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Turkish Shish Kebab-Dangerous When on Fire!
Erdogan, once again, made a serious mistake when he shot down that Russian plane. By now, everyone in the world has an opinion regarding Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet plane that spent 17 SECONDS over Turkish territory. For years, I have been writing unflattering blogs about the boorish, hot-tempered Sunni Muslim Turkish leader, Erdogan, who brought Islamic Extremism back to Turkey. Now, I have to say that this ruthless street urchin, who was once an effective mayor of Istanbul, emerges as the key figure in creating ISIS and maintaining its coherence with the approval of the USA.

From the very beginning of the so-called creation of ISIS, Erdogan was allowing extremist muslims to join a group of the “fighting rag-heads” in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. He wanted to create a geopolitical counterforce to Iran’s support for Dr. Bashar al Assad and his Shi’ite supporters—Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia. Additionally, the ineffectual US military has outsourced this contrived war to mercenaries from all over the world to ensure that none of our political generals appear incompetent as they have been wont to do since Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen;
Our Sunni allies—Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and most importantly, Turkey—have funded and trained the myriad of so-called ‘Islamic Extremists’ and then sent them into Iraq/Syria where they became our proxies fighting against our true allies –Russia, Assad, Hezbollah— the Shi’ites; who never even attacked America during the 9/11 stand –down/false-flag. This recent attack on a Russian Jet over Turkish territory is a sham excuse for protecting Turkish proxies like the Turkmen who really fight on behalf of Erdogan.

Frankly, I am glad that Russia cut off the gas that it provides to Turkey as an indication of their disappointment with Erdogan. At least for a few days, the Turkish people will learn an important lesson. They will start to understand that they cannot cook their famous shish kebab dish without Russian gas. More importantly, Assad and Russia have protected the remaining Christians who are left in that chaotic region; thanks to the indifference of the major Christian denominations around the world who were warned by me and others that their brethren would be slaughtered. Like the Jewish Holocaust no one believed that might be possible.
Now the Russians and the Shi’ites Muslims must take up the mantle of defense where once, America, had ventured forward. American citizens have become laggards with our inability to stop our political elite from finding excuses for creating wars. Similarly, Turkey is also in the business of supporting ISIS so that there is a perceived enemy against which we can rail against.

Erdogan resumed power after he had mercilessly killed Kurds in his country who had won the previous elections running against him. Erdogan is not a man to be trusted or empowered. If our generals/diplomats think that they can control him, I would venture to say that they are delusional. Turkey will continue to fight the Russians because that’s what Erdogan wants.

What Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey had created, Erdogan will destroy, of this I am certain. The only question is will America get burned catching this flaming shish kebab? Ask Putin. The Russians have a way of terminating noisome problems, once and for all.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Crucial Importance of Inspector Generals in the Obama Administration but They Are Being Eviscerated!
A recent article in the NYTimes, “Tighter Lid on Records Threatens to Weaken Government Watchdogs”, by Eric Lichtblau [Nov.27, 2015] examines the serious problem of how the Obama Administration which espouses “transparency” has made certain that the inspector generals in every federal agency have no real power. In every federal bureaucracy there is a division of inspector generals who have been assigned the specific duty of monitoring the activities of that particular agency to ensure that they are complying within the law; as well as that the stipulated functions are being implemented according to the prescribed mandates.
It turns out that Eric Lichtblau, the journalist, has uncovered a pattern of miscreant behavior beginning with the Drug Enforcement Agency [DEA] leading to the august Department of Justice [DOJ] and the FBI; where powers of the inspector general have been seriously curtailed by the Obama Administration. Obama created an artificial  expectation where “Transparency” would be the keystone of his two administrations when in reality, he made certain that the access by journalists and inspector generals have been seriously curtailed. No explanations or rationalizations are even offered. So necessary information required to make an independent assessment by an outside party has been at best restricted; and at worse, refused.

Obama and his political minions have started on a course of information censorship which has become the vouchsafe of his tenure as POTUS. No one within the administration or outside the closely knit WH clique really has full access to any narrative which may contain the truth or any semblance to reality. Obama has effectively implemented an administration where fiction and distortion of the truth become the paramount achievements of his tenure.

