Thursday, May 22, 2014

“Happy”  The Pop Song Seen/Heard Around The World!
It’s the First Shot Fired Against the Corrupt, Repressive Islamic Republic of Iran!!  The Revolution against Islamic Republic of Iran has just Begun !!

Thanks to six young brave Iranian students who were arrested by the incompetent,  corrupt Iranian police for posting a YouTube video of themselves dancing on the Tehran rooftops to “Happy”.  In today’s NYTimes article,  “A Dance And A Video Lead to Jail In Tehran” by Rick Gladstone,  the writer describes in detail the travesty of Iranian injustice and the underlying hypocrisy of an ersatz Islamic shi’ite state like Iran.
  In the past thirty years,  I have been directly or indirectly involved in a few strategies and tactics that influenced drastic change in repressive regimes.  In my involvement in the Soviet Union regime change in concert with my CIA,  MI,  State Dept , and White House colleagues,  one of the most effective tools that was utilized to the mobilize the youth of the wonderful Russian people,  was our American Rock ’n Roll. 
I grew up in the NYC ghettos of Harlem,  I only had a radio to fill my lonely hours with the likes of Little Richard,  Little Anthony and the Imperials, the Cliftones, and JOCKO,  the D. J.   Even as my hair started to turn grey,   I failed to grow up in my taste for the revolutionary words, rhythms and aggressive cries for revolution that Rock’n Roll [RNR] had inculcated in me.  Decades later,  I employed the use of RnR as a weapon of agitation propaganda in the Soviet Union and elsewhere in the Middle East.
  Nothing like a steady drum beat a la Don Henley or Phil Collins to penetrate any intellectual resistance of any ethereal ideology or religion.  Over the years,  I had learned how effective American indigenous music was in piercing the cultural barriers of repression anywhere around the world.
  Today Pharell Williams,  the singer/songwriter bravely records “Happy” and demands the world to let the song,  danced and enacted by these brave six Iranian students [all under the age of 25], to go viral.
What happened folks?
  In April there were over 165,000 hits around the world.
  Then, luckily,  Tehran’s Chief of Police,  HOSSEIN SAEIDI,  ARRESTED THE SIX YOUTHS, ordered them to pay 30 MILLION tomans for bail.
  However,  the more enlightened Iranian PRESIDENT HASSAN ROUHANI, PROCLAIMED the following PROPHETIC WORDS:
“Happiness is OUR PEOPLE’S RIGHT!!!“ [my emphasis].
    What we have is the beginning of a student revolution that will eventually take down  the HYPOCRITIC ISLAMIC REGIME !! [ my emphasis].

  Why are the Ayatollahs who profess to represent the teachings of the Koran basically lying to Iranians?
[1]  US is not the enemy of Iran.  For the past ten years or more,  the Ayatollahs ruling Iran have personally received countless millions of dollars from the USG, including the CIA, US military to assist our failed efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
[2]  More specifically the Ayatollahs received billions of dollars to allow our US Military to ship our military equipment and personnel through ports, lands and territories controlled by the Islamic Crooks.
[3]  These same hypocritical,  sanctimonious religious FAKIRS,  helped  to ASSIST our military’s and CIA’s departure from Iraq and Afghanistan for a tidy $um of course!
[4] Israel is not the enemy of Iran.
[5] Israel fought for the Ayatollahs and the Iranian people in the 1989 war between Iran and Iraq created by the American neocons,  like Zalmay Khalilzad and others.  The Israelis flew the Iranian Phantom Jets and provided billions of dollars of airplane spare parts, military equipment and artillery shells.
How do I know this?
  I was in the Reagan/Bush Sr Admn when the orders were given to allow Sadam Hussein to use the toxic chemical weapons that Shultz had supplied the Iraqis.  Years later,  I visited the Iranian battlefields and literally saw thousands of shell casings and covers all written in Hebrew.
Israel has been secretly supplying the Iranians with oil from ports in the Middle East for a significant monetary profit.
So, my dear friends around the world, and especially you bright students of Iran…. Are you going to allow a few illiterate, corrupt, incompetent, greedy , phony HOLY ISLAMIC CLOWNS WHO MAKE A MOCKERY OF THE HOLY BOOK,  The Koran …. to suppress your freedoms?

