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Thanks to a reader for posting this short video on one of my other sites....This Gene Rosen is obnoxious but is he connected to FEMA? please view and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Early Responders of Sandy Hook –Officers: Vanghele, Flynn, Penn, Frank, Champman—All have PTSD and RECEIVING BENEFITS from CONNECTICUT COPS UNION! 
Hey, readers, what can I say? 
WOW! After all that was said and done---YOU WOULD THINK…… Man, this guy OBAMA, when he is doing nothing, he is really stirring up SUCH IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES as yelling ‘fire’ in the movie theater! Another ‘false flag’! 
But that is not all, friends and enemies alike---this NY TIMES PIECE by none other than Ray Rivera  recalls reliving horror and fainting hope at Massacre Site where? Where? Only the Connecticut Cops know!
  Hey, let’s not break the disgusting stereotype of the dumb, drunk, corrupt Irish/Scottish Cop and his corrupt union bosses---no way, JOSE!
  From my vantage point as a NY Times bestselling novelist----(yes, novelist-not non-fiction)—This NY TIMES PIECE reeks of juvenile fiction from one poor sucker of a ROOKIE WRITER.
  I don’t know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but from my point of view, this is the FIRST TIME the NYTIMES will should receive a PULITZER PRIZE for FICTION. 
  Now, many of you have criticized me correctly for reading the NY TIMES.  But believe it or not, I can’t help it. 
  I am an outright fan of the Executive Editor Jill Abramson.   First of all, in her defense, as if she needs one,  I will state outright that I know that she is in the middle a major REORGANIZATION!!
And how do I know that? 
I read it the NY Times.
But, quite frankly, I think that she is OVERLOADED!
However, anyone is better than Bill Keller —Former Executive Editor and blow-boy of POTUS BUSH  Jr! 
  Anyway, let’s get back to the KEYSTONE COPS from NEWTOWN !
  When you read their incredible personal suffering,  I did realize that they are right.  They do suffer from PTSDPARALYSIS OF TRUTH SYNDROME and give me my PCCU -PAYOFF from the CONNECTICUT COP UNION (I believe there is already a fund set-up for relief?/!)
  Professionally, I think they suffer from a much more severe form of PTSD –to which I think there is an epidemic---- “BULLSHITSKI  SYNDROME” 
  “BULLSHITSKI SYDNROME” is not yet accepted by the DSM V because I have not paid off enough of my former colleagues, manning the bastion of BIG PHARMA and ACADEMIA. 
  However,  BULLSHITSKI SYNDROME is seen primarily in Sociopaths, liars, cheaters, cowards—yes cowards, like the KEYSTONE COPS of Connecticut and those who want to humiliate and denigrate the TRUE COPS and LAW ENFORCEMENT officers who do not sound  like “FATTIE ARBUCKLE”  and the Keystone Cops. 
  Unfortunately, for these miscreants,  I have worked and taught policemen all over the USA and quite frankly they were nothing like the pathetic Newtown group of whining, fatsos, and corrupt cops who give you an ‘ANAMNESIS!” instead of a real POLICE REPORT. 
As usual, our major choreographer, the tool of all tools –EMPEROR OBAMUS—can’t do more than blabber, masticate and verbally masturbate himself into self –delusion. 
First, since he is such a QUEEN FOR DRAMA –Let  him orchestrate something like the musical—“CHICAGO”. 
  In this musical, OBAMUS can act out all his fantasy that he has so conveniently confabulated for our country in the midst of our worst ECONOMIC PERIOD.
You know, we can have OSAMA BIN LADEN sing and dance to that great musical piece, I love so much—“RAZZLE DAZZLE THEM!” 
  Then we can have OBAMA sing a solo , called “CELLOPHANE MAN!”  A man who talks and talks, but no one sees.  What’s the problem Obama? 
  We can have your MFA buddy Rahm Emanuel “BAD[T] MAN” –Do the choreography!  He does have a  MASTERS DEGREE in BALLET. 
Next we can have the most important fiction writer whom I have read about in the past ten years!
Tom Clancy? NO! HE’S BUSY!
Ken FOLLET? NO! He’s too good a writer!
Lets get a real SHLOCK WRITER!
YEAH! I am getting the idea! 
What about someone who does not write for adults? 
HEY! That's a great idea!
Someone who can write for Jack and Jill… 

SOMEONE WHO WRITES CHILDREN BOOKS AND IS very, very SUCCESSFUL---yes, mommy and daddy ,,,  pleeeease tell me…  another story…. 
Someone who made $600 million worldwide!  Oh COME on!!!! 
  I need someone who writes CHILDREN BOOKS and then puts in violence, murder, massacres and apocalyptic scenarios in an ongoing narrative.
 And you tell me that this author lives in Sandy Hook, the location of the proposed massacre! Great, how convenient!
  Yes, my dear readers, what we have here in the SANDY HOOK is a SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR BABY –where are you CLINT EASTWOOD When I need you? 
Clint, this one is worth six hundred times your million dollar baby! ! and she is not even a fighter in any sense of the word. 
