Sunday, February 17, 2013

The New “American Terrorists”: The United States Senate Holds Two American Senior Officials “HOSTAGE”!!!!
Over thirty years of counter-terrorism activity and hostage negotiations, I have witnessed and participated in all types of crises. 
  But this one is a completely new type of HOSTAGE TAKING that I could never imagined.
  And believe me, that says something in a topsy turvy Terrorist Game where the bad guy is the so –called ‘terrorist’ one day, then the next day he [usually it’s a  “he”, except for the German Baader Meinhoff Gang—German women are really tougher than their male counterparts—ask CARLOS!!!] is ‘a hero’ and the leader of the nation.
  But this past week completely took me aback as both a so-called ‘counter terrorist expert’ and more importantly as an AMERICAN CITIZEN. 
 I was SHOCKED. 
 And ashamed.
  Never in my wild imaginations would I believe that two nominees, Brennan and Hagel,  would have been literally held ‘hostage’ to LEGISLATIVE PROCEDURES which had nothing to do with the WELL BEING of OUR COUNTRY.  These procedures drone on  in order to extract the ‘truth’ from the Obama administration when in fact the truth had been revealed in the different media outlets that I had talked about in my previous blogs—The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, The NY  Post, The Huffington Post, FOX News, William Morrow Publishing, the great bloggers on the internet and countless others. 
  So what is this CRAP about Brennan? 
  He was in charge of Drone Attacks on innocent civilians? 
  Then if that is or was the case, then vote him out.
As much as I have not been his fan, I still feel that he should be the DCI because he is born, bred and embedded in a community that by nature will deceive, betray and run false flags. 
  So, if you have any guts Senator McCain, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham stop playing games and deny his nomination. 
But you and I know all too well, you cowardly senators, that you just want to hang him up there not because it serves our national security but because it serves your collective narcissistic needs and political ambition.
  Brennan, reminds me a bit of Ambassador Joe Kennedy, father of JFK,  who was one of the best heads of SEC because he was a very corrupt trader in the 1929 depression and had strong ties to the Irish/Italian/Jewish mob.  It takes a crook to know how to manage one.
And so it is with Brennan. I predict that he will turn out to possibly be the best DCI we have ever had because he knows EVERY TRICK and DIRTY SKELETON in the CIA. 
  Furthermore, I am well acquainted with the fact for all of his past miscreant behavior which all of you have read about, Brennan has been an open PROPONENT of PUBLICLY demanding that the Obama administration should have ACKNOWLEDGED the DEADLY DRONE ATTACKS ON INNOCENT CIVILIANS IN PAKISTAN AND YEMEN. 
  Also, he like myself, have been STRONG PROPONENTS of the US MILITARY assuming the drone responsibilities and not out sourcing military/CIA operatives. 
  But let me get to my most serious concern, the hostage taking of ex-senator CHUCK HAGEL.
This FILIBUSTER ACTION by both Senator McCAIN, a former Hagel friend and military comrade [who needs a friend like that!] and Lindsay Graham [a military Reservist in the US Army] have literally blocked the nomination of this incredible war hero, Chuck Hagel. 
  On the surface, let us take the more vitriolic words and contentious behavior of Senator McCain regarding a former military colleague Vietnam veteran, fellow Republican Senator and Iraq conferee…
Ostensibly, the issue concerns the ‘dark secrets’ and ‘lies’ concerning the September 11,  2012 Benghazi fiasco.  I think that most of you, my dear readers, and others around the country have by now, learned about the ‘Palace Coup’ of the Brennan’s Civilian CIA against General Petraeus and his military minions and heroes. 
But unfortunately that is not the issue at hand as far as I am concerned. 
As I just previously mentioned above,  the true story of Benghazi has already been reported by the aforementioned media outlets. 
So, as a psychiatrist, my ‘antennae’ is immediately AROUSED. 
  Because, both the amount of anger, delay and obsessive hatred demonstrated by Senator McCain’s performance in his interrogation of Chuck Hagel made me immediately suspicious that what was going between the both of the them was not political but very, very PERSONAL. 
 I don’t know either one; but quite frankly the absence of not knowing a politician never precluded me from doing my duty according to the precepts of both political psychology and intelligence.
In a very simplistic psychological word,  McCain’s anger and vituperative attitude to an ex-friend and political colleague is MULTI–DETERMINED. 
  What that means in lay terms is that when one encounters a DISPROPORTIONATE EMOTION whether it be love, hate or any other obsessive type of emotion or behavior, one has to consider many different reasons for that reaction.  None of which are apparent at that particular moment. 
  In other words, it’s COUNTER INTUITIVE what is going on in front of your eyes.  McCain’s anger toward Hagel is out of control and misplaced- he resents Hagel for his opposition to “the surge” and his outspokenness on the mess in Iraq.  You see this attacks the very raison d’etre of McCain.
Hagel who had been a Master Sergeant in the Vietnam war and was INCREDIBLY COURAGEOUS in a war that both he and I were against, but nevertheless  became engaged directly or indirectly.  Hagel came out of that conflict, as I did with the conclusion that too many men had died for nothing
That, my dear readers, is why in my own small way, I was always to make certain that in different areas of the world we did not have to send troops to die needlessly
It was my job, if possible, to initiate a ‘regime change’ without guns or boots on the ground.  That was done with my colleagues in both the military and civilian covert world.   The key here is COVERT. Not James Bond, nor Bourne Identity but slow, boring and dangerous self-less anonymity. 

