Thursday, February 14, 2013

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: State Of The Union Is “A CHILDISH SPECTACLE”  Right On !
Let's get rid of it as did president Thomas Jefferson who discontinued it, calling it "a speech from the throne"  —"too monarchical!"
That's right, folks!
  From 1801 till 1934,  our founding fathers and including many other POTUS's,  refused to deliver the state of the union speech.   Not until Woodrow Wilson, did it start again.  Now,  what makes "Woodie" so interesting to me is that he was a southern born,  Princeton University Professor who was extremely pretentious and intellectually obtuse.
But even more interesting is the the fact that Wilson was completely the political creation of a Colonel House (Edward M. House 1858-1938),  who really ran the US government along with Wilson’s wife the last one to two years of Woodrow Wilson’s life . 
  The reason? 
  You won’t believe it!! 
  Woodrow Wilson was ostensibly running the country during the last two years of his presidency while he was in a COMA! 
I am not kidding.
  We had the first neurologically comatose president running the U.S., he was completely medically incapacitated…at least he had a legitimate excuse.
  But now, I can say from a  physician’s point of view [POV—movie jargon] that “WOODIE”  had a real medical reason not to show up even though he reinstated his the State of the Union. 
  However, back to Judge Scalia’s MOMENT OF TRUTH and WARNING to the AMERICA PUBLIC:
"The State of the Union has turned into a CHILDISH SPECTACLE [my emphasis].   I don’t want to be there to LEND DIGNITY TO IT."   Scalia said with a certain amount of MISCHIEF. 
“MISCHIEF” –is what we,  ordinary citizens call the "TRUTH". 
The justice as been there for a while now, so Scalia doesn’t go when a Democrat is president.  He stays when the president is Republican. 
In other words, this Italian Scholar,  firearm afficionado,  and "PURVEYOR OF THE TRUTH" is saying forgetta 'bout it!… We Americans are wasting our time and money watching childish play acting….just like Sandy Hook,  9/11,  Benghazi,  Fiscal Cliff  etc.
  So how did our great nation get into this farce of pomp and circumstance signifying less than nothing? From a  Historical [ a.k.a. HYSTERICAL] perspective the practice of the State of the Union arose from a simple ‘command’ given to the president in the Constitution of the United States:
  “He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judged necessary and expedient”. 
  Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. 
While not required to deliver a speech,  every president since Woodrow Wilson has made at least one State of the Union speech delivered before a joint Congress. 
Before this time, most POTUS’s delivered the State of the Union as a WRITTEN REPORT!!!!
  Did you get that? A WRITTEN REPORT!!
  Now that’s American tome!! Unpretentious, Simple, Practical and non-intrusive. 
  So the COMMUNICATION between the POTUS and CONGRESS evolved thanks to the radio, television and the increasing SOCIOPATHY and NARCISSISM of our subsequent Presidents since “WOODIE” and especially FDR,  no slouch be he, in the  ‘WATCH ME FLOUT MYSELF DEPARTMENT”--- the written State of the Union message turned into a huge histrionic, monarchical Shakespearean drama with queens and royalty galore.   Ready made for our media sycophants,  ready to spout verbiage aplenty -- filled with platitudes-- vapid insights ---and contentious palaver. 
  Much Sturm und Drang signifying nothing! 
But "Ching, Ching” goes the TV  money machine providing another soap opera for all of us too busy to watch All My Children.
However, there was one recent President who refused to give a televised State of the Union speech.
  Can you guess whom? 
The same POTUS who singlehandedly created the only peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
  And the only POTUS to fire over 4000 USELESS CIA HUMINT OPERATIVES. 
And the same POTUS who first introduced HUMAN RIGHTS into our foreign policy—eventually to become the key variable in taking down the Soviet Union. 
Yes,  I was a DAS under him,  but I also resigned over  his mishandling of the Iran Hostage Siege—not to be confused with Ben Affleck's “ARGO” [total boring entertainment and self –glorification of the INCOMPETENT CIA]. 
You got it, President Jimmy Carter! The Peanut Farmer, himself. 
Hey, folks, despite his many faults , he was never one to put on AIRS---at least not in public. But, I am open to being corrected. 
  Back to the Honorable Judge Scalia [by the way,  I don’t agree with all of his decisions,  if not most of them] but in this case, he goes onto to give us, American citizens,  an insightful perspective in terms of our new MONARCH or EMPEROR OBAMUS and his centurion parasites. 
Scalia continues:
  “I didn’t set this…… 
[ [sic]his talk at the Smithsonian Associates sponsored by NPR Nina Totenberg—go NINA!!!] 
 …up tonight to UPSTAGE THE PRESIDENT, ‘Scalia said, “The State of the Union is NOT SOMETHING I mark on my calendar,  like EASTER AND YOM KIPPUR” .
Now, this is my kind of American –celebrates our Judeo/Christian Heritage …. he asks for forgiveness in the synagogue while he eats the wafer in church.  
Scalia said, “The justices in attendance inevitably keep their eyes on their Chief Justice, who decides when it is appropriate to applaud.”
Scalia continues, "If the President of the United States says that the United States is a great country,  the judges clap away.  But no justice can clap, “if it’s anything anybody CAN DISAGREE WITH.”
  So what do we have here in the Supreme Court, ladies and gentlemen? 
  In effect what Scalia is implying is that we have trained monkeys dressed in black robes making constitutional decisions on cue and on demand.
  Hey, what can you tell me now? 
  That the President is just a CIA stooge? 
  Are you going to tell me that our CIA is running the country according to the Irish/American ethos of ethanol and Roman catholic Sodomy/pedophilia?
Are you going to tell me next that the USA Patriot Act which is nobly entitled, “THE PATRIOT ACT” which will in fact  give the federal government full power to take away all your individual liberties?  Please thank,  George Tenet,  James Clapper,  Michael Hayden,  John Brennan  and others in the WH and DOJ!!!!
  Are you going to tell me that congress is the real estate extension of our legislative bordello called the K-Street whorehouse of special interests? 
Are you going to tell me that such honorable and stately senators like Max Baucus [D-Montana] and Orrin Hatch [R-Utah] would insert a costly,  dangerous provision to literally subsidize "Amgen" and "Genentech",  two antiquated, dangerous genomic disasters with over five hundred million dollars of our tax payer's money because each of our “HONEST” REPS received major donations from both Genentech and Amgen—while their products ‘literally kill’ cancer patients. 
Sidenote:Believe me that I know a lot about these two companies since their respective inceptions and ‘fairy tale’ accomplishments’ Ask Sally Fields about “Boniva’ and how she and Genentech were threatened by me to discontinue their dangerous so-called ‘osteoporosis therapy’ ads.  But that's another blog.
Please don’t tell me that our great REPUBLIC is dying while the EMPEROR and his COURTIERS are playing out the last mazurkas of our times [sorry for the mixed metaphor, but I like Chopin].  
  Rome is burning and Emperor is concerned about his LEGACY!!
  From my humble point of view,  he has less than a nil legacy.  In other words, he has done ZIP!  and will continue to do zip!
But in the world of BULLSHITSKI-----he is up there in direct competition with Bill Clinton and his corpulent avatar, Hillary.   A close second of course,  is the war criminal Dick Cheney with his side kick Bush Jr. 
What we don’t know and will not know is the following…..
How long will we, the ordinary hard-working citizens, [including eleven million of us veterans who also fought in wars that were ersatz and completely unnecessary] of every day America, be willing to continue to put up with the FARCE that we call the federal government and its presidency?
I feel like Howard Beale in Network (1976- screen play Paddy Chayefsky) "I want you to go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
The truth is that I can’t be correct and at the same time our government can’t continue their CHARADE as an effective REPUBLIC. 
One of us, has to be wrong!!!
It’s for you, my dear readers to decide!!!
Good Luck!!!
P.S  btw POTUS---from now on,  just put the state of the union speech in an email and send it to everyone,  then we can hit the delete button