  Where are you Suzanne Collins when the world wants to hear your gold plated words?  [oops, sorry, that was PLATINUM PLATED WORDS]. 
  Either you wrote this nonsensical scenario with your LT CL MILITARY war loving/hating AirForce father! Which one is it SUSAN? You hate war? Or you love creating fictional MASSACRES!
But you will remain silent because you are too cowardly and mercenary!
  Why you and I know that your publisher would break your publishing contract in a NY minute.
  There,  I rest  my case, you have the dumbest, greedy---THE KEYSTONE COPS—incompetent and crooked---- and you have the most mercenary GOD FEARING cowardly writer I have never wanted to meet—Ms Suzanne Collins---our Hunger Games VIRGIN MARY of the IMMACULATE SLAUGHTER. 
Thank you Ms Abramson for your gift.  I got it.  And so did the American public. 
Get your organization in shape and one day I will tell the world about a brave, smart JEWISH EDITOR who followed in the Wonderful STEPS of HER OUTSTANDING MENTOR ---LES GELB. 
  Take care and stay the course, NY TIMES!!!!!!
By the way,  Ms Abramson, if you have a free copy, oops sorry, I will pay for a copy of the NY TIMES to send to that "pretty boy" Anderson Cooper, anything to help him get his ratings up.   Meanwhile,  I am going to my moment of SANITY and turn on the only real news that I watch  now—STEVEN COLBERT NATION!!!!
Thanks  COLBERT,  for the moment of REPRIEVE!!!!
OH by the way, GUNMAKERS OF CONNECTICUT—why waste your time and money in that state (Connecticut) that does not really want you!!
Go to Florida with the hedge fund guys where there are no unions and no taxes--- they will give you a warm welcome!  But there will be no phony, KEYSTONE BULLSHIT HERE ---Floridians are too busy making money and SHOOTING PEOPLE…. REAL PEOPLE!!!! In Florida, they don't need to make things up, yes, the cops are real and the crimes are real.
They have laws to protect us gun carriers, Thank God. 
NO, WAIT A MINUTE…. should we?
Because  she alone did more for the increased sale of guns than anyone else— READ ALL THAT VIOLENCE, DEATH, MASSACRES AND SURVIVAL CRAP !!!

fictional narrative from NYTimes, I will be posting my thoughts soon

Monday, January 28, 2013

To Live And Die In Bangkok: Sin City-- But Beware!
As the lyrics of the song blast out in the Tsunami of Perversity: ”One night in Bangkok and your life is an oyster.”
But what happened to a prominent civil/labor rights activist and former magazine editor, Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, a 51 year old ?
All he did was to oversee the writing of two articles as the editor of the magazine, “The Voice Of Taksin”, written by Jakrapob Penkair, a former Thai Government spokesman who fled to Cambodia in order seek his freedom.
  So what did these two Thai gentlemen do? 
Rob a bank? No!
Steal state secrets? No!
Rape a Woman or a Man [both of which is de jure permissible in Bangkok]? No!
Download files from M.I.T and JSTOR? No!
Then what was so horrendous in a city that reeks of sin, vice, perversion, torture, human slave trade, drugs and just polymorphous human travesty?
Sokyot dared to challenge an ersatz antiquated,  atavistic French Law called “Lese majeste”. 
What is it? 
It is the Law of Thailand which makes it a crime of violating majesty
Yes, that beautiful halcyon picture of Siam [recall the movie “The King And I”] , Chang Mai, Phuket, or even Bangkok are all really under the jurisdiction of a King, Queen, and their royal family.
  What the law says since the 2007 Constitution:
 “The king shall be enthroned in a position of revered worship and shall not be violated. No person shall expose the King to any sort of accusation or action”. 
It goes on to state the following: Thai Criminal Code elaborated Article 112:
“Whoever defames, insults, or threatens the King, Queen, the heir-apparent or the Regent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years.”
Missing from the law ...what exactly the definition of ‘defamation’ or ‘insult’ is.
In effect, the courageous Somyot,  has been according to that wonderful organization which should be supported all over the world—Amnesty International: “Somyot has been found guilty simply for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and should be released IMMEDIATELY [my emphasis].” 
What makes this case and others particularly paradoxical is the following statement,  by His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej who himself said the following on his birthday speech of 2005:
“Actually,  I must also be criticized.  I am not afraid if the criticism concerns what I do wrong, because then I know.  Because if you say the king CANNOT [my emphasis] BE CRITICIZED, it means that the king is not HUMAN [my emphasis].” 
So what is going here? 
  There is this antiquated law that prohibits any one, especially ordinary Thai citizens from criticizing the King or his Royal family and at the same time, His Royal Highness has encouraged his citizenry to criticize him. 
Remember the axiom: those in power remain in power by any and all means [my axiom –no one should remember it, because I just created it; you see how easy it is to create an axiom or law]?
The answer to the perplexing conundrum lies not at the foot of the “King and I” but under the heels of those miscreants who co-opt the Lese Majeste .
  And who are they? 
  The Thai military!
Especially the generals of the Thai Military Coup of 2006,  Premier Thaksin Shinawatra and Royal Activist Sondhi Limthongkul. 
