Saturday, October 6, 2012

Catalan Independence: Artur Mas , The New Leader

In a recent interview Artur Mas, an economist, and new leader of the the Catalan Independence Movement said, “ Our ideal is to be part of the United States of Europe”. Mas poses the biggest threat to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s incompetent, corrupt Madrid government. 
Mas,  an obscure public servant,  who worked under the charismatic Jordi Pujol who ran Catalonia for more than two decades, threw caution to the wind and bypassed  his superiors in the Catalan  party and just grabbed the mantle of  independence  and freedom , declaring that Madrid could no longer subjugate the juggernaut economic force of Catalan which provides forty per cent of Spain’s GDP.
One colleague was completely surprised by this brave act of courage. “We all knew Mas as an efficient technocrat and one of our very best managers, but I don’t think many people expected him to show such courage and patriotic feelings,”said Josep Maria Vila d’Abdal,  a local mayor and member of Mas’s political party, Convergencia i Unio.
Equally important is the self-deprecating attitude of a true hero of independence. Mas insisted that his separatist movement was ‘not about personal ambition’, adding that he would retire from politics once Catalonia achieved sovereignty . Like all quiet hero he is not only willing to sacrifice his life to the cause but also the lives of his wife and his three children.
  In contrast, Rajoy who has no professional qualifications to understand or manage economics, complex financial issues or lead an efficient government. He is replete with hubris and self–aggrandizement, so much so,  that he will risk using his police to kill Spanish journalists,  students and any dissidents who counter his diktats.  Franco, in any disguise, is still Franco.  Even when he wears the convenient label of Socialist, Conservative or Liberal. They are all simply political conveniences for sheer power acquisition and crony capitalism.
  Many of you following me can read the sequence of blogs where I demanded Catalonia independence as well as regional autonomy for the Basque Region,  Andalusia, Navarre, and Seville and other parts of Spain. You will also view the videos I have posted to see the brutal retaliations of Rajoy’s despotic regime when it is challenged by it’s own people from all walks of life---workers, students, bureaucrats, businessmen , teachers, and peasants. 
  Again, I encourage the wonderful people of Iberia,  to declare their respective regional independence so that one day the country of Spain – an artifact of false historical narratives and Franco Fascist brutality---can be freely represented as the Iberian Autonomous Region,  part of “The United States of Europe’.
Never forget!!!
  Over one million Spaniards died for freedom since 1933 up until now.  We can never forget their sacrifices. So let us continue the struggle for freedom until  that one day in the near future we can honor their collective memories.  
In the words of the famous poet, Garcia Lorca,  who died under Franco’s repression , let me recall this poem:
Jaca negra, lunas grandes , Y aceitunas en mi alforja,  Nunca llegerai a Cordoba, 
Cordoba, lejana  y sola. 
(please excuse any mistakes in my Spanish, its been a long time, about thirty years since I spoke these words)


  1. So the Catalans want to trade an obscenely incompetent and useless spendthrift government - totally corrupt and brutally repressive for a completely undemocratic membership of some glorified EUSSR state - run as a dictatorship by the EU Commission -an obscenely incompetent and useless spendthrift pack of unelected elitists - totally corrupt - they have not been able to produce audited accounts for years.
    I am sure this makes sense to some but not to me.
    Now I live in a European nation who has no national democracy unlike the other parts of same state, the UK.
    That is England.
    There is a SCottish parliament, a Welsh assembly and a Northern Irish Parliament.
    The English, whilst paying most of the bills are grossly discriminated against and increasingly fed up.
    But unlike the Catalans we would not go out of the frying pan into the fire.
    We want out the corrupt and undemocratic superstate imposed on us by lying and cheating politicians but are held in thrall because we are refused a referendum on the issue despite election promises from all main parties.

  2. rosie,

    Just so.

    And, then these newly "independent" countries owe their "independence" to this EU super-state:

    So, once "independent" they can be counted as safe "votes" to sustain an EU, "run as a dictatorship by the EU Commission".

    The signs of EU failure are evident: The Greek riots, the Spanish protests, the German bailout fatigue, the French rejection of Sarkozy, the Italian banker coup of Berlusconi, and the crash of Cameron's popularity in Britain.

    The strangling of countries by the failed Euro currency project (perhaps, Britain's single reason for not being a "Spain" is the British Pound).

    Unemployment at historic highs in Post World War Two Europe.

    Also, encouraging independence (really dependent to an EU elite via their self-created super-state) during an European Union crisis where the "union" is imposing economic debt-slavory on their fellow Nation-states is curious.

    Isn't it apparent the EU elite really have no interest in real independence... from their grasping tentacles?

    Spain needs devolution of power into the regions for local control, but via Spanish institutions & Spanish agreements, amid civil discussions among Spaniards, sharing their common customs and values, not intermeddling and intervening by an EU (and its supporters) besought with motive to manipulate in an effort to save its own skin.

    If international diplomatic relations, based on Sovereignty, are to reduce the temperature on the geopolitical "pressure cooker", then, spurring a "sick" EU to deeper intervention, being already stretched to breaking, is a recipe for EU self-destruction by its own arrogant self-imperatives.

    There still is an audience for Greek Tragedy.