Sunday, October 21, 2012

Support The Twitter Revolution in Saudi Arabia Against The Corrupt, Illegal Saudi Royal Family!

For a long time, I have waited for the right opportunity to write a blog about the most nefarious, corrupt government I had ever encountered in my thirty years of national security experience. 
As many of my readers know , I have dealt with Pol Pot, Sihanouk, Noriega, Aldo Moro , Berlusconi, Russian Oligarchy ---but they all pale in terms of corruption, cronyism and worst yet, repression of their own people.  I speak of the hereditary illegitimate family members of what is falsely labeled the “Saudi Royal Family”. 
In this particular blog,  I would like to express my deep appreciation to a Jill Abramson, the Executive Editor of the NY Times and the person who wrote an excellent article (from which I will draw from) by the name of Robert F. Worth.
[As side bar: It’s about time that a woman took over that stodgy newspaper and brought it into the 21st century.] 
Before I begin to discuss the Twitter phenomenon that is taking place in Saudi Arabia,  let me explain to you a little about what I know personally and professionally about the so-called “Royal Family”.
First there is nothing ‘royal’ about the Saudi family.  They are composed of Bedwas’ or Bedouin tribes who were consolidated into a coalition of fighters by the British during WWI when the Brits attempted to break up the eight hundred year rule or the Ottoman Empire
Many of you have seen the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” by David Lean which portrays a romanticized image of the Lawrence, a homosexual  British Intelligence officer,  who made himself famous by promoting his ersatz exploits in his self-serving book, “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and he was abetted by the yellow journalism of the infamous American Journalist , Lowell Thomas.
  If there is a true British hero in this story it is a woman by the name of Gertrude Bell who was in fact the head of MI-6 and Lawrence was her subordinate.  But like most histories written by men for men, the heroine becomes subsumed in a foot note.
 Why is this at all important? 
  Because in order for the British rapacious elite , including the Rothshchilds  and other “self-annointed” nobility,  they  created a false political legitimacy by making a tribal leader Sheikh Abdulaziz,  head of a clan of ethnic desert nomads into a ‘king’.  The reason the British did that was to control the area they inherited called Saudi Arabia which was replete with oil The British did not want to make themselves look like the marauding, greedy colonialists that they were [please remember that, we American “terrorists,’ fought two wars against the British in 1776 and 1812 and then there was the Civil War] , they wanted to create a ‘Disneyland Fiction’ where the King Abdulaziz was the first legitimate ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  Now mind you there was no kings nor princes in Islam, and true believers know that only the Holy Prophet is the true protector of the Koran.  As a matter of fact, British intelligence went so far as to displace the true descendants of Mohammed and his Holy Prophets, the Hashemites and placed them into another British neo –colonial concoction called ‘TransJordan’ and ‘Iraq’.  It was Gertrude Bell,  herself, who had amalgamated the different tribes of Kurds , Sunnis and Shi’ites into another “Disneyland Country” called ‘Iraq’.  Once again, we see the British, a people who have created more conundrums and conflicts in the 20th century,  more than Hitler and Stalin combined, that continue into the 21st century.
[Sidebar: It was the British and Winston Churchill who created the term “Concentration Camp” in the 1890’s Boer War. That too was a misnomer. It was the British who slaughtered the Dutch Reformists called Afrikaners and raped them of their rightful claim to both gold and diamonds in South Africa. The “Concentration Camps’ the Brits created were designed to enslave, torture and eventually kill twenty-eight thousand innocent women and children who were related to the innocent Boer Fighters].