They used the law to arrest, prosecute and torture over thousands of innocent Thais and foreigners. 
  And one of those foreigners, is YOURS TRULY.
I am interested in this particular case -- not only for the importance that it highlights the essential liberty of ‘FREE SPEECH” all over the world against REPRESSIVE REGIMES-- whatever they call themselves—but, I too, was almost arrested under the same nonsensical law. 
Here’s what happened ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK:
  I was in transit from Myanmar [a beautiful country] to Cambodia when I had asked at the Thai International Airport for an upgrade on Thai Airlines.
One thing lead to another, and I found myself repeatedly requesting back my passport which Thai Intelligence had been ‘processing’
  I informed the Thai Personnel that I had to catch the plane to Cambodia explaining as ‘politely’ as I could that I had worked with the King’s military in 1991 in order to bring peace to Cambodia. 
Before I knew it, I was surrounded by Army Generals, local Thai police.  They wanted me to apologize. 
I said that I would not apologize for having said nothing against anyone. 
Their insistence to make me apologize made me more furious. They then threatened me on the spot with 7 years in prison. 
  As most of you have guessed by now,  I don’t like to be intimidated by anyone, least of all, the Thai Military or Thai Airlines. 
  Personally, I had nothing against the King because he was really an American born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts on December 5 , 1927. 
Yes folks, what we got here is an “Old Yankee” from Taxachusetts!
His father trained where I had trained at Harvard Medical School. And then the king went on to get an extensive education in Switzerland [where they also threw me out of school].  So, as far, as I was concerned there was nothing personal about it. 
  And accordingly, when I explained the problem to my friends in Cambodia and elsewhere, this is what happened:
  One week later,  two Thai Airline Offices were bombed at night—no one was hurt.  Then the King’s picture was placed on the internet with a boot across his face. 
  Of course, there was nothing personal, as far as I was concerned…. 
  It was just one  “THE QUIET AMERICAN” who, as an American Citizen,  refused to bow down to the whims of a foreign country, irrespective of their internal laws. 
The moral: Don’t Mess with Anyone’s Freedom of Speech Anywhere Around the World. 
Mal Y Soit Qui Mal Y Pense!
Bad things happen to people who think BAD THOUGHTS. 
Release Mr SOMYOT ASAP!   
Pretty Please, Your Excellencies… 

Couldn't resist, link to the lyrics of "One Night in Bangkok"...priceless.
Freedom of Speech......NOT! in Thailand, here's some homework, I will give you my personal take on this episode shortly.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obama’s Second Imperial Coronation: Beyonce Lip-Syncing; The United States Marine Band was Blowing Horns, Banging Drums and Making NO SOUNDS!Senator Schumer Promised Beyonce but Delivered Milli Vanilli!
OH MY GOD, What has this Republic come to? 
  First, there was the Osama bin Laden non-act on 9/11!
Then we had the Non-attack on the Non-Live Osama Bin Laden by the Non-SEAL TEAM!
Next there was the non-film, ZDT,  written by the non-CIA and the “Im-so-innocent Kathryn Bigelow!” who claimed that there was non-dictation by the non-Jose Rodriguez, a non-CIA DDO official!
For an extra dose of non-reality we had the non-deaths of the non-existing Embassy, ‘non-consular’, ‘non-special building’ with non-CIA Operatives not torturing non-Al Qaeda Terrorists, who were not created by the Non-CIA and did not allow the non-existent Killing Weapons,  not destined to the non-existing massacre initiated by the non-state of non-Kings of the  non-decadent Saudi Arabia, non-Emir of the UAE, and the non-existent vicious family of Sabah in Kuwait. 
  Whew! It’s difficult to keep up with all the non-realities that don’t exist in this non-effective Obama Imperial non-Presidency
  Please let me exercise my existential angst by expressing my non-frustration with this non-reality
  Then of course, we had the non-killing of the non-existent ‘baby angels’ of non-Sandy Hook in a non-slaughter by a non-existent non Asperger, named Lanza. 
  Poor Mario Lanza [for those of you who are too young, a great schmaltz singer]---how shameful he must feel that someone in his family did not kill anyone but his great Italian name was besmirched. 
Where is the non-existing Cosa Nostra when you need them to defend our honorable non-Corsican/ Italian honor? 
And so the Carousel of shameless deception continues –round and around.
  Then to my complete amazement and even shock,  I find out from my favorite “Truth Cleverly Disguised As Drek Newspaper” —The New York Post that in 2009 the non-CIA created  the non-President Barry Soetoro a.k.a  “Barack Hussein Obama the Second”! 
WOW! What happened to the first Obama—the non-existing father of the non-existing Barry Soetoro? 
  Hey this non-reality show does not  stop with just a fake President but adds a mentally handicapped Vice President Joseph Biden,  the non-Vice President whose malapropisms indicate the true level of the intellectual depth of our non-government—blusterous, moronic, and ineffectual! 
They make King George III who really had Porphyria and exhibited ‘nutsy’ behavior-look like a sweetheart before our Founding Fathers had enough and declared –“Revolution”!  But at least Georgie Boy had an excuse!  
