Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ne Plus Ultra of Political Corruption and Business Incompetence! Al Gore Ex-VP; Ex-Senator; presently Business Charlatan!
Just as we think that one sociopathic politician retires from the public eye, then,  thanks to their insatiable desire for recognition,  they reappear like cockroaches after a nuclear disaster.
I wish there was a way that we could kill off these corrupt politicians, but for now, I just have to wait and pray.
But, our cherubic-faced, portly intellectual Falstaff,  Al Gore, has been true to form and my expectations. 
I must say that I have met him and his family on several different occasions, and quite frankly, he has always impressed me as a genetic crossbreed between and donkey, mule and a horse’s ass. 
  Now I know that this is not genetically possible, at least , not yet.  But if it were, it would describe in part the arrogant insolence of this man whom George Bush Jr was able to defeat in a debate. Thanks not to Bush’s intelligence, but thanks to Al Gore’s insistence that he was smarter than anyone in the room.  It was easy to bait him into a psychological trap where his braggadocio contributed to his inevitable self-destruction
How do I know? 
  I helped prepare the debate for Bush Jr through an intermediary.
  Now, even NY Times, has written a devastating article [Brian Stelter] about this liberal intellectual crook who intimidated his way into selling a non-revenue, ‘puny’ [NYT word] Current TV entity to Al Jazeera, the Qatari –based company. 
The sale of a non-existing business is not new- The Carlyle Group Of Washington DC has done that repeatedly, selling military contract companies to the DOD.  Recently Meg Whitman, a paragon of business acumen, bought on behalf of the moribund Hewlett Packard an 8.4 billion dollar company replete with accounting fraud [she only used four of the four big accounting firms].
  But Al Gore now looks like JP Morgan and Carnegie combined. 
  You see the fact that Al had zero experience as a business man and still earned 100 million dollars for a sale in which he literally ‘intimidated’ all the parties—is par for the American Political course. 
  Forget about honesty,  hard work and please don’t even mention that Puritan Work Ethic—that’s beyond passé. 
  And you poor jerks out there, including me, who believe in meritocracy,  discipline,  honesty, and transparency---we ARE THE AMERICAN SUCKERS!!
Let's take Bill Clinton!
  This boy, believe me in no sense of the word is he a ‘man’,  earned over a couple of hundred million dollars from the –guess who? –Yup!—The Qatari’s representing their interests in buying up our ports and harbors.
  Hey, why do I have to waste my time to illustrate,  how slick willy made millions. You get it.
  Clinton is beyond corrupt.  He was born into a corrupt family, in a corrupt town—Hope Arkansas; and grew up as ‘drug addict’ pushing and taking drugs and scamming the system.  Even the CIA had to help him out at Oxford  where he won a Rhodes Scholarship which of course,  he never finished.  But we all know slick willy.  He barely knows how to zip up his pants, let alone how to run a business or write a book. 
  Believe me he could not have written his book.  He does not have the intellect or patience.  Just like Hillary, he had a ghost writer provided by the publishers.  No dopes are these publishers. 
If you were Hitler meeting Stalin to discuss the extermination of the human race, these publishers would arrange to have someone write your respective love sonnets.  And then the well –known Hollywood talent agencies, all populated by jews, would make it into a intolerable musical,  just like Les Mis.
Anyway back to the Gory Gore!
He is one piece of work!
  He will demand your attention about an issue he had opportunistically discovered —Global Warming and the Environment. 
  This Gerber baby was tutored by Slick Willy,  nurtured by the infamous Chicago Mob family—the Pritzkers and reviled by his distant cousin, Gore Vidal – the famous writer and liberal satirist who despised Al  for his hypocrisy and malfeasance,  Al was destined for crime, corruption and hypocrisy very early on in his Senatorial career. 
  You see,  he felt that from childhood, which was first incubated at the Washington DC Ritz-Carlton [his father was also a senator] and then nurtured at the elite, all boys school, St Albans, the Gerber Baby felt that the Presidency, au moins, was his for the asking-not the taking but the asking. 
  Who says there is not nobility or pretense to nobility in the US? 
  So Gerber Baby could never really test out the limits of his talent.  When he went to war in Vietnam, he served in the Public Relations division—GOOD MORNING VIETNAM !!! 
No bullets, or sharp objects should ever come near this American Dali Lama.  He was to return as pristine as he went in order to marry his alcoholic wife—Tipsy Gore—who volunteered, all on her own, to campaign against the evils of Rock N Roll. 
