Sunday, February 3, 2013

Here is some interesting factoids about the time (just past 6:00 am) that reporters got to Sandy Hook the morning of the shooting....if anyone has anything to add, please do.


  1. Dr.P,

    Please look into the Chris Kyle assassination which took place yesterday outside Dallas.

    The Navy has been mortified by Kyle's activities, including his false claims to having beaten down and humiliated Jesse Ventura at a SEALS event.

    Ventura's lawsuit produced interesting depostions and other discovery dooming to Kyle and the Navy.

  2. Off topic but important:
    Barack H Obama has committed several counts of social security fraud and should be brought to justice for his high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people.
    Prima facie evidence:

    Obama's mother relinquished his American citizenship in writing

    Detective ZULLO invites Powell to review prima facie forgeries of Obama's bonafides.

    1. I agree.

      Obama should be impeached.

      The Republican controlled House of Representatives is the only enforcement arm which can investigate his crimes.

      Can the Republicans be counted on to do this?


      They're just a bunch of screw ups.

      Move on.

  3. It would seem the time stamps are off because of a 'time zone' difference.

    As it would have been dark slightly past 6:00 am.

    However, looking at and examining the photographs, everybody seems kinda breezy.

    Even milling about, as if waiting for action.

    No body language suggesting stress, fear, or strong emotion.

    Now, maybe I'm looking for too much, and what I'm perceiving is solemness, a somberness induced by shock...

    But I don't think so.

    Why so many civilians milling close by the school if it is after the shooting?

    The guy in green military, gun slung over his shoulder, looks "flat" for being at the scene of a massacre of children.

    I've been around the net and there is all kinds of interesting tidbits, some major, others more subtle.

    Could this fall down all over Sandy Hook to paraphrase the state medical examiner, in a rather strange aside while speaking with reporters

    And I could go on.

    I read in my local newspaper, today, a story on how the funeral directors could see tears of the parents. Strange as this shouldn't be news, but many discussions revolve around how none of the parents or loved ones shead tears during video-taped interviews.

    Of course, no mention was made about the many questions & doubts about the official narrative which have popped up on the net and social media.

    Certainly, the story was placed to counter the meme that parents interviewed fail to shead tears.

    The dam restraining open discussion is bursting into mainstream consciousness.

    These monsters are in damage control bigtime.

  4. The whole thing was planned and executed (poorly) just like everything else. They tell you what they are going to do any, check out your movies and T.V. shows. It's called "Predictive Programming" bet the good Dr. knows all about that one.

    The elite have the illusion of power just as you have the illusion of choice in an election. Going the usual route of trying to change things through the political or governmental systems won't work. Expose the truth, but move on, and be sure to provide solutions or else you are throwing whoever you are trying to inform down a well with no rope. The truth needs no defending just unleash it, and at the same time move towards a solution.

    The beauty of this is that you don't have to change anything about the corrupt politicians and gov't. You just have to change yourself, start cutting the middle man out of your processes. Start becoming self-reliant again then the power will decentralize. In other words be responsible for yourself, start taking charge of your food (grow your own or at least support local farmers), etc. Then you don't even have to ask them to change anything with tedious legislative process, you have already done it yourself. Pieces of paper mean nothing.

    Sandy hook predictive programming


    "V" Predictive Programming


    Simpsons Predictive Programming


    1. There's a lot more to this those that think they are "aware" would like to believe. It's bigger than corrupt gov't and politicians, that is the only clue I'll give you.
      There are endless distractions to distract you from the larger truths which shall soon be known to all.

    2. Well I for one am not holding out any hopes for any "grand revelations" from our alien brothers or spirit guides.

      We humans on this planet are meant to toil and struggle with blinders on, and without those blinders we wouldn't have all these dramas to keep us occupied and give us something to do.

      It might be very dramatic and comforting to fortell that some grand justice will be dispensed and everyone will have to recognize God's eternal truths.

      But I'm certain that day will never come on this planet.

      Nor should it.

    3. Here's a hint...

      You have to wait until the spirit has flown for the blinders to come off.

      Can you imagine what George W. Bush has awaiting him?

      Less than Hitler did I imagine.

      Hitler never deluded himself was acting on behalf of a benevolent and pacifist messiah.