  1. This is way off topic but every American should see "The Invisible War" concerning the widespread practice of rape of cute girls in the US military and the indifference and malice toward the victims which has been standard practice in all the Services.

    Here in Texas at Air Force basic training in San Antonio pretty much every cute girl receiving training has been either raped, assaulted, or coerced into sex. As of last week 62 women have finally been asked to file charges, and so far 32 instructors have been implicated. 8 have so far been convicted.

    If this malice toward victims of sexual misconduct doesn't tell the true story regarding the depraved, cowardly nature of our military and it's leaders I don't know what does.

    The US military is a rotten, dispicable, immoral institution crowded with individuals with practically no sense of morality whatsoever. It's no wonder they are killing themselves at a rate of 32 a day.

  2. Concerning Jimmy Carter:

    He lost the 1980 election because he put what he thought was best for the nation rather than his image by permitting interest rates to rise to 18% to end inflation.

    That was one of his many pluses, including his emphasis on human rights, firing 800 cowboy CIA officers, confronting his own party in the Congress on excessive spending, etc.

    On the negative side his insider group of friends from Georgia including Griffen Bell, Bert Lance and such were aweful. And his own constructive instincts about foreign affairs were undercut by having the sinister Brezinski as his chief advisor. Brezinski distorted Carter's interpretation of the Afghanistan invasion and thereby paved the way for decades of horrific warfare there. He similarly misinterpreted Cuban actions in Africa. Carter's foreign policy "team" of Cy Vance [a wet noodle] and Warren Christopher [LA attorney and most boring man on the planet who falls asleep anywhere] were a mess.

    The two positives were Turner at CIA [my CIA friends will kill me for saying that] and Brown at Defense.

    It was Brown which started the increase in defense spending in 1978 which turned around the horrible state which Ford left things in. The rate of Defense increase was higher in 1980 than in any year of the Reagan administration, contrary to what idiot Reaganites believe.

  3. The people, having been kept in perpetual infancy through drugs, pornography, and psychological manipulation, are open to having a perpetual mommy figure tell them what to do.