  Then we have the “Queen of Spades” [no offense to my black comrades]—“Killary Clinton”—now testifying in front of the non-existent “Senate Foreign Affairs Committee” on the Non-Benghazi Deaths and purposeful murders of our brave FSOs and military operatives.
The scene of a Bob Corker [R-Tennessee] fellating Killary with nonsensical verbiage congratulating her on the non- negligent incompetence of the worst non-Sec State since the non-9/11 liar—Condi, the “Liar’s Liar” ever existed. 
  This Senator Cock could not spit ‘blow’ enough … thanking her for traveling to 121 countries. 
  WOW ! But she never created a strategy that did not kill thousands of innocent people like Egypt, Libya and now Syria.
  But what’s a few more thousands of innocent deaths—American and foreigners for Killary who has already “Fostered” her way to the Presidency for her completely Coke-Head Pimp, Slick Willy!
Killary forgot to tell Senator Cock about how she encouraged Slick Willy the inveterate coward and spineless sociopath to allow 800,000 innocent Rwandans to die at the mercy of Chinese-supplied Machetes facilitated by the Catholic Church in Geneva and wheeled by the well-healed French sponsored Hutus. 
What’s a genocide or two for Killary and Slick Willy? Nothing compared to their political ambitions—Caligula and Borgia all in one package!! 
How can you fault them?
In all honesty,  these two genetic aberrations allow most of us lazy Americans to avoid reading Greek and Roman history.  We see all the tragedies and deaths right now in front of our own lives in real time. 
  Forget On-Demand TV, we get non-Demand REALITY through our caricatures called Presidential leaders and Senior Civilian and Military leaders.
Haven’t we had enough already?
I need a real break from this non-reality of the non-existing non-competent Emperor Obamus and his non-functioning Seven Dwarfs---idiot, moron, stupid, imbecilic, pretentious, incompetent, and deception. 
As for me, this exhausted psychiatrist who is trying to make sense of this BARRAGE OF NON-REALITY,  I will have to become ANONYMOUS and try to find some sanity. 
 But, wait!
  I would never desert you, my dear readers!
I am presently looking up the possibility of relinquishing my American Passport—newly reissued because I am not really clear what kind of entity is called “AMERICA”?  Is it the folk rock band in the 70's, "A Horse with No Name" fame…they were great, weren't they?
But this other America---it’s just a name ---“A Rose is just a Rose”! Whatever the F..k that means , Gertrude Stein?
  Presently, I am considering declaring myself a POLITICAL PRISONER to a foreign government which makes sense to me!
Communist China? No!
Russia? No!
Bhutan? No!
  I am about to apply for citizenship,  inspired by the French Actor Depardieu, to seek POLITICAL ASYLUM in the only real country based on FANTASY—DISNEYLAND
  I am buying a yearly PASS for about 733 dollars and remain there with my companions who will never lie to me—Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and even go up to Magic Mountain to overcome my fear of heights [shrinks have their own neurosis]. 
  And then I will discuss the importance of world events with everyone or anyone who wants to hear my thoughts as I go around the boat on ‘It’s A Small World’ until the music makes me so numb that I don’t have to keep hearing the silence of  American Leadership's Incompetency. 
  You see in Disneyland, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have a real parade with real music and guess what? 
  It does not cost me or you or the American public a.k.a. ‘political cannon fodder’  trillions of dollars while Senator “Crash-on-the-Aircraft Carrier Deck: Juan [born in Panama] keep-giving-me-casino-chips and booze -- the S& L Arizona “crook”,   self-proclaimed ersatz hero, Hanoi Juan McCain-- acts like the loyal opposition to a non-existent POTUS in a non-existent Democracy. 
  So I end this blog, by pronouncing my loyalty to the most real country in the world—HAIL DISNEY LAND !
 And farewell to American POLITICIANS!!

Thanks PolicyCritic for this short 5 min Sandy Hoax video, this guy Gene Rosen is not only a bad actor but he is a bit spooky, hide the kids!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I had no idea how brilliant Donald Sutherland was!  Read his letter to Hunger Games director.
I know there are LOADS of videos on the Sandy Hoax out there but this one is short (5 mins) and actually quite funny, worth watching (British but you'll recognize the "mother" she's everywhere). Thanks to whomever sent it, so many I am losing track.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

some more info on this Carmen Ortiz in the Aaron Swartz tragedy, she is needs to understand that this is government FOR the PEOPLE, federal law is not a blood sport....seems she has been in this kind of trouble before, take a read.
I will be posting later tonight but here is some homework if you are interested, something does NOT smell right about this Sandy Hook thing, inconsistencies keep nagging me...especially when I start comparing to other events in recent history...hmmmm.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Suicide of Aaron Swartz: MIT-- Moral and Intellectual Integrity—at What Price? 
Conclusion: Fire President L. Rafael Reif and Massachusetts attorney Carmen M. Ortiz!!
For over thirty years, I have been extremely proud of having attended MIT Graduate School in Political Science/International Relations where I received my PhD. 