Witness the recent book, No One Died At Sandy Hook by James Fetzer, a highly dedicated investigator who found himself banned from releasing the book at for some absurd, nonsensical, arbitrary reason. The book categorically states what I and a multitude of other ‘truthers’ have said from the beginning: what Connecticut Officials/State Police stated about countless children dying in a shoot-out by Adam Lanza, an Asperger’s shooting maven, was completely false. I and a multitude of others investigators went so far as to implicate Obama and his judicial field hand –Eric Holder –for disseminating lies and creating a ‘stand down’ which at it’s core was criminal and self-indicting. The FBI 2012 reports corroborated our conclusions; as did the inspector generals’ reports in DOJ. Yet Obama continued on his escapade of lies right up to the Osama bin Laden raid and the creation of the CIA manufactured terrorism of al Qaeda and ISIS.
Now Americans have been deprived of any legitimate means of monitoring a mendacious, incompetent POTUS, who believes that he belongs to the pantheon of the untouchables, surrounded by the wily, corrupt Secret Service whose loyalty always remains circumspect and questionable [in light of prostitution and drug charges]. 

It’s time to insist that our legislative representatives demand further transparency through real oversight or we, blinded citizens will stumble through the dark ages of lies and invest ourselves with the resolves to protect those of us who are threatened by the Administration by any means possible.
Truth and integrity have fallen by the wayside of mendacity and Machiavellian guile. Even our feminized military leadership has failed to protect us both internally or externally— incompetency, lassitude, and greed reeks through their senior ranks.

Americans can and must fight for our constitutional right to know what the servants of the state, POTUS and others, are doing with our taxpayer dollars [creating unnecessary wars while trying to mandate gun control]. We cannot wait one more year to tolerate the absurdities of a man whose credibility and integrity is completely shattered by falsified records, false flags, stand downs; as well as, the elimination of our guardians of bureaucratic oversight [the inspector general’s]
There is an old Malayan proverb that goes something like this:
“Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.” 


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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Water Wars Waged by ISIS!
In a recent OSINT [November 25, 2015] an analyst detailed the center of gravity of the ISIS strategy—controlling the waterways/tributaries along the Tigris/Euphrates River in both Iraq/Syria. Over the past couple of years, I have explained how the Syrian Civil War was initiated by a drought which compelled the Sunni farmers to flee from Homs/Hama to overwhelm the Alawite-led  Damascus. The rest is history. Now, ISIS has developed a three-prong strategy for advancement across the Middle East.

The first part of their well-conceived plan is based on developing a sophisticated psyops/propaganda worldwide recruitment program to entice ‘true believers’ to join them in any part of the world where they might be fighting. The second part of the strategy is to create acts of terrorism [poor man’s war] which force the leaders of the attacked country to impose a ‘state of emergency’ resulting in cessation of all civilian activities [Brussels, Belgium]. The third part of the strategy is the one that interests me the most—ISIS’s control of the dams, rivers and water sources surrounding the Tigris /Euphrates River; running from Iraq into Syria.
In contrast, I have heard many present and past generals [including Petraeus, Allan,] whose explanation of our non-existent strategy includes many convoluted non-sequitur ideas which entail a potpourri of nation/state building, extensive consultations/co-ordinations with alleged allies. I found it mind-numbing. These generals and so-called terrorist experts speak of strategies that have no chance of gaining even a modicum of success against ISIS which as we know was created by the CIA/MI.
The airstrikes by all nations are unproductive. Too bad these experts didn’t study the well-documented history that shows the ineffectiveness of bombing during WWII, Korea,Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan. Thanks to the confusion of means and methods, we, Americans end up in a nonsensical squabble about a 17 second Russian flight over a Turkish land mass which places us in a continuous awkward, deleveraged position. Americans are now viewing the Redux of the tragic incompetency of the Vietnam War where no president or his advisors were the least bit qualified to run a war which cost us 50,000 dead soldiers—and 250,000 wounded.. 
On this Thanksgiving Day, I repeat my concern that our intel/military leaders under a novitiate POTUS have led this country into another self-created morass of wasted bullets and money to justify nothing at all. Our national security has not and will not be endangered by ISIS----except if we continue to manufacture our own boogie-man to fight as we have done for centuries.

We have entered a dizzying fantasy land where wishful thinking and denial have substituted for a focused, ruthless, incisive overall strategy that targets the greatest vulnerability that ISIS has ---maintaining the access to water ways along the Tigris Euphrates River, spanning Iraq/Syria. According to, the following towns along the Tigris Euphrates River are vulnerable to attack by our forces: Maskana; Raqqa; Mosul; al-Bukam;Rawah; part of Ramadi and Fallujah. It does not take Alexander the Great to understand that these points of vulnerability should be targeted and immediately co-opted from ISIS by whatever means necessary
Instead, our military [along with 65 other nations] has diddled around the major issues. They have responded with all types of verbiage that involves resurrecting Iraq and the necessity for the US to work with indigenous forces. Remember: Iraq is an artificial construct created by the “Queen of the Desert”[ the MI-6 operative -Gertrude Bell] and her mentor, Winston Churchill; to facilitate the delivery of oil from Tikrit and Basra to England in 1923. I am afraid that America has become paralyzed by the panoply of incompetency that exists at all levels of the USG—from POTUS  on down. 