But in Vietnam,  Hagel was THE REAL WARRIOR who through dint of skill and personal courage was promoted to MASTER SERGEANT.   In the real world of the military, a MS, is the most important NCO one might ever encounter.  Give me one Master Sergeant for twenty disastrous Generals like Westmoreland or Maxwell Taylor –both of whom were completely inept at command, strategy and encouraged a needless war on ignorant presidents. 
As a result of his own merits and bravery, Hagel had seen countless deaths and endless maimed bodies.  Hagel has been appropriately influenced by this HORRENDOUS  experience. 
Years after his war years, Hagel was correctly cautious about the success of the SURGE in IRAQ and the endless body count.  More importantly, he defied the Israeli Lobby AIPAC and the NeoCons and correctly decided that we, the USA,  should not go to war every time that Israel decides they want to lose more of their incompetent IDF soldiers.. 
SIDEBAR: Remember, my dear reader, since 1967, Israel  has never won a war without immediate American military support.  Basically ISRAEL is a ward of the state for which you and I pay countless billions of dollars for which we get ingratitude and ‘anti-semitic slurs’

  In contrast, we have John McCain, who never really earned his military rank or military badge for anything other than having been a naval cadet at the Annapolis Naval Academy [an outstanding institution] and graduating with an officers rank.  Then he learned to fly jets, but it is clear from his history that he was a careless erratic fighter pilot who crashed on the Aircraft deck at least once if not twice. 
  He then was shot down over North Vietnamese territory without really having seen too much action and certainly he had never witnessed the HORRORS OF WAR in CLOSE COMBAT. 
  It’s important to remember that I have nothing against the USAF but Jet Fighters and bombardiers have a completely different experience in battle from the foot soldier. Not better. Not worse.  Just different
  So back to our not-so-little hostage siege by ‘senatorial terrorist’ John McCain holding Chuck Hagel ‘hostage’ to McCain’s own PERSONAL PECADDILLO assisted by GRAHAM and our all time favorite Jewish/Israel lobby groups. 
Message to McCain:  put aside your personal jealousies/wounded pride issues with Hagel.  You are the son of an admiral and you got shot down over VietNam, went to a prison camp.  Chuck Hagel was boots on the ground, he saw war close up and personal.  He doesn’t condone useless slaughter for corrupted, farcical ideals like spreading democracy or punishing manufactured terrorists.  
America can forgive you for being a POW.  BUT we never, never forgive man, whomever he might be, who dishonors a WAR HERO and AMERICAN VETERAN like Chuck Hagel.  Nor will we excuse a senator who puts his own personal psychologies/ambitions over his duty to “do his job” to protect and ensure a bright future for the U.S.


  1. Hagel is a drunk...I do not want his mid-afternoon and mid-morning double martinis to influence emergency decisions. He doesn't even want the job...he is play acting, and he isn't very good at hiding his reluctance.

    Brennan should be in prison.

