Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thanks to a reader for posting this short video on one of my other sites....This Gene Rosen is obnoxious but is he connected to FEMA? please view and decide for yourself.


  1. Dr. Pieczenik,

    This video is CHILLING.

    How does Gene Rosen, FEMA representative, pictured in Texas at a FEMA function, end up in Sandy Hook?

    And, his "15 minutes of fame" at Sandy Hook is exactly like the literature he was passing out at the FEMA function, explaining what "child helpers" do during a traumatic situation.

    Simply too incredible to be a coincidence!

    And to top it off, the little girl Rosen was talking to at the FEMA function in Texas looks very similar to the little girl in the Obama executive order signing ceremony.

    Again, another incredible coincidence.

    Thanks Dr. Pieczenik for bringing this to my attention... I'd say it's pretty close to the proverbial 'smoking gun'.

    Especially against the background and context of all the other inconsistencies and contradictions regarding Sandy Hook.

    Please bring this video to the attention of somebody important.

    FEMA...hmmm. Something really is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Well, they got away with it doing 911, and the bin Laden "hit", so, it would seem, they think they can also get away with it, in this instance, too.

    But this is a tough one:

    What do I mean?

    Believe it or not, in my local area on several occasions, I brought up 911, as an 'inside job', on talk radio. I didn't convince the hosts, but at least I put my shoulder to the 911 truth movement, in a small way.

    And I did the same thing with the bin Laden "hit". It was fairly easy, as there was no objective evidence to back up the claims.

    But this one... it's easy to look like a nut and disqualify your opinion and lose credibility on other topics.

    If you challenge the official narrative, you come off sounding like you are "throwing dirt" on the children's graves.

    When I came to realize 911 was an 'inside job', it made me sick (this was many years after September 11, 2001).

    This thing makes me sick, again.

    God help us!

    Please, Dr. Pieczenik, contact people in your various circles.

    What else are these monsters capable of doing?

    1. I have contacted some people in the know, they have nothing to say but then again what can they say?....if these false flags continue, there will be consequences.

  2. I have to agree wholly with anaconda! And I'm not comfortable with the use of children in this whole sordid episode, chilling is a very apt adage and I also urge that this is spread far and wide! Also its important to think " out the box". This isn't just a gun issue

  3. John Brennan's (HAMAN) handiwork & logo is also on this he goes before the Senate for CONFIRMATION hearings: 2 issues:
    1. the fake video he executively produced (ONLY THE PRODUCER IS IN JAIL ON A "probation" violation) to divert attention away from illegal gunrunning in Benghazi, dusted off the shelf in time for Susan Rice to fall on "Obama" the coward's rubber tipped sword; and now

    the murder of "Loyal" Hitler youth in the real time setting of "The Hunger Games"

    Obama and his RECIDIVIST murderous accesories-after-the-fact must be hung and set as an example asto how a government which does not vet individuals running for office can in 4 short years turn upside down and fall into a dystopia....

    "THE TRUTH IS ON THE MARCH AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT...Each serves his country in his own way; one with a sword, the other with a pen...A Great nation is in a desperate condition of losing its honor!...Cannibals!" EMILE ZOLA "J'accuse!"

    GO GET 'EM DR. P.!!!

  4. Lyndon Larouche:
    "Obama will not finish his 2nd term..he is in deep trouble......The United States is in deep trouble. Our economy is disintegrating...the citizens of the US have to wake up...5-10% of Congress is not lazy or cowardly.."

    1. LaRouche really makes me laugh.

      I remember him on television the night before the 1976 election claiming that within the next four years there was certain to be thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union.

      Absolutely none of his ridiculous predictions have come about.

      He's a transparent charlatian.