Friday, February 8, 2013

Thank You! “Huff Post” and “The Open Society Foundation” for In-Depth Reporting on the Illegal Extraordinary Rendition [Torture] by Egypt, Syria, Libya and Other Countries –FIFTY NATIONS—Involved in Global Torture on behalf of CLINTON, BUSH JR and OBAMA!
Just when the dawn of reporting appears to be covered with pablum and nonsensical palaver, the Huffington Post [Thanks Ariana Huffington and her youthful staff] and Amrit Singh, top legal analyst,  the Open Society Foundation [OSF] have bravely come forth to document the  INCREDIBLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of three PRESIDENTS and their NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISORS—Clinton [Sandy “Criminal Stealer of National Documents” Berger, Bush Jr [Steve “What Me Worry” Hadley] and Obama [Brennan—the  “Gerry Adams’ American/Irish Terrorist who claimed he was never in the IRA]. 
What do these three sociopathic killers do?
  They ILLEGALLY sent without congressional consent or advice  (Oh yes, except for the indomitable Sen. Dianne Feinstein Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee who can never refuse to rationalize a false flag or extended torture sessions)  so-called terrorists to ‘enhanced interrogations’.   (see “OUR FAIR MAIDEN KITTIE- KILL” Kathryn Bigelow’s ten intolerable minutes opening of the film,  Zero Dark Thirty) 
  What’s next Kittie-Kill?  A “James Cameron-like” Water-Boarding three hour thriller?  Or could it be a snuff film?
Anyway, back to the subject at hand- extraordinary rendition.   Please see the movie “RENDITION”,  it gives a very graphic picture of how fubar’d this program of extraordinary rendition really is.   The main countries where our CIA/MI Interrogators (affectionately known as ‘Firefox’)  sent their presumed muslim, muslim/american and ‘innocent victims’ were---- Egypt, Libya, and Syria.
Verrrry interesting!!
What do all three countries have in common? 
Yes, they are all muslim. Very good
They all are located in the Middle East.  Also right on!
They also all had/have secular leaders!
What does that mean, smarty pants, doctor? 
Well, I found it very, very interesting that all three countries experienced in the past two to three years an “ARAB SPRING”!
Or as CIA pimp Anderson Cooper of CNN likes to call it a spontaneous, popular revolution against their tyrant leaders. 
Leave it up to the Yale-trained, CIA ASSET, the  malignant narcissist who never stopped loving his own voice, or his childhood,  or his vanishing boyish image to inform the world when there was to be a ‘REVOLUTION’
  Let’s just call him the “gay Paul Revere”!
Watch,  as he screams childishly, “THE REVOLUTION is coming in EGYPT, LIBYA, and SYRIA”.
  He continues, as he coiffures his platinum hair, “Thousands and hundreds of thousands of innocent people are DYING EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!” 
  “Innocent people are dying because they want their liberty from tyrants like MUBARAK, QADAFFI, and BASHAR ASSAD!!”  A.C. drones on and on…
Side note: The names of the tyrants will change according to the CIA instructions concerning day, time, method, and country. 
Frankly, who can blame an “emotionally-retarded narcissist” from receiving two paychecks, one from Jeff Zucker, the new astute  CNN President [hopefully Zucker will terminate AC’s contract and relieve the world of AC’s childish blabber]  and the CIA [in perpetuity]. 