  I think not!!!
  This blog along with other past blogs has stated the inherent contradictions buried within the false revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini.   I knew him from my endless days of negotiation with him over the Iran Hostages.   I even went to visit his house in Tehran and was warmly welcomed by his family and shown around his house.
  But times have changed.
  The youth and future of Iran constitute the majority of the productive Iranian population.   Islam has failed you economically,  politically and psychologically!   Islam as practiced by these FAKIRS is not accepted by the more erudite Koranic Scholars of Qum,  the headquarters of Shi’ite scholarship.  The present administration is afraid of you.  They cannot,  will not grasp the fact that they have created 45% unemployment in your age group.  They do not want to admit that there is a rampart drug problem all over Tehran, Isfahan and Rasht because you, the future of Iran,  have found no way out of this dangerously doomed ISLAMIC HYPOCRISY!!!

  Remember:  the words of the great REVOLUTIONARY SONGWRITER,  SINGER:

Two hundred and fifty years ago,  “the shot heard ‘round the world” helped to create the greatest democracy in the world!  Yes,  the Rock ’n Roll nation of America.  Long live “Happy” and the new live on video Iranian Revolution!  Young people deserve to live in a happy country so please continue to fight against the sad, pathetic corrupt hypocritical Islamic Fakirs of Iran.  Thank you Pharrell Williams for your inspiration and the young people of Iran for your guts!


  1. I'm hoping there's a worldwide revolution to take all the crooks down! Interesting the point about rock n roll tearing down the barrier's as I remember the supergroups playing Moscow and such like and I totally agree with the sentiment! "Too many lawyers and not enough poets" springs to mind! However a word of caution! Our music industry isn't what it once was what with music industry moguls sending out same sounding crap by a talentless dolly bird or male Adonis like god!!!!! Not many protest songs these days and there's plenty to be up in arms about! Our music mirrors our media in so far as we have to dig a little deeper for the real stuff or reminisce!!! meanwhile I wish the Iranians well and and wouldn't be too troubled on missing out on the audible feast we get told is fantastic everyday!

  2. Yes I was there also Dr.P.

    The Israelis were doing everything they could imagine, anything they could dream up, think up, or HELP THE IRANIANS OVERTHROW THE BA'ATH PARTY OF IRAQ from 1981 through 1988.

    While the Israelis were pubicly calling the Iranian revolution a threat, and while the Mullahs were calling the zionest entity the second Satan.....

    They were in fact totally aligned in their common purpose of destroying the Ba'ath party and overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

    My small job was to improve the image of Saddam and Iraq. One buddy of mine at Brookings went along with a nice little book explaining that only Iraq stood in the way of Iran sweeping over the whole region with Shiite revolution. And that writer, and myself, were both correct and sincere. All of us writing and bribing journalists and so forth were merely trying to get out the truth, which was that only the Ba'ath and Saddam Hussein could hold Iraq together and prevent the majority Shiites from taking over the place, persecuting the Sunnis, and aligning themselves completely with Iran.

    At that time it was a given that the US military would stay "over the horizon" and never, and I mean NEVER deploy themselves on the Arabian penninsula.

    Well all that went out the window. After the 1991 war the US stayed with boots on the ground, and that's what led to the Salafists in Saudi Arabia, including bin-Ladin, to gain tremendous public support.

    But creating that tension is what the Israelis wanted, just as they always wanted to topple the Iraqi Ba'ath because the Iraqi Ba'ath is the only uncompromisingly anti-zionist movement in the entire region, and because Iraq WOULD OTHERWISE HAVE BEEN THE RICHEST STATE IN THE REGION......

    The US and Israel and the Saudis have for the last 30 years, since 1981, embarked on a program of warfare against Iraq to keep them totally bankrupt and unable to use their vast wealth to build a military machine which might be used against Israel.

