Wednesday, February 27, 2013

btw, I love "House of Cards" on Netflix.  Really brilliant and entertaining.  I must admit I watched 13 episodes in three days.  Not a commercial,  just loved the writing and the acting, super tight.


  1. I just finished watching the show last week, fantastic stuff.

  2. So did I. I did it all in one night.

  3. the entire city of DC is a house of cards; the city of "Sybaris", USA. Sybaris, a city of luxury, DECADENCE, & ARROGANT narcissists, existed for 210 years until it fell.... a new dictator convinced the citizens to exile the "500 richest" and confiscate their wealth.
    You can assume it was a HOUSE OF CARDs from its inception...

    Lindsey Graham on the floor of the Senate Thursday re: Sequester "FIRE THE POLITICIANS; KEEP THE SOLDIERS!"

    Brennan pushed out of the Closet:

    Sarah Palin thinks outside of the box:

  4. Lindsey Graham is the jackass who believes anyone accused by the government of aiding "terrorists" should be tortured, denied counsel, and killed.

    Lindsay Graham is more dangerous to this country than any "terrorist" could possibly be.

    Besides he's such a weeny I'd love to see his miserable, cowardly ass in a fire fight. He's a pititful turd.