Friday, October 26, 2012

Recycling Political/Military Garbage: Four Star General Colonic Powell  [Never Served In Combat].

One of the major phenomenon of life that continuously intrigues me,  a polymath individual with an extensive life experience, is how “shit” flows to the surface. 
There is no end to how many times General Colonic Powell of whom I have known, worked against and detested since the Nixon Administration has resurfaced himself  like a bolus of detritus every few years.
Now for whatever it is worth, and in my humble opinion, his endorsement of President Obama is certainly a ‘kiss of death’.  (…Obama to Powell: never mind, don't worry about a public endorsement, pleeeeze keep it to yourself...)
This man, Colin Powell is really bad news for the President, for the US military and most importantly for our country.
There has never been in my thirty years experience (a 32 year old Navy Captain [0-6], Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for four US Presidents…) a more despicable, cowardly military officer who dares to call himself a general of the US military.  BTW, he and Alex Haig, another piece of military garbage, are the only two Four Star Generals in the history of the US Army who have really never seen combat, let alone been wounded in combat and more importantly has never ever served as a Divisional Commander. That’s the equivalent of becoming the principal of a high school without having ever gone to a real high school but instead took a course on the internet on how to manipulate your way to the top.
Sidebar: One other general was not a Divisional Commander but he was a truly great military leader—General / President Eisenhower, one of my favorite generals along with Marshal [completely unrecognized for having masterminded two simultaneous wars –Japan and Europe and of course, the tank warfare genius—Patton].

But my dear readers, this blog is not about the failings of our formidable military, many of whom have been wounded and died for our country in countless incursions, written and undocumented. This story is about the supreme military liar, coward, boot licker and fraud,  I have ever known and despised. And believe me I have met him in a social setting and conveyed the same impression. 
let’s start from the beginning….
  In the late 1970’s when I was in the military and a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger [no sweetheart of mine—I worked on my own volition for Larry Eagleburger],  I knew about this young ‘Afro-Caribbean’ officer who was appointed to the White House as WH Fellow and had been sponsored by two prominent Republicans –Caspar Weinberger and Frank Carlucci. 
  Needless to say, that I very quickly found out about his background. He had lied on behalf of his commanding officers in Vietnam about the infamous My Lai massacre where countless of Vietnamese civilians were indiscriminately slaughtered by Lieutenant William Calley. 
Of course, as one expects, the lowest man (Calley) on the political totem pole gets prosecuted and the cowardly liar (Powell) was promoted to Major and sent to George Washington Business School for a MBA. 
Oh, yes , I forgot to tell you that our ‘brave hero’ was injured---ever so ‘slightly’ by having walked accidentally on a “punji” stick for which he was awarded the Purple Heart. 

Sidebar: Now this Colonic Powell aint no dummy.  If you look at Wikipedia and see countless pages of medals that I am certain he ‘refused’ to wear,  you will literally see metals from every country and organization short of Al Qaeda  In other words, this cowardly liar also became a medalholic---  a term I just created in order to describe the endless self-aggrandizement of our ‘first African-American' General.

Now back to our continuing discursive on General Colonic as I will call him.  Loyal to the core,  not the military corps but his own self-promotion,  he got himself involved with the IranContra lies, deceptions and betrayals along with our favorite ‘judenrat' [Jewish Nazi Collaborator] Elliot Abrams, Weinberger [ first words out of this idiot’s mouth was ‘that I am not a  jew’].
Folks, I have to assure you that as a novelist,  I could never make up these stories or create more sordid characters than that Colonic, Weinberger,  McFarland (Pathetic Marine Colonel who tried to commit suicide over his infatuation with the ‘meeskite’ [ugly] Andrea Mitchell).   So now we have sex, betrayal, deceit and Presidential intrigue.  All the while, a Marine Officer name Oliver North is blamed for the entire “Iran Contra" Affair where the good old Iran-hating Israelis were selling 538 US Tow missiles to Iran for our hostages.  Don’t ask me why. It’s another blog and a half. 
  Right now,  we are still not finished with the career of General Colonic who by this time has not even see an ‘terrorist’, ‘an enemy of the state’ and is too busy giving ‘sucking up to the brass’ a major exemplary demonstration. 

Awards or medals (I refused one or two) represent to me a kind of reminder of somebody you never were and never would become.  Whatever I had done for my country was between me, God, and my memories.  Not everything I did or committed in the name of national security was something one would want to brag about. But at the same time, I was never ashamed about what I had done or become.  I wasn’t humble or decent.  I was simply realistic. 

