Saturday, May 24, 2014

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    Dahbo77 and Alex Jones' Infowars have covered this a tiny bit. Is this another false flag, or are we too jaded at this point?

    Rich Hollywood kid, son of the assistant director of The Hunger Games, drives a BMW--as many have pointed out, he couldn't have bought a hooker? He made a video and it seems scripted, like he's a bad actor reading lines..

    This incident happened at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The president of that institution is Janet Napolitano, former head of Homeland Security. If The Powers That Be could pull off a false flag in Sandy Hook, they sure could pull off a false flag in Hollywood.

    I'm tired of false flags and I'm tired of the psychopaths who have run our nation and started unnecessary wars. Maybe this was a false flag and maybe it wasn't. My first impression is that it smells like yet another a false flag.

    Thanks for ruining everyone's Memorial Day weekend!

      That was fast.

      ThePolitical Port ‏@PoliticalPort 31m
      False flag propaganda to steal more gun rights. Yawn. It's getting so predictable and boring. … via @kcranews
      ThePolitical Port ‏@PoliticalPort 27m
      The second the "father" of a "victim" brought up the NRA I knew this "shooting" was another false flag. Every 6 weeks they pull this shit
      Father: 'When will this insanity stop?'
      Father blames NRA in news conference
      UPDATED 7:00 PM PDT May 24, 2014
      By Todd Leopold CNN
      "Our family has a message for every parent out there: You don't think it will happen to your child until it does," the visibly emotional parent said, his voice rising to a shout in obvious agony.

      "Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris' right to live?" he continued.

    2. I know a lot of Assistant Directors and none of them are wealthy.

      The Assistant Director is the technical manager of the set whereas the Director is the artistic manager.

      Anyone can be a Director, and some are highly paid, but to be an Assistant Director requires technical certifications however because they have no creative contribution they are considered only crew and therefore are not paid lavishly.

    3. The assistant director of the The Hunger Games was not mega-rich, but he had money. Elliot Rodger's videos showed that he lived in an expensive house, took expensive international vacations, wore expensive clothes, and drove a brand new BMW.

      He certainly could have afforded an escort or a prostitute to end his alleged virginity. I'm not buying that 'I can't get laid" excuse or Asperger's (we saw that with Adam Lanza) as the reason for shooting people.

      I realize that this is Hollywood, but this false flag story sounds lame.

  2. Good call out Barry.....I forgot that Ms Homeland Security is now in charge of the university. these people are really out of control, the guy's video is hilarious in this context....more hunger games crap.

    1. Here's a new YouTube video from the great and always funny TeamWakeEmUp. No one's buying this. The hoaxes are just so ridiculous now. It makes me sad for my country...President Obama and NJ Gov. Christie (who has anti-gun legislation on his desk, ready to sign) will probably comment on this soon, as part of Memorial Day. Watch for it.

      Santa Barbara Drive-By Mass Shooting Hoax Exposed
      Published on May 24, 2014
      Santa Barbara Drive By Mass Shooting Hoax Exposed

      Elliot Rodger son of a director of Hunger Games and Oh My God is the alleged shooter of this fake event..

  3. According to George Galloway MP and Max Keiser is this not the place where they are hiding Ken Lay of Enron fame. Also must thank you Steve for recommending 'Family of Secrets' surprised that the press are not interested in it's contents about the Bush clan.

    1. Yes on the Ken Lay thing....type it into google, you find stuff.....especially the very funny NY POST front page at the time of KL death....all texas energy thugs.
      Family of Secrets is such a great text book!

    2. "texas energy thugs"

      I couldn't have said it better myself.

      Texas is the core of evil in a rotten country, but because of this Texas is an interesting place to be with "lots of action here" as my wet-work mentor used to say about things here [and he was from NYC].

      Yes Texas has it all if pure evil and money is where it's at. And the weather is nice also, particularly today by the river eating enchiladas as I write this.

    3. cool, glad all is well. Always love your comments, insights. Carry on.

    4. I studied Engineering and Business at UT Austin Michael ;)) Student Paradise! for ever in my heart. I now live in Tenerife, SP. ;)

  4. In fact I'm going to establishing a Charles Harrelson birthday activity here!

    Charles Harrelson abandoned his son Woody and his brothers and mom in Houston [where I was born] in 1968, and had about three or four other wives along the way....sort of like my Dad.