  At the time that I attended this incredibly innovative, progressive and intellectually rigorous institution [1971-74],  there was underlying moral code of conduct which inspired progressive thinking, analytical perspicacity and open dissensionRarely was a new idea or an aggressive approach to a new problem discarded or summarily dismissed. 
  At that time,  teachers and administrators were in tune with the elan vital of the MIT’s  ‘anything and everything goes’ as long as it presented intellectual and moral integrity as well as intellectual gravitas.  Ad hominem comments, supercilious attitudes and peremptory actions were severely discouraged, if not completely ostracized. 
But that was then, and now it appears that MIT has changed drastically in its moral code of ethics concerning openness, transparency, aggressive intellectual pursuit, defiance of conventional thinking and actions. 
  It’s  appears from the tenor of the mishandling of the Aaron Swartz case, that the President, L. Rafael Reif, an electrical engineer, born in Maracaibo, Venezuela to Eastern-European Jewish parent who spoke Yiddish and Spanish at home should be held accountable for the tragic events.
Why his heritage important in this case? 
Wait and see!  
  According to multiple media  reports, the suicide of Aaron Swartz,  a 26 year-old superstar of the cyberspace and it’s doppelganger, ‘hacking’ [whatever that really means], and ‘open access’ to cyber-information, ‘illegally hacked’ into the school’s computer networks to begin copying ‘millions of research articles belonging to JSTOR, the NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT SELLS SUBSCRIPTION ACCESS TO UNIVERSITIES [my emphasis]. 
  So, in my simplistic mind,  Aaron’s greatest crime was to ‘break’ into an entrepreneurial entity  where he wanted to disseminate information that JSTOR would have SOLD.
 As far as I know, no one was killed!
 No planes crashed!
 No power grids went down!
  And for that the US Attorney in Boston, Carmen M. Ortiz [also a Hispanic minority] decided to press Federal Government charges on a local MIT school incident even after Aaron turned over his hard drives with 4.8million documents.  JSTOR declined to pursue the ‘tainted’ legal case in which possibly Aaron’s first and fourth Amendment rights were completely violated. 
  More importantly this case shocked many if not most of us proud MIT alumni for the following reasons best stated by Brewster Kahle, MIT graduate and founder of the digital library Internet Archive, where Aaron gave programming assistance: 
“When I was at MIT, if someone wanted to hack the system, say by downloading databases to play with them, might be called a hero,  get a degree, and start a company. But they called the cops on him.  COPS [my emphasis].”
Kahle is absolutely correct.
  When I first learned about the internet and social media in 1972 [Professor Ithiel de Sola Pool], I transformed that knowledge into developing a content company, TV, Movie and software companies by creating the  TOM CLANCY’S NET FORCE Series which included such anarchistic ideas as “CYBERNATION”, “CYBERTERRORISM”, “NET FORCE” etc. 
  In fact, if you carefully read these books they were a formula for the dissolution of the nation state and the imposition of FBI supervision, decades before it happened. 
 Was I arrested? 
  As a matter of fact, I was embraced by like-minded, progressive thinker, in of all places,  the American military, who implemented and appreciated the ideas contained within the Realistic Novels
  It could have and would have been the same thing for Aaron Swartz if the over eager, insecure woman prosecutor had bided her time and did not get panicked by Michael Pickett, a Secret Service agent detailed to the crime scene. 
 Also if the President Reif had been a ‘mensch’ [man] and not the personification of the Peter’s Principle, Aaron would have still been alive. 
  So what have I concluded from this tragic occurrence?
  First, the death of Aaron Swartz is directly attributable to the egregious profit motives of JSTOR—whatever BS organization they are. 
  Then, there is no doubt that two Hispanic individuals acted plus catholique que le pope!
 More Catholic than the Pope!
 Why do I say Hispanics?
  Because as  a jewish Cuban of Polish origin, I have been fascinated to watch how my contemporaries have acted in different crises situations
And what I observed is that they lack maturity and judgment … which comes with experience and self-confidence. 
  In the case of President Reif, I know MIT extremely well, having both earned a degree and treated many of the MIT students in the MIT Student Health Center. 
  MIT is unusual because it attracts extremely bright, often socially awkward young people, usually men [at that time there were only men primarily] in a very, very  competitive environment. 
For the most part, a distinguished Engineering Professor in Micro electronics may be exceptional in his field but in no way does it qualify Reif to be an effective administrator of psychologically attuned to the dynamics of these students. 
  Because he is a minority himself, one would have expected Reif to give his Landsman [jew] a fair chance to explain himself [since Reif had been a Provost before]. 
However,  in my professional opinion, Reif was not the right candidate to lead MIT into the future, he panicked and failed miserably in his first but most revealing crisis when he said the following:
“It pains me to think that MIT played any role in a series of events that have ended in tragedy.”
  Well, Professor, you and your Hispanic colleague, Ms Ortiz have effectively done what Chavez could not do to you or our family and that is place a noose around Aaron Swartz’s head so that he could find the only reasonable solution out of his personal crisis that you both created needlessly---SUICIDE!
  Professor Reif and Ms Ortiz, as a fellow refugee and a psychiatrist who has been involved in PREVENTING MULTIPLE STUDENT SUICIDES AT MIT,  I urge you both to resign for the welfare of both MIT,  the State of Massachusetts and more importantly, the future welfare of our STUDENTS. 
