Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Most Effective Counter-Terrorist Fighters Against ISIS [Sunnis]: 
Revolutionary Guards [Iran]
Hezbollah [Lebanon]
Alawites [Syria]

Once again, mass hysteria and inane pronouncements about declaring war against ISIS fill the airwaves. Nothing enhances the dramatic effects of a terrorist attack than the uncontrolled rage fulminating in the mouths of French leaders and so-called ‘experts’ on terrorism. More fighter planes and armed policemen with German Shepard dogs wandering about does nothing more than increase the fear factor that permeates a post-terrorist attack.
Instead of cooling down the rhetoric in order to minimize the effects of a terrorist attack, the political elite has enhanced the dramatic effect of the Paris attack to the point that they are inadvertently magnifying the power of terrorism to change routine life around the world. Terrorism has been around for centuries. Nothing is new in creating fear.
However, with the internet that small amount of fear in relation to other world problems [wars, drought, hunger, infectious diseases, poverty, pollution et. al.]  has been disproportionately enhanced beyond credulity. I think it wise for our leaders around the world assure their citizens through a tempered rhetoric that whatever has to be done to counter-act ISIS, will be done in time. I recommend that we ally ourselves with the efforts of Iran, Hezbollah, Bashar Assad and Russia in their present war with ISIS. In my opinion, only these tried and tested soldiers whose own countries are really impacted by ISIS have been successful in combating ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
More importantly, I would take Hezbollah off the list of ‘terrorists’ in a State Department declaration.

For some time now, I have been a supporter of Nasarallah and his Hezbollah Shi’ite fighters who hark from all over Lebanon and quite frankly, are some of the most ruthless, effective fighters I have encountered in decades in the Middle East. How can anyone match the passion and vigor of 8000 young fighters who are trying to defend their homeland [Lebanon] which is only ten minutes away from the ISIS battle fields?

Next, I would support the Iranian Revolutionary Guards [IRG] fighting under the command of the General Qasem Soleimani who has had more experience defeating an assortment of different combatants over the past twenty years than all of our Navy, Air Force and Army Generals/Admirals combined. Let the combat tested Shi’ite fighters who continue to degrade the Sunni fighting forces of ISIS stay on course. In addition, we know that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, U.A.E. fund ISIS so we must cut off the supply lines and money from the Salafists supporters in Saudi Arabia; even if that means a major military coup against the inept, lazy Royal Saudi Family [which is neither royal nor a family—simply a British creation after WWI].

Remember: this ISIS mess on Syrian/Iraqi battlefields and beyond is a result of the Bush/Cheney disaster of the initial Iraq invasion.

Terrorism can be easily defeated if one has the will and ruthless capacity to engage in surgical assassinations and neutralizations of Sunni Leaders [including clerics, scholars] wherever they may be found supporting ISIS. I would make certain that Russia and especially Vladimir Putin has our full cooperation irrespective of our minor differences in the Ukraine or anywhere else. America will have no better ally than the Russians.
In times of danger and war, Russia has always fought alongside Americans to defeat a common enemy i.e. Nazi Germany. The Russians are formidable fighters and will stop at nothing to extract revenge against those who may have hurt their innocent victims –as in the MetroJet explosion over the Sinai Desert.

Lastly, the refugee flow must stop now. Our State Department cannot be trusted to vet out the different refugees who might want to enter the USA. Unfortunately, that is the sad truth. For now, we, Americans, cannot accept refugees until we create a system that is far more effective than what the State Department currently has.
I do not trust Obama nor Kerry when they say anything related to this present crisis. Neither one has a coherent strategy in place to deal with the multitudes of problems with which we, Americans, are presently confronting. I am also leery of our new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr [Marine] who in his confirmation hearings declared that our number one enemy was ‘Russia’ ?!?.
Really ???
It’s time to take a deep breath and realize that the best antidote to terror is leading a normal life which signals to the world that nothing will stop us from building our country even in times of a clear and present danger.
Let me end with the wise words of the great American poet, Robert Frost:
“Americans are like a rich father who wishes he knew how to give his son his hardships that made him rich.” 


  1. Yes, most of Muslim sunni clerics needs to be shoot and killed, and new one should be put on to their places. Islam is false religion, so it is not big difference if they are going to lie something little bit different. We can fill their demonic heads that Coca Cola is good, Mc Donalds... That would be much better for them.

    We must respect freedom of people to have their own false religions. Muslims in London will be allowed to wear their tranny dresses just how Mr. Janner is, because content really does not matter... Paint shit with colour which stinks less.