After thirty years in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, I can assure you that we have had far more deadly insurgents, who were more ruthless than ISIS –including the Khmer Rouge; the nuclear-armed Soviet Union; and Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini. The strategies and tactics used to defeat these aforementioned nefarious entities did not require one bullet or even the death of one American. It was executed with lethal precision, at almost, no cost to the taxpayers.We did it once and we can do it again, if only the right experts are brought back into the present day scenario. Nothing changes that much in the world of terrorism. Factions struggle to control precious resources, this time around its the water, stupid.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All the black friday email junk will be coming your way.... But I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  Its not a great holiday, but make it count with those you love.

Anyone Want to Buy a Deanship and Place Your Name on the Once Prestigious Cornell University Medical College? 
Please Inquire with the corrupt ex-Citibank Financier, Sandy I. Weill and his new ex-Big Pharma Protege: Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher. 
In 1898, the prestigious New York Hospital and Lying-In-Obstetrics Hospital [both started in the late 1790’s] merged with Cornell University Medical College [CUMC]. During the 100 plus years of the esteemed CUMC, a number of distinguished physicians/researchers graduated from the school. On that list was my mentor, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, as well as, Everett Koop, Robert Atkins, Father Peter Le Jacq, James Peake, Richard Hooker and many others.

I make this bold statement because when I was accepted to CUMC in 1964 and barely made it through to 1968, I was perhaps one of the least distinguished medical students in that graduating class of 88 students. Yet as an alumnus, I receive constant updates from my alma mater.
A month ago, I received an email from the new dean, Laurie H. Glimcher, peremptorily announcing that the Weill Cornell Medical College had changed its already bastardized name into the “Weill Medical College”. I found both this email and announcement bizarre and almost criminal.  Where did Cornell Medical College go???

Truth is that Jewish “ganoff”, Sandy Weill, who could have never gotten into the CUMC, just erased almost two centuries of landmark medical history with a large check and a willing accomplice—the new dean. Of course, this new dean, Dr. Laurie J. Glimcher, a self-aggrandizing scientists/researcher from one of Dr. Fauci’s labs at NIH was trained at Harvard Medical College. Her research, whether impressive, or not, garnered her a baker’s dozen collection of awards/medals/honors that would make a four star general blush with shame. 
Now Sandy Weill’s history of irregular financing and corruption on Wall Street made him a legend even in the rogue’s gallery of miscreants. Unlike many of the other Jewish gangsters who were dressed up in suits and ties and professed some semblance of decency, Sandy was the poster boy of corruption.  He made certain that he could repeal the Glass-Steagall Act (which kept banking and insurance business separate) by having recruited the ‘professional services’ of both ex-President Gerald Ford [Republican] and  Ron Rubin [ Clinton’s Sec. Treasury]. As a result, Sandy delighted in his new found wealth of about One Billion Dollars despite the fact that he had created a major precipitant for our subsequent financial crises in 2008 and beyond. In order to make amends for being a corrupt individual, he did what all wealthy crooks in America have done since Andrew Carnegie/John Rockefeller—he become a “philanthropist”. He and his ‘caring wife’ donated over $250M to CUMC and effectively bought their way into the soporific minds and malevolent hearts of the Cornell University Trustees.
The Welils continued to splurge more and more money on Cornell to assure themselves that the once prestigious university would be subsumed within the Weill family nameplate. As if that were not enough, Sandy wanted to make certain that his legacy of philanthropy would not be tainted in any way; so he personally selected Dr. Gilmcher on the recommendation of his former colleague at American Express/Bristol Myers, James Robinson. James recommended her because she was really good at hustling research grants. Guess from where? You guessed it.. NIH and… the private sector (Big Pharma).

No slouch in her own right, Glimcher played the best role that a woman scientist could play in an age where women were restricted from running med schools. She made certain that she became involved with Big Pharma despite the fact that Bristol Myers produced a very dangerous drug for osteoporosis---Fosamax. I happen to know a little bit about Biochemistry/ DNA/RNA and I really was not very impressed by her research.