    The reason the Senators want Benghazi answers from the Horse's mouth is because all media accounts are hearsay...leading toward impeachment with a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATION...I CONCUR...Whether they have ulterior motives, the fact remains: by putting Hagel and Brennan in office, will create MORE LAWLESS ACTIVITY AND SOCIOPATHY, AND MAY WELL TURN DRONES ON AMERICANS AS MORE COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

    We can do much better with 2nd round nominees.


    You don't want any regrets, Dr. P.

    Think outside of the box.

    Both men are dishonorable and very dishonest, accept it.

    1. @ Patriarch,

      That's a serious charge, do you have any proof?

      Or is that just a gratuitous cheap shot?

      The Republicans have made Israel a political football because Hagel occasionally expressed frustration with Israel's policies (and, perhaps more important, broke partisan ranks by turning against support of the Iraq war).

      I don't think it is in Israel's best interest to see support for Israel turned into a political football -- apparently many Israeli supporters agree because they support Hagel's nomination.

      Hagel has voted for every Israel aid bill put before him. Hagel specifically stated Israel has a special relationship with the U. S.

      Don't kid yourself, numerous people in government have occasionally expressed frustration with Israeli policies (mostly in private, mind you).

      Actually, Hagel could be the best thing that happened to Israel because Hagel likely would be honest with Israel.

      If your goal is a safe, secure & peaceful Israel for the long-term, then Israel needs to be mindful of other's reactions to their policies -- no nation-state is an Island.

      A naked drive for a Greater Israel (especially reaching beyond the West Bank) potentially is a deal breaker for the American People's support for Israel.

      I don't want to see that happen.

  2. Really, we should put a murdering psychopath in charge of the CIA because it takes a murdering psychopath to manage other murdering psychpaths? That's just great, Dr. p.

  3. Seriously, the comparison with Roosevelt and Joseph Kennedy is hardly apt. Roosevelt wanted a strong SEC and put somebody in who was a crook but who had lots of experience and knew where the bodies were buried. He also made sure that Kennedy did the job Roosevelt wanted done. Roosevelt was a great president. We need another one just like him right now. What we have is a "Manchurian" president that is already controlled by Brennan - that's Mr. 9/11 was an inside job Brennan, also Osama bin Laden's controller in the good old days of the Clinton and Bush administrations, murderer in cold blood of 3000 Americans.

    You are castigating Congress for holding up confirmation of this guy on the grounds that the media has already exposed Benghazi? So it's perfectly all right to confirm this traitor as consolidated commander of the CIA and JSOC, Himmler to Obama's Hitler, and we should get on with it? Nice, very nice.

  4. On Hagel and McCain, I tend to agree with P's diagnosis. Basically, McCain loved the Vietnam war and thinks we should have stayed in there and won it, nuked Hanoi or whatever. Why, because he's a damned "war hero" because it. Hagel thinks that the Vietnam war was wrong so McCain hates him. Maybe this is Obama throwing a bone to his base. The SecState is just a front man these days. Look at Hillary Clinton. Hagel will be no better. Brennan will be running foreign policy, more when he's CIA director too.

  5. Hagel is one of the few pubic servants we have speaks the obvious truth about Iran, Israel, the Iraq war, and pretty much all matters of national security. It's all too predictable that the neocon republicans would give him a difficult time. Afterall this is like appointing Gen. Smedley Butler to be the Secretary of War after having written, War is a Racket.

    As for Brennan I've said before he's the worst choice and there's no analogy between him as an insider and Jos. P. Kennedy when he was tapped to be the first Commissioner of the SEC.

    Joseph Kennedy was someone who manipulated stocks because everyone else did it...those were the rules of the game, but he DIDN'T BELEIVE IT WAS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY and had NO PERSONAL STAKE IN NOT ENFORCING THE NEW REGULATIONS. Kennedy was not a "crook," but rather a partiotic businessman operating in an anarchic system, and he welcomed the reforms which Roosevelt brought into codification.

    On the contrary Brennan is steeped in corruption because UNLIKE MANY OTHER INTELIGENCE FIGURES HE ACTUALLY LIKES WEARING THE BLACK HAT.

    Brennan is simply a bad guy who opposes good guys whenever he can, and if he headed CIA he would bend everything against the White Hats, cover-up everything that's happened in the last thirteen years, etc....