 You both are a TRUE MENACE to our society when you act in an immature, pernicious, officious way because you want to be more of a ‘gringo’ than the Americans who founded that great institution.
You both have failed. 
Professor Reif, you failed as a President. 
You failed as a compassionate Professor
You failed by not showing “Rachmonis” – Compassion in Yiddish
And you failed as a human being. 
  Please go back to your schizoid world of nano technology and do something better for mankind before you kill another MIT student. 
  As for you Ms Ortiz, you represent the worst of American justice and I strongly suggest,  you leave the Prosecutors office ASAP before you kill another innocent victim. 
As for MIT—Shame on you!
  If you thought there was Chinese infiltration—Bullshit! 
You have more Asia students who are de facto operatives from the PRC and other Asian countries whom you know are being actively recruited by our intelligence organization. 
  So there was no excuse for considering any intrusion to be illegal other than the most important concern for today—COMPROMISING YOUR MONEY FLOW.
  As for JSTOR , I don’t know anything about you. But from my point of view, there will be millions of ANONYMOUS HACKERS that will now find you as ‘grist for the mill’. 
  And as for you Secret Service man, Mr Pickett, go protect POTUS! 
Remember, POTUS surrounds himself with more guns than there are in one Walmart outlet.  So take good care of the Emperor while he espoused “GUN CONTROL”. 
Pickett, stay away from anything that requires maturity and legality.  Don’t forget, you, Secret Service Man, belongs to an organization of “Fornicators” who are so cheap that they refuse to pay their twenty five dollar hookers in Colombia while you were on POTUS’s protective detail. 
And also, Pickett,  why don’t you help your drunk friends in Miami who get busted by the Miami –Dade Police Department for miscreant behavior and are correctly placed in the Miami slammer. [I hope Ms Ortiz  that  you understand this!] 
  In short,  Mr Pickett, tell your boss, Mr Sullivan , another incompetent ‘choir boy’ to GET LOST! 
And as for the Board of Directors of MIT—we are all watching you!
 Soit-sage!!! Be wise!! 

I will be posting my thoughts on the Aaron Swartz tragedy but here is some background from NYTimes
From one of our readers, unending carousel of terror-counter-terror..."France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali"
READ! Interesting article on the "family feud" between MI and CIA, unfortunately, Americans lose out.  Pass it on so we can stop this nonsense and stop wasting money.  Thanks to my reader for sending it to me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Obituary from a Counter-Terrorist to his Ex-Terrorist: P. GALLINARI,  leader of Italian Red Brigade,  Dies of Heart Attack at 62! 
Gloria in Excelsis Deo! Glory to God! 
Finally he is dead!
Recently, a reader sent me the video of Kei$ha that slithering, decadent temptress singing “Die Young”, that is the soundtrack in my head as I write this eulogy.
PG was already a dead beat long before his official death, a couple days ago.
  The worst part about P. Gallinari [PG] was not the fact that he had killed the Prime Minister of Italy, Aldo Moro, an already pathetic, corrupt, ineffectual leader like all of the other Italian Prime Ministers [are you listening, Berlusconi?], but that in his attempts to kill me over eight weeks, he was intolerably BORING and SELF-RIGHTEOUS.
In my thirty year world of counter –terrorism, there were many terrorists whom I respected and even admired, Noriega, Mujica, Habash, Hawatmeh, Hanafi Muslims, Qadaffi, IRA, and of course our own American Presidents. They may have been murderers, torturers, bullies but none of them bored me to (near) death like PG.
In a world filled with terror, imminent death, adrenaline rushes and constant fear, no one threatened my life more literally than PG.   He placed me on a HIT LIST for over two months where I had to sleep and eat in the luxurious Excelsior Hotel in Rome with an unmarked 7.4millimeter beretta every night and day, waiting to blow away anyone who came through my room.
Thanks to the inability of my CIA,  State RSOs, and the ineffectual Italian Carabinieris,  I was on my own to ‘deal’ with ‘regime change’ and the ‘nasty dead end kids’, called the Red Brigade.  These guys brutally terrorized the state of Italy [a compilation of corrupt city-states—really it should be made into one big museum], killing and maiming wherever they went.  
  From my personal point of view during this time of this Italian Terror,  I hold no grudges toward my own people and their own inadequacies.  Just business as usual.  Coincidently, during this time the CIA Russian Mole, Aldrich Ames, was in the American Embassy, xeroxing secrets like crazy without any interference from his CIA colleagues.
As usual, I left my safe house and embassy quarters to work directly with a very talented Christian Democrat Interior Minister called Francesco Cossiga, a cunning, Sardinian.   He was actually related to his opponent Enrico Berlinguer, the very effective, honest leader of the PCI, the Italian Communist Party, also a Sardinian. 
Cossiga and I formed a bond of mutual distrust and Machiavellian maneuvering.  I tried to corner his fascist SISME and SISIDE [Police and Military Intelligence that had just tried to overthrow the government] while neutralizing the P2 Scandal in Milan involving the most corrupt tap-dancing moron and mafioso, Berlusconi.  He had been arrested by my orders some forty years ago for also attempting to overthrow the Italian Government.  
