Saturday, November 21, 2015

Al Qaeda and ISIS: These so-called “Islamic True Believers” are really Thugs on Drugs!
Fighters are fueled by Captagon [schedule 1 Amphetamine/FFenethyline], Not the Holy Koran.
When the narrative is too perfect, like the nonsense that ISIS and Al Qaeda have been espousing about the Holy Book, The Koran; and it’s subsequent influence on their terrorism - as usual, it’s all really about sex, drugs and rock’n roll.

We western infidels [non-believers] must realize that most of these punks are fueled on Captagon, a Schedule I amphetamine-like pill which was used in the USA in the early 1960’s for such disorders as narcolepsy, depression and hyperactivity. It’s generic formula, Fenethylline, was so addictive that it was banned from use in the USA and most of the enlightened countries around the world in the 1980’s.
Guess which countries have the highest use now?
That’s right! 
The ones that represent the most extreme version of Islam, both Saudi Arabia and Syria [ISIS/Al Qaeda], are the prime sites for manufacturing this addictive drug which makes kids feel both euphoric and invincible. In fact, Saudi Arabia has such a severe problem, thanks to their inept decadence that the manufacturing center has been shifted into Syria. This poor excuse of a country, Saudi Arabia, has an annual addiction rate of 40,000-50,000 people going through rehab for Captagon.

In Syria, where there is no longer a country, almost every wannabe terrorist has gotten high—before, during, and after—one of their so-called ‘Holy Wars’ on CAPTAGON!
How do I know?
From interviews of these punks who actually boast about their using this medical crutch. In other words, it’s not enough to believe in the teachings of Mohammed or Sharia Law; these young hoodlums have to get high in order to perform anything other than slobbering over their clothes [including basic sexual functions]. That’s right, they are sexually impotent. 
These ‘Holy Warriors’ who have been killing at will; really are the true Infidels of Islam. Pious observers know that drugs like –Fenethylline-- which create an intense artificial euphoria are specifically forbidden in the Holy Koran. I guess these believers know this but don’t really care. It appears that we have a wave of terror created in the Holy Book of Amphetamines. 

Or perhaps these so-called martyrs true book of worship is the Physician’s Desk Reference [PDR] from which they can quote verbatim the characteristic euphoria and sense of invincibility that they feel during the terrorist attacks; as well as, the common side-effects—nausea; vomiting; sleeplessness; and cardiac arrhythmias that occur with Captagon.
It’s a disgrace to ISLAM that a group of heroin/ Amphetamine street thugs with past criminal histories are recruited into the cadre of the holy warriors or the Syrian “Assassins”.  In Judaism, the Sicario was the prime defender/killer on behalf of The Holy Temple of Jerusalem. He was forbidden to take any artificial stimulants.
Unfortunately, former American prisoners who are leading this so-called Holy War have been severely compromised by our CIA when they were in prison. Namely, both the so-called brain of ISIS or DAESH—Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—and the muscle, former Colonel in Sadam Hussein’s Army -- Samin al- Khlifauic or AKA his nickname-Haji Bakr are both highly compromised operatives of the CIA and MI. Neither one has been able to operate without the covert assistance of the Western Powers through Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

Islam is really on a path of self-destruction fueled primarily by drugs hiding within a palaver of nonsensical ideology which has no correspondence to reality or the rich cultural history of Islam. We have a sham religious crusade hijacked by FENETHYLINE ….or, better known in the west, as Captagon. Syria: you have exported much violence, refugees, and now illegal drugs which are sold in the overseas markets [Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, et. al.] in order to finance one of the greatest scams in Muslim History—ISIS, Al Qaeda and Terrorism in the name of the Holy Book.  Talk about a corrupted culture that is doomed.


  1. They were always connected with hashish, smoking, drugs...
    Because they are not allowed to use alcohol. And they did not have tobacco before Columbus. Number of addicts is always same throughout history. In middle ages on West females were addicted to sex, you cannot change that percentage. West is now addicted to Facebook, internet etc... That is why revolution will never happen on West. Luck with Islamic addictions is that their drugs are reducing their working capabilities so there workers earns much more money, plus their females are out of work, so competition on labour market is less tense, therefore they have economic growth, wage growth, construction boom, families of 6-8 can spend, even they are by GDP per head twice less developed then USA.

    Their economical and human development miracle is done because only rich allowed there are members of royal family and they absorb every capital private entrepreneurs and capitalists would therefore very efficiently accumulate away of people in to their pocket, while royal family have direct welfare programs toward own people avoiding those sucking capitalistic privateers.