  This  pattern of vulgar corruption and the rape of a third world countries (which the US continues to follow) was really initiated by the British in Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirate [another “Disneyland Fantasy] as well as the Maktoum family of Dubai.  All these countries had one important commodity --- yes, you guessed it- OIL!!
  So why create a ‘Disneyland country ‘ with Mickey Mouse characters like King Faisal,  King Saud, The Emir of the United Arab Emirates (another Disneyland) creation by the British?
  Answer: in order to garner the ungainly commodities of a ‘primitive country’ a psychologically/politically sophisticated country like Britain [who can transform German hessian soldiers into the dysfunctional, mentally incapacitated Windsor Family -the name of the Castle, itself, not the family]  must have a centralized place and coherent group of ‘collectors and distributors’ of the oil. Then the British cleverly set up the Anglo Oil Company but realizing that once again they were losing not only the First but the Second World War,  they had to add to the name- ’Anglo-American Oil’  Company …became Aramco. 
So what you are beginning to see is that the history of corruption, rape of helpless countries and the creation of new body politics in the name of “Republic”,  “Country”  “Emirate” is nothing more than psychological warfare to add legitimacy to heinous crimes committed by a particular superpower at a given point of time.
  We, Americans, are clearly not absolved of this sin, witness the assault on the sovereignties of Mexico, Cuba, Philippines, Hawaii.  It’s simply the nature of Republics and their constitutional imperative to become empires. 
  As the philosopher Santayana once said, “those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat history over and over again.”
Now back to the ersatz Saudi Family and the Twitter Revolution.
  The basic dynamic of the corrupt, illegitimate family stems from the tension within these spoiled,  self-indulgent, irreligious individuals,  tutored neither in the ways of the west nor true scholars of the Holy Koran. In short the “Princes” of the Kingdom are simply factotums of the Americans and British who are disposable because the fact of the matter is they are known to both British and American intelligence as ‘parasites’ , ‘lazy’ , ‘corrupt’,  disdainful of their people and their clergy.
You get the idea!!
  But here are some of the particular points of information you might want to know:
The seven sons of King Abdulaziz’s favorite  wife,  Hassa al Sudari,  known as the “Sudairi Seven” have been fighting among themselves for power and accession to the make-believe throne.  In the process of intra-family feuding,  they have paid off different terrorist groups,  Al Qaeda, Salafists, Jihadists, Osama Bin Laden , even aiding our CIA when they had no money after the Church Committee’s denuding of DCI Colby’s CIA,  in order to do what every weak regime does---create external problems in order to avoid dealing with internal problems.
 No ruling family has been more disgraceful,  denigrated and less worthy of existing than the “Kings and Princelings” of Saudi Arabia.  They have out of sheer cowardice, fear, and ignorance spent billions of dollars to keep their illegitimate elite in power.  In the meantime, legitimate muslim clergymen, legislators, students, women, and professionals have been incarcerated in the Saudi prisons for nothing more than what I have been saying or less.
But my ability to be free to blog this exposition would have been prohibited at the time I had worked with the comical foreign minister and defense minister of Saudi Arabia.  Everyone in the National security arena, knows that there are two different armies rotated between Jedda and Riyadh because the Saudi Princelings [“diaper boy leaders”] don’t trust their own blood relatives not to kill each other.