Now, many of you will call me a conspirator, or at best, maybe a character from one “ONE FLEW OVER THE COOKOO”S NEST!!”
But from my experience which quite frankly was never really dramatized because most of my experiences were really intentionally kept quiet [not necessarily SECRET] but just QUIET. 
  I went so far to deny an interview with LALLY WEYMOUTH [a wannabe reporter], the daughter of the Washington Post owner Kathryn Graham, to discuss my involvement with my favorite opponent, General Antonio Manuel Noriega.
  Now, why do I mention him, now?
General Noriega taught me a very important lesson which I never forgot even while he was trying to kill me
Learning new information was always more important than preserving my own life.   The truth was that I was  really never in danger, thanks in large part to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)— outstanding foxhole partners, they have never failed me in a tight spot.  In contrast to the CIA –was and is completely unreliable and a real disaster which I had to neutralize-- one way or another--- reversing “honey traps”, firing Irish/American CIA station chief (when they were sober). 
What Noriega taught me during the middle of the night in a safe house with my indomitable DIA officer was the following:
  “If you want to get screwed by American presidents and their CIA putas,  simply become an ally of America!” 
  I was not quite in shock but I had a major heart palpitation while sipping the chicken soup that Noriega had prepared for me and my DIA buddy. 
  Yes, Noriega, learned to make Chicken soup from MOSSAD’s Finest “HIT MAN”---MICHAEL HARARE!
  This was the man who was portrayed as an Israeli hero/killer because he supposedly killed PLO Children and maybe a few adults.   But what he really killed-- ACCIDENTALLY -- was a few Scandinavian waiters not PLO ‘terrorists’.   The last Israeli assassination, an attempt to smother a ‘terrorist’ in DUBAI took only 26 Israeli  emotionally/physically challenged “killers”.  As you might remember, they all had their pictures taken on the hotel monitor. 
  So now Israel claims Hezbollah killed Israeli citizens in Burgas, Bulgaria---forgetta ‘bout it! 
This screams false flag on steroids.  Eretz Yisroel is once again on a self destructive path toward extinction.   
After some deliberate thought--- I had to shut off pretty boy Anderson Cooper--- and watch instead ---Stephen Colbert Report.   It’s then that I realized that there were no accidents in the world of REGIME CHANGE. 
Please understand, that when I was involved in REGIME CHANGE,  as I have already told you, I first eliminate the PRESENCE OF THE CIA---then I do what I have to do without ‘torture’, ‘guns’ , ‘hoopla’ or TV VOYEURISM. 
  So what conclusion did I come to? 
I would like to call it:  Dr STEVE’S rule of regime change by the CIA: 
[1] Give us a thug  who can be bribed, compromised or co-opted then the CIA, on behalf of an IGNORANT POTUS,  will make him (male because the CIA is primarily Catholic/Mormon- it’s quite “misogynist’ –so sorry, no women right now), the narcissistic, power hungry ambitious military Colonel/General into a full fledge Leader of his Country
[2] There is not prejudice with regards to ethnic group, religion, or location.   Spics, Ragheads, Kikes, Gringos, Christ-lovers and pantheists are all welcome to apply for the leader of a country which the CIA wants to control and use for drug deals, arms deals, money laundering, slave trafficking, oil exploration etc… 
[3] For example, let’s take CHILE.  Bump off Dr Salvador Allendea presumed Communist ---false flag him and then put in his place ---General Augusto Pinochet
But Pinochet is too independent so let’s get rid of him. This was the brilliant plan of Eliot Abrams who was assistant sec of Latin America.  See how we treat our “friends”?  Noriega got it, literally. 
Now, my dear readers, you get it. 
  So, let’s pick EGYPT!
  I was involved in the Egypt-Israel Camp David Peace Accords which resulted strictly from POTUS Jimmy Carter’s formidable personal efforts and Sec State Cyrus Vance’s elegant intercessions. 
  As a result Sadat was placed in power.  Then he was ASSASSINATED by the ISLAMIC BROTHER HOOD.  That’s what we were toldBut assume it was a third party intervention based on what I’ve told you.  Next we placed an Egyptian Air Force General Mubarak in the leadership position.   He then became no longer convenient,  be it he was found to be corrupt or a tyrant –it really did not matter. 
  But what did matter was the fact that Mubarak allowed for twenty years (it was Bill Clinton who started Extreme Rendition) to have the CIA bring presumed ‘islamic  terrorists’ to Egypt for ‘enhanced interrogation’. Then when the CIA wanted to eliminate all traces of their  illegal,  criminal activities sanctioned by Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama and Senator “why don’t we break your spine Feinstein.”  –they decide to CREATE through CIA/Facebook – a spontaneous riot in Tahrir Square.  First a few hundred show up, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands.  Then you get a full blown riot with all kinds of theatrics like tear gas and police brutality presented to us by super tool Anderson Cooper,  telling us that the “revolution is coming!” 
Next, we put in Mohamed Morsi, a professor at California State….
How’s that working out for you, John Brennan? 
Same Brennan that was responsible for the deaths at Kobar Tower and 9/11. 
Next, the dynamic duo Brennan and Hillary Clinton start to work on our favorite well dressed eccentric newly designated tyrant Colonel Qaddafi.   Our trusted ally for 20 years who provided the USG with oil, counter-terrorism and torture facilities!  GUESS WHERE THAT TORTURE FACILITY WAS? 
  That’s, right!
  Benghazi !! 
  The so –called ‘embassy’ where Ambassador Stevens died along with eight other Brave American operatives. 
  What was Benghazi? 
 It was a place not an embassy where the CIA and other units of our INTEL community conducted extended rendition and enhanced torture of presumed terrorists
  It was also a major supply depot for Syria where we would take down our next U.S. friend and  ally DR BASHAR ASSAD [no military rank here].
  So Qaddaffi was presumably killed in Libya—NONSENSE—he fled to the sub saharan region along with TUAREG TRIBES to which he was a member [don’t forget his mother was a YEMENI JEW just like Osama Bin Laden’s mother]. 
 So in Libya, we don’t get a new government but we do get lies and deceit and ooops, I can’t testify for several weeks because I fell on my head Hillary Clinton.  Remember this garbage (and all her other history) when she tries to run for president. 
  Now Brennan is not happy with this catalogue of screw ups- 9/11, Saudi Arabia etc. so he tries to send in Huey, Dewey and Lewie to Syria and let’s Anderson Cooper once again be the “host with the most”  bringing you his latest “Arab Spring” show.   Yes, the revolution is coming, part 2!
The CIA and other units with SF outsourcing have provided the non-existent ‘SYRIAN FREE ARMY’ with guns, ammunition, food, drugs, VIAGRA [key part of psyops in Afghanistan and Iraq] and so the greatest show on earth continues!
  So the greatest prime time show on earth, this Arab Spring,  brought to us by CNN!  is destabilizing the Middle East, killing innocent victims, blowing up our soldiers and plunging America deeper into debt.  All because Brennan, Hillary and Potus (s) want to eradicate all evidence of extreme rendition and other crimes. 
  What’s next???
I have the best news I could ever think of---
Guess who is next on the list of the “best allies” that the CIA wants to get rid of??
You guessed it!!
And after that?
and after that?
and then…maybe King Abdullah of Jordan.
It couldn’t happen to nicer, more stupid American allies.
Adios, amigos!