    1. But all this all is blah blah, we live in terror because that is how biggest profit is made, as long as wealth accumulation is allowed there will violence and war.
      African tribes before governments and rich, were never fighting until death, they would only dance and trying to scare each other over one piece of land, but as soon someone would get hurt, they would run away...

      As long people do not kill rich people including their families including their kids and unless they outlaw capital accumulation in any form (digitally suppress it and put in virtual form democratically), plus introduce socialistic wealth limit (all equal in wealth) and communist class equality, and unless they do not starve the beast (government), and abolish money...
      Then people do deserve to be slaughtered... In Bible we have communist communes described already.

    2. After this, and my such explanation anyone who thinks differently is under demonic possession, and if there are some of those who agree and understand what is said, but think otherwise, like that other would have to work for you because you have money and he or she does not, then you actively made pact with Satan and you must go to Hell.
      Sorry guys, few are going to be saved. When they die...
      And I never head that someone came from dead, even Jesus was raised in flash and bones, not in flesh and blood.

    3. EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD READ THE BOOK "88 DAYS TO KANDAHAR" BY CIA NUTJOB Robert Grenier.....^%$%$^^&&%#@#@@%^^&^&&&

      Those of you who may have read the INSANE biography of CIA Case Officer Robert Baer might know that Baer attempted to assassinate Saddam Hussein...although Baer had no authority to do any such thing.... Baer went rouge [which is normal in the CIA] and decided that, "The only thing wrong with Iraq was Saddam."


      Anyway that ended Baer's career and of course it didn't enter his mind at all that Saddam was the only fucking thing holding that place we subsequently found out and which I understood very well as did Dick Cheney and all others in 1992.

      But if you read the INSANE account of CIA Station Chief for Afghanistan/Pakistan in 2001 Robert will see he was even more insane than Robert Baer [normal for the CIA].

      After 9-11 President Bush was given a plan of attack for Afghanistan within a few days because Grenier already had been working on a plan to start a war in Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Start a war in Afghanistan????


      Read Grenier's book and you will see that on his own and without any guidance from anyone he took it upon himself to seek to oust the Talib government in Afghanistan...and then what????

      Duh gee I dunno...

      He certainly didn't know. I guess maybe the warlords who ruled before the Talibs could come back. I guess that would be okay with Grenier. Anyway Grenier just personally didn't like the Talibs and thought starting yet another war in Afghanistan sounded like a cool idea, and what happened during the war or the outcome was cool with him.

      But the most INSANE factor in all of this is that apparently Grenier was so fucking stupid that he didn't realize that it is the Pakistanis who created and supported the Talibs and by making war on them he would be directly opposing the Pakistanis....which of course is what happened from 2001 onward when the Talibs killing Americans in Afghanistan were doing so with refuge, bullets, rifles and radios all provided by Pakistan!!

      So What the Fuck????

      Not only was Grenier seeking to create a new war with no US interests at stake in a matter which would have a totally unpredictable outcome....

      But as a CIA officer he didn't even understand that his own hosts in Pakistan would be his enemy in the project!

      Now that's dumb....really dumb

      CIA officers are yahoos. They are ignorant and have their own opinions and agendas and they seek to act on them. They are all "rogues."

    4. Hamlet is supposed to be about the relationship between thought and action. CIA officers are way too prone to act violently when they haven't given thought to what they're doing. They're just full of zeal and motivation to act, but they don't know what the consequences of their actions will be. They are not loaded with brains, and there's no institutional memory or wise old men there to teach them what not to do.

      All their training is to act and to remedy wrongs and to want to do the right thing....

      But what is the right thing?

      They're not informed enough to know, and that's weird because they are supposed to be the ones with all the knowledge.

      They need to apply themselves to intelligence and leave action to someone else....i.e. national leaders like the Congress or even a President. That's the way it's supposed to work but it never has since the beginning of CIA.

    5. As I'm sitting here in a coffee shop writing this a girl I know who used to be a stripper just sent me a bunch of pics of a hot girlfriend of hers. I think they're both 23 years old, and hispanic. Anyway the friend is gorgeous and I offerred to pay for a room in a hotel nearby so I'm feeling pretty good right now...

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    6. Maybe if these CIA Case Officer weirdos got laid by the right girls every so often they'd chill out and stop wanting to start wars all the fucking time.

      They don't have a healthy mind.

    7. As I've said before all these young muslim men become insane with religion and rage is because....


      They can't have sex until they're married so if they're unemployed and can't get married then their libido drives them insane and that's the root of the matter.

      We should be sending them millions of "Fleshlight" premium artifical vagina sex toys and free porn memberships and we'd find their obsession for violence will dissolve.

