Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bain Capital Drenched in El Salvadorian Blood Money

Last week I wrote in my blog about the “Dream Team and Mitt Romney” and its problem in utilizing the talents of those whom I knew to be qualified to support his candidacy, despite Mitt’s personal psychological failures.  But now I understand why that particular blog had very little resonance in both the Republican and Democratic Party.  Quite frankly and rightfully so, neither party cared to comment or respond in kind. 
Clearly what I have to say is not as relevant as I might like to think which is really quite justifiable and understandable. But I thought it would be somewhat more enlightening for me to write about my activities subsequent to that particular blog. 

I then pulled out my research and notes that I had taken while I was a member of the Senior Policy Planning Staff under the Reagan Administration.  I realized that the names of the some of the  El Salvadorian oligarchs  whom I had been tasked  to ‘track’ for their ‘alleged activities’ in sponsoring the “killing squads” responsible for the deaths of 35,000 innocent civilians in a civil war that cost El Salvador 75,000 deaths were exactly the same names who had initially provided  9 million  dollars in seed money for Bain Capital. These families still live in Miami and Mitt paid a great tribute to them in a previous trip.  He had said the following, ”I owe a great deal to Americans of Latin American descent…. my partners Ricardo Poma, Miguel Duenas,  Pancho Soler, Frank Kardonski and Diego Ribadeneira.” 
My notes at the time indicated to me that these same ex-coffee barons were directly funding and supporting the Extreme Right Wing Militias who slaughtered over 35,000 Salvadorians in a Civil War that lasted from 1979-1992.  These Coffee Barons also had direct contact with a senior State Department official at the time by the now familiar name of Elliot Abrams J.D.—then Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs. The same neocon who was involved and indicted in the  Iran Contra Affair and the same individual who with his Jewish neocon associates, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, were intimately involved in planning the “stand down’ known as 9/11.  Presently,  Elliot presides comfortably at the Council On Foreign Relations at the behest of his neocon friend Richard Haass, the President of the CFR….both Abrams and Haass are advisors to the Romney campaign.
The other initial investors of Bain Capital  were:
Sir Jack Lyons, President of Jean Overseas Ltd., a Panama company , provided 2.5 million dollars. Later, Lyons was indicted on a stock fraud. 
The Crocker Family Trust from California gave close to 4.8 million dollars.
About  9million dollars came from other Latin Americans including Ecuadorians, Colombians [drug money], and Guatemala [blood money]. 
 The rest of the money came from associates at Bain Capital and Bain Consulting Group. 
So, what do I make of this discovery? Am I surprised? Clearly, I find to my dismay that whatever efforts I attempted to root out the neocons were and are a major failure. Then I realized that, like all politicians,  Mitt has no more virtue nor sin than the sociopathic panderers that politicians basically are.  It really does not matter what label we, the citizens, around the world,  might place on any self-aggrandizing individual thirsting for power rather than yearning to fight for some conviction.  In effect,  Politicians worldwide are all basically the same.  The word “compromise” is a simple substitute for ‘expediency’, ‘cowardice’, ‘ineptness’.  You pick the synonym. 

I then discovered some other notes, one written to a friend of mine in Mitt’s present campaign- warning him over a year ago ‘that Mitt had no basic values and would eventually self-destruct and bring the Republican Party down with him’.  The response was flippant but very appropriate, ”Your insight is interesting but way above my pay grade”.
Then I discovered two more notes that I had made about one month ago, warning two Liberal Democrats that Mitt was tainted with ‘blood money’.  In fear,  each responded that   he had nothing to do with the nomination of Obama.  Strange,  given the fact that each person was a major player in the Democratic Party.  I then discovered that they were afraid to use that card in case Mitt might bring up the fact that Obama had a ‘personal hit list’ in his incessant obsession with drones and their ‘collateral damage’.  Also I was aware that the Democratic Party did not want to bring up the issue of ‘blood money lest the present Hondurian Military Regime supported by the Obama administration also be accused of ‘killing innocent Hondurians’. 

 But a fear, especially a politicians’ fear,  is a palpable emotion.  It’s a dynamic that I have been trained to recognize, analyze and more importantly utilize.  In the case of politicians and their respective political party that personal fear is amplified multifold reflecting the candidates need for denial, distortion and lying.  All these elements are essential for creating a myth or narrative to convince the masses of voters that the candidate is beyond reproach or doubt.  Of course, this approach has less traction in the 21st century of the internet and free access to OSINT [ Open Source Intelligence].  So the ‘actionable intelligence’ that the voter is provided with is to choose between two candidates- each with less or more virtue or substance than the other.  In short, the voting citizenry is cordoned off into an arena of farce and circus fueled by the hawkers called the ‘free press’.   

Now,  I find myself in with an interesting quandary.  Do I vote for one liar or the other? Who has lied more or less than the other? Look at Obama and his killing of Osama Bin Laden or his inability to manage a country with a large segment of unemployment and his ceaseless support of a crass oligarchy of bankers, freed from the shackles of the law.....
Or is my choice,  the Holy Sanctified,  reified,  new Elmer Gantry filled with platitudes and inane statements and a financial background replete with lies, ineptitude, greed and ‘blood money’.  It’s amazing how a spoiled Mormon born with a ‘silver spoon’ in his mouth can not equal the accomplishments of his fellow Mormons—Brent Scowcroft, the Marriotts, and Jack Anderson who truly deserve the title of Honorable Americans.  Mitt has not only brought down himself but the nefarious Republican Party. 
 So,  my decision is to wait for 2016 and hope the Republic regains some semblance of honor, certainly something less akin to an auctioneer’s bidding away our inherent freedoms, dignity and values. …on that day, I will cast my vote accordingly.       


