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These are actually entertaining and sooo over the top Hunger Games -esque.  Santa Barbara Hoax! Message to actors in this video:  do not quit your day job!  Have fun watching #notonemore hoax

A Tidbit from Barry (thanks as always,  appreciate your contribution)

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Interview with Alex Jones will be aired Sunday at 6:30PM Eastern.  I will provide a link when I can get one.....Snowden, CIA,  the usual rogue gallery.

Monday, May 26, 2014

“Coup on Coup”  
Pakistani Minister Nawaz Sharif,  Once Overthrown by a Military/ISI Coup in 1999,  Will be Overthrown by another Military Coup/ISI in 2014!

As the Bobby Vinton  lyrics of “Blue On Blue” describe the pains and aches of “heartaches on heartaches”,  I could not help but think of the current PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.   He is an arrogant immature politician,  who had already been thrown out of office by General/PM Musharaff  [now in prison], and will be overthrown, once again, by the same ISI/Pakistani military forces for a second time this year.   
Here we see the core political psychological principle of ‘repetition compulsion’ based on psychoanalytical theory working in broad day light.  In other words,  the national character of a country,  like the personality profile of an individual,  compels that country to repeat its inherent dynamics---political,  economic and strategic –despite all of its internal constraints, especially in what is considered a ‘failed state’.   Just like our blogs had predicted the “Beacoup de Coups in Thailand”  because of the inherent weakness of the Royal family and the basically corrupt, undeveloped nature of the civil institutions in Thailand.  Now that same situation has arisen in Pakistan, once again.
I believe it was several months ago,  we discussed that after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the arrest of popular General Pervez Musharraf who overthrew the present Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that the Inter Service Intelligence Unit of the Pakistani Army would attempt a military coup against Sharif.  This is due to the arrest of one of their own (Musharraf) as well as the inability for Sharif to rule an Islamic ‘failed state’—Pakistan.    
A recent inconspicuous article in the Monday May 26, 2014, International Edition of the NYTimes entitled, ”Press Battle In Pakistan Feeds Into Larger Conflict: Government Vs. Military”, by Declan Walsh,  highlights some of the salient points as to why I believe will be imminent military coup:

[1] “Mr Sharif has already clashed with army chief, General Raheel Sharif, on several issues,  including Taliban Peace Talks and the fate of General Pervez Musharaf,  the former military leader currently facing TREASON TRIAL.” [my emphasis]. 
[2] Secular insults to Islam like the following are major catalysts for the ISI/Military to intervene in order to preserve the Fundamental Nature of Pakistan as a conservative Islamic State:

“In the past weeks,  Geo’s [secular TV station] opponents have focused their efforts on the blasphemy charges …popular actress [on Geo] Veena Malik,  re-enacted her marriage ceremony as a religious hymn … Ms Malik is known for publicity stunts that have outraged conservatives,  like appearing topless on the cover of an Indian Magazine with the letters… “ISI” tatood on her arm……disrespected the family of the prophet Muhammad.”
[3] “The internecine news media strife …. ‘destroying any semblance of a FREE and RESPONSIBLE PAKISTANI MEDIA..” [my emphasis].
[4] “When Nawaz was elected last year,  people said he was a changed man, wiser and more mature….. BUT WHEN THE CRUNCH COMES , HE’S STILL THE SAME MAN.” [my emphasis]. 
  Plus ca change, moins ca change!  More change happens, less real change has happened! Old French proverb.
  So what does this mean for America? 
Basically,  Pakistan’s return to military rule means that all the verbiage and kabuki orchestrated by our past incompetent POTUSs was for naught.  It means that you and I will still pay a very healthy tax bill to supply military weapons to the Pakistani Army in order to convince ourselves that they might ally their interests with our own national security interests.   Yet that has never been the case nor will it ever happen. 
Thanks to our indomitable CIA that really never works on strategic concepts but only ‘cash and carry’ tactics.   Take the the ill conceived or faux raid on OSAMA BIN LADEN where our MILITARY and CIA went out of their way to completely humiliate the Pakistani army and the ISI which they created!  No country or military likes to be humiliated by any narrative - real or fictitious.
Remember: that when the OSBL Raid ostensibly occurred,  it was located only a few hundred meters from the Pakistani “West Point” Military Academy.  In effect, our SEAL TEAM/CIA, or whoever initiated the raid into Pakistan,  had created a serious “blowback” against the Pakistani Army [intolerable humiliation]; and initiated the eventual chaos that would ensue between the ISI/Military and the subsequent civilian governments.
  Sound familiar? 
Americans have to begin to understand that our particular form of democracy is not suited for most countries around the world.  The reason for the absence of democracy in other countries has nothing to do with us.  Most countries have their own NATIONAL CHARACTER.  They have their own rituals, needs, institutions and religions which have absolutely no correspondence to what we in the west consider an ‘enlightened society’.   Pakistan was a country created by the British in the last 1940’s in an attempt to provide a SAFE HAVEN for muslims who had been persecuted by Hindu Indians.
Pakistan in the 1970’s had an internal civil war between East and Western Pakistan in which hundreds of thousands of innocent refugees died.  As a result of this horrible war the state of BANGLADESH was created.  Again, another ‘failed state’.  History has its own circle of violence and counter violence bred from ethnic, religious, and economic strife.  There is very little that we, as a country,  can  do or should do.  In the world of interventions,  the most important intervention Americans can make is to not intervene!
  Contrary to those neocons and other chicken hawks who have sent us to unnecessary wars,  Americans are not isolationists or even remiss if we make our own country our primary concern.  Patriots:  Make prioritize our own nation’s educational system and economic systems (jobs).  

btw: When Gen Musharraf was in power,  he admired one theological/military country more than any other,  can you guess???? Hint: It’s a JEWISH state!!
bingo:  Musharraf wanted to officially recognize Israel as a JEWISH STATE  and have official diplomatic relations with Israel.   He admired the fact that Israel was created by Jews for Jews and had a formidable military presence in the Middle East.

Ironic,  perhaps….maybe counter-intuitive.

