Monday, February 4, 2013

Amidst Distracting Turmoil of Gun Control, President Obama has increased his executive WAR power in a secret legal review!
U.S. Pre-Emptive Digital Strike in CYBERWAR!!
Gottcha! Mr and Ms America…. 
Once again, while we were feasting over the success and failures of the Ravens vs. the 49ers, wondering whether Beyonce, once again, pulled a MILLI VANILLI [She did!],  POTUS slipped in an executive ACT OF WAR without congressional review or civil discussion!
For those of you who are too worried about your Second Amendment, the next gun show or maybe even the hostage situation in Alabama,  you may have missed that POTUS CLEVERLY  ASSIGNED TO HIMSELF in a SECRET LEGAL REVIEW ---(forgetta bout transparency,  Donnie Brasco)---the ability to approve the nation’s first rule for how the military can defend and/or retaliate against a MAJOR CYBERATTACK. 
  What does this mean for you and me, the ordinary citizen? 
It means in simple language that the US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES (about sixteen different ones in DOD alone) can ‘carry out searches of faraway computer networks for SIGNS OF POTENTIAL ATTACKS on the  USA’
  Are there any lawyers among my readers who can clarify this pronouncement?
  Before you answer, let me elaborate a little bit more. 
  If POTUS perceives a potential threat to our infrastructures or any part of our country because of a digital attack,  he now has the power to order a counter-attack, or a PRE-EMPTIVE attack against any adversary and INJECT THEM (whomever them may be)  WITH A DESTRUCTIVE CODE!
  And here is the zinger!
As soon as you thought Bush Jr had disappeared from the political landscape, his legacy of “PRE-EMPTIVE ATTACKS” (don’t forget to thank, Condi as well!) casts a wide and highly granulated penumbra [ie ‘shadow’ for those taking the LSAT exams] over this Obama Administration. 
  For those liberals who want no more wars… Forgetta ‘bout it!  Sec Def Panetta and General Dempsey have both decided that we still need soldiers stationed in Afghanistan for indefinite period.
  For what? 
 I don’t know what to say except that defending a corrupt,  ex-Silver Spring Maryland delicatessen owner, President Karzai of Afghanistan, is clearly NOT worth the blood and guts of American Warriors and trillions of American dollars.   Wait,  didn’t Obama promise to pull out all soldiers by 2014? 
  So they lie! Forgetta ‘bout it!! 
  What’s one lie more or less in the Realpolitick scheme of things? 
  So this increased War Power Act of Obama’s was created by guess who? 
  My favorite White House “Choir Boy”—John O. Brennan, Obama’s chief of Counter Terrorism and nominee for the Director of the CIA [DCI]. 
I am beginning to understand that in the business of intelligence, no matter how bad or good you might be, one can’t really keep a “GOOD MAN DOWN!” 
  Forget about the 9/11 false flag;  the Osama Bin Laden travesties [from ‘HERE TO ETERNITY’]; the merciless drone attacks on countless innocent victims around the world; the Sandy Hook a la FEMA farce; and so on …now we have a secret cabal of decision makers who feel that they can bring our nation to war without our civil consent. 
Boy , have  we been FLIM –FLAMMED !
This POTUS makes Billy Boy Clinton look like a Boy Scout!
  Hell, “I did not inhale” and “I did not have sex with that woman”—that’s nothing compared to Obama.   Remember Clinton’s palaver?
 Go back to it, some day.  I don’t have the time or inclination.  It’s an exhausting and desultory exercise in FUTILITY. 
  So what’s the reason for this sudden NON-ANNOUNCEMENT and NON-DISCUSSION of a MAJOR ISSUE LIKE WAR? 
Recent Chinese cyber-attacks on major US newspapers: The  NY Times [they did a brilliant article on Chinese Government corruption];  the Wall Street Journal [they do an excellent job of  delving into US and worldwide business malfeasance including their own owner Rupert Murdoch];  and the Washington Posthave required a response from the administration regarding Cyberwar. 
