Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To My Readers in Argentina: 
Your Beautiful Country Has Been Raped and Pillaged by your Two Past Presidents: Husband and Wife Kirchner!
From time to time, I will write an explicit blog on a particular country when the audience of that country requests some more information than they have been receiving from their controlled media. In this case, Argentina, a country which I dearly loved for its beauty of landscape and diversity of culture has been in severe political and economic trouble for the past twenty years. Argentina is a financial basket case which is laden with bad debts and political chicanery. The presidential run-off is scheduled for Nov 22.

The current President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has the unique political distinction of having been accused of murdering someone who was about to incriminate her and her security cronies of working with Iran to bomb the Jewish Center in Argentina in the late 1990’s. However, as you know, people in high places can often avoid prosecution by one method or another [none of which is legal, of course].

Yet the most looming danger over the horizon for Argentinians is that Kirchner violated the sacrosanct rule of international banking—always pay-off your bankers. You can kill, murder and torture but do not ever default on a loan!… especially one underwritten by ‘vulture funds’ as President Cristina calls them.
In 2001, Argentina decided not to pay off a debt it owed to the international banking community [read America] and as a result has been frozen out of the international capital markets. In simple terms, Argentina has not been able to raise any new bonds to pay off the old bonds just like Greece is trying to do now. Argentina decided to call the bluff of the international bankers and defaulted on a major loan in the billions of dollars.
Since 2102 Argentina has been paying off [in dribs and drabs] its outstanding loans using their reserve currency account, denominated in USD dollars. As a result of this fiscal malfeasance, Kirchner’s government cannot defend the value of the falling pesos because it needs its strong currency reserves to pay off some of its debt.
In fact, Kirchner, who has not an iota of a fiscal knowledge, owes as follows:
$12B in USD in 2015.
another $7-7.5B USD in 2016.
another $12B USD in 2017.
This debt crisis is clearly not sustainable. Neither husband nor wife Kirchner could resolve this matter in time. So, whoever is elected the next president of Argentina will have to deal with a country, like Greece, which is completely bankrupt. Yet we don’t say that publicly because it might accentuate the flight capital even more. All one has to do is go to Brickell Avenue in Miami or South Beach in Miami Beach to see how many empty condominiums are available for sale which belong to Argentinian owners who illegally whisked USD out of their country.
Historically, Argentina has a enterprising community of Italian and British settlers who are industrious and entrepreneurial. The country is rich in natural resources.This should inspire some optimism in a country shrouded with political cronyism, bureaucratic incompetency, and massive financial/political corruption.  I wish my Argentinian friends good luck and please kick out your stupid politicians who have no idea about fiscal foundations. Vote smart on November 22nd. Try to indict and punish the lady lawyer from LaPlata who reminds me of Eva Peron and Hillary Clinton.


  1. They are done meat without nationalisation of their big farms, plus then they must give that farms to people to form workers coops
    just how richest Italian province have today

    they are all over Europe

    Even China after collectivisation was light years ahead of China because they at least had first step and that is killing of rich on farms, so every household had own pig, while in Argentina you piggies farmers have o work for big farmer, and that is why average yellow is way ahead of 90% of whites of Argentina.
    Same is in Kazakhstan which is overtaking all central and eastern and south american countries because they never had post communist privatisation of land and every farmer have equal number of animals there.
    Imagine if on overage one farmer family gets one cow more per year, that is on average rise of 50% if they had two cows in first year. After 10 years they still rise 10%.
    Just count one cow, how it is was always in history one golden coin, meaning todays 1000$ (not 1300$, which is market price is not realistic price of golden coin)... That is real wealth.

    I know we are asking too much and that will not be done in Argentina, and that you can do that only by changing your constitution and that is impossible so you can only hope that your capitalists will become so rich that you will get so poor that china buy you off and that you may one day go work to china as turks were going to work in to germany, in organised columns as, females as domestic workers and males for organ donations...
    And do not worry Chinese will never introduce you workers coops because they will use your capitalists to destroy you. So it is only on you.
    Only reason for Argentina to exist is faith in Jesus, and that statue of Jesus over Rio, without that your continent and societies really would not have reason to exist, it would be land of entrepreneurs and capitalists, satanic playground of rich oligarchy and mass of people trained to listen them and live without any rights. You are model USA want to have in whole world. There are no Jesus in south America if we look how land is divided among people.
    Even in Venezuela there are rich. And on Cuba state capitalism rule. While only hope is Cuba. It is good sign that Venezuela at least has been proclaimed by US, their national threat.
    So. This what you will never do.
    1. Violent communist revolution, kill everyone with wealth more then 100,000$ plus their families.
    2. Make micro farmers and their wild marketplaces, one pig per family
    3. In cities, start building free flats with 5% of national GDP, let workers coops invest in to them. also nationalise flats of everyone who have two or more flats
    4. beg chinese to become their cheaper workers in their factories, give them 50% of those factories while other 50% would to go to workers coops. becoming their cheaper workers would mean that you would earn twice what you earn now as there cheapest factory workers earns 700$ which is fantastic for you poor whites :)
    5. forbid usage of dollars and sell your debt to MMF to Chinese
    6. build one nuclear reactor and connect it with nuclear bomb in case CIA tries something, bush and family would hate to have polluted southern hemisphere as they see south america as their reserve content when they start nuclear war and polite northern hemisphere, ask north korea for help
    7. kill all whites if they try something, they think they are those needed entrepreneurs for your country "to prosper"
    8. you are boring and really not needed, you do not have one chance to survive, you are far away from eurasian basin where freedom exist because of chinese and russian continental army.