It doesn’t matter because medicine is no longer about research or teaching clinical/diagnostic skills, its about BIG Business. Think of the dermatologists who spend more time on wrinkles and double chins and using Botox because it generates beaucoup bucks. Or the Psychiatrists who are now drug dealers and distributors for Big Pharma and know nothing about psychotherapy. You and I could go on….

However, this disturbing realization that medicine was no longer an honorable profession where it was hard to make a decent living had transformed itself into potpourri of lab tests, procedures and medications which have really nothing to do with maintaining one’s health. Weill and Glimcher are the natural extension of a corrupt money-driven profession invested within the folds of Big Pharma---whose profits far exceed anything the oil companies had garnered during their heyday.
CUMC is gone.
Effective, medical clinicians are gone.
Nonsensical, highly subsidized research to make new drugs is now the keystone of 21st  century medicine. The new trend is to allow a computer-driven scalpel to incise your prostate, if necessary. The fact that you have a great chance of becoming impotent is clearly secondary. No one is accountable. Big Pharma can buy its way out of lawsuits and tax evasion through inversions.  Cornell isn’t the only medical school to corrupt its heritage: David Geffen has always had his signature placed on the UCLA Medical School and Mt Sinai in NYC became the Icahn School of Medicine. The fact that Judaism prohibits one from designating a charitable gift in the name of the person who is giving—is completely irrelevant. 
Good luck as a patient, you’ll need it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

more info on the darker days ahead, censorship, manipulation of the media is beyond what we are used to seeing...

Monday, November 23, 2015

too much, amazon censors books.

Actor Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” Fame Shines in the New Film: “Trumbo”
Very rarely does a controversial subject like the Hollywood black-listing of ten prominent screen writers/directors make for an interesting, compelling movie. However, “Trumbo”, a film revolving around the famous screenwriter who was blacklisted for having been a member of the Communist Party during the late 1940’s, is an interesting small tour de force. New generations of film students may not have learned about the period of time in America which was haunted by the ubiquitous, “Red Scare” [communists were everywhere]. This 1950’s witch hunt run by congress ruined thousands of lives in and out of Hollywood.
During this time, friendships and business alliances were compromised as actor and directors named friends and colleagues who were members of the Communist Party. The picture neither condones nor condemns anyone. It simply depicts, in very accurate detail, the hypocrisy and self-preservation instincts that were rampant during the Red Scare.

The character of Dalton Trumbo is brilliantly portrayed by Cranston as a witty, self-assured American whose compulsion is to break the black list. Helen Merrin plays Hedda Hopper, a self-aggrandizing gossip columnist/ shrew, whose life’s purpose was to intimidate everyone who did not agree with her point of view. The movie shows that some of the true heroes/heroines of that terrible period were the following: Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, and Gregory Peck, and the King Brothers[James Goodman].
At some other time, I can venture into more detail as to what really happened in the HUAC Committee and how pathetic they were during the 1950’s. For the present, I will note some salient points:
1934-1937: Congressman Samuel Dickstein [D-NY] received $1250 per month from the NKVD [precursor to the KGB].
Bertolt Brecht, the German writer was a “deep mole” for the Soviet GRU[military intelligence]; and he was lauded by the HUAC as a ‘good person’. Subsequently, Brecht left the USA to work in East Germany.
J. Parnell Thomas [R-NJ] was imprisoned with Trumbo for tax evasion after haranguing him at HUAC.
Lucy Ball admitted outright to HUAC that she had been a Communist. She then dared HUAC to do something about it. Instead, HUAC backed off. They realized that her 1950’s TV show “I Love Lucy’ had over twenty million American viewers. HUAC was too frightened to antagonize her audience. So they backed off.
In contrast, Elia Kazan, the Greek-born film director, named names when he was in front of HUAC.  He justified his ‘snitching’ in the now classic film, “On The Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.

As fear of terrorism spreads throughout the world, the film “Trumbo” may offer some small insights as to how fear is created/perpetuated by nation/states to serve their unique military/industrial interests. The film shows how Trumbo broke the black-list by cleverly creating writing ‘fronts’ and ‘proxies’ who would produce film scripts for the King Brothers [John Goodman] whose only desire was to make ‘shlock films’ so that they could ‘make money and get pussie’. Trumbo’s ultimate redemption comes when he wins two Oscars for the films, “Roman Holiday” and “The Brave One”, both of which he had to write under two different pseudonyms.