  From my point of view,  Cyberwar is the major outstanding issue for US National Security,  in addition to the national debt. 
  It’s been a longstanding problem with which I have had a tangential interest. 
Cyberweaponry is the newest and most complex program regarding our national security.  This issue was so important that a special division of the military was appropriately created to address the growing problem of aggressive, offensive cyber-attacks from China, Russia, Iran, and other parts of the globe.
  This EXTREMELY IMPORTANT  Unit is called “CYBER COMMAND” and is located at the National Security Agency [NSA—where we have SIGINT, ELINT] and is overseen by an extremely competent, brilliant General Keith Alexander—the PENULTIMATE SCHOLAR WARRIOR!!  I am impressed by his competence, foresight and strategic sense of what this nation needs for Cyber War.
I personally had the good fortune this year to have met this extremely articulate, witty General (with four different Master Degrees—makes me feel ‘inadequate’) at the TECHNET conference in Baltimore sponsored by AFCEA International [I strongly recommend that my readers get the AFCEA Magazine called “SIGNAL”] 
For those of you who don’t know what AFCEA stands for and that means almost all of us---here it is: The Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence, and Information Systems Professionals and the publisher of SIGNAL based in Fairfax, Virginia.
WOW! It’s a mouthful but it’s well worth joining it.
Trust me, I am a technical KLUTZ!!!
Let me share with you, my dear readers, why I think that Cyber War and Cyber Security are important for you and me and the nation---despite the secret way that the laws were implemented. 
  For many of you who know something about my history,  I apologize in having to reiterate the fact that in 1973, I was taught by Professor Ithiel de Sola Pool, about the internet and social media. This course was sponsored by the DARPA and the CIA---remember that.  It’s important!
  Next I had the good fortune to team up with a talented Baltimore writer by the name of Tom Clancy and together we produced a series of novels that really presaged the future of cyberwar, cyber terrorism, the absence of the nation state. 
  Of course, the series was entitled Tom Clancy’s Net Force.   We even had a group of books that were written for young adults.  Unfortunately, that series did not do as well as the Tom Clancy’s Op Center series. 
But that is the fortune, or misfortunes, of publishing.  Despite all that, Berkley Books, a division of Pearson Publishing, was an outstanding literary house.  So it was not the publishers or the writers’ fault.  It was just, I believe, ahead of it’s time.  The concept of the Internet becoming a defining entity or FORCE,  so to speak literally, was one that was very hard to grasp—especially twenty to thirty years ago. 
I must note that the NET Force books were a product created from the incredible collaboration of a very talented Martin Greenberg who had been one of the most experienced Science Fiction/Mystery writers/publishers and his precocious associate Larry Segriff. 
  In a massive collaboration, books concerning the nature of the new state without borders called “Cybernation” co-opted the unification of the European Union [EU].  Then, the creation of Net Force anticipated the FBI and the Intelligence/Military Communities patrolling the NET for National Security purposes. 
  Then, if there is cybernation, and cyber patrol, one had to have had “Cyber Terrorism” and “Cyber War”
That’s how my days of writing fiction evolved into a real life experience of trying to keep up with the world of the internet.