  1. Let's take these in order:
    1.Bulgaria. Yes Bulgaria is always somebody's hoe. First the Nazis, then the Russians, and now NATO and the United States. The Bulgarians can always be counted on the agree to the most craven roles any bigger partner wants them to go along with, including the ridiculous charge that Hezbollah would have a motive to assassinate anyone in their puny country.

    2.Mossad/Mike Harrari assassins worldwide. The "Scandanavian waiter" was an Arab I think, maybe from North Africa, and was mistaken at a bus stop in Lillihamar Norway [my third home] for the "Red Prince" Salame, who supposedly headed "Black September" after the Munich 1972 massacre [after which Salame was a CIA agent].
    Now that was a huge embarassment and ended the assassination of "Black September" members in retaliation for Munich. BTW..those assassinations were not really of Black September operators but was just a list of eleven beloved members of importance to the Palestinians and were killed in Rome, Athens, etc. just in retaliation the same was as the Israelis knock down the houses next to those of fighters "collective punishment."

    3.Rendition. Yes the torture is really bad, it's pretty much directed against the falsely accused because when in doubt why not? And CIA officers are the masterminds. It's simply torture by the US pure and simple with the thinest of fig leafs by subbing it out to someone like Kadaffi or Assad.

    Take it from one who knows [me] that the CIA and the military is full of people who love the idea of torture, not because it's necessary or effective, but because they are sadists, melevolent villians, and have psychopathic characteristics.

    Because they have no supervision they're doing all this in our name.

  2. Brilliant post Dr p and brilliant reply mit Michael! So a handful hold the winning cards and the rest of us are collateral damage pure and simple, anyone who doesn't comply or fit with the agenda are labelled terrorists and because of their failure to comply automatically qualify for relocation to a luxury resort!! Its a win win if you toe the line, meanwhilewhilst the rest of us rise up,riot,demonstrate, nothing really changes, the poor remain poor (also poorer)the starving still starve, etc etc, brilliantly simple! Dr p mit Michael , your backgrounds in this subject commands further eloquent thoughts and analysis on this most important subject! What is disturbing is the issue of viagra to paramilitary fighters! Particularly sinister given the reporting of rapes sect whenever conflicts arise, yet again another thing learned by this pupil of frankly basic knowledgebut by god its improving

  3. another obama homicide:

    "dead pool" Breitbart, the Seals, Aaron Schwartz, Seal Kyle and now, Philip Marshall.

    get some security DR. P. I don't want to find out you could have and you refused....

    1. Far be it from me to speak ill of the dead, but as Chris Kyle was practically my neighbor I'm tremendously relieved that's he's gone. He epitomized everything that's sinster about the America in the last decade. He flunked out of college and was a ranch hand when the Marines [which had rejected him years earlier] recruited him when they couldn't meet their intake goals. Once out of the service he set a pattern of lies and prevarications concerning everything - and of course everything was couched in an evangelical Christian setting. The absolute worst creatures like Kyle are the ones constantly claiming to be doing good relative to everyone else.

      Kyle was the "Lance Armstrong" of Special Forces.

    2. John Brennan's potential lair:

      The United States Intelligence Community has prospered because of 9/11 and the super-terrorist Osama bin Laden. Since 9/11, sixteen government agencies have gathered under an umbrella of security, presumably to prevent further attacks upon the homeland. Ten years after 9/11, we must ask, what does the Intelligence Community not control?