    8. Stay sane. Stay close to nature. That's what I recommend.

    9. "Even educated flees do it. Let's do it. Let's fall in love."

    10. Thank you Cole Porter! And I will overlook the fact that you were a flaming homosexual deviant.

    11. Note to self: 1.Put Grenier in the "Fucking Moron Category"

      2. Contact World Vision, and donate truckload full of blowup dolls for all male Syrian refugees.
      No pun intended!

    12. Well I got the two girls a suite with two bedrooms, each with King size beds, so that they will have their own rooms for the night.

      They are two absolute sweethearts! <3

    13. Well I got the two girls a suite with two bedrooms, each with King size beds, so that they will have their own rooms for the night.

      They are two absolute sweethearts! <3

  2. A brilliant piece Dr Pieczenik 100% correct in saying the fear factor has been massively increased which when actually pointed out increases the effectiveness so why are we brainwashed otherwise into thinking the exact opposite? I'd suggest such "panic" isn't inadvertent but contrived and the powers that be will say the the best remedy is the exact opposite you'd prescribe!!! But they are wrong Dr Pieczenik you've nailed this with aplomb

    1. It doesn't help that cable news and the media are exploiting these events, but then again it's what their audiences want and their ratings would decline if they didn't do this....

      But as for the "fear factor" it isn't going to harm anyone to be afraid. A huge public reaction is unavoidable.

      If it results in mobilization to increase the campaign against ISIS then all the better.

      Public opinion hasn't been concerned enough while ISIS was gang raping young girls by the thousands and sending into slavery...

      Or was murdering and beheading people by the thousands.....

      The problem here is that the French and everyone else HAVEN'T BEEN CONCERNED ENOUGH !!!

      The reason why this event happened is because of public indifference to the ISIS threat heretofore.

    2. Valid points MIT...but surely geo political situations such as this shouldn't be hijacked by networks just to increase ratings? You are correct in stating that's what happens but it serves the powers that be wonderfully in what I believe is nothing more than a pretext to invade Syria and remove President Assad!! Also if public opinion isn't concerned enough would it be possible that the reason being is because of the complete mess we in the West made in Iraq Afghanistan Libya ect ect?? Its most certainly a double edged sword as far as public opinion is concerned I freely concede as like you say public reaction is unavoidable But they haven't been concerned enough! Sounds like an oxymoron but there we have it! I think Dr P's above assessment is correct and I'd invite anyone also to read John pilgers piece I posted about earlier

    3. Assad needs to be removed because his massive brutality alienated him from 99% of the people of Syria. The only people in Syria supporting him are doing so because they think he's the lesser of two horrendous evils.

      Syria is one of those rare cases where the US should act, not because Americans would be harmed if we didn't, but because the level of atrocity is so high that if we do nothing we will be accurately perceived as maliciously callous.

      We don't have any "obligation to intervene" but intervening is a good idea and we should choose it even though we are not obligated and do not have to do it.

      We are dealing here with upholding the most basic standards of human behavior. ISIS and Assad are just so far beyond the pale that for us to do nothing is harmful in many ways, including to our own self image and our prestige.

  3. For anybody that's interested and I think you should be.... Please Google. from pol pot to ISIS the blood never dried.....this is also a great piece that I'm certain will appeal to you and your readers

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  5. Dr.P what have you been smoking? "Russia has always been our ally."

    Let me remind you that most people in American government were opposed to helping Stalin in his war against Germany from 1941 through 1945 and that policy was driven by FDR himself and the communist/Stalinist sympathizers around him.

    As soon as the Russians conquered eastern Europe and FDR was dead that idiotic policy was reversed immediately, and Russia.

    During the war Russia was no ally of America and used their 5th column of communist spies in America and the UK to wage covert war against us. We fought a horrific cold war for decades against the Russians not just because they were communists but because the Russian empire and it's people and leaders have always been a menace to Europe and central Asia.

    Today they are making war on Ukraine and messing around here and there where they don't belong and never have anything benign on their agenda whatsoever.

    I'm appalled frankly that you would make such a statement completely unsupported by any facts.

    1. Russia was always biggest ally of US capitalists, soviet slave labour created cheap resources for US capitalists on world market. That why on west people lived good. Today no one wants to work so cheap any more, not even Chinese...
      No west will have real prices and get real revolution ha ha ha

    2. If Soviet prisoners who mined cobalt and gold had these metals sold to capitalists abroad maybe the Soviet state benefited and bought grain from the US or something. But the prisoners didn't benefit.

