Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Donald Silverman, Father of Sarah Silverman Tells Orthodox Rabbi “Fuck Off!” Finally!!

 My Nomination for Jewish Father of the Year.

It’s very rare that one hears about intra-Jewish family fights.  It’s assumed that we Jews are monolithic. So when anyone has a good or nasty word to say about jews—“kike’’, “hike’, ‘zid’, etc –you get the idea, there is one slander that encompasses all jews.  Not quite, we jews constitute 120 different ethnic  groups.  Imagine that one day the Pashtuns of Pakistan came to me to ask to be jews.  I responded “why not?”. 

 To make matters simple,  I am by selection and historical imperative a jew.  I am not ashamed by it-  I am proud of my heritage. The reason I make that clear is that Hitler was my selector of my religion.  In general, I do not believe that religion is a mark of major distinction or notoriety.  If one believes in God that’s fine.  But if one does not that’s fine as well.  But I and my family really had no choice.  Thirty thousand of my relatives in Poland, made the same mistake that the family in the brilliant film by Roman Polanski called “The Pianist’ made---how can Hitler kill six million Jews?  Well one way or another he did with the help of German “Mischlinges” -- German Jews.  Let’s be clear, there can be no greater anti-semites than Jews themselves.  For example, Heydrich, the second SS Commander in Charge of the Final Solution was a called by his boss,  Himmler, “the Golden Jew”. He was in fact a jew and and a very talented musician—violinist, athlete,  etc.  You get the idea. He was a ‘wannabe aryan”.  Not to be beaten by him is the fact that two of the five German Field Marshals excluding Jodl, and Rommel were in fact full fledge Jews who were ‘Aryanized’ by Hitler in 1936.  (Read Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg) 
  Also the father of the Luftwaffe and subsequently Lufthansa was a ‘mischlinge’.
  In other words, the history of the Holocaust in not clearly delineated, purposefully by jews and Israel for their respective purposes.
 So why do I bring up Donald Silverman who correctly defended his daughter to an Orthodox Rabbi by basically telling him he was ‘full of shit’ and ‘don’t mess with my family’.
Not that he needs my support, but I salute him as a father and true Jew. 
Now why would I say that?
  Because no one Jewish group has been more detrimental to the condition of Jews around the world and the viability than the Orthodox Jews living here in the USA and in Israel.
  In Israel , they constitute more of an internal threat than Hamas or Hezbollah put together.
 How come?
  Since the State of Israel was founded in 1948 by Zionist---not Orthodox Jews---Ben Gurion had to make an ‘unholy alliance’ with a group of ‘ganifs’ [crooks] who claimed that they had no allegiance to the State of Israel and more importantly,  not of having to work for a living. Their self-chosen course in life was to study the Holy Books and be supported by the State.  That Unholy Alliance led to the absolute disaster -financial, political and economic, that we have today in Israel.  There are over 1.5 million Orthodox Jews who refuse to serve in the IDF or make money to support themselves  and are an economic drain to the viability of the state.  Even Bibi has a hard time figuring out what to do with them.  And he went to the Sloane Business School at MIT!
 Now for my final point as to why I detest,  not just dislike , but detest these Orthodox Jews.
  When my family was being tortured and killed in the Warsaw Ghettos by the Nazis,  Rabbi Schneerson, a cult figure who called himself  the “ New Messiah”  got himself and his family out of the Ghetto by buying off the Nazis with ‘blood money’. He was secretly spirited out of the Warsaw Ghetto along with forty thousand of his ‘non-holy books’ and came to the USA.  When he arrived here,  his first statement was that “Six Million Jews deserved to die” because we did not ‘follow the commandments or the Torah’. 
  So, in this world of false piety and charlatans like Rabbi Schneerson and other Orthodox Rabbis like Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt, I reiterate the glorious words of Mr Donald Silverman, “don’t fuck with my family of jews”. Amen! 


  1. This is different perspective of the term "orthodox" than what I thought it meant. In my world, orthodox just meant "hard core". But if they're trying to live off the government studying, do they consider themselves the modern day Levites?

    I first heard about Jews working with the Nazis from the Mae Brussell archives, who was a Jewish lady who's dad was a prominent Rabbi in Hollywood.

    I appreciate the break-down of the Jewish subgroups, because it's true that most people see them as monolithic group, which is the collectivist strategy for all groups, preventing mature understanding of so many topics.

  2. thank you for your feedback, please keep reading my posts. I try to always include in my commentary (some will call them rants) historical facts (some personal) that will help my readers understand the BIGGER, TRUE picture of what's going on in today's we know from our own life, its never black/white...there is always details that are conveniently left out or in some cases-covered up to make the truth more advantageous for certain readers inspire me to continue to communicate the truth...for that I am grateful.