  1. Here's a fearless candidate...

  2. Best comment of the election.
    Gary Johnson.
    'If everyone 'wastes their vote' voting for me I will be the next POTUS'.
    He certainly has to be an improvement on Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

  3. Dr. Piecznik,

    Thank you for clarifying your position on Mitt Romney and providing additional history of Romney's start in business (surely it would seem Romney knew the South American investment capital was from "blood money").

    As you might guess from my comment on the 'Dream Team' post, I agree with your assessment of Mitt Romney. I also agree with your recitation of Barak Obama problems, which go even deeper than what you stated above and include what you alluded to on the AJ Show (Have you heard from him lately?) -- Obama is a CIA/foundation creation, puppet of transnational organizations and individuals.

    This is why Obama hasn't stopped the transnational bankers and has carried out Libya and, now, Syria. Also, why offshoring of jobs has actually accelerated under Obama (Hackett report).

    Although, there are indications Obama is turning away from the neoconservative/Zionist narrow vision support of Netanyahu and generally the Israeli government (I make a distinction between the millions of innocent Israeli citizens as opposed to the Israeli government, specifically the Netanyahu administration, and a clique of aggressive Zionists associated with the Rothchilds and AIPAC neoconservatives.)

    On a side note, I have read claims there is an 82 page draft entitled “Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East,” currently in form as a “talking paper,” formulated by the US Intelligence Community, making the rounds in Washington, which discusses the negative consequences of Washington's one-sided neocon policy of supporting Israel's government, no matter what the cost to America's standing in the world or its national best interests.

    Of course, there are counter-claims there is no such paper and it's an effort to either discredit those sources pushing it or drive Jewish Americans to vote for Romney. (And, alternatively, there is a paper, but it's a Mossad psyop... a Mossad psyop doesn't make a lot of sense to me... but that's the claim.)

    Dr. Piecznik, you may not be able to weigh in on the above issue, but if you can, I'd be interested in your information on the subject.

    Regarding not voting in the presidential election, I respect your decision, there are many who have made the same decision. I have struggled with this quesion, going back and forth: Whether to vote for Romney or a third party candidate. (I always vote, it's just the way I was raised and the way I view the opportunity to vote.) I can't vote for Obama from what I know of his background, policies, and rampant lying, like with the Bin Laden fake kill.

    I know the Republican Party needs reform, it (along with the Democratic Party) can't go on in this 'rule by deception' system operating in Washington and the Republicans have policies which are wrong and desperately need to be changed, in my considered opinion.

    However, I feel, the best place to discuss the needed reforms is from the inside. I analogize it to the legislative process, where a bill is defeated, and one of the legislators who opposed the bill, switches his vote to an 'aye' so that later that same legislator can move to have the bill 'reconsidered' and brought up for another vote.

    In that sense, now, I bring up issues I disagree with (chiefly, neoconservative policies Republicans support and so-called "free trade"), but without directly going after Romney.

    I figure I'll have more ability to push & persuade after the election if I can honestly state, "I voted for Romney, but he was a lousy candidate and had bad policies, we have to change the party's positions and the type of people we nominate for president."

    Is that "compromise", yes, but I think people will be more liable to listen to reason based on reality if they know you didn't "tear down" their candidate in the election. Presidential voting is many times emotional, and if you cross that, you can't reach them, they simply will not listen, even to reason.

  4. Dr. Pieczenik,

    I was so excited today when I checked up on your website and it is updated along with this blog. I had never heard of you until the "Mortuary" Raid about a year ago. You have inspired me more than you know. I have always been a fan of George Washington University's National Security Archives. I like to read declassified documents etc to get a more accurate interpretation on what goes on in government. It is interesting to me because I have come upon the names of alot of individuals in documents on this site that you mention such as Wolfowitz, Abrams, Rumsfeld etc. There is alot of intel on the internet if people care to search for it. Listening to you tells more of the story for me which I enjoy thoroughly. I also read your book, Terror Counter Terror, which I found to be an excellent read on a weekend trip back home to Baltimore which is where I was raised. I'm very excited as well to gain access to read your paper, Foreign policy, ego-defense mechanisms, and balance-of-power vulnerability. After listening to you i wrote a 12 page paper on Psychological Warfare for my college class. I have downloaded as much military doctrine of this topic as I can get my hands on. Dr. Pieczenik I am young hard working American that at 29 yrs of age have owned a business and failed ran Unaffiliated for the Maryland State House of Delegates and lost. For me this is the American dream sir to make something out of nothing. To fall on my ass and get back up again. I want to again thank you so much for your service to this country and helping me understand current affairs in a more accurate light. I've always hated the fact that if the government is going to give it to me in the rear at least give me a nice shade of red lipstick to wear damn it. Thanks for helping me not feel like I'm crazy in this world of false realities we live in.

  5. John- thank you for your comments. Keep up the good fight and run for office again, when you feel the time is right. We are right, they are not.....but it is never easy to tell the truth, or in some cases, to even find it. Please keep reading my site and your other sources, I have a lot more to say. Stay strong, you are the future.
    Dr Steve