  What this meant, is that from a strategic point of view, Cyber War would require all kinds of new laws of war and military engagement that addressed the lethal absurdity that the digits one and zero could create or dismantle nation states and critical infrastructures. 
  Truthfully, even though  I had created these books with my esteemed colleagues, I have no visual or visceral perspective of what a cyber-attack would look like until I created and executive produced a TV Miniseries called “Net Force”.   This was an ABC Television endeavor [great people at ABC—again not their fault!] but ahead of it’s time. 
Timing is everything in life, books, TV, and politics
  So what did I realize when we were in post-production? 
  The scene in which the multiple infrastructures were damaged by a cyber attack was APPALLING. 
  I saw for the first time outside of my own imagination, how planes would drop from the sky. Power plants would shut down. Hospitals became the very patients whom they were treating—Basket Cases!
 Everything and anything that was attached to our high tech society was completely vulnerable.
 It was eerie watching one’s own creation come to life on TV.  But it was also sobering. 
  I realized that what I had envisioned in my books thirty years ago could become a HORRENDOUS REALITY.
  So I began to read SIGNAL magazine and began to attend the AFCEA conferences to learn more about this new war. 
  I don’t mean to scare you, my readers, but for a very long time,  I have been waiting for the creation of a Cyber Command.  Frankly, without any further discussion, I believed and still do that it should be at the Cabinet Level of Representation.  It’s as important, if not more important, than HUD, HHS, AGRICULTURE, etc. 
 If we don’t address this fundamental issue of how we manage and counter manage the world of zeroes and ones, there is very little that we have to worry about.
  The least of which is that desultory issue of GUN CONTROL. 
  The Constitution and the FOUNDING FATHERS could not have anticipated the advent of a war of electrons despite the fact that Benjamin Franklin as an entrepreneur had played around with electricity. 
  The point here, Mr and Ms America, is quite simple. 
It’s easy to distract us with faux issues or over emphasize other less relevant issues, but how can you blame a POTUS, like Obama, who knew that he could pass a SECRET LAW when no one REALLY CARED ABOUT THE ISSUE. 
Please understand our Founding Fathers and their precepts that KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION about the government and how it works depends on an educated citizenry.
  Obsessing on gun control and Sandy Hook false flags while the PRESIDENCY accrued more and more power—shame on us and our representatives in both Congress and the Senate. 
  Our wars will now be Cyberwars!
The American citizenry through their informed opinions and intelligent representation must provide the checks and balances on the ever increasing powers of the executive branch.
  Whether the president acts on our behalf or not is not the issue.  The issue is that for a very long time, our PRESIDENTS have assumed that we, the people are stupid! 
  Are we? 
Write to your representatives, petition the administration and DEMAND A HEARING ON THIS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE OF CYBER WAR.   How much power should the president have vs. the representative (of us, the citizens of the US) body of congress!  
Otherwise, don’t worry, there will always be another false flag waiting in the wings, that’s our history: Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11,  Sandy Hook- add or subtract the ones you like/don’t like. 
The ULTIMATE GUN CONTROL resolution resides in the following idiom: 
Remember those ones and zeros encompass more than  just Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Social Networks, You Tube, Email…. They are the very foundations of our AMERICAN Life as we know it and an increasing National Security Threat !
WAKE UP! People.