    1. you have much less chance then south africa, in south africa they at least are killing their rich farmers and private mines of whites are not working and pillaging land for their own private profit, while at you, you see your rich racially as yours, so your biggest problem is racial as you are too white as majority, you would need to politically unite with Peru and Bolivia and hope to get situation with number of whites compared to number of normal people like in South Africa... Argentina is worse basket case there is and really no any chance to do anything. All numbers are against Argentina.
      There are no rich white minority here.
      Nor here

    2. Because Argentina is of no strategic value the British permitted it's pro-Nazi government under Peron to go undisturbed. One result was the influx of former Nazis after the war who lived there under protection of the government in many areas, setting up Nazi villages and secret Bunds and so forth. It was an interesting enclave of Nazi fun and games.
      Only the hapless Adolf Eichmann was molested while there, and the Israeli team who spirited him out if caught would have themselves been stung up and hung.

      But anti-semitism in Argentina is terrible, and during the military governments in the 1970s Jewish journalists and businessmen were targets of the government and their far right wacko allies. Today violent anti-semitism still persists there.

      I don't know if the Kirchners are Jewish. They have a Jewish name, and there was a record producer in the US named Kirchner who was way Jewish...Don Kirchner and the "Midnight Special" which as a kid I liked a great deal and there of course is nothing like it today.

    3. Argentina is like Mexico in that their economy goes from boom to absolute bust periodically, and I guess when it's in the bust mode those with access to capital from the outside buy everything up for pennies on the dollar, making a killing.

    4. The Italians and Germans in Argentina for whatever reason just don't seem to be able to keep the place run responsibly. I don't know if it's a problem with their electorate in that they vote in total morons, or what their problem is. Maybe it's just typical Latin American corruption.

      Today Brazil is not doing so well and their currency is way down vs. the American dollar. You can go there today and travel like a king for pennies if you hold dollars.

      Interesting still is Uraguay across the Rio de la Plata, a Marxist society with strong unions and so forth. It's a socialist paradise which has recently legalized cannabis!

      I'm not a fan of cannabis but I favor it's legalization. And though Uraguay is no industrial titan they are a model of socialist unity.

    5. I am sorry Mike, but today even Germans cannot cope with capitalism, every rich German puts all profits in to NYC stock exchange. No German will ever see again anything from that money. Only some people living in NYC will see that money, if you are some gay painter and you become chick and rich buys some new painting for 10,5 M $ from some new artist. It is not even racial or cultural any more. NYC stocks and markets made culture obstacle. Pyongyang is only one keeping somehow because their noble people (they do not have rich), wants own NYC, that is why you only Pyongyang can measure up with NYC. London is also village comparing it to London.
      I will repeat, in history premiere in Milan Scala was something important, today Milan Scala is dirt on shoes, while premiere on Broadway is only premiere which matters. There are no premieres in London also. Profits are in NYC. Everyone else are slaves - everyone else are expenditures only. 1% profits, 99% expenditures. We 99% are one paying for expenditures.

    6. Only real premieres are in NYC and Pyongyang... Everything else does no exist.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. To have premieres is own political decision based on military capability of nation to keep borders and money flow checked.
      You cannot have premieres if you do not own profits of your people and keep them inside country.
      China do not have own premieres because they are sold, but military of PRC is doing good job now to have own premieres back.

  2. I think Uruguay has shown the way forward and it's thanks to th ex president Mujica whom we learned about on this very blog!

    1. Uruguay is the most interesting country on the planet.

      What's strange is that Paraguay is now modeling itself after Uruguay after Paraguay's cold war past as a Fascist hell under Strossner.