Its from the Guardian BUT regardless,  a refresher course.
background for my next post,  Pakistan
I will be posting on another subject shortly but could not resist passing this on from our friends at before its news.....same place,  13 years ago,  its weird

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Memorial Day Mockery or Sandy Hook 2!  Brought to you by Eric Holder, Napolitano and our friends at Hunger Games....this is only 10 minutes and funny.  Thanks Barry!

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“Happy”  The Pop Song Seen/Heard Around The World!
It’s the First Shot Fired Against the Corrupt, Repressive Islamic Republic of Iran!!  The Revolution against Islamic Republic of Iran has just Begun !!

Thanks to six young brave Iranian students who were arrested by the incompetent,  corrupt Iranian police for posting a YouTube video of themselves dancing on the Tehran rooftops to “Happy”.  In today’s NYTimes article,  “A Dance And A Video Lead to Jail In Tehran” by Rick Gladstone,  the writer describes in detail the travesty of Iranian injustice and the underlying hypocrisy of an ersatz Islamic shi’ite state like Iran.
  In the past thirty years,  I have been directly or indirectly involved in a few strategies and tactics that influenced drastic change in repressive regimes.  In my involvement in the Soviet Union regime change in concert with my CIA,  MI,  State Dept , and White House colleagues,  one of the most effective tools that was utilized to the mobilize the youth of the wonderful Russian people,  was our American Rock ’n Roll. 
I grew up in the NYC ghettos of Harlem,  I only had a radio to fill my lonely hours with the likes of Little Richard,  Little Anthony and the Imperials, the Cliftones, and JOCKO,  the D. J.   Even as my hair started to turn grey,   I failed to grow up in my taste for the revolutionary words, rhythms and aggressive cries for revolution that Rock’n Roll [RNR] had inculcated in me.  Decades later,  I employed the use of RnR as a weapon of agitation propaganda in the Soviet Union and elsewhere in the Middle East.
  Nothing like a steady drum beat a la Don Henley or Phil Collins to penetrate any intellectual resistance of any ethereal ideology or religion.  Over the years,  I had learned how effective American indigenous music was in piercing the cultural barriers of repression anywhere around the world.
  Today Pharell Williams,  the singer/songwriter bravely records “Happy” and demands the world to let the song,  danced and enacted by these brave six Iranian students [all under the age of 25], to go viral.
What happened folks?
  In April there were over 165,000 hits around the world.
  Then, luckily,  Tehran’s Chief of Police,  HOSSEIN SAEIDI,  ARRESTED THE SIX YOUTHS, ordered them to pay 30 MILLION tomans for bail.
  However,  the more enlightened Iranian PRESIDENT HASSAN ROUHANI, PROCLAIMED the following PROPHETIC WORDS:
“Happiness is OUR PEOPLE’S RIGHT!!!“ [my emphasis].
    What we have is the beginning of a student revolution that will eventually take down  the HYPOCRITIC ISLAMIC REGIME !! [ my emphasis].

  Why are the Ayatollahs who profess to represent the teachings of the Koran basically lying to Iranians?
[1]  US is not the enemy of Iran.  For the past ten years or more,  the Ayatollahs ruling Iran have personally received countless millions of dollars from the USG, including the CIA, US military to assist our failed efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
[2]  More specifically the Ayatollahs received billions of dollars to allow our US Military to ship our military equipment and personnel through ports, lands and territories controlled by the Islamic Crooks.
[3]  These same hypocritical,  sanctimonious religious FAKIRS,  helped  to ASSIST our military’s and CIA’s departure from Iraq and Afghanistan for a tidy $um of course!
[4] Israel is not the enemy of Iran.
[5] Israel fought for the Ayatollahs and the Iranian people in the 1989 war between Iran and Iraq created by the American neocons,  like Zalmay Khalilzad and others.  The Israelis flew the Iranian Phantom Jets and provided billions of dollars of airplane spare parts, military equipment and artillery shells.
How do I know this?
  I was in the Reagan/Bush Sr Admn when the orders were given to allow Sadam Hussein to use the toxic chemical weapons that Shultz had supplied the Iraqis.  Years later,  I visited the Iranian battlefields and literally saw thousands of shell casings and covers all written in Hebrew.
Israel has been secretly supplying the Iranians with oil from ports in the Middle East for a significant monetary profit.
So, my dear friends around the world, and especially you bright students of Iran…. Are you going to allow a few illiterate, corrupt, incompetent, greedy , phony HOLY ISLAMIC CLOWNS WHO MAKE A MOCKERY OF THE HOLY BOOK,  The Koran …. to suppress your freedoms?

  I think not!!!
  This blog along with other past blogs has stated the inherent contradictions buried within the false revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini.   I knew him from my endless days of negotiation with him over the Iran Hostages.   I even went to visit his house in Tehran and was warmly welcomed by his family and shown around his house.
  But times have changed.
  The youth and future of Iran constitute the majority of the productive Iranian population.   Islam has failed you economically,  politically and psychologically!   Islam as practiced by these FAKIRS is not accepted by the more erudite Koranic Scholars of Qum,  the headquarters of Shi’ite scholarship.  The present administration is afraid of you.  They cannot,  will not grasp the fact that they have created 45% unemployment in your age group.  They do not want to admit that there is a rampart drug problem all over Tehran, Isfahan and Rasht because you, the future of Iran,  have found no way out of this dangerously doomed ISLAMIC HYPOCRISY!!!

  Remember:  the words of the great REVOLUTIONARY SONGWRITER,  SINGER:

Two hundred and fifty years ago,  “the shot heard ‘round the world” helped to create the greatest democracy in the world!  Yes,  the Rock ’n Roll nation of America.  Long live “Happy” and the new live on video Iranian Revolution!  Young people deserve to live in a happy country so please continue to fight against the sad, pathetic corrupt hypocritical Islamic Fakirs of Iran.  Thank you Pharrell Williams for your inspiration and the young people of Iran for your guts!

