Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From a reader,  thank you for this very articulate review of ARGO


  1. Loved that line about the diplomats "checking" out the airport for switzerland! And not even as much as a raised eyebrow! Seems to me hollywood and the cia churn any old "shite" out and the masses cling on to every word. Well I for one will forego this cinematic masterpiece for the slightly more mundane tasks such as improving my mind digesting fellow readers thoughts and inputs and I would especially love to hear more of dr p's experience with the iranians and khomeni ect. And by the way I detest oscar acceptance speeches!!!

  2. Oh the irony that Michelle would present the winner as Argo, a film about a successful CIA hostage rescue op, as opposed to that not so successful CIA op occuring right around the time Argo was released - in fact if the recent Murphy & Webb e-book on Benghazi is correct, the CIA was completely out of the loop on Benghazi thanks to Brennan's JSOC hijincks.

    Wayne Madsen has a good article on these matters...

    Also, for an aggregation of some of the recent developments on the investigations, revelations on Brennan...

    1. Brennan is an Islamic convert:

      radio interview Monday 2-25-13
      click th blue arrow above the title.

  3. Piers Morgan must have read this article: His interview was much of the same on Tuesday 2-26-13 including the comment from Carter that Canada did the heavy lifting (90%).

  4. When is someone going to make a film about the 1953 CIA engineered coup in Iran? I know a former CIA buddy that wrote a script but no agent would handle it because "it showed the US in a poor light..."

    If anyone wants to see the script I'll have him send it.