    1. Gee Whiz! Your spelling has improved. & I agree with your premise...on Brennan that is.

      As far as Israel goes, if you haven't been there you are not acceptable to invalidate the country, that with the aid of diaspora Jews, made the deserts bloom & became the #1 high tech country in the world.
      You can't take that away from them, despite your political antipathy. No other country like it.. Try it!

      FOX NEWS MONDAY 9:00 pm EST, HANNITY interview with authors of "Benghazi Report". Repeats at midnight. EST

    2. Actually I've been to Israel 11 times, mostly in the 1990s when Israeli businessmen were behind the blood diamond wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola and Congo. At that time Israel was the human trafficking center of the world also, as Jewish gangsters from Russia were kidnapping and selling women from all over eastern Europe. In Tel-Aviv there were huge areas where these girls were housed and pimped, then often sent to other countries or sold as slaves to Arabs and Africans.

      The Israeli authorities did absolutely nothing about these issues.

      What I learned the hard way from my trips to Israel is that only Jewish blood matters to Israelis. If you are not Jewish they could care less if you were a sex slave, or anything else.

      Israel is like the United States, Rome, Athens and Sparta - it's a republic which is very kind to it's own citizens but brutal to outsiders. None of the region's autocratic governments have been as aggressive and warlike as the region's one democracy.

  6. Most people who crave politics are narcisstic megalomaniacs who have little balance or ability to behave according to their own values when confronted with difficult choices.

    Hagel is very rare in that he's a normal person with normal values and he's been able to keep his balance and perspective and apply his judgement simply to these obvious wrongs as they've emerged.

    He's simply an honest, normal person.

  7. MIT, OK, I won't call Joseph Kennedy a "crook" even though he was a big booze trafficker, I believe. He certainly was a patriot as was his son. Roosevelt no doubt correctly judged that his heart was in the right place.

    1. Jos. Kennedy was not a Saint, that's for sure. John and Robert Kennedy were both brilliant. John Kennedy read voraciously and never asked for short papers to read. He always plunged into the depths of every issue, and applied normal values of common decency to the horrors his national security staff confronted him with. "Are these people even human beings," is what he said about the Joint Chiefs when they informed him they'd have no problem executing the SIOP against the Soviet Union if Berlin were attacked. He was a normal, decent person surrounded by psychopaths and criminals like Lyndon Johnson, William Harvey, Curt LeMay, and Admiral Limnizter.

      John Kennedy did not actually suffer from Addisons disease. The truth is that his adrenal glands and lumber spine were damaged because he was given kenalog cortical steroids to counter-act inflammation of the bowels when he was in his early twentees. He simply had colonitis, and the treatment of the time had side effects worse than the desease.

      To support his lower spine when President he was given anabolic steroids which strengthened the muscles around the spine as well as everywhere else in his body.

      This is why he had a very lean muscle mass, and was trim and athletic when his autopsy was performed. Some pysicians present noted that he had the body of an athlete. This was because of the anabolic steriods, which will always have this effect in the absence of resistence training. However the anabolics may have also effected his mood and libido.

    2. SIOP = Single Integrated Operational Plan. In the 1950s the single plan for thermonuclear attack, included all targets with no "packages" or limitations.

  8. Law Clerks for SCOTUS SUPPRESSED APPLICATION FOR REVIEW OF OBAMA ELIGIBILITY - they obviously were compromised for OBAMA care also.
    Briefs never sent to justices.



  9. When a human lacks respect, like all matters human, it always begins with self before the matter ventures forth to the outer world. In the case of Hagel, it has remained within self to the extent that he has deserted even his sanity. Yes, we are talking about Respect and the lack of self-respect or guilt, oka anger towards self, is what will drive Hagel insane thereby netralising his moral compass should he get to his moment/position of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. With the hypocrite that is "Israeli Interest" hawking over him, this chappie won't even have time to play with himself other than to do what zer Amerikana politikos are doing, being more Israeli that the real Israeli. A real joke should it not be truly sad in its outcome.