  She thought that RnR would pollute my and your minds.  Blame it on “Little Richard” and “Chuck Berry” and of course, my contemporary classmate at Booker T Washington –the sad, but talented “Franki Lyman” and his brother.  I feel so bad that I was MK-ultra’d by rock ‘n roll.
But back to the Gerber Baby.
Let me quote from Brian Stelter’s excellent article:
“Al Gore’s Current TV was never popular with viewers” (shocker!) 
  It was not the content or even the revenue which was not existent, it was his ability to intimidate the sheiks of Qatar, and you won’t believe this one—Rupert Murdoch.  Now, one can say, many things about Rupert but he is one hell of a businessman who started from Perth, Australia and created an empire in hundreds of countries.   Now that’s a business man!  In 1991, in the Bush Sr Administration, I was literally tracking his company from East Asia to the US.  Then poof! Murdoch became a very $$welcomed  US citizen.  Now,  I know,  many of you out there may have your misgivings, but just think Murdoch as ‘tough’, ‘ persistent’ and ‘thorough’. 
  Now, if you tell me that Gerber Baby Gore can intimidate Murdoch, that tells me more about the American political system and the vulnerability to the political elite’s ability to manipulate it for their own monetary gains
  Writ large is Bush Jr, and now, our present POTUS—Barack Obama
What was the first thing Obama did when he was elected a novitiate to the senate as the state representative from Illinois?
Did he spend his time on learning legislative procedures? 
  Did he want to learn domestic policy and the intricacies of the budget? 
The first and major concern for Senator Obama was and is what he said in the first days in the senate to his aides,
“Don’t bother me! I will be writing a book about my father!”
  Hey, a few million dollars later, our President became a millionaire without a company,  without investing but just by creating a false narrative about his non-existing father which was, in my opinion,  a cover-up for the real story of his CIA mother, CIA grandmother and CIA grandfather –all on his maternal side.
  So Baby Gerber Gore can make 100 million dollars for a non-existing company with ‘puny ratings’ and nothing related to his talents other than his political connections and his ability to intimidate anyone that he wants with impunity. 
Just to put salt on the wound of meritocracy and the Puritan Ethic, the Gerber Baby was NEVER A FULL-TIME  CHAIRMAN. 
Boy, does that hurt me! I have been involved in 28 start-ups and had to be there 24/7,  no vacations, sick days, no excuses.   And I may have lost money on forty per cent of my companies. 
So, I am one pissed serial entrepreneur.
  Here is what Gore did while he made 100 million dollars for not working in his job:
He was a co-founder of Generation Investment Management –sounds like a BS company of much money, no work---once again!
At the same time, he was an investment partner at the premiere venture capital firm Klein, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers.  This firm is a major player for most hi-tech companies. They were successful way before Gore came to Silicon Disney Land.  Believe me, there is a lot of hype in Silicon Valley.  More companies fail than succeed. 
  And as if the Gerber Baby was not already an exceptional business toddler,  he is also an advisor to Google, the company which was just designated as clean of ‘no antitrust findings’
Can you believe that Baby boy has enough time to be on the Board of Apple?  Steve Jobs –what happened to ‘integrity’ and ‘accountability’?
And as all well –functioning, successful crooks and corrupt politicians do as a matter of recourse, the Gerber Baby found enough time to be Chairman of the Climate Reality Project!
  I don’t know about you, but I am already exhausted from his rap sheet.
  A poor American worker can barely fit in three jobs a day to meet his/her minimum daily financial requirement to stay alive.  But the Gerber Baby, he got the message from Bush Jr in Florida when the votes were miscalculated and our honest, law-abiding Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bush jr and allowed the VP to retire comfortablyIt pays to be a crooked politician and a disastrous business man.
All at the expense of the dumb, hard-working, sacrificing American public! What morons we are! 
  America now rewards the ‘pay something for nothing’ crowd more than those who serve, wait, manufacture and create. 
  It pays to be the Gerber Baby Gore because the worst of his miserable, unbearable childhood and adulthood is over,  he can now retire as he has always wanted to—the heir apparent to the Robber Kings!
From my humble point of view, there is only one thing I can say “desperate affairs require desperate measures” Lord Horatio Nelson the one-eyed British Naval Hero said when he defeated the corrupt,  destructive self-anointed Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. 
Le Roi est morts! Vive le roi!!!