Here is the background for my next post and video posted earlier.
Here's a nice video,  created a SH#$t posting shortly
Two days ago...

Nice work Obama Admn...

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“The Long March” to a Century of Chinese Humiliation 
Begins with One American DOJ Indictment of Five Chinese People’s Liberation Army [PLA] “Hackers”. 

As most of you have already heard,  the DOJ just indicted for the first time in history five Chinese military officers in Shanghai for hacking into American companies illegally.   Just as Snowden’s revelations about NSA hacking of American citizens’ computers was about to subside,  some genius in nation-state behavior at DOJ came up with a new way to humiliate our ally/adversary, China.  Whoever thought of jailing five PLA members as way of retaliating for Chinese hacking into our industries [Alcoa, Westinghouse, US Steel, et. al. ] and extracting ‘trade secrets’ has forgotten the history of china vis a vis the USA and western powers in general.
  From the very beginning of the Opium Wars in the early part of the 19th century to the end of WWII when the Chinese finally rid themselves of torturous Japanese occupation,  China has endured what is commonly considered by national security experts as a “Century of Humiliation”.   For those of you who are not versed in psychology, one of the most critical dynamics of eastern culture is the AVOIDANCE OF SHAME/HUMILIATION.   That particular psychological dynamic is the basis of allowing the Chinese to feel as if they are still part of the historical “Middle Kingdom”.

The Middle Kingdom is a concept in which the Chinese have long believed.  Bush Sr had understood this concept all too well and treated the Chinese as if they are a long-standing, honorable society that had discovered many so-called ‘western inventions’ centuries before there was even a western civilization.   As Confucius says: ”Respect your elders.”
“Respect” in terms of national security means  that one nation does not go out of its way to insult,  indict or assassinate anyone publicly.   Well, folks, just like everything else that Obama has done so far,  both domestically and in terms of foreign policy,  this PLA indictment… is one real FUBAR!! Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition!!  Trust me folks that no matter what the Chinese PLA or others have done,  we, Americans have done the same thing or worse.  We just don’t admit it.
  As the Snowden revelations came out,   it was clear that our own USG has been spying on us for a very long time in the name of ‘ersatz’ terrorism.  That is our national problem that we,  Americans,  have to deal with constructively.  When you have an administration like Obama’s which has not had a foreign policy strategy nor game plan other than attack in the ‘name of freedom’[Libya]; or ‘drone attacks’ with massive collateral damage;  then one should expect such  tactical errors repeatedly.  As I have said in the past blogs,  Obama was born of and by the nefarious, tactical CIA , bereft of any strategic or long-term thinking or capability.
Now as Obama has driven Russia into the arms of China,  Obama has unwittingly unleashed a stream of humiliating assaults on the Chinese who have ‘hacked’ into our industries.  However, folks, let’s not forget that the NSA  has repeatedly hacked into the Chinese communications system,  in the name of ‘American national security’.
Decades of working in five American administrations, has taught me one simple fact—don’t HUMILIATE or INSULT A COUNTRY or it’s LEADERS … UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO GO TO WAR!!!!
We are not prepared to go to war,  thanks to the incompetence of three former US Presidents—Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama—and so that leaves us with one LEGITIMATE ALTERNATIVE---COVERT ACTIONS/HACKING!!!   The world of covert actions was intended to allow the host countries the ability and legitimacy to continue their relationships, as tortuous as those bonds may be.   But under no condition,  does anyone’s misbehavior allow for one or another country to HUMILIATE the CHINESE!Humiliation is practiced by the incompetent,  ignorant and desperate officials of any nation.
We are now beset,  not just by incompetency, but an obsessive, unwarranted need to make ourselves, as a nation, despised more intensely than we are right now, for no other reason than some childish need to retaliate.  Whichever moron, in this Obama administration, thought that humiliation is the best way to modify Chinese behavior,  should expect me and others around the world to humiliate him/her.

It does not take a psychiatrist to figure out what the outcome of this initial foray by Eric Holder means to the rest of America--- loss of jobs; loss of economic investments in China; untold Chinese retaliations of unspecified nature.  We have in one swift irresponsible illegal, absurd action just wiped out decades of hard work of those of us who represented our country and worked with the Chinese in far more trying circumstances.

  Congratulations to all those in this administration who feel that our Fortune Five Hundred Companies: Westinghouse,  Alcoa, US Steel, et al. ---lost profits because they could not effectively compete with China.  Why don’t you ask US Steel how America stole the secrets for the making of steel?  Oops! I am sorry! That would take too much time and knowledge!!   Why don’t you ask Westinghouse why the French are number one in the world in nuclear power? Why don’t you ask Alcoa why their performance in general has been on the downturn for years?   And its not because of the Chinese hacking!

These lawyers in DOJ really don’t know how to do “due process” or make foreign policy.   Sorry Cyrus Vance, Warren Christopher, and James Baker—these were outstanding lawyers who happened to have been great Secretary Of States.   I can assure you they would never have humiliated any country---let alone one which has literally created WALMART, and dozens of other Public US Companies.
So long Home Depot and other US public companies that depend on Chinese “good will” and rational trade practices.  Thank the DOJ for your future losses!  Oh, and thank DOJ for job losses while you are at it because the first thing American companies do when business is bad-  cut payroll.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Boko Haram: Who, What, Where, Why?

