Tuesday, November 24, 2015

more info on the darker days ahead, censorship, manipulation of the media is beyond what we are used to seeing...


  1. On Youtube there is a CNN interview of a teenager, a Kurd, who was released by ISIS after "captivity."

    The teen, Marwan, says that ISIS doesn't kill anyone unless they have evidence that they are an infidile, and that "ISIS is right" to be doing what they've been doing.

    Well this is more than just Stockholm Syndrome I submit.

    The fact is that everything ISIS is doing is exactly what Mohammed did, and would do, and ISIS is the authentic
    representation of Islam and not the civilized muslims that we all wish for....

    It's time we realize what we are actually dealing with in this matter and stop making claims that Jihadists are not practicing the "true" Islam....because unfortunately they are.

  2. Quite intriguing really as in the UK the best way to sell something is to ban it. I remember a band called 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' with a song 'Relax' a DJ banned it off the BBC playlist, it of course sold millions. If the book is supposed to be a 'crock' why are the parents and authorities not suing Jimmy boy. Likewise when Icke was touring the US and speaking of past and Presidents, in the most litigious society on Earth nothing not a peep...silence is golden.
    Now on to the middle east and surprise, surprise some mad Turk has shot down a Russian fighter and then 'rebels' backed by the US have shot down their Rescue Helicopter. Imagine what John McCain and the other military geniuses would be calling for if that had happened to a US flight. Thankfully for us Putin is smarter and wiser than NATO. I wonder what they will do for an encore sink a Russian Warship maybe, looks like old Nostradamus may have had something after all.

  3. Steve, what do you expect the outcome of the Russian jet downing by the Turkey terrorists?