    3. Whole popluation did not benefit because central planers had agreement with them self (not with people) that is more important to produce BTR-60 and T-55, then 50M Volgas, had USSR produced 50M Volgas and TV sets... USSR would have rule world...
      Central planning must be decided by voting democratically, people must decide what are needs of people. And what car they want to buy...
      Why was such problem for USSR to produce 50M Volgas...?
      It was state capitalism and red fascism... Others deciding what are your needs.
      No one should drive Volga unless all people are able to drive Volga, Volga was very good car. Even today you see it was made as good car...

    4. 2,3M per year, they just needed 5M they would have won war... and forget money

    5. send them free... to whole world... they would destroy whole economy of west

    6. they only had to take orders in soviet embassies from working people of west, and tell them car is waiting for them in vladivostok... of course that western government would not allow for western worker to get own volga from USSR, they would had to use administrative and security reasons...
      ONLY and ONLY condition had to be rule - one family, one Volga... sign contract under US law... if you do not bring from IRS every year that that is your only CAR, you loose right on Volga...
      West would be gone, and capitalists dead by now...

    7. I guess God wanted that to be done in USA, with obamacare...

    8. Dr. P tell them to learn about:

      1: central committee
      2: ranks in christian feudal society and guilds
      3: something about Solon reforms
      4: workers self-management
      5: and voluntary individualistic-nationalisation of personal private property

      Unless they do not want to have their heads cut off, together with their families...

      If you have two shirts, give other to comrade...

    9. barter system, classless and wealth equality formulas...
      are must also...

    10. Hey Nazi. Please stop your old song about scary Russians and face the reality- your current president and administration are bunch of indecisive and inept Trotskyists who are able to do the following
      Impose so called democracy in the countries that will never be democratic - read Kipling.
      Fuck up everywhere from military point of view
      Impose homosexual and feministic propaganda all over the world.
      This will end soon.

      Wanna make a bet ? In three years the relationship between progmatic republican POTUS and Putin will be one of the best in decades to your sincere regret. Can bet 1k in your currency.

  6. As for your praise for Hezbollah I beg to remind you that Hezbollah killed a lot of Americans in Lebanon in the 1980s, and brutally tortured to death CIA Beruit Station Chief William Buckley in the most horrific case of torture/murder on record.

    Your praise for them and their role in supporting Assad is a disgrace and you should be put on some other form of medication promptly.

    1. And how many people dies every day because they cannot pay for real medication, or because of stress caused by work for private entrepreneur.

    2. Here in America everyone can get the medication Dr.P needs, which is the medication I use. No one dies from the meds Dr.P and I must take.

  7. Dr.P you have a tendency to support the wrong people for the wrong reasons....

    First you support communists in France because their enemies don't like Jews. Now you want to support the iranians in Syria and Hezbollah in Syria and I guess support Assad also...just because they are in conflict with ISIS.


    We don't need to support Assad to oppose ISIS.

    We can oppose ISIS and oppose Assad and his sick Hezbollah and Irianian asshole buddies.

    Yes I agree that we should be using Covert Action to oppose ISIS, but they can be easily defeated militarily on the ground.

    They will be history once they are eliminated militarily from the areas they hold.

    Once that's done they are gone.

    1. The idiocy of American/CIA policy is to support any asshole who is thought to be able to oppose our enemy of the moment....


      It's not workable to empower some asshole who is also our natural and eventual enemy just because they might be an easy fix to deal with our enemy of the moment.

      Your entire analysis here Dr.P is emblemmatic of that terrible way of thinking which permeates American policy and Covert Action in the worst ways....

      All you have to do is stop fooling yourself about the easy fix you want....

      Formulate other alternatives!

      Use your head.

  8. Iran is the great power of the region and I'm all for normalizing relations with Iran and giving them incentives to comply with reason .
    But my advocacy for reapproachment with iran is so we can influence them away from their support of Assad, not so we can enable them.

    1. Problem is not Iranian relationship with Assad, problem is Assad relationship with Russia and China. Same is with Iran, problem is not Assad relationship with Iran, problem is Iran relationship with Russia and China.
      Russia and China would be nuts 100% to not starting support of Iran if US tries something with Iran, what Iran does not like...
      It is interesting that today USA and UK cannot get even half of Iran like they got with Stalin and Anglo-American-Soviet deal 1943 ...
      And you talk against Stalin...

  9. And to add insult to injury Dr.P you completely ignored the Kurds, who are the one and only somewhat reasonable group we have there to work with.

    The Kurds are doing well in Iraq and Syria, and we should be supporting their independence in both those countries.

    We should be supporting an independent Kurdistan from northern Syria across to northern Iraq...and let them hunt down the ISIS weirdos and behead them.

  10. good call out on the Kurds, TY! They are excellent fighters as are the Turks.