    1. Any kind of reform on West 100% impossible, because no capital coming from finance and debt will never be invested in to human development or human directly because in capitalism it is impossible to expect one sector (financial) to develop own competitor sector (people)...
      Also political decision was made to reduce number of people, but as west is too weak they can do only to them self and their euro vassals.
      China abolished 1 child policy because they see what is game. Now they have 2 child.

    2. Dr.P I think you're giving a distorted picture of Captagon use by these Islamists. Yes many of them are using Captagon, but so are many other people in Syria, not just Islamist fighters. Captagon is everywhere in Syria and many young people use it in the same way that in the US people use Mexican crystal meth or adderall.

    3. There is a broader issue here which cries out for discussion.

      What we refer to as "radical Islam" is everywhere in every Islamic society, and it's political dimension makes democratic instututions extremely difficult to funcion.

      The big debate among national security professionals at Rand and Brookings, and I dare say MIT, is now this.....

      Is Islam inherently and unreformably violent and hegemonic?

      Many western students of ISIS have reached the conclusion that everything they are doing is clearly within the teachings of Mohammed as well as the way he personally practiced his "faith."

      Slavery, beheadings of non-believers and apostates as well as intolerance for non-believers and those indifferent to expansion of the Califate are all core to the teachings and life of Mohammed.

      Although Islam has become tame and practiced by a billion civilized followers, is it they, and not the "Radicals," who have fallen away from the formulation set out by Mohammed?

      Not so long ago Muslims in north Africa practiced slavery on a titanic scale, not only bringing to the north tens of millions of negroes as slaves but also sailing to European countries and capturing Europeans for be made into slaves as well.

      For at least a millenia the civilized societies of Europe, and north America as United States merchant and Naval vessels were victimized, considered all Arabs and muslims are horrifically barbaric.

      After these regions were colonized by French, Italian and others these Europeans were able to tame and civilize these native muslims. The indiginous authoritarian leaders who followed colonization had their hands full suppressing their own citizens who would read the Koran, Haddith, and then seek to practice it's barbarities.

      The chief threat to public order and civilization in alll these countries since independence has been suppression of Islamists. In all these countries harsh authoritarian rule, often corrupt was the form used toward that end.

      Once these authoritarian regimes are toppled Islam invariably proves to be the dominant influence in the politics, not western preferred democratic institutions.

    4. So what we hear is that within Islam that there is a titanic "Battle for the Soul of Islam" between its benign and civilized followers like the singer Cat Stevens...

      And the so-called "Radicals."

      But if you actually read the words, teachings and life of Mohammed you cannot avoid that it is the "Radicals" who are following the teachings of the Prophet, and not the civilized followers.

      Unfortunately the same can be said for Judaism.

      If you actually read what Moses said and did you will see that the actions of modern Zionists, including genocide against the current inhabitants of Canaan/Palestine is the actual example.

      As well anyone who reads the Talmud cannot avoid that virtually every crime or evil under western tradition is actually sanctioned and encouraged.

      I think the problem here is the actual formulations of these two religions. It's not possible as a westerner to assume any longer that these are "faiths" like our own, which are based on peaceful principles.

    5. When I did government work in the 1980s I was struck at how differently Americans such as diplomats and spies working in the region thought of Arabs and muslims in contrast to the Europeans I encountered.

      The Italians, English and French I met had a loathing for Arabs and muslims. I was put off at the time by what I thought of as "racism" by them toward the locals. Americans like myself had be influenced by "Arabist" indoctrination in American universities which only told the positive aspects of Arab culture but never addressed it's barbarous past. I can see now that the attitudes of the Europeans which I falsely dismissed as "racist" were in fact an informed view based on their countries' dealings with Arabs and muslims for hundreds of years....

    6. Is there a solution here?

      If our only alternative is to foster secularism then is that even an option?

      Unfortunately the thing that drives young aliented men into Islam is the decadence and moral decay of the west. In the west secularism now means nihlism, or a faith in nothing except for one's self. Secularism in the west now means epicurian hedonism, and NOT humanism.

      The west offers no moral alternative for the miserable young men of Islam.

      That's the heart of the matter...

      Western hedonism.

    7. So here is a young man, who comes from an ordinary Muslim family, in someplace like France or England....

      And he feels rejected by the society in which he lives. He's rejected and lonely and he's hurt by the animosity and distain his French or English countrymen have towards him. He is shunned by girls and his needs for acceptance, companionship and even sex are unmet.

      But what bothers him the most is his perception of himself as a good person relative to those rejecting him. He feels anger and displays ill will towards his non-muslim countrymen because they're rejected him, but his anger turns to moral outrage when he sees himself as a nice person and those who are rejecting him as assholes, bullies, hedonistic selfish pricks....

      When he discovers the teachings of Islam and it's focus on purity and piety then it all makes sense.

      He's the one who is good and all these assholes and bullies and sluts around him are the evil ones...