In addition to its historical insights, watching this film will give the viewer the opportunity to see the brilliance of Bryan Cranston paying an American who even in defeat, never loses his sense of probity and self-deprecating humor.  Cranston deserves the Oscar nod for this one.
Congratulations to the writers/director/producers, who collectively made this enlightening film possible through a new independent film company called, Bleecker Street Productions.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bush and Clinton will do Dirty Trix BUT Trump leads by a wide margin.

A Gem of a Film, tight action, laconic dialogue and excellent direction, acting and production. An Academy Award Contender!
In the midst of all the terrorist turmoil in the world, I still try to function as a critic of new films that will be judged for an Academy Award this year. So far, I think that SICARIO, written by actor/writer Taylor Sheridan and brilliantly directed by French/Canadian, Denis Villeneuve, deserves consideration for best film, direction and writing of an original screenplay for 2015. I don’t want to give away the storyline because it has some twist and turns that are surprising and compelling both intellectually and dramatically.

SICARIO focuses its attention on the drug cartels working along the Mexican Border. A naïve FBI agent is recruited haphazardly into a unit of SOF/CIA operatives who work ‘illegally’ [or are they really legal?] in and out of Mexico and the USA. The actors, Josh Brolin and Emily Blunt, portray their characters both convincingly with the least amount of effort, thanks to the brilliant directing of Denis Villeneuve. However, the Puerto Rican actor, Benicio Del Toro deserves special mention as the hit man/killer or SICARIO, who works on all sides of the cartel in order to achieve his primary goal which it turns out is in concert with the US interests.
For the first time, a movie reveals the basic truth of how our own people work in concert with the Medellian Colombian Drug Cartel in order to wipe out all other potential competitors wherever they may be –in Mexico or in the USA. The goal of this unholy synergy is the need to maintain control and stability in a war which has no defined beginning or ending. It’s a subtle indictment made by the script/director. Yet in this film, which is sparse in visuals, words and actions; the truth is far more disturbing. The final scene depicts a group of Mexican children playing soccer—then pausing to allow for the necessary routine of  gunfire –and then they proceed with their game.
The film ends there.

Another important note is the fact that the actor/writer, Taylor Sheridan, captures the matter-of-fact manners and blasé attitudes of CIA/SOCOM/ SOFs who have seen more horrors of war in both Iraq/Afghanistan than one can imagine. He does not glorify nor condemn them. He merely shows how proficiently they anticipate danger and are able to neutralize it within seconds. I found that part quite real and impressive.
Those SOFs/CIA operatives with whom I have worked with in different parts of the world are pretty much unassuming, regular men who do not glorify nor boast about their actions as we have seen in other movies which involved the SEALS. Most SOFS, in all branches of the service, are quite discreet and professional, saying little and moving onto their different assignments with the mandated alacrity and brevity of words and actions for which they were extensively trained. The Canadian director, Villeneuve, captures those moments exceedingly well.
In the age of blockbusters, it’s a pleasure to see a small film that is saturated with talent, emotion and actions that warrant our watching it… engaging two hours of our time. Congratulations to the group of five producers who took this project on and made it happen through Lionsgate Production Company.
Good luck in the Academy Awards.. 
I will be rooting for you.. SICARIO!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Al Qaeda and ISIS: These so-called “Islamic True Believers” are really Thugs on Drugs!
Fighters are fueled by Captagon [schedule 1 Amphetamine/FFenethyline], Not the Holy Koran.
When the narrative is too perfect, like the nonsense that ISIS and Al Qaeda have been espousing about the Holy Book, The Koran; and it’s subsequent influence on their terrorism - as usual, it’s all really about sex, drugs and rock’n roll.

We western infidels [non-believers] must realize that most of these punks are fueled on Captagon, a Schedule I amphetamine-like pill which was used in the USA in the early 1960’s for such disorders as narcolepsy, depression and hyperactivity. It’s generic formula, Fenethylline, was so addictive that it was banned from use in the USA and most of the enlightened countries around the world in the 1980’s.
Guess which countries have the highest use now?
That’s right! 
The ones that represent the most extreme version of Islam, both Saudi Arabia and Syria [ISIS/Al Qaeda], are the prime sites for manufacturing this addictive drug which makes kids feel both euphoric and invincible. In fact, Saudi Arabia has such a severe problem, thanks to their inept decadence that the manufacturing center has been shifted into Syria. This poor excuse of a country, Saudi Arabia, has an annual addiction rate of 40,000-50,000 people going through rehab for Captagon.