    For that matter I am convinced that the Israelis and the Saudis were the perpetrators of the 911 attack, and their goal was to cause the US to invade Iraq and topple the Ba'ath once and for all.....which of course is what happened.

    Now Iraq is ruled by the Shiit'es, who are now tormenting and persecuting the Sunnis. The Shiites are solidly aligned with Iran, and that's what the US always claimed they were trying to prevent.....

    The US and Iran could be friends, and should bury the hatchet altogether.

    First the US needs to admit to the crimes it committed against the Iranians by toppling their only hope of democracy with the coup against Mossadeq in 1953. The US made this kind of apology to the Guatamalans under Clinton and nows the time to confess what happened in 1953 a year earlier and to apologize for the crimes of the Shah.

    And otherwise ask the Iranians to calm down their rhetoric about Israel, and let's all try to get along.

  3. The Israelis were doing everything they could to help the Iranians in their offensives against Iraq, and the US was doing all it could to help the Iraqis stave off the Iranian invasions. They were happening all over the border, not just in the south but in the north and the middle regions as well.

    Then in the middle of all this these IDIOTIC ISRAELIS, David Kinche and his gang walk into the White House and try to convince Reagan and Bush and Poindexter and McFarlane and such that THE US SHOULD SUPPORT IRAN INSTEAD.

    Well my oh my......

    Why on earth should we do that? Well why not? Afterall we might get a couple of Americans held hostage in Lebanon out of their fix and make some money out of the deal.

    Well by that time Director Casey had a tumor in his head the size of a basketball and nobody could tell because he always acted strangely anyway.....

    And poor George Schultz. Nobody listened to him because he was always talking negatively about the war on drugs......

    And Nancy and her friend the alcoholic Michel Dever thought is was a cool idea.

    So off Col. North goes to Tehran, with a cake and a bible.

    Those were the dayz....

  4. Yes the Americans did all they could to help Iraq fend off the Iranian onslaught.

    There was plenty of loan credits diverted from such things as agriculture or anything we could think of and plenty of Italian bankers to be bribed.

    The Iraqis spent and spent and spent, and so did the Iranians but not as much. The Iranians fought on a shoestring but the Iraqis didn't have the Iranians fighting spirit or zeal. The poor Iraqis had to rely on technology and ......



    The Iraqis had to resort to using gas against the Iranians, and guess where that came from.

    Aren't Americans the greatest.

    And then after that war was over George HW Bush and his gang misleads the Iraqis into thinking they could....


    And so the Bush's began their DIABOLICAL and SATANIC campaign to impoverish the Iraqi people, destroy their economy, leave the without food, water, or having war after war and embargo after embargo......

    All so the Saudis and the Israelis could feel safe.

    It was the Bushes who engineered both wars against Iraq, and for purely aggressive and diabolical purposes. And Clinton didn't do anything to help either with that fat ass bitch Albright saying,

    "the human cost to the Iraqis of the embargo is serious but it's worth it......"

  5. The Bush administration did everything it could to encourage the Kuwaitis to slant drill into Iraq and create problems over the financial issues between Iraq and Kuwait.

    At the same time they encouraged Saddam Hussein to believe that he'd have a green light to invade Kuwait.


    And in the mist of all this was that asshole Norman Scwartzkapf, who's father was the torturer in chief to the Iranians and the Shah in the 1950s.........

    The same Schwartzkapf who fucked up the Lindberg baby kidnapping matter in New Jersey...

    And so Norman, who was hated by his troop in Vietnam who wanted to frag him and see him dead because of his actions there.....

    And now it was that arrogant asshole who takes credit for America's VICTORY in Iraq and ending the "Vietnam syndrom."

    Americans are just wonderful aren't they....

    1. Thanks for sharing, you know your shit.

  6. The Nazis were never this diabolical.

  7. Excellent commentary MIT Michael! Certainly convinces me we are all double crossed and as tax payers be it American/British/ European. We are also paying for this pleasure! We are by and large idiots from idiot nations! This site once again excels in its brilliant and sometimes brutal posts