    As such, why are Amerikans so blind-blinded? Because on the one hand, Vested Interest, oka Selfishness, Rulez, OK, and on the other hand, when there is seemingly nothing mightier than might, Korruption is all there is. Is is not that some real Americans do not know the true score, of course, it is that they [seemingly] have no antidote to the poisoning. Afterall, Hitler got to where he was because of mass hypnotism and look where his downfall came from? The belief that might is all there is when something infintely mightier is looking on. And it will happen, Reality being about the absolutely progressive and not the relatively progressive which just happens to be the one who is absolutely regressive. Like the Japs before them, The Chinese are buying up Kalifornia and soon, you'll have Amerikana politicians re-presenting The Chinese Case - should El Israelio be somehow, neutralised in the future. Afterall, the is what Korruption is good for, whores whose master is the one with the biggest whip. Just imagine, a country operating according to the principles of prostitution and pimpmanship - just like any brothel. Hands up those who would like to disagree just because they could destroy any entity with the push of a button in addition to owning The Oral Gymnasium.

    1. Speaking of "whoring", Obama spent the weekend with Reggie LOVE which is why there was a news blackout...CONNECT THE DOTS:



    2. I disagree that Hagel would be forced to compromise his principles.

      Although Obama hasn't had the strength to oppose Israel he hasn't cowed to them either.

      Relative to others Obama is less pro-Israel, and when Hagel arrives he will be one more person tipping the scales around Obama against blind support for Netanyahu.

      Those around Obama favor a two-state solution.

      The Israelis favor no solution anymore.

      The Palestinians increasingly favor a one-state solution.

      In the distant future the Palestinians will prevail. What will determine matters will be demographics, birth rates, and the complexion of Arab governments replacing the past ones.

    3. @ MITmichael,

      I wish I could agree with you regarding a one state solution, but there is no indication the Jewish Israelis will accept a single state where equal rights and one man one vote are the law of the land.

      Sadly, I think many Israelis would murder (how many?) in order to prevent any loss of power & control.

      No, they will continue the current arraignment, as you stated, for as long as possible, with de facto incorporation of the West Bank via piece-meal settlement expansion.

      After all, Israel has been a settler regime since the beginning of its existence.

      It's working... they think.

      But it is degrading the national character of Israel...

      Being a jailer for the occupation, where brutality is a regular occurrence, is slowly turning the bulk of Israelis into less compassionate individuals -- slowly lowering the collective morality of an entire nation-state.

      According to international law those under occupation have a right to resist that occupation.

      What constitutes proper "resistence" is not well defined.

      And, while some Israeli supporters don't think it matters, Israel is getting increasingly isolated internationally.

      Which will make it increasingly difficult for the United States to protect Israel without damaging U. S. international standing.

      Don't force Americans to choose between their love of America and their support of Israel -- the choice likely would not benefit the state of Israel.

      Your description of Tel aviv, based on my reading is correct:

      Anything goes, and I mean anything!

      Again, this private, amoral behavior (with a blind eye from the government) weighs on Israel's international standing.

      The thing about American support for Israel is that neocons assume nothing is too far beyond the pale, but a near majority of Americans are not on board for a blank check.

      I suspect unquestioning support for Israel (and I'm one of those supporters) could be like the straw that broke the camel's back.

      Things will appear normal enough, but with that final "straw" whatever that straw turns out to be, support for Israel will dramatically drop.

      Three things that could cause that support to drop:

      1. An attack on Iran.

      2. Wholesale slaughter of Palestinians, followed by unmistakable apartheid.

      3. An attempt at transfer of the Palestinian People from Palestine.

      Friends don't enable friend's bad behavior.

    4. I agree that most Israelis are becoming more rather than less inflexible. This is like what happened in the slave holding states of the American south in the 1850s when opinion in the north became critical of them. As Israel SLOWLY loses more and more support in the US most Israelis will respond by becoming more intransigent.

      You've identified correctly the biggest source of dissaffection being the open colonization of the West Bank. This colonization makes a mockery of the Israeli's version of history that they haven't been about domination of all of Palestine from the beginning. The colonization of the West Bank leads people to conclude [correctly] that there never was any good faith or intentions to stick to what the UN gave them in 1948.

      The one state solution will come only after a long time, and will result from demographics and birth rates which make the Jewish control of Palestine untenable.

  10. "As long as in this territory west of the Jordan river there is only one political entity called Israel it is going to be either non-Jewish, or non-democratic. If this bloc of millions of ­Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state." -- Ehud Barak, Israeli Defense Minister

    Patriarch or anybody else for that matter, do you believe Israel will continue receiving U. S. protection & support after Israel is positively identified as an apartheid state?