[1] What does Boko Haram [BH] mean?
“Western Education Is Sinful” in Hausa,  Nigerian Northeast dialect.
[2] What’s the history?
Islamist military group founded in northeastern Nigeria involving killing over 10,000 people since 2002,  located in a variety of northern Nigerian societal institutions-- Christian churches; police stations; United Nations; and government installations. They have achieved public notoriety since the kidnapping of the 300 school girls.
Their Strategic goal:  to impose Sharia law throughout Nigeria.  They are occasionally referred to as the “Nigerian Taliban”.  
Since 2009,  BH had become extremely militant after the death of their founder/leader, Mohammed Yusuf.  Their new leader is named Abukar Shekau.
[3] Whom does BH really represent?
Like most intra-national or trans-national terrorist groups,  BH represents far greater political interest groups than just an implementer of terror.  The tragedy of Nigeria is that for the most part,  it has not been a unified government or nation.   Nigeria is a oil rich nation which provides the USA with about 43 % of our oil requirements.
As you know by now,  oil = corruption + political divisiveness  between the haves/have nots.
This is no different in the sad case of Nigeria.  The north of Nigeria which the BH primarily terrorize is bereft of any of the benefits accrued from an exceedingly lucrative oil business located primarily in the SOUTH OF NIGERIA or in the NIGER DELTA.   Most of the so-called ‘responsible politicians’ from the North/East of Nigeria use the BH to put political pressure on the nominal head of Nigeria,  President Goodluck Jonathan

Unfortunately for the innocent 300 kidnapped girls,  the President Goodluck is neither “Good” in his job ; nor is he “LUCKY”.  Therefore,  the lack of any response to the girls’ kidnapping was neither a surprise nor unexpected.  Fueling the present political impasse between the Muslim and Christian factions of Nigeria is the fact that Goodluck is seeking re-election literally over the ‘dead bodies’ of BH.
The northern politicians are using this episode with the 300 girls to apply more pressure on “Goodluck” to increase both the CASH FLOWS and POLITICAL PATRONAGE FROM THE NIGER DELTA which also has its own terrorist group called “Alahii Muiahid Dokubo-Asari”.

[4] What do I think will happen next? 
  BH terrorism has been confined geographically to the northeastern states of Nigeria:  Borno; Adamawa; and Yobe.  They have the ability to attack ‘soft targets’ in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city; or in Niger.  They are capable yet have limited their attacks on other countries like Chad or Cameroon.   American special forces have entered into the fray as well as Israel, France, and other countries.
For the most part,  BH has achieved their goal—WORLDWIDE PUBLICITY for their cause and embarrassment of President Goodluck not! Jonathan.  If BH were to carry out their stated threats dramatized on the video that went viral they will have lost any leverage that they had gained in mocking and marginalizing the Nigerian President and his inevitable, eventual concession on greater cash and political distribution to the politicians of the Northeast of Nigeria.
  The ‘Game of Terrorism’ will have been played out successfully by BH when they receive the PAYMENT from an “AUSTRALIAN INTERMEDIARY” and then the girls will be released.   As for BH,  their credibility will rise as a terrorist group which will then translate into greater political power for the northeast of Nigeria and greater distribution of wealth from the Niger delta.
  Remember: terrorism is not a ‘strategy’ contrary to the inane words and actions of our American leaders and their sycophants,  it is merely an ‘economic/political weapon’ used effectively---almost 98% success rate all over the world—to REALIGN ASYMMETRY of POWER AND WEALTH.  Unfortunately,  the true combatants of terrorism are rarely soldiers but innocent victims who are helpless.

Just ask the families of the 3000 innocent Americans who died in the World Trade Center what they had done to George Bush Jr , Cheney, Condi, or Rumsfeld??! !  Now,  you get the idea,  no one creates a “War On Terror”,  unless you are GREEDY,  INCOMPETENT or COWARDLY.   You don’t need to go to Africa to see the barbarism of terror,  we have it right here in America!!  Hell,  we even built a museum to our own American terrorism!
  What do you want to do about that problem…. American Citizens? 


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Biden's son joins Ukrainian Gas Firm's Board.  Hmmm,  things never change.  I suppose we should be happy that he actually has a profession.

NYTimes Managing Editor,  Jill Abramson: FIRED !
  WHY? Who really knows?  
  Thank you Jill,  I thought you were a great journalist and leader of NYTimes.
I know very well that for most of you the fact that Jill Abramson was suddenly and mysteriously fired from the prestigious NYTimes is completely irrelevant and not even news worthy.  However, for this one reader and blogger,  I have appreciated her tenure at the helm of the NYTimes.  I don’t know her.  I have never met her yet I do admire her guts and ‘forceful journalism’.
For those of you who don’t read the NYTimes,  you probably don’t care about the paper or its stewardship.  I don’t blame you.  As someone who has relied on the stories and subtle cues that Jill Abramson revealed to a discerning reader like myself,  who even dares to still read the moribund NYTimes Book Section,  I found her form of journalism to be quite ballsy and elegant.   I don’t really want to go into a specific articles or subjects, but suffice it to say that most of my readers have been inundated by my copious quotes that I have often proffered from any given subject in that paper.
Honestly,  as much as I have been in the publishing world [as a ‘paperback writer’],  I must admit that I really don’t know how a newspaper really works.  In particular, I don’t have the vaguest idea what the job of a Managing Editor is in such a behemoth enterprise as the NYTimes.
Whether Jill was fired for demanding ‘quantum meruit’—as much as deserved, equal pay for equal work —or ‘mismanagement’, whatever that is,  I still will continue to respect the journalism that was produced under tenure.   The weirdest fact that I remembered about Jill was the last Op Ed piece she wrote about her having been in an untoward car accident;  where she, along with her fellow NYTimes Journalists,  were ‘run down’ by NYC cars while she was crossing the street….hmmm.
  Of course, in this facile world of ‘conspiracy theories’,  I, along with some others,  could posit that someone had purposefully tried to assassinate her and four of her fellow journalists.  I don’t think that she was the object of any car ‘accident’.  The reason is simple.  Since she wrote that Op Ed piece , I had learned that two personal friends had, within a week’s period, been run down by cars in NYC, at different times and locations.
Ergo Cogito Sum: It’s dangerous to cross the busy streets of NYC.
However,  Jill’s exit also brings to my mind the great appreciation that I have for many of the news outlets and reporters who have provided me, unwittingly, with more than enough information to write my various blogs.  In particular,  I want to reiterate my thanks to Murdoch and his news outlets like—Fox [Roger Ailes] ; NY Post; Wall Street Journal.   Next,  I would like to congratulate the young reporters at the internet site—Huffpost.  I find them extremely knowledgeable about domestic and world affairs. And I enjoy their bon vivant aspects to reporting the news.   Last but not least,  I want to thank my most important two TV news outlets—Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart. Without their incisive collective wits, I would find the daily news intolerable to digest if not, completely absurd.  They have turned absurdity into a form of ‘sanity with a smile’.
Let me not forget CNBC and their endless coverage of the stock market and their collective reportage as to why I and millions of my American compatriots are losing a fortune in the stock market,  albeit entertainingly.
  At last,  I do want to wish Ms. Jill Abramson the best of luck in her future endeavors and if she wants to start her own news outlet, please feel free to reach me at my website.