  So much for arresting corrupt Italian Politicians and terrorists—they are all the same, of course. 
But no one annoyed me more than PG!
  He was didactic, self-important, and worst of all an intellectual poseur
He would write these incredibly sophomoric, autodidactic, nonsensical explanations for revolutionary to me.  I reminded myself that I was the grand nephew of Adolf Joffe, Trotsky's right hand man and leader of the comintern….how could he really expect me to read his crap!
  The incredible audacity of this wannabe GROUCHO MARX [not even a real Marx] to force me to read these interminable ten page photo copies on his interpretations of Neo –Marxian Theories and the need for terror.  
  PG went to the full extent of trying to teach me about the Frankfurt School of Theory and rationalize his killings according to Habermas, Adorno’s Authoritarian Theories and even Trotsky’s Need for Constant Revolution. 
Well, in my world of counter terrorism, please torture me, interrogate me, or even shoot me…….but never, never bore me to death.
So PG, there is very little that I can say about you that has any redeeming value, other than you were at best the Groucho Marx of Terrorism, leading a pathetic effete groups of PSEUDO –INTELLECTUALS, whom when we arrested them were begging for their lives.  And you trying to escape from prison digging a tunnel with a SPOON
  Quite frankly, I am ashamed to say this but you are and were a complete disgrace to the dishonorable field of terrorism
  You whined when you should have acted.  You complained when you should have tortured. You wrote nonsense when you should have given us a time line that really worked. 
  Clearly not only where you an intellectual coward but you were also a coward as terrorists go,  pleading for your life and complaining about your failing heart.. 
Thank god that’s over.   Now I can listen to Ke$ha's "Die Young"
Looking for some trouble tonight
Take my hand and I'll show you the wild side
Like its the last night of our lives
We'll keep dancing till we die
We're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

Ave Atque Vale! Hale and Farewell!

This brings back memories, posting soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Here's the NYTimes article on Algerian raid for reference

By now everyone pretty wells know about the Algerian Military assault on the Amenas Gas Field in Algeria, owned by a ‘cooperative’ formed primarily by our “favorite-- criminal-oil-spilling British Petroleum”  and a Japanese and Norwegian oil company.
According to the fluctuating narrative presented by our world media puppeteers, there were anywhere from 10 to 30 hostages killed by the Algerian assault
 The perpetrator of the so-called ‘hostage siege’ was non-other than an infamous rogue called Mokhtar Belmokhtar. He is often described by his sycophants as a “Prince of Kidnappers” or the more ignorant salafists adoringly call him “Laaouar” or the One-Eyed.  Others have called this petty thug, “Mr. Marlboro” for the cigarette –smuggling monopoly he created in the sub-saharan region of Africa, or “Mr . Untouchable”.  
  The French Intelligence, actually is exceedingly quite effective in their interrogations, tortures and assassinations –just ask the thousands of innocent Tutsis slaughtered under the SPECIFIC DIRECTION of the French President Mitterrand.  This genocide was knowingly accomplished during the Bill Clinton’s impotent non-response tenure where 800,000 innocent Rwandans died mercilessly. 
The French Intelligence, often termed in French as “La Piscine” because  of the water or ‘swimming pool’ in front of their building, has undoubtedly already placed Mokhtar “Le Meck”[ The Outsider] or “Le Poutain” [the whore] on their payroll . 
Also they have endeared themselves to Mokhtar by calling him ‘the Untouchable’ because he escaped unharmed after being involved a series of kidnappings in 2003 where he captured 32 Europeans which is thought to have earned him millions of dollars in ransom.
This seeming animosity between the ‘One Eyed Frito Bandito’, ostensibly an Islamic militant, and the rest of the civilized world sounds as fake as an American three dollar bill. 
  The reason is simple.  In the same way that our inept CIA had created Al-Qaeda and then had the stand-down in 9/11 , the French are no slouches at creating their own bĂȘte-noire to play ‘cat and mouse’ with
  When your economy is in shambles, as ours was under Bush Jr,  the best way to create an internal distraction and avoid dealing with domestic entropy—France has almost a zero GDP—is to create an external distraction with your ‘favorite stool pidgeons’
  And this ignorant two-bit huckster, Mokhtar Belmokhar, born in Algeria, is on the payroll of the following intelligence services: France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia [cowards who pay ‘salafists’ -ignorant muslim thugs], United Arab  Emirate [also “Oil Cowards”], Dubai [another “Oil Coward’ paying insurance premiums to play it safe], Kuwait [the pernicious Sabah family], the ineffectual CIA; the flagging British Intelligence; the pathetic Norwegian Intelligence [can’t even pick up a domestic ‘terrorist’]; the atavistic Japanese Intelligence [too busy fighting the next war with China];  the thorough Algerian Intelligence [they know everyone in their country and then some] and possibly even our very own favorite—Israel [plays everyone against each other—even jew against jew—what  a Holy Land!]. 
How do I know? 
