Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watch this movie written by and starring Keenen Ivory Wayans called Most Wanted, very relevant to today's events (thanks to a FB friend for sending it to me).


  1. Sounds like this guy Christopher Dorner the highly pissed-off cop killer currently roaming the snow covered hills around my house. Read his manifesto. From what I know of the LA police, it sure does sound like the real thing.


  2. thanks for the link, posted on my forum

  3. Most municipal police departments are no different. Why would someone become a policeman?
    They spend very little time chaseing bad guys and solving crimes. 99% of what they do is demonstrating their authority over ordinary members of the public, usually in traffic stops or other situations where the "officer" is excited by the fear he instills in person he's imposing himself on.
    If someone wants to be feared, respected, order and "command" ordinary people around, respond to the occassional emergency in which he can be a "hero," then what kind of person will seek out that kind of work?

    For that matter if someone has simple criminal intentions what better way to operate than as a policeman?

    If you're a woman and you have these tendencies what kind of woman are you? Someone with masculinity fantasies or just wants to feel that their life is in control because even though they're smaller than men they have the same authority?

    The only way the police will ever be made into the "public servants" they were intended is to put them back in blue uniforms, take away most of their un-needed gear, require that they take any arrested person directly to a magistrate BEFORE entering them into a jail, and reform their training so they'll not be permitted to deceive anyone in ordinary situations unless the person involved is actively being investigated for a felony.

  4. Furthermore, as for Dorner, I knew this was gonna happen. I don't know Dorner, but it was only a matter of time before someone started taking revenge by sniping at criminal police with rifles. It's the one thing police cannot defend against or cope with, and I also predict that someone like Dorner will wait several months before he strikes again, then wait several more months, then strike again. This kind of thing is a scenario police cannot cope with, and if you understand their mentality it's the one scenario guaranteed to drive them literally crazy. Most police are cowards, and have an exaggerated fear of their own vulnerability and the risks they encounter in their work. Other police know how an unsolved threat such as this will prevent them from having any repose or contentment in life.

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