      They deserve to die.

    8. In the past I've dismissed these young men as "misfits" and Dr.P is now referring to them as "punks" and implying that they're hedonistic assholes....

      But I'm not sure about that.

      If we misinterpret these events and miscast these young men we are making a mistake.

      There might be something else going on here that we need to learn.

    9. Western hedonism does not exit any more, it existed for some time, but that was before, now western hedonism is hedonism without money, with STD, old body, addiction, crazy psychic, stress... Satan coming to collect own stuff.
      Old people were not crazy to propagate such behaviour en mass. But capitalists invested money that now we can, and that there are no danger...
      US is receiving harsh and harsh critics for this neoliberal financial capitalism around world. And is seen as no1 cause.
      Now Islam is living hedonisitic life, but under control.
      One my female friend went to work in Oman, she says, that King there is King, people love him, he is modern, he have advanced communist measures like many free stuffs. Saudi Arabia is future, Oman especially. UAE because there are too many workers from west is now getting very polluted.
      Ah if you are UAE citizen, you get free house, free education in USA, free medical service in american hospital in UAE... and they do not allow there human rights, women rights and other idiotic policies.

    10. Wow MIT I totally endorse your views this time. It is really unbearable to read our Croatian proponent of socialism and communism....especially when he never experienced the consequences of this "Islam of the XX sentury" on his own skin.

  2. Ok i do not want to be to depressing... Here is one good link, to cheer everyone up...

    And Richard Wolff telling what happened on Missouri university. One business guy wanted to operate university as business so he abolished medical insurance of junior professors... And sport team refused to play... And little rebellion started, and business man had to be kicked out.
    Simple as that...

    1. HE SAID that middle aged white americans after loosing good job in 47 are now on combination of afternoon television and Denny's... argh... LOL ...that would kill anyone

  3. Martin Snrklelly or something like that, albanian shiptar from Croatia, now your american CEO who hiked price of life-saving pill 5,000% just took over your cancer company, and stock price of that company rose 500% after because of him... Gee i guess what is going to be his next move... HA HA HA

    We can now all celebrate because when stocks are up we all are better off. My friend also explained me that it is going to be better to all of us if we crush government pension system and lower money for health care while we rise subsidies for private entrepreneurs, because for us to better, first it must be even better for him, even more. He said that: "it is going to be better for us all".
    I did not know we are married couple??
    After that, I told him that i voted for socialist workers party, I do not believe we have much to chat in our life any more...
    They are sociopaths.

  4. Africa still pays colonial tax to France... HA HA HA

  5. This is a very interesting post! It's something I never contemplated probably due to my ignorance but makes complete sense and not a new phenomenon if we think back..the stand out being lsd in Vietnam and I'm sure many other instances throughout the ages! MIT'S comments were very good and to be honest it seemed to me that they reinforced Dr Pieczenik's post but whether that's my interpretation I don't know! But one thing I am sure about is we better be ready because if recent euphoria over the Paris attack is anything to go by we the public have basically sanctioned the bombing of the middle east whether we realise it or not!! Then there's the question of the very fit young men that have sought refuge in Europe after enduring "horrendous " crossings of the Mediterranean looking in peak condition climbing ashore!! Could these be under the influence if such drugs???

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    1. Last week I was in some chained mini market (those which are not in chain I never buy in such as they stink), and one gentleman was mentioning some differences in prices between them and nearby Lidl around corner.

      On which I made recommendation that all capitalists should be killed, in front of some slave lady running like chicken without head there, also.

      And gentleman said that THEY (capitalists) are masturbating on those idiots working for them...

      They I got it, heeeeey, so capitalists are only just little more perverse then me... I want long legged secretary as my labour asset to have it, and they can masturbate without even seeing their labour assets....
      We always here say that people are always right...

  7. I was reading MIT and enjoying him thoroughly and locking into his stream then I bled into Shia, read about four sentences and thought MIT had a stroke then realized I was reading the wisdom of the resident psychotic Shia Lekook..

    Please Shia, go make Transformers 12 and limit your comments to a couple of coherent remarks per topic, if that is even possible.

    1. " Lekook " good one. I have often advised he learn to write differently as his language causes psychic paralysis.

  8. Replies
    1. The terrible truth about Islam is that it's formulation is inherently violent and those who seek to practice it non-violently are those who are "distorting" their religion.

      The same is true for Judaism.

      This is the simple reason why these conflicts continue to exist.

      The problem is the religions themselves.

    2. nope problem is that any form of capital accumulation is allowed by anyone, religions is just drawer in which you put capital to go in to war...
      religious war never existed, war is economical category only, to get more accumulated capital...
      flags by your standard are even more then problematic...