Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Judge Roberts, as a patriot, I am more than disappointed.  Start reading.


  1. The UNITED STATES of SECRETS: part 1
    Worth watching

  2. Carl Levin a criminal. Will he take the fall?


    1. Audio explanation

  3. "The new email data from Judicial Watch also show the IRS' Washington headquarters targeting was owing in part to pressure from Democratic Sen. Carl Levin, The Daily Caller reports.

    Levin, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs permanent subcommittee on investigations, wrote a March 30, 2012, letter to then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman about the "urgency" of the issue of possible political activity by nonprofit applicants, the Daily Caller reported.

    Levin asked if the IRS was sending out additional information requests to applicant groups, citing an IRS rejection letter to a conservative group as an example of how the IRS should be conducting its business, the Daily Caller said.

    "Some entities claiming tax-exempt status as social welfare organizations under 26 U.S.C.&501(c)(4) appear to be engaged in political activities more appropriate for political organizations claiming tax-exempt status under 26 U.S.C.&527," Levin wrote, the Daily Caller reported.

    "Because of the urgency of the issues involved in this matter, please provide the following information by April 20, 2012," he wrote.

    Then-IRS Deputy Commissioner Steven Miller sent Levin a 16-page explanation of how IRS rules allow for the agency to "prepare individualized questions and requests."

  4. Roberts and Alito were Reagan Young Republicans in the eary 1980s when the only brand of youth in that camp were dullards, morons and idiots.

    Today people look back on Reagan as a hero, but at the time it was obvious the man was an ignoramus. He was stupid, read nothing, spoke no languages and traveled no where, was led entirely by fantasy. His election was the beginning of the unraveling of the United States. The only young people attracted to this actor, with his greasy hair and glad-handing smile, were weirdos toads who were underachievers.

    Today Roberts and Alito are a couple of morons on the court, who along with "Clarence" have steered the court into a fantasy world of John Wayne melodrama.

    The only stern conservative on the court with any intellect is Scalia, and his temperament has become so strange that he's now an embarrisment to himself if not a laughing stock.

    There are today liberals and reactionaries on the court, but no true conservatives and certainly no strict constructionists or civil libertarians.

    The biggest problem the country now faces is bad judges on all levels. Whether on the left or on the right they are all grinding their personal axes and putting forth their own agendas. They think of themselves not as jurists but as PRIESTS, the moral upholders of the values they want the society to possess.

  5. Right on Steve.

    If they don't see the light,

    Let them feel the heat,

    With Operation American Spring: