‘cowardice and failure to act in a professional manner’ in a time of crisis and war. 
  And for that the Families at FT Hood and the American public will never forget your names and malfeasance. 
As the Marines often like to say:
 “You can be America’s best friend or America’s worst enemy! It’s up to you lazy bastards in the Pentagon to decide!”
  Remember your collective failures in September 11, 2001, Afghanistan, Iraq, and paradoxically September 11, 2012. They all still haunt your legacy of ineptitude and or collusion, or perhaps both.  

For once, stand up, and act like men!!! 
If you can’t find yourself able to act like warriors, then try to act at least like “workplace managers” who monitor potential acts of workplace violence’. And then maybe you can make a report to your bosses in order to ‘cover your collective asses as well as your civilian boss’s asses’.  
  At least give the families of the victims some-- Peace of Mind—that’s the least humane deed you can do. 
  Please don’t give the families medals or rationales or excuses---Americans deserve more from you, especially from their military officers to whom our mothers and fathers entrust their children into your care. So do something that is more mature and brave. 
  Execution of a terrorist is SOP- in my thirty years of experience.  Ask the FARC, The PLO, the Red Brigade, Khmer Rouge, the Japanese Red Army and many , many  of my other ‘working place confederates’ who have/had committed ‘an act of violence in the workplace’-- what happened to them. 
  In my humble world of a .38 Special,  I discovered as someone once said so eloquently—“a bullet, no matter what size, never lies!”
So execute the Psychiatrist bastard!    

Mitt Romney: 21st Century Joseph Smith

As many of you know, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. But I suspect very few of you have really learned much about the history of Mormonism---not the theology.
I am not writing this blog to attack the religion or Mormons. Like any people, there are good,  the bad and the awful.  But Mitt is neither one of those three.
  He is my opinion the 21st century Joseph Smith.
Joseph Smith invented the religion of ‘mormonism’ in the early 1800’s in Palmyra, New York.  He was illiterate, ambitious, and organizationally quite savvy. He saw a ‘vision’ and as a ‘result of some tablets’ he derived ‘revelations’.
  You get the idea. The story or narratives of most religions go pretty much the same way. Joseph was a clever, cunning fellow who could manipulate, deceive, and extract false promises wherever he went. 
  In the best American tradition,  he was an early 1800’s Elmer Gantry.  He lied, cheated, and committed bigamy and manipulated and deceived those who followed him.
He was the first real American to create a truly American religion based on individual enterprise, ambition and dreams of greater glory. 
Nothing wrong there!
We had, in 1800’s,  a slew of new religions and self-proclaimed prophets in abundance as we did in the days of Josephus.
But what made Smith quite exceptional was two things. One he created a very successful religion based on all kinds of financial, political and personal chicanery, bobbing and weaving whenever and wherever he needed to do so.  Secondly, he had the incredible audacity to proclaim before his untimely death, “that no man knows my history”. The point of fact is that we in America know everything but everything about Mormonism.  It has been documented, studied and investigated.
I don't want to go into the history of this successful American religion but rather to demonstrate one single point that I realized last night while watching the final debate between Obama and Romney.  And that point is that Mitt for all of his slickness and guile reincarnated not the personal traits that made Joseph Smith so successful.  Those traits were sheer ignorance….but rather a characterological quality which is a major capacity to lie and deceive others as well as himself.  Mitt is just brash enough to think that those of us who might know something more than a ‘smitten of foreign affairs’ would be convinced by his performance.
In thirty years of being a registered Republican,  I have never, but never witnessed, a more inept candidate for the presidency who knew less about foreign affairs than Mitt. 
Months ago I had written a blog saying that Mitt had one of the best foreign policy teams in the Republican party.  But this evening that was not apparent. When Obama had to explain to Mitt’s statement that we need a larger navy force, the President correctly pointed out to him that we did not need more ‘navy ships’ and that ‘the bayonet and horse had disappeared’ and that in the place of the navy vessels we had submarines, cyberwar, Space War, etc. 
You get the idea. 
  What makes me upset is not that I find Romney incompetent. I have said that along time ago to my friends in the senior Republican circles.  But what was more disturbing is that he clearly did not utilize the wisdom of some of the real political operatives whom he had on his team.   Quite frankly, even though I supported John Huntsman, who's qualifications were stellar- a former Ambassador to Singapore and China, and a Deputy Trade Representative for the US and a man ten times wealthier than Mitt, the senior operatives of the party---Mallick, Rove, Ailes and others decided to go with an obvious loser.
I wrote, over a year ago, to a friend of mine who works for Mitt that Mitt has a serious characterological failures---flip-flop, insincere, deceitful, self-delusional, arrogant, untutored in the ways of the world, and really illiterate about matters in general that involve the gestalt of American society and world affairs.  It would have done him some good, if he had only read a series of Stratfor Reports on geopolitics and force structure.  It would have helped him to learn about psychological warfare, counter terrorism, covert operations, Counter Intelligence, military transformation, the importance of Cyberwar and cyber terrorism.  It would have been important for him to have learned the history of submarine warfare and it’s importance in the Cold War. It would have been better if he really knew anything about Reagan, other than Newt’s absurd comments on Reagan’s economy.  It would have been important for Mitt to understand how Nancy Reagan helped Reagan to decide on the take down of the ICBMS. It would have also been of some value of someone in the group had mentioned something about the exceeding importance of George H. W. Bush Sr and James Baker in the take down of the Berlin Wall and the de-Sovietization of Eastern Europe. 
  But of course, when you have incompetent Republicans like Condoleezza Rice, the worst NSA and Sec State we have ever had and Karl Rove,  a despicable detritus than there is very little that can be done to help someone as arrogant, ignorant and bullheaded as Mitt.
Here is the real problem for me.  Mitt is only about four years younger than I am- He is better looking,  in better health and richer.  But he failed the one test that I had always demanded of my leaders—Democrat or Republican—that they serve our country for only a while.  Not a life-time.  Not in the military only but just serve our country for nothing more than a foolish concept called ‘duty, honor and gratitude’
Huntsman served our country many times as I have already mentioned.  Bush Jr did not. Clinton did not.  Bush Sr did.  Reagan did.  Ford did.  Nixon did. And Carter did.
And here is the clincher. As much as I disliked the lie that Obama had killed Osama bin Laden because OBL was already dead for over ten years, Obama and his relatives had served our country nobly.