  Now,  on to the Twitter Revolution  (please read NYTimes front page article from today)  Presently- there are 2.9 million Twitter users in the Kingdom, criticizing ‘large scale corruption’, ‘womens’ suppression by the religious clergy’ etc.
  “Twitter for us is like a parliament, but not the kind of parliament that exists in this region”,  Faisal Abdullah, a 31 year old lawyers said. ”It’s a true parliament, where people from all political sides meet and speak freely.” 
Finally, the Twitter messages reveal the true depth of anger at the Royal Family that cuts across all political spectrum.
“Twitter has revealed a great frustration and a popular refusal of the current situation”,  said Salman al_Awada , a prominent cleric who has been jailed for several years for his attacks on the government in the 1990s.
  Finally, I would like to add my personal and professional advice as an experienced ‘regime changer’ and one who has worked with Saudi near and afar.
 First, let the world now support a New Arab Spring where all the members of the Royal Family are thrown out of power by the people of Saudi Arabia.
In this encouragement,   I will add a professional warning to those groups that have been and are abetting these illegitimate rulers and who are financed by the Saudi Family. 
  The following  entities and groups would be wise not to interfere in the internal affairs of an Arab Spring soon to come to Saudi Arabia: The Wahhabi Clerics, the Salafists;  different members of the ‘so-called “ ALQaeda Groups; any self-proclaimed groups financed by the Saudis in Pakistan [ISI, especially you];  Talibans [rectify the wounding of the innocent girl—you, Talibans, have children];  UAE; Emir of Brunei; Romney; Neo-cons; Dubai; Aramco; Halliburton; American/British Oil Companies; MI—6;  Mossad; Israel; Turkey;  and above all else--- our favorite screw-ups of all times---our own CIA.  Especially John O. Brennan---The Chief Counter Terrorism Advisor and Deputy National Security Advisor to Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism.
Brennan’s career highlights which I happen to know personally and professionally, have included daily intelligence briefer to Pres. Bill Clinton;  CIA Station Chief in Riyadh when The Khobar Tower Housing Complex was blown up and NINETEEN AMERICAN SERVICEMEN WERE KILLED –thanks to his incompetence;  he was chief of Staff to the infamous George Tenet,  father of 9/11 Stand down and he became Deputy Executive Director of the CIA in March 2001,  just before September 11, 2001. He also was involved in the stand down of 9/11 and the myth of  Osama bin Laden.  He gave daily briefings to George W. Bush Jr and his final post at the CIA was Director of the National Counter Terrorism Center.  And Obama wanted to make him the Director of the CIA…
 So what is this indictment of Brennan in conjunction with the corrupt Saudi Family?
They are one and the same. Brennan should have been indicted for war crimes a long time ago for murders committed against US civilians just as the Saudis had sponsored groups that killed US officials and civilians.
 In short, when overthrowing the Saudis, let us not forget to overthrow our own corrupt, incompetent, CIA ‘operative’ who has as much innocent American blood on his hands as do the Saudi Princelings. 
  No Republic,  be it one made up by the British or one which fought the British like America can withstand the truth as it emerges through the flotsam and  jetsam of lies, cowardliness, corruption, deceit, self-aggrandizement and ignominy. 
  There are those in our government who will soon be revealed to have reveled in the sewers of deceit and corruption. Brennan is one of them. Hillary Clinton certainly had entered this cistern of disgrace long before anyone else…who knows what other names will rise to the top of the cesspool while we investigate the death of Ambassador Stevens and other military heroes….perhaps General James Clapper (who loves to re-tell over and over the fairy tale of Osama bin Laden) or the ignominious Tom Donilon –national security advisor.
 May the truth overwhelm the lies of this Republic and the illegitimacy of the Saudi “Disneyland”. 


