Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkish Shish Kebab-Dangerous When on Fire!
Erdogan, once again, made a serious mistake when he shot down that Russian plane. By now, everyone in the world has an opinion regarding Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet plane that spent 17 SECONDS over Turkish territory. For years, I have been writing unflattering blogs about the boorish, hot-tempered Sunni Muslim Turkish leader, Erdogan, who brought Islamic Extremism back to Turkey. Now, I have to say that this ruthless street urchin, who was once an effective mayor of Istanbul, emerges as the key figure in creating ISIS and maintaining its coherence with the approval of the USA.

From the very beginning of the so-called creation of ISIS, Erdogan was allowing extremist muslims to join a group of the “fighting rag-heads” in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. He wanted to create a geopolitical counterforce to Iran’s support for Dr. Bashar al Assad and his Shi’ite supporters—Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia. Additionally, the ineffectual US military has outsourced this contrived war to mercenaries from all over the world to ensure that none of our political generals appear incompetent as they have been wont to do since Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen;
Our Sunni allies—Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and most importantly, Turkey—have funded and trained the myriad of so-called ‘Islamic Extremists’ and then sent them into Iraq/Syria where they became our proxies fighting against our true allies –Russia, Assad, Hezbollah— the Shi’ites; who never even attacked America during the 9/11 stand –down/false-flag. This recent attack on a Russian Jet over Turkish territory is a sham excuse for protecting Turkish proxies like the Turkmen who really fight on behalf of Erdogan.

Frankly, I am glad that Russia cut off the gas that it provides to Turkey as an indication of their disappointment with Erdogan. At least for a few days, the Turkish people will learn an important lesson. They will start to understand that they cannot cook their famous shish kebab dish without Russian gas. More importantly, Assad and Russia have protected the remaining Christians who are left in that chaotic region; thanks to the indifference of the major Christian denominations around the world who were warned by me and others that their brethren would be slaughtered. Like the Jewish Holocaust no one believed that might be possible.
Now the Russians and the Shi’ites Muslims must take up the mantle of defense where once, America, had ventured forward. American citizens have become laggards with our inability to stop our political elite from finding excuses for creating wars. Similarly, Turkey is also in the business of supporting ISIS so that there is a perceived enemy against which we can rail against.

Erdogan resumed power after he had mercilessly killed Kurds in his country who had won the previous elections running against him. Erdogan is not a man to be trusted or empowered. If our generals/diplomats think that they can control him, I would venture to say that they are delusional. Turkey will continue to fight the Russians because that’s what Erdogan wants.

What Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey had created, Erdogan will destroy, of this I am certain. The only question is will America get burned catching this flaming shish kebab? Ask Putin. The Russians have a way of terminating noisome problems, once and for all.


  1. I hope Erdogan has "upped" his Polonium insurance policy. Just glad Putin took a "chill pill" and went with a slap on the wrist with economic sanctions.

    The world has yet to learn "to play nice" in the sandbox of life.

    Dr P, I'm all for Shish Kebab diplomacy, as long as someone brings the Hummus and Tabouli as well!

    It appears I'd make a bad politician, I'm either hungry, or I can be bought off with a steak.

    1. My late Pastor once said: "I can take anything but temptation".

    2. My late Pastor once said: "I can take anything but temptation".

  2. Its interesting to see these clucks are well on their way to creating a Caliphate with the help of the West and its Allies in the Mideast. Now we will see the Jews driven out of Europe again. this time by the Caliphate actors flooding into Europe.

    It's a real head scratcher. Was Assad, Qaddafi, and Saddam worth that much? We are willing to dissolve our culture and burden the world with these madmen over some contained tin pot dictators who in reality were willing to deal with us and contain the madmen?

    Just watching Western leaders stumble over themselves to get this done as quickly as possible is stunning.

  3. Dr.P your claim that Turkey is being ISIS is nonesense. If you have any evidence of this I would like to see it. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

  4. The Kremlin have been studying who has been financing IS and came up with forty countries some of them G20 members. Apparently Turkey has bought up to $800m worth of stolen Syrian oil. Interestingly none of the 'allies' has bombed the IS Oil fields or the miles of Tankers snaking into Turkey, all a nice little earner for Erdogan's son Bilal. I remember about a year ago seeing pictures of IS fighters taking commuter trains in Turkey and they even had an Embassy there at one point.

  5. On another matter, that Bob Munden can draw and fire fast, I would like to see Victor Marx try and disarm him!