    Frankly, I don't think even the Israeli lobby can protect Israel should apartheid & Israel be linked in the American public consciousness.

    And how well will Israel fare without U. S. protection and support?

    Israel supporters need to have a crystal clear understanding: A two-state solution is the only hope for a humane & decent Israel over the long-term.

    I understand why Israel supporters are deathly afraid of the label "apartheid" and rightly so, but if you think you can simply hide the fact (should it come about) by intimidation & bullying, you are mistaken.

    In fact, that intimidation & bullying in the face of undeniable facts on the ground (apartheid) will only erode support for Israel further and if there is continued intimidation & bullying, it will undermine support for not only Israel, but her supporters, here, in the U. S. will be increasingly isolated.

    That would be worse than a crime, that would be a mistake.

    1. I believe the Israeli lobby is so strong that American politicians will have to support Israel's basic actions long after even American Jews have largely disserted Israel.

      This appears paradoxical but the biggest pressure on American politicians isn't from Jews but non-Jewish Americans who've been brainwashed about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

      American Jews are now at the forefront of criticism of Israel, but they are out-numbered by non-Jewish supporters.

      And of course the Palestinians haven't help their cause either by their terrorist and unsavory behaviors of the years, which most Americans find villianous.

    2. Regarding an "apartheid state," the reason why South Africa lost American support was because of the American experience of disenfranchisement of African-Americans. Apartheid reminded Americans too much of their own civil rights history. Regarding Arabs however I think most Americans have no similar sympathy for them as victims of civil injustice.

  11. Dr. Steve,
    Sorry for the sidebar, but I wanted to provide you with the following link found on google search (Bin Laden son in law arrested turkey extradition). Please read through some of the links on the search page. Articles dated from early February.

    How did this seem to slip in our media?

    Given all the changes at the helm with CIA (Petreus to Brennan) and State
    Dept (Hillary to Kerry), have the agencies been silenced personnel until this hits mainstream media with Obama's new tough stance on agents providing tips to the media?

    The fact he is one of the USA's most wanted, was hiding in plain site at a luxurious hotel near the US embassy and near the home of the President of Turkey and he is allowed to go back to Iran is insulting to our intelligence given the Bin Laden family is Sunni and he goes into hiding in Shiite territory. It all smells fishy and all the more not one mainstream outlet except Breitbart News did a story on this. Seems like Obama, Hillary and Brennan don't seem to be concerned when soverignty and sending in Seal Teams except when it's convenient.

    Lastly, what's your take on the missing Gitmo prisoners (>20 detainees) always that suddenly are unaccounted for?

    Thanks for all you do Doc.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&bvm=bv.42661473,d.cGE&fp=5075081812dbbf0d&biw=1024&bih=672

  12. (way off topic)

    Bettino Craxi and Abu Abbas: Two Heros from my "Miami Vice" days.

    In 1985 I used to love watching Miami Vice with my Puerto Rican girlfriend in her cold triple-decker apartment in Brookline. That's how freakin' shallow I was. She had a BMW, the apartment, and her J.Lo booty, each of which I used [although not necessarily in that order]. Okay, so I was a gigilo. But in the superficial, materialistic, legitimacy-seeking Puerto Rican world of herself and her family it was a relief to have an earnest and bookish male inhabiting her life and her apartment rather than the alternatives, so it was a win-win. She let me have the largest of the three bedrooms as I needed the extra room for books, desk, etc., and this lasted for about seven weeks of the Fall semester until she lent the third bedroom to a little Jewish girl, a friend of hers from Miami. That's when the party really started. "Laurie" was a nubile gymnist who graduated from Miami Beach High School two years earlier and had been living in New York with the son of the front owner of the Gambino porn theaters. She fled New York to stay with us in Boston, but not before she'd translated her nineteen year old gymnist's bod into a slew of relationships with men in the film business, many of them belonging to "Mr. Golan" of Cannon fame. The Cannon angle was to be useful later on, as was her friendship with of all people Stephen Englund the gay Napolionic scholar who spent the summer season often with his dear friend Grace Kelly. But in the fall it was cold inside the apartment, and after Miami Vice was over and I retired to my large room to work on "The Causes of the South Atlantic War," while the Puerto Rican and Laurie would unseal a large humidor in the parlor and enjoy its contents. After sufficent inhaling they would barg into my room all giggly and stumble onto the bed and thereafter create a situation whereby I felt obliged to satisfy them both, none of which has anything to do with my problem completing semisters at school which had more to do with being offerred irresistible work overseas which I was assured would only last days but when I arrived would drag on for weeks, and it was impossible to maintain any semblance of normality of a student life when suddenly dissappearing like that.