      The brain behind the Intelligence Community is an incredible group of individuals. They have over a hundred years of deep roots into secret societies at Ivy League schools. They have deep roots into Wall Street banks. They were the founders of Central Intelligence. They have people everywhere, in the Justice Department, defense contractors, throughout your Congress. They, for sixteen of the last century’s final twenty years, had the keys to the United States Treasury and the Executive Branch of the United States government. They have the original social network and an unlimited supply of funding. Among a host of powerful networks where taxpayers’ earnings flow lavishly is the State Department. Another is the Department of Defense. Today, this group is a confederacy that has nearly one million people on our payroll and I hope you’re sitting down for this, 832,000 employees have Top Secret clearances in over 10,000 offices around the United States. They have control of every armed federal force. They control the FBI, CIA, DHS, TSA, DEA, the Department of Defense, the Justice Department and the United States Treasury. They have “lost” $15 trillion from the treasury.

      Yet, a vast majority of taxpayers are unaware of their existence.

      Since 9/11, because of 9/11, because of Osama bin Laden, all of these agencies fall under the control of the United States Intelligence Community. They have a sprawling headquarters just outside of Washington; the 1.3 million square foot George Bush Center of Intelligence complex. This is the shadow authority that you are paying for and yet, you have no say in their actions. They weren’t voted in and they can’t be voted out.

      They are presently using $3.5 billion of our earnings to build a headquarters for their new secret police, near Washington, for the Department of Homeland Security. DHS plans to link into every county sheriff and city police office, and eventually conduct pat downs at every train and bus station in our nation. All because of Osama bin Laden. It won’t stop there. You can expect that a new mail system will be under an armed branch of DHS, with an inspection process similar to the current airport procedures. We are already seeing the DHS as the controlling force at DMV and at the USPS.

      Add to these buildings the 6.3 million square foot complex of the NSA, the National Security Agency in Ft. Meade, Maryland, another of the agencies under IC authority.

      Don’t look now, but the following agencies are now secured and controlled by the Intelligence Community:

      The Department of Homeland Security
      The Transportation Security Agency
      The Central Intelligence Agency
      The Federal Bureau of Investigation
      The Department of Justice
      The Department of Defense
      The United State Treasury**
      The U. S. State Department
      The Drug Enforcement Agency
      The Department of Energy"

  4. Was the Agreement between Obama and Brennan that he convert to Islam before he was appointed White House Deputy National Security Advisor?

  5. The illusion is that "they" can control an event so as to obtain the outcome of their choosing.

    But, as much as "they" think of themselves as masters of the universe, they are not.

    Yes, "they" can initiate or set in motion events, but their abillity to dictate the outcome is limited.

    Perhaps, this is a key to their possible downfall:

    "They" choose to initiate an event, but the outcome is so destructive or botched that the heretofore hidden mechinations become exposed.

    If one of these false flags are widely exposed, all the other false flags are subject to re-examination by the public.

    The JFK assassination was exposed as a 'patsy' operation, but too long after the fact, so that it could be isolated.

    But there are now a whole series of events close enough in time that an exposed false flag could not be "isolated" from all the others.

    There is going to be a time when "they" go to the well once too often.

    And "they" will be caught, exposed, and held responsible by the American People.

    Maybe, it's wishful thinking on my part, but it seems each false flag is being subject to inquiry sooner after the event.

    One of these times "they" will slip up.

    Regarding the Middle East, yes, the U. S. A. has demonstrated its untrustworthiness.

    The U. S. has betrayed governments and people who thought they had a 'deal' with the U. S., but then found they were expendible.

    Sometime, down the road, that reputation is going to come back and bite Uncle Sam right in the ass.

  6. Quite honestly there is something about being an ally that begs for betrayl.

    It's in the nature of relationships that negatives are ignored for a higher purpose until after a while the negatives become all one sees, and this is true of personal relationships as well as those between leaders and governments.

    After the Great War, after 1919, so many people in the War Department were disgusted with the war and England's role in tricking the US into it that...

    The War Department made plans for war with England.

    Yes, it was called "Plan Blue," and it called for attacking Cananda and then seeking to blockade the British Isles.

    This is just the nature of things..human nature.

    1. Or was it "Plan Red," sorry I can't remember. "Plan Blue" may have been war with Japan I think. I have trouble keeping the color plans straight.

    2. If you read "Plan Red" I think it mentions British "national character," and this is interesting because I think it was penned around 1934 and it shows how the use of the term "national character" was commonly used by the War Department and the service intelligence services that far back.

    3. 'National character' was a common descriptive until relatively recently.

      My suspicion is that Globalists don't like the idea of 'national character' because it highlights unique aspects of each nation.

      Globalists want to downplay nationalism.


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