    Was that the sound of freedom dying I heard over there? How long will this embarrassing charade continue before enough is enough for most people?

    Most people don't wake yup until hit in the head with a brick called reality, this time it just might be digital.

  2. How can I say this...

    The only reason why any system is vulnerable to attack, and that means 100% of the systems out there...

    Is because the owners are lazy and insist on using their systems for the duel use of internet/networking and ALL OTHER FUNCTIONS WHEN IT'S NOT NECESSARY!

    All you have to do is separate your internet computers from all your other uses - have two sets of computers DUH..

    All organizations are SOOO LAZY that they INSIST on using their systems ALSO for their internet functions and THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THEY GET PENETRATED.

    Look boys and girls, every system out there that belongs to anyone can be hacked into if it's connected to the outside world, usually by the internet.

    Don't believe the "security" promoters that they can prevent an attack [they can't] and they make a fortune riding to the rescue AFTER the cow's out of the barn.


    Just what we need...

    Another useless arena of conflict where we cannot win and which it totally avoidable.

    Boys and girls that's what government is about...

    Promising solutions to insoluble problems.
    [like reducing murder through restricting guns].

    1. Or better put..

      Promising solutions to problems we insist on making ourselves and don't want to change from doing.

    2. Well said, you seem like a sharp guy, that was a joke up there by the way. If they try anything on the internet the shit will hit the fan faster than they can get out the air-freshener. All the twitterers and Facebookians, bloggers etc. will loose wraths of fury if anything happens to net, Much like the Dr. does here.

      The Govt is an organism, and like any organism, it's first rule of life is self-preservative efforts, if not it would cease to exist, would it not? If you don't eat what happens to you? And so they must create scenarios by which they can "feed" themselves and keep people coming back to them as their masters, depending on them. This in the body (society) is also known as cancer. This is why they propagate survival of the fittest when we are all cells of the same body hurting only ourselves when we hurt others. Let them make all the laws they want, they are just words on paper. I'm fairly certain that killing people is illegal, and yet it still is done. Legislature never has and never will solve any problems, only a conscious effort can do that. These people are not our enemies, they are just here to test us.

      If it weren't Obama or Bush or whoever it would have been someone else. This does not excuse their actions, but trying to solve the problem with the problem won't work, at least not quick enough. Once people realize the illusion of power these people have over them, then they can free themselves, no fights necessary. This one is a battle of the mind, we have had enough battles of the body and the result of them is just that, bodies. A waste of life. Start supporting the things you want to happen and starving those you don't, exposing lies and crookery along the way. Then we can finally have some peace, both in and outside of mind.

      Start looking, start moving away from the old The Path of least resistance is always the greatest.

      It's time.


      Free Energy: Watch this

    3. Note: Damn it, why does this blog load so slow is it being crawled? lol

      The change is already happening folks, so keep a cool head and don't do anything stupid like try to have a war with the govt.

      Check this out, 3-D printing, imagine once these become more commonplace. No more overpriced products from shoddy companies as the individual will be able to make it him/herself. Stop asking for your power back and take it back people, its right where you left it before you decided it was easier to have everything done for you. That was mistake number one. Control the food, control the people, control the resources, control the people, control the societal mindset (terrorism and fear), control the people (get them to go to war, etc.)Expose the problem, but make sure to give some energy to solutions or else you are in "the well."

      There is a reason in the "MODERN AGE" there are more people sick than ever, Modern Medicine is about profit not cures, there is a reason in the age of modern technology you have outrageous utility bills and gas prices even though there were cars that ran on water in the 1800s and there are alternative energy sources. There is a reason there are more obese people than ever, take a look at your grandparents photos, ask them was there a fat epidemic back 50, 60 years ago? (read your food labels Red Dye#40 does not sound appetizing). This is not the modern age this is the stone age as reflected by our purposefully incompetent govt. These things happen because you allow it. You gave your power away, take it back. The only person that need be asked is yourself.

      3-D Printing

  3. The physical U. S. mail is protected by the 4th Amendment.

    Courts are interpreting electromagnetic transfer of information is not protected by the 4th Amendment.

    Frankly, I'm not sure there is any difference.

    But even with the U. S. mail crossing an international border enroute to a destination, customs can open it.

    Perhaps, that is the distinction for electromagnetic transfer of information.

    International borders have consequences.

    Preserving international borders, and the nationalism & sovereignty which goes with those borders is the challenge of the 21st century.

    A world without nations would be a world social & power structure shaped like a pyramid.

    There would be no effective representative democracy.

    All the rules would favor those at the top of the pyramid.

    The Rule of Law would mean nothing.

    That Equality before the Law would be a distant memory.

    Decentralization of power, into individuals hands.

    Each voice is a trumpet. Let it's pitch be clear.

    There different roads to Rome.

    I want the standard technology, whether it be computers or guns.

    Decentralization protects people & property from centralized attacks whether originated from the outside or from within.

    Both with governments and computer networks, there is a pull towards ever greater centralization and concentration of power & control.

    Unless there is a conscious decision to retard that centralization -- because it is a known source of tyranny.

    In regards to cyber war, the power to disrupt or takeover networks, how far can that go, and what counter measures can be taken to insulate and restore.