 Adieu! Et, Bonne Chance !!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

sad/but funny...this is who we have running for office????

Majority of Americans Do Not Trust Supreme Court Justice John Roberts or His Colleagues!
In Contrast,  Israeli Judge David Rozen Just Sentenced Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to Six Years in Jail For Bribery!!

As most of you know by now,  I have been quite harsh on both the Israelis and Justice John Roberts in my previous blogs.  However,  a recent article in the NYTimes, May14, 2014, entitled “Ex-Israeli Leader Is Given 6 Years in Bribery Case,” written by Jodi Rudoren (posted earlier),  emphasized an important point—No public servant is above the law!
Judge Rozen said the following:
  “The cancer [bribery/corruption] MUST BE UPROOTED.” 
Please note that Judge Robert’s recent decision in “McCutcheon Vs. Federal Election” effectively reaffirmed that ‘bribes’ can be limitless and ‘corruption’ in situ will remain the inalienable right of any powerful, rich individual political donor or  corporation.  Roberts,  in some twisted perverted logic of human behavior,  absent from any Catholic schoolbooks, deified the longstanding importance of ‘bribery’ as the  “Boss Tweed”  back-room corrupt politicians always believed---‘cash influences democracy’.  Simply stated: Roberts and his senile colleagues have long stood for personal wealth [they charge up to $500,000 for speeches] and for complete secrecy.
  Clearly,  in stark contrast to Tel Aviv Judge Rozen who sent his former boss to jail for bribery and almost sent Bibi Netanyahu to prison as well,  maintains that peculiar notion that THE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW.  However, Judge Roberts, a man of unknown personal peculiarities,  appointed by one of the most corrupt, incompetent, criminal Presidents,  Bush Jr, cannot really explain his history as a devout Catholic in all boys school; or more importantly, his trip to the nefarious island of Malta where only the crooked gangsters of the world are paid off or paying someone off.

Of course,  these are only speculations and musings of a novelist who mistrusts any Harvard Student who clerked for Judge “Wrenquest’—one of the  stupidest Judges whom my former boss,  Nixon detested.  Unfortunately, you and I as American citizens,  are not privy to the personal history; personal finances of the Supreme Court Justices; nor are we allowed to monitor their behavior in the Supreme Court using television cameras.  Don’t forget that Judge Scalia, the Italian-American sculpted Pinocchio, whose wit incorporates inanity and fascism in one burst of “oral flatulence”,  refuses to make the holy sanctuary of the Supreme Court subject to public scrutiny.
Today Americans who pay these senescent factotums to make inane pronouncements that literally ruin most of our lives,  regard the supreme court as ‘useless’, ‘antiquated’ and ‘completely out of touch with mainstream America.” 

Public polls show that 60% of American citizens believe correctly that the Supreme Court Justices “were more likely to be CARRYING OUT A PERSONAL OR POLITICAL AGENDA THAN WORKING TO RENDER A FAIR AND IMPARTIAL JUDGEMENT, an opinion that crosses party lines’’. [Huffington Post, by Ryan Grim, 5/7/ 2014].
What do we have to do? 
[1] Term limits.  Just like congress should have-in for two terms and out.
[2] TV,  internet,  radio and complete media access to all hearings in the Supreme Court.
[3] Complete financial auditing of every Supreme Court Justice every year.  Scrutiny for those who make money outside of their allotted salaries. They are our employees, not our masters.
[4] Complete financial, political, personal, mental history of any ‘irregularities’ like Clarence Thomas’s history of “sexual abuse”.  They should have a public record as should POTUS, where EVERYTHING IS VETTED OUT,  including SEXUAL ORIENTATION, FINANCIAL BACKERS, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, et al. 
This is called a TYPICAL TOP SECRET clearance required of millions of other USG employees.
I hope that in time Roberts will resign from the court as well as other members who are too old and too compromised,  for it’s not their futures that I am concerned about.
It’s the future of the REPUBLIC.   Roberts has already demonstrated a LACK OF WISDOM; JUDGEMENT; or MATURITY as evidenced by his whimsical RULINGS ON OBAMA CARE;  Foreign Intelligence Secret Advisory Board [FISA]; BRIBERY; CORPORATE FINANCING.
As we enter the 21st century of a CYBERNATION [please see Tom Clancy’s Net Force series], we will need to amend the structure and practices of the Supreme Court.
Free the American Public from Judicial Tyranny!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some background on my future post, judges....
Judge Roberts, as a patriot, I am more than disappointed.  Start reading.
Here is some Wolfgang Halbig video asking for the truth
Sandy Hook investigator stays on it,  here are the questions that he is trying to get answered.  They are stonewalling him,  hmmmm

Monday, May 12, 2014

Congressman Trey Gowdy [R-SC] is Leading yet Another Committee to Investigate the Benghazi Affair!
  For the first time in several years,  the American people may finally have a fair,  balanced hearing regarding the often debated Benghazi Affair where four Americans died.