  Because there has ALWAY been a ‘favorite terrorist’ of the year, like Carlos, the “Jackal” or Noriega, who has been on at least five to ten different intelligence payrolls.
Let’s call it the TERRORIST of the YEAR! TOTY! For the past twenty years, who was the most favorite TOTY? Come on! YOU KNOW! That bogey man with the renal dialysis machine whom Emperor Obamus and the Seal Team Six-PAK killed.
Twenty straight years in a row, he has been the most wanted terrorist in the world—just ask John Brennan--- You can always trust a hard drinkin’ ineffective, Irish bullshitter trained to lie like Johnnie boy to insure that OBL gets the TOTY Award Twenty Straight Years in a row.  And he was/is/ and will always be DEAD! 
Believe me! 
I am not kidding. 
When Carlos was ‘captured’ by the French—the same warriors who were defeated by the Germans in four weeks during WWII---  he was found to be on the following payrolls: French, CIA, Israeli, German, and eight or more other payrolls.
Contrary to what your esteemed governments tell you, it PAYS TO PLAY, to be a ”TERRORIST”. 
If you are the PKK,  the Turks will pay you to be their ‘in house terrorist’.
  If you are Israeli,  let’s create “Hamas” and then shoot at them with rockets that we, Israel, made against the rockets that they, Hamas, have been shooting at us, Israel, but we, Israel,  made and sold those same rockets to China, which in turn sold those Hamas rockets to Iran which  then sold it to Hamas. 
Get it!
“Money makes the world go around”…. “The world go  around”… it’s a Genocidal Cabaret.. played by all the countries on the Perm Five Of the UN:  USA, France, China, Russia, England--- and only a few hundred thousand innocent people get killed every year. 
Once again, Nicholas Cage as the “Lord of War” was right on the bullit---all billions of rounds of them sold all over the world.  No Country can afford to be out of the ‘game of terrorism’.
It’s too costly! 
Lest you think that France can only sell Camembert and Courvoisier Cognac, take a second look at what they brought to this buffet of death and slaughter in Mali and Algeria:
  2,300 Troops as part of Operation Serval, including the legendary Foreign Legion who brought us that famous defeat in Dienbeinphu, Vietnam—at the time, most of them were Ex-Nazi POWs.  Yes, the FL is made up of miscreants and opportunistic cannon fodder for which they can get a worthless French Passport after five years of nefarious deeds.  
Now Hollande, the great socialist President (who never worked an honest day in his life and can’t stand capitalists)  sent a fighter bomber force consisting of the Mirage Fighters, transport helicopters, and Euorcopter Tiger attack helicopters belonging to the Fifth Combat Helicopter Regiment into Bamako, Mali. 
Remember, just because the French never won a  major war since the Napoleanic era—by the way Napolean was Corsican, not French—that does not mean that the French Army does not want to try ‘their toy weapons’ and ‘fire off a few rounds’ against their newly created ersatz bum Mokhtar Blemokhtar, in order to encourage the ‘French Economy’ and spirit the French insouciance into a flurry of pseudo-nationalism.
But what this universal ‘terrorist-counter-terrorist’ game means is that for the second time in the history of Free Algeria, the President Boutelika, ex-terrorist himself fighting against French oppression, will not tolerate ‘islamic terrorism’ or any form of sovereign intervention in his country.
Algeria has refused to negotiate with any of these recently CIA/ MI-6/ Saudi/UAE/Dubai/Turkey funded ‘islamic jihadists’.  In fact, the Algerian government, born of terrorism against the French and a subsequent military coup in 1993,  has a history of violent suppression of Islamist militancy. 
  “Those who think we will negotiate with terrorists are delusional”, said Algerian Minister Mohand Said Oublaid. ”Those who think we will surrender to blackmail are delusional”. 
Guess whom he was talking about?
  The one I have most pity for is of course the most disingenuous one of them all: 
English Prime Minister David Cameron, a staunch defender of civil liberties who allows his ineffectual police and intelligence institutions to purvey and encourage wire-tapping of innocent British citizens and  ignores the blatant ‘buggery’ of boys and girls by Jimmy Savile, the host of the BBC show called, “Top Of The Pops”. 
Then we have the ‘poor hostages’. 
Who are they? 
  They are for the most part, highly paid employees of the British Petroleum, that famous oil company that spilled millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Then they lied to us, Americans, about what they had done and how much damage they had created. 
For the most part, BP can be considered a corrupt, invidious, and malignant presence on this earth.
Pity, I have not.
  Anyone who worked for them, as well as the Norwegian and Japanese Oil companies, knew all too well that they were paying paid to expose their respective lives to treachery, danger, and death. 
  That’s why their salaries are high and tax free
  So, please don’t tell me about innocent hostages!
Therefore, Algeria exemplified the best of human nature and national sovereignty! 
Kill the “Inglorious Bastards” wherever they may be—in the oil fields; in the mosques; in the government. 
And as for England, France, Japan, Norway, Italy…
Tas Guel!
Get outta here!!!
Oh, one last thought, let see if Hillary will redeem her sorry performance in the Benghazi tragedy cum coverup with some words of wisdom "on the terrorist threat" in Africa.