In Syria, where there is no longer a country, almost every wannabe terrorist has gotten high—before, during, and after—one of their so-called ‘Holy Wars’ on CAPTAGON!
How do I know?
From interviews of these punks who actually boast about their using this medical crutch. In other words, it’s not enough to believe in the teachings of Mohammed or Sharia Law; these young hoodlums have to get high in order to perform anything other than slobbering over their clothes [including basic sexual functions]. That’s right, they are sexually impotent. 
These ‘Holy Warriors’ who have been killing at will; really are the true Infidels of Islam. Pious observers know that drugs like –Fenethylline-- which create an intense artificial euphoria are specifically forbidden in the Holy Koran. I guess these believers know this but don’t really care. It appears that we have a wave of terror created in the Holy Book of Amphetamines. 

Or perhaps these so-called martyrs true book of worship is the Physician’s Desk Reference [PDR] from which they can quote verbatim the characteristic euphoria and sense of invincibility that they feel during the terrorist attacks; as well as, the common side-effects—nausea; vomiting; sleeplessness; and cardiac arrhythmias that occur with Captagon.
It’s a disgrace to ISLAM that a group of heroin/ Amphetamine street thugs with past criminal histories are recruited into the cadre of the holy warriors or the Syrian “Assassins”.  In Judaism, the Sicario was the prime defender/killer on behalf of The Holy Temple of Jerusalem. He was forbidden to take any artificial stimulants.
Unfortunately, former American prisoners who are leading this so-called Holy War have been severely compromised by our CIA when they were in prison. Namely, both the so-called brain of ISIS or DAESH—Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—and the muscle, former Colonel in Sadam Hussein’s Army -- Samin al- Khlifauic or AKA his nickname-Haji Bakr are both highly compromised operatives of the CIA and MI. Neither one has been able to operate without the covert assistance of the Western Powers through Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

Islam is really on a path of self-destruction fueled primarily by drugs hiding within a palaver of nonsensical ideology which has no correspondence to reality or the rich cultural history of Islam. We have a sham religious crusade hijacked by FENETHYLINE ….or, better known in the west, as Captagon. Syria: you have exported much violence, refugees, and now illegal drugs which are sold in the overseas markets [Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, et. al.] in order to finance one of the greatest scams in Muslim History—ISIS, Al Qaeda and Terrorism in the name of the Holy Book.  Talk about a corrupted culture that is doomed.

Friday, November 20, 2015

N.H. loves Trump, wake up GOP.

South Korea: Student Riot for the Truth in the History Books!
General Park’s Collaboration in WWII with the Japanese Occupying Forces; as well as his Military Coup in 1961 haunts his daughter’s legacy as President.  So she says:
Throw out those history books! And start all over!
While the world’s attention has been properly focused on the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the indomitable South Korean students have been rioting in the streets of Seoul. The reason is important. These highly educated students are protesting to tell President Park Geun-hye to abolish the history books that she had ordered the students to buy/read. The students know what many of us do who worked in South Korea. Therefore, they want to read THE TRUTH in their history books.

The President is the daughter of General Park Chung-hee who was a celebrated collaborator with the Japanese Occupying forces during WWII. In addition, General Park took over the civilian government with an illegal military coup. None of these salient facts have been written into the modern-day textbook that Ms. Geung Park has ordered the students to buy and read.
Of course, she was the one who had her father’s ignoble history completely wiped out of the South Korean modern-day textbook. Subsequently, when the students of South Korea are pissed off, they tend to do what they do best—riot against the prevailing SK government! I have witnessed different generations of students in Seoul rioting through the streets and assault the police with some very sophisticated tactics. In turn, I have seen the police drive motorcycles right into the student crowds in an attempt to break up the rioters.
Often the police place acid and blue dye in the water cannons which are used to disperse the crowd. The blue color marks those students who disperse for a later time. The acid is used to make the student’s flesh burn; leaving a residual distinctive mark on their arms, legs or face. However, these riots are the just the tipping point of a country that does not trust its government.
Unlike most other students around the world, the South Korean students are exceedingly effective in their riots. They are well led. They often have an potent strategy which they more often than not, implement quite impressively. So, a word of advice to President Park Geun-hye: return home and throw out those lying, disgraceful history books. Try to act like a President, rather than the spoiled, entitled daughter of a famous namesake.

Create your own legacy of truth, honesty and hope. This would be the best legacy that the formidable, highly educated students of Seoul and South Korea deserve.

This statement by a famous man may or may not be true for you, Ms. Park:
“One father is more than 100 schoolmasters.”