    Maybe Hillary can be our first true monarch? Queen Hillary and Prince William of Little Rock.

  4. Hey what's wrong with pornography for crying out loud?

    As for drugs they'll always be a scourge because most people just want to drift through this life without creating anything, looking for a shortcut to whatever pleasure they can. That's most people so if you're not that way just be happy you're not because there's no point in having distain for human nature.

    1. The reason I came to abhor pornography is the recognition it is an industry of sexually/physically abused children who have grown up with absolutely no self worth, and exist in a world of drugs and disease, that usually ends in an early, horrible death, and if not death, a sad, pathetic life of an outcast usually subsisting on prostitution.

      I would think you would have a problem exploiting these broken souls?

    2. You're just wrong Dude. There are thousands of girls in porn and I know a few of them. They do it for the money, and the men used are not the trolls of the past. The girls aren't harmed at all, and suffer only if their families give them a hard time over it. The image you have of "prostitution," "drugs," and "death" was never true, and isn't true today. As for "prostitution" some of the most well-adjusted girls I know in that business.

      Chill out Dude and relax.

    3. Mitt

      Sex for money don't cut the Karma cake
      nohow nowhere - just don't work out that way dude. Ya can twist a good tale but ya can't twist my tail.

    4. Frankly, at the risk of being a hypocrite - and don't let the call letters fool you - I am inclined to agree with the porno nay-sayers, though not as a matter of principle. The sex "industry" has sapped all creativity out of what should be an art form. You've heard of processed meat and it's low nutritional value? So it goes with the processed porn that Hollywood churns out, along with countless ruined women branded like cattle. Is there any bigger turn-off than a tramp-stamped, fake-boobed bimbo moaning like a sow?

      Not that it has to be this way. Perhaps a return to the standard of "socially redeeming value" might remedy this situation, forcing porn producers to exert a little creativity, rather than assembly line sex, and address the issues du jour. So it was in the 1970's, when the adult cinema was populated by off-Broadway actors who could actually act! A case in point: Shaun Costello's "Forced Entry" starring Harry Reems, dealing with PTSD (before it was called as such) in the Vietnam era. This could be updated in our own time, with a hard-core version of Invisible War...?

    5. Whenever I meet someone who hates women who have sex for money and brand women "sluts" for using their one God given gift for gain I've learned what I'm really dealing with is a MISONGINST who resents the pain women have given them in their lives for wanting to do with their bodies what these particular men didn't want them to do. Women are seduced by money....period, more so than "romance" [which usually involves them spreading their legs for some bum who doesn't give a shit about them]. The typical experience of a woman in this culture is being burned by some asshole who seduces her for free sex and then dumps her. After that any girl with a brain will use her sexuality for her own gain. Sorry to shatter your "romantic" illusions.

      I know several girls here in Austin who have masters degrees and full time jobs and escort on the side at night for shopping money and because they enjoy it.

      Yes, enjoy it.

      Anyone who hates porn and compensated sex as much as you couldn't know very much about it, such as...

      It's not made in Hollywood, but in the San Fernando Valley, mostly in Chatsworth.

    6. MITmichael, I used to hang out in Sugar's and the Yellow Rose many moons ago. This is where I got to know a dozen girls and their sad story. I was always told I looked like Don Johnson so I knew a whole lot of strippers better than most fools who hand over their money. They convinced me of their sad state in the universe. I came to want nothing to do with this wretched world of drugs and disease. You are a deceiver, plain and simple. You don't let facts get in the way of what you want to believe.

  5. Is John Brennan blackmailing Obama because he knows where the evidence (and the bodies) are buried?

    Or could Obama simply whack him before he whistles Dixie?

    Or are they having a furtive homosexual love affair?

    Or does Obama truly have Brennan's back because he believes there is honor among thieves?


    1. Brennan was running the drones under Bush and the program has expanded under Obama. None of these people are "ideologues", whether "leftist" or otherwise. They are also not Muslims, for Heaven's sake. They are best understood simply as criminals, thugs. I loved those two pictures comparing Brennan and a gorilla. Brennan looks more brutal.

  6. A "furtive homosexual love affair?"

    Now that's something I would never wanna picture. Blah.

    1. According to Wayne Madsen's investigations into the Chicago gay bath-house scene, Obama does like to receive fellatio from older men, so.... Picture it!

    2. That's like saying, "According to the National Enquirer...."

    3. Well, John Edwards would vouch for them...

  7. I think it's very telling that the one person on this board who rails against sexual violence and coerced sex against women is also the person who defends pornography.

    People who condeme women for pornography are also the people who would tolerate coercing or forcibly taking their sex from them.

    One of the lessons I've learned from life is that if a person can't love women they can't love anything. A lot of people emotionally have nothing but malice for everything on this planet.

  8. Those are the real "haters," not the people who discriminate against homosexuals or people from barbaric cultures because they've learned that such are destructive. I for one have declared myself a "homophobe," not because I was reared to have malice toward homosexuals, but because my life experience has led me to conclude that homosexuality is a pathology. Homosexuals should be treated with understanding but not approval.