    Understanding what strategy & tactics could be used, and preparing counter strategy & tactics in advance.

    "In the can", ready to deploy.

    Of course, quite likely, the angle of attack will turn out different from any of the "ready to go" counter measures.

    Simple things, which exist now, such as "fire walls" and various compartmentalization or insulated decentralization technologies can be improved.

    Of course, that might stop the government from spying on all the computer information.

    Always, a razor's edge, to one side, good, to the other side, bad.

    But most important of all: Keeping Man's humanity intact.

    Perhaps, that is what is unpalatable about it all,

    there's a sense, this leads to a dehumanization.

    Death becomes to easy to dispense, by remote control.

    Or pre-programmed control.

    Do you fit the computer profile?

    Welcome to West World:

    "Westworld is a 1973 science fiction-thriller film written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton and produced by Paul Lazarus III. It stars Yul Brynner as an android in a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as guests of the park.

    Westworld was the last movie MGM produced before dissolving its releasing company, and was the first theatrical feature directed by Crichton. It was also the first feature film to use digital image processing to pixellate photography to simulate an android point of view. The film was nominated for Hugo, Nebula and Golden Scroll (a.k.a. Saturn) awards, and was followed by a sequel film, Futureworld, and a short-lived television series, Beyond Westworld." -- Wikipedia

    It has now come to pass that any image, visualization, one's imagination can conjure, can be produced as an image on a screen so others can visually & audibly experience the image & sound as the author intended.

    Such a powerful medium of communication.

    We see this in the movies and we see this on computer screens.

    1. The internet has no security of any kind in practical terms, so any laws to seek enforce privacy would be folly.

      The simple truth is that whenever a computer is connected to the outside, through telephone, internet, or wireless networking, that all "security" is lost.

      If a system is NOT CONNECTED to the outside however the only way to penetrate it is to have a human being physically to to a station and log in, and that requires a huge HUMINT effort.

      Because of the lazy manner in which institutions, bureaucracies and companies structure their computers all anyone has to do to find out anything is just hack in from anywhere in the world. For that matter they can do operations that way to to disrupt a system and anything dependent on it.

      It's a major vulnerability, but there is no answer in what the government's doing.

      The simple answer is to keep all internet and networking functions on dedicated computers which have not connection to the organization's other computers which are relied on for operations.

  4. This unilateral law is an impeachable offense. The DC federal court just decided obama continues to usurp executive power without advise & consent of legislative branch & Harry Bounel' s "wife" Michelle Robinson (Obama evidence) has just been filed by affidavit in court.

    Obama is a fugitive from JUSTICE: there is no one armed gunman anywhere in sight.
    The walls are closing in & he is PARANOID..

    1. Actually he's not paranoid, and there are no walls closing in.

      He's a scoundrel and a phoney and is riding high and probably always will.

      Nice guys usually finish last, and sociopathic liars usually win big because they tell the people what they want to hear.

      The problem is as much will the wishful-thinking, lazy people as with the villians they love.

      The public is like a lonely woman who writes to a serial killer in prison for companionship, then goes to the prison to marry him.

      One wise man who trained me in psychological warfare once gave me these sage words:

      The normal human being is a comfort-seeking, stress-avoiding, habit-forming creature who is highly suggestable and prone to error.

      All the bad guys out their know this to be true, but few good guys will accept it.

      That's why the bad guys usually WIN.

  5. If you rely on the "Good Sense" of the people...

    You will be the loser every time.

    This is the one area where I disagree with my hero Noam Chomsky.

    I am not a big beleiver that "the people" can correctly perceive or negotiate their own interests. They lack the virtue to do that.

    Furthermore I believe that corrupt elites are a reflection of the classes which lie underneath them.

    It's all classes which contain corruption, criminality, decadence and so forth.

    It's seen more easily in the elites because they're the ones which have the power granted to them over life and death so they've been more thoroughly corrupted, but given the same opportunities most people under them would do the same.