Thursday, November 5, 2015

I had to go to Bretton Woods in Carroll N.H. Historically, this is where/when the U.S. became a monetary super-power.  I have a lot to share, just need a damn internet connection.


  1. Well at end USA and Europe will have to adopt my patent to survive. Inventions are coming from God to individuals and then they are adopted or not by military. Luckily for USA, USA have good and large enough logistical chains and channels of distribution so USA would be able to keep noticeable place in my NWO.

    1. Jefrrey Grupp about corporatism, how evil and dictatorial it is - great show
      This guy says all :

      Corporations are going to be great if properly used and democratised...

    2. Interview by Joseph Stiglitz on Democracy Now, about shared economy, shared economy even beginning to be mentioned by Clinton...
      why capitalism is failing...

      Stiglitz was in my city to economic university here to get his honorary doctorate.,16.4672041,3a,75y,355.14h,97.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-jDYXJuxVey26-hj0jJpZw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en

      I am thinking to make my scientific dissertation (based on my patent) to be based on known facts but described by sources (graphs) from university of Havana (seriously)... Also my work then needs to be mentioned or at least revived by one domestic university and one international. Sadly university of Pyongyang is not solution because there every experiment have pre-determent result and conclusion. While on any US university it would be same plus they would lie that they already have that done by some Willson, Armstrong or Smith because of nationalistic chauvinism and racism.

    3. Reform is possible from with in, they love us, and they care about us... Beside system is set in a way, that if we explain them reasonably, they will listen to and do what is best, not only just for them...

    4. When you look all western media it is very centralised and under same propaganda, individualism, peoples stories (of rich and known no matter what sector in society), successes, like you have choice, you can make it if you express your self, we have right product for you to make you even better, because you deserve it, you are great, we are great...
      even in USA and Germany (two super neoliberal countries) now if you compare real purchasing power of nurse to Thai nurse (1000$ salary for beginner), you see how poor are working people on west... especially how much they have to pay private insurances, banks, power plants, corporate poisonous food, housing... god forbid you rent something...
      look this faggot propaganda on dailymail, those ugly people, face close ups, smiles, that is ideology, western capitalism is failed system 100%. Only brute military force is keeping system in combination with poisonous corporate sweepers.
      Ny times is same shit, just more focused on impersonal individualistic lifestyle, as they go opposite side but they are same coin.
      Yes middle class still had great wealth from cold war, but that is going to end, because of entrepreneurs which are becoming new shock force. Little slaveowner economically totally unsustainable but politically for system super needed and main power of system on terrain among all those poor destinies and slaves who needs to work for them.
      Imagine that your kids works for some private individual entrepreneur, black slave on south had more chance in life, he at least had free food, free roof, free medicine, could not work at night.

      Just look pictures... Faces, faces, faces, individuals, individuals... This is 100% sick.

    5. Thai nurse have 1000$ not by PPP but real.

    6. Real GDP per head of Germany and USA is 10 times bigger then of Thai monarchy. Meaning that 19/20 of US and German GDP goes to rich people and entrepreneurs and for bloated political system of those sick republics, on west even monarchies are sick because monarchs are weak and must let so many rich capitalists and entrepreneurs to be feed and filled with 19/20 of society GDP.
      Totally sick system.

    7. With this affair what happened in VW, few capitalists and CEOs made decision to cheat and break law and to act criminally intentionally, but they were not punished, nor are going to be, but workers will and company will, workers who did not know anything, they are going to be punished, 90B euros will have to workers pay from own pockets, but "owners" will not loose anything. They will live in same houses, they will drive same yachts...

      We see here retarded narrow white skulls now coming to China believing they will survive together with their slaves who thinks they are working in sustainable system.
      Chinese communist party made decision to forbid party members (meaning to all rich) to play golf... And there you get killed for corruption. That is why we are watching this videos. Seems that white race is racially defective. Russian "communist" were unable to reform, like Chinese were able to. Same like white capitalists are today.
      Rise of west happened because of rise of christian feudalism (free royal cities), but that rise was then abducted by pagan capitalism, Chomsky said that notion that workers are not going to own factories where they are going to work (means of production) were something unimaginable at beginning of industrialisation. Reinacance was movement supported by Italian bankers to connect pagan capitalism with christianity, we see it by ugly simple buildings and devolution of architecture from noble and most evolved middle aged gothic architecture, as way to more economically build empire, faster, by moving money. Enlightenment is also false movement inventing truth not based on historical facts. We see it by introducing classicism back (roman buildings used by US government) even Gothic style is only real Christian style. Divine rights of Kings are divine. People just can fool them self.

  2. What's interesting about this subject has been the historical suggestion that the opponents (who mattered) of the move to paper, or fiat currency were also the men not allowed on the lifeboats during a significant maritime catastrophe of that era.

    Conspiracy nuts will come up with the whackiest ideas to get their uTube hits...

    1. I have no problem with that.

      Fiat currency has it's risks but it's the only way to go.

      Tying money to gold or dog shit or anything else like that is a non-starter.

  3. Dr Steve Have you seen these videos? 'REVOLUTION 2.0 HD former Clinton insider Larry Nichols'
    'Clinton Insider Leaks Incredible Intel About The 2016 Election & You Won’t Believe What He Knows'

  4. Ability of private enterpreneour to employ 3-4 slaves whos life is going to be ruined is FOUNDATION of capitalistic exploatation, and ONLY way for CEO of corporations to not be under any control, because small enterpreneour also have private profit and destroyed lifes of those working for him, also to keep their power over slaves. Pure mathemtaics is saying that we cannot all be enterperenours, some of must be slaves working for them. it is 5 to 1. Also 70% of eterprenerous today earns much less then factory workers from cold war. Only war can keep such positions, and everything is preparing for next war.
    Here it was election day here, and CIA destroyed all small left parties by introducing some facebook independent list of politicians who all got media attention 2 weeks before election. They want hard core cuts, and destruction of government sections, as CIA is playing against only normal jobs in country as we all now must be entrepreneurs. People are still sucking it, but hey it is in every possible media. They will now be decisive small party for one of two big parties to create coalition government. We have two big parties, one former international wing of communist party of Croatia, and second one national wing of communist party of Croatia, which wing will rule is decided by CIA austerity scum.

    Here is nice article how you will have to give your kids on altair of enterprenourship and capitalism, God will have to radiate many kids for sins of wanting to keep slavery and capitalim under any possible price... If you abolish capitalism and money those who rule cannot take you to war any more. Money must be abolished.

    1. "Communism" went down because state did not want to abolish capitalism (money) in "communist" countries. Central government did not want to lose power over people, even under price of own destrcution.

      You have to be ultimate idiot because all money and all world markets were controled by capitalists. When ever you have any rate of conversion of your money to gold, you are done. You are recognising capitalistic printing presses. You cannot win theoretically.
      Capitalism and mortality: Death rate soars for middle-aged US workers. Central planner did not want to loose capitalistic power over people so they kept money system. Stalin was too Stupid to get trap, and too stupid to make sure that his daughter Svetlana become next Soviet empresses.

    2. Half of US workers make less than $30,000 per year
      staggering 40 percent of workers make less than $20,000 per year