Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Memorandum: Army Gen Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Subject:  Military Retaliation in Libya For The Deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other heroes
From: Former DAS- Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr.
OSINT reveals extensive military deployments to the Mediterranean,  Africa and the Middle East.  In specific, ancillary aircraft for SOF operations have been sighted at Tripoli International Airport.  Specifically, these aircrafts include well-known transmutations of the C-130 Hercules.  In particular, the following  SOF support aircraft were spotted : MC-130H, HC130P, H-130N and the AC-130U.
ELINT, SIGINT, and IMINT reveal that the aforementioned aircrafts have been flying out of Souda Air Base on the Akrotiri Peninsula of Crete.  Intel informant revealed once again to CNN [as you know,  Anderson Cooper-well known CIA asset recruited at Yale]  that SOF are in Libya meeting with informants . They are following SOP with Intel Drones and TAC SAT links with SI, TK , ULTRA SECRET designations for IRS [Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance].
Objective: SOF tasked to gather intel on militant networks in Libya.  
Since our last meeting at SOCOM, we have been working on the September 11, 2012 U.S Consulate attack in Benghazi retaliatory options to be deployed all over Libya.  
As you know,  the AC-130U has been detailed to serve as a backup capacity for any SOF ‘kinetic actions’ in Libya . At the same time, per your instructions, we have deployed gunships, UAV’s and fixed –wings assets from our bases in Italy,  Britain and Germany in order to strike HVT [High Value Targets].   At present we are working in concert with the Libyan Government [whatever remnants are left] as well as our usual cunning CIA operatives [ As you once said, “hopefully Gen Petraeus has them under control and stop them from continuing their ‘Legacy of Ashes”]. 
 At present, we are engaging intel collection for “actionable intelligence” .  Also we are identifying the key personalities involved in the 9/11 attack and their daily patterns of life.  Clearly, we understand that our portfolio includes everything from ‘snatch-and-grab’ to airstrikes. 

Major Consequences of Retaliatory Strike:
[1] Blowback—Libyans will resent incursion into the sovereignty of their country. Since the country is already fragmented among many different ethnic tribes [Taurigs, etc.] and the country is literally divided geographically between Tripoli and Benghazi,  we will be accentuating the fragmentation of an already ‘failing state’. 
[2] Military Credibility—General, do we want to sacrifice our already tainted military reputation with Admiral McRaven’s brazen announcement of the SEAL TEAM 6, having ‘shot’ Osama Bin Laden.  Our actions will only feed into the rampant conspiratorial theories that our US military created, or at least abetted the “stand down, ‘ on September 11, 2001
[3] Further exposure of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Lies and Incompetence—Do we, in the military, want to pay the price for the Sec State’s lies and ineptitude in the handling of the 9/11 Benghazi episode,  calling it ’spontaneous’?? Is it worth the lives of our brave men and women to CYA the Sec State who has by all informed sources a history of ‘major prevarications’ and ‘distortions’. 
Side Note: Her initial involvement as Senator in the 9/11 is still in question, let alone, her involvement in this 9/11 episode compounds exponentially the burden of proof that she does not lie habitually.  One might say that she, like her husband, are cursed with “ the Liar’s bend”. Without being too technical,  one might say that they are both ‘sociopaths’ who have made a career of lying and then using our brave military to cover up those lies. But that is just a hypothesis. Take it or leave it! 
[4] Military Retaliation Will Confuse the Investigation: This is an important point.  Ambassador Thomas Pickering is a very competent FSO who has been our Ambassador in Israel [during the idiot Shamir’s tenure –former Mossad operative who could not make a living in business], the United Nations as well as Under Secretary of State.  He is articulate, thorough and in my opinion , one of the best FSOs I have ever had the pleasure to serve.  He is in charge of the investigation,  let him find out what he needs to find out with our help if needed. But, if we apprehend or kill anyone,  this action will cloud the very question of why was our Ambassador Stevens allowed to remain in danger and why was the US Embassy devoid of our usual ‘RSOs’ [Regional Security Officers].  This is really a matter for the State Department to handle and not our brave military warriors.  Suffice it to say, we have not done all that well in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And one more failure on our behalf, whether intentional or not, will cost us our prestige, many deaths and a reputation for defeat and disaster as opposed to relief and resistance
Remember, in neither Iraq nor Afghanistan, were the American citizenry behind us.  So we had two wars, initiated by ‘chickenhawks’ without the support of a country.  We will be in same position this time around.  No one will believe what we will say or whomever we capture.  Even our asset Anderson Cooper, when he is given special access to our information, is not credible any more.  I never thought this narcissistic, childish , self-indulgent  correspondent was credible to begin with.  But remember,  General , he did receive special treatment when the CIA gave him the Ambassador’s personal notes. 
In conclusion,  I along with many of my colleagues who have been involved in the deaths of several ambassadors,  feel a great remorse for their deaths, but in the retrospect, I and other FSOs and intel operatives were extremely grateful that the US did not retaliate for any of our colleagues deaths. 
Again let Sec State Hillary Clinton,  account for her failures. In any case, this will stop her ascendancy to the Presidency.  


  1. The failure at Benghazi causes one to question other assumptions of the Libyan policy and, further, the ramifications to Syria.

    "We came We saw He died," a giddy Hillary Clinton said between laughs (gaffaws) at Gaddafi's exit.

    Call me old fashioned, but diplomatic protocol suggests we don't dance over the grave of the vanquished.

    State Department gambits pushed hard by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are effecting regional military stability.

    The Department of Defense and our military commanders have a duty to inform their superiors of the military consequenses such instability could bring.

    The potential U. S. geo-political vital national interests effected by our interaction with Russia (and China) are significant.

    U. S. military posture vis-a-vis Russia.

    Syria needs to be calmed down, lower the temperature on the geo-political pressure cooker.

    Perhaps, Turkey has now realized it is in over its head (embarrassing international incident) with the grounding and release of the Syrian airplane with Russian passengers on board.

    Can Hillary Clinton be trusted with the power to destabilize the whole region by forcing the issue in Syria?

    When do you decide a policy should be rolled back? While there's still time.

    Given the Benghazi policy lapse and subsequent fallout, does the U. S. military have a role in advising of further possible inadvertent consequenses?

    How much further down this road of conscious destabilization do we go when indications exist there are conceptual & operational problems with the policy?