To a psychiatrist,  someone like Colonic Powell was a fascinating study in narcissism, self –aggrandizement, self-delusion, and grandiosity and cowardice. 
In short, Colonic’s political /military white-washed history was a study in how false heroes rise to great heights only to continue to promote their lack of integrity or courage in an endless vertigo of non-sensical pronouncements.  Colonic went up the ladder of ‘suck-ups’ faster than shit through a goose. [Sorry about the mixed metaphor here]. Without any combat or any military experience,  he was promoted to Colonel under President Carter, then to General and National Security Advisor under Reagan where he effectively supervised the unnecessary deaths of 253 Marines who had been blown up in Lebanon.  Now we have a general who commits murder and is not accountable.   Quite amazing. 
  The reason I know this particular fact is that I was against the deployment of Marines to Lebanon for Embassy security because anyone who knew the chaotic nature of the Lebanese Civil War would know that these marines would end up to be canon fodder.  But the Colonic did what he did best--- cover up and allow others to die in the name of National Security.
By now,  dear readers, you have a somewhat clear impression that I not only did not respect General Colonic but I truly detested him for all of the aforementioned episodes but even more. I was personally involved in ‘taking out Noriega'.   But Colonic’s history tells another story.  That’s fine.  I write fiction.  He writes non-fiction which is the equivalent of a ‘fairy tale’.
  The bottom line is that I went ‘illegally' and ‘covertly’ into Panama to create what is commonly known in the Intelligence business as ‘agitation propaganda’ and ‘psychological warfare’.  Needless to say, it was quite brutal.  Noriega accused me of ‘being an assassin’.  The good General Colonic threw me out from my safe haven,  Fort Amador, and ordered military personnel not to assist me in any way.  So I did what I did best.  I broke into FT Amador with the help of real combat soldiers—Defense Intelligence Agency, Military Intelligence and others, -- used Colonic’s printing machine and started to distribute ‘propaganda pamphlets' against Noriega.
  When I came back to the State Department,  I had a personal and professional confrontation with Powell's Judenrat—Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams,  now a senior member of the CFR and literally choked him by the throat, to remind Elliot and Colonic that there were brave military and foreign service officers who deserved better treatment from these two miscreants and warned Elliot that the days of ‘reckoning’ was not over.
Of course, I was right!  Elliot and the other “Judenrat Jews’—Wolfowitz,  Feith,  Perle, “Scooter Libby’,  David Wormser (Cheney’s henchman), etc  were once again appearing like cockroaches in a pile of garbage, endorsing and supporting Bush Jr’/Cheney 9/11 Stand down and the myth of Osama bin Laden.

But, dear readers,  Colonic still has not disappeared from our narrative. True to form as a liar and coward and the “Uncle Tom" for Bush Jr,  Secretary Of State Colonic Powell swore that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and therefore we should attack Iraq and eliminate Sadam Hussein  [who by the way was not killed but sent into ‘hiding’ with a couple of billion US dollars].  Moreover, this moron of a four star general,  who had been refused a fifth star,  showed a small vial of anthrax to the UN and declared it to be a WMD.
Well, I could go on and on. But the moral of the story is simple. 
If victors were to speak, they would say nothing.  If cowards were to brag, they would declare penitence, self-adulation and a narrative that defies fiction. 
A man without valor is a man not worthy of serving in our military or even delineating himself as a US Soldier.
  General Colonic Powell is a testimony to the ignominy of our civilian leaders from Nixon on to Bush Jr,  for having utilized our honorable military uniform in the service of national disgrace, betrayal, and treason.
From my point of view as a veteran, General Colonic Powell has committed more treason than any terrorist I had ‘neutralized’ or any enemy intelligence operative I had ‘doubled’.
He is without any hesitation a disgrace to our country, our military and to his proud African –American heritage.
Ecce Homo!! Behold the man!  


  1. No one's taking Powell's endorsement of Obama (again) too seriously.

    "Medalholic" has a few Google hits, but not enough to record (OED, Historical Dictionary of American Slang) just yet.

    Try "chest candy":

  2. Steve
    Gosh, I can't keep up with all your blog entries. Such a shock to see the truth behind the curtain. Thanks for exposing everyone's butt :-) It is about time someone cleaned the dirty laundry.