    So here I am in Rome instead of Boston and the entire Council of Deputies stands up and applauds as Prime Minister Bettino Craxi enters, and even the Communists are applauding! Craxi has just told Ronald Reagan to fuck off - Italy will NOT be turning over Abu Abbas or the other perpetrators of the Achilli Lauro hijacking for American justice. Abu Abbas will be allowed to escape altogether, and the remaining small fries will stand trial in Italian Courts as the crimes were committed on Italian "soil," that being the Achille Lauro, notwithstanding that Abbas is claimed by the Americans to have cravenly thrown to his death an elderly American in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, merely because he was Jewish.

    That was the beginning of my connections to those around Craxi, who later would have to flee Italy when Judges in Milan closed in on his theft of a billion Euros in government funds....

  13. I think at that time John Poindexter was still the NSC Advisor, not having yet surrendered that post to the dreary Robert McFarlane.

  14. Admiral Poindexter was an uncomfortably meticulous, un-manly individual who thereby invited suspicions of homosexuality. I accepted this with little skepticism as my impression of the Navy was that it harbored [so to speak] various homosexuals in it's highly techical ranks, officers always dealing with computers, weapons, and communications. I always put Admiral Inman in that category.

  15. Yet when Poindexter was forced out due to Iran-Contra he was odeously succeeded by someone of even more baleful strangeness, the humorless Marine Robert McFarlane. McFarlane was the most depressive and thereby self-absorbed person I'd ever encountered, and his dismal and pleasureless outlook led him at one juncture of crisis to conclude that life wasn't worth living and thereby took a stab at suicide, which of course failed. With this crisis the legions of Reganites wherever they may be became overcome with sentimental outporings for McFarlane. However as for myself I expressed only disgust that he wasn't even able to accomplish that successfully, a fact emblematic of his total incompetence which was absurd given his all-consuming manner of extreme gravitas for work.

    Now for the story of how Bettino Craxi managed to assemble a personal fortune of one billion Euros by plundering government funds for decades undetected...

    1. right on! MIT you know more than most people should know! Congrats, thanks for the contribution(s).

  16. John O'Brennan: Connect the dots.

  17. Where John Brennan was at this time is of no importance, and frankly what he's doing at present is similarly inconsequential. Current events of American actions are only un-masking the US as being the malevolent, torturing, sanctimonious rampaging assholes of the planet with Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson, Frank McGehee and John Stockwell have more than adequitly documented.

    Brennan is merely a toad, and during my own career era was probably a gutless, unconscious coward and murderously craven creep who never had a descent piece of ass in his miserable, disgusting life.

    America has played only a extreme negative role in the world, particularly in the era since it intervened to crush Germany in 1917, and certainly thereafter.

    If Germany had won the Great War there never would have been a second, or a Cold War, or any other horrors which followed due to American depravity.

    The ascendance of Germany today as the world's one stable and moral force [save perhaps for the also-Aryan Norwegians] only underlines the virtues with the United States crushed not once in the twentieth century but twice.

  18. Now returning to the matter of Bettino Craxi and his billion-Euro fortune which he sent to Tunisia...

  19. OFF TOPIC: Does the Dr. have any opinion on ARGO winning best picture?

    What was Michelle Obama doing presenting the best picture award? Must our dear leaders be a part of absolutely everything--the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Oscars? Isn't it bad enough that Hollywood (thanks, Chris Dodd) got tax breaks that ordinary Americans could never get?

    1. The film was terrible and completely false, Michele was there as a trade off for the CIA knocking down ZeroDarkThirty (after they made the mistake of making it).

