Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some background on my future post, judges....


  1. Justice can be slow.

    We the People can speed it up:

  2. American law enforcement and the military are fond of the idea that the dissidents of America will soon rise up and revolt, and the ones who will be there to meet their rebellion will be the new breed of black uniformed, kevlar-clad heros of first responders and warriors.

    If it ever came to that the winning side would be the mass of millions of armed Americans behind ever blade of grass like the people of Democratic Switzerland [a true democracy unlike America] which would round up and disarm the police and military within a few hours.

    Personally it would be worth an armed rebellion to see the black uniformed bully boys stripped naked and sent home crying to their mommies.

  3. No post on the 9-11 Museum! It's fun for the whole family! Pay $20 each for indoctrination!

    No post on Obama releasing 36,000 undocumented criminals into the U.S.? Normally, a president would be impeached for this.

    No post on the IRS scandal? Not a smidgen of corruption--what a liar! Normally, a president would be impeached for this. If you gave money to the tea party, your chances of being audited rose ten-fold.

    No post on the revelation that Tim Geithner was told to lie to the public about the deficit? Notice how quiet the media has been on that one.

    No post on global warming and Antarctica. Do you realize that there was even a story about Boko Haram being blamed on global warming?

    No post on Boko Haram not being named a terrorist organization, and now a ridiculous hashtag campaign to "Bring Back Our Girls" by the wife of the Nobel Peace Prize winner who can kill anyone anywhere with drones?

    There's much to talk about. We're in the crapper.American Spring tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for keeping me humble, so much to do! Just asked my non-paid assistant if anyone has mentioned the 9/11 faux memorial...thank you! Be writing soon.

    1. That non-paid assistant is slacking off! There's so much in the news these days, so many big lies coming so fast!

      The 9-11 Museum makes me sick. It cost $700 million to build this? Couldn't you just give every man, woman and child in New York City $100? Does the museum have the magical hijacker passport that was found in near perfect condition--like that could ever happen? Does this federally funded museum allow for, ahem, other opinions than the official version?

      Also, I forgot to add that Vice President Joe Biden's son is collecting a nice paycheck from a company in Ukraine. When an administration spokesperson was asked about it, the official response was that the Vice President's son is a "private citizen" and can collect as much cash as he wants. The corruption in this country is just that open and just that bad.

    2. So after THIRTEEN YEARS they finally open a museum at the World Trade Center site?

      Whatever one thinks of 911 it's typical of America today that it would take over a decade to complete anything proclaimed by one and all as of the highest importance.

      Today America can't even send satellites into orbit much less send a man into space!

      Every ounce of American wealth is consumed and depleted maintaining outposts in 98 countries of the world to remind everyone there that the US is a paper tiger whose personnel can be kidnapped, blown up, shot at, and humiliated at any time they like.

      Trillions of dollars of effort in the Middle East has yeilded for American strategist THE EXACT OPPOSITE OUTCOMES of what they claimed to seek.

      Americans have no strength in the Middle East or anywhere else. All the carrier task forces, hypersonic bombers, smart bombs, cruise missiles, cyberwarriors and drones have no effect at all on America's foes.

    3. But for the brave firefighters, and other victims, this 9/11 narrative & subsequent memorial stinks to high heaven. And to watch these politicians (jackasses) memorialize these people is would be like watching the wall street banksters apologize for their Christmas bonuses, or Rumsfeld saying he loves Iraqis, or LBJ & The Warren Commission eulogizing President Kennedy with handkerchief in hand, (along with their blood splattered clothes), all completely disingenuous and nauseating. As soon as Obama started to talk, I turned off the TV as a Patriotic Act of defiance, and respect for the victims. And in remembrance of the America, I used to know; pre NSA wiretaps, pre-FISA, pre Patriot Act = (Treason Act), pre NDAA, pre homeland security (fat renta cops in blue polyester suits who couldn't get hired to pull the 3rd shift at the Dairy Queen). All these talking heads complicit in this "big lie" should all be arrested for treason once and for all. In the mean time it is as Mitt said; America is going down the crapper, and these politicians are greasing the slide. As a side note take heed of the care (or lack thereof) of our Government run V.A. Medical System, just a precursor of another Government run program now being implemented, called the Affordable Care Act. What a farse.

    4. I suspect if George Washington were alive today, he would probably be tossing these traitors down that square waterfall / hole in the middle of the memorial, one by one, head first, all while calling us a bunch of pussies for sitting on are asses and tolerating the dismantling of our Constitution and our Democratic Republic. Now that would be worth watching on the Big Screen. I'd even do a pay per view and invite friends. I don't even do that for Mayweather Boxing events. An unprecedented transformation of our Country's laws, by a bunch of conniving, snakes. I have no use for the lot of them.

  5. America is a typical great power, much like Russia actually, in that it lashes out emotionally in vain efforts to maintain its grandeur. The only strategy is offerred by camps of zealous nuts and wackos like the neocons, and the balance of the government is run by self-interested bureaucrats living in an age of extravagent wealth and lavish expectations. The political class wrangles public opinion in this direction and that, fearing to say anything resembling the truth. Everyone depends of the pubic's irrational and media ratings driven appitite for fear and drama.

    Norway's looking better all the time as a retirement spot. Or maybe I can retire to Sierra Leone and smoke week and drink palm wine on the beach everyday, eating giant red snapper, grouper and prawns for 2 dollars everyday.

    Why live in America anyway, the wretched, decaying morass that it is. Poverty goes up every year and now so many people are living in misery it's no wonder the biggest industry here is meth and prescription opiates.

    Fewer people are in the work force than ever before -- tens of millions of young men simply unemployed and not seeking any employment. They spawn offspring with their meth running chicks, who become single mothers until Child Protective Services tears their crying babes from their arms, putting them into Foster Homes where other boys will practice breeding with them....

    50% of all girls in foster care will become pregnant before the age of 20.

    That figure says it all about America today.

  6. The future of America is Colorado and Washington state, the two progessive, humane, and tattooed cultures of north America. These forward thinking hyppie loving slacker kingdoms of solar power and reefer have given us all the vision of America to come, in which hoards of tattood pot heads billow and blow clouds of cannibus smoke of such density that it blocks the sun and leaves these states' peoples vitamin-d deficiant. Awake and see the throngs of thong-clad girls and their tattooed and flabby boyfriends smoking bowls and cigars of recreational weed behind every window and car door, in the parks and schools. A mellower, shallower, less remembering mass of humanity, chilling and swinging in hammocks as Bob Marley and The Decemberists play in the background.

    Welcome to America Dude...