  1. Gore, Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama all belong that group of professional politicians who love money and think they're entitled to the best of everything this country has to offer - materially, NOT culturally. All of them could take a page from Mary Lincoln's handbook after her husband had to squash a Congressional investigation into her fraud and corruption the purpose of which was to re-style her White House [Executive Mansion] in lavish fashion.

    Ever notice how these characters, the ones focused so much on material gain, ALSO have a propensity for DISHONESTY and MEGALOMANIA?

    On this topic look to the politicians who CARED NOTHING for material gain and set their honesty next to those like Gore, Lincoln, Clinton, et. al.

    For example: Jimmy Carter, Dwight Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover, and the poor man of the U.S. Senate Sam Rayburn were all men of high integrity who didn't think because they were national political leaders that they had any entitlement to wealth.

    And regards the last name on this short list, Sam Rayburn, he served honorably in the Senate at the same time as Lyndon Johnson, who was also from Texas but unlike Rayburn was a corrupt homicidal gangster who amassed a huge fortune through bribery and fraud, thereby having to kill numerous witnesses along the way. History will record Johnson as being among the most malevolent persons to ever inhabit the White House, and probably was the linchpin of the assassination of his predasessor.

  2. Gore is merely a top-of-the-line, high-priced Gigolo, someone for a working stiff to envy...after all, the $$$ continues to multiply with very little brain power or intellectual property.

    Whoever said, Money doesn't grow on trees? Global Warming germinated them...

    It says more about Bush '41 who has underwritten every politician with POTUS aspirations since his presidency...stay out of his way, do what he demands, and you will live well, all under the auspices of the American Dole. Just ask Mitt Romney who was only seen and not heard and now, he is not even seen. How's that for a $900 million investment?

    Gore is seriously defective, and understandably quite miserable. His girth is reflective of his BPD.

    His daughter married a nice jewish doctor, had a couple of kids and bam...a quiet divorce...about the time Tipper, whom he drove to drink with his obnoxious bedside manner, filed as well.

    His son, III was in a near death accident as a young boy, has had illegal drug issues for quite awhile and is amassing an interesting rap sheet...something that certainly weighed heavily on the break up, likely due to unfettered parenting.

    There is no way the man understands empathy, as you know, Dr. P., Narcissists are incapable of it, even with a lifetime of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

    Obama, Clinton. and Gore & Hillary are Borderline Personality Disordered. (BPD) There must be a criteria for the need to be omnipotent in the differential diagnosis.

    All have one commonality: on their own merit, they are are incompetent and could never hold a corporate job for very long...they lack imagination, creativity, & self-discipline.

    Hillary has gained at least 40 lbs in 4 years. She cannot style herself, her hair, makeup, and fashion are 3rd world.

    Bill looks like he is at death's door. All those beta blockers are doing a number on his kidneys. They will shut down soon.

    Gore is about to have severe cardiac arrest, similar to Tim Russert.

    As for Obama, he will not last his 2nd term as POTUS, aka FRAUD IN CHIEF. He has messed up Bush '41's plans for Jeb. He is a renegade who has gone off the reservation. After all, he didn't built that...Bush did. You heard it here first.

    Lest we forget about sick Uncle Joe Biden..."Hey Pal"...he will finish the term, with a gentlemen's AGREEMENT, or lose the $200 million pay off Poppy gave him to keep Obama preoccupied. Why else did he "mediate" the phony fiscal fiasco?

    I could have done a far superior, selfless, and patriotic job.

    Also, can you give any explanations of the Deep Scars on Obama's Skull from ear to ear? unless they are microphone implants or a transmitter to arrest his chronic stuttering, similar to the Parkinsonism implants...

    My own conclusion is he was in a head on collision in Hawaii, high on dope on 3-12-82 arrested in his 20's for driving without a license, failed to appear in court, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest, and the entire file was quietly purged ex parte a few weeks before he ran for Illinois State Senate in the mid-90's.
    read it for yourself:

    it is inevitable that tragedy will befall all these evil deed-doers...Hillary just got a preview as a result of her conspiratorial prevaricating.

    What I'd like to see from you, Dr. P. is a piece or pieces on the differential diagnoses on all the diabolical leaders since Woodrow Wilson. There is definitely a pattern here.

    1. Powerful stuff patriarch!!I will endeavor to look further, this is great stuff that I read on here! I can almost taste the atmosphere by my fellow readers posts

    2. Hillary's physical health has been deteriorating the last four years; it's obvious.

      Her husband was so frail he could barely speak in the Democratic Convention. His voice was weak, and he is gaunt, thin, and wasting.

      Bill Clinton had some degree of coronary blockage which he had treated with standard treatments as soon as he was out of the White House, and those treatments are killing him.