  20. The verdict's in - HOLLYWOOD LOVES THE C.I.A.!!!!!

    Yes boys and girls the winner for BEST PICTURE was announced by MICHELLE OBAMA IN THE WHITE HOUSE, as she was surrounded by U.S. SERVICEPEOPLE OF EVERY GENDER, RACE, RELIGION AND NATIONAL ORIGIN!

    And the winner is....


    Yes the phoney C.I.A.-lovers story about saving American hostages in Iran from those EVIL IRANIANS!

    What did the C.I.A. and American diplomats ever do to Iran? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those evil, violent and INTOLERANT IRANIANS took are brave American hero diplomats and others hostage and it required the virtuous and noble C.I.A. to seek to rescue them, along with other American heros like Ross Perot and other patriots!

    ARGO's writer also won an award, dedicating it to, "all people who work to solve problems without violence..."


    COME ON..get outta here....

    The Academy also gave the award for best ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY to "Mr. Tarantino" for D'JANGO!!

    Yes, our Academy would never celebrate VIOLENCE!

    Oh but here's the best part. Michelle Obama prefaced her announcement by giving a little homoly in which she declared that...


    Yes boys and girls all of American film is really about TOLERANCE!





    get the idea?

  21. And just one more thing...

    The two documentaries about the Israeli occupation and the one about girls being raped in the US military were PUSHED ASIDE IN FAVOR OF.....'IN SEARCH OF THE SUGARMAN!'

    Yes people a story about an old musician who never amounted to anything and who nobody's ever heard of is more important that anything critical of the US military or Israel.

    Noam Chomsky is right that Hollywood isn't "liberal" at all, but is a purveyor of the most crass jingoistic garbage anywhere in our culture.

    Professor Chomsky you are right yet again...and pretty much always is.

  22. And oh yes "Mr. Tarantino" was coked-up, disheveled and incoherant the entire time!

    He ran up the stage and began muttering about his "body of work," and "how people will appreciate and study his films twenty and fifty years from now...."

    Mr. Tarantio thanks for keeping our Mexican cartels fat and happy with all the coin you spend on COCAINE.

    And speaking of fat and happy Mr. Tarantino now tips the scales at perhaps 230 pounds.

  23. Soon Tarantino will be as fat, gluttonous, disheveled and disgusting as his buddy HARVEY WEINSTIEN, the toad of all toads, the hairy, un-shaven troll with the hairiest, fatest stomach since Ron Jeremy [according to rumors Weinstien's pecker is only a third of that of Jeremy's however].

  24. Did you notice that one of the US servicepeople around Michelle Obama was a transexual?

    I'm incredibly glad, in fact ecstatic, that cross-dressers and men wearing women's make-up and hair are now welcome to make their contributions serving our country and defending it from evildoers.

    The "LGBT community" has much to be pround of!

    1. It's high time we had more transgendered individuals in our armed forces. In case you haven't heard the VA is now offering free gender re-assignment surgery to any serviceperson upon request.

    2. did you know that the man she is "married" to has a gay lover with the moniker Reggie "Love"?

      she has no clue asto the identity of her "husband" in name only...





  25. And why shouldn't she wear six-figure gowns like all the other millionaire Hollywood hoes?

    Except for Nicholson and Tarantino's cocaine-inspired ragamuffen-inspired style all others at this Jewish money conference, uh, the "Awards of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences.."


    The hoes there were dripping with jewels and wearing strapless ridiculous gowns which they couldn't fail to trip themselves over..

    And all the while telling us, the "little people,"
    all the jingoistic, pro-CIA, pro-Israel values of thrift and hard work and the like that they want to us possess...

    But above all...TOLERANCE!

    And whatever you do never discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, even if the person involved is a 250-pound hairy guy wearing lipstick and a woman's wig and bra...

  26. Dr. Pieczenik,

    This is OT, but you have to read this excellent review (put-down of Argo:

  27. In the 1980s the weakness of the Academy was that there were a lot of old fogies voting who had their careers in the 1940s and 50s but who were crappy at their jobs and wanted everything to be tame and colorless.

    These old turkeys have now died off and been replaced by morons who came into the biz in the 1980s when anything and everything was thrown on the screen and made money. Your average Academy member today is some moron who made a career working on Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris movies.
    These guys are the creeps who vote for Tarantino and other weirdos like Ben Afflack. These creatans don't know what a good film or a bad film is.

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