  3. dear me a four star general that has not seen real combat!reminds me of our royal family over here that parade with a chest full of medals from which looks like every military campaign since the norman conquest!! gen powell has enjoyed an action man status on tv and yet the truth once again reveals another story, if he was not really an effective soldier how the hell did he make sec of state!! you really cant make this stuff up, he seems to have gone from what we say in england as one balls up to another and improved his career in the process!the political process here seems the same where as someone balls up step into the background only to be reinvented! if we were to carry on the same we would be down the road and rightly so! once again your insight is greatly appreciated and i look forward to more posts dr pieczenik

  4. Curious question regarding the link to consortiumnews article you posted.

    By chance, were the missiles that were shipped by Israel to Iran filled w/WMD or nuclear material?

    Btw, I read daily and learn a lot from your work. Thank you for adding your voice to the alternative news medium.

  5. An interesting focus on Colin Powell.

    Powell hasn't been in the news recently (other than his recent endorsement of Obama), although his presentation on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction echoes in the alternative media to this day.

    But, among the general public there is a perception that Powell's story is an example of what is right with America.

    As a former "go along, get along Republican," I generally signed onto that assessment. But in recent years with the help of the internet, I have broadened my horizons and do my best to follow the evidence to where it leads (which isn't always, by any means, in the direction of traditional Republican conclusions regarding policy or blanket support for Republican politicians).

    This post by Dr. Pieczenik is an example of new information which effects my opinion of Gen. Powell.

    But there is something larger here than Gen. Powell:

    Powell's rise, apparently, was by the traditional route: Suck up to those higher up on the political food-chain and take the path of least resistence.

    It turns out, Colin Powell tale isn't so special afterall, but rather ordinary (in terms of general politics); he achieved recognition, in part (yes, Powell had a basic competence), because his African-American heritage helped sell the elite's agenda among a broader swath of people.

    This process has been repeated ad nauseum across time and political parties among most politicians and those who revolve around government (and to an extent in business, where a certain competency, again, as in the military, is required for promotion).

    In other words, opinion flows downhill and the "leaders", people in positions of power, set the agenda.

    Apparently, Colin Powell has been careful to espouse & carry out the elite's agenda.

    So, perhaps, what is more important than exposing Powell's human faillings -- we all have 'human failings' -- is determining what agenda Powell has been carrying water for all these many years.

    Based on the following website post, I suggest it is a by-partisan agenda:

    "Obama Doctrine: The New International Order

    The global elite boldly advance their world government agenda into America’s National Security Strategy."

    Perhaps, the above entitled web article is the real reason Colin Powell is endorsing Obama for re-election.

    In 2010, the Obama administration produced, as required by law (as did previous administrations), the National Security Strategy Report.

    Here is an explanatory quote from the above entitled post:

    "The National Security Strategy Report (NSSR) is the primary policy document, prepared by the executive branch, outlining an administration’s formulation of grand strategy for the country. According to the National Security Strategy Archive, 'It is intended to be a comprehensive statement articulating the worldwide interests, goals, and objectives of the United States that are important to its security.'"

    Dr. Pieczenik, I respect your opinion. Please read the above link and I'd appreciate any comment you might care to make.

    Readers, if you want to see a discussion of the official, international agenda of the United States' governing elite -- as stated by the government, itself, it is important to read the above link.

    Then you will have additional insight into the agenda of the elite, those who mold public opinion and those who promote individuals such as Colin Powell.

    1. Post script:

      Readers, if there is any difficulty finding the above discussion, just google

      Obama Doctrine: The New International Order

      You'll find it.

      Again, this is a discussion about a real U. S. document, the National Security Strategy Report (NSSR). Prepared & released in 2010.

      This is the agenda of the Globalist elite: Those who promoted Colin Powell and so many others.

      Moral backbone is not required... for promotion -- compliance & silence is required.

      Actually, having a moral backbone is actively discouraged, as red blooded American patriots would object to and expose the surrender of American sovereignty & independence this document represents.

      As for Colin Powell's moral backbone...

      Have we seen Powell write an op-ed or scholarly article on this subject? He could you know and it would get substantial media attention.

      A noble & honorable exception to this lack of moral backbone:

      Lawrence B. "Larry" Wilkerson (born 15 June 1945) is a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson has criticized many aspects of the Iraq War, including his own preparation of Powell's presentation to the UN.

      It is just as important, if not more important, to identify honorable American patriots.

      We'll need every last one of them!