  3. From wikipedia:

    Public Sector: The state in Uruguay has an important role in the economy, Uruguay resisted the trend of privatization in Utilities and state owned enterprises in the region. Several Referendums supported the state being in control of the most important utilities and energy companies. Some of the companies have a full monopoly warranted by law (like landline telephony, water), others compete freely with private operators (Insurance, mobile telephony, Banks). Most of them are dominant in the local market. There is strong debate in the Uruguayan society about their role, and future. Some of them made a contribution to the Uruguay state treasury.

    Also biggest bank in country is state owned.

    But CIA seems will destroy economy of Kazakhstan also...

    Look this article on wikipedia. After huge gains in economy now they want to introduce private business. Why they fall on trap also?

    Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises[edit]
    A new program to support small businesses was launched in Kazakhstan in February 2015.[35] 2015 is expected to be a pilot period of the program.[35] During that period the initiative will be focused on three major areas, notably agribusiness, machinery building and production of construction materials, and is to be further extended to other industries.[35]

    They are done also. NYC is taking them also. Bye bye...
    In Uruguay there are also big debates about privatisation...

    1. Uruguay was Howard Hunt's favorite country and he always said he was intending to retire there but never got around to it because people kept coming to him with operations to be done like the Watergate caper and Danny Elsberg's psychiatrist's office....

  4. OOPS, seems that this new capitalistic party here without which it is impossible to form new government is not of CIA, one small right wing TV here is talking that this new small capitalistic party is project of Croatian and Slovenian RED communist capitalists, and of russian state and oligarchy... oooops
    Seems that they want chef our national bank to be in service of domestic capitalists, and not of euro-IMF banks, by printing domestic investment money...
    This is anarchy...

  5. Now I have something very important to report....

    As you might know I am convinced that "aliens" are now living among us. They are hybrids of humans and "aliens" and they are everywhere and in time they're going to turn on and impliment their plan to end human control over this planet. This might happen in our lifetimes.

    It seems strange to imagine now, but think of what things were like weeks before 9-11 and how things were thereafter...

    It will be a transformative event and people will adapt to it and so forth...

    But anyway I've been seeking to communicate with some aliens and I went into a trance and sort of had an experience with an alien. This is not unusual because if you take certain chemicals or halucinagens you can also see and communicate with certain aliens, and this is common for users of these substances.

    Anyway I didn't need any drugs but just caused myself to go into a kind of trance and then an alien appeared and I asked him a lot of questions and he answered them.

    If you want to know the answers just ask me a question and I will reply with what he said. I asked him every question imaginable so just ask and I will give you his answer.

    But his most meaningful answer to me was this.....

    I asked him if he and his alien cohorts enjoy listening to music and to human music. He answered that he and his race admire human music enormously and they listen to human music and artists a great deal. I asked him if they have a favorite artist or group and he said there is one that to them is an example of the best. I asked him who that would be. His answer was...

    The Carpenters

    1. In Bible aliens are mentioned also. While on earth in meantime in Greece, interesting situation will errupt:
      'Our rage will be relentless': Syriza faces mass strike in Greece
      No wonder US is talking about sending ground troops to Syria.
      Americans stopped Croat army from cleaning Bosnia from Serbs for ever, so now we now will have to accept neutrality with Serbia, independence of Serbian part of Bosnia, and creation of Greater Serbia, plus annexation of Montenegro by Serbia. Montenegro to become second Russian port on warm sea (Syria is first) plus Russian mediation on territory of whole former Yugoslavia and Russian pax Balkanica on whole Balkan. Americans thought they can play too much. Russia is back. EU is neoliberal pit hole and american capitalists are going insane 100%. They believe that their markets they control are not controlled by them even they know they control them. While we all in south Europe should play stupid.
      Stories about human rights, free markets, democracy, entrepreneurship, freedom of press, are getting insulting and are very demeaning.
      Only anglo-american head can believe that real right is right to live. That is bad and hated concept all around world, cherished concept in rest of world is concept of economical rights and those two cannot go together, rich just wants to keep their head on shoulders no matter what they do. If you deny those economical rights to your self or others then your life should be taken away by government, therefore, you should not have right to live in that case. That is only realistic and liked concept.

      Russian bombers and missiles will go on Italy via Serbia and Albania, from Black Sea. Italy will get portion.

    2. As for Jimmy Webb let's remember his words...

      "I recall the yellow cotton dress foaming like a wave on the ground around your knees. The birds like babies cradled in your hands and the old men playing checkers by the trees...."

    3. "...all the sweet green icing flowing down. Someone left my cake out in the rain. And I don't think that I can take it because it took too long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again....oh no!"

    4. Ok—I'll bite.

      Do aliens keep pets? Do they prefer dogs or cats?

    5. Aliens are fond of few dogs and cats of all kinds are among their favorite creatures. There is actually a cat planet where cats are present everywhere and they call the shots.