  1. Steve,

    Good post! Yes, let's have a real "Arab Spring" and get rid of all these oil sheikhs. Let's also get rid of these CIA assets with beards, these "sheikhists" pretending to be real Muslims. And of course, let us also rid ourselves of the Anglo-American imperialist heirs of Lawrence of Arabia and restore democracy in this part of the world while we're at it.

  2. Tony, thanks, I enjoyed this one always, your comments add to the richness of this blog, keep reading, keep writing. I find your posts interesting, educated and I am sure my readers do as well.

  3. On the "Pakistani Taliban" or "Teirik-I-Taliban" that claims to have shot Malala, my information is that they are CIA. The real Taliban, as I understand it, are headed by Mullah Omar, and while they are certainly backward on women's rights, they did not do this. This was another false flag followed by the usual CIA propaganda barrage in the MSM. My impression is that the real Taliban are the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan. Would you agree?

  4. I forgot to mention that the Terik-I-Taliban official claiming responsibility also praised Obama. Obviously this was done on orders to trash Obama before the election like fake bin Laden praising Kerry in video a few days before the 2004 election. This indicates that the Terik-I-Taliban are assets of the Neocon-Mormon Mafia faction within the CIA that did 9/11 and took out Stevens.

    1. Tony Wicher,

      The claim that the "Mormon Mafia" within the CIA was responsible for Ambassador Stevens' death is likely a product of Webster Tarpley's imagination. For others that claim is likely intentional disinformation designed to scavenge any possible votes away from Romney among alternative media following voters.

      (Now, regarding the anti-Muslim video, that is different. Romney supporters may, indeed, have been responsible for that, as a way to create an October 'surprise' which would hurt Obama.)

      But for Benghazi, the best evidence, still to date, is that the indigenoous 'Green Resistence', who are opposed to the NATO imposed regime, where responsible for the guerrilla warfare attack that lead to the death of Stevens. It is possible Stevens's death was not even an objective of the attack, but, rather, it was the CIA base of operations located at the 'series of villas' which was the real objective.

      The 'Green Resistence' probably suspected, and, rightly so, in my opinion, that the Obama administration does not want to send the military into Libya because that would contradict the narrative that the Libyan operation was a "smashing success".

      Stevens' death may have simply been an added bonus of the operation. Although, there is some question whether the 'Green Resistence' is happy with the result because they believe it will lead to U. S. military, special forces, involvement in Libya, which, before the death of Stevens, had been negligible (after Gaddafi's death), allowing the 'Green Resistence' to operate "under the radar" and progressively weaken the NATO regime without retaliation by those U. S. special forces.

      Webster Tarpley has been right in regards to Libya and Syria, but his ideological objection to "austerity", which he thinks is represented by Romney, has colored his analysis of the Benghazi raid.

      Regarding 911, in part, 'neoconservatives' were responsible, but also, in addition, there was quiet 'active' support among 'realist' foreign policy types, as well as factions within the military and CIA.

      911 is analogous to Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. There were many hands on the knife in the back of America, both foreign and domestic.

      Over fixation with any one 'hand' will lead you in the wrong direction.

  5. Full-blown revolution is Saudi Arabia is not in the vital national interest of the United States of America.

    While the U. S. gets less than 10% of our oil from Saudi Arabia, our friends and allies do get significant amounts of oil from Saudi Arabia. And due to oil being a world commodity, any disruption of Saudi oil production would spike world oil prices and could cause a collapse in confidence in the U. S. Dollar (too many dollars not readily convertible into oil because the Dollar is essentially backed by oil -- the U. S. Petro-Dollar). Both possibilities would throw the U. S. and the world into an economic depression of crisis magnitude.

    So, the above possibility dictates revolution in Saudi Arabia in not in the U. S.'s interest if it is accompanied by a disruption in Saudi oil production (which would be likely).

    What would be in the vital interest of the United States would be a thoroughgoing reform. Now, it easily could be the ruling clique -- the monarchy -- is too corrupt & arrogant to reform itself (corruption and arrogance usually go hand-in-hand), I get that.

    But it is in the U. S. interest initially to investigate whether the Saudi Monarchy could reform itself. And, if there are indications the monarchy can reform itself -- promoting geo-political stability -- it is in the U. S. interest to constructively help in that process, to the extent that is possible.

    At this point, the U. S. does need to communicate to the Saudi rulership that Wahhabism needs to be curbed. First outside Saudi Arabia and later within Saudi Arabia, itself. Likely, the Saudis would like to minimize the Wahhabi influence within Saudi Arabia, but don't know a way to do that.

    U. S. vital interests in the region and beyond have not benefitted from Saudi support for Wahhabism beyond its borders, although certain elements, the neocons, have used "radical Islam" to further their selfish objectives in the region.

    Neoconservatives have promoted policies of destabilization in the region. This is the elephant in the room that needs to be brought to the attention of the American People.

    Neoconservative destabilization policies damage the vital national interests of the United States in the Middle East.