    And my Dad and Charles were very good friends and work the same region - that wonderful south Texas outlaw country from Del Rio in the west to San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley to the far south, and east all the way to Houston.

    That region was Charles hunting ground [basically everything south of interstate highway 10.]

    Charles and my Godfather Mike [for whom I was named] were best of partners, and Charles preferred assassination above all and as late as 1970 only charged $2,000 per job.

    He did strike it rich with a $300,000 contract in 1979 in the Judge Wood matter. "Maximum John" was a blue nose asshole sadist and creep who liked to give 30 year sentences to those convicted of NON-VIOLENT CRIMES.

    Yes the Feds named a courthouse in San Antonio after him, but the plaque on the courthouse doesn't even look like him. Everyone was happy when the bullet from Charles' .240 Weatherby hit Woods in the spine with it's characteristic 3,800 feet per second speed.......

    He was dead on the ground where he belonged.

  5. Now as for the "false flag" thing.....

    I don't believe Sandy Hook or this thing yesterday were false flags.

    The evidence isn't there, and only a very stupid person fails to understand that life is all about unrelated coincidences. Jumping to conclusions based on coincidences is the hallmark of a stupid mind.

  6. The American public had never been more pro-2nd Amendment than it is today.

    There is no way, no possible way, that any gun control legislation can make it today through either the Republican/Tea Party House or even the Dem controlled Senate.

    In fact I just took a chunk of what little funds I have and invested in a firearms venture because that sector is growing FASTER THAN ANYTHING IN THE UNITED STATES except for energy.

    No one with any brains at all would be staging terror attacks at this time to advance gun control. That's a dead cause.

    1. I disagree 100%, but we've been through this before. NY came to take the guns. CT came to take the guns. CA came to take the guns. There's a bill before NJ Gov. Christie to take the guns. Eric Holder is on record as saying that we have to brainwash people every day about guns.

      It's all a part of the UN Agenda 21. The U.S. government is taking the guns of private citizens, but buying guns and ammo for every single government agency. When the U.S. economic collapse comes, the people will be easier to control.

      Sandy Hook is a proven hoax. No one who has examined the evidence can believe that Adam Lanza did this--shooting people with 102% accuracy (more bullets in victims than he had bullets), with everyone dead and no one injured. His death certificate says he died the day before. Many documents (MANY documents, besides Adam Lanza's death certificate) are dated before December 14, 2012--they all can't be explained away. (The event was probably supposed to take place on 12-12-12.) Lanza's DNA isn't even on the gun he supposedly used. Lanza's DNA isn't in the car he supposedly drove. Both DNA samples match a felon from NY. One official report says that Lanza was shot by the police,; another report says that Lanza shot himself. So, you believe the official story--well, which one? Autopsy photos have never been released. No EMTs were allowed in the school. No trauma helicopter was sent to the school. The family reactions were without tears, even with smiles--and then the families all immediately campaigned for gun control. They're still doing campaigning for that.

      We don't know the facts about the Elliott Rodger story, but on its face, the "I can't get laid" murder rampage by a rich kid is just ridiculous. One victim's father's CNN outrage at the NRA--while his kid still hasn't been buried--is a big tell.

    2. You can still have a gun in California and always will.

      When you leave the city limits of San Francisco you find that Californians everywhere else WILL NEVER GIVE UP THEIR GUNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I'm in Texas and the only place I can go where people love their guns as much is in California.

      In California there are so many gangs, Manson-cults, etc., that since the 1970s everyone there has been sleeping with a gun under their pillow.

      In the 1990s when the cowardly Los Angeles Police abandoned the city to rioters after the Rodney King verdict everyone went out on the roofs of their businesses and homes to protect them.

      Just goes to show you what the 2nd amendment is for -- to protect you from the police and to protect yourself when the cowardly police flee.

      For that matter in New Orleans during Katrina the city police were the looters LOL.

      That's why you need arms - to protect yourself against the criminal element in every city called the city department of police.

  7. It's called Blue Gold. T. Boone Pickens has been buying up land atop water aquifers in Texas since at least 2001.

    Boone Pickens Wants To Sell You His Water

    1. Boon Pickens must be 90 years old. How many yatchs can he water sky behind? How much is enough Gordo?