      He barely survived the bypass surgery he was given, and after a year of more surgeries and recovery he's never been the same.

      His doctors have him on a fat-restrictive diet that's causing his brain and other tissues to be starved of oils, and you can see this in the palor of his skin and hair.

      Standard medical treatment is killing both of them.

      Go Alternative!

    3. Listen friend I wouldn't presume to diagnos these characters as having Borderline Personality Disorder.

      Frankly I don't believe that disorder actually exists, anymore than 90 percent of the people today diagnosed as "bi-polar" are really manic-depressive.

      Psychiatry has become corrupted beyond belief today, with clinicians making unfounded diagnosies to serve the wishes of parents, schools, the justice system, their clients, or themselves.

      "Borderline Disorder" is just a catch-all for being an asshole whose ability to care or empathize with others is outlying outside of the normal range for that person's social group.

      That's all it is.

    4. On the other hand I do recognize in Obama a lack of ability to empathize as well as a disconnectedness from values or ideals. This explains his "no-drama-Obama" personality. He has no passion for anything. He cares about no ideas, principles, or anything.

      Obama was a severely wounded child because his mother chose her new husband, Mr. Sotorro, over him. She sent him packing back to live with her parents the way neglectful girls usually do when they have a child that gets in the way of thier partying or other livlihoods or ambitions.

      His low self esteem led him to use drugs a great deal and not give a shit about anything, but then he realized he could find contentment by conning others using his family's misguided social awareness as a template.

      From his point of view his family's social conscienceness was all bunk - but he learned how to USE it to speak the language of people seeking to do good for others.

      He's a total phoney, and will adapt himself to whatever benevolent cause he needs to in order to realize his ambitions, and this hasn't been difficult because so many people want to beleive that a black man can be a gentlemen.

      And why not given the way our stupid white leaders have screwed us.

  3. The dual natured universe that is Of Humanity ensures that nothing is fixed should it not be real, Reality being Of The Singularity. A Simplicity which Eludes. As such, within the universe governed by The Whipsaw, it is The Trend which is important and little else. Neither King Kong claims nor Squashing Ants Expedition, oka "Of The Empire", matters much. When it comes to The Trend, however, it is the 2nd order, oka The Empowerment/The Trending, which counts there being no such thing as certainty/singularity within uncertainty/duality. Duality ensures that every Venom Spit will have to be atoned for by the bout of Blood Coughing. Why is this so principled? Because Disagreement exists only for plundering by Commissioning and is not about certainty-uncertainty, The Bookie being the ONLY who profits from Disagreement. Yet another Simplicity which Eludes, especially those who believe that The Toothfairy is always The Feminine, there being plenty of Toothfairies who are Of The Masculine.

    Neither the real Al Gore nor the apparent Al Gore is the point/reality but who profits from either is [the reality]. By those who need Frivolous & Nonsensical activity in order to exist. The malevolents, real activity being Of Evolution, Evolution being that which applies to all who are Of Truth and not merely applicable to some, the latter being Of The Vacillation, The Middling Truthers - Sump'fing, Somewhere in Zer Middle - zer Politikos being one very obvious example. Should Malevolence exists then Benevolence has to exist and this is what the whole game is about. Like it, believe it, realise it, or not, Benevolence, oka The Flow/Tao of Evolutionary Spirituality or Divinity, exists but not as that spun by the mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, Religion & Religiosity.

    The activities of, say, Al Gore, is merely a mirror for those who believe in The Toothfairy, you know, those into "Reality Show", "Soaps", "Election", "Uncle Tommy und hist Kabalistic Kabin Krew" being "The Angelic Few" because they have-mastered/own The Oral Gymnasium, and the myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense binned under Fame, Fortune & Immortality. Don't believe it? Wait until you'd reverted to The Spiritual by which time it is too late, Regret being another delusion called The Past. Why does it always have to be too late? Not for the likes of Bear, Man und Peeg when it comes to malevolence, of course. This is why Divinity exists but HE/He-She is only realisable by those who have relinquished their Desire for Purity for The Purity within Desire. Those who have finally realised The Beginning AND The Ending. Those who have realised and not merely tried to own The Truth, Truth, in addition to being applied to all and not merely applicable to some, is that which always has a beginning AND an ending and not merely being something, somewhere in the middle with "Demoicracy" being the commentary by those who are experts in expanding on The Middle. Middlings like "Al Gore" and "Al Qaeda".