Now what do I mean? 
  Obama’s mother was a CIA operative in Indonesia.  She was trained at the East –West Center in Hawaii in both Russian and Indonesian . She volunteered to go into a dangerous zone where military coups occurred on a daily basis. 
Obama’s grandmother worked in a bank in Hawaii that was a front for the CIA where she was in effect a ‘paymaster’ for CIA assets. This fact was also true of his maternal grandfather.
  So Obama who was sold as 'community organizer’ and Lecturer in Government had given of himself by also working as an asset for the CIA.  His mentor was none other than Peter Geitner,  the father of Tim Geitner, our present Secretary of the Treasury. Obama’s history was correctly blacked out for ‘national security reasons' which I don’t happen to agree. 
  What I am saying now is not a secret but a deduction from a Four Time Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under President’s Nixon, Ford, Carter and Bush Sr.
 Also I worked extensively to provide ‘cover’ for our brave ‘intelligence operatives’ all over the world.  But it is not violating any oath of office that I did not take or have to take to make these declarations. 
So when Mitt was talking like a ‘poorly prepared rich school boy’ , he was in fact talking to a President who in my humble estimate and those of other senior operatives in foreign policy deserves a B plus for the work he has done around the world
But the real problem is not Obama .
The real problem lies within an antiquated, arrogant, self-delusional, regressive Republican Party that chose to support someone whose past records screamed out ‘incompetence’, ‘deceitfulness’ and most disturbingly, ‘cowardice’—failure to serve our great nation in time of war.
  In the 1960’s when I was drafted into the military,  I was against the war in Vietnam.  I 'understood' the war from my teenage years growing up in the failed state of France that had been losing Indochina for decades.  But despite my personal and professional dislike of that war,  I was honored to join the Nixon Administration and also join the military to serve on the Evacuation of the Saigon Embassy and deal with the beginning of the downfall of the Soviet Union.  At the very same time that I had joined the military, Mitt Romney the man who professes to ‘love this country so much’ ran off to Paris, France  in order to avoid the draft in order to convert the Catholics of France [which included the Corsican part of my family] into Mormons. 
 Of that episode the embellished it into a narrative that made him sound ‘brave’, ‘steadfast’ and ‘fortunate to have survived an accident’.
  Mitt created the fanciful lies and tales just like Joseph Smith,  to hide his tendency to distract, deceive and run away from serious world problems and hide into the insular world of solipsism and shadowy nonsense. 
In my world, he was and is a coward. Simple as that.
  In fact, his need to parade his stepford family and ken-doll looking sons convinces me more than ever that he and his wife live in a bubble of fantasy and fiction. It is fascinating that not one son or member of his entourage offered to serve in our military.  Instead the poor sons with the silverspoons in their mouth were given as a present ‘ten million dollars’ to start their own hedge fund. 
How patriotic and how entrepreneurial!

Welcome back Joseph Smith! Mitt,  you and he did more financial chicanery to deceive the federal government and innocent investors than an other ‘true blooded’ American I know, other than your bankers, Goldman Sachs.
  So, my final message is not to the inevitable loser -the Republican Party who deserved to be slammed down with their arrogance, ignorance, bravado and obscene wealth, but to us the ordinary American Citizens ---let us wish for two new candidates for 2016—General Petreaus and maybe Michael Bloomberg. 
But of course no one knows what history holds in store for us.