    Perhaps the threat of revolution would spur the Saudi Monarchy to clamp down on Wahhabism. Sources suggest the Saudi Monarchy is afraid of Wahhabism because their power has rested, in part, from the support of Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia. This due to the idea that the Saudi Monarchy is the "protector" of the Holy Places and denouncement by Wahhabi clerics of the monarchy would threaten the Saudi Monarchy's claim to be the legitimate "protector" of the Holy Places.

    It would be in the U. S. interest to help free the monarchy from the need for Wahhabi cleric support, then potentially the Saudi Monarchy would be more open to reform (no guarantee of that).

    Personal animostity is not a basis for international diplomacy.

  6. A note on Saudi Arabian history:

    I read T. E. Lawrence's book, Revolt in the Desert, copyright 1926, 1927, published by Garden City Publishing Company, Garden City, New York (this is the edition I read and have in my hand as I type).

    It may be a self-serving book, but it is an interesting book. I enjoyed reading it. I recommend others to read the book (if you can find a copy).

    T. E. Lawrence was "boots on the ground", he did the actual persuading of the local tribes to carry war against their Turkish masters. A women would never be able to persuade the tribal leaders in face to face dealings (which was the ONLY way to persuade these leaders).

    This is the book where Lawrence of Arabia describes his travels and interactions in Arabia. Actually, Lawrence doesn't interact much with Ibin Saud (the first Saudi 'King') because Ibin Saud was farther East in the Arabian peninsula). Most of Lawrence's activities are in the western part of Arabia, because that is where the Turkish railroad line runs.

    Remember, Lawrence's job was to encourage the local tribes to revolt against Turkish rule and their effective rule was in the western part of the Arabian peninsula.

    If you want to get a flavor for the customs of the Arabian tribes and the hardships these tribes would go through (once they made up their minds -- they could be very fickle) to carry war to the Turks, this is a good book to read.

    I think mentioning the allegation Lawrence was homosexual (the evidence is slight) is an intentional psy-ops to discredit his accomplishments. Gertrude Bell may have provided the overall strategy and political support at the top in allied-British headquarters, but Lawrence did the actual work on the ground, out in the desert, he persuaded the tribes and put his life on the line many times. T. E. Lawrence's personal, physical bravery and courage impressed the tribal chieftains, that was part of his persuasive power. Lawrence's assurance of British support for independence is what the tribal leaders relied on. (Yes, Lawrence knew his assurances were likely not to be carried out by the British once the war was over, but has a "regime changer" ever lied to help change the regime in furtherance of his duty to his country?)

    A bit of professional envy for the exploits of "Lawrence of Arabia"?

    Yes, say what you will, but "Lawrence of Arabia" is the most famous "regime changer" in the Western World (and actually a pretty humble & unassuming guy, at that).

    Today, in a sense, this discussion is antiquated because it is the U. S. that is the military "protector" of Saudi Arabia, not the British.

    Isn't it ironic that with all the United States' troubles with "radical Islam" (a lot of it is false flag operations to cover for 'instability operations' so later an order favoring the U. S. can be imposed -- "order out of chaos"), the "Ultimate Protector" of the Holy Places is the United States of America's military.

    You read that right.

    Our deal with Saudi Arabia for exclusively accepting U. S. Dollars for their oil was that we would militarily protect the Saudi Arabian regime. The U. S. military is the "protector" of the "protector" of the Holy Places.

    What does that make us?

    And, yes, we have fulfilled our part of the bargain and, yes, Saudi Arabia, so far, has fulfilled their part of the bargain.

    Any discussion of Saudi Arabia must include this statement of fact.

    I am troubled there was no discussion of this basic quid pro quo of U. S. Saudi relations in this post.

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    1. Well thank you Krishnamurti. May your revolution of your psyche be never ending.... what the hell did i just say?

  8. Much thanks for your input on the character of John O. Brennan. I have pondered what kind of hold he has over the current administration, particularly as it was his Analysis Corporation that had compromised the passport records of Barack Obama while he was his campaign adviser on national security affairs during the 2008 primaries....