    Stupidity is when one chooses to be so whereas Dumbness is when you were merely informed so, the recognition of Stupidity-Dumbness being the reason why everything is a mirror for self, mirrors/absolutes like Truth-Love, Innocence-Wisdom, Maturity-Authority, and so forth. If nothing else, absolutes are for countering relativities like Control-Abandonment, Greed-Fear, Anger-Guilt, and so forth such that after the reconition of one's Stupdity-Dumbness, the Purity within Desire will overcome The [willy-nilly/jest like that] Desire for Purity, especially Others' purity, Others being one's Relativity/Knowledge whereas Self is The Reality/Empowerment.

    1. "Simplicity Eludes" is the most meaningful statement anyone can make.

      Simplicity is the hallmark of the refined mind.

      Simplicity is the evidence of wisdom and evolution.

      Wherever you find someone who fears the universe and considers safety can only be crafted through ever more complex reforms - WATCH OUT.

      Those people are the deceivers.

      Mankind is no more advanced or intelligent than it's ever been, and in moral terms is trending backwards.

    2. So if I understand you "balance", you want what my dentist wants; you want the "tooth", the "whole tooth", and nothing but the "tooth", simple.

  4. Family First believes property rights, free markets, voluntary arrangements and effective safety nets provide the best opportunity for Australia and Australians to prosper. A strong and prosperous nation builds up its infrastructure - roads, ports, power stations, airports and telecommunications.

  5. Regardless of whether "Climate Change" [CC] is real or not, it is not real because of the following 2 reasons:

    1. The Earth is too large for anyone to own, least of all the dual-natured, small, and overly-developed of brain. As such, CC then merely becomes another religion and like ALL Religions & Religiosities, it is about saviours, oka "leaders", and how they gather and manipulate worshippers, a religion being the knowledge which lacks empowerment/attainment. The Earth is not like some country which could be condensed via propaganda for exploitation by Vested Interest, oka Fame, Fortune & Immortality, The Earth is actually an intelligent and living organism which not only knows how to manage Itself but has done so for eons. Above all else, The Earth is immensely large to the point of being an infinity for the dual-natured, tiny and overly developed of brain - The Over being that of The Future and whose sole duty is to limit and be limited by The Under, oka The Past, its co-latency.

    2. Every human is dual-natured, all having 2 brain lobes pertaining to Emotionality-Conditioning/The Past/Femininity and Material-Intellect/The Future/Masculinity. Without changing for "The Better", for absoluteness from being relative/transient, or what Gandhi observed as oneself being the change one is seeking, CC merely becomes another revenue for Taxation & Credit [T&C], T&C being another weaponry for the malevolents who 'fink that they were born to lead others whilst expediently pocketing some "Commission", The Bookie being The ONLY One who profits from Disagreement.

    Others' "Evil"/Malevolence/"Behavioural Inconsistency" is merely a mirror for one's introspection and is never, ever, about some angelic, blond, blue-eyed, tall, dark and handsome superman whose sole duty is to correct wrongs and similar dumb-downs of "Choseness", which all realise [at least contemporarily] is utter Frivolity & Nonsense if not cow-droppings too. This is because Reality is Self/Empowerment/The-Kinetic whereas Others' Reality is merely one's Relativity/Knowledge/Potential. Regardless of whether CC is real or not, and it is somewhat real albeit infinitesimally so when it comes to the-human/saviourship variety, it is being used by latterday Popes & Saints for realising their wetdreams of Explosive Prizes and Company, oka Fame, Fortune & Immortality, to be used and exploited by T&C. Don't believe it eh? Ask ANY of these CC-ing saviours to declare with proof that they will NOT benefit in any way, shape of form from their Religion & Religiosity, and their beginning AND ending will become clearer.

    A Government is not about controlling others other than being to mediate between Divides - but only if those in charge of government are singular in nature, an impossibility if they have yet to control themselves firstly or lastly, a Control Freak being the one who never, ever, controls himself, such is the abandonment, Control being Abandonment suppressed whilst Abandonment is merely Control expressed. Hands up those who find this logic difficult to comprehend. If so, another religion is the easier option, of course, so long as one derives some dripping from one's saviour, please G_d - not when they are doing what they have always set their sights on for yonks - your nearer than near, your pension. Are humans really this stupid-dumb? Not when one was blind-blinded since infancy to believe that Toothfairies are always The Feminine, there being plenty of Toothfairies who are of The Masculine - a fundmental challenge before one is being challenged by the intricacies and complexities of "Climate Change".

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