    1. The Kurds and Yazeetees are civilized people. They deserve their self determination and they are willing to fight for it.

      Unfortunately most non-zealots in Syria are not willing to fight and just want to move to Europe.

      As I've said before, women, children and the aged [like me] can be let in as refugees, but young men have to stay behind and fight for their country, with our aid of course.

    2. Now in ISIS's own words here is why they won't assimilate when the U.S.A. and Europe bring them to their safe harbors. The following excerpt demonstrates how ISIS takes advantage of America's "weaknesses" as illustrated by their article on the topic of "racial tensions in America"

      The past year has seen a number of high-profile race- related incidents dominate the headlines in America, bringing the topic of racism back into the spotlight across the country, and like most other major issues that take center stage in the crusader media, racism does not go ignored by the Muslim minority living in the lands of kufr. Their “leaders” address the issue with an effort to give the topic an “Islamic” flavor, but typically fall short. When tackling the issue from such a perspective, “Islamic” preachers and writers often do so with humanistic undertones that seek to portray Islam as a religion of peace that teaches Muslims to coexist with all. Deluded by the open-ended concept of “tolerance,” they cite numerous āyāt and ahādīth that – rightfully so – serve to demonstrate that racial hatred has no place in Islam, but they do so for the purpose of advancing an agenda that attempts to “Islamize” more “liberal” concepts that the kuffār apply across the board for achieving evil, such as political pluralism, freedom of religion , and acceptance of sodomites. In doing so, these “du’āt” seek to encourage the kāfir societies they live in to be more accepting of them, rather than meeting the enmity of the mushrikīn with hatred and disavowal. They forego the concept of walā’ and barā’ (loyalty and disavowal for the cause of Allah), not bothering to educate their readers of the Muslim’s obligation to reject kufr, separate himself from the kuffār, abandon their lands, harbor enmity and hatred towards them, and wage war against them until they submit to the truth.

    3. They could be assimilated next day, you just need to connect them to money from Soros, not from Saudi oil. But Soros do not want to do it because all capitalists have private profits and wants to keep profit for them self... And that would be too costly for him.
      All money in capitalism for integration processes are done only by one higher bidder (meaning now Saudis) unless it it is military industrial complex, therefore integration process is left to military industrial complex also with Saudis... We see how that it going well...

      With usage of money it is impossible to establish NWO.
      All money changers and producers would have to be removed and will be removed.

      Imagine this, public money used for internet on public property and Uber takes whole profits and we the people are profit makers. And Uber takes 25% of income. Meaning they take more then profit.
      In feudalism they would take only 10%, maximum.
      And after that they will tax you again, and again.
      Capiatiism is wildest beast there is.
      And if you make some cheaper Uber, new, better one, you are nothing because media will not promote you... And if you get enough money for promotion you would have to put price up to return money for promotion.
      CIA will not promote via google unless you do not work in system of private profits...
      See how Microsoft exists, and open source does not.
      Conclusion is that capitalists exist only because of military and USA as capitalistic country have biggest military because they built money fighting with other capitalists.
      USSR made mistake with usage of money (like it is was needed for anything), and because USSR adopted agrarian reforms which were state capitalistic...
      Had they been listening my advices they would have won.

    4. Capitalists are using more energy in suppressing something which is competitive to them self (like open source software) then what they spend on anything else...
      Open source can exist only in USSR, because no shop would carry, promote and sell open source software... :)
      Of course USSR with barter system.

  11. USA is the most undeformable country on world, invested everything in to dollar. Even money is history together with gold. You cannot eat gold, and money is paper which worth as much as your fear of death is greater by having less of it.
    Money producers have problem with that fear of death problem, some think that only perception of fear of death is important, others like Lord Moncton, Alex Jones,, whole media in my country now, they think that fear of death must be real for money to have real price. Meaning privatisation of all resources needed for life of human. Meaning total centralisation of power in to hands of money producers. (printing press)
    While others are more realistic like Dr. P. and are saying, but we cannot do that because we will loose manpower for military and economy as whole. We cannot do it because other countries are not doing it...
    Military is what keeps worth of gold and money up because war is ultimate death provider by some.
    Other capitalists are saying, like Bill Gates, no, real death providers are vaccines and humanitarian work. He is even more right.
    Etc, etc...
    We see that IBM and Microsoft sent people to learn from Mondragon corporation in to Mondragon how to fool more people on terrain and to learn how to create more fear and death (for private profits to be stronger)...
    Yes masonic order gave laws to private profiteers to not kill each other before they kill all others, that is only reason why USA still does not look like Haiti, they delayed to kill each others. And they made document which delays it and that is US constitution and foundation of pillage of others.