In contrast to the constant carping of the Democrats who failed to establish any semblance of an effective investigation despite the fact that they fetched two well-known names,  Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Thomas Pickering to oversee an ‘impartial’ investigation.   Both of these distinguished TV personalities failed in their supposed mission to uncover the truth and hold officials accountable.
  The reason for their lack of perspicacity or veracity in both hearings is quite simple,  neither Mullen nor Pickering are completely divorced from the military/industrial complex.   Like most senior government officials who have exhibited less than any semblance of American entrepreneurship,  both men resorted to protecting their vested interests, including their continuing security clearances and access to the present administration in order to solicit more business for their respective corporations/institutions.  Many of these greedy career bureaucrats,  be they civilian or military,  are bereft of any virtues that we American citizens respect.   For the most part,  they exhibit egregious pandering and obsequiousness to the bureaucratic systems that spawned and nurtured  them.
What we need in the new investigation into Benghazi is someone who was not a product of the military/industrial complex.  It seems that John Boehner may have found the right man in South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy.  He was born of a medical doctor father and he became a distinguished federal prosecutor with no past history of retribution or purposeful malice.
  Therefore,  I would propose, as someone who has been in the business of intelligence/counter-terrorism and often having to neutralize my own country’s para-military/CIA inspired foolhardy escapades in the past thirty years,  to offer a list of suspects whom I believe should be subpoenaed in front of the committee.

First and foremost the committee should focus on covert operations and not the much maligned State Department which may have some culpability in the cover-up; but I sincerely believe that they were as usual passive participants.
  From my perspective I would start with the Obama White House.
[1] Subpoena John Brennan,  ex-counselor for Counter-Terrorism To Obama and present DCI.  He was the one who ordered the SOCOM, paramilitary unit to undermine then DCI Gen. David Petraeus.
[a] Was this building a CIA ‘safe house’ used for torturing alleged ‘Al –Qaeda’ as well as a transit point for illegal shipment of guns to Syrian rebels?
[b] Who was involved in the interrogations of the prisoners? 
[c] Under what authority?
[d Why was Gen David Petraeus’s DCI authority undermined or ‘sabotaged? And how? Who gave the orders from the Military, the White House, and the Director of National Intelligence? 

[2] Subpoena Special Assistant to the POTUS, Valerie Jarrett.  What was her role?  What did she order?  What authority did she have? 
[3] Subpoena Ex-DCI Gen David Petraeus.  Same series of questions as above.
[4] Subpoena Director of the National Intelligence—Gen. James Clapper. 
[5] Subpoena ex Director of the National Security Agency and Director of Cyber Command, Gen Keith Alexander
[6] Subpoena ex Sec Def Leon Panetta
[7] Subpoena Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey. 
[8] Subpoena Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  Ask who ordered what, where and why? 
[9] Subpoena Commanders of Naval Forces working in and about the Libyan area including all submarine commanders; all surface war fare commanders; as well as Marine officers, Commandants and any other naval officers involved or dismissed because of the Benghazi affair.
[10] Subpoena ex-General Ham, AFRICOM
Key questions for all military and White House personnel:
[a] Was there any order for a ‘stand down’? 
[b] Were there any military officers in any of the military branches who offered to assist the struggling warriors in Benghazi? If so, who were they? What happened to them? And were any dismissed or ‘retired’?
[c] Were we monitoring the situ? (of course we were)Where are the recordings? emails? voicemails? texts? phone calls?
I am convinced that the focus of Benghazi has always revolved around Sec State Hillary Clinton who clearly incompetent; negligent; and  a well-known prevaricator; this was not a very fruitful exercise.  She was like the rest of the ineffective State Dept—dumb,  silent and basically incompetent.  Of course,  she will tow the party line for the promise of future rewards.
  What needs to be done is to go back to past congressional/senatorial investigations,  not to the Iran Contra affairs but rather the most devastating investigation of CIA and covert abuses- THE CHURCH COMMITTEE HEARINGS of 1975.

There DCI,  William Colby,  a decorated military/CIA operative and over-reaching DCI was clearly implicated in the abuse of his powers and using illegal covert actions which were not properly overseen by President Gerald Ford and his cronies-- Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld; Henry Kissinger;  John Marsh [Sec Army]; Philip Buchen [American White House Counsel-Ford legal buddy]. 
If you want to find the culprits hiding behind the laws of secrecy and the slimy actions of the covert lizards then go AFTER JOHN BRENNAN,  he will lead the path all the way to possible IMPEACHMENT of POTUS!!

Maybe Americans can finally fight for and then successfully attain the truth,  thanks to all the journalists/bloggers and patriots on the so-called alternative media and some main stream media.   God knows that whatever we used to call the news is now just a paid mouthpiece for the powers that be.
  We know who they are.  This story has just begun.
  Don’t let the McCarthyism from the Democrats cloud the truth.  It’s there! Just find it beneath the dregs of lies, deceit, and deception.

I am on Alex Jones today if you want to listen.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pax PacificaThe Novel Written 20 Years Ago by Dr. Steve Pieczenik 
Foretold the Present War Between China, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan over Spratly,  Paracel Islands in the South China Sea Over Oil !! 
Twenty years ago,  I was writing about an impending war that I foresaw between China [PRC] and Vietnam over a small group of islands,  Spratley/Paracel, over the rights of oil/gas.  My assessment then was based on a simple economic/political/strategic analysis in which I saw two communist countries,  emerging from their Bolshevik lethargy, and heading into the deep waters of overlapping sea lanes which included exceedingly valuable reserves of gas and oil.
  At that time,  I even surmised that Good Old Communists were at heart nothing more than immature capitalists who needed to embrace a fatuous ideology which would quickly succumb to financial self-interests,  once they became both politically and economically mature.
It seems that day has arrived!
  In Saturday’s,  May10, 20014,  NYTimes International Edition,  there is an article entitled “In High Seas, China Moves Unilaterally…” by Jane Perlez and Keith Brasher (posted earlier) which describes in detail the recent events that I foresaw many years ago.

Let me quote from the article:
  “It is the pride of China’s state-run oil industry and the nation’s first deep water drilling rig…. And parked around 17 miles off a speck of islands [ie Spratly] claimed by both China and Vietnam.”
Then the good will disappeared like old ex-communist comrades who suddenly found gold in them there waters:
“It set off four days of confrontation, with dozens of Chinese and Vietnamese naval vessels RAMMING EACH OTHER and CHINA USING WATER CANONS in a region known for its economic development,  TOWARD A MILITARY CONFLICT.” 
If there is one thing that I am certain off---forget the Ukraine, Russia, Crimea , the Middle Eastthe real tinder box is The SOUTH CHINA SEA.   China is creating de facto reasons for war by installing football size,  one billion dollar rigs in the South China Sea without regulations or negotiations.
  In fact, China has created a new type of weapon, wherein they call these immense oil drilling rigs –“OUR MOBILE NATIONAL TERRITORY.” 
I would say that this Chinese initiative is very creative but very foolhardy.   As a prominent Vietnamese said correctly: “Invasion is in their blood [China], and resistance is in our blood.” 
  According to the end of Pax Pacifica,  China loses the war with Vietnam.
  From my analysis of Vietnam resistance,  I would say the following words:
  Vietnam defeated the Japanese occupation.  They also slaughtered the French.  And those of us who had been there or fought there, can remember that they also defeated the USA.
  But the real kicker which the Chinese leadership may want to remember:
  The Vietnamese defeated the Chinese Invaders TWICE!
  I was sent to Cambodia in the 1990’s to create a Peace Conference in which the dominant Vietnamese defeated the Khmer Rouge,  sponsored by Mao and his gang.  
  A friendly word of advice to China.
  Don’t mess with the Vietnamese!!
They are TOUGH,  INDUSTRIOUS, AND COMBAT TESTED!!! They have never been defeated in war!!!   I would strongly suggest that China engage in a bilateral oil sharing agreement with Vietnam.  It’s just good capitalism or as we Americans like to say… “it’s good business all around.” 
xie xie !! Thank you !

back ground for my next post about South China Seas

Thursday, May 8, 2014

VA CHIEF,  Eric Shinseki Should Resign!
  A recent article in the WSJ, “VA Chief Says He Won’t Resign”, May 7, 2014, written by Ben Kesling (posted earlier)  highlights an issue with which I have been having big problems.  I have for years,  requested of my friends in the national security areas to release former Army General Eric Shinseki from his duties as the VA Chief.  In more blunt terms,  I have learned over the past several years that Shinseki has been much less than an effective manager of the dysfunctional VA system.
I can’t tell you for how long and how many times my medical colleagues complain about how dysfunctional the VA has become.   I had learned from my many conversations that poor management was placed into individual VA hospitals in lieu of providing more effective medical care.  Doctors, nurses, and health care providers were replaced by arcane,  complicated rules and regulations that had very little to do with patient outcome.

  It was the equivalent of “Nurse Ratched” or Bureaucrat Ratched who had become the new nemesis of efficient,  effective medical care of the wounded warriors.  As most of you know by now,  the suicide rate of the recent Wounded Warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan [gifts from Presidents Bush Jr and Obama] have approached the frightening rate of 40% of those who served more than one tour of duty.  Unfortunately,  the US military shuffled off this problem to the VA and the VA shoved this problem into the bin of ‘MIA—Missing In Action’-not the soldiers but the VA employees.

The consequence of a poorly run VA:  increased levels of suicides,  murder, and mental illness.
  From the very beginning of Shinseki’s appointment to the VA,  I could quickly surmise that he was not really qualified to understand,  let alone run a major medical facility that treated 90% of our honorable veterans since WWII.  The fact that Shinseki had been wounded in Vietnam and was treated in the VA somehow appeared to President Obama and others who have never been in the medical field or even worked in a mental hospital,  sufficient to make Shinseki the VA Director.

Unfortunately,  a patient in a hospital is not a sufficient requirement for the position of Director of the VA.  It may be interesting that Shinseki  had been wounded in Vietnam, but it certainly does not provide SUFFICIENT AND NECESSARY SKILLS TO MAKE HIM AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER!!! [my emphasis]. 
If you don’t believe me,  let’s see what the American Legion which represents 2.4million Veterans said:
“..CALLED FOR MR. SHINSEKI and two top VA EXECUTIVES TO STEP DOWN AFTER ALLEGATIONS OF MISMANAGEMENT that contributed to PATIENT DEATHS AT SEVERAL VA FACILITIES.”   If the US Military can’t take care of our brave warriors and then they are shuffled off to the dysfunctional VA,  then it’s time to fire our top military generals and Mr SHINSEKI!
  In war and in taking care of our WOUNDED WARRIORS THERE IS NO ROOM FOR ERRORS or MISMANAGEMENT!!   Certainly,  not after I and others have asked for Shinseki’s RESIGNATION YEARS AGO!  How many WOUNDED WARRIORS lives could have been saved if not for Shinseki’s PRIDE and INEFFECTIVENESS?
Veterans,  their families and friends must go to social media,  go to blog sites- comment and share,   write to their congressman and DEMAND resignation of Shinseki!  This is an American Tragedy and we are allowing it to continue while more veterans waste away in poorly equipped and poorly run VA hospitals!
How many times do our patriotic servicemen/women have to suffer and die until we right this wrong? 

Yours truly,  Veteran;  Dr Steve;  Navy Capt.(Ret.);  Eight plus- overseas “combat tours” –CLASSIFIED!! 

Background for Today's post on Gen Shinseki of  the VA

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congratulations to the NJ Rutgers University Students and Faculty! 
Refusing to Allow Former Sec State Condoleeza Rice the Honor of Making the Graduation Commencement Address!

Just at a point in history when it appears that all righteous indignation has faded from the landscape of American Academia,  Rutgers,  a prestigious New Jersey State School,  reaffirmed that the collective American sense of right and wrong is still very much alive.
  In a recent rebuttal to the mercurial Rutgers President’s invitation to pay the ignoble Condi the wholesome sum of $35,000 for a commencement address, a spontaneous group of former Iraqi/Afghanistan Student Warriors and their academic counterparts  initiated an effective, constructive protest against having Condi deliver a commencement address.
  The protest was focused around the issue of Condi’s keystone contributions to having created lies,  distortions and deception in order for our brave American soldiers to die and become maimed in an unnecessary faux war.
  I salute these brave students and academicians who articulated the collective anger and resentment of a country that was hijacked by a repressive Presidential regime (BushJr/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice) in order to fulfill the dreams of the megalomaniacal cowardly administration to create Pax Americana in the Middle East.
Throughout the next few years,  the dregs of both the Bush Jr and Clinton administrations will offer themselves for all types of occasions,  including Hillary Clinton, for the tidy sums of $250,000 per speech, to expound on nonsense and trivia which signifies nothing but reaffirms  their own unrelenting self-love and disdain for America.
  Unlike Rutgers, very few civil and military organizations have taken the time to analyze and comprehend the moral implications of inviting previous ‘senior officials’ to any august occasions.   Silver shekels will be exchanged for the appearance of these American Judases into the temple of American academia and businesses without scorn or reprimand.   Accordingly,  history will scan these seemingly irrelevant moments of existential choice and judge them to be wanting.
  So Harvard, Yale,  Princeton and the rest of the so-called elite of both the east and west coasts,  Take Notice!   Amidst a grinding state scandal involving their own Governor Christie and  “Bridgegate”,  Rutgers and New Jersey stood up for America!  These students refused to recognize nor give tribute$ to the likes of Condoleeza Rice.  Rice and her cohorts will become the ignominious characters in the opening chapters of 21st century American History. Go Rutgers!

Hail these Conquering Moral Heroes! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Congrats to Rutgers students for standing up for American Morality and nixing Condi Rice

Former President of IRA Political Arm Sinn Fein,  GERRY ADAMS,  arrested for ‘alleged’ murder forty two years ago in a TERRORIST WAR between Irish Catholics and British Protestants!   This is a big mistake on the part of department of state and U.S. department of Justice.
  In their eagerness to be more holy than the Holy See,  American prosecutors at the behest of a misinformed US State Dept and US Dept of Justice have bombarded AMERICA and BRITAIN with subpoenas for ‘arrests‘ and ‘appearances’ in front of FOREIGN PROSECUTORS regarding “TERRORIST ACTS“ committed thirty to forty years ago.
Your American dollar is wasted not on indicting Wall Street bankers who fleeced our pockets or investigating crimes and misdeeds committed by our ignoble politicians at all levels of government…. But on helping FOREIGN GOVTS like BRITAIN to arrest GERRY ADAMS.
  Gerry Adams,  supposedly a terrorist,  allegedly  killed an ‘innocent’ woman 40 plus years ago.
  So why bring up this case now?
  Because our American prosecutors at the behest of their bosses at DOJ and DOS who are telling them to subpoena anyone or everyone that might have information concerning an act of terrorism,  OVERSEAS!  Not here in the USA.
You can read more about the details of the Gerry Adams case in the NYTIMES Article, “A Heinous Crime, Secret Histories And A Sinn Fein Leader’s Arrest”,  May2, 2014, written by Katharine Q. Seelye. (posted earlier)
  My professional qualm with this subpoena is that basically it is both illegal and provocative.  Terrorism is a tactic practiced all over the world throughout the history of mankind.   If we were to subpoena our American terrorists,  the list would include: George Washington; John Adams; Thomas Jefferson.   So yesterday’s American terrorists as determined by British Law became our founding fathers and our OUR AMERICAN PATRIOTS whom we deify!!

The first principle of world terrorism is that yesterday’s terrorists is the tomorrow’s world leader.  That was true of Begin [IZL]; Sadat [Muslim Brotherhood]; Mandela [ANC]; Castro[Cuba].
  The second principle  is the fact that ‘terrorism’ is not a crime but a ‘war tactic’ and falls within the rules of Military conflict and military justice.  Bush Jr made ‘terrorism’ an ‘ACT OF WAR’ where we sent troops and not policeman to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Obama fought the War On Terrorism with “DRONE ATTACKS” in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and not SUBPOENAS.  Please remember that Obama is a lawyer by training and decided to conduct his COVERT WAR with the help of the CIA and not the DOJ and their prosecutors.
  Terrorism is an act of violence committed against innocent civilians who are ‘treated as combatants’ by the ‘terrorists’.  That act of violence against the major power in an asymmetric warfare is intended to CREATE FEAR.   The terrorist’s intention in all conflicts is to force the enemy to place civil and criminal restrictions on the host civilian government. 
It seems that the past has had a major restrictive effect on the liberties of Gerry Adams and other potentially innocent victims around the world who may have been involved in a terrorist incident.  I argue even further that today’s American Prosecutorial Subpoenas on past acts of terrorism committed overseas may be interpreted in the future as a “STIMULUS FOR RE-IGNITING OLD HATREDS AND CONFLICTS” that have been buried through tireless diplomatic negotiations.
I argue that when DOJ and State order American prosecutors to submit subpoenas to Americans or foreigners involved in past terrorist incidents;  they are in effect,  SUIS GENERIS,  acting in a  COLLUSIVE,  DESTRUCTIVE ROLE which could SERIOUSLY DESTABILIZE a country that was in effect ordered to proceed to peace through an orderly process of conflict resolution.
Today’s American prosecutor becomes tomorrow’s POTENTIAL TERRORIST.   It’s paradoxical and counter-intuitive but the laws of ethnic/religious conflict do not follow the canons of America jurisprudence.
  Let me quote the son of my former North Cambridge Congressman,  Tip O’Neill (who had negotiated the peace between the Irish and the British),
  “There were brutalities on both sides…. For people of our side to justify this by SAYING THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS OUTWEIGHED BY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, WELL THAT CAN BE ARGUED… “
 Thomas P. O’Neill III. 
American Prosecutors: be wary of your actions at the behest of the your Political Bosses.
  The post WWII Nuremberg Trials proved that judges,  prosecutors or legal representatives will be held accountable for their professional and personal decisions and the morality of those decisions.  Maybe today’s prosecutors will have to testify in tomorrow’s peoples’ courts when there are new leaders in the USA.

  Long Live Freedom all over the world!
  Long Live the Right to a Fair Trial Without Fear of Our Police,  Prosecutors,  Justice Dept, State Dept, White House, and the ALL PERVASIVE SUBPOENAS!!!!