Monday, November 16, 2015

Trump is right on this one.  He seems to be the only candidate w/ the balls to say it.


  1. Well, all religions other then Catholicism are bastard religions where interior ministry or capitalists decide what is going to be preached. Trump is right, in mosques government decide what will be preached not priests. I am not saying that Catholicism voluntarily by free will of Pope has not been whore of big capital and capitalists for most of history but that was free will of Popes to be whores.
    People said enough on religion after WW1, when they saw how priests were whores of national capital, imagine: WW1, frontline between Italy and Austro-Hungarian monarchy, on both sides are Catholics, and Catholic priests on Austro-Hungarian side is telling Catholics there to go and kill those Catholic monsters on other side of frontline... Same thing but opposite on Italian side...
    There we saw whore in action.
    While females who were working capitalists factories were getting liver cancers because they work on line producing grenades.

    Imagine going to war because of some rich to be get more rich. And when war is finished even those rich who lost war are even richer after war. That is what we called in non-workers non-self non-management economy and private profits and non limit on wealth.

    White right wing Christians in USA support such capital accumulation.

    1. Ooops, lets look this right wing article on HfP attacking Obama where it hurts most...
      And ooops